The Forest Grove express. (Forest Grove, Or.) 1916-1918, January 12, 1916, Image 2

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Published every Wednesday at Forest Grove, >n ?on.
W. C. Ben/er, Editor and Publisher.
“ Why does anybody want to start another paper it i Fc ‘CutOrcvc?1
queried a man in the writer’s hearing a few days since. T1 e question is
a fair one and the editor of the Express will answer it to the be«' of his
limited vocabulary.
The Express was started to enable the editor and his family to live.
(Rather a frank statement, isn’t it? Well, all the statements in this
article shall be of the same character.) Having sold his newspaper at
Price, Utah, because somebody placed a higher value on it than its then
owner, the writer began to look around for a new location. Knowing
nothing of any other business, he naturally looked for a town that looked
like It needed a newspaper. His mother and brother reside at McMinn­
ville and they asked him to look over the Willamette valley. He did so
and decided that Forest Grove was the one best outlook. Taking an op­
tion on the plant o f the Williams printery, to be redeemed on or before
January 10th., he returned to Utah ar.d sold such o f his chattels as he
did not care to transport. On Monday, January 3rd., the writer, his
better half, their married son, W. L., and wife and child and the former
couple’s eleven-year-old son, Kenneth, arrived in Forest Grove, rented a
honse and became residents of one of the prettiest and best towns in the
valley. They like it here and hope they are not intruding. So much of
personal history.
The Express will be independent in politics; its editor has neither
friends to reward nor enemies to punish, so it will be a clean and
friendly little paper. So long as he is a good citizen, the most humble
person in the community will be treated with the same courtesy as the
most influential, and yhen the editor feels that criticism of a citizen’s
acts will redound to the benefit of the community, the criticism will be
made, regardless of the name or the size of the bank-roll of the offender.
That’s what the writer calls a square deal. No one need expect any­
thing else.
"H ow long will you stay?” another man asked. That depends on
the patronage given the Express. The publisher has already spent more
in getting started than he will take in in a year, and he has more to
spend, if necessary, bu. if it appears, after a fair trial that the Express
is not going to earn a living ami fair profit for its owner, it will bft dis­
continued. Some months will be required to determine this fact. If
the paper should ever be discontinued, all unearned subscription money
will be returned to those who paid it. That is our promise and it will be
The Express publisher has no desire to run anybody out of busi­
ness, if he could. And, judging bv the entrenchments thrown around
the other publishing house, he couldn't injure that if he would. If the
Benfers hadn't come to start a paper, somebody else would have done
so, for when the writer was in this city during November last, he was
told of a man who was writing local people with a view to starting a
paper here. So the Benfers are here, instead of the other fellow. They
are willing to play fair with every resident of city, county and state;
and, judging from the friendly manner in which they have been received
they believe they will be treated fairly by the people of this charming
little city.
Copies o f the Express will for the next three weeks be left at
every home in Forest Grove and many will be mailed to persons living
outside the city limits. This is done at the publisher’s expense to intro­
duce the paper. If you haven’ t ordered the paper, it will not be charged
to you. So look thru the Express, judge it by its utterances, but do not
jump at conclusions that the first few numbers are the best, for they
are published under difficulties and in a few weeks the paper will be im­
proved. New material will be added and, as the editor becomes better
acquainted, he will be able to find more news. In this connection all
friends are asked to telephone in any news they would like to see in the
Express. Remember, old residents have a hard time getting all the
news and newcomers will have a harder time. Help us help ourselves.
Thanks for your patience.
W. C. BENFER, Editor.
Nearbeer is said to taste more Rider for president, it begins
pleasant than the old kind and it to look as if a bloodless war of
doea not cause in the drinker a words was on between these two
desire to kill somebody. ’ Rah illustrious statesmen.
for nearbeer!
, —
\\ hile not all the business and
The telephone companies of the Pr°b ‘ssional men of this city have
valley suffered considerable dam- bet‘n solicited so far lor advertis-
age from the recent snowstorm in ‘nK*
Express carries a nice
the way of broken wires, but there l*ne of publicity for many of the
was little interruption in the ser- most enterprising firms of the
vice in this city.
city- Subscribers and others who
read the Express should look over
The news that Oregon lumber­ these announcements in search of
ing concerns are receiving big bargains.
orders and are sending men into
While many people are congrat-
the woods to cut logs
„laVinn Robert
. on
, should
- give ulatmg
every Oregonian a feeling o f op-
:i„ appointment as postmaster
Look pleasant and smile.
forest (.»rove, they are not doing
this because they care to be rid of
Henry Ford of jitney fame may Postmaster Hines, who has made
not have stopped the European
a very efficient postmaster. It is
war. but he spent considerable a case of one good man making
good American money trying,
way for another of the same
which is more than can be said of
high standing, but of different po-
some of the editors who are pok­ liticai ideas.
ing fun at the auto king.
7"ZTr^ Tu
A very successful meeting cf
the Washington County Teachers’
A<<sociation was held at the High
School building last Saturday.
There was an all-day session and
a number of very interesting sub
jects were discussed and much
interest was manifested.
McGrew ”
A five-reel red-blooded story of the frozen north
a t «-»ii. air
«a u
fprpnt part? of the county were
present. The ad I r ess of the after­
noon was given by Professor Fred
C. Ayer of the Department of
! Education of Oregon
Knights and Families
Have a Good Time
Last Thursday evening the new-
lv-elected officers of Delphos
Lodge No. 39, Knights of Pythias,
were installed by E. 0 . Buxton,
district deputy Grand Chancellor,
as follows:
R. C. Walker, chancellor com­
mander; C. W. Mertz, vice chan­
cellor; C. 0. Koe, master of ex-'
chequer; H. J. Goff, master of fi­
nance; C. A Broderson, K. of R.
S.; W. C. Tucker, prelate; A. A.
Kirkwood, master at arms: Claude
Poem by Robert W Service recited by Frel Jones
Elford, inside paard; Thos. Cron-
“ Were you ever out in the great alone.
dyke, outer guard.
And the moon was awful clear.”
After the installation, the mem­
bers, their wives and >weetheai ts restaurant business in Oregon
spent several very pi* asant hours for eight years and knows how OREGON ELECTRIC TIME CARD
D ated O ct, 12. ISIS
at dancing, card playing and the : the business should be conduct-
Arr. Pt. L t . Pt.
discussion of an excellent lunch. ed. He says he will give the L t . F. G.
Arr. F. G.
The club rooms were thrown open people o f Forest Grove a nice i 6:20 a m 7:40 6:50 a m 8:07
for the comfort of the members j clean place, where the best o f 7:05 a m 8:30 8:15 a m 9:32
and their guests, many of whom food is properly cooked and 8:15 a m 9:35 10:25 a m 11:40
9:45 a m 11:00 1:15 p m 2:25
for the |first time tasted of K. of served. The new owner opened 12:30 p m 1:60 3:30 p m 4:40
P. hospitality.
\ up for b u s i n e s s yesterday 3:45 p m 5:00 5:25 p m 6:40
j (Thursday) morning. His prices 5:30 p m 0:50 6:15 p m 7:25
Mr. Hoffman’s Views
are very reasonable and his cof­ 7:55 p m 9:20 s7:20 p m 8:40
With the passing of our city election,
s9:45 p m 11:00 11:15 p m 12:40
the adherents to the Conservative Citi­ fee is good for what ails you.
8-—Saturday only
It P. E. & E.
zens ticket have much to be thankful
for. We have demonstrated that our
efforts have not been wholly in vain.
The showing has been more than satis­
factory. Out of this defeat, without
doubt, will come a measure of victory.
Our citizens have hail opportunity of
expressing themselves at the polls; this
expression has shown that many of
our taxpayers and laborers are not
wholly in sympathy with the past
year’s management o f our city affairs.
This showing will tend to temper and
correct future action on the part of
those having charge; the showing
should encourage the people to greater
effort in the demand for their rights.
The campaign on behalf of the Con­
servative Citizens ticket, was carried
on without organization and each citi­
zen labored independently, without
promise or hope o f gain, other than the
securing of what they deemed to be
the rights o f every citizen; the showing
should encourage organized effort
which will eventually win out. The
voters were not fully advised and in­
formed as to the platform o f the Con­
servatives, and the efforts of the ad-
herenta was often misconstrued. We
believe that many times the majority
are fully in accord with the principles,
once they are able to fully understand
w^Bt *■ *° *>« brought about.
Let u* *n try with our he,p to brin*
about a more prosperous year and as-
,Ut in th* bett*rme,,t of ^ i t i o n s .
We .’should bear our burdens
We take this opportunity of thank­
ing our many friends for their liberal
J. N. H o ffm a n .
Notice to Star Theatre Patrons
Owing to the bad weather, we
will be open but three days each
week—Monday, Wednesday and
The Red Circle serial will be
discontinued for three weeks and
Wednesday will be Gold Rooster
feature day; Saturday Metro
feature and Monday a good gen­
eral program o f five reels will be
Several dozen editors of the
\Vil|amette Valley will be in town
Saturday and the Express hopes
Forest Grove people will
go a lit-
tje out of their
them, so that when the editors
get back home they will aiway re­
member what a nice time they
had in the Grove. But, of course,
the citizens of Forest Grove will
He Knows Hi* Business
With Theodore Roosevelt call­
do this, without a suggestion from
G. Decius ifj the name o f a
ing President Wilson a “ logo- the Express.
who arrived from La-
thete” and the president charg­
i\ r» .
a »Cf»
few days a ÖIUV.C
since a and
ing that the millionaries o f the
country are behind the Rough
teior o( h » home.
uurmM, H . h - been in the
While this issue of the Express
is da«ed Wednesday, it was not
put out until Friday, owing to the
large amount of work necessary
in getting out a first number.
Hereafter the papers will be print­
ed Wednesday and mailed that
evening or the following morning.
The Metro Film Company presents Edmund Breeze in
Friends here have received word o f
the marriage o f Paul Griffith o f Fir-
dale, Wash., to Miss Delia Fournier,
of Dayton, Wash. The wedding was
solemnized at Dayton on December 15.
Mr. Griffith is the son o f Mr. and Mrs.
J. W, Griffith who formerly were res;
idents o f this city, and is a graduate of
the Forest Grove High School. The j
young couple are making their home at
Menlo, Wash., where the groom has a
position with a lumber company.
U. F. G.
Arr. Pt.
6:35 a m
t7:20 a m
t9:42 a m 11:10
12:35 p m 1:50
t2:00 p m 3:20
3:55 p m 5:15
t4:34 p m
t6:22 p m
p m 10:50
m arket
L t . Pt.
t i l :15
Arr F. G.
a m 8:35
a m 10:05
a m 12:15
p m
p m
p m
p m
p m 9:20
p m 12:35
p m 2:20
ss—Sat & Sunday
“ Home” of Government Inspected
Meats and “ All Good Things to Eat”
Quality First is Safety First
Originator of Penny Change System in Forest Grove. One
Order will convince you. Phone 692, FOREST GROVE, ORE.
Keep Your Money
AT h o m e
spend it in Forest Grove, and you have a very good chance
of seeing it again ; you may even handle it again. Even if
you never see it again, some o f your neighbors will get it
and use it to build up Forest Grove and Washington county.
No matter whether you need groceries, clothing, shoes,
automobiles or
Job Printing-
this advice is worth considering, for many a town has been
promoted to the city class by the patriotism of its citizens in
refusing to send away for things they could get at home.
plant is fully equipped for all classes of job printing, printers
o f taste and judgement are employed and you can get almost
any kind o f stationery the most exacting fancy might crave.
Come and see.
. .
ifJ ou think you have some reason for not patron-
izing the Express, take your work to the other local office.
Either will do more for Forest Grove than some printing
concern outside the city or county.
W e s t of the N e w I . O . O . F . B lo c k
Phone S2 1
Forest Grove« Oregon