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burial Nr urn nf ümim (Country
T h « P r «* » Publishing Company.
O f f ic e T e le ph o n e
T erms of S ubscriptio n
One year, in advance................. . $ 1 50
Three'mont’h s " ¡ ^ a d v a n c e .50
T H U R S D A Y . J U L Y 17, 1913.
■■ - ..- -
Display •dverti»*m«nu for publication in th«
ia*y1!?«ninVl^nTureap^™.cllTn“ uii?"tTM” i
Entered at the poat affica at Foraat Grove, On*.
as mail matter
ter o f the second class.
It seems to us, in the light of
recent events, that mountain
climbing as a sport, would suffer
a decline.
the revenue from these 14,000
cars will be $28,001,000. Taking
this as an index, Oregon and
Washington crops should also
On last Friday afternoon a
yield a sum which will go a long most enjoyable eight table 500
way to keep the wheels o f pros- party was given at the home of
perity turning.
Mrs. T. J. Miller, who entertain-
ed for the afternoon. Fourpriz-
When some people are asked es were contended for, the first
to do something for this town £ ° 'nK to ^ rs- •k,Jin Macrum, the
they seem to think they are 8econd to Mrs. Walker, the third
asked to do something for some- ' was captured by Mrs. Charles
body else. Well, they are, but Buchanan, while Miss Frances
they can't do something for Myers was awarded the booby
somebody else without doing nrize
I he dainty refreshments
by Mrs. T. J. 0.
something for themselves also,
SCh o o l t a x e g y 0 U p a y h e l p
Tbatt'hfcr, M r S . Ned Heath Slid
v i.’ « «
o ~ l!..
______ a . j
educate other men’ s children. Miss May Selly. A most delight­
But other men help educate ful time was had by all present,
yours. Other people are doing j who expressed a desire to be
things for you all the time. I f present when Mrs. Miller next
other men hesitated you would entertained.
Since the beginning men
Mrs. W. W. McEldowney en-
l i v e d in communities.
That crowd o f Sell wood people
So they could help each tertained last Friday in honor o f
who came out from Portland
iy *
The more we help each her aunt, Mrs. Russel, who is
Sunday in a “ rubber-neck gas ot e i'
here from the cast visiting her
buggy” seemed to be having the °* heLr' the m ore,we
«food out
Mrs. C. V. B. Russel.
time o f their several lives.
o f the community
Help. I hat
; gives you the right to make the About forty guests were present.
Dainty refreshments were set v>
We wonder whether it is the other fellow help also
ed and an enjoyable time was
empty bottles or the full users ot !
the contents o f the same, that
V s
are causing the forest fires that
Below 1.200 Feet the Poieonout Water
Mrs. VV. H. Hoskins will enter­
are worrying the fire-wardens,
Kills All Organic Life.
tain w ith a tea, Friday.
That Washington lady who
wants $1990 for a kiss stolen by
an engineer o f the Great North­
ern railway, certainly places t
high valuation on oscullatory ex­
The Democratic party’s policies
and o p i n i o n s at Washington
keep that Oregonian editorial
w riter’s m e n t a l i t y hopping
around like a he i on a hot grid-
Between Governor West, tht
mayor o f I Ol tland, the Socialists,
the I. W. W., and other interest-
ed and disinterested persons and
parties, that strike in Portland is
having a hard time to keep alive.
The Black sea, which In some parts
has a depth o f more than 0.500 feet,
Is polsoued by sulphureted hydrogen
wherever the water Is deeper than
1,200 feet. This accounts for the curi­
ous fact thnt there Is no organic life
below that depth, excepting perhaps
some bacteria of very low order. Im­
pregnated with sulphur.
The causes for this phenomenon are
explained by the quick outflow o f the
fresh water through the Bosporus,
while salt water coming from the
Mediterranean enters through a deeper
current Into the depths of the Black
sea. The waters on the surface are.
therefore, controlled absolutely by
horizontal currents o f considerable
force, and Tcrtlcal currents which
might carry the noxious gases from
, the bottom to the surface and fresh
oxygen from the surface to the bottom
are hardly ever noticeable.
The water at great depths is so satu­
rated with sulphuric gas by the dis­
integration o f organic matter sinking
to the bottom by reason o f its weight
that no fish or other living being which
needs oxygen for Its organic system
can exist l>eyoiid a stated depth.—Lon­
don Standard.
I f the proverbial Kilkenny cats
and Irish at the Donegal fair,
not to mention the Mexicans,
Made In Glasgow.
have anything on the present
It was a long nnd tedious trnin jour­
situation in the Balkans, we ney. says the Glasgow, News, and the
other two occupants o f the compart­
have yet to be informed.
The indications o f industria
activity, building and otherwise,
around town certainly show that
Forest Grove is not as near dead
and buried as some o f our pessi­
mistic friends would have us be­
Y e Gods and little fishes! P e r­
sonal liberty has gone to pot. A
young lady was arrested and
fined for wearing a slit skirt
in a California city the other day.
Oh scissors! what’s th’ use of
havin’ a vote, anyhow.
Owing to the fact that the
Press was somewhat shorthand
ed this week, the office devil
tried out his hand on the réper­
toriai staff, to which may be as­
cribed the added vigor or tone
imparted to any o f the various
departments o f this issue.
Every once in a while one o f
our lucal preachers preaches a
Bermon on the prodigal son. Un­
fortunately a good many people
here don’ t understand that it ap­
plies to them. They say, “ We
never went away and spent our
money in riotous livin g—not
w e .” But taking or sending it
away is not much different— It
is lost to them and this town.
The man who spends his money
away from home is a prodigal,
whether he goes away with it or
not. He also is a prodigal son.
Likewise, someone ought to fall
on his neck, also.
High prices for decidiou9 fruits
in eastern -markets and a bumper
yield in the Northwest have com­
bined to make prospects exceed­
ingly bright for farmers in Ore­
gon and Washington. Shipments
from California have brought
from $1500 to $2000 per car, with
an estimated yield o f 14,000 cars
to be shipped from the state.
On the basis o f present prices
ment had exhausted several other top­
ics and were now “ on” about cock-
flghtlug. "W hen 1 was a lump o’ a
laddie In Blnnt’re." said one o f them.
"I |Mul a wee bantam that could bate
ony bird ye could pit before him. Weel.
this Sunday niornln' he bate twn cocks,
jin e fle r the lther. but he wls thnt
snlr torn thnt to pit him oot o’ pain I
thrnwed his neck nnd threw him on
the midden. Then we took oot nnlther
pair o' birds nnd yin o' them crawed
his challenge, when up me wee ban
tnm staggered tno his feet, glcd a cock
n-leerie-lnw. nnd drnpplt doon dcld nff
the midden." “ Ye're an aw in' man,
W ully." said the other man solemnly.
“ Are ye no’ fenrt ye drap doon deid
Net Sufficiently Explicit.
“ I think we met at a summer resort
two or three years ago. didn't we?”
“ Perhaps we did. Your face looks
very familiar to me.”
“ It ought to. I proposed to you one
evening nnd you accepted me.”
“ Did I? Do you remember where It
" I t was on a hotel veranda, behind a
lot o f palms and rubber plants."
"Oh. you will have to lie more ex
pllcit than thnt. Nearly half o f my en
gngements have taken place with that
kind o f a stage setting."—Chicago Rec
oral Herald.
Nat an Uneemmen Experience.
" I don't know whether or not It’s
liecnnse they have a personal grudge
against me." said the smiling cynic,
"hut I know when I ride In full day
light on a street car with which I'm
perfectly familiar the conductor call*
every cross street loudly nnd clearly,
tint when I’m trying to find my way
on a dark night In an entirely new
ncIghlMirhixtd he'a silent ns a church
on a Monday morning."—Milwaukee
Hs Knew.
P retty Bad.
W ife—Aren't yon going to smoke
those cigars I gave you? nusband—
No I'm keeping them till Tommy be­
gins to want to smoke
They’ll sett)«
•t-liiusiratsd Bit*
Law yert
Physicians and Surgeons
22 First Ave. No-th
Mr. and Mrs. Albert G. H off­
Forest Grove, Ogn.
Phone: Office 40x
Residence 402
man entertained Monday even­
Grove, Ore.
ing in honor o f Miss Gertrude
Beach and Arthur Mills, a bride
W . P. D YK E
II, W . Vollmer, M. D.
and groom o f the week. Dinner
Physician and Surgeon
was served at 6:30 to Mr. and
Office in Abbott Bldg.
Mrs. E. G. Mills, Mrs. Beach, Forest Grove N a t’ l Bank Bldg
Miss Elizabeth Beach, Grandpa
Both Phones
Forest Grove, Ogn.
Forest Grove, Ore.
Needham, Miss Gertrude Beach,
Ind. Phones
Arthur Mills, Mr. and Mrs. A.
J. N. Hoffman
G. Hoffman and daughter, Ai-
A Itorney-at-Law
D R . C. E. W A L K E R
leen. Later in the evening about
forty friends and relatives were
Office Hoffman Bldg. Pacific Ave.
entertained from 8 to 10 o ’clock.
Osteopathic Physician
Ind. Phone 502
Forest Grove
Music was enjoyed and ice cream
and cake were served. The
Treatment by Special Appoint­
families o f the following were Mark B. Bump
ment Only
present: E. G. Mills, Lee Roy
Needham, Clifton McNeal, S. L.
VV. Q. T u c k e r , M . D.
South o f Court House
Carlyle, J. N. Hoffman, M. S.
Hillsboro, Ore.
Physician and Surgeon
Allin, as were also Mrs. Beach
Calls answered promptly day or night
and daughter, Miss Bessie Mar-
Phone: O.fice 271, Uesidence 283.
tin and Mrs. G. E. Secour and Hollis & Graham
Dr. H. R. Kauffman
A Itorneys-at-LaW
Physician & Surgeon
Forest Grove, Ogn.
Office: Forest Grove N at’ l Bank Building
Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Sannon,
l'hone Main 0131
Mr. Loeb, S. S. Myers and fami-
Forest Grove, Ore.
ly and Dr. Catherine Myers were E. B. Tongue,
all present and enjoyed a pleas­
jd tlorn ey-a t-La w
R. M. Erwin, M. D.
ant time at the Myers Third
District Attorney.
Physician ànd Surgeon
street home last Sunday.
Hillsboro, Ore.
Tamiesie Bidding
3d and Main Sts.
Sometimes It Is a R te as Solemn as a Accidental Success Won Through a
Bishop’s Election.
Gladstone Photograph.
Often the naming o f a Japanese
“ fn literature.” said a publisher,
baby Is u simple matter, for the father “ popular success frequently conies by
or grandfather speaking before the a • ideut. A remarkable case was that
company the name o f some famous of .1. II. Short house. This man, a poor
man. If the child is a boy. or o f some chemist, spent some years writing n
favorite flower, if It is a girl.
For book celled '.lohn Inglesant.* But the
girls. liana, flower: Vukl. snow: Al. I ublishers would have none o f ‘John
love, nre the favorites o f parents with .higesant.' and finally Mr. Shorthouse
a p s'tlcnl strain.
printed U*l copies at his own expense.
T ':e sterner country folk choose for
"Only forty o f these oopies sold, one
their daughters Matsu, pine; Take, purchaser being a photographer. The
bamboo (If the bamboo Joints are ex­ photographer took Mr. Gladstone's pic­
act. hence the exactness of virtue); ture some weeks later, and the old
Ume. plum, since the plum bears both man chose n studious pose, sitting with
cold and snow bravely.
For boys. a volume in Ills hand. He bent in
Ichiro, first boy: Toshlo. smart; I wan. absorption over the work, which hap­
strong, and Isamu, brave, are very pened accidentally to be ‘John Ingle-
sanl.' and in the thousands of copies
Where belief Is strong In the power of the ph itograph that were sold the
of a name the family in holiday dress book's name was plainly to be made
often assembles In a large room. Each out.
writes n name upon n slip ot paper
"M r Gladstone was regarded as a
nml lays It reverently before the house great critic, and the people thought
shrine. From the group a very young lie Peel red to recommend ’John Ingle-
child Is chosen and led before this I - ii t ' Whet was the result? Within
:*• year .'¡(Nl.llUl copies o f ’John Ingle
shrine, nnd the fate o f the name Is de­
rided by the small band which reach- ; in f bad been sold, and Shorthouse
es out for a slip Though it is a fes­ >vus a made man."
tive occasion, the selection o f a name
Agassiz and the Girls.
Is made with n seriousness worthy of
the election of a bishop. Many be­
Concerning Louis Agassiz, naturalist,
lieve devoutly that this rite Influences when a professor at Harvard, tlits
the baby’s entire future, and therefore story is told by James Kendall Hos-
the one whose slip Is chosen incurs mer In Ids "T h e Last L eaf:” "A s lie
from the moment o f choice great re­ strode homeward from his walks in
sponsibility for the child's welfare.J-
the outer fields or marshes we eyed
Frances Little In Century Magazine.
him gingerly, for who could tell what
he might have in his pockets? Turtles,
tadpoles, snakes, nnv old monster,
T h e N a m e S a ra to g a .
The original name of Saratoga was might be there He was on the friend­
“ ftcruclitagne." About the middle of liest terms with tilings ill reputed,
the eighteenth century It was ' Siiragh- even abhorrent, and could not under­
During the administration of stand the qualms o f the delicate. He
Governor Leisler It was “ Sarachtoge.” was said to have held up once In all
Innocence, before a class o f school-
Isn’t this quaint—from lost*:
d lls, a wriggling snake. The shrieks
Upon ye news yt three People should be
ktld at Cartel Vrom ans ut Sarach toge by
and confusion brought him to a sense
ye In dian s,—
o f what he had done. He neologized
Resolved by ye Convention yt I.lef
olalxirafely. the foreign peculiarity he
Joehtin Starts forw lth aoe with ten men
never lost running through Ids con­
to Sarachtoge to see bow ve m atter Is. &
bring us an aocompt wltff ve first. & yt
fusion. 'Poor girls, | vill not do If
lie Cl to send a Post hither with ye tlde-
Next time I vill bring in a
nice, dean leetle feesh.’ Agassiz took
Spelling reformers would lie delight­
no pleasure In shocking his class. On
ed with "kild.” And "y e " Is shorter
(lie cnntrarv, lie was most anxious to
than "the." and “ yt" Is shorter than
engage and hold them."
“ that.” “ Goe" Is expansive, but “ for-
wltli" for “ forthwith" Is a contraction.
The Unsociable Little Fellow.
Schoolcraft thinks that Saratoga Is de­
At dinner during a voyage to Cor­
rived fenni the Indian words "assnrat,”
sparkling, aad "oga." place New York sica. to which my father Invited the
passengers who included some cUlcers
o f his regiment and two Corsicans,
he requested an officer. M. de Belloc,
A Riming Will.
call a young man who was wearing
Perhaps the most peculiar will ever
written was probated in England at the uniform of the military school nnd
Doctors' Commons July 17. 1759. It reading at the end of the boat. The
young man refused
M. de Belloc
ran as follows:
en ne b:t -k Irritated nnd said to my
1 Rive and bequeath.
father- “ I should like to throw the
W hen I am laid underneath.
To my tw o lov ing sisters, most dear.
unsociable little fellow Into the sea.
The w hole of my store,
tic lias mi unpleasant face
Will yon
W ere It twice us much more,
e r-n ’ ire permission, colonel?"
W h ich G od 's goodness has granted me
"V o ." said my father, laughing,
"nn-l I am not o f your opinion. His
And. that none may prevent
'a>-e shows character, nnd 1 am sure
This my will and Intent
that he will be heard o f some day."
Or occasion the least of law racket.
W ith a solemn appeal
The iniso- table fellow was the future
I confirm, sign and seal
This the true act and deed of W ilt Jacket. Eni|s-ror Napoleon.—From Memoirs of
Comtesse de Boigne,
The Way It Felt.
Jumbled Wrong.
“ Here's something queer." said the
Manager—My dear madam, your com dentist. "You say th,.< tooth has never
plaint is a very foolish one. The stage been worked on before, but I find
director did not alander you lieratiae he small flakes o f gold on my instru­
gave your role to another actress. Ac- ment."
tresa-O f course he slandered me.
" I think you must have struck my
Didn't he tnke away my character?— tmek collar button." replied the vic­
Baltimore American.
tim —Philadelphia Ledger.
Lady Custom er-I wish to tell you
bow these shoe* o f mine are to be
Shoemaker-Oh. 1 know that
well enough-large Inside and small
outside.— Meggendorfer Blatter.
Dr. D. W . W ard
Dr. E. B. Brookbank
VV. M. Langley & Son
All the Difference.
"Society dropped the De Lacy* be­
cause they liad a skeleton In their
rlosct. I understand?"
"N o I«ecnnse they didn't keep It
there -Cleveland Lender.
Domestic Science Applied.
Demosthenes was practicing oratory
with pebbles in his mouth.
“ Flue:" we assured hliu. "You can
talk while eating your w ife'* biscuits."
— New York Sun,
The Roeetta Stone,
The Rosetta stone was found in 1709
by a French engineer officer In an ex­
cavation made near Rosetta
It has
an tr.x rlptlon in three different lan­
guages. ibe hieroglyphic, the denjoflc
and the Greek.
It was erected 105
B 1*. in honor o f Ptolemy Epiphanes
bei-ause he reni lifts! the dues o f the
priestly liody The great value of the
Rosetta stone lies In the fact that It
furnished the key whereby the Egyp­
tian hiéroglyphe s were deciphered.
Woman'* Wilsa.
"W hat a lio'd Maud stems to have on
all her rejected suitors"
"W h y shouldn't she. the artful thing!
t»*ie always tells a man wheu she re­
fuses him that she Is afraid to marry a
handsome man beeau«e she would be
so Jealous."-Cincinnati Enquirer.
Hillsboro, Ore.
Dr. E. J. Crcwthers
Physician and Surgeon
S. T. Linklater, M. B., C. M.
Calls answered day and night
Office in Jackson Pharmacy
Physician and Surgeon
Cornelius, Ore.
Delta Building
Hillsboro, Ore.
W. B. COON, V. s.
O f f ic e
Elmer H. Smith, M. D., D. O.
1 s t S t .
Between Pacific and 1st Ave. S
Physician, Surgeon
Having bought out Dr. Feelcy, Vet­
and Osteopath
erinarian, I wish to notify the public
that I am prepared to answer all calls, Calls answered day or night.
day or night.
Hillsboro'National Bank Bldg.
Phone Main 95
F orest G rove , O r e
‘ Hillsboro, Ore.
A cre T racts in Sun Set
J. O. Robb, M. B. Tor.
Addition to Forest Grove
Physician and Surgeon
to be sold on terms. VV. VV.
Phone City 384
Rooms -I and 5, Schulmerich Bldg.
Ireland, Hoffman Building
Hillsboro, Ore.
General Store
W e .c a r r y a fu ll line of Groceries, Canned Goods and
Farm P rodu ct?.
O u r goods are always fresh, and our
prices a r e as lo w as the lowest.
W e also carry a line
Drygoods and Haberdashery.
Pacific Avenue at Third Street.
i »iiiin,::::
a W
''Æt.'Kiicnd âJt&nc,
W e are giving the trade
a golden opportunity to
It means Gain to You and
a Loss to Us; but we are
going to close out ¿hese
W e have a full run of all
sizes now and for you to
delay means that we may
not be able to fit your feet
Take a look at the Silverware,
Plain and Fancy Dishes we are
Giving Away as Premiums. The
Silverware is Guaranteed and
the Dishes will | lease you.