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Furnished by the Wilkes Abstract Co. of Hillsboro
It Found Relief In Praetleal Jokos
Upon the C'orgy.
Some thirty odd years ago a young
man came to New York from England
(I have forgotten his name», and for a
year or so he posed as a vary ardant
churchman. He bad a mania which
seemed to be the making of troubl«
for other people, with no particular
object except that and certainly with
no ndvnntage to hlinself. aa ba very
naturally remained •incog."
As Illustrative, be would send oat a
hundred or more postal cards addraaa-
ed to a# many different plumber* la
Now York, asking them to call oa a
certain duy. at a given hour, at tha
residence of the Rev. Dr. Morgaa Dla,
rector of Trinity church
time It would be an army of bakers,
and so on. On one ocaslon he teat In­
vitation* to a dozen of tb* clergy to
dine with Dr. Dlz on a given date.
Imagine the good doctor'* conaterna-
tlon when his unezpected guests a r­
One of his bits of ‘•funny" work, la
which be used tbe name of the late
Rishop .Taggar. was as follows: Dr.
Cornelius B. Swope waa tbe vicar *f
Trinity chapel. In Twenty-fifth street,
at tho time, nnd Dr. Horatio Potter the
bishop of New York. Dr. Dlz hod be­
come so ezasperated as hardly to
know what to do, and one day be went
to consult Dr. Swope and to ask hla
advice as to what could be doDe. tak­
ing with him one of the cards th at be
had received. On looking at It Dr.
Swope said:
“I recognize that handwriting be­
cause I received a card some time ago
In the same hand, which I have kept
as a curiosity."
This was the card:
Transfers for week ending June 13' Hammer lot 8, Newton Acres »1750.
Dank of Sherwood to Nellie W Hart
4, blk 4, Epler’s Add to Sherwood
George Conzelman and wf to L D
» 1 .
W alker 10 Ms acres east of Plat No. 1 Charles L Ilinman and wf to Frank
Conzelman’s Pros. Acres »650.
| W Ilinman 81.80 acres in Harvey
1, D Walker to George Conzelman | Clarke and -wf DLC No. 37, 1 S 3. 12
10% acres east of Plat No. 1 Conzel- acres in Harvey Clarke and wf DLC
No. 37, 1 S 3. .31 acres in Alvin T
man Pros Acres »10. etc.
John Horsch and wf to Janies E ! Smith DLC No. 43, 1 S 3 »3500.
Herman and wf to Pansy Shaver lot
Andrus 11.34 acres In sec 32, 1 N 3
5, blk 7, Metzger Acre Tracts »500.
I* A Taylor and wf to E Estes and
Hoy Heineck and wf to P IJ Lewis
% lot In E% of SE% Bi'c 7 and W wf N% of N E % of NE*4 of SW 14
sec 3^ 2 S 1 »10.
'% of SW14 sec 8, 2 N 4 »10.
Winifred T Moran to William B
Isaac Young and wf to E I llonel-
sort lots 10, 11 and 12, blk 8, Simmons Gilson lots 6 and 8 and 10 in blk 1,
Paulson & Moran’B First Add.
Add to Hillsboro »1250.
George Williams and wf to Isaac Hillsboro »10.
O W Olson and wf to Nellie La-
Young 5 acres In sec 18, 1 S 2 »950.
J Rising and wf to C P Jordan lot Chappelle lot 6, blk 15, Pineland Ter­
1, blk 38, South Coast Add to Hills­ race »10.
W A Shaw and wf to AgneB Rob­
boro »10.
Jasper E Young and others to Trus-, bins 68-100 acres in lot 302 of John­
tees of Leedy Grange Hall Associa­ son Estate Addition to
tion No. 339 of Wash. Co. 10,000 sq. R-edville Acreage »10. etc.
Doll Sinclair and bus to Walter
ft. of land ill sec 33, 1 N 1 »10. etc.
Lettle A McKay to School Dist­ Loeft'ler 10 acres in sec 17, 2 S 1
rict No. 18 1 acre in sec 23, 1 S 1 $1450.
Perry E. Phelps, Admr to J C Pid-
C in c in n a ti, Ohio.
Elizabeth Tongue Freeman et al cock E% lot 53, Cornelius Environs
D e a r C o rn el—I t Is ru m o re d o u t h e re th a t
to Richard Green tract on Paso Line »650.
you w ould lik e to be a bishop. I f th is Is
William B Gilson and wf to L A tr u e p le a se let m e k now a t once. I h a v e
road, Hillsboro Ore »300.
r e a t Influence w ith M or*. D lz and will
William C Kulisch to Walter Suer- Davis lots 6, 8, 10, blk 1
see old P o tte r a b o u t It. lo ­
ir you w ould lik e to be a b ish o p
cher Vt acre in NW% of SE'A see »
A nd w ith th e b ish o p s s ta n d ,
Commerce Trust & Savings Bank
1 S 1 »1.
A m ite r on y o u r fo re h e a d
Ezra Wright and wf to A 11 Wcav to Fred Silversparre and wf lots 113
A nd a c ro z le r In y o u r h an d ,
to plense w rite m e Im m e d ia te ly F a ith fu lly
er and wf 19.75 acres in DLC of Joel and 149 of Johnson Estate Add
y o u rs.
Peaverton-Reedville Acreage »10.
Fairchild and wf, 1 N 4 »4500.
B ish o p of S o u th e rn Ohio.
John K Pease and wf to J J Fish­ Commerce Trust & Savings Bank
New York became rather too "hot“
e r et al 10 acres in S% of sec 23, to Geo Kostelac S 5 acres lot 68, for otir friend shortly after that, as the
1 8 1 % int in W% of tract convey­ .Johnson Estate Add. to Beaverton police got on his track, and be disap­
lleedville Acreage »10.
peared. He turned up later a t his old
ed »300.
Thomas L Stream et al to Angen- tri I s In Pittsburgh, I think, where he
Paul Rothman to United Railways
Company 1.27 ayres in N% of SEV4 ora L Stream 37.58 acres in R Wil- was czposed, and I don't remember
| Hants DLC No. 42, 1 N 2 and other what became of him.—Rev. Dr "ft. W.
NW!4 sec 1, 1 N 2 »10.
Holley in Living Church.
Charles E Clapshaw and wf to land in said DLC »10.
John R Greenwood 20 acres in SW'/i
Booka From Unexpected Place*.
Wickersham N% of lot 308, Johnson
of SW% sec 4, 1 N 6 »2000.
Not only art, but literature, has been
John Johnson and wf to W A Wood Estate Add to Peaverton-Reedville produced In unezpected places. There
and wf 10 acres in b c c 35, 2 S 1. Al­ Acreage »10. etc.
was. for Instance, Robert Bloomfield,
Resale M Wickersham to Joseph F who produced Ills "Farmer’s Boy”
so right of way »10.
Carl G. Tescher and wf to Allie Wickersham N% of lot 308, Johnson while working b o bard as a shoemaker
Moore 20 acres in DLC of Charles Estate Add. to Peaverton-Reedville (In n garret with five or sir others)
that he frequently had to carry a hun­
Acreage »10. etc.
Stewart and wf No. 06, 1 S 2 »10.
dred lines In his head through lack of
C W McNamer to JoBeph William
leisure to write them down. James
tra c t in William Stokes DLC No. 61, Glenn S% lot 3, Subdivision lot 14, Hogg, too. “the Ettrlck Shepherd,"
3 N 3 »3200.
wroto his earliest verses while tending
Disila M Hall and hus to Royal M T P Close to Eugenia M Close 14% Ills sheep In the Perthshire highlands.
And Taylor, "tho Water Poet” c o m ­
Colo tract In blk 18, Forest Grove acres in sec 25, 2 S 1 »10.
Edwin G Nelson and wf to Medard bined the very different offices of
George F Heineck and wf to Cor­ Rotsaen lot 3, blk H Lehman Acre literary man nnd Thames waterman.—
London Chronicle.
nelius Ott 42% acres in sec 3, 2 S Tracts »10.
3 10 acres in NE% S\V% sec 4, 2 S
The Third Hand.
gard lot 17, North Tigardville Add
3 »5100.
How often tbe little things in life
Laurel M Hoyt .and wf to A M »500.
mnka Impressions that linger In our
■ i.— ■ .1
—— 1—7'
memories long after tbe larger events
Former Local Dentist Protect* manure pile and the epitoon ? |
Into the kitchen and dining room were several daughters. One of the
4(b) VVliat does he do there?l girls brought n hat Into the sewing
Dr. O. C. Hiatt, who practiced He walks on the bread, fruit and room one morning and prepared to
dentistry in this city for many vegetables. He wipes bis feet I trim It. Before doing anything els*
took a hatpin and pinned the hat
years, and whose greatest fail­ on the butter and bathes in the she
firmly to her skirts at tbe knees, so
ing was his too intimate acquain­ mill*.
tlmt she bad both hands free and held
the ribbon nnd flowers In placg with
tance with John Barleycorn,
5. Does the fly visit the pa­
left hand while she sewed them
was taken to jail in Port­ tient sick with typhoid fever, her
with her right.—F&llndelphla North
land, the first of the week, on a
cholerain- American.
charge of selling liquor on Sun­ fantum? He does and he may
It’e Easy to Learn.
day. Dr. H iatt’s arrest was all call on you next.
Alexander Graham Bell, the Inventor
on account of his etFort “ to pro­ 6. Is the fly dangerous? He is, of tile telephone, hit on bis marvelous
discovery while studying and while
tect a lady.”
man’s worst pest and more dan­ teaching the deaf.
A Portland painter by the
gerous than wild beasts or rat­ Professor Bell one* said, apropos of
name of McNab was approached tlesnakes.
this fact:
by an officer disguised as a hobo.
"Yes, we can learn valuable secrets
7. What disease does the flv I from tbe most unlikely sources. A Per­
The minion of the law ap­
carry? He carries typhoid fever sian |K>et. famed for his wisdom, was
proached McNab and put up the
consumption and summer com­ once asked by bis king where be bad
plea that he bad a great thirst plaint. How? On his wings and learned Ills philosophy.
" ‘From the blind, sire.’ the poet re­
on. McNab, an accomodating
hairy feet. What is his correct plied—‘frum the bllud. who never ad­
chap, offered to get him some
vance a step until they have tried the
name? Typhoid fly.
wet goods.
He piloted the
8. Did he ever kill anyone? ground.’ "—New York Tribune.
officer to the office of I)r. Hiatt. He killed more soldiers during!
Diamonds and Glass.
The Dr. didn’t have any liquor the Spanish-American war than The diamond.
Instead of being a real
himself, but he did the disap­
solid. Is a mass of atoms all In rapid
did the bullets of the Spaniards. and
violent motion. The edge *f the
pearing act and returned in a
stone Is formed of these moving mole­
few minutes with a fat bottle of
Woititn of 67 to Fi»h.
cules us well as the body. Now, glass
what purported to be whiskey.
Is also made up of moving atoms,
County Clerk Luce has issued though they do not move so rapidly or
Then McNab was nabbed, ditto
Dr. Hiatt. From tbe latter’s a fishing license to Mrs. M. A. so violently as the diamond atoms.
When ,he dl*raond ‘•>'8«'. therefore, is
statement the inference is that a . Dodds, of Banks. Mrs. Dodds1
applied to the glass surface the dla-
‘‘latly” let him have the liquor, ls !1 P ,o n e e r ° ‘ th e
l otk of ,mn„i atoms drive the gins« atoms out
and through a feeling of chivalry Dairy, and is aged 67 years. In of tbe way and force s passage.
the ex-local tooth carpenter point of age this is the first
Merely a Microbe.
went to jail rather than “ give woman over the half century "Do you believe that lore Is due t* •
i mark to take out a license in the microbe T'
her aw ay.”
county. It is'said that she is “1 know It Is."
do you know?"
j more successful than the average "How
"One calls on my daugkler fonr time*
A Fly Catechism.
disciple of Isaak Walton.
a week, and she Is beginning to fall I d
The following questions and
love.”—Houston Poat.
answers were prepared I by the Washington Gounty to Exhibit. |
Indiana State Board of Health.
The Commissioner's Court has "Didn't P I artially
bear you Ore something at
1. Where is the fly born? In appropriated $200 to assist in that yowling cat early this morning?"
gathering exhibits for the Wash­ "Ye*; I threw tb* coafoutided alarm
the manure pile and filth.
ington county display at the com­ clock at It"
2. Where does the Hy live? In ing
State Fair and the funds will “Hit the beastT"
•very kind of filth. ’
be used by W. D. Wt i t fai 1, of "No. but I got rid *f lb* alarm clock."
3. Is anything too filthy for a Tualatin, who handled the dis­ —Boston Transcript
play last year, and won a cash
fly to eat? No.
Work Is not a man's punishment I»
4. (a)W here does he go when P ™ iium' J he exhibit V? part Is his reward and hla strragth.—Georg*
be leaves the surface closet, the the 8twet fair this fall<
, Sand.
With His Own Words He Doth Pre-
claim tha Fact Quit* Pat.
Tbe traditional Hamlet of our stage
1* a lean, ascetic young person, an
Idealized, etberenlhted, heroic creature
evelved for tbe delectation of the mati­
nee girl. He Is a horrid sham. Is It
credible that such a man would have
The Sunrise Grocery [will pay
hacked tbe determination, tbe purpose­
fulness, to put his revenge Into opera cash fo r. all
farm products,
tion pat upon the discoveryT It Is all
Veal and pork,
very well to argue about his mental
balance. It was bis sluggish liver the best market price paid and
that stayed him and hampered him.
all goods sold at the bottom
Hamlet's father was a fat sad let bar
Pacific Avenue at Third
gie mao by bis own account
street. JOHN DODGE. Proprie­
S le e p in g within my orohard.
My custom always of the afternoon,
he says In his ghostly interview.
We may then look for some clew to
F or Q uick S a le - A $12000, 38
Hamlet's character as soon as be Is acre fruit farm on David’s Hill,
alone on the stage. What are his for $8500.
One of the finest
fruit farms in Washington Co.
Ok, that this too. too solid flash would Terms, D. A. Kennedy Phone
n is a keynote that may not be Vine 151.
glossed over as a beautiful thought
F or S ale — N o . 2 Smith Pre­
for tbe same Idea bursts out some lines mier typewriter, good as new.
farther oa. where he says of the world:
First offer of $30 takes it. Press
T h in g s ra n k and gross In nature
P o sse ss It merely.
Ik It credible that such thoughts are
A complete line of the best
there for any purpose save to guide
us os to tbe nature of this prince? varnishes can be had at the Pat­
They serve a double purpose. Not erson Furniture Store, Forest
merely fle we learn that Hamlet was Grove.
u fat man, but also that he was an un­
Wanted a couple of young
happy fat man. Hamlet was a man to
whom bis bulk was an affliction. He calves, either sex. Phone 0185,
was handicapped by It and knew that Edw. L. Navlor.
he was. Some such idea Is discernible
To E xchange — Seed potatoes
in every one of the great soliloquies.
He scorns-himself for a sluggard:
for equal quanity and quality re­
What Is a man
turned this fall. Phone 0185,
{f his chief good and market of hla time Edw. L, Naylor.
Be but to sleep and teed? ,
His mind, unhinged or not, is ob­
A new and up-to-date line of
sessed by fatDess, and In the mad tur­
moil of emotions after he has slain wall paper in many handsome
Polonlus his thoughts run:
patterns. P l a i n , figured and
We fat all creatures els* to fat ua, and novelty goods to select from.
We fat o u rse lv e s for maggots
It bursts out again In tbe "Oh, what All prices to fitll a pockets. Pat­
a rogue and peasant slave!” harangue erson’s Furniture Store, Forest
E re this
1 should -have fatted all the region’s kites
With th is sla v e 's offal.
And who but a fat. lethargic man
would have said In the “To be or not to
be" speech:
Who would fardels bear
To grunt and sweat under a weary llfa
Does not the phrase bring to mind at
once tbe picture of a fat man tolling at
sotne loathed task?—London Express.
Mr. Fred Thomas will give a
tea party on the 30th of the
present inst., at 8:30 o’clock at
his residence on Pacific Avenue.
After refreshments are served
he will render a few musical
selections on the violin. All his
friends are cordially invited.
C a ll F o r P a in tin g B id s.
F o r e s t G rove, O reg o n , J u n e 10th, 1913.
T h e School B o ard w ill re c e iv e sealed bilia f o r
th e p a in tin g o f th e e x te r io r a n d c a lc im in in g of
th e in te r io r o f th e C e n tr a l a n d L in co ln schools.
S p ecificatio n s w ill be f u r n is h e d on a p p lic a tio n a t
th e office o f th e School C le rk . B ida w ill be re c e iv ­
ed u n til 12 o ’clo ck noon, S a tu r d a y , J u n e 28th, 1913.
M B S. D O R O T H Y H . S E Y M O U R ,
C h a irm a n B o ard o f D ire c to rs, school D is tr ic t
N o. 15, W a sh in g to n C o u n ty , F o r e s t G ro v e, O reg o n .
A tte s t: R. P . W1KTZ,
C le rk o f th q B o ard .
N o tic e o f W a r r a n t S a le .
S ealed b id s w ill be rece iv ed by th e u n d e rs ig n e d
u p to a n d in clu d in g : 12 o 'clo ck noon, S a tu rd a y ,
J u n e 28th, 1913, fo r $100U in w a r r a n ts oi
S ch o o l D is tr ic t N o . 15, W a sh in g to n C o u n ty ,
O re g o n , W a r r a n ts to b e d a te d J u n e 28th, 1913,
p a y a b le in
th r e e
y e a rs a n d
b e a rin g
in ­
te r e s t a t th e r a t e o f 6 p e r c e n t p e i a n n u m ,
in t e r e s t p a y a b le se m i-a n n u a lly . N o b ids w ill be
re c e iv e d f o r le ss th a n $50.00. T h e B o ard re s e rv e s
th e r i g h t to r e je c t a n y a n d a ll bids.
MILS. D O R O T H Y H . S E Y M O U R ,
C h a irm a n B o ard o f D ire c to rs, S chool D is tric t
N o. 15, W a sh in g to n C o u n ty , F o r e s t G rove, O re ­
g on.
A tte s t: R. P . W IR T Z .
C le rk o f B o ard .
An ad in the Press brings Result
Free—I will give away firl e
wood from unburned slashing.
Phone Gales 255. The wood is
in section 17, t, 1, s, r, 3 west.
Thomas Cox.
The New Store is an excellent
place to trade, everything clean,
neat and tidy.
All kinds of survey­
ing and maping.
Subdivisions a spec­
Furnished room to rent close
in. Call Press offee.
32 tf.
good as new $60.
Major Ronrke. ns aid to General
Creek. once showed himself an effective
Peacemaker. He persuaded a bond of
Apaches to go bock to their reservation
by presenting a doll to o papoose. Tbe
Incident was as follows:
Gesoral Crook had been trying to put
those Apaches back on the reserve, but
could not cntch them without killing
them, an action that did not appeal to
him. One duy bis forces captured a
papoose and took her to the fo rt She
wax quiet all day, but her black eyes
watched everything. When night came
the child broke down and sobbed just
ns any white youngster might
The fort was In despair until Major
Bmirke hnd an idea. From the adju­
tant's wife he borrowed a doll that had
come to her little girl the previous
Chrlstmns. When the young Apache
understood that It was hers to keep
her sobs ceased and she fell asleep.
When morning came the doll was
still clasped tightly In her arms. She
played with It all day. and seemingly
nil thought of ever getting back to the
tribe bnd left her.
Several days passed with no sign of
overture being made by the tribe, and
finally In despair the papoose, with the
doll still In her possession, was sent
back. When the child reached the
tribe with the prize grasped In her
ehnbby hands It created a sensation
among the native Americana, and her
mother later went back to the post
with I t She wns received In a hos­
pitable manner and kindly treated,
and the effect of her visit was such
that throngh her overtures were made,
with the result that soon afterward
the entire band moved back on tbe re­
serve.—St. Louis Republic.
Addition to Forest Grove
to be sold oil terms. W. W.
Ireland, Hoffman Building
F or S ale —One open buggy
Also one cart
Inquire this
A Gift That Brought tha Rebellious
Apaches to Terms.
A cre T racts in Sun Set
Have you been at the opening
of[[the[New Store?
gswsç-* fev-sssa
Hoffman & Allen Bld’g
Phone 806
Forest Grove, Ore.
Begin Now!
to plan for that College Course.
There is considerabl e"discussion
about Education
there is no doubt that a good general college course taken right
is in the long run
the practical thing in Education.
A school [well equipped to do first class general college
work is
ggg§'•! l l Pacific1 University
. -
Forest Grove, Ore.
This school beginsjts 60th year of successful work in such
general college lines September I 7th, 191 3.
Record and equipment good.
Terms reasonable.
Come and help us help you.
Come in and talk the matter over or address for Catalogue
and furtherjnformation
PACIFIC UNIVERSITY, Forest G rove, O re.
Forest Grove Training Park
-----------STARTING JUNE 2 9 ------------
Oregon Electric
Cars Stop
at Track
--------RACES BEGIN AT 3:00 O’CLOCK---------
Admission 50 cents
Grandstand Free