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    Oregon Historical Society
F orest G rove P ress
Vol. 4
Saloon Fights D ry Ukase.
M otorcycle M eet Cancelled.
Hillsboro, Ore.—District At­
torney Tongue, as special coun­
sel, Saturday filed a suit for T.
A. McCourt, a Cornelius saloon
man, against the City of Cor­
nelius, asking the court to enjoin
Mayor Sholes from proclaiming
the election results making Cor­
nelius a dry town. The com­
plaint alleges that the City Re­
corder did not print and distrib­
ute the pamphlets of necessary
size and in the necessary type as
required by ordinance, and furth­
er alleges that the Mayor did not
approve of the ordinance as re­
quired by charter. Cornelius has
two saloons and for years there
has been a constant warfare be­
tween the “ wets” and the
“ drys.” The election last Mon
day week resulted in a “dry”
victory by a majority of nine
Unsettled condition of the
weather the past five weeks has
necessitated the cancelling of the
motorcycle races which were
scheduled to take place on the
local track Saturday and Sunday.
Up until Friday every indication
pointed to ideal days for the
meet, but the rain started about
Saturday noon and kept up at in­
tervals until Sunday evening,
making the track too slippery for
the motocycles to race with safe­
ty. Manager Harry now con­
templates holding a meet in this
city some time in June if the
dates can be arranged without
conflicting with other booking.
Will Exhibit T u rn er Pictures.
Two hundred reproductions of
the world’s masterpieces of art,
consisting of carbon and platin­
um prints and photogravures,
will be exhibited in K. of P. hall
next Wednesday, Thursday and
Friday, for the benefit of the
public schools of the city. This
will be an opportunity for lovers
of the beautiful to examine min­
ute reproductions of the masters
at close range, and should be
taken advantage of by every one
who appreciates good pictures.
Pacific O ra to r W inner.
Eugene, Ore. —S. W. Grath-
well, of Pacific University, For­
est Grove, was awarded first
place in the state oratorical con­
test held here Friday night by
the Intercollegiate , Prohibition
Association, winning over six
other contestants. His subject
was, “ College Men in Relation to
the Liquor Crisis.”
G range O ffers Prize for Baking.
Washington County Pomona
Grange will meet with Green
Mountain Grange at Buxton,
Wednesday, April 23. Subject
for discussion, “ Recent Legisla­
tion Affecting the Farmers, the
Homes, and Women and Chil­
dren.” There will be prizes of
$2.50, $1 and 50 cents given for
Local Q uestions Discussed.
the three best loaves of bread
The Woman’s club of Forest baked by a Granger.
Grove met Monday afternoon at
W ill C elebrate B irthday.
the home of Mrs. J. A. Thorn­
burg. At the conclusion of the
M. H. Shipley, father of Mrs.
business meeting an interesting' E. W. Haines, Sunday will cele­
and instructive program, inter­ brate his 88th birthday at the
spersed with instrumental and home of his daughter in this city.
vocal selections, was rendered, | Mr. Shipley was born in New
Social Hygene was discussed by York, April 20, 1825, and was
Dr. Katherine Myers. Address­ raised in the state of Ohio,
es were made by Mrs. J. W. where, in 1849, he was married,
Barber and Miss Manche Lang­ removing with his wife to Berlin,
ley. A goodly number were in Wisconsin. In July, 1873, Mr.
Shipley came to Forest Grove,
where he has resided since. Up
until ten years ago he was ac­
Gertrude Allen has been on the tively engaged in farming and is
sick list the past week, but is to-day hale and hearty. One
son, Silas M. Shipley, a graduate
Miss Marie Bradly, of Banks, of Pacific University, is practic­
visited at the High school the ing law in Seattle. The Press
extends congratulations.
first of the week.
Supt. Proctor with some of the
junior class were Portland visit­ Miss Grace Gibson spent Sat­
ors Monday to see the Shake­ urday and Sunday at Banks.
Mrs. Rose Mawhinney under­
speare play.
an operation for stomach
Miss Mary Deerdorf, of this
Monday, in St. Vincents
city, visited over Sunday with
of Portland. She is re­
relatives in Portland.
Monday morning Dr. Kate
evening the Inter­
Myers gave an interesting and
of the Con­
instructive talk to the High
a social
school girls.
in the parlors of the local edifice
Carl Peterson has recovered
which was greatly enjoyed by
from a siege of toncilitis and is
in attendance.
back at school again.
The High school and public J. T. Fletcher and wife spent
the latter part of the week at
school students had a general
their son-in-laws’ ranch on Hill­
cleanup day on Arbor day. The
where Mr, Fletcher states
buildings and grounds look very
ten of the finest 6 months
much improved as a result.
old Jersey heifers he ever looked
Joe Samet visited in Portland
Fred Fox is back at home from
his sojourn in St. Francis hospit­
J. G. Lenneville was a business
al in Portland, where he under­
visitor in the Rose City Monday.
went an operation for the re­
Something that, by this time moval of some steel particles
tomorrow, you’ll own is adver­ which were embedded in the iris
tised in this newspaper today!
of his left eye.
In fixing an unusually low A letter received from Emery
price for an article you need, a Fullerton, who is now in Omaha,
merchant makes his store really states that the tornado which
serve you. Have you read to­ struck that city Easter Sunday
day’s ad? in search of the next was one of the most terrible
thing you must buy?
storms that has ever visited that
Marion Thompson, who has section of the country. 175 are
been confined at the Forest known to be dead, 340 injured
Grove sanitarium for some time, and over 1,000 are homeless.
has been removed to the Sexton Emery expects to return to the
home on Main street, where he Grove to make his permanert
is rapidly convalescing.
King George and Queen M ary
Threatened by SufFgraettes
P ortland A cadem y Victorious.
The first ball game of the sea­
son was played on the University
campus Saturday between Forest
Grove High school and the Port­
land Academy, the score result­
ing in a victory of 7 to 5 in favor
i of the visitors. The first part of
the game was played in rain.
The game was characterized by
its numerous errors and the num-
! ber of men walked. The Port­
land battery was the stronger,
j but the team was weak on base-
| running. For Portland the bat­
tery was Odell and Smock; for
Forest Grove, Hamilton and Ire-
I land, with Norton going into the
box in the seventh.
No. 24
A thletes U nder Rigid Rules.
At a recent meeting of the
Athletic council, a ruling was
passed that will be of great bene­
fit in determining eligibility for
all athletic contests in the future.
At least three days before a
scheduled game the students
who expect to participate must
call at the registrar’s office and
have the subjects taken in school
work placed on a slip prepared
for the purpose. If the work of
the student is good the various
instructors sign opposite the sub­
jects and the chairman of the
Athletic committee countersigns
the card. This slip when hand­
ed to the manager will entitle en­
trance in the event. Much trou­
Stork W orks on Fast Schedule. ble has been experienced in the
Orenco, Ore.—This town is past in reference to the right
having what may be termed a j some students have in participat­
j “ baby epidemic,” four making ing in various games and meets
| their advent last week, thus in-1 with other colleges, but it is
creasing the population from 773 thought that in the present rul­
to 777. Among the arrivals is an j ing a solution to the difficulty has
eight pound girl at the home of been found.
I Mr. and Mrs. Robert Schneider;
W orkers T urn to Play.
j a boy at the home of Mr. and
Tuesday evening, in response
Mrs. Benjamin Salvadore; a girl
at the home of Mr. and Mrs. to an invitation sent out by Omer
j Flora.
Moore, some 35 members of the
Workers class of the Methodist
i Prom inent Buxton F arm er Dead Sunday school gathered at Mr.
Banks, Ore.— The funeral of Moore’s new bungalow on Second
[ Amos A. Mead was held from the street near Seventh avenue, for
j M. E. church in Banks Monday, an evening of pleasure and
and burial took place in the amusement. An unique program
cemetery near town. Mr. Mead of original stunts had been ar­
was a prominent farmer living ranged, and as a result a most
Photo by American Press Association.
near Buxton. He had been sick enjoyable time was had. Lunch­
EARS were entertained for the safety of King (Jeorjje during ttie latesi but a week with pneumonia eon was served before the party
outbreak of militancy among the English suffragettes In Loudon. Ex
when death came. The widow, broke up.
tra guards were placed about the king wherever lie w en t This Inter
esting picture o f the king and queen was snapped at a racing meet a grown daughter and a son, all
W ill Use D olarw ay Paving.
before these added precautions were taken
Queen Mary is reported as living at home, survive.
strongly opposed to the “votes for women” crusade. Her attitude has been
A special meeting of the city
one o f the biggest stum bling blocks to the spread of suffragist beliefs among
First League G am e Saturday. council held Friday evening ac­
many Englishwom en, who might otherw ise be enlisted iu the “war.”
McMinnville and Forest Grove cepted the tentative bid of the
school base ball nines will Dolarway Paving company, who
D andelion D ay O bserved.
Hillside M atron Passed Away.
battle on the college grounds this named $1.25 a square yard for
Under the auspices of the
Mrs. Mary Etta Quick, aged
Saturday afternoon in the first hard surface pavement and
Woman’s club of this city Dande­ 40 years, died at her home on
league game of the season, of awarded to that concern the pav­
lion day was appropriately ob­ Hillside, a few miles from this
which six will be played. Con­ ing of Pacific avenue from A
served Saturday afternoon and city, April 8, after an illness of
interest is manifest in street to the city limits, 3 blocks
evening. In the Central school some w'eeks. Funeral services
the series, as a handsome silver in all. The paving of the other
building in the afternoon exer­ were held Thursday. Deceased
cises were held by the school was born in Sumner county, cup is to be presented to the vic­ two blocks which were specified
children, and in the 'evening, at Kansas, and came to Oregon w ith torious club. Forest Grove won in the call for bids has been held
the two motion picture houses, her parents who located in Tilla­ the pennant last year, and will up temporarily.
strenuously endeavor to repeat
special films depicting plant life, mook county, in 1880. At the
the progress of th« campaign be­ age of eighteen she became the the performance this season.
Another good audience heard
ing conducted for the beautifying wife of D. B. Quick and the
F. C, Taylor, of this city, visit­ Rev. C. H. Hilton last Sunday
of cities, industrial advancement, couple moved to the ranch on ed the Watts Sunday school last
evening in the second sermon of
and kindred subjects, were Hillside, where Mrs. Quick pass­ Sunday.
his special series. Next Sunday
shown. Interesting programs of ed away. Besides her husband,
the third of the number
vocal and instrumental music she is survived by four sons and
given. The subject is
were also rendered at both hous­ two daughters, her father and
Man Highly'Gpoken
es by members of the Woman’s mother and three brothers.
morning service
Sidew alks E xtended into C ountry by a number of friends last at eleven o’clock, and Bible
Thursday evening.
school at ten o’clock. A cordial
Visit P o rter H om e W ith Baskets
Orenco, Ore. The Orenco Civ­
invitation extended the public.
Friends and neighbors of Mr. ic Improvement club has planned
and Mrs. H. H. Porter tendered a scheme whereby the country
them a pleasant surprise last roads for miles around are to of town, has returned from a vis­ Mrs. Cheadle, of this city, vis­
Wednesday night when they be provided with sidewalks it in California. Friday evening ited with her brother, John Rice,
gathered at their home in this leading to the town. The town about fifteen of her friends ten­ who lives near Hillsboro, this
city with well filled baskets of itself is quite well provided dered her a little surprise social week.
eatables, determined to pass an with walks and a few walks have which was much enjoyed by all.
Mrs. Wm. Spiller, of this city,
“ The news value” to you of who has been visiting her moth­
evening of pleasure and enjoy­ been extended into the country.
ment. Games we r e p l a y e d , The plan is now to raise enough an ad, in which a real buying er in Washington, has returned
music indulged in and the good money to construct walks in chance is offered to you, is apt home.
things provided disposed of with every direction. The club has to be greater in a practical way
Mr. and Mrs. Chris Game, who
gusto by those present, who elected for the ensuing year the — than the news value of any­ have been'visiting friends in this
were, Mr. and Mrs. W. W. the following officers: Presi­ thing else in the paper!
city, have started on their return
Ryals and daughter Lucile, Mr. dent, F. Head; vice president,
If you plan to do any shopping trip to Minnesota.
and Mrs. A. A. Morley, Mr. and Miss Cavers; secretary, Miss today, today’s ads mean oppor­ Rudy Schultz had his right
Mrs. L. G. Morley and children Purdy. Arbor dav last Friday tunity to you!
hand and a sausage machine in a
Mae and Glee, Mr. and Mrs. R. resulted in a good cleanup for Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Crowthers, mix up Friday afternoon, result­
W. Dean, Mr. and Mrs. Will the town, a holiday in the schools of Gales Creek, were Grove shop­ ing in the severing of the second
Morley and son Claude, Mr. and being declared to engage the pers Thursday.
finger at the first joint by the
Mrs. M. S. Taunton, Merl and children in the work with the
Mrs. A. Cornish and son Aaron, sharp knives of the machine..
Pearle, Mr. and Mrs. Gus Daniel­ men of the town. The park east of Portland, are visiting with
For high class job printing
son, Mr. and Mrs. Merle Bur­ of town was put in spick-span Mrs. R. M. Taylor of this city.
want the best of materials
nette, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Rose- shape for the coming summer.
workmanship. The Press
wurm, Mrs. E. Miller and son,
can satisfy you in all par­
Mrs. L. C. Misz entertained in
Sidney, Mrs. J. H. Stewart. Miss
Call 502 before your
Alta Williams, Joe Morley, Floyd honor of Mrs. I. R. Gilliham
supply gets low.
Taunton, Redge Blair and Wallie Tuesday afternoon. The follow­
ing ladies were present: Mrs.
Tuesday evening the Philathea
Jane Smith, Mrs. J. Clark, Mrs. nership with Mr. Weitzel, has c l a s s of t h e Congregational
Miss Marie Bradley is visiting L. Shogren, Mrs. Z. I .a Rue, returned to Nebraska to bring church were pleasantly entertain­
in the Grove this week.
Mias La Rue, Mrs. McClean, his family here.
ed by their Sunday school teach­
Paul Abraham left for Port­ Mrs. Knapp, Mrs. Patton, Mrs.
A number of the young folks er, Prof. West. The party took
land Monday to enter as an in­ Misz. Dainty refreshments were of the Christian Endeavor in this the nature of a notion shower,
terne in the Good Samaritan served and a pleasant time en- city visited the Endeavor at given in honor of MissCoila Gra­
• joyed.
Watts District Sunday evening. ham.