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    Oregon H istorical Society
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F orest G rove P ress
Vol. 4
F orm er Professional Going A fter
Prize M oney in Big Events-
Big List of Local Entries.
No. 21
H eisler Ju ry Disagree.
S ta rt F reighthouse Soon.
After being out all night, the
jury in the case of the State vs.
John Heisler, a wealthy farmer
of the Gales Creek neighborhood,
failed to reach a verdict and
were discharged. Heisler was
charged with violating the Hunt-
ley act, which makes it a misde
meanor to issue or cause to be
issued any circular or other lit-
mature containing statements
derogatory to candidates for pub-
without the signature
of the writer. The jury stood
seven to five for acquittal.
Work will shortly be commenc­
ed upon the Portland, Eugene
and Eastern freighthouse at
Main street and First avenue
South, and information is had
from reliable sources that both
passenger and freight trains will
be running into Forest Grove
over the new line not later than
July 1. At present carload
freight is being brought up into
: town, steam motive power being
used, and placed for unloadihg
within a block of the business
O n e o f t h e F am ou s G ould T ots
P osed A f t e r N o ted P ainting
Promises M ade to P ortland A uto
Club K ept and Up to T hem
to Com plete T heir P art.
--------- -
The worst collection of weath-
Hillsboro, Ore. —County Judge
er that has been dished up to
Reasoner Saturday gave out the
Oregon residents in many
manv years
following statement relative to
was had last week, and as a re­
the Rex-Tigard road, which so
sult of the sleet and snow, coup­
long has been the bone of con­
led with the Oregon standard,
tention between the officials of
rain, that was administered here
| Washington county and the Port-
in copious doses, the motorcycle
j land Automobile Club:
races that were to have been CO UNTY OFFICIA LS FIN D A
“ I find that before I was elect-
given at the Forest Grove track
J ed County Judge the members of
last Saturday and Sunday were
the Portland Auto Club appeared
postponed. They will be held
J before the County Court and
this week if weather is any­ Land Supposed to Be O w ned by
Illustrated L ecture Given by Pro­ | stated that if the county would
wheres reasonable.
P ortland M an Now in N am e
fessor Jack so n of the O regon | pay $3000 toward the improve­
Motorcycle racers, riding a
ment of the Rex-Tigard road the
of O ne O scar F. Carlson.
A gricultural College.
mile a minute, that will be twice
j club would complete a stretch of
around the local tarck, cannot
road, giving it a macadam finish
take the additional risk of skid­ Hillsboro, Ore.—A strange case
Orenco, Ore. At a meeting
the proposed stretch being
ding on account of wet. They of a forged deed to 120 acres of
Friday evening of the Orenco I about eight miles in length. The
are risking life and limb every land near Reedville, on the
Horticultural Study Club, Pro- court agreed to this, and opera-
time they mount their little “ go Southern Pacific, has just come
fessor H. S. Jackson, of the Ore- (tions were at once commenced,
devils,” tire trouble, a small to public notice. Harry Ander­
gon Agricultural college, gave a ¡The County Court of Washington
rock, or any other little accident son, a Portland saloon-keeper, is
stereopticon lecture on fungous | county has contributed some-
is likely to throw them, and they owner in fee simple of the tract.
diseases. He said;
thing like $2399.78 and the club
go at such speed that they cata­ He has had a tenant on the
"For anthracnose, bordeaux has paid out $6,404.83, and there
pult through the air and are fre­ place and has received his rental
mixture is considered the best has been about three miles of the
quently badly injured.
spray but lime-sulphur has also road dressed with rock.
Some of the machines that will
Mr. Anderson came to Hills­
given good results. To be effec­ Whenever the outsiders pay
be used have been in Forest boro a few days ago to pay his
tive. spaying must be done early enough in to complete the eight
Grove for more than a week, and taxes and was told that he had
in the autumn, as spores develop miles, the present County Court
some of them are being display­ no property—that the tract in
quickly after the first rains, and will come through with the bal­
ed in Hillsboro. C. G. Danielson question had been assessed to
aa soon as possible after apples ance of the promised $3000, but
C o p y rtg h t. 1913, by A m e ric a n P re s s A ssociation.
is showing the new Pope that one Oscar E. Carlson, whose title
I will state that I
I T T t.E c h ild re n of th e rich posed In costly ta b le a u x re c e n tly In New are picked and might be applied I not before.
will be ridden by Archie Post, of was registered with the County
Y ork a t th e p a la tia l re s id e n c e of M rs M n rsh all O rtn e W ilson Tor th e even before the fruit is picked, never at any time promised that
ben efit o f th e b a b ie s' w a rd o f th e P o s tg ra d u a te h o sp ita l of New York.
the Playa del Rey motordome, Recorder, October 15, 1910. In-
“ The disease is also known as the County Board would finish
O ne of th e m o st s trik in g p o se s w r - th a t of G loria G ould, d a u g h te r of
Los Angeles, and the Flying vesitgation showed that a deed Mr. a n d M rs G eo rg e J G ould of th e fa m o u s G ould fa m ily W ith b a re legs black spot canker. This parasitic j up the remaining five miles of
Merkel that will be used by the to the tract was made to Carlson sh e k n e lt on th e floor w ith fa ce u p ra is e d a n d h a n d s c la sp e d a s If In p ra y e r. fungous causes death of tissues * road. The law is plain on this
champion of the Northwest, Har­ on October 1, 1910, signed by I t w as a re m a rk a b le re p re s e n ta tio n o f th e fa m o u s p a in tin g “T h e I n f a n t S a m ­ of the bark and infection occurs subject, and the only promise I
ry Brant, is being displayed in Harry and Emma Anderson, u e l” by S ir J o s h u a R ey n o ld s.
in Fall or early winter. Use ever made was that the road
the Hinman-Gordon, Hardware executed and sworn to before a
bordeaux 6-6-50. Two applica- would get its just proportion of
Company’s window. Amos La- notary public, Claude Hamilton
tions about two weeks apart af- taxation. I realize as well as
haie has Vern Maskell’s Indian Paxton, at Spokane, with the
ter the fruit is picked, for orch- any one the importance of this
in his window.
ards where the disease is on the road, but Washington county has
names of A. B. Fox and Martin
The films showing the motor­ Freel as witnesses. The consid­ PROSPECTS G O O D FOR LINE PR IV A T E STABLE HAS JU ST increase. Where orchards are j myriads of small bridges to keep
cycle racers in action were dis­ eration given was $10.
badly effected and it is desired j in repair and rebuild and taxes
played in the Star theatre and
to clean up quickly, spray about j are high. We are ready to live
The peculiar part of the trans­
will be shown again the latter action is that the alleged Carlson Business M en H ave Prom ise of H andsom e E ntrance to be Con­ ! the middle of September, before up to the old agreement of the
part of this week. It is under­ has never made his presence
the fruit is picked with bordeaux, Board, which was solicited by
President Hill R oads to In­
stru c te d —City W a te r Piped
stood that a fast former profes­ known either to Anderson or to
1-4-50, and using the 6 6-50 members of the Portland Club,
sional rider has been located in the tenant on the farm. Ander­
vestigate Possibilities.
as before prescribed.
D irect to All Buildings.
but we cannot at this time go
McMinnville, and that a number son swears that the deed is a
“ For apple scab, destroy all any further.
of his friends have induced him forgery, and that he was not in
In the tw’o districts through
Quiet work on the part of the
Capt. C. P. McCan, who re­ leaves by burning or plowing
to enter the races and he will be Spokane at that time, and never Forest Grove Commercial Club
cently purchased the race track early. Spray trees at least three which the Rex-Tigard road pass-
on hand with a fast machine and knew a man by the name of las resulted in a promise from
and grounds of the Washington times in the spring, first when es there are 39 miles of road, and
a determination to clean up some Oscar Carlson. The authorities President Young, of the Hill
County Fair association, has let the blossoms commence to show , the total tax amounts to $1700,
of the prize money that is being are now looking into the matter ines in Oregon, to come to this
the contract for the construction color, second alter petals fall which entitles the eight-mile
offered. It is not known what and Anderson will at once take city soon for the purpose of in -1 of a handsome club building
up­ and about two weeks later, stretch to about $300. Further
make of machine he will ride, steps to remove the cloud on the vestigating the advisability of
on which work will begin this Lime-sulphur, about 1-30 of the than this we cannot go, except
but it w ill be in the same class as title.
constructing a railroad, which week. The structure will be 30 degree stock solution, has to live up to the old promise of
the others that have been enter­ The land in question is but a would be a continuation of the
i the Board—and this we are ready
situated near the head of the taken the place of bordeaux.”
short distance from the Southern Oregon Electric, from this city home stretch, and in addition to Among the potato diseases dis- to meet when the original eight
Pacific, and is worth at least to a point above Gales Creek, office and clubrooms, is to con­ cussed was blight, which he said miles of road have been com-
Native D aughter Dead.
$20,000, and perhaps more.
where connection could be made tain a well appointed dining should be treated by spraying pleted. Mr. John Nyberg, now
Mrs. Sadie Tate, aged 54. who
with the United Railways, which room and lunch counter. The with bordeaux, first with a 4-4-50 a commissioner, was the member
died at the residence of Mrs.
G lee Club M ade Hit.
now operates • from Portland to rcof will be of the gable variety and later with a 6-6-50 solution of the Board delegated to deal
Sarah J. Hill, her mother, in St.
about once every two weeks if with the club, and he is here at
If continuous and spontaneous Banks, eight miles west of this with a wide covered gallery run­
Johns, March 21, and was buried
ning across the front for the use the season is damp and at least all times to assert the truthful­
at Gaston, was born at Gaston, applause is to be taken as an in­ city.
three times or more any season. ness of the statement as to the
the daughter of Almoran and dication of pleasure and satisfac­ The construction of such a line of owners and their families. A
original agreement.”
Mrs. Hill, pioneers who crossed tion, then the audience that list­ would open up a vast timber private stable containing eight
A nother Pioneer D eparted.
the plains to Oregon in 1843. ened to the singing of the Wil­ region that now lies practically stalls, for the exclusive use of Mrs. Cynthia A. Adams, a resi­ Pioneer W om an of ’69 Dies.
Mrs. Tate leaves besides her lamette Glee club, last Tuesday dormant for lack of transporta- Capt. McCan’s string, has been dent of Oregon for many years,
Mrs. Susan Burkhaulter, a
mother, a daughter, Mrs. Cyrus night, were evidently decidedly tion facilities. It would mean finished, and work is proceeding died at her home in this city
woman of Oregon, died
Confer, of Portland; three sis­ and emphatically satisfied. The increased business for the Pacific upon forty additional stalls for Monday night, after an illness of
of a son, near Farm­
ters, Mis. T. Monev, of Walla members of this organization University city and probably the the use of breeders and trainers, several weeks. Funeral services
county, last
Walla; Mrs. T. Smith, of Pendle­ have all well trained and pleas- establishing of a large sawmill at Plans have been drawn for an were held yesterday with inter­
in the
ton, and Mr3. H. Corello, of St ing voices, and the perfect har this point. In addition to tap- unique entrance gate of rustic ment in Forest View cemetery.
Johns, and two brothers, Link mony which was evident in th e ;P'nK lar8e bodies of virgin design, upon which work will be­ Deceased was born in Indiana,
several chorouses was a delight i timber- a road such as >9 Prol,os gin within the next two weeks, September 5, 1831. She was
and Frauk Hill, of Gaston.
to the most critical ear. The en- ed would open up a large farm- The Oregon Electric railroad has married in that state to Thomas
boro, of which she was a mem-
Bootlegger R eleased on Parole. tertainment was first class from inir area
completed a survey for a spur
conducted the services. De-
track, and this, with a platform
A man by the name of Moore, start to finish and well worth the
was born in Dork county,
for the accomodation of passen­
Mr*. Hilton Given Surprise.
arrested some time since at price of admission.
1836. In January, 1854,
Beaverton for selling liquor with­
Many of the members of the gers, will be completed by the gon, settling iri Marion county, 8he married Stephen Burkhault-
out a license, was arranged in M aunday T h u rsd ay O bserved. Christian church walked into the first of May.
in the early seventies. After a er, the couple moving to Indiana,
the county court at Hillsboro Scottish rite Masons of this parsonage
last Friday night, and
tew years the family moved to where they resided until 1869,
T ax-Paying Rush Over.
Tuesday and given a suspended city> with the Knight Templars surprised Mrs. Hilton. It was
Veronia, and five years ago after when they crossed the plains to
The great tax-paying rush has the death of her husband, Mrs. Oregon settling in Monroe, Bent-
jail sentence upon the recom- ag guests, properly observed her birthday anniversary. They
mendation of the district attorn- Maunday Thursday by partaking brought good things to eat along ended and the force in the Sher Adams took up her residence on county. Two years later they
ey. Moore is obliged to report of Parchal lamb and unleavened with them. The evening was iff » office at Hillsboro are taking with children in this city. Mrs. moved to Washington county,
to the sheritf of Washington bread, in commemoration of the spent in entertainments and a much needed rest. The last Adams was the mother of ten making a permanent home near
county once a month as to his last supper. W. N. Barrett, of game 3 . The party remained un- payment made to the county children, including Mrs. Minnie Hillsboro. Three married daught-
whereabouts and occupation, and Hillsboro, delivered an address til a late hour and departed wish- treasurer amounted to $50,937.37. L. Kent and John II. Adams, of ers, 0f Portland, and two sons, of
is also obliged to refrain from and a paper was read by Senator ing the pastor’s wife many hap- Total taxes collected to date this city and Mrs. W. W. Har- Farmington, survive. The hus-
the use of intoxicating liquors.
w. H. Hollis, of this city.
amounts to $299,147.34.
py returns.
rison, of Tillamook.
band died nine years ago.