Forest Grove press. (Forest Grove, Or.) 1909-1914, February 27, 1913, Page 5, Image 5

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I want to .
draw your Attention
to this R e i n f o r c e d
You can in­
spect one at the shop of
G. C. Danielson,
Pacific Ave., Forest Grove.
They handle Reinforce i and Ordinary Framed Bicycles in many
Variations at a wide range of prices but only of the kind that
gives entire satisfaction. Buying a Bicycle is like buying a Watch.
Do not depend upon the nice y enameled frame, demand to see the
works. Get Cyclewise You are safe at Danielson't Gyclery.
I ’ll
frame up another Demonstration for next week. Watch forme.
The Cyt U Expert.
Main Street Garage
Auto Repairing, Vulcanizing and
General Machine Work. Storage
and Supplies.
Phone Main 62X
W . A . C H A LM ER S,
M ain Street, Forest Grove.
The Approach of Spring
is the signal for greater effort
in all lines of endeavor. Warm­
er and dryer weather means
greater activity in b u i l d i n g
operations. Now
The Mother’s meeting of the
W. C. T. U. was held at the
parlors of the Methodist church
The leaders of the
meeting were Mrs. Reynolds and
Mrs. Morgan; Purity and Nar­
cotics, the subject. It w’as large­
ly attended and a most interest­
ing meeting was held. A num­
ber o f the ladies took part in
the quiz given by Mrs. Morgan
on alcohol.
Mrs. Wm. Kerr
read an article on Purity. Mrs.
Barber gave an interesting ac­
count of her work. The meeting
adjourned by singing “ Blest be
the Tie.”
For a number of years root
beer has been stealing into the
homes o f good Christian people,
and the appetites o f the child­
ren are being prepared for
stronger alcholic drinks.
manufacturers say there is no
alcohol in this preparation and if
you add water, yeast and sugar
you make a good temperance
drink. But they do not add that
the sweetened liquor to which
yeast is added will ferment and
produce alcohol and Dr. Cheney
of Boston says that whoever
drinks it at home, drinks the
same poisons as at the liquor bar
in the village saloon. Be not de­
ceived, Oh ! Parents. “ God is not
Whatsoever a man
soweth that shall he also reap.”
It is not whether your child­
ren begin on drinks containing
work on your new residence,
store building, barn or other
structure. When you are ready
to start
That New House,
get our estimates on all the ma­
terial you will require.
Wiliis-Place Lumber Co.,
Phone 024X. So. A St., Forest Grove.
Motion Picture Exhibition
The Best Pictures Obtainable
Every Film A Winner
Drama, Comedy, Laughter and Pathos
B ak in g P o w d er?
Edited by M r j . Katherine R. Kerr
Is the Time to Start
her friends to use
one, two or ten per cent alcohol,
for the end is the same, “ at last
it biteth like a serpent and sting-
eth like an adder.”
While none o f us want wicked­
ness to be rampant among us,
perhaps an occosional jolt is nec­
essary to let them kncJw Hiat
evil is getting in its work. And
all must be up and doing to over­
come evil with good.
“ Every boy; and girl in this
country has a right to be born
right and reared right.” Hon.
Ben Lindsay.
Yes, this is a
God given legacy, better than
the legacy of millions.
But it is
denied to thousands o f children
all over this country. Children
are suffering all over this coun­
try from the indifference of
their parents. We do not talk
and agitate enough the real
things. These after all are the
ones that effect the home and
the children in the home. Why
are some of the boys allowed to
stay out of school and peddle
bills for coming shows ? Why
not have a truant officer to see
to such cases ? Superintendent
Bodine o f Chicago, the authority
in this country on truancy, says:
“ The boy takes his first step in
becoming a criminal when he be­
comes an habitual truant. I do
not blame the children as I do
the parents and the city officials,
neither o f whom do their duty.”
Because it supplies
everything required
in a perfect leaven-
er,—s u p e r i o r
strength, absolute
purity, dependabili­
ty, at a reasonable
25c for a pound can
A Cook Book sent on request
and 2c in stamps.
Crescent Manufacturing Company
Seattle, Washington
Mr. Luck, aged 98, is reported
ill at his home here.
Mrs. Worhis is lying danger­
ously ill with pneumonia, at her
home in this city.
Mr. and Mrs Guy Stockman
and son visited with the latter’ s
mother, Mrs. B. M. Smith, Sun­
Born, Monday evening, to the
wife of R. P. Rain, o f this city,
a girl. Mother and child are do­
ing nicely.
Carl Nicholson, ex-king of the
Iron rail, now on the “ little
farm” in the Watts district, was
a Grove visitor Monday.
Workman were engaged Tues­
day in cutting down several of
the handsome trees which have
decorated the Congregational
i church square for so many years.
Mrs. Joe Stream, who has been
When you want that suit
ill for a short time, is rapidly re­
' pressed or cleaned take it to
' Marion Markham, who can do it,
John McNamer is attending to and do it right.
Repairing a
business matters in Tillamook, specialty.
Shop on P a c i f i c
this week.
Mrs. John Heisler, Jr., of
When you are wanting some­
Gales Creek, is reported sick
thing that is par excellent for
with German measles.
cleaning, whitening and pre­
The Forest Grove Oyster House serving the teeth go to the For­
is now under the management of est Grove Pharmacy and get the
Ed Boos. Meals o f quality at all Florentine Tooth Paste, the best
Mrs. Carl Hoffman is at the
It takes a good business man
home o f her parents on Gales to fully value good printing,
Creek, suffering with a severe and to lay down the law, in his
attack o f throat trouble.
office, against inferior printing—
Don’ t forget that the best of
food and service can he had at
the Forest Grove Oyster House,
Pacific Adenue.
Come Get the Cash.
Our “ Cash for Produce” plan
has become so popular among the
farmers that they will accept no
returns but “ Cash for Produce.”
We are the orginators o f “ Cash
for Produce” started 8 yeats
ago, and we feel as though the
farmers have appreciated the
plan. Schultz Pure Food Mar­
ket and Grocery.
Pastor Organizes Boys’ Club.
D il l e y ,
O r .,—Rev. L. T.
Prose, of the local Methodist
Church, has shown that he is in
touch with the boy problem.
Since his arrival here he has cre­
ated quite an interest among the
On Wednesday evening
he gave an oyster supper to 50
manly and well behaved boys.
A sunshine club was organized
with two divisions, No. 2 includ­
ing the boys. The only condi­
tions of membership being good
behavior and attendance at Sun­
day school.
The boys have
organized a hall team, and after
some practice they will issue a
challange to any hoy team of
equal strength.
Grover, o f the public school,
helped in the organization.
We Want You to Know It
We Prove It at Our Own Risk
Sensible, direct-acting, widely
recommended by men who know
what they are doing.
teed to do its work—to put red
into the blood, zest into the mus­
cles, that healthy look into the
complexion, steadiness into the
the nerves, vigor into the entire
system in fact, to use a homely
phrase, guaranteed to put “ meat
on your hones.”
We mean Rexall Celery and
Iron Tonic.
We want you to
know about this splendid remedy,
this nerve-food and flesh-builder.
It doubtless has saved many a
man and woman from long per­
iods o f sickness.
These are
strong statements, hut no strong­
er than our faith in Rexall Celery
and Iron Tonic, and no stronger
than our guarantee.
You risk
nothing in letting this remedy
prove its worth to you, because
we will refund your money if it
doesn’t give satisfaction. Costs
a dollar. Sold in this community
only at our store. The Rexall
Henry Jerrett, of Dilley, was
in the Grove Monday.
Mr. and Mrs. Allen Rice were
Portland visitors Friday.
Dr. E. B. Brookbank was a
business visitor in Portland
Mrs. George Frost, o f Hills­
boro, is visiting with Grove
friends this week.
Edward Jasper, o f Verboort, no matter if it should be cheaper
N. B. LaCourse has gone to
who has been ill for the past in price. The printing always
Goldendale, Washington, for a
eleven weeks with typhoid fever, represents the business. Press
Forest Grove, Oregon
three or four weeks rest.
is reported rapidly convalescing. Printing is good printing.
A. B. Craft, of this city, went
to The Dalles Friday evening to
be with his mother, who is ser­
iously ill.
Just completed invoicing. A
good time to secure bargains in
jewelry, watches, clocks, etc.
Shearer, Forest Grove
Mr. and Mrs. O. Kennedy and
daughter Rose, of Portland, were .
over Sunday guests at the home |
of Mrs. C. H. Olmstead, in this
E wish to announce to the public that
February sale o f high class
furniture at Paterson’s Furni­
we have sold our Hardware and Imple­
ture Store, Forest Grove. Your
ment Business to M. S. Allen, formerly
opportunity to secure bargains.
of Hoffman & Allen Co. Mr. Allen is an
Come in now.
experienced hardware man, having been in
If you “ happened” to read an
the business for seventeen years. W e feel
ad that saved you some money
sure that he will give all our old friends and
on an intended purchase, w’hy
customers a square deal and courteous treat­
not adquire the money-saving
habit o f reading the ads ?
Mrs. Jennie Moore and son
Max, o f Portland, spent Satur­
day and Sunday with Mr. and
Those indebted to us, please call and settle
Mrs. B. M. Smith and Mr. and
by cash or note at once.
Mrs. Guy Stockman, of this city.
Latest improved Singer Sew­
ing machines, regular price $75,
Thanking our many friends and customers
will be sold at Staehr’s Bazaar
for their past favors.
for $45 on pasy payments. Sec­
ond hand sewing machines in
good repair, $5 to $10 each. 14-tf
Van Koughnet
Fresh Fish.
Forest Grove Fish Market
Anything and Everything in Sea-food
Cash Paid
Highest cash price paid for Fresh Eggs
Telephone 216
•Every Day
Can You Beat It?
Dress Fabrics............................. at 50c per yard
Corn, .............................................3 cans »or 2oc
Tomatoes........................................ 3 cans for 25c
String Beans..................................oc*1
Peas, ..............................................15c, 2 for 25c
Discount in trade for
Cash in 30 day» at
5 /C
The Sun-Rise Grocery
Pacific Avenue and 3rd Street.
Two sets o f cluster lights have
been placed in position at the
Oregon Electric depot, improv­
ing the surroundings greatly.
Others have been arranged for
in various sections o f the city.
Dr. Edgar H. Brown, of Port­
land, Oregon, formerly o f this
city has moved his office from
the Corbett Bldg, to 509 Eilers
Bldg, corner 7th and Alder
streets. Specialty, Stomach, In­
testinal and Rectal diseases. lOtf
W . O . W agn er & Sons
Forest Grove, Oregon