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Voi. 3
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No. 36
All these features were consid­
C. L. Dennis was obliged to Meetings at Christian Church.
ered in length at the meeting a
on Dr. Nixon yesterday.
Mr. Freikson of Thatcher is
The revival service at the
week ago and were brought up
Dr. and Mrs. John Stewart Christian church had a most
at yesterday’s meeting. As to building a large barn.
spent last Sunday in the Rose auspicious beginning on Sunday.
what the outcome will be mem­ Fred Gardner and wife were j city.
Large audiences were in attend­
bers of the Board were not will­ in Portland Saturday.
Mrs. Jasper Hall, of Scoggins ance both morning and evening,
Bernard Roe farmer of Gaston
ing to say although it is the
opinion that Dr. Ferrin will take brother of C. O. Roe was in Valley spent several days in and the interest was splendid.
Portland this week.
Prof. Kellems certainly can hold
up the financial work of the in­ town Monday.
Head of Pacific University stitution.
audience. He is a finished
Before there will be
A baby girl was born to Mr.
and has a fine de­
Loses Everything
anything to do in this, the plan and Mrs. Will Walser on Thurs­
he says things
for a financial campaign will day of last week.
but Title.
have to be outlined. Until that
To the parents, C. B. Camp­ Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Ryals
is done President Ferrin will bell and wife, was born a son and daughter Lucille, spent Sun­
day at the latter’s home in
By the adoption yesterday of have little or nothing to do at Sunday July 7th.
gotten together the largest open­
Scoggins Valley.
recomendations prepared by a
Sheriff Geo G. Hancock was
Endre M. Cederburgh, Vice
Brown Leghorn hens and pul­ ing choir any singer has ever Consul of Norway, has as his
committee of the board of trus­ The preliminary steps in ihe in the city Saturday investigat­
lets for sale, 75c each. Mixed had, and his singing is most ac­ visitors this week Rev. H. N.
tees of Pacific University, Pres. proposed campaign to raise the ing 4th of July troubles.
ceptable to those who are at­
Ferrin, of that institution, was endowment fund was taken by Grandma Hayden of Thatcher chickens 60c. Ail laying. W. C. tending. As a chorus and choir Hague, a former minister of the
Grddy, Cornelius,Route '1
virtually deposed, the manag-
has been a visitor at the home
leader he has few superiors. Norwegian cabinet and grandson
ment of the school passing into ing when a committee was ap­ of her sister, Mrs. Brodshue,
Lester Crosley and Myrtle
The work is also being assist­ of the great reformer of the
Cook were united in marriage
the hands of i committee of pointed to take charge. This this week.
ed by Miss Grace Young of Lutheran Church in Norway,
three to be appointed by the fac­ committee comprises B. S. Hunt- j Mrs. Carl Hoffman has been yesterday, July 10th, at Hills­ Eugene, who is singing some Hans Nelson Hauge, and Bishop
boro. The contracting parties
ulty to be responsible only to the ington, chairman; Eugene P.
solos this week. Her singing of Boeckman, both of whom are
visiting at the home of her par­
are both of Forest Grove.
trustees and other duties of the McCornack, A. L. Mills, Dr. L.
evangelistic hymns is very fine. delegates from the Norwegian
ents, John Heisler of Gales Creek
president, including the chair of R. Dyott and W. T. Fletcher.
this week.
You are inivted to be present at church to the various synods in
mathematics being taken from James J. Hill’s contribution of
the United States. Coming to
operation for appendicitis three these services.
him. The action means virtually $40,000 is conditioned on the! Wanted: A position as house­ weeks ago, at the Forest Grove
this country a few weeks ago
that President Ferrin retains the school raising $160,000 to make keeper by middle aged lady. Sanitarium has so recovered as
they went to Willmar, Minn., to
Real Estate Transfers
Country prefered. Make inquiry
presidency of the school in name the total of%200,000 required.
to be able lo be removed to his The following real estate trans­ attend the Hauge synod and
only. It is likley he will become The resignation of Professor at Press office.
home Saturday.
fers were furnished the Press by later attended a synod at Red-
the financial agent of the institu­ W. M. Proctor which was ten-1 Roily Orr of Thatcher Section
Wing. At Fargo, N. D., they
tion although no prevision for dered to the board recently was ; is having a large barn built. J. poration who are putting in the the Wilkes Abstract Company of attended the synod of the United
that was included in the recom­ accepted. Professor Proctor is j E. Tumbleson is doing the me­ ditch and laying water pipes be­ Hillsboro:
Norwegian Lutherans and were
Paul Reimers and wife to E. present at the unveiling of a
mendations of the committee. to take the position of super-: chanical work.
The action came as the climax intendent of public schools in j George RoDinson, of Chehallis, are refusing to honor laborers B. Sapington tract 5 block 1 monument to the great reformer,
$500 Hague, who was born in 1771
to the meeting of June 29, Forest Grove. He resigned be­ Washington, visited at the home checks cashed by Forest Grove north Hillsboro Acres.
of his brother, H. N. Robinson merchants.
Chas. M, Jennings to E. M. and died in 1824, the unveiling
at which the trustees were
Brower and wife N. W. J of S. taking place in the presence of
equally divided on a vote to dis-1 ees to dismiss Dr. Ferrin at the of this citv, Wednesday of this
R. E. Berg and lady friend, of W. 1 sec. 2, 2 N. 3.
$10 over 15,000 Norwegians.
miss Dr. Ferrin. At a meeting June meeting. The faculty of i week.
Portland, spent the Fourth in
held a week ago a comittee com­
Mrs. C. A. Littler was a pas­
G. A. Nichols and wife to Bishop Boeckman and Rev.
Forest Grove with the families
prising Dr. J. R. Wilson, Eugene week and elected executive com senger on the Portland and Al­ of H. N. Robinson and R. D. Ralph A. Turner 5 A. in sec. 21 Mr. Hague came to Portland
P. McCornack, John E. Bailey, mittees consisting of Professors bany electric excursion the 4th.
$600 from Seattle where they partici­
Baldwin. Mr. Berg is employed 1 S. 2.
W. T. Fletcher and Dr. L. R. Taylor, Harrington and Bates. She reports a pleasant trip.
to pated in the dedication of a big
in the engineering department
Dyott was apppinted to consider —Oregonian.
Mr. Large, proprietor of the of the Southern Pacific.
School Dist. No. 87 1.114 A. in new Norwegian church. During
the proposition in detail and try
Freeman place west of town is
sec. 10, 3 N. 5.
$1 the past few dayB they have at­
J. W. Tresbie sold his
to bring about a settlement.
Everybody busy making hay building a tower and will install acre hont’e tract west of nine ; James Nichols and wife to Mar­ tended the synod of the Luther­
town !
This committee prepared the re­ while the sun shines, and ;ome a gasoline pumping plant.
an churches of Oregon now in
last week to Mr. Deuel of Uni-1 ion S. Allen 80x250 ft. in lot 1 session at Silverton, and will
commendations which
were when it don’t shine.
Arrangements are being made versity Place Nebraska, Mr. ' block 4, F. G.
adopted after considerable argu­ The Mothers’ society gave a by many farmers and gardners
Ottice Shearer and wife to W. leave tonight for the East where
ment. They provid that all picnic and entertainment at the to plant large acreages of berries Deuel with his family took pos-1
Chalmers and wife part lot 3, they will Bail directly for Nor­
present members of the faculty balm grove, July 4, which was a and small fruits this fall in this session Tuesday. The Oregon
$1000 way.
Land Co. brought buyer and sell­ block 19, F. G.
be retained and that a committee grand success, they spread a vicinity.
In speaking of the great
er together.
Tr. of Methodist Church of F. emigration from Norway to the
of three teachers to be chosen by table 100 ft. long and 4 ft. wide
W. C. Kahle of Woodville Ore.,
Mrs. C. H. Hilton has just re­ G. to A. G. Hoffman et al part United States Mr. Hauge said
the teachers themselves to be with pies, cakes, pork and every­ has opened an up-to-date pool
$286.65 while in the past the centers
the news of the death of | block 21, F. G.
given full charge of the educa­ thing that was good as long as and billiard hall on Main St. He
J. D. Rode and wife to D. S. had been in the Middle West,
tional work and the managment there was room to set a dish, will move his family to the city
port, at San Antonio, Texas. Bisbee part lot 2 block 7, F. G. Wisconsin being the first point
of all local school affairs. This this bountiful table was crowded in a short time.
Mrs. Davenport was 65 years of
$500 to which they went in great
committee the recomendations from end to end with a happy
provide, shall be responsible only crowd of people. A short pro­
H. H. Wright and wife to M. numbers and later Minnesota
to the board of trustees. Prov­ gram before and after dinner. town, brought to this office last some time past. She died on T. Hargrove and wife 15.90 A. and North Dakota, that now he
ision is made for relieving Pres. The opening address was given week some of the finest speci­ the morning of July 4th.
in sec. 3, 2 S. 1.
$10 found them looking toward the
Ferrin of the chair of mathemat­ by M. S. Schrock of Gales Creek. mens of head lettuce and cola- Albert Mellenthin, a prosper­ Ore. Inv. Co. to Louis A" Pacific Coast.
ous farmer, of Marshall, Minne­ Custer lots 14, 16, 17, Brugger
ics, which he has held for many There were a few articles of val­ flower we have ever seen.
“ I found 50,000 Norwegian
sota, who has been looking over Tract.
$10 farmers in Minnesota alone,”
years retaining it after his pro­ ue forgotten and left on the
Oliver L. Cuitis and wife to said he, “and their property
motion from the head of the de­ table, the same were taken care daughter Lillian of Portland, Dr. the west the past three months,
partment of mathematics to the of by Mrs. S. S. Dallas, and the Burns of Seatle and Dr. Tripp of with the view of locating, visited Anna L. Little 11 A. in A. Harp­ represented a total valuation of
$1 $500,000,000. They are prosper­
presidency. This, it is said, owners will please call on her South bend Wash., visited at the friends in the Grove a couple of er claim, 1 S. 4.
home of A. G. Hoffman on Sun­ days last week. He left on Fri­ Henry Huber and wife to ous to an unusual degree but
takes away all the duties of Pres. and get them.
day for central Oregon.
Isaac P. Bledsoe 13x8 rods in N. from now on the trend both
Ferrin, not only as the head of Mr. and Mrs. Douglas of Port­ day.
$900 from the middle West and from
the institution, but also as an land were visiting friends and
Geo. E. Mizner left Tuesday
Last week a stranger hired a W. i sec. 4, 2 N. 4.
H. P. Davis and wife to B. G. the old country will be to the
instructor there. It leaves no­ relatives in this vicinity last for Calgaria and other points in horse and buggy of the Hayden
thing for him to do unless pro­ week.
Alberta, he expects to be away & Smith barns and drove to Port­ Rosecrans lot 1, W. Park addi­ far West, for it is here they see
$10 the great future.”
vision is made for him to become
for some time. He couples land. After trying to sell the tion to Forest Grove.
the financial agent to help raise a Mr. and Mrs. E. Jones of pleasure and bisiness in making outfit he skipped for parts un­ Edith L. Kenworthy et al to
$200,000 endowment, $40,000 of North Plains were visiting with this trip.
known. Sheriff Hancock and Francis M. Busby lot 17, block
which has been pleged by James
Wm. H. Ringle died at his
B. T. Whited and wife autoed and deputy Applegate recovered 2, Valley view addition to F. G.
Mr. James Bamford and wife
$10 home on Pacific Ave., Tuesday,
J. Hill.
the property and returned it to
A. W. Mills and wife to Mark July 9, 1912. Funeral services
The meeting which was held of Portland accompanied by Mr. visiting many points of interest, the barns.
L. Perigo 40x40 rods in sec. 1, 1 will be held in the undertaking
at the Y. M. C. A. was behind and Mrs. Wheeler were present Mr. Whited returned to the city
It is reported that C. E. Illi-
$2500 Chapel tomorrow, Friday at 2 P.
closed doors and was attended at the picnic of July 4.
while Mrs. Whited will spend the dge, formerly with Bowe & Mar­ N. 4.
The Gales Creek base ball club summer months with friends and
Charlotte Haberstroh and hus. M. Interment will be made in
by all the members o( the board
tin, Portland, as prescription to J. H. Wirtz 75x100 ft. near
except judge Stephen \ Lowell was badly defeated by the Watts relatives on the coast.
the Forest View Cemetery. He
has purchased the Pioneer Cornelius.
$50 leaves a widow arti four child­
and Rev. J. R. Wilson. Pres. players.
The one and one half acre cur­ Drug store. Mr. Illedge has had
Della C. Fisher to Earl E.
Ferrin attended. The cause of
Rex Dallas went to Portland
patch of Miss Dalby Mvers 25 years experience as prescrip­ F ¡sher tract in section 15, 1 S. 1. ren.
the unfavorable action in regard Tuesday as a member of a debat­
For a long time the deceased
to Pres. Ferrin was his disfavor ing team to debate the question in the south part of town demon­ tion clerk and will move with his
$1 served in capacity of engineer at
among members of the alumni of Woman’s Suffrage Tuesday strates the possibilities in the family to the Grove in the near Edith L. Ken worthy and hus. to the city’s pumping and light
raising of this fruit in this sec­ future.
G. M. Littlehalea lot 2, block 4, plant hut for the past two yean
and faculty’ They jointly pre­ night July 9.
The plants are of the Fay
The Knights of Macabees hold Valley view addition to Forest
pared a strong resolution de­
had been unable to preform any
variety and will produce in the high jinks. Tuesday night the Grove.
$235 labor.
manding his dismissal. In a
lengthy communication consider­ Mrs. Dunsmoor of Forest neighborhood of a ton to the K. O. T. M. met in social session. Spring Hill Land Co. to Harry
ed by the board a week ago the Grove is staying at the home of acre. A ready market is found ! A bountiful chicken supper was Engle lot 8 Spring Hill Farm.
Martin Cook died at the age of
at from 7 cents to 8 cents per served. Several fast boxing
$1661.40 73 yean, at his home in Corneil-
president was said to be lak'.ng her daughter Mrs. Clapshaw.
'bouts were enjoyed. A goodly
in administrative ability which J. E. Lewton has sold his farm pound.
us. The funeral services were
Congregational Church
Rev. J. M. and Mrs. Barber number of visiting Sir Knights
was the cause of injury to the at Hillside.
held at the residence and inter­
sail today on the S. S. Bear for were present with good appetit­ Morning subject: “Sure nerve ment made in the Cornelius
school. It was declared he had
no well defined comprehensive John Crook and family were San Francisco where Mi. Barber es. After the big feed a ques­
cemetery. He leaves a widow
will supply the San Bruno Ave. tion arose as to where the chick­ Evening subject; “ Ask your and three sons, Owen, Ray and
plan for the deveopment of the
Cong'I Church for the summer. ens esme from. A Kangaroo questions of Jesus.”
school; that a lack of tactresultd Bamford last Monday.
Rev. D. T. Thomas, pastor. Henry. The deceased was for a
Eugene Lewton is home from Mrs. Barber who is chairman of . Court was formed. One of the
in the loss of students and the
long time a resident of Cornelius
For Sale.
alieniacion of former friends and Tillamook where he spent most the Rescue and Prison Commis­ Local Knights was accused.
sion for the Pacific Coast Associ­ After a spirited trial he was ex­ A snap. A good sound horse,
alumni and that the work of the of the winter.
Mrs. Newberry and sister Miss ation will spend the summer in­ onerated from the erime, and buggy and harness for $150.
achool was demoralized by the
president playing too stor.gly to Dunsmore are visiting the home vestigating and getting in touch given a vote of thanks for the Apply to L J. Reinhart 237 A
of Mr. and Mrs. L. C. Clapshaw. there.
the clamor of the students.
Former Member of Norweg­
ian Cabinet Says New­
comers Look to
- 1