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Please Observe
Please observe the
countless stars o f
the firmament. How
wonderful and how
B e tw ix t
this studio and its
w on d erfu l photo­
graphs is a chasm
far and wide, when
comparing with gen-
era! competition.
Photos Finished Here
Talk for Themselves
For Perfect Por­
traits come here and
get them.
F o rest G rove
D r . J . J . M u r r a y , V . S .,
Graduate o f American
Veterinary College, of
N ew York City, 1881.
Office with Brown’s Main Streeh Livery
and Feed Stable,
Phone City, 506
for M IL B U R N W A G O N S
W . F. H A R T K A M P F
Wholesale and Retail
V etch Seeds, ell kind* o f g ra it teed, A l ­
fa lfa Hay, Feed and Land Plaster
Ind Phone 50x
H. B. Glaisyer
Forest Grove, Ore
A. A. Kirkwood
Glaisyer & Kirkwood
Engineers and Surveyors
Hoffman Bldg.
Phone 0106
Forest Grove, Oregon
Embalming— Funeral Directing
J. S. Buxton, Manager
Phone No. 642
Forest Grove, Or.
W. W eitzel
L. L. Hollinger
Tinning and Plumbing, Sheet
Metal W ork and Re­
pair Shop.
North First Avenue, between Main and
" A ” Streets; phone 863.
330 First St.
Will do your Sawing as
you want it done.
Phone 073
Saunders’ Poultry Yards has
high-class Barred Rocks and
Black Minorcas. First on Barred
Rock cockerel and second on
Barred Rock cock, also second
and third on Minorca cockerel
and second and third on Minorca
pullet at our last show, in hot
competition. I f you want eggs
from the winners call on me.
Yards two blocks west o f Laugh-
in Hotel on Pacific Ave. corner
C street
^^fcDr. Lowe, July 1st
Dedicated to Title Head
section o f this week.
j comic
When a rat runs up your breeches
To escape a festive pup,
*‘ Y e grods and little Ashes!"
How he scrambles up and up.
of |
<un> —
S. P. Time Table
T h e Ghost Club
M an’s Story
C o p y r ig h t by A m e r ic a n P r e » » A ia o -
cia tlon . 1911.
Though I am now a general superin­
tendent o f a railroad, I was once a lo­
You grasp and yell and jump and prance
comotive engineer. I crawled up to
A s thougrh you’ re on a jagr,
my present post through every inter­
While he scrambles up your summer pants.
mediate position. One wouldn't sup-
Clean up to where they bag:.
' pose that a man who had made his
In sheer despair and desperation
way by hard work and a practical
And thoughts o f direst dread.
makeup would be a member of tbe
W ith both hands you grasp the situation
Ghost club, as some persons call the
And choke his ratship till he’s dead.
Society For Psychical Research. But
You’d rather face a tiger,
[This m a tte r m ust not be rep rin te d w ith ­ I am. and I ’m going to tell you what
When you’d forgot your grun.
yarted me in that line.
o u t sp ecial p e rm is sio n .]
Or a roaring lion even,
When I was a young fellow my fa­
With a real good chance to run.
ther wanted me to go to college, but I
The silver fox. one o f the most high­ disgusted him by tuking a position as
Than be captured bag and baggage
ly prized o f fur bearing animals, is not fireman on a locomotive. I had just
By a rodent with a squeak,
That up your pants’ leg slyly crawls
a distinct species that propagates its learned enough about the machine to
And takes you on the sneak.
kind, but a sport from the red fox tnke the throttle when the civil war
broke out. and 1 enlisted. While
You understand, when y ju get wise,
W hy a woman fears a mouse,
campaigning ln the south we captured
And screams, and jumps upon a chair,
A closed pail with strainer attach- a hundred miles o f railroad. Includ­
When one gets in the house.
| ment should not be allowed to take tbe ing a good supply o f rolling stock. Of
I place o f care ln brushing the cow's course there was a call for those of us
A man has no laugh coming
udder off and washing it if necessary. who had railroad experience, and 1
On the scared and screaming witches.
He a,ire gets as near bughouse
Besides this, the hands o f the milker gave in m.v name as an engineer. 1
When a rat runs up his breeches.
did that because I was young and am­
should be both clean and dry.
bitious to run an engine.
I was given a machine at once. This
North Carolina led all other states
The feed business o f W. F. ln the production o f tobacco last year, was more than I wanted, for we bad
Hartrampf, placed on a cash ba­ her output belug 89,430.948 pounds. made some sixty miles o f forced
Missouri ranked next, with 75.027,579 marches, advancing every hour o f the
sis, should appeal to customers.
pounds, while Ohio and Kentucky night, before we had made the capture.
Mrs. J. J. Aldrich and little were neck and neck, with 47,000.000 The consequence was that we were all
son Melvin, o f Tacoma, are visit­ pounds, and Virginia and New Jersey, dead tired, aud as for sleep we’d had
hardly any for several dayB. W e had
with 29,000,000 pounds each.
ing this week with the families
come down on a central point where
o f E. F. Burleyham and H. Gleis-
A green food that is much relished the rolling stock was kept and used it
by poultry is made by sowing oats to capture the terminals on our flauks.
thick in a shallow box in about tw o I was ordered to pull a train loaded
For sale—30 acres, with dwell­ inches o f soil and keeping the box well with a regiment o f 500 men on an ex­
ing, 4£ miles out, 10 in cultiva­ watered and where it will be warm pedition to occupy the eastern termi­
and get a good deal of sunshine. When nal. and I wasn’t permitted to go to
tion. all tillable land, some tim­ about two inches high tbe little stulks sleep for a few hours before starting
either. I told Major Twining, who had
ber: for terms address " B ” care may be pulled and fed as desired.
been made superintendent, that he had
o f Press,
The production o f raisins In the better send a man with me in case I
By buying for cash and sellihg southern California district bas In­ went to sleep ln the cab from sheer in­
for cash W. F, Hartram pf ex­ creased from 120,000 pounds In 1878 ability to keep awake. lie sent Bob
Stewart, who was to shovel the coal
pects to protect his trade and to 112.000,000 pounds in 1910. During and be ready to relieve me in case of
the fiscal year closing June 30. 1911.
make prices that will increase there were Imported Into tbe United absolute necessity.
W e started at dusk to run tbrongb a
States 2.500.000 pounds o f raisins,
his already large patronage.
while tbe exports were 18.500,000, the country, the people o f which were all
C. B. Campbell called at the largest shipments on record.
hostile to us and ready to throw us
off the track or fire into us whenever
Press office Saturday, sympa­
An English chef. M. Soyer. Is credit­ an opportunity arose. It seems now
thetic and consoling, and sure it
ed with having discovered the method more than it did then a pretty risky
was in place after the forenoon’s o f cooking In paper bags, which just business to put u man who hadn't had
experience with the disgruntled, now Is receiving much notice In news­ six hours’ sleep in forty-eight hours In
papers and magazines.
The points charge o f the lives of 500 men. Be­
The trotting horse, W ild Girl, claimed fo r this new method o f cook­ sides. I was young then, and young
owned by E. C. Keyt, was run ing are a preservation of the flavors persons require more sleep than older
into by Dally McKinney and bad­ o f things cooked and doing away with ones. For awhile the danger of run­
the washing o f so muny greasy pans ning into obstructions was so terrible
ly hurt at the race meet last and kettles.
to me that I had no thought o f sleep,
week at Independence. It is
but we had some seveuty miles to go
California is making rapid strides to before morning, and with tbe load, the
thought the horse will not be
the front as a dairy state. Ln 1898 the condition o f .ue road, the grades and
able for further service this sea­ annual butter output o f the state was the locomotive o f that date we could
24.000,000 pounds. In 1910 the produc­ not do more than twenty miles an
tion was 60,000,000. and it is contend­
C. B. Stokes narrowly escaped ed the gain has been due chiefly to hour, and the required stops lessened
that figure.
serious accident Saturday while the greatly increased production o f al­
We had got over Beven-eighths of
driving on Council Street with falfa ln the Sacramento and San Joa­ the distance when the monotonous puff
quin valleys, where six tons per acre o f the engine begun to tell on me and
loaded wagon. An auto frighten­ is a common yield in a single season.
I looked around for Bob. He was not
ed his team, causing them to
in the tender. Looking over the ten
Dangerous ns handling dynamite is der. I saw him lying on top o f the next
break the tongue o f the wagon.
Fortunately nothing serious hap­ to limb and life, it is hardly more so car back sound asleep Thinking it
than the corn shredder, which deprives would l>e better to let him get a little
so many men o f hands and arras during rest before calling him. I turned again
The injunction suit filed, stop­ the fall and winter. When one takes to the throttle.
into account how quickly one o f these
I must have gone several miles half
ping improvement on Second machines will chnw to pieces n human
asleep. At any rate. I was roused by
Avenue, had a hearing before hand and arm he is led to wonder why bullets spattering against the sides of
Judge Campbell in the circuit i men who have their wits about them the cab and hearing a fusillade which
will be so careless when working ubout was answered by men from the cars.
court Tuesday, on motion to dis­ such machinery.
Realizing that we had struck a nest
solve the injunction. The court,
o f enemies. 1 pulled her wide open,
Our readers—and this will include and she sprang forward with consid­
after listening to the argument
o f counsel, held the injunction the majority of those living in or near erable speed. Anyway, we got away
the smaller towns o f the country— from whoever were firing on us. Then
good until such time as the de­ should get what consolation they can things settled down to the same old jog
fendant city should answer the out o f the emphatic assurance o f food
The next thing 1 knew Bob shook
allegations o f the p lain tiffs’ peti­ chemists that the tougher the meat is me and. taking the throttle out o f my
the more nutritive elements it con­ band, told me to find a place to get
tion and introduce satisfactory tains When your jaws get tired mas­
some sleep. 1 preferred to sit on the
evidence that the injunction was ticating portions o f an antiquated fa r­ seat on the other side of the cab. I
wrongfully sought and obtained. row cow take courage and get u fresh saw Bob running the engine, looking
hold, for it's doing you lots o f good.
as wide awake as If he hadn’t been
Mrs. Mary E, Borden, at the
doiug forced marching, and. reassured
A t from 6 to 8 cents a quart good by the sight. 1 went to sleep. 1 was
age o f 59 years, died Wednes­
rich milk is as cheap a food as one awakened by a touch which 1 sup­
day o f last week at the home o f can buy. and. more than this, it is just posed came from Bob. who wished to
her daughter, Mrs, Carrie Mc­ as good for folks fifty years old as it be relieved. I didn’t see Bob. but 1
Gill o f Banks. Funeral services for youngsters o f five months: also a saw that day was breaking. No one
whole lot of folks who are run down was at the throttle. No one was in
were held at the Banks church and poorly nourished would do far the cab or the tender. The locomo­
and interment in the Banks cem­ better to buy milk at the price men­ tive's speed hud been reduced to a min
Mrs. Borden’ s maiden tioned as medicine than to pay $1 a imum.
bottle for So-and-so's bitters or tonic,
name was Mills and she was and. besides, their noses would soon I Where was Bob? I had seen him
asleep on top o f the car: then he had
married to B. R. Ingles who died lose that boozy, reddish tinge, aud this relieved me. But where had he gone
since, aud how bad lie come to leave
some years ago. Mr. Borden died would help their looks.
some months ago. He had been i During the first two weeks o f the the engine without a guide? Aud who
had awakened me if not he?
in the service o f the Oregonian ! international egg laying contest which
We net-ded water, and as soon as 1
as one o f the village circulation 1 Is being conducted at Storrs college. came to the next tank 1 pulled up to
Connecticut, a pen of White Leghorns
managers up to the time o f his belonging to an English breeder made tnke In some. Colonel Fordick. In com­
mand of tile troops i was battling, came
death. Mr. and Mrs. Borden the best showing, shelling out seven­ forward to ask why we were getting
teen out o f a possible thirty-five eggs. on so slowly I told him my story and
lived at St. John’s, Or,
The second best record was made by asked him to have a search made for
a pen o f BufT Leghorns belonging to Bob. He did so, but no Bob was to
an Illinois fancier Many o f tbe pens be found.
I began to feel kind of
o f supposed winter layers had oot at queer about tbe whole business.
tbe end o f the period mentioned pro­ couldn't st >p thinking what had be­
duced a single egg. but maybe they’ll come o f m.v assistant and wben or
Hard Wheat Flour
get busy later on.
why he had left his post, endangering
3 lbs Ginger Snaps
the lives o f a whole regiment.
W e made the point we were going
That a wise Providence knew what
3 lbs String Beans
was necessary when members o f the to before sunrise, and wben I took tbe
3 pks K ellog corn flakes .06
animal kingdom were endowed with train bark I bad orders to look out for
N. W . Baking Pdr, 25oz .15
two eyes is nicely shown In tbe case o f I Bob or bis body on the way.
an old bronze gobbler that recently 1 found tbe body where we had met
strayed from the premises o f a friend. with tbe firing. He had lieett shot
Best Spider Leg Tea
This bird had lost one eye in some j dead and rolled off the top o f tbe car.
Best Gun Powder Tea
way and some tw o months ago stray- I H e couldn't have relieved me. and
ed a couple o f miles to a neighbor’s from tbe ti ne I supposed be did till
6 bars white Soap, any, .25
A few weeks later tbe bird got his di­ dawn tbe locomotive bad been with
Get prices on soap by the
rections boggled up and waa found on out an engineer. Nor coaid he btve
tbe premises o f a farmer some tw o •wakened ms at least not In tbe
miles In another direction.
I f you flssh.
G. W. B U N K E R
have a oue eyed gobbler, better tether
That’s what made me • member of
tbe Ghost club.
Arrive F. Grove
7:20 a. m.
4:00 p. nu
6:40 p. m.
8:44 a. m.
6:00 p. m.
6:58 p. m.
Leave F. Grove
Arrive Portland
6:35 a. m.
8:27 a. m.
4:48 p. m.
8:00 a. m.
10:20 a. m.
6:20 p. m.
O r e g o n E le c t r ic T i m e C a r d
Arrive F. Grove
Leave Portland
8:05 a m
9:40 a m
12:02 p m
2:32 p m
5:38 p m
7:15 p m
9:37 p m
12:36 a m
Leave F. Grove
Arrive Portland
6:20 a m
8:30 a m
10:35 a m
1:05 p m
3:45 p m
6:10 p m
8:05 p m
9:50 p m
7:35 a m
9:45 a m
11:50 a m
2:20 p m
5:00 p m
7:25 p m
9:20 p m
11:00 p m
I f you use the Superb A*c»
Camera you are Bure to hit the
Don’ t fail to take an Ans«
Camera and a few rolls of An*,
films with you on your vacation
and make your own picture«on
j Post Cards. W e have Cameras
from $2.00 up to $25.00, everyone
We teach you h0*
to take pictures free of char» I
It will pay you to see us before
you buy fo r we will save ywj
F o r e s t G r o v e Ph arm acy.
Trains leave North Bank Station in Portland
16 minutes earlier than schedule, stopping:
at 10th and Stark Sts., 10th and Morrison
Sts., 5th and Salmon Sts., 1st and Salmon
Sts., and Jefferson St. Station.
A ll Trains Daily
Dr. L o w e ’ s glasses are death
to eye-strain headache. Ask your
Lost between South Forest Grove
and the MCGinn Farm Friday,
noseglasses. Finder please leave
with this office and get reward
$3,000 Cash Will Handle This
Best hop farm in Washington county; produces ton
to acre. W ill net better than $400 an acre.
and one-half acres hay, will yield 6 tons; 2 acres
potatoes, will yield 4 C 0 bushels; a diversity of
large and small fruits. $£CC0 with terms buys the
Can give good trade for few shares
Concrete and U. S. Cashier stock.
Thacher-Hicks Company
Hoffman Bldg.
Forest Grove, Ore.
5555 .
Ready for business
New Lumber Company
All kinds o f Building Ma­
terials, Kiln Dried Finish,
Dry Shiplap in any quan­
Sash and Doors
Call and get prices. We
are here for business and
want to. make your ac-
Wiliis-Place Lumber Co.
Phone 0 1 X
South A Street
Forest Grove, Or.
Report of the Condition of
The following comparative statement o f the deposits and
resources o f the FIRST N A T IO N A i. BAN K o f Forest Grove, Ore.,
under its present management speaks volum e*:
1909, $ 92,318.96
1910, 132,138.98
1910, 133.184 64
1911, 148,877.81
1911, 153,430.91
1912, 201,079,16.
Resources May 2, 1909
2, 1912
$315,2G 1.56
40 Per Cent Cash Rese rve