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    you think Howard la worrying?
H. W . Vollm er, M. D.
W . M. Langley & Son
think, so. too. At first I thought It
Physician and Surgeon
was because of the letter Mr. Under­
wood wrote me, but I guess It's what
Office in Abbott Bldg.
you say. Hla old friends won't have
Forest Grove, Ogn.
Both Phones
Forest Grove, Ogn.
anything to do with him and—he’s
Well, I'll talk It over with
W . P. Dyke
Ind. Phones
"Yes—talk it over with him."
Residence 0332
Office 0331
"Did you promise hla father you’d
ask me?” she demanded.
“ No—not exactly," he replied, hesi­
N otary ‘Public
D R . C .L W A L K E R
Annie looked at him frankly.
"Howard’s a pretty good fellow to
Osteopathic Physician
Hollis & Graham
stand by me In the face of all that’s
being said about my character, lsn’
CpmacMT, 1909, » r g . w . duwngha « conñAwr
he, doctor?
And I’m not going to
Treatment by Special Appoint*
A ttomeys-at-Law
stand In his light, even If It doesn't
ment Only
exactly make me the happiest woman
Forest Grove, Ogn.
In the world, but don’t let It trickle
Into your mind that I’m doing It for
J. N. H offm an
W . Q . Tucker, M. D.
his father's sake." •
A Homey-al-Law
At that moment Howard entered
Physician and Surgeon
from the Inner room.
He was sur­
prised to see Dr. Bernstein.
Office Hoffman Bldg. Pacific Ave.
Calls answered promptly day or night
H ow ard
J e ffrie s, b a n k e r '» s o n , u n d e r
"How do you feel to-day?" asked the
Phone: Office 271, Residence 283.
Ind. Phone 502
Forest Grove
t h e ev il In flu en ce o f R o b e r t U n d e r w o o d ,
fe llo w -s t u d e n t a t Y a le, le a d s a life o f d is ­
s ip a tio n . m a r rie s th e d a u g h te r o f a g a m ­
"First rate! Oh, I’m all right. You
b le r w h o d ied In p rison , a n d Is d is o w n e d
b y his fa th e r. H e Is ou t o f w o rk an d in
see, I’m Just going to eat a bite. Won’t C. W. MERTZ
d e s p e r a t e s tr a its.
U n d e r w o o d , w h o had
you Join us?"
o n c e been e n g a g e d to H o w a r d 's s te p ­
m o th e r . A lic ia , Is a p p a r e n t ly In p r o s p e r ­
He sat down at the table and picked
o u s c ir c u m s t a n c e s
T a k in g a d v a n t a g e o f
up the newspaper, while Annie busied
h is In tim a cy w iO i A lic ia , he b e c o m e s a
s o r t o f s o c ia l h .^ h w a y m a n .
D is c o v e r in g
herself with carrying In the dishes.
h is tru e c h a r a c te r , A lic ia d e n ie s him the
"No, thank you,” laughed the doctor.
h ou se. H e s e n d s h er a n o te t h r e a te n in g
s u icid e .
A rt d e a le r s fo r w h o m he a cte d
‘‘It’s too early for me. I’ve only Just
a s c o m m is s io n e r , d e m a n d an a c c o u n t in g
had breakfast. I dropped In to see
H e ca n n o t m a k e g o o d . H o w a r d c a lls at
h is a p a r tm e n ts In an in t o x ic a t e d c o n d i­
how you were.” Taking up hie bag,
t io n to re q u e s t a loa n o f $2,000 to e n a b le
he said: “ Good-by! Don’t get up.
h im to ta k e up a b u s in e s s p r o p o s itio n .
H o w a r d d r in k s h im s e lf In to a m a u d lin
can let myself out."
c o n d it io n , a n d g o e s to s le e p o n a d iv a n .
But Annie had already opened the
A c a lle r Is a n n o u n c e d a n d U n d e r w o o d
dra w s
a screen
a ro u n d
th e d ru n k e n
for him, and smiled a farewell, Both Phones
Corner Fifth Avenue and Second Street
s le e p e r .
A lic ia en ters .
She dem an ds a
When she returned to her seat at the
e fro m U n d e r w o o d th a t h e w ill not
life. H e r e fu s e s u n le s s sh e will
f re r a n o k m e e w ls his
head of the table, and began to pour
h e r p a tr o n a g e . T h is s h e re fu se s ,
out the coffee, Howard said:
a n d ta k e s h e r lea v e. U n d e r w o o d k ills
h im s e lf.
T h e re p o rt o f th e p isto l a w a ­
"H e’s a pretty decent fellow. Isn’t
k e n s H o w a rd , l i e finds U n d e r w o o d d ea d
H o w a r d is tu rn ed o v e r t o th e p o lic e .
C a p t . C lin to n , n o t o r io u s f o r his b ru ta l
"Yes," she replied, absent-mindedly
tr e a tm e n t
p ris o n e rs ,
p u ts
H ow ard
as she passed a cup of coffee.
t h r o u g h th e th ird d e g r e e , a n d A n a lly g ets
a n a lle g e d c o n fe s s io n fr o m th e h a ra s se d
"He made a monkey of Capt. Clin
m a n . A n n ie. H o w a r d ’ s w ife , d e c la r e s her
Me Namer & Wirtz, Proprietors
b e l ie f in n er h u s b a n d 's in n o c e n c e , and
ton all right," went on Howard. "What
c a lls on J e ffr 'e s . Sr.
H e r e fu s e s to h elp
did he come for?"
u n le s s s h e w ill c o n s e n t to a d iv o r c e . T o
s a v e H o w a r d s h e c o n s e n ts , b u t w h en she
"T o see you—of course,” she re­
fin d s th a t th e e ld e r J e ffr ie s d o e s n ot In­
te n d t o s ta n d b y his s o n , e x c e p t fin a n ­
and Tillamook Stage Lines.
c i a l ly , sh e s c o r n s h is help. A n n ie a p p e a ls
"Oh. I’m all right now,” he replied
t o J u d g e B r e w s te r , a tt o r n e y f o r J e ffrie s,
fir., to ta k e H o w a r d 's ca s e . H e d e clin e s
I t Is r e p o rte d th a t A n n ie Is g o in g on the
the table, he said: "You’re the one
• ta g e .
T h e b a n k e r an d his w ife ca ll on
that needs tuning up. I heard you
J u d g e B r e w s t e r to find s o m e w a y to p r e ­
v e n t it. A n n ie a g a in p le a d s w ith B r e w ­
crying last night. You thought I was
ste r
d e fe n d
H ow a rd .
He con ­
asleep, but I wasn’t. I didn’t say any
sen ts.
A lic ia
g r e a t ly
a la r m e d
w hen
le a rn s
fr o m
A n n ie
th a t
thing because— well— I felt kind ol
B r e w s t e r h a s t a k e n th e c a s e .
She co n ­
blue myself.”
f e s s e s t o A n n ie th a t s h e c a lle d on U n d e r ­
w o o d th e n ig h t o f h is d e a th , a n d th a t s h e
Annie sighed and leaned her head
b s s h is le tt e r In w h ic h h e t h r e a te n e d s u i­
on her hand. Wearily she said:
c id e . h u t b e g s fo r tim e b e fo r e g iv in g o u t
t h e I n fo r m a t io n .
A n n ie p r o m is e s B r e w ­
"I was thinking over all that we’v«
s t e r to p r o d u c e th e m is s in g w o m a n at a
been through together, and what
m e e t in g a t h is h o m e .
B rew ster a ccu ses
Placed the Rolla and Butter on the Table.
they're saying about us—”
Clinton o f f o r c i n g a confession fr o m
H o w a r d . A n n ie a p p e a r s w it h o u t th e w it ­
Howard threw down his newspaper
Early visitors were not so In­
n e s s a n d r e fu s e s to g iv e th e n a m e. A lic ia a grafter, a bribe-taker, working hand bell.
104 F I F T H S T R E E T
84 and 86 FIFTH S T RE E T
Between Wash, and Stark
a r r iv e s . C a p t. C lin to n d e c la r e s A n n ie h a s and glove with dishonest politicians, frequent as to cause surprise, so, with­ Impatiently.
Between Stark and Oak
trieke.d th em .
A lic ia h a n d s h im U n d e r ­
w o o d ’ s le tte r. A n n ie lets C lin to n b e lie v e not hesitating even to divide loot with out waiting to remove her apron, she
th e le tte r w aa w r itte n t o h er. S h e is a r - thieves and dive-keepers In his greed
went to the door and opened It. Dr. should we care as long as we’rs
for wealth. He proved him to be a Bernstein entered.
His wife smiled sadly.
consummate liar, a man who would
"Good morning, Mrs. Jeffries," he
The Beat Place in Portland to Eat and at
"Are we happy?" she asked, gently
stop at nothing to gain his own ends. said, cheerily. Putting down his medi­
Most Reasonable Prices
“ Of course we are," replied How
The Jeffries case suddenly entered What Jury would take the word of cal bag, he asked: “ How is our pa­
Into an entirely new phase, and once
She looked up and smiled. It wa<
“ All right, doctor. He had a splen­
tr.ore was deemed of sufficient public man who still Insisted that Howard
good to hear him say so, but did he
Interest to warrant column after col­ Jeffries was guilty of the shooting did night’s rest. I'll call him."
Was she doing rlgj.t to
"Never mind, I want to talk to you.” mean it?
umn of spicy comment In the news­ of Robert Underwood!
But public opinion was too Intelli­ Seriously, he went on: "Mrs. Jeffries, stand In the way of his career? Would
papers. The town awoke one morn­
ing to learn that the long-sought-for gent to be hoodwinked for any length your husband needs a change of scene. he not be happier If she left him? Hi
witness, the mysterious woman on of time by a brutal and Ignorant po­ He's worrying. That fainting spell the was too loyal to suggest It, but per
■whose testimony everything hinged, liceman. There was a clamor for the other day was only a symptom. I’m haps In his heart he desired It. Look­
ing at him tenderly, she went on:
Bad not only been found.but proved prisoner’s release. The evidence was afraid he'll break down unless— "
“ I don’t question your affection for
"Unless what?" she demanded, anx­
to be the prisoner’s own wife, who such that further delay was Inexcus­
me, Howard. I believe you love me
The district attorney, thus iously.
had been so active In his defense. able.
He hesitated for a moment, as if un­ but I’m afraid that, sooner or later
This announcement was stupefying urged, took an active Interest In the
Corner Third Avenue and Third Street
enough to overshadow all other news case, and after going over the new evi­ willing to give utterance to words he you'll ask yourself the question all
Then he your friends are asking now, the ques
o f the day, and satisfied the most dence with Judge Brewster, went be­ knew must Inflict pain.
tlon everybody seems to be asking."
fore the court and made formal ap­ quickly continued:
Jaded palate for sensationalism.
"What question?" demanded How
"Your husband Is under a great
Telephone 025
MRS. C. R. VEDDER. Proprietor
The first question asked on all sides plication for the dismissal of the com­
His Inability to sup­ ard.
was: Why had not the wife come for­ plaint. A few days later Howard Jef­ mental strain.
"Yesterday the bell rang and a gen
ward before?
The reason, as glibly fries left the Tombs amid the cheers port you, his banishment from hla
explained by an evening Journal of of a crowd assembled outside. At his proper Bphere In the social world Is tleman said he wanted to see you. I
•omewhat yellow proclivities, wag log­ side walked his wife, now ■mtling mental torture to him. He feels his told him you were out, and he said
position keenly. There is nothing else I'd do Just as well. He handed me a
ical enough. The telling of her mid­ through tears of Joy.
It was a glad home-coming to the to occupy his mind but thoughts of card. On It was the name of the new»
night visit to a single man’s rooms
paper he rep-csented."
Involved a shameful admission which little flat In Harlem. To Howard, aft­ his utter and complete failure In life.
"W ell?"
any woman might well hesitate to
"He asked me If It were true that
make unless forced to It as a last narrow prison quarters. It seemed like and—”
"And what?" she demanded, draw­ proceedings for a divorce were about
extremity. Confronted, however, with paradise, and Annie walked on air, so
the alternative of either seeing her delighted was she to have him with ing herself up. She suspected what
Meals at all Hours. The Best of Everything
Served Right
husband suffer for a crime of which her again. Yet there were still anxi­ was coming, and nerved herself to could I give him any Information or
the subject? I asked him who wanted
The meet It.
W m . Ruffner, Proprietor
he was Innocent or making public ac­ eties to cloud their happiness.
"Now, don’t regard me as an enemy,” the Information .and be said the read
knowledgment of her own frailty, she c I o b « confinement, with Its attendant
had chosen the latter course.
Nat­ worry, had seriously undermined How­ said the doctor in a conciliatory ers of his paper— the people— I believi
urally, li meant divorce from the bank­ ard's health. He was pale and atten­ tone. "Mr. Jeffries Inquired after hla he said over a million of them. Just
Believe me, he's very anxious. think, Howard! Over a million peo
er's son. and undoubtedly this was the uated, and so weak that he had sev­ son.
Much alarmed, He knows he did the boy a great in­ pie, not counting your father, yout
solution most wished for by the family. eral fainting spells.
The whole unsavory affair conveyed a Annie summoned Dr. Bernstein, who justice, and he wanta to make up friends and relations, all waiting tt
know why you don’t get rid of me
good lesson to reckless young men of administered a tonic. There was noth­ for It."
"Oh. tie doea?” she exclaimed, aar- why you don’t believe me to be as bad
wealth to avoid entangling them­ ing to causo anxiety, he said, reas­
as they think I am— ”
selves ti. undesirable matrimonial ad­ suringly. It was a natural reaction caatlcally.
Dr.Bernstein hesitated for a moment
Howard raised his hand for hei
ventures. But It was no less certain, after what her huaband had under­
But It was worry as much before replying. Then he said, lightly: to desist.
went on this journalistic mentor, that gone.
“ Annie— please!" he pleaded.
"Suppose Howard goes abroad for a
Howard worried
this wife, unfaithful as she had proved as anything else.
“ That's the fact. Isn't It?” shi
herself to be, had really rendered her about his father, with whom he was few months with his father and
husband a signal service In her pres­ only partially reconciled; he worried mother?”
"N o.”
Is that the proposition?" she de­
ent scrape. The letter she had pro­ about his future, which was as pre­
His wife's head dropped on the table
duced. written to her by Underwood carious as ever, and most of all he manded.
She was crying now.
The doctor nodded.
the day belore his death, In which he worried about his wife. He was not
"I believe Mr. Jeffries has already
"I've made a hard fight, Howard,’
•tated his determination to kill him­ Ignorant of the circumstances which
she sobbed, "but I’m going to give up
self, was. of course, a complete vindi­ had brmught about his release, and spoken about It to his son," be said.
E are in a better position than ever to
Annie choked back a sob and, cross­ I'm through— I'm through!"
cation for the man awaiting trial. His while liberty waa sweet to him. It had
Howard took hold of her hand ant
liberation now depended only on how been a terrible shock when he first ing the room to conceal her emotion,
do all kinds of Fine Commercial Print­
quickly the ponderous machinery of j beard that she was the woman who stood with her back turned, looking carried it to his lips.
Her voice was
“ Annie, old girl,” he said, with som<
the law could take cognizance of this hnd visited Underwood's rooms.
He out of the window.
ing on short notice, having just recently
feeling, "I may be weak, I may bi
new and troet Impcr'ant evidence.
refused to believe her sworn evidence. trembling as she said:
"He wants to separate us, I know. blind, but nobody on top of God's greet
The new turn of affaire was nat- j H o w
u possible? Why should she
installed new machinery and a com­
nrally most distasteful to the police. j K° to Underwood’s rooms knowing he He'd give half his fortune to do It earth can tell me that you're not thi
If there was one thing more than ! wns there? It was preposterous. Still Perhaps he's not altogether wrong. squareat, stralghtest little woman that
plete line of the latest styles of type faces
Another which angered Capt. Clinton It the small voice rang in his ears— per­ Things do look pretty black for me, ever lived! I don't care a damn what
It haunted him don't they? Everybody believes that one million or eight million think
was to take the trouble to build up a haps she's untrue!
ease only to have It suddenly demol­ till one day he asked point-blank for my gotng to see Underwood that night Supposing you had received letten
Then she told that had something to do with bis suicide from Underwood, supposing you hat
ished. He scoffed at the "suicide let­ an explanation.
ter,” safely committed to Judge firew­ she had perjured herself. She was not and led to my husband being falsely gone to hts rooms to beg him not tt
ater's custody, and openly branded It the woman. Who she really was she accused. The police built up a fine ro­ kill himself— what of It? It would bi j
as a forgery concocted by an Immoral could not say. He must be satisfied mance about Mr. Underwood and me for a good motive, wouldn't It? Le> ■
Every other them talk all the bad of you they want j
woman for the purpose of defeating for the present with the assurance —and the newspapers!
the ends of Justice. He kept Annie a that It was not his wife. With that day a reporter comes and aska us I don't believe a word of It—you know i
Up-to-date work
prisoner and defied the counsel for he was content. What did he care for when the divorce la going to take I don't.”
on short notice.
(he defense to do their worst. Judge the opinion of others? He knew—that place— and who la going to Institute
She looked up and smiled througt '
If her tears.
Brewster, who loved the fray, accept­ was enough! In their conversation on the proceedings, Howard or me.
ed the challenge. He acted promptly. the subject Annie did not even men- everybody would only mind their own
You're so good, dear." she ex ;
Alicia's name. Why should she?" business and let us alone he might claimed. "Yes. I know you believe la j
lie secured Annie's
Annie s rele
ase on habeas
naoeas J tlon
corpus proceedings and, his civil suit
me." She stopped and continued, sad- I
You made short ly: "But you're only a boy, you know !
did not Improve. He had tried to find You're my friend.
against the city having already begun ' ! <
In the eourts. he suddenly called Capt. • poaltlon. but without aucceaa. yet work of Capt Clinton and hla confes­ What of the future, the years tc
I ra,inn people— outsiders— corner*
Clinton to the stand and gave him every day brought lta obligations sion ’
Howard's face became sa
a grilling which more than atoned for which had to be met.
One morning atrangera— who don't know us, and rloua, and she went on: "You see
any which the police tyrant had pre- Annie waa bustling about their tiny
you've thought about It. too. and you're
vtoualy made hla victims suffer.
la dining room preparing the table tor those are the people I mean. They trying to hide It from me. But you
She had Just buy n one-cent paper and they think can’t. Your father wants you t* gc
the limelight of a sensational trial. In their frugal luncheon.
which public servante were charged placed the rolls arfd butter on the It gives them the tight to pry Into abroad with the family.”
with abusing positions of trust. be table, and arranged the chairs, when every detnll of our lire«." She paused
"W ell?"
• »»v ed Capt Clinton up at a bully and them came a rtne at the front d o o r ( op • moment and then went on: "go .
T b &
T hird D dgrh ;
T w
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