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    F a rm e rs a n d M e rch a n ts
Write us for our cash offer on your
Farm and Dairy Produce.
I f we
don’t handle it will refer you to re-
liable buyer. PEARSON.pAGE CO.
Portland. Oregon.
_ E. BURTON - Anaayer and Chemist,
______ _____
Specimen pru-ea:
Gold, _
Silver, Lead, tl. Gold, Bilter, I6e; Gold, 50c: Zino
or Copper. SI. Maillaa envelope a .d full price list
•ent on application. Control and Umpire w orks»
l id ted. Reference: Cbrtxjuate National bank.
i l Lead Til
___ ______
nlle, . Colorado.
Second-Hand Machin­
ery bought, sold and
exchanged: engines,
boiler», sawmills, etc. The J. E. Martin Co.. 76 1st
St.. Portland. Send for Steck Liat and prices.
no u iT T icu ity.
Seorge W. Wilson was roboarstng
with Edwin Booth at the Boston mu­
seum. Wilson. In one scene, asked
the star where he should stand.
“ Where do you usually stand!" asked
Booth. "Mr. Barrett had me over
there,” answered
“ Tee,” W hen W e ll Fenced a n d D ivided Into Convenient F ield s and
mused Barrett, “ I usually hare him
L o ts £ l O P e r A c re Is A d d ed to V a lu e o f P ro p e rty
there”—Indicating the other side of
— N oth in g b u t the V e r y Best o f M a te ria l
the stage.
“ 8ult yourself—I’ll And you
S h o u ld be Used.
(B y H . F. G R IN S T E A D .)
H o u s e h o ld R e m e d y
Taken in ths Spring for Years.
ca n rem em b er.
I h a v e t a k e n it in t h e
spring for several years. It has no
equal for cleansing the blood and ex­
pelling the humors that accumulate
during the winter. Being a farmer
and exposed to bad weather, my sys­
tem Is often affected, and I often take
WOOL & MOHAIR, HIDES & PELTS) Hood’s Sarsaparilla with good results.”
Hood’s Sarsaparilla Is Peculiar to
W# Waul All Y m Have
Wrfk far prtrrs and sinpptag tags. .
Itself. There Is no "just as good.”
T H E H. F. N O R TO N C O M PA N Y .
813-815 Front St.________________Portland. O n .J
Get It today in usual liquid form or
tablets called Sarsatabs.
Arnold’s Asthma and
Catarrh Remedy.
Any farm is worth $10 per acre
more when it is well fenced and di­
vided into convenient fields and lots.
As there is more or less work and ex­
pense entailed in getting a good hog-
tight fence in place, one should get
only the best material, and spend
more time In setting and stretching
than when the common barbed wire
Is used.
Woven wire, even of the 26-inch
width, exerts several times the strain
as that o f the three-strand barbed
wire, and the corner-posts must be of
good size, and well braced.
Posts cut in the winter and allowed
to season till the summer before being
set will be more satisfactory, but this
plan is not always practicable.
We have used posts a rod apart on
our farm, but I have learned from ex­
perience that that is too far and now
I am putting them 12 feet apart.
Set the corner or end posts first,
then drive the others in line between
them by stretching a wire on the
ground. This wire must be stretched
tight; and In driving do not let the
post touch the wire, as it would push
it out of line.
The work o f "getting ready” Is the
most important item in making this
kind of fence, Blnce a quarter o f a
Prof. Dryden of O. A. C. Advisee Farm­
er« to Increase Flocks.
Oregon Agricultural College, Cor­
vallis.—“There has been an enormous
increase in the production of eggs and
poultry In the state in the past two
years, but In spite of this the demand
has far exceeded the supply, and prices
are still as high as ever,” said Pro­
s q u i r r e l
fessor James Dryden of the Oregon
Agricultural College in discussing the
»bject of the present tour of the poul­
Destroys Sage Rats, Squirrels, G ophers and
Prairie Dogs. Requires no m ixing or prepara­ try demonstration car sent out over
tion—A lw ays ready fo r use. Deadliest o f all. the Southern Pacific lines by the col­
Y our m oney back if not as claimed.
W o o d w a r d D r u g C o ., PortlRnd, Ore. lege.
“ If the farmers of Oregon would
keep, on an average, 100 hens instead
of about 50, It would shut out the im­
ports and add $4,000,000 or $5,000,000
a year to the wealth o f the state.
—The great skin rejuvenator, if you have sallow
“The purpose of the demonstration
skin, wrinkles, pimples or roughness o f the face
or arms, the application o f FUCHI will bring back car is to stimulate a greater production
the glow and freshness o f youth. Pr package. SI. of poultry and eggs. The quickest and
(Branch) Fuchi Laboratories, Suit 9, 842 1-2 Wash­ best way Is to Increase the flocks of
ington St., Portland, Ore.
the farmers rather than to have poul­
try keepers start large egg farms. The
demand cannot be met by the estab­
V m .P f u n d e r ’ s - n
lishment of large, exclusively poultry
farms. If the general farmer goes out
of the egg producing business there
will soon be an egg famine— possibly a
A T onic. Alterative and Resolvent.
T he
serious financial panic.
best rem edy for K idneys, Liver and Bowels.
“ Though there are opportunities for
Eradicates Pim ples, Eruptions and Disorders
o f the Skin. Purifies the Blood and gives •profit along special lines in poultry­
Tone, Strength and V igor to the entire system.
keeping, the market for specialties Is
Corner Post Anchored.
limited, and it would be folly to advise
everyone to go into special lines. I mile may be stretched and stapled by
j We Make Yon Competent to Earn am free to confess that we have kept
125 to $50 per Week
more people out of the poultry busi­ two men after everything is in place
I In « to 8 wrrk. We alv. complet. ness than have gone into it as an ex­ and the posts se t
|cour.e In driving, repairing.
clusive business. I have received
Set corner posts at least three feet
■etc. all kinds of automobile
I Every student gets personal great numbers of letters during the In the ground, and brace to overcome
■ attention and actual road
|experience. Write for term« past year fTom all parts of the state j the direct tension of the wire as well
Beiiooot Auto S c I m I A Carafe,
as well as from other states, in which as th tendency to pulI up.
E. 23d and Morrison Sts..
the writers stated that they were go-
, . .
Portland, Ore.
Ing into the poultry business on a large | Eight or ten feet from the corner
scale, and a large majority of them Posts set the stray post, against which
said they knew' nothing o f the busl- j the corner post is to be braced. Cut a
Woman of Many Names,
ness. Our plain duty was to advise[ big square potch in this post a foot
The public examination was con­ caution. If every one of them had
cluded at the London (Eng.) bank­ gone into the business as they Intend- from the ground, to receive the end of
the brace, and a similar notch should
ruptcy court recently, of a woman I I | ed and Invested their all in It, it is
be cut in the corner post three feet
who was sworn as Alice Mabel Fran- | safe to say that there would have been
ces Emily Paola Blanca Mary Cath- thousands of dollars lost In every coun- from the ground to receive the other
erine Stewart, which, she said, waa >-7 of the state, and the poultry bust end.
This will throw a large part of the
ness would have received a black eye.
her full name.
“ Poultry keeping Is not a difficult strain on the stray post, but in order
business unless we make It so. If
When Your Eje$ Need Care Try Murine Eje Remedy conducted along sane, common-sense to make this more effective, and over­
come the tendency to pull upward on
N o S m a rtin g— Feels Fine— A cts Q u ickly. Try
It f o r R ed, W eak, W atery E yes and G ra n u ­ lines, there Is profit In 1L The two the
corner post, a double strand of
lated E yelid s. Illu stra ted B ook In ea ch P a c k ­ points on which special emphasis Is
age. M urine is com p ou n d ed by o u r O cu lists laid In the demonstration car are feed­ smooth No. 10 wire is put around both
— not a “ P atent M edicine” — b u t used in su c­
posts from the top of the stray post to
cessfu l P h y sicia n s’ P ra ctice fo r m an y yea rs. ing for eggs and housing. Egg rations
N ow d ed ica ted to the p u b lic an d s old by are on display, feeding charts show re­ to the bottom of the corner post, or
D ru g g ists at- 25c and 50c p e r B ottle. M urina sults of experiments, breeding charts
E ye S a lv e in A sep tic T u b e s , Z5c a n d 60c.
show results of breeding for eggs, dif­
M u rin e Eye Remedy C o .. C h ic a g o ferent grades and qualities of eggs are
exhibited, marketing possibilities are
Dally Thought.
demonstrated, and the equipment for
Be glad of life because it give* successful hatching and brooding of
you the chance to love and to work chicks Is displayed. The walls of the
and to play and to look up at the car are covered with signs and charts
-Stars.”—Mosaic Essays, by Paul El* containing lessons in practical poul­
try keeping. A ‘knock down’ colony
bouse is taken along and set up out­
side the car at each stop.
"While chickens may be made to
lo well In different houses, It may be
IDA.: house, outbuilding*, commercial fruit orchard, said In favor of the colony system and
Gate Well Braced.
........ ~
•took, machinery, etc.: ¿CHUB,
Box ”19,
319, Chi
Chicago. free range that there Is no noted poul­
640 AO. INLINCOLN OO., WASH : B25 AO. CULT.: __________
__ _________
try district
in the _______________
United States
E S L f i S S : ¿ T w i K S i
poultry-keeping has been permanently approximately at right angles to the
successful, where the colony house brace, then twisted tight with a short
system was not followed. The colony stick.
cult.; 10 room hon*e: outbuilding*. 10 acre orchard, etc
oearBrook*; 9m. from Balem. JONES, Bx. 319,Chicago bouse, moreover, was the house used
The brace should not be less than
FOR SALE-ABOUT 33 ACRES. ALL IN BEARING it the Oregon Experiment Station last six Inches in diameter, and squared at
fruit Tree*.
Near Kennewick. Wash. Two 4-
room House*. Barn. Outbids*., etv- Will sacrifice* est egg records ever made in the Unit­ the ends.
Add re** MEYEK. Box 319. Chicago. 111._____ ________
There is yet another way of bracing
ed States bo far as official or authentic
» ACRES IN SAN BERNARDINO OO.. CAL. All record Is concerned.
The demonstra­ corner posts, to be commended for its
planted to Grape*. Peache*. Apricot*. Alfalfa, etc.
House, Barn, etc. 15 mile* from Riverside, 40 mile« tors on the car explain how those hens simplicity and low cost where timber
from Lo* Angele*. All convenience*. Will sacrifice. were housed and cared for, and answer is scarce.
It is best suited for back
Address BLAKE. Box 319, Chicago. 111.
any questions as to their feeding and fences, where there is no passing
around the corners.
This la an anchor placed In line
with the fence for an end post, hut
Prof. Scudder Sees Big Possibilities In where there Is a corner it ta midway
between, or at an angle of 35 degrees
Alfalfa Seed.
with either line.
Oregon Agricultural College. Cor-
A pit two feet deep and a foot wide
vallis.—The growing of alfalfa on the
Iry farming lands o f Oregon In culti­ and fonr inches long ta dug back six
vated rows for the production of seed feet from the post to be braced. A
las been the special dry farming hob­ log or chunk three feet long la burled
[ Charles L ock e, Stanford. M ont, w rites!
by o f Prof. H. D. Scudder of the Ore­ in the hole, two strands of No. 9 wire
“ Y ou w ill find enclosed t w o cent stam p I
Agricultural College. He has ad­ tied around the middle of it, then
fo r w hich send me you r H orse D octor’s [
Diary. I am a hostler in a barn here on I
vocated this plan widely through East- secured to the top of the posts.
the Great Falls Stage Line and m y horses I
»rn Oregon for the past five years, and
h a re very sore shoulders. I ’ ve used M us. I
When this log or "dead man,” as It
!s beginning to see practical results
tan g Linim ent and find it all ri«ht. I rec-1
in a large scale. A prominent wheat 1* called, is covered and well tamped
oramend it as the best on the market.'*
I k5c. 5 0 c. $1 a bottle at D ru« Sk G ea ’ l Store« I
fanner at Arlington has planned to the wire from It to the post should be
put In ICO acres of alfalfa on his dry twisted till the post leans slightly,
land, and has asked the agronomy de- then when the wire Is stretched the
lartment of the college for special In­ post will give sufficiently to put it
fraction and Ps» the best seed. An-
ither man, one o ' 'he largeet wheat hack straight.
One may think that this anchor
armers In Gilliam county, Is to put in
î7ALBKS BROS- fijj
,000 acres of alfalfa thfe. spring. The would pull up, hut there is no danger
-rest number of letters coming to Prof. If It la put In two feet, and the wall
•Scudder from all parts of Eastern and of the pit straight down, or a little
Central Oregon on this subject Indi­ caved, with a notch cut In the hank
cates the first great change for the for tbe wire to make a straight pull
setter In dry farming agriculture there.
toward the top of the post. Thla form
o f brace tends to pull the post down
Ask your dealer for it. I f he does
—rather than up, as Is tbe case with
f c j j f l f l SORE I
not handle it drop us a postal card
tbe other braces.
and we will furnish you the name o f
D e m u re , But D e te rm in e d .
For a yard fence where appearances
• dealer who does
A bride look* so modest and demure
count for more than In other places,
it a wedding that It la hard to sue*
the brace ma 7 be hidden. A hole Is
pect her of having boesed the affair
dug to tbe desired depth, being as
with an iron band.— Atchison Globe,
long as the distance between the poets
uoee to tne LtuO.
tbe stay post being set In one end.
Mark»—"Does your wife play by and the corner poet In the other.
A brace is fitted In tight between
ear tf I can help 1L"—Boston T i a » them in the bottom o f the bole, and
the dirt filled in. then another la pvt
Guaranteed to cure Catarrh. Asthma.
Bronchitis. Hay Fever and Rose ('olds,
or money refunded. Inclose SI. 25 for
Asthma Remedy, or 50c in stamps for
A Catarrh of the Head and Stomach. Ask
for address of people cured in Portland,
Tacoma or Seattle.
Arnold’s Asthma Care Co.. 333-4 Arcade bid*.. Seattle. Wa
In the same way at the surface of the
A modification of the anchor brace
is made by running the wire from the
top of the second or stay post to the
bottom of the corner post, then set
ting horizontal brace between the
posts near the top.
For a good fence I prefer to have
the posts set in the early spring and
•not tea
-n o t coffee
Ask your d octor how often
he prescribes an alcoholic
stimulant for children. He
will probably say, “ Very,
very rarely.”
Ask him how
often he prescribes a tonic for
them. He will probably an­
swer, “ Very, very frequently."
Then ask him about A yer’s
Sarsaparilla as a strong and
safe tonic for the young. N ot
a drop o f alcohol in it.
w h f i r o v e r VOtl ft r e ** R&id R o o th
W h e r e v e r y o u a r « , o a i u xxhjua .
Ralph Rust. Willis, Mich., writes:
Hood’s Sarsaparilla has been a house­
remedy in our home as long: as I
W ill furnish you any kind o f help you want, male
or female, skilled or unskilled, farm, sawmill, log­
gin g or any miscellaneous labor. Call, w rite or
phone. No fees o f any kind charged in this office.
P h o n e s -A 6624; Main 8666. 215 S*cmi St. fwrtiaad. Or.
Children ?
It’s the m ost de­
lightful Breakfast
Drink you ever tasted
— and the most wholesome and
invigorating. You rannol but
like its rich “ grainy" flavor and
spicy aroma. Ask your grocer tor
Three G*s
Always keep a box of Ayer’s Pills in the
house. Just one pill st bedtime, now and
then, will ward off many tn ttttrk of
biliousness, indigestion, sick-headiche. I
How many years has your doctor known
these pills? Ask him all shout them.
—U h e hasn't got It k e will get It for
you. It's good fo r you J limes a day.
A n d remember that there
is no substitute for 3 G ’s.
Mad* by th« J. O. AT« « OO., Low« 1 1 M «u .
W. L. D O U G L A S
Anchor Brace.
$ 2 .50 $ 3 .0 0 $ 3 .5 0 & $ 4 .0 0
stretch the wire a month later, after
For M E N , W O M E N and B O Y S
the posts have settled, and the weath­
er becomes warm.
There is considerable contraction
W O R K C O S T IN C $ 7 . 0 0 T O $ 8 . 0 0
and expansion due to heat and cold,
W. L. Douglas Shoes. You
so a fence stretched in midsummer is
can save money because they are m ore, |
more likely to remain tight. In
economical and satisfactory in style, fit \
stretching the wire, always fasten the
and wear than any other makes. W . L.
stretcher to the end or corner post,
Douglas name and price stamped on
.._ r
and not to some object beyond, Just
the bottom guarantees full value and WS®
because it Is more convenient.
I have tried this and know that
protects the wearer against high prices
unless the end posts receive the ten­
and inferior shoes. Insist upon having the
sion when stretching, they will give al
genuine W. L. Douglas shoes. «Tfilir.«?.
If youi-dealer <-annot MiprlyW. I. O ohjk I m
writ. W. I.
soon as the stretcher Is removed. A
pouitlu, Hro**kton. M »»., for catuloo. Sh.-,-. «-tit rrrrvwti«re
stretcher with two levers, one at the
daiyory clrnrgM prejoUU.
Rant C o lo r K y r l . l . umod.
top and another at the bottom Is the
best type, since on uneven ground the
Raft of Cocoanuta.
■Four Companies Conquered Empire.
wire may be stretched to conform te
In the Philippine Islands one fre
In the sixteenth century a whole
the surface.
The most Important thing In the quently sees a raft of cocoanuts be­ empire was conquered with four hun­
construction of a fence Is having post! ing floated down the river to market dred soldiers and sixteen horses. Thta
well set, for without this It Is liupos The buoyant nuts are closely packed was the extent of Cortes' strength
sible to stretch heavy woven wire Into a circle, braced across with bam­ when he concurred Moxi™.
Never try to stretch more than 4( | boos, and tied with fiber; and the
Busy Man’s One Complaint.
rods at once, and if this Is four-fool, queer craft, with Its native paddler, Is
The busy man Is only aware of time
wire It will require enormous tension then ready for the trip down stream
A part of the crimp Bhould k“ 1 to a point where the raft will be because It goes so swiftly.—Florida
draw nout of the wlVes." Na“lT“to ev en J " ? « « *PJ \n,d th? cocoanuU •old’-
Wlde World m
W. L. DOUGLAS $4.50 & $5.00
The blue that Is all blue. Bast for
washing because It makes the clothe«
clear and white, lasts longer than
liquid blue and produces better re­
Avoid liquid bluing because It Is
only a weal: solution of blue In an
BALL BLUE is sold everywhere.
Poor health and a gen­
eral run down condi­
tion is the outcome
of a spell of stom­
ach trouble;
Peasant Woman In Hard Luck.
A peasant woman of Budapest, Hun-'
gary, drew $40 from a savings bank, |
and, on her way home, bought a tame
hare for her children. For safety she
but listen—
Brace and Wire. A, Corner Pott;
tethered the hare with a handkerchief j
Stay Post.
| In which she had rolled the notes, but j
post, but not to every wire. Staple a the animal managed to get away— I
part o f them to one post, and th« tether and money and all. The poor]
woman In her despair banged herself j
alternate ones to the next post.
next d a y ._________________
Make substantial gates, light though
strong. Our gates are 1 by 4 lumber M oth er, w ill And Mr«. W lnalow 'a B ooth ln e j
is just the medicine ycu need.
and usually 10 or 11 feet wide. It lu r in g I’-.e te e th in g period.
order to save waste, get 16-foot lum
It aids digestion, keeps the
bowels open and induces per­
Seven pieces of that length, and on«
Church Trustee— “ Did you occupy
fect health. Try a bottle
ten will make the gate without any four last pulpit with credit?” New j
waste. There should also be anothei Rector—“ Entirely. There was never
piece a foot wide and ten feet long kny cash connected with It."—Judge.
which may be sawed lu two and nail ------- - -- -
- ----
ed, one piece on either side wher«
the hinges are bolted on.
The gate may be made 11 feet Ion*
and five feet high by cutting the 16 j
l%ot$r pride—our hobby—<mr «tody for y»«r* «n<f
foot lumber this way, the short piece*
now our fiucoewi, «nd oura i« the tx fit paiole«« work
to be found anywhere, no matter how much jota
being used In pain» for the uprights,1
pay. Compare our Pries«.
onp piece being sawed Into two eight |
~| W« flnifih piste sud
I bring* wore 'ot oufc-
foot pieces for the diagonal brace
I lof
" i town
town petrous
d*y It
ft de«
These short braces are better than Thousands Have Been Helped
I tract I or»
rie«e • estrs
Painless Dentistry
-----A pistes
ge work
work 1«
I n order-
By Common Sense
•4. C
C on
m »eilet ion h
I Molar Crowns $ 5 .
122k Bridge» Tsslh ‘
Women suffering from any form of fe­
I En*mel Filling»
male ills are invited to communicate
I«*r Filling»
Good Rubb«r
_ A *
promptly with the woman’«private corre­
fla t*
5 .0 0
spondence department o f the Lydia E.
B«tt Re.j Rubber — ^
pul .
7 .5 9
Pinkham M e d i c i n e Co., Lynn, Mass.
r i a l . •*. M„u,t r.lnl.a,
.5 9
Your letter will be opened, read and t t ta « H I IM Will
ItTiniU Nfi Ml W T 1 M I
B U T M IT M O D fi
answered by a woman and held in strict A l l w o r k f u l l r j r u a r A n ( * f d f o r flftow n i m t i .
confidence. A woman can freely talk of
| her private illness to a woman; thus has W i s e D e n t a l C o . , i * c .
Painless Dentists
been established a confidential corre­
is t Butldln«, Ttitr« an« Wa.Hn«ton PCKTUN0 Q*g
spondence w h i c h h a s extended over fia OO
m I m i i : I 4 . M. to I F. M.
many years and which has never been
Invisible Brace*.
broken. Never have they published a
testimonial or used a letter without the
when run the full length of the gate, wrjtten consent of the writer, and never
and the extra pair of uprights keep has the Company allowed these confiden­
ts® &a<® straight.
tial letters to get out o f their possession.
«»n rwetvf prompt tnwt-
Good hinges should be bolted on as the hundreds of thousands of them in
ruent« o f lr«n-p«|««ne««,
ResItk-knlUlag nmméUc
and bolts used in putting the gate t o their files will attest
Qf tj)e vlat volume o f experience
which they have to draw from, it is more
Poultry Farms.
than possible that they possess the very
th . ChlMaa «ortet.
Despite the handicap of blgh-prlced knowledge needed in your case. Noth-
nor* If you h«v*
doctor!nv with
this on« and that one and h«v« no«
oi.tfcln«! per*
r>t obtained
graln. It appears that the highly spo ing is asked in return except your good
mènent relief. Let «hl« i m t nature h«a)er dia«-
rem«dy who««
clalized poultry farms are able to will, and their advice baa helped thou-
action I« qalek. «ire and «af*. Hia pmrrtptlona
are com ««landed from Root«, Hert«, Had« «ad
stand present conditions fully as well lands. Surely any
have l*een an the red from every qnar*
«lob «. T i » «erre«« o f them m edirla«#
aa the Individual farms. At any rate, woman, rich or poor,
•re not known to the otttaide
Ide world, hat have hew«
hnnded down father to
the large producers are likely to study »hould be g l a d to
in tho phygictM«'
families 1« China.
the question more closely, and perhaps t a k e advantage o f
they are able to figure out a profit,
generous offer
If jroo live ont of town and canno« call, writ« for
symptom bleak and circolar, «ecioaln« 4 cenia La
everything considered, where the far-
assistance. Ad-
mer Is scared by the high coat of pro *reu Lydl* EX Pink-
ham Medicine Co.,
(confidential) Lynn,
162| flrrt S(., Cor. Morrboa*
Making Mans Lay.
farti— 4 . O regon .
To make them lay keep them com
I-very w om an ongVit to have
mm ——
fortable and busy, but don't overfeed. L ydia E . P ln k h a m ’ s HO-page
More pullets refuse to lay from being Text B o o k . It la n ot a b o o k fo r
f. N. U.
no l o - 't a
overfed than underfed. Our pullets ! e n e r a ' d istrib u tion , aa it la to o
get two regular feeds a day. a hot Mpwnaly«. I t la fre e and on ly
mash In tha morning, grain for sup
per, with a scratch at noon.
, *•
W r it « fo r