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F orest
Voi. 3
Franzel & McFarland Bros.
Bring New Industry to
Forest Grove.
Frantzel & McFarland Bros,
closed purchase of a tract
100x300 from Hugh Smith on the
west side of A street between
First and Second avenues, south,
where they will at once com­
mence construction o f buildings
and sheds for a lumber yard.
These people expect to put in a
plant that will be able to fur­
nish everything in building ma­
terials from first to last.
are the owners of the H illsboro
plant and the Big Four mill on
the site o f the Carsten Bros.’
mill, the old mill having been
removed and new and modern
machinery installed.
For the present the materials
will be hauled by wagon from
the mill to the yard, but as soon
as the Southern Pacific has com ­
pleted its tracks into the city
the delivery will be on the S. P..
and a track will be laid into the
yard for that purpose.
These people come well recom­
mended for their enterprise and
business ability.
They have
faith in the future o f Forest
Grove and its surroundings.
W . C. T. U. Met Friday
The regular monthly meeting
o f the W. C. T. U. was held in
the Christian church parlors Fri­
day afternoon. The subject for
discussion was “ Why I Wear the
White Ribbon.”
Mrs. Scroggs
read a very interesting paper on
the subject and the discussion
was carried on by many of the
ladies present.
After the pro­
gram the regular business meet­
ing was held.
Several import­
ant committees reported and an
amendment to the constitution
was passed changing the annual
meeting for the election of offi­
cers from the first Friday in
September to the first Friday in
Several new members were re­
ceived into the Union.
membership of the Union is now
about seventy.
Catholic Mission Closed
A most successful mission was
closed on Friday evening in St.
Anthony’ s chapel with benedic­
tion. It was preached by Rev.
Father McDevitt, D. D., of Port­
land cathedral, and we are safe
in saying that all who were for­
tunate enough to hear him were
benefited, be his creed what it
may. He is an earnest, forceful
speaker and his explanations of
Catholic doctrines were so plain
that any child could understand
him. He answered all questions
that were asked, we think, to
the entire satisfaction of the
evening Father McDevitt was
scheduled for a lecture on So­
cialism at Mt. Angel and his
place was ably filled in Forest
Grove by the Most Reverend
Archbishop Christie.
This was
a surprise to the attendants of
the mission and a favor which
was very much appreciated.
Firemen’« Bell March 18.
Firemen held a special meet­
ing Monday night and arranged
for a firemen’s grand ball, to be
held at Stribich hall, Monday,
the 18th, following S t Patrick’s
G rove P ress
Elaborate preparations
will be made and it is expected
to be one of the grandest affairs
ever pulled off by the fire boys.
The proceeds will be used for the
betterment o f the condition in
fire protection, and all citizens
should lend their moral and
financial support and see that
the boys do themselves and St.
Patrick proud on the occasion.
Everything in green will be the
Former Resident Heard From
College Board Refuses to Con­
sider Request of City
signed his name to his criticisms
as a gentleman should have done,
they would have been considered
on their merits and no personal
remarks indulged in.
Mr. Corl is at liberty to con­
sider any of the city records of
1911, regardless o f what others
may say or care.
C has . H ines .
Cannery Meeting
There will be a meeting at 2:30
Saturday afternoon at the K. P.
hall to consider the question of
organizing a cannery at Forest
Gentlemen who have
maoe the cannery business suc­
cessful elsewhere, and represen­
tatives o f the railroads, will be
in attendance.
It is expected
that there will also be present
Senator Paulhamus, manager of
the Puyallup, Wash., cannery
and berry growers’ association;
Manager Holig o f the Eugene
cannery, and Mr. H. ,T. Boshaw,
manager and processor of the
Noonsack, Wash., cannery.
is hoped that everyone interest­
ed, now or prospectively, in
fruit or vegetable growing will
be present and take part in the
S. P. Improvements Amount­
ing to $500,000 Will
Be Made Soon.
No. 18
The regular meeting o f the
Woman’s Club will be held at
the home o f Mrs. M. S. Allen,
Monday, March 11th, at 2:30
p. m.
W. F. Barnhart o f Lynden,
Wash., is here looking up a loca­
tion while visiting with his old
friend Leon T. Sells. For some
years he has been in the gents’
furnishing business at Lynden,
but has recently sold his hold­
ings at that place.
A. B. Thomas was among
who showed appreciation
Expenditures aggregating ful­
future success o f the
ly $500,000 in the next three
months have been authorized by
the Southern Pacific Company in
J. D. Rode last week pur­
connection with the electrifica­ chased the 240 acre interest of
tion of the West Side lines and Dell Bisbee in the Bisbee farm
its new freight facilities on the west o f this city.
East Side.
Capt. G. W. Peters made us
In addition to the freight depot
and ya»-ds, which will cost more glad when he expressed his good
than $125,000, the company is will for the Press yesterday.
about to close a contract for the
C. G. Danielson has the agen­
purchase of two and a half acres cy for the Racycle, Miamy Won­
of valuable property at Oswego, der and Shapleigh wheels, and
where car barns, shops, electri­ the stock has arrived. He offers
cal sub-stations and other im­ special inducements, and persons
provements costing an addition­ contemplating purchase will save
al $125,000 will be built.
money by calling and inspecting
Plans have been completed for his stock. Pacific Ave.
the erection o f new passenger 306.
Rations at Forest Grove and
Miss Beth Sexton celebrated
McMinnville, to cost approxi-
fifteenth birthday Friday,
nately $10,000 each, and for the
1st, and in honor of this
construction of two miles o f new
many of her young
track at Forest Grove, which,
at her home
with attending improvements,
and had a most enjoyable time.
will cost fully $125,000 more.
D. W. Campbell, general sup­ Mrs. Sexton served dainty re­
Those present
erintendent of the Southern Pa­ freshments.
cific, before leaving for the were Misses Lillian D. Hortan,
southern part of the state, said Dorothy Joy, Margaret Curtis.
that his plans for the improve­ Mathilde Birkhetz,
ment of Oswego have progressed Stokes, Gertrude Hinman, Irene
far enough to permit him to Robinson, Miriam Corl, Mary
place orders for material that Olmstead, Grace Gibson, Harriet
will be used in constructing the Benjamin, Ruth Austin, Ruth
buildings. The car bains will Pattyn, Clara Crawford, Helen
Effie Sage,
house 50 cars and will cover Phillips,
nearly two acres.
Plans now are being made for
building the high-tension electric such happy occasions.
A committee o f citizens from
the Grove were the guests of the
trustees o f Tualatin Academy
and Pacific University in their
special meeting, Monday,
Portland, when the committee
resolutions of the
Commercial Club and petitions
of the Forest Grove citizens
asking a change in the plans of
frontage o f the Carnegie library
building which is being erected
with the front facing the college
building and the rear on Pacific
avenue, with side to College way
and entrance only facing college
The committee was composed
of E. YV. Haines, L. M. Graham,
A. G. Hoffman, E. Hart, C. O. I
Roe and W. F. Schultz.
It is desired by the citizens J The public are hereby warned
that the building face College | against relying on applications
NEWS OF FOREST GROVE way and the campus square, j of any kind to the roots o f trees
which would add beauty to the to kill San Jose scale.
John H. Baker, once a resident city’s appearance. The citizens trees ale infested, spraying will
o f the Grove, now of 606 Ladd feel that the present plan indi­ be insisted on, regardless of such
Ave., Portland, was visiting in cates a show o f selfish interest applications.
the Grove with comrades last on the part of the> college man­
H. C. A tw ell .
agement, and if the present plan
County Fruit Inspector.
J. H. Humphrey, the wood
insisted on will erect a stand-
merchant, was looking up busi- t^ng monument of selfish inter­
ests. There has been for some
ness on the streets this week.
All Masons and their
time a feeling between the citi­
^ wives, all widows o f Ma­
Mrs. J. M. Barber was on busi­
zens and the college interest,
sons and all sojourning
ness in Hillsboro last week.
which was fast disappearing, Masons are cordially invited to
Drs. Nixon are removing their but this seems to open wide the attend the social given by Hol­
frame building on Main Street sore again. We hope that the brook Lodge in the hall next
property to erect the new brick. matter may be amicably adjust­ Tuesday evening, March 12.
Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Brown j ed and that all ill feeling may be
of Calgary, Ala., were visitors allayed.
lines that will connect the South­
Three hundred head o f beef
of Rev.
Father Buck, Mrs.
ern Pacific property with the cattle, a wholejtrain load, froze
Brown’s uncle, this week. They
Light & to death recently. The train was
have been at Long Beach, Cal., ent were equally divided and the Stables has sold his interest to Portland
The Power Company’ s lines, from caught in an Iowa blizzard near
for the winter and are returning result as to change o f plan John Smith of Greenville.
business will still be conducted which the electric current will Council Bluffs.
to Calgary, where Mr. Brown is
under the name o f Fashion be obtained. Contracts for sup­
in the
commission business.
State election, primary and
Forest Grove was most pleasing ENLIGHTENS THE PUBLIC Stables and by W. R. Hayden plying the electricity were made
will reach a cost to the
and Mr. Smith. Mr. Brown has several years ago. The connect­
to them and they express a wish
of $125,000.
purchased a farm in Linn county
to live here even in preference Fditor of the Press:
to the southern coast.
1° order that the public may and will move on same in the
Contracts for new construction
. .T •
.-I better understand the motive be- near future.
Miss Forbes o f Haines, while
in the vicinity of Forest
hind the criticisms of the ex­
K. N. Staehr, our Bazaar man,
suffering from an attack of grip,
mayor and council by “ More had the misfortune to fall on a
had the misfortune, in a fainting
Friday night, at the .school
Anon,” I wish to say your dis­ stairway in Portland, Saturday, pany direct entrance through the
spell, to fall on the stove and
closure of the author o f those and sustained injury o f two streets of that city will be let at house, the ninth and sixth
was badly burned about the face
grades will engage in a spelling
criticisms as being L. J. Corl, broken ribs.
Mr. Staehr has once. The new line will leave
last week.
vice president of the First Na­ been suffering for some time the main road at Murray and re­ contest. When they have prov­
en which one if the best Bpeller,
R. P. Crosley, who is engaged tional Bank will throw consider­
from eye trouble, and his blind­ join it between Forest Grove and
the others present will enjoy a
with the P. R. & N. R. R. as able light on the real sincerity
ness was the cause o f the fall.
“ spelling
fireman at Hillsboro, visited and disinterestedness o f those
heavy work, which will bring good
Comrade J. C. Giltner, who the total expenditure to $125,(XX). down.” Come and see if you
with home folks Sunday at Cor­ criticisms. I believe the people
generally will understand that has for the past week been suf - 1 Work will commence there with­ have forgotten how to spell.
fering from la grippe and sore ; in a week.
Made any garden yet? Better
O. L. Ahlstrom and family “ More Anon” does not care a
throat, is able to be on the street! The new depots at Forest begin before the groundhog re­
have returned to the Grove to rap whether the council paid the
Grove and McMinnville will be members his duty.
mske their home. Tillamook not money due the workmen in a n y
the bungalow type and built \ Mrs. Hollenbeck and daughter
desirable, says he.
They spent Tuesday with Mrs. Ethel
care through which bank it was master, was in Portland Monday. o f brick and concrete.
Singer, New Home and other of
paid, as you will notice, the
Wilbur Weston had an owner­
the latest improved up to date
previous council, through its ship interest in the hotel that j for women and all the latest fa­
All ladies will be welcome at
sewing machines for sale at the
finance committee, Chas. A. Roe burned at Lents Saturday morn­ cilities for the accommodation of the Ladies’ Aid at Mrs. Frost’s,
passengers. Oregonian.
and J. A. Thornburgh, paid in ing.
Thursday o f this week.
Parlor, church and school or­ the same manner through both
Mrs. R. O. Stevenson suffered
To Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Davis
gans for sale at the Bazaar.
banks and no criticism was
grip last week, but is feel­
o f Hillside the stork made a
C. B. Campbell was in Port­ made.
this week.
As to the matter of transfer­ visit, bringing a nice baby girl,
Mrs. A. G. Hoffman, who un-
land Saturday.
Mr. and Mrs. A1 Dilley spent
ring money from the water fund, Friday, March 2nd.
dkawent a suagical operation in
J. A. Strickland o f Yamhill
few days in Portland last
Grant Bailey took the glad Portland sometime ago, will be
after completion of the water
writes that he has been in poor
system, I do not believe Mr. hand of the Press editor yester­ able to be removed to her home
health for some time.
Corl would care anything about day.
in the Grove by the last of this
Why Pay Ten Dollars.
J. T. Harrison of Medford, an it if the money had not been
L. S. Dunham, breeder of week.
acquaintance o f Julius Wehrly, used in paying for a municipal
Why pay ten dollars for a map
registered Shropshire sheep, has
Buy your flour at Moore &
visited with the family over lighting plant which has more
merely shows Washington
permanently located in the vicin­ Sons.
Hard wheat flour for
Sunday last.
than paid its way and given us ity o f Forest Grove and shows $1.25 and 1.10.
County, when you can get one
on a larger scale showing every­
A large crowd is expected in light that no one need be his appreciation for the Press.
Five gallons of oil Saturday at thing from the Willamette River
attendance at the oratorical con­ ashamed of and far superior to
Farmers, the place to sell your Moore & Sons for 55c.
test to be held at Marsh Hall to- the apology for a light we got a
west to the west boundary o f the
morrow evening.
The Pacific part o f the time from the junk produce is at Moore & Sons. ’
Perry Hall has opened a shoe county, size 50x67 inches for
They pay cash.
University is to be represented pile up in the mountains,
repairing shop on Pacifie avenue $7.50, or a pocket size 24x33 in.
J. H. Hoffman o f Laurelwood and believes in the support o f for $2. Get it o f your bookseller
by Marion Taylor, with the sub-
As to the personal remarks, I
ject “ The Nation o f Is-To-Be.” would sav that if Mr. Corl had was in town yesterday.
the local papers.
or address T. S. Wilkes & Son,
Mr. and Mrs. H. R. Black are
in receipt o f a letter from Dr.
A. C. Eaton who was recently
called to the pastorate of the
Baptist church at Stayton, Ore­
gon. Dr. Eaton and family are
well known to many in Arnold
where he was pastor of the Bap­
tist church for a time some years
ago. Dr. Eaton is also practic­
ing Chiropractic healing in his
new home. His interest in Ar­
nold and its people is as acute as
ever and through Mr. Black he
arranged to receive the Sentinel
in order to keep better posted on
the development o f this country.
—Sentinel, Arnold, Nebraska.
Dr. Eaton is well known in
this vicinity, at one time practic­
ing Chiropractic healing in this
c i t y . ______________