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    C H IL D
S e n a to r Bailey, o f T e x a s, H a s
at V ie w s o f W o m a n .
Madero Will Deal Summarily Willi
All Agitators.
P o lic y o f D iaz it A d o p te d in D e a lin g
W ith E n e m ie s o f G ove rn m e n t
— T r o o p s W a tc h B o rd e r.
W ashington, D. C.—The proposal
for a children’s bureau in the d ep art­
m ent of commerce and labor to inves­
tig a te and rep o rt in all m atters affect­
ing the w elfare of children, was de­
bated in the senate w ithout action.
Senator G allinger opposed the bill,
contem plating an unw arranted in tru ­
sion into p riv ate affairs. He discussed
criticism s of the reports made by a
child labor bureau a few years ago,
and said th a t these reports revealed
nothing worse than the “ turkey tr o t”
dance in vogue in W ashington City.
Mr. Heyburn attacked the bill as a
discrim ination against the poor and
Senator Overman branded it as un­
Senator Smith, of Georgia, made
his maiden speech in support of the
bill. He said it would be of v ast ben­
efit to children, w ithout in terferin g
w ith sta te rights.
Senator Bailey attrib u ted the b ill’s
popularity to the influence of women,
who, he said, should confine th eir a t­
tention to subjects outside the halls of
“ The more a woman knows about
the things she ought to know ,” he
said, “ the less she knows about things
we are doing h ere .”
Senator Stone characterized the bill
as inquisitorial and involving unlim ­
ited expenditures.
Senator Borah,
author of the bill, said th a t the bureau
was as much w arranted as many of
the ex istin g governm ent offices.
Oefeal Mexican Rurales and Lib­
erate Prisoners.
S e a t o f P ro v isio n a l G o v e rn m e n t E s ­
tab lished at J u a re z — R e v o lu ­
tio n ists G a in S tre n g th .
I S H E IR .
G r a n d s o n o f R ic h C a lifo rn ia n B e g in s
S u it f o r E state.
San Francisco— By an action filed in
the Superior court here, a London
newsboy became a co n testan t for a
The suit, filed by Mrs. Am elia A.
D ierks in behalf of E tienne Buillard,
a lad whom she found selling papers
in London two years ago, reveals the
story of the boy’s abandonm ent in
P aris, a fte r the death of his m other
and the discovery, according to Mrs.
D ierks th a t he is the grandson of the
late Dennis Hayes, a w ealthy pioneer
m ining man of C alifornia and th a t he
was restored to his relativ es by the
chance m eeting w ith his benefactress
in London.
The boy’s claim to a share in the
H ayes estate of approxim ately $100,-
000 is entered in the su it ju s t filed.
Mrs. D ierks found E tienne Buillard,
then 12 years old, selling papers in
London two years ago.
“ You speak like an A m erican,” she
“ My m other was an A m erican,” re­
plied the boy. “ She died and I have
alm ost forgotten her, b ut she tau g h t
me to ta lk .”
The boy’s mem ories of his parents
w ere vague, b ut Mrs. D ierks learned
by investigation, she says, th a t his
m other was A nnette Hays, daughter
of Dennis Hayes, and th a t she had
been m arried to E tienne Buillard, a
w ealthy
ag ain st her fa th e r’s wishes, and gone
to P aris to live. F u rth e r inquiries re ­
vealed the w hereabouts of an aunt,
Mrs. Cecilia Laib, living in San F ran ­
cisco, and E tienne was taken to her
by Mrs. D ierks. The luxury of the
Laib residence palled on th e boy and
he le ft w ith in a week, going to the
home of Mrs. D ierks, w ith whom he
has since lived.
Mexico |C ity £ — W ithout blare of
El Paso, T ex.—Ciudad Ju arez will
trum pets and w ithout official proclam­
be the se at of the provisional govern­
ation the Federal governm ent proposes
m ent proclaimed by the supporters of
to employ the drastic methods of Diaz
Vasquez Gomez,
according to an­
in resto rin g peace. Im m ediate appli­
nouncement made by the revolutionary
cation of the new policy will be the
ju n ta here.
A t th e conference of
n atio n ’s only apprisal of it.
Gomez’ chiefs held in Ju arez it was
This is the substance of a statem ent
determ ined to send a rep esen tativ e to
by a cabinet m inister. S w ift punish­
W ashington to confer w ith P resident
m ent is to be the portion of all a g ita ­
T a ft and it is expected he will leave
tors who can be reached, w hether of
th is city w ithin a day or two.
gun or pencil.
A few new spaper
w riters will be deported, it is said,
Chihuahua, M exico.— N inety m u ti­
under th a t provision of the constitu­
neers, aided by a score of recru its,
tion which provides for the expulsion
a fte r a sharp fight, compelled Govenor
of undesirables. Public parades and
Gonzales to release from the p en iten ­
stre e t orations are to be prohibited in
tia ry Antonio Rojas, form er m ilita n t
cases w here the purpose is in any
p artisan of Emilio Vasquez, and th ree
of his followers.
m anner connected w ith the political
Gonzales surrendered to the de­
mands a f te r th ree hours of fighting
This prescription is in accordance
near th e prison, in w hich the loyal
w ith the governm ent’s diagnosis of
rurales w ere commanded by General
the revolutionary disease th a t has
Pasqual Orozco in person. The m u ti­
broken out in so many parts of the
neers agreed w ith Governor Gonzales
to q u it fighting if the four prisoners
Official figures place the loss in
w ere released.
death, both north and south, since
Seven ru rales are known to be dead
January 26, as follows:
Federáis, 34, rebels, from 222 to O h io M a n P r o ff e r e d A m b a s s a d o r s h ip and several wounded. Of the la tte r
is Silvaro Orozco, cousin of Pasqual
272, and noncom batants, 10.
to F r a n c e
The dead include Captains
Unofficial reports, apparently well
W ashington, D. C.— P resident T a ft Salgo and D utierrez. The rebel losses
founded, add to these figures 15 Fed­
has offered the post of am bassador to are y et unknown.
eral dead and 45 rebel dead.
Rumors are cu rren t th a t more bands
One rebellion is recognized, th a t of France to Myron T. H errick, of Cleve­
Emilio Z apata, covering all of the land, Ohio. Inform ation of the presi­ in the hills will join th e rebels, and
sta te of Morelos and portions of the d en t’s desire to name Mr. H errick as residents of the city are not a t all con­
F E W E R N E W S P A P E R S E X IS T .
sta te s of Hidalgo, G uerrero and Mex­ successor to R obert Bacon was ob­ fident th a t th e successful m utineers
ico and the Federal d istric t itself. tained here from excellent authority. will keep th e ir agreem ent w ith the
In G uerrero conditions are not greatly It was learned th a t the president in ­ sta te executive. This did not include T o t a l L is t e d in A m e r ic a n A n n u a l 13
b e tte r than in Morelos.
There the tended when he le ft W ashington on a promise to surrender.
Le ss Than Y ea r A go.
The men still retain th e ir arms, and
d istric t leader of the revolt is Jesus his trip to Ohio to ask H errick to ac­
h at th ere are few er
H. Salgado, who, like Zapata, is a cept the diplom atic post a t P aris, and it is believed will join th e cam paign new spapers in the U nited S tates than
form er officer in Madero’s revolution­
The mob was led by C aptain Men­ th ere w ere a year ago is revealed by
ary arm y. He has been persistent in go abroad, to invite him to assume
figures presented in th e A merican
declaring th a t he is fighting for the charge of headquarters th a t are soon doza, who form erly was captain of the N ew spaper Annual, ju s t published.
cause of Emilio Vasquez Gomez, but to be opened in W ashington, in fu r­ R urale guard, b ut lately was d is­ A y ear ago the num ber of daily papers
there is little doubt th a t he and Za­ therance of the T a ft cam paign for re­ charged from the service by General was 2,472; the 1912 annual lists 13
F or the purpose of d istin ­
p ata are w orking together.
Dispatches from Columbus indicate guishing the defenders from the men less.
In th e sta te of Tabasco, there re­
New England has lost four dailies;
mains a trace of the revolt of a few th a t P resident T a ft had authorized the of th e attack in g force, the form er New York fo u r, th e Middle W est nine
weeks ago, but th a t had nothing of a statem en t th a t he had not asked H er­ wore w hite bands on th e ir arm s. This and th e W estern sta te s 13.
national character. I t was specifical­ rick to ta k e charge of his pre-conven­ m easure was adopted as th e resu lt of
There were gains in th e Southern
ly against the governm ent. The por­ tion cam paign headquarters. In view confusion early in the fight.
and Middle A tlantic sections.
tion of Oaxaca on the Tehuantepec
W eekly and semi-weekly new spa­
isthm us has yet a few rebels, but they here th a t H errick has signified his in­ can N orthw estern railroad has been pers are also few er in num ber.
are not operating against the Federal tention to accept the P aris post or has abandoned.
1912 annual nam es 16,229 weeklies,
governm ent. Reform of local condi­ asked for tim e to consider it.
40 less than in 1911, and 605 semi­
tions is th e ir cry. The list of u p ris­
weekly, as compared w ith 617 in 1911.
ings was increased la st week by one
F u r s o f A ll K in d s B r in g G o o d P r ic e s
in Michoacan. Alleged abuses on an
hacienda account for th a t. The insur­ P a c ific C o a s t C o m m it te e to H a v e
— S u p p ly is L im ite d .
F u r t h e r H e a r in g F e b r u a r y 15.
rectos are chiefly field hands.
P ortland—The sharp advance in the
The puzzle was furnished by the
W ashington, D. C.— Secretary Stim- price of furs noted in the la st London E a s t e r n P a rt y L o o k in g In to P r o s p e c ­
garrisions a t Juarez and Chihuahua.
son, a fte r hearing a com m ittee from sales em phasizes the fact th a t the de­
tive W e st e r n In v e stm e n ts.
The rebels in the South pretend a the Pacific Coast, postponed the pro­ mand is g reately increasing year by
Chico, Cal.— Several prom inent hop-
knowledge th a t the mutinous troops posed increase in fre ig h t rates over year, w hile th e re is a corresponding
are w orking under the same general the Panam a railroad and its steam ship decrease in th e available supplies, grow ers and rep resen tativ es of E ast­
plan w ith themselves, but governm ent line from New York to Colon until according to a special cable received ern brew eries are in Chico looking a t
land suitable for purchase and arran g ­
officials profess to believe there is no February 15.
by H. Liebes & Co., of th is city.
ing for the care of th a t already ac­
connection betw een the uprisings in
The rates w ere increased because
A t the London Jan u ary sales there quired.
The p arty consists of J.
the N orth.
Colonel Goethals had reported th a t the was an advance of as much as 50 per Birkenheim , of New York, and Flood
work of canal construction was being cent in certain lines, beaver, cross V. F lint, P. M. Rooney and W illiam
g reatly delayed by th e am ount of fox, wolverines, wolf and m uskrat Woods, of Sacram ento,
IC E G O R G E B R E A K S .
under the
heavy fre ig h t throw n on the Panam a furs being included in the sensational guidance of P. Frazer.
I t also appeared th a t the rise.
Birkenheim represents a syndicate
T h r e e P e r s o n s S w e p t to D e a th in
road and the steam ship line had a
W hile there are said to be many of E astern brew eries and is endeavor­
N ia g a r a R iv e r.
deficit of $75,000 during the qu arter thousands of beavers in Oregon, the ing to put into operation a plan w here­
N iagara F alls—The g rea t ice bridge th a t ended Septem ber 30 last.
law prohibits th e ir slau g h ter and sale. by the brew eries will raise th e ir own
th a t has choked the riv er channel be­
Portland is grow ing fa st in im por­ hops. I t is also understood they are
tw een the ca ta ra ct and the upper steel
tance as a fu r m ark et and the prices neg o tiatin g for the purchase of lands
J . J . H ill O n ly E x c e p tio n .
arch bridge below the falls for the
W ashington, D. C.—“ The heads of obtainable here are fully as high as already given over to hopgrowing.
past three weeks broke from its shor­ the railroads of the U nited States those th a t can be secured in any other
ing a t noon Sunday and w ent toward w ith the one exception of Jam es J. m arket, of the world.
F ig h t A b a n d o n m e n t o f P o s ts .
th e river, taking w ith it to their Hill are merely clerks for Wall
The following prices are in effect
W ashington, D. C.— N otw ithstand­
death a man and woman said to be s tre e t,” said ex-U nited S tates Senator here for f u r s :
Mr. and Mrs. Eldridge Stanton, of To­ F lint, of C alifornia, before the house
Mink, $4@ 6.50; raccoon, 90c(5) ing S ecretary S tim son’s rep o rt to con­
ronto, Canada, and Burrell Heacock, in te rstate commerce com mittee.
$1.50; skunk, narrow strip e, $1<&2; gress recommending the abandonm ent
17 years old, of Cleveland, 0 .
stripe, 75c@$1.60; of many arm y posts, i t is im probable
“ PradC ally every one b u t Mr. Hill skunk, broad
Four other persons w ere on the ice has a board controlled by Wall s tre e t.” m uskrat, 20@30c; w olf or coyote, th a t any of the la rg e r posts will be
a t the tim e, but managed to get Mr. F lin t appeared to advocate th a t $2.25(3)3.50; grey fox, 7$c@$1.60; abandoned th is w inter. A D em ocratic
ashore in safety.
when any steam ship line, owned by red fox, $6f<i8.50; m arten, $6(3)8; house may in sert am endm ents in the
The bridge was considered safe. railroads, made rates or traffic com­ beaver, $6@ 8.50; fisher,
$12(320; arm y appropriation bill to carry out
For weeks the g reat fields of ice had binations, it be barred from the P ana­ badger, 4 0 c(3 $ l; lynx cat, $3(3)5; Stim son’s plan of economy, b u t the
been coming down the river, piling up ma canal. A govenment-owned steam ­ w ild c a t, 75c<3,$1.60; o tte r, $10(3)14; senate is alm ost to a man opposed to
against the b arrier until it was from ship line was the only altern ativ e, he ringtail cat, 25<3.60c; civet cat, 10(3 his program, and i t is certain there
25c; house cat, 5(320c; mountain are enough votes in th a t body to pre­
60 to 80 fee t thick and under the in­ said.
vent the abandonm ent of any im port­
lion, $5(3;10; bear, $7(312.
fluence of zero w eather the g reat mass
The above quotations are on prime, an t post.
had become anchored firmly to the
S ta rv in g P h e a sa n ts Fed.
shore. The jam was about 1,000 feet
Hood River, Or. — B ut for the en­ well handled skins, according to size,
D eath C h e a ts O ffic e rs.
No. 2 quality accordingly.
w ide and in some places a q u arter of
deavor of valley orchardists, the large
a m ile in breadth.
Chicago— W hile h u nting for Antonio
num ber of China pheasants in this val­
M aggierio, J r ., who it was thought
L in e r A lle gh a n e y S in k s .
ley would have perished from sta rv a­
had been kidnaped, the police found
O n e K illed in T o n g W ar.
tion because of the recent heavy
the boy’s brother, Michael, for whom
M arysville, Cal. — The coast-wide snows.
The snowfall covering the can lin er A lleghaney, which le ft here they have been searching for three
w ar betw een highbinder tongs has ex­ ground for a period of th ree weeks has S aturday for C entral A m erica and the weeks, suspecting he had knowledge
tended to this city and Ah Loo, a well driven the handsome birds into barn­ W est Indies, sank 75 m iles east-n o rth ­ of “ Black H and” outrages here. But
known resident, was shot from behind yards, where they have been feeding east of Cape H enry, off the V irginia Michael was not arrested . A few min­
A subscription coast, a fte r a collision w ith the B ritish utes before the police shoved open the
and killed by two assailants, who dis­ w ith the chickens.
appeared. He was a member of the was taken in the Odell region, headed steam er Pomaron, according to w ire­ creaking door of the frigid back room
Suey Sing tong, which is in the m a­ by Mark Cameron, and grain bought less dispatches received here shortly in which he had hidden, death had
jo rity in Marsyville.
Kim Wing, a for the birds in the more thinly settled a fte r the d isaster. The Pomaron took claim ed him. He was tubercular.
all the pagsengers and crew of the
w ealthy local Chinese m erchant, ap­ communities.
A lleghaney on board and, convoyed by
pealed to the police for protection sev­
7 6 , 1 2 8 , 0 0 0 B u s h e ls M o v e .
Jo n e s Introduces Bills.
the revenue c u tte r Onondaga, is m ak­
eral hours before the shooting.
h at 76,128,000 bushels
says th a t six “ hatchetm en” have been
W ashington, D. C. — Senator Jones
of g rain have been m arketed on the
No lives w ere lost so fa r as known.
im ported by the Hop Sing tong to an­ introduced the following b ills:
Canadian Pacific railw ay th is year
E stablishing a sub-treasury a t S eat­
nih ilate th e Suey Sings.
ag ain st 55,518,000 bushels for the
W a r of W e a v e rs Bitter.
tle ; raising the salary of the collector
H o w E le cte d B y H o b o s .
of customs for P uget sound to $7,000;
M anchester, E n g la n d —The unrem it­ same period last year is shown by re­
ports ju s t completed. Of the form er
C incinnati—Jam es Eads How, of appropriating $80,000 for a lighthouse tin g w arfare which is being waged by total 61,740,000 bushels are w heat
St. Louis, the “ m illionaire hobo,” a t Cape Spencer; $100,000 for a lig h t­ the w eavers ag ain st nonunionists has and 14,388,000 oth er g rain s; w hile of
was chosen national chairm an of the house a t Cape St. Elias, A laska, w ith caused the au th o rities to d ra ft a large th e 55,518,000 bushels,
U nskilled
M igratory
and Casual $30,000 additional for small lights body of e x tra police into the city from bushels were w heat and 11,911,000
W orkers’ association of the United along th e A laska coast; ap p ro p riatin g various p arts of L ancashire for the bushels other grains.
S tates. A lexander Tyler, of Cincin­ $50,000 fo r a fish culture statio n on protection of w orkers who do not be­
long to the union. The trades union­
nati. was elected secretary, and Cora the Pacific Coast.
Mayor Jo in s Tw o Tunnels.
ists also refu se to recognize the Ro­
D. H arvey, o f St. Louis, was named
P o sto ffic e B ill F r a m e d .
man Catholic w eavers, who have or­
Storm King, N. Y.— Mayor Gaynor,
treasu rer. The convention came to an
W ashington, D. C. — A ten-year ganized a union o f th e ir own.
R iot­ of New York, touched an electric b u t­
end w ith an address by Professor
F rank Bohn, form erly of the U niver­ term for th e postm aster general, the ing has occurred in several localities. ton and fired the b last th a t joined the
elim ination of the en tire Postoffice de­
two tunnels, sunk on opposite sides of
sity o f Chicago, on "S o cialism .”
C a s h P r o m is e d to P e rsia .
partm ent from politics and the ap­
th e Hudson riv er for th e New York-
pointm ent of all postm asters by the
G e rm a n y to A d d to Force .
London — G reat B ritain and Russia Catskill aqueduct. The work o f con­
B erlin—F ifteen thousand bluejack­ head of the departm ent instead of by will shortly advance to P ersia another cretin g the tunnel will be sta rted a t
I t is estim ated it will tak e
ets are to be added to the German the p resid e n t was presented in a bill $2,000,000, in order to relieve th e im­ once.
navy by the new naval bill about to be introduced by R epresentative Norris, m ediate necessities of the Persian about a year to com plete th is p a rt of
of N ebraska.
g o v ern m en t
th e work.
introduced in the Reichstag.
Disturbance Recorded at Stations
Throughout Country.
G la c ie r s G r o a n and C r a c k — People
R u s h In to S tr e e ts — C o a s t
M ay Change.
Church of the Visitation, V erboort
—Rev. L. A. LeMlller, pastor. Sun­
day Early Maas a t 8 a. m ; High
Mass a t 10:30 a. m.; Vesper at 3:00
p. m. Week days Mass a t 8:30 a. m.
C hristian Science Hall, 115 Fifth
st., between F irst and Second ave.
South—Services Sundays at 11 a. m.;
Sunday school at 12 m.; mid-week
m eeting W ednesdays at 7:30 p. m.
F ree M ethodist church. F ourth sL.
betw een F irs t and Second Avenue.
J. F. Leise, P asto r. Sunday School a t
10 a. m.; preaching at 11 a. m. and
7:30 p. m.; P ra y er meeting W ednes­
day 7:30 p. m.
Valdez, A laska—V iolent earthquake
shocks, the severest ever experienced,
w ere fe lt over various sections of
A laska, the m ovement being from
Seventh Day A dventist Church, 3rd
north east to southw est, w ith oscilla­ stre e t—Sabbath schol 2 p. m., preach­
tion through an arc of six degrees.
ing 3 p. m. each Saturday. Midweek
From Cordova came word th a t prayer meeting W ednesday 7:30 p.
heavy shocks w ere fe lt fa r into the in­ m. A cordial welcome. H. W. Vall-
terior. The tem blor was was felt on mer. Elder.
the coast as fa r w est as Seward, F a ir­
Catholic Services. Rev. J. R. Buck,
banks and 350 m iles inland, w ith re­
ports th a t the shock was m ost severe pastor. F orest Grove—Chapel a t cor.
of 3rd stree t and 3rd avenue south.
in the Tanana valley.
A t Cordova the first shock lasted 10 1st and 4th Sundays of the month.
seconds and caused buildings to sway Mass a t 8:30; 2nd and 3rd Sundays
alarm ingly.
Everyone rushed into of the month, Mass 10:30. Cumejiim
the stre e t for safety, but no dam age —l r t Sunday of the month, Mass a t
10:30; 3rd Sunday of the month.
was done.
A w ireless m essage from St. Paul Mass a t 8:00. Seghers—2nd Sunday
Island says all are well on the Priby- of th e month.
Mass at 8:00; 4th
loff islands.
Sunday of the month, Mass a t 10:30.
N ine minor trem ors of b rie f d u ra­
M. E. Church, Rev. H iram Gould,
tion followed the first shock.
W here pastor. Second street, between F irst
there are only tw o-story wooden build­
and Second avenues. Sunday school
ings no dam age was done.
The glaciers in the Copper R iver at 10 a. m.; Epw orth League a t 6:30
d istric t groaned and cracked ominous­ p. m. Preaching at 11 a. m. and 8:00
Mid-week prayer m eeting
ly during the earthquake.
Reports p. m.
received from points along th e line of Thursday at 7:30 p. m.
C hristian Church, corner T hird e t
the Copper R iver & N orthw estern
railroad say
Sheridan, Miles and and F irst Ave.
Rev. C. H. H ilton,
C hild’s glaciers gave off a sound re­ pastor.
Bible school at 10 a m .;
sem bling ¡the booming of cannon as preaching at 11 a. m. and 8:00 p. m.;
the ice groaned and cracked.
The P rayer meeting Thursday at 8:00 p.
terrific cannonading was heard 12 m.
m iles away. A t F lagpoint th e rum ­
bling of Sheridan glacier was heard 30 Way and F irst ave. north. Rev. D.
m inutes a fte r the first shock subsided.
T. T hom as—Sunday school 10 a. m .;
The crevasses in the glaciers are
filled w ith snow and it is impossible to Morning service 11 a. m.; evening,
ascertain w hether th e glaciers moved 8:00 p. m.; Junior C. E. a t 3 p. m.;
forw ard.
I t is believed, however, Senior C. E. at 6:30 p. m.
th a t the shock has so sh attered the ice
th a t when the glaciers become warm
K nights of P ythias—Delphos Lodge
in the spring they will advance and No. 36, m eets every Thursday a t K.
discharge more rapidly than ev er be­ of P. Hall. Chas. Staley. C. C.; Reie
Ludwig, K eeper of Records and Seal.
Owing to th e w arm w in te r and the
G. A. R.—J. B. Mathews P ost No.
strong northw est current, ascribed to
a change in th e course of the Japan 6, nicetii the first and third W ednes­
stream , b ut accounted for by scien­ day of each m onth at 1:30 p. m.. In
tis ts as due to continued southeast K. of P. hall. John Baldwin, Com­
gales, the earthquake has caused g reat mander.
excitem ent and there is much specula­
Masonic—Holbrook Lodge No. 30,
tion as to possible changes in the A. F. & A. M„ regular m eetings held
ocean floor.
first Saturday in each month. P. W.
The trem or w as of sufficient vio­ Kinzer, W. M.; A. A. Ben Kori, sec­
lence to shake goods off the shelves in retary.
the stores and to stop clocks in all
W. O. W.—F orest Grove Camp No.
p a rts of town.
The steam ship Alam eda has ju s t a r­ 98, m eets in Woodmen Hall, every
rived here. H er officers rep o rt th a t Saturday. A. J. Parker, C. C.; Jam es
she was delayed by thick w eath er and H. Davis, Clerk.
earthquake conditions.
A rtisan s—Diamond Assembly No.
27, meet« every Tuesday in K. of
S eattle, Wash. — The earthquake P. Hall. C. B. Stokes, M. A; Jo h n
fe lt a t Valdez, A laska, was recorded Boldrlck, Secretary.
Rcbekahs—F orest Lodge No. 44',.
on the seism ograph a t the U niversity
of W ashington, the record showing m eets the first, third and fifth W ed­
th a t the oscillations began a t 1 1 :46 a. nesdays of each month. Miss Alice
m. Pacific tim e, and continued for a Crook, N. G.; Secretary, Miss C arrie
period of an hour and a half.
Forty- Austin.
five m inutes a f te r the first vibration
I. O. O. F.—W ashington Lodge No.
th ere were two severe shocks, lastin g
two m inutes each, and separated by 48, mectg every Monday in 1. O. O. F.
Hall. V. S. Abraham, N. O.; R o b ert
an interval of one m inute.
Taylor, Secretary.
Modern Woodmen of Am erica—
Lawrence, K an.—A violent e a rth ­
quake, supposed to have its cen ter in Camp No. 6228, m eets the second and
the northern p a rt of South Am erica, fourth Friday of each month. A. I*.
was recorded on the seism ograph a t Sexton, Consul; Geo. O. P aterso n ,
the U niversity of Kansas.
The d is­ Clerk.
Rosewood Camp, No. 3835 R. N.
turbance lasted one hour.
A., m eets first and third F ridays of
W ashington, D. C.— All five in stru ­ each month in I. O. O. F. Hall. M ra
m ents a t G eorgetown U niversity re ­ M. S. Allen, O racle; Mrs. W in if r e d
corded a seism ic d isturbance e s ti­ Aldrich, Recorder.
Gale G range No. 282, P. of H „
m ated a t not less th a t 2,000 m iles dis­
meet« the first S aturdays of each
ta n t from W ashington.
month in the K. of P. Hall. A. T.
New Y ork—An earthquake of some Buxton, M aster; Mrs. IL J. Klee,
sev erity was reg istered on the seismo­ Secretary.
C IT Y .
graph a t Brooklyn college.
The rec­
ord began a t 2 :30 o ’clock and con­ Mayor—G. S. Allen.
tinued until 4:09, w ith a m axim um Recorder—M. R. Markham.
shock occurring a t 3:41.
T reasu rer—R. P. Wlrtz.
Chief of Police—P. W. W atkins.
A lfa lfa T ild e n 's Fare.
H ealth Officer—Dr. J. S. Bishop.
Chicago— Edw ard Tilden, president Councllmen—John W lrtz, Carl L. Hill­
man, O. M. Sanford, Rev. J. M.
of the National Packing company, su r­
Barber. W. F. Schultz, H. B. Jo h n ­
prised his fellow defendants in the
U nited S tates D istrict court Thursday
man, O. M. Sanford and John Mo-
by declaring th a t he had eaten a
b rea k fa st of alfalfa, served in the
C ity School.
form of pancakes. “ T here is a g re a t
School D irectors—M. Peterson, Mrs.
fu tu re for a lfa lfa ,” he said. “ I pre­
Edw ard Seymour, H. T. Buxton.
d ic t th a t in five years alfa lfa flour C lerk—R. P. Wlrtz.
will so be improved th a t it will be in
general use. I t may become a sub­ JiMtlce of the Peace— W. J. R. Beach.
s titu te for w heat. When it g ets to Constable—Carl Hoffman.
th a t point w heat will sell for 50 cents
a b ushel.”
Judge— R. O. Stevenson.
Sheriff—George G. Hancock.
R o a d s W o u ld Make Gift.
C lerk—John Bailey.
D enver — The D enver Tim es says R ecorder—T. L. Perkins.
th a t the Union Pacific and Burlington T re asu re r—E. B. Kappington.
railroads have agreed as p a rt consid­ S urveyor—Geo. McTee.
eratio n for th e rig h t to lay jo in t Coroner—E. C. Brown.
m issioners—John McClaran, Jo hn
track s on M arket stre e t to give $50,- Com
000 to the city o f D enver, th e money School Sup’t—M. C. Case.
to be used in in stallin g a large pipe
organ in the c ity ’s auditorium build­
8. P. T I M E T A B L E .
ing. The money, it is understood, is
North Bound.
to be available as soon as the city
Sheridan No. 4 ...................... 8:27 a. m.
council passes an ordinance g ran tin g Corvallis
No. 2 ..................... 4:53 p. m.
the railroads th e rig h t of way.
P e arl F ish e rm e n S e iz e d .
P e rim —An Italian w arship took ten
prisoners from a n ativ e pearl fishing
vessel and killed two of the men who
trie d to escape by sw im m ing ashore.
The w arship bombarded tw o coast
v illag es—on Ja n u ary 24 and Ja n u ary
27. I t is expected th a t Hodeida will
br bombarded n e x t
Corvallis No. 1 ................
Sheridan Nr. 3 ...............
.8:44 a. m.
6:00 p. m .
T he Live P a p e r w ith All th e N ew s. O nly $1
p er y ear. T he Preaa la equipped to do. and
doe*, th e Beat Jo b P rin tin g . E v e ry th in « in
th is line don • to please. P rice s rig h t.
u le
th t
I thd