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Historic Portland Beating to
on Alaskan Coast.
Cordova, Alaska — Lying at the
mouth o f the Katalla river, with an
unobstructed sweep o f the ocean beat­
ing in upon her, the steamer Port­
land, Captain Frank Moore, o f the
Alaska Coast company line, seems
doomed to be added to the already long
list o f vessels that have been wrecked
along the treacherous Alaska coast.
Prohibition is Defeated and Home Creeping through the inky darkness, Montana Goes Democratic— Beveridge
Rule Carries Small—W oman’s
Loses Seat in Senate— Twenty-
made worse by a blinding snow storm,
Seven Governors Chosen.
the vessel struck an uncharted rock
Suffrage Is Swamped,
rock off Martin island at 6 o ’clock in
the morning.
The heavy jar when the vessel
New York— The political upheaval
The winners in Oregon:
Tuesday was followed by a general
Congressman, First district -W . C.
sengers to the deck in their night
Hawley, Marion county, Rep.
survey o f the field, which disclosed in
clothes, but the excellent discipline o f
Congressman, Second district — A.
the officers and crew soon restored or­ greater detail and precision just what
W. Lafferty, Multnomah county. Rep.
der. The pumps^were set to work, but had been accomplished. Latest calcu­
Governor — Oswald West, Clatsop
the inrush of the water was too great, lations on the national house o f repre­
county, Dem.
and Captain Moore headed the vessel sentatives, based on complete but un­
Secretary o f state— F. W. Benson,
for the Katalla river, where she was
DouglaB county, Rep.
beached at high tide with a calm sea. official returns, show that the Demo­
State treasurer — Thomas B. Kay,
TheJ passengers were landed in the crats will have a majority o f 60.
Marion county, Rep.
ship’s boats without harm.
The outcome o f the United States
Justices o f Supreme court, four-year
Launches from Katalla were soon senate is now definitely settled. The
term— Henry J. Bean, Umatilla coun­
alongside and took off the mail, ex­ Republicans are assured o f 17 new sen­
ty, R ep.; Thomas A. McBride, Clacka­
press and baggage.
ators, which, with 34 hold-over sena­
mas county, Rep., Dem., non-political
Captain Moore thought he could tors, gives them a total of 51. The
make temporary repairs at low tide. Democrats are assured of 16 new sens
Justices o f Supreme court, six-year
Attention is now being directed to tors, which, with 25 hold-overs, give
year term— George H. Burnett, Marion
save freight on barges.
The main them a total o f 41.
county, Rep.; Frank A. Moore, Colurr,
boiler is out o f commission and the
Returns latp from Montana are to
bia county, Rep., Dem., non political
hold o f the vessel is filled with water. the effect that the Democrats have
The steamer Alameda, now off Cape elected at least 63 members o f the
Attorney general— A. M. Crawford
St. Elias, has been ordered to the next state legislature, which means
Douglas county, Rep.
scene o f the wreck to lend assistance that a Democrat will be elected to
Superintendent of public instruction
if possible, but heavy swells are be­ succeed United States Senator Carter.
— L. R. Alderman, Lane county, Rep.
ginning to come in and it is believed Fifty-tw o votes are necessary to con­
State printer — Willis S. Duniway
the vessel will pound to pieces.
trol on joint ballot. The senate will
Multnomah county, Rep.
be Republican by a vote o f 11 to 17,
Commissioner o f labor and inspector
while the house will be Democratic
o f factories and workshops — O.
by 42 to 32, according to practically
Hoff, Multnomah county, Rep.
Railroad commissioner — Frank
Also jWounds Gendarme in Defend­ complete returns.
These determined totals, however,
Miller, Linn county, Rep.
ing His Home Against Mob.
leave a Republican majority in the sen­
State engineer — John H. Lewis
Guadalajara, M ex.— Carlos B. Caroth- ate as follow s: Total membership, 92;
Marion county, Rep.
ers, a real estate dealer, shot and necessary to majority, 47; Republi­
With more than half the vote in the killed Jesus Loza, a 14 year old M exi­ cans, 51; Democrats, 41.
The table o f losses and gains in the
state counted, Oswald West leads Jay can, and wounded Prudencio Chaxez, a
Bowerman in the contest for governor gendarme, in defending his home house shows that Democrats won 56
Mexicans. seats previously held by Republicans,
by more than 1,800, and apparently the against an
estimate made at first indications that Carothers surrendered to the author­ while only six Republicans took places
West had been elected by a plurality ities and was placed in the state peni­ away from Democrats.
tentiary at midnight.
Following a
The 63d congress will be composed
o f 3,000 to 4,000 will be borne out by
preliminary examination he was placed as follow s:
the final count.
Democrats— Alabama 9, Arkansas 7,
The expectations aroused by the incommunicado.
Although the entire police force Colorado 3, Florida 3, Georgia, 11,
early count as to W est’s plurality in
Multnomah county have not been ful foot and mounted, and the Tenth regi­ Illinois 6, Indiana 11, Iowa 1, Ken­
filled. Later returns partly closed the ment o f cavalry were called out, riot­ tucky 8, Louisiana 6, Maryland 3,
gap between the two, but Bowerman ing, which began at 8 o ’clock at night, Massachusetts 4, Minnesota 1, Missis­
apparently has no hope o f carrying the was suppressed only after three hours sippi 8, Missouri 10, Nebraska 3, Ne­
county. West will have about 1,000 o f vigorous efforts and after additional vada 1, New Jersey 3, New York 12,
damage to property had been done. North Carolina 7, Ohio 8, Oklahoma,
plurality in Multnomah.
The figures
The affair was a continuation o f the 2, Pennsylvania 5, South Carolina 7,
given include 129 of the 182 precincts
previous night’s violence by student« Tennessee 8, Texas 15, Virginia 9,
o f the county, where the count hns
and workmen.
Wisconsin 1; total 172.
been completed, and fair percentages
Carothers, who declared at the po­
Republicans— California 8, Connecti­
o f the vote cast in all other counties
lice station that he was a Mexican, cut 5, Delaware 1, Idaho 1, Illinois 19,
but Columbia, Curry, Josephine, Kla
born at Saltillo, state o f Coahuila, but Indiana 2, Iowa 10, Kansas 8, Ken­
math, Lake, Sherman and Wheeler.
whose parents were Louisianans, was tucky 3, Maine 4, Maryand 3, Massa­
With returns in covering fully 80
guarding his home in the western part chusetts 9 Michigan 12, Minnesota 8,
per cent o f the vote cast on the home
o f the city, the windows and doors o f Missouri 6, Monatana 1, Nebraska, 3,
rule liquor amendment to the constitu­
which had been broken in the first New Hampshire 2, New Jersey 7, New
tion, the measure has a majority in
night’s rioting, when the mob ap­ York 25, North Carolina 3, North Da
the state o f 3,335. The remaining re
kota 2, Ohio 13, Oklahoma 3, Oregon
turns will cut this majority down con­
2, Pennsylvania 27, Rhode Island 2,
siderably and the amendment, if
South Dakota 2, Tennessee 1, Utah 1,
ried, will have a small majority, pos­
Vermont 2, Virginia 1, Washington 3,
sibly not more than 1,000.
West Virginia 5, Wisconsin 10, W y­
The state at large, outside o f Mult­
oming 1; total 215.
nomah county, has given a substantial
A summary o f the contest for gov­
vote against the amendment, but Mult
Kalamazoo, Mich. — Nine persons ernorships in 27 states shows that 13
nomah's majority for it o f 5,000 seems
were killed here when a fast Michigan Republicans and 13 Democrats won,
to have turned back the tide.
Central express train hit a Main street Idaho being in doubt. The successful
Elections under the local option law
car. Nearly a dozen were injured, candidates with their pluralities fol­
were held in 15 counties in Oregon at
some fatally. The known dead; Mo- low :
the time o f the general election and
torman Ward Abbott, Harry Holtz,
Pennsylvania, Tener, 33,000; New
the reports received therefrom indicate
Miss Bertha Hensler, James Breeze, Hampshire, Bass, 70,000; Rhode Is­
that five, and possibly six, counties
William Shafer, Hazel Hart.
land, Pothier, 900; Iowa, Carroll,
now dry have gone over to the “ wet”
Three bodies were removed from the 10,000;
pilot o f the engine so badly mangled Michigan, Osborn, 40,000; Minnesota,
The “ dry” counties known to have
that recognition was impossible.
Eberhart, 60.000; Nebraska, Aldrich,
voted “ wet” are Morrow, Klamath,
Conductor Van Horn had gone up 5,000; South Dakota, Vessey, 12,000;
Umatilla, Malheur and Polk, and re­
the track to flag his car ahead. Stand­ Wisconsin,
ports indicate that Tillamook, now a
ing near the crossing was a string of Johnson, 25,000; Nevada, Oddie; Ten­
“ dry” county, has also voted to restore
box cars, which obscured the view o f nessee, Hooper, 12,000.
the sale o f liquor.
the main track, and he motioned his
Democrats— New York, Dix, 66,000;
It is known that Douglas county has
car ahead.
New Jersey, Wilson, 30,000; Connec­
again voted against the saloons and
He had stepped aside fo let the car
Linn remains dry by a majority o f pass when the train came around the ticut, Baldwin, 3,500; Massachusetts,
Foss, 33,000; Ohio, Harmon, 60,000;
more than 500.
bend at a terrific rate.
The crash Oklahoma, Cruce; Colorado, Shafroth;
“ w et,” has refused to change its pol­
came just as Van Horn stepped from
icy. Josephine county, now “ d ry,” between the train and his car. He es­ Oregon, W est; Wyoming, Carey; Ala­
bama, O'N eill, 50,000; South Carolina,
has given a majority o f only 12 against
caped injury, but has been removed to
the sale o f liquor, but it is reported a his home in a state o f nervous col­ Blease, 60,000; Texas, Colquitt; North
Dakota, Burke, 3,000.
contest will be entered in the effort to lapse.
New York— Commenting on the re­
throw out the vote in one dry precinct
At the hospital are two unidentified sult o f the elections, the New York pa­
on account of alleged irregularities.
girls, whose injuries may prove fatal. pers generally regard it as a rebuke to
Coos, now “ w et,” it is reported, has
They are badly cut and physicians say Theodore Roosevelt and a death blow
voted to oust the liquor dealers, but they are injured internally.
to his ambition and his new national­
the report could not be confirmed.
Lake county remains “ wet” by a
Police C hief is Slain.
majority o f about 60.
Anadarko, Okla— Police Chief W.
M ayor Gaynor Is Satisfied.'
O f the 32 initiative and referendum
Temple was called to his door by an
New York— Mayor Gaynor said that
measures submitted to the voters in
the recent election, seven are known unidentified Mexican and fatally shot. he was satisfied with the results of the
to have been approved, practically all He died in 15 mainutes. The shooting election. “ I do not view the result in
doubt has been removed as to the ap­ came about an hour after six shots a partisan spirit or with a mere feel­
“ I
proval o f the eighth— the presidential were fired at a patrolman on Main ing o f elation,” said the mayor.
primary bill— while a ninth measure, street here by some person who was see in it a readjustment of those voters
throughout the country who are too
the county tax amendment, is still in not found.
The Mexican, who came to Anadarko intelligent to remain mere thick-and-
The intelligence of
The following measures have been recently, appeared to be well educated. thin partisans.
About 300 men from Anadarko are the country ia asserting itself, and
An act authorising the establish­ scattered over the county searching for business msn and property owner* will
ment o f a branch insane asylum in him and if he ia found it is feared that again divide themselves normally be­
a lynching will result.
tween the parties, as formerly, and as
Eastern Oregon.
they do in other countries.”
A bill providing for the permanent
Mail-Order House Pays.
support and maintenance o f the Oregon
Chicago— A »10,000,000 "m e lo n ”
state normal school at Monmouth.
15 Burbona Win in Ohio.
waa decided on by the directors o f
The home rule a mend menu
Cleveland, O .— Final unofficial fig­
Sears, Roebuck Co., the
stock o f
An employers’ liability law.
A bill prohibiting the taking o f fish which firm is listed on the New York ures on the Ohion election show that
from the Rogue river except by an­ and Chicago exchange«. The directors the Democrats have elected 15 out of
voted to recommend a stock dividend 21 congressmen. The Cleveland News
o f S3 1-3 per cent on the common stock figures J orison Harmon, Democrrt,
The good roods amendment.
An amendment changing judicial ($30,000,000) to holders o f record April haa been re-elected governor by a plu-
Republicans Get Both Represen­
tatives In Congress.
Democrats Gain 56 in House
and Lose Only Six.
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