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F orest G rove P ress
Voi. 1
Eloquent Georgia Lecturer
Teachers’ Association Meet
Scores Liquor interests The Washington Co., Teachers
Fine Art Exhibit Nov. 2
No. 50
Municipal “Dads” Approve
Plan for City Beautiful
More new pupils this week.
Much enthusiasm i s being
High School has passed
Association met a t the school
among both teachers
Before an audience that filled house in Hillsboro October 15,
The movement started by the
and pupils in the schools over the
the Congregational church to After music by the Association,'
The instruments for the school coming exhibition of pictures to Woman’s Club of this city for the
overflowing, Mrs. Mary Harris the subject of ‘The County High band have arrived.
take place at the K. o f P. Hall tieautifying of Forest Grove in
Armor, president o f the Georgia School Fund” was discussed by
Paul Griffith is out this week from Nov. 2 to Nov. 4, the pro­ general and its streets in particu­
W. C. T. U., Tuesday night 0. M. Gardner, o f this city. The
ceeds from which will go toward lar, bore substantia) fruit Thurs­
spoke on prohibition and the evils teachers were urged to present ! on account o f sickness.
purchasing pictures for t h e day evening of last week when
of the liquor traffic.
The Public School will not have schools.
the matter in the various districts
Councilman Abraham, at a spe­
inrs Armor is a speaker of and some circulars on the subject a foot ball team this year.
Tne two moms selling the most cial session o f the municipal
mucn eloquence and power, and were distriouted.
Fifteen of our teachers were tickets to Nov. 1 will be reward­ governing body, presented an
was cheered repeatedly at the
Next was the completion of the ! at the county teachers meeting ed by a prize picture for each ordinance providing for the park­
telling points she made against organization. Tne committee on at Hillsboro last Saturday.
room. The fee is very small ing o f the city thoroughfares,
the saloon. She gave it as her constitution reported by adding
the chance to study some which was passed by unanimous
The debating societies have
opinion that Oregon would go to the former constitution an ad-
o f the old and new art is oppor­ vote and immediately signed by
dry at the coming election, but j dition .of four Vice-presidents,
the mayor.
that to attain that consummation j each to be at the head of a de- preparing for some contests this
The ordinance reserves to the
Five exhibits will be given.
there would be required the partaient and to choose a com­ winter.
city 40 feet in the center of each
united and earnest effort o f the mittee to assist in the department
The ( o nmittees have been ap­ in the evnning. A program of street for public travel, the bal­
church people and all those who work.
pointed and work has begun on local talent will also be provided. ance of each street, except such
had at heart the greater welfare
The amended constitution was the Art Exhibit to be held in the
portion as is used for sidewalks,
o f the state. She said that the passed and the following vice K. o f P. Hall the first week in Teachers a n d children have to be parked if desired. There
speakers for the Greater Oregon presidents were elected:
November. This will be a chance manner. If the people of the is nothing in the ordinance o f a
Home Rule Association were very
1st. B. W Barnes Sup’tD ep ’ t. of a lifetime to see some of the city buy tickets freely sufficient compelling nature, but property
careful not to say anything about
2nd. li. L. Waun
Pedagogy. best pictures in the market.
funds ought to be raised to en­ ownera are granted the right,and
the saloon, but confined their re­
3rd. W. E. Thomas
Manual Training and Domestic able a number o f good pictures to the invitation is extended, t o
marks to trying to show the dis­
in Teaching.
Science and Art are in full pro- be bought for the school. This plant grass, flowers, shrubs or
advantages of state-wide prohi­
4th. Anna Taylor Literature. I gress now. About 300 pupils are will be a move in the right di- trees along the street front of
bition. jV-
Wm. Scott, of Dilley, discussed
rection as there is a dearth of their holdings. Each owner to
Mrs. Armor has spoken in a the
__ _ subject; “ The First Day in taking work. Two classes in
good pictures in our schools at keep ¿heir individual parking in
great many states in the cause o f School
after which the meet- The patrons are invited to come present.
good condition. The ordinance
_ and stated
. . that in 11 ing was adjourned to meet at in and visit the work. The in-
This exhibit represents some further provides that no trees
her opinion Oregon is the great-' Forest Grove Saturday, Nov. 12. | terest does not lag and pupils of the best art and includes over are to be cut, defaced or removed
est state she has yet been in; our j The association has a member- are enjoying the work immensely. 200 copies representing a value of without the consent o f the city
soil and climate are better and : shjp o f 25 and all teacheas are They are getting something use­ about $2500.
our people more prosperous than asked to join
These pictures are of Interest
in most states. She scored the
Mrs. T. Wigman was in Port­
to all, both old and young, and
liquor interests for trying to
Carl Hoffman accompanied the
they are expected to attract and land last week.
make capital out of the search family of A. G. Hoffman to Port­
instruct large numbers of peo­
Mrs. F. A. Moore visited Port­
clause of the prohibition law. land Tuesday.
land friends Friday last.
The search law is for the purpose
Ike Ripperdan is rapidly recov­
o f reaching those who are notor­
ing from his recent injury.
Mr. and Mrs. Prichard, o f Gas­
ious and willful breakers o f the
were Grove visitors Monday.
T. B. Perkins was an over Sun­
law, and there is no danger of
Beck, of Dilley, transact­
Tuesday evening, at the resi­
At the special session of the
innocent people being subjected
in the Grove Tues­
to the mortification of having] dence o f Rev. T. H. Symms,
City Council Oct. 13, an ordinance
Prof. Yates and Miss Smith was passed and signed by the day.
their residences searched at any j who performed the ceremony,
A girl baby was born to Mrs.
and all times at the pleasure o f ! Mrs. Mary E. Wilson, of this have charge of the Buxton school mayor, granting to A. Welch the
city, and Henry C. Gordion, of this year.
privilege of erecting and main­ J. Vincent Rosewarne at the
the officers.
The speaker said that she had ; The Dalles, were uuited in the
Miss Ruth Peterson returned taining poles and wires through home of Dr. Simones Saturday
Mrs. Gor­ from a visit with friends in Port­ certain o f the city streets for a morning.
heard she was to debate Mayor bonds o f matrimony
period o f twenty-five years.
Rose in Portland. She said she dion has been a resident of For land last week.
Bert Raymond and wife, of
The franchise g ves to the city I Minnesota, are among the new
knew nothing about it, but that est Grove for twenty-one years
Mrs. Wooldridge, e f Seanik, is the right of purchasing power
if she did she would like to have ! and is well known to the resi-
arrivals in the Grove. They will
her Forest Grove audience go dents, Mr. Gordion is a harness visiting her aunt, Mrs. Clearwat- from the Welch concern,but gives i locate here permanently.
I er, of this place.
no right to the grantee of selling
down and hear the debate. She maker in his home town.
The subject for the morning
The couple will leave for The
had never debated a prominent
Walter Hannan and wife will or distributing power within the
sermon at the Congregational
man but once, and then she felt Dalles some time this coming shortly remove to Portland, where corporate limits.
church Sunday will be “ Paul at
like she was spanking a sick week, and will make their home Mr. Hannan has taken up city
Athens.” In the evening will
baby. She said that St. Louis in that city
j contracting.
be given the illustrated lecture
was the most beer-soaked city in j
Mr. Pease returned Tuesday
that has been deferred on account
the United States, and the beer
from a visit to Portland and will
The service at the Christian i of the lack' o f lights, providing
manufacturers had a lease on the |
shortly remove to h i s ranch, church will be o f unusual impor­ the lights are then on.
entire population o f the Missouri
Mrs. Sidna Kane, aged 70, died where the family will camp fora tance at 10 a. m., the men’s Bi­
ble class will have charge o f the, Fire early Sunday morning de­
at her home in this city Monday while.
The audience that listened to night, after an illness of several
Pease and Hannan have sold Sunday School which will be con- ] stroyed a hen house belonging to
Mrs. Armor was very enthusiast­ days. Mrs. Kane has been a res- their General Merchandise and ducieu l n the interest of the the Armstrong family at A street
ic and over one hundred and fifty dent o f Forest Grove since 1873, Hardware business to Gregerson Veterans. Any one who has! and Third Avenue South. The
dollars raised to help make ‘ ‘Ore­ and crossed the plains from Mis­ and Kilburg Bros., of Woodburn, been a soldier eithei in the Civil 1 alarm was sounded at 3:40 o ’clock
gon dry, 1910.” Music was fur­ souri to Oregon in 1845. Deceased Oregon.
war or the Inilian wars, in fact and prompt work by the depart­
nished by the choir, and Miss was married in 1856 to Wm.
any o f these respected soldiers ment soon extinguished
Goldie Peterson sang.
are invite 1 to attend this s e r -]
Kane, who survives her. Two
vice. At 11 a. m. the pastor will known.
children, Frank Kane, o f Hills­
to these soldiers especially, !
boro, and at one time mayor of
The first concert of the year to
Forest Grove, and Mrs. John be held at Pacific University will yet a subject o f interest to all.
Forest Grove’s wild and woolly Kibbie. of Portland, are also left be given Monday evening,Oct.31, The s bject o f the sermon will be
b r o n c o buster, ‘ ‘Cub” Bear, to mourn her loss.
In a hotly contested match the
under the auspices of the Con­ ‘ ‘ Faith, ilie Secret o f Victory” .
Mrs. Kane was a member of servatory of Music o f that insti­ The evening sermon will be Evan­ boys of Pacific went down to de­
reached home last Thursday, a-
stnde of a fiery steed, and im­ Forest Chapter 42, Order o f East­ tution, by the Pasmore String gelistic in preparation for the feat lie fore the gladiators of the
mediately proceeded to announce ern Star, and the funeral servic­ Trio, an J promises to lie one of corning revival. There will he Hill Military Academy o f Port­
his arrival by an exhibition of es yesterday were held under the the best ever delivered in this baptisimal service following the land, Saturday. The score stood
morning sei mon.
11 to 12 at the end of the last
fancy horsemanship upon the auspices o f that organization. city.
Interment was made in Buxton
half, and Hill worked hard thru-
streets o f our fair city.
The foremost critics of Europe
out to achieve the victory, as the
“ Cub” has been in Eastern cemetery.
have accorded the Passmore Sis­
P. U lads played an aggressive
Oregon for the past two years,
ters a place in the front rank of
game all the way. Ward, the
and while there took unto him­
the worlds greatest chamber-
W. J. R. Beach, of this city, captain of the University eleven,
self a bride most charming and
music organizations, and they are has .»een directly honored by the
sv.eet. The young couple will
considered to be the most bril­ committee having in charge the was taken out with a sprained an­
remain in the Grove for a short
liant ladies’ trio now appearing monster t e m p e r a n c e parade kle during t h e third quarter,
which weakened the team some­
time, as guests of Papa Bear. Charles Hines, with Miss Minnie before the public.
which is to be held in Portland what. The most spectacular work
The young chap has met with Myers, will leave Monday to at­
Saturday afternoon. Mr. Beach, of the game was the holding o f
great success in the eastern part tend the convention o f the State | under a great European master.
who is a veteran of '61, wilj head
of the state, and will probably Federation of Woman’s Clubs, In addition to their individual the first division, which will be Hill for yardage for three consec­
make his home there for the
musical attainments, their en­ composed of mem tiers o f the utive downs when the ball was
Oct. 25, 6 and 7.
within less than five yards of
Questions of import to the semble work, for which they are Grand Army and the Ministerial
The selection of
Mr. Livinggood and wife of women of Otegon, and the state
State Commander Beach for this
McMinnville spent Sunday with in general, will be discussed at delighted thousands.
Miss Kirkwood has just re­
position is a just tribute to the
his brother and family of this this convention. The social fea-
Bertha Drew Gilman, Depart­ worth of the old heroes, and that ceived a lot o f new Millinery.
city, who is agent at the S.P. De­ tureof the gathering will be fully
ment Inspector of the Woman’s he I relongs to Forest Grove is a She is prepared to give you Port­
pot. Mr. Livinggood is the S.P, looked after, and a most enjoy­
land styles at less than Portland
able and pleasant time is antici­ Relief Corp, will be in this city fact to be proud of.
agent at McMinnville.
Thursday afternoon for the pur­
Mrs.Wm. Douglass and daught­ pated by th i delegates.
Last Saturday afternoon, at the
pose of inspecting the local or
Capt. Peters and wife spent
er, M:ss Helen Stone of Gales
Wilbur Weston and Miss Rena ganization The ceremony will residence of Mrs. F. W. Emerson,
Creek, were shopping in Forest Purser joine I the ranks o f the take place in the K. o f P. Hall, a most pleasant birthday party Sunday in Portland with friends.
Grove Tuesday.
‘ ‘Newlyweds'’ Sunday afternoon, and at’ its conclusion, refresh­ was held, with about 20 little
N. V. Atkins was a Sunday
Paul Lilly came up from Port- Rev. H. Gould tying the nuptial ments will be served and the ones participating. Ice cream visitor to the metropolis.
land haturday for a brief stay.
knot. The young people are well members o f the Grand Army en and cake were served, games in­
Judge Hollis was a Portland
Two carloads of hops went east known in this city and will make tertained. A pleasant and prof­ dulged in, and a right good time
enjoyed by all the youngsters.
visitor Tuesday.
itable afternoon is anticipated.
via the Oregon Electric this week, their home in Forest Grove.
Cupid Still Active
25 Year Franchise Granted
Christian Church
Passed to Final Rest
String Trio to Appear
“Cub’’ Bear A Benedict
P. U. Eleven Suffers Defeat
Feilow Townsman Honored
To Attend Convention