Forest Grove press. (Forest Grove, Or.) 1909-1914, October 06, 1910, Image 7

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    Live Items of Local Interest
H I N M A N ’S
Compiled by the Hustling, Bustling, Rustling
Local Reporters of the Press
Tom Todd o f the Oakhill sec­
Miss Joy Smith visited with
tion, was a business visitor in Newburg friends several days
the past week.
town Friday.
Virgil Waterman o f the Mt.
Mrs. Nellie Adams o f Portland
Hood country is visiting home was the guest of Mrs. E. W.
folks in this city.
Haines last week.
Attorney George Bagley of
Now is the time to purchase
Hillsboro was attending to busi­
that range you want. The best
ness matters in the Grove, Fri­
that are made can be had at
Hinman’ s.
The cold weather demands proper protection within doors
as well as without. You can secure indoor comfort at a low
cost in fuel by using the right stoves. W e have them.
The “A U R O R A ” , a handsome heating stove, with
bronze urn and full nickle trim.
and Hot Blast Attachment.
Hinman has a full line of
Henry Hocking o f this city has
and heating stoves in
to Grants Pass, where, if he
Make your selection now.
the surroundings, he w ill'
“ Charter Oak” .
make his future home.
Gtoige Marsh, Clerk of the
Mrs. Adolph Eilers, o f Port­
Federal Court at Portland, ac-
visited with friends in this by his wire, was visit­
Saturday. Mrs Eilers is
ing friends in the Grove la. t
o f Levi Smith.
Planished Steel”, the finest
grade that is made, manu­
these stoves.
fo r
The oven is
_________ strong and rigid and i t s
Ira Purdin and daughter, who
formerly lived on a farm North
of town, but who now make their
home in Portland, were visiting
friends in the Grove the past
! nicHe trim and will STAND THE TEST OF W E A R .
Jerry Walker, a graduate of
Paci.'c University, who e home
is in Washington, was visiting
fri nds in the Grove the past
week. Mr. Walker is a nephew
o f S. T. Walker i f this city.
Because two large plate glass
windows w>ere broken at Ander
son’s Tues ay, dint l h>k th t
he has raised on the price of
clothing. Selling at h same
old price.
Miss Minnie Heidel, who stud­
ied last year in the Boston ¡School
o f Expression, is now visiting
her parents in Hillsboro. She
was ^ resting old friends at the
reception here Friday night.
Mrs. James Dempsey, who for­
merly made her home in this city,
now living in P r and, visited
this week with her father, Levi
Smith, and her sister, Mrs. Fan­
nie Clark.
George Neil and wife, o f Port­
spent the week end with
the form er's mother in this city.
“ A l” used to be one o f the star
players o f P. U. foot ball team,
and is now a rising young con­
tractor o f the Rose city.
Mrs. Earl Hamilton of Seattle
was the guest o f Mr. and Mrs.
Henry Hami t n of this city last
week. Mrs. Hamilton was on-
route to Eureka, Calif to visit
her mother who is quite ill.
Mrs. Prater, who formerly
lived in this citv, now making
her home with her daughter in
Portland, visited relatives in the
Grove this week. Mrs. Prater is
a v. ur widow, her husband hav­
ing lost his life while defending
the stars and strips in the Civil
war. She is the grandmother of
Mrs. Miles Watrous. of this city.
At the Congregational church
Sunday, the topic for the morn­
ing sermon by Rev. Thomas will
be “ Jesus Misunderstood” . An
illustrated lecture ‘ The Life of
Christ” , will be given in the eve­
ning. and “ The Holy City” , il­
lustrated, will be sung by M ?s
Goldie Peterson. The giving of
the illustrated lecture will depend
on whether there is electric cur­
rent for light.
throughout of “ Hammered
C i'; k ^Jtokesbei ry received a
message from his old home in
Iowr. r:otify;ng him o f the ser-
ioi ; ill ess o f his aged mother,
ai d departed Friday evening to
be w iti. her.
I construction such as to insure the best possible results in
The flue box is cast iron, extra large, with ample
| opening; the damper is very simple and impossible to burn
I out; reservoirs are porce ain lined.
All ranges are full
I « 1 A " !
Charter Oak and
“ W ood ” Superior
Stand at the head of all com­
Give a greater a-
mount of heat at a lower ex­
penditure for fuel.
Come in
and examine them.
Why burn $4 wood when you
For scientific horse-shoeing go
can buy a ton of Mendota coal for to Bryon Markham, Main Street.
87.50, delivered. Little soot and He guarantees results.
little ash. Keeps an even fire.
No splitting, no sawing, equals
two cords o f wood. Give it a trial
Roswurm and Moulton, Forest
Bob Weatherred o f Hillsboro
signed up for a nine months en­
gagement as student with Pacific
University Friday last. Bob and
Horace McCoy recently returned
from a joyous hunt and fishing
trip South o f Newport. They
got a five point buck. Mac will
not be in school this year.
Nickle foot rail.
C. B. Davis o f Gaston and John
Var.dezanden. w h o formerly
made his home in this city, spent
several days the past week in
Vancouver, Washington.
Davis contemplates the purchase
o f a farm near Dilley for a con­
sideration of about sixteen hund­
red dollars.
Draft Register
The “C H A R T E R O A K ”
range is carefully
Archie Clark and wife left Sat­
urday for points down the Colum­
bia river, where Archie will
work with a railroad surveying
John Bryant, a real estate man
o f Portland and a former student
o f P. U. was in the Grove last
week. John was a member o f
the last legislature and was re­
nominated by the Republicans at
the recent primaries for re-elec­
tion. John is an advocate of
Statement One.
splendid heater which will give sure satisfaction.
Wheelock Marsh, formerly a
Notice to Farmers—Bring in
nev,\-'-:iper man and postmaster J your chickens, eggs and butter
o f t.:is city, now a clerk i i the \ to W. F. Schultz and get cash
Fe ityul C^urt, Portland, visit d | in exchange. Produce o f all
with Giove friends the past week. | kinds wanted.
“ Dad” Moulton returned to
this city Saturday, after having
spent several months as a fire
warden in the timber o f Col-
urn1 ia county. “ Dad” was com­
pelled to fight a number o f fires,
but did not let any o f them get
beyond his control.
Swing top.
able front panel with nickle screw.
C. L.
See the
J. B. Matthews wishes to show
you the new “ Union” jack; for
lifting, setting tin s, stretching
fence ard many other uses. Al­
ways har.dy.
A . E. M O U L T O N
Roswurm & Moulton
Successors to
Roswurm & Co.
Dealers in Real Estate, Exchanges, Business Chances,
Ice, Coal and Wood
m iss
When going to the post-office,
take a tumble to yourself, and
don’ t stand directly in front of Everyday we're making
the boxes while the mail is being
distributed. Some people like to
stand and peer into their boxes
Come in and fet your share
to see if the postmaster will hand
them anything, or if not that, to
stand and gossip with a friend so In DRY GOODS BARGAINS
near the boxes that others wish­
ing to get their mail must crowd
in front o f them with seeming
rudeness. Exercise the spirit o f
fair play.
Forest Grove
Bankers & Merchants Mutual Fire Ass’n
Forest Grove, Oregon
Writes the Most Conservative Line of Commercial and
Dwelling Insurance of Any Mutual Company in the
State. It will Pay You to Protect Your Prop­
erty with One of Our Policies
Oregon Land & Trading Co.
Edward Seymour, Mgr
Farm and City Property
P hones
F orest G ro v e , Oregon
Hoffman and Allen Company
P R E S S . now