Forest Grove press. (Forest Grove, Or.) 1909-1914, September 29, 1910, Image 8

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Rev. A. C. Brackenbury, of
cMinnville, visited with friends
i this city this week.
New Fall Millinery
For the Trade
“ Superior” stoves and ranges
nave no superior. Sold by Hin-
rnan, the Hardware man.
tf j
Miss Frances Heibel will leave
Saturday for the Phelps district, 1
¿here she will teach this year,
ier school to open Monday.
A. A. Kirkwood left Monday
Everything for men from a col-
Missoida, Montana, where he
The Latest Shapes and Newest Col­
will continue his studies in engi­
je had at Anderson’ s.
neering at the State University.
orings in Millinery Materials
Mrs. George Grayson o f the
F or R e n t — Seven-room house,
i’rask spent Monday and Tues­
Velvets, Plushes, Beaver Cloth, Fancy Feathers, Wings
large basement, Corner Third St.
day with friends in this city.
and Millinery Novelties
and Second avenue South. Ten
P ractical N u r s e —M r s.
dollars per month.—Inquire Dr.
Now Being Displayed
Amanda Artley, residence, No. 15,
North Fourth Street, Phone55x.
Professor Charles Bradley, of
Horses sent for and delivered
F orest G rov e
to any part o f the City. lnd. O.A.C., a graduate and former
Phone No. 322
Byron Mark- instructor o f Pacific University,
I ham.
visited with friends in the Grove
Prof. 0 . M. Gardner and fam­ this week.
ily were Hillsboro visitors Sun­
Miss Kirkwood is now ready
day, going down to attend the for fall trade with an extra fine
PI conference services.
assortment o f the latest creations
Right on l ime
Mrs. John Williams.of this city, in millinery. Plenty o f help and
who has been seriously ill lor the prepared to handle all orders, tf
past several weeks, is reported to
The Oddfellows’ lodge o f this Elgin Wntche3 are Unsurpassed
| he improving in health.
city, notified Mayor Peterson last i:i A ccuracy & Quality Feature*
Dr. Semones.
Homeopathic Saturday to remove the farming
Staeh.r says it was Jack Wright
Sold by
Does no implements he has on display on
that heard Frank Barns say that
Mat Peterson told him, that Dan surgery. O ffice at residence. the vacant lot belonging to the
Arthur Shearer
Parson said that Dr. Hines told 217 First st. Ind. Phone 311. tf lodge at the cornerof Main street
him that Harry Giltner said it
Mrs. Myrtle Bullock, living on and First avenue, North.
was no doubt that Charlie Roe North Fourth Street, in this city,
L ost —B e t w e e n Christian
said that Charlie Miller thought has been quite ill the past week, church and Miss Baker’s resi­
that Burton believed that it was and under the care o f a physican.
dence. Ladies size watch, hunt­
Dr Large ‘ attending“ that said
ing case, dull gold, initials G.L.
John Thornburg reckoned it was
T. on front case. Small gold
Wilbur McEIldownev that heard
chain attached t o guard ring.
Willis Goff intermate that Pater­ ! visit with relatives, after which
Finder please return to PRESS
son had said in plain terms that
office, or Phone 495.
he heard Parker the harnessman
Miss Liola House, Earl House
say that his friend Carl Hinman
you require for the hot days
Always a positive feed to the
was postive that Henry Hamilton | Parker “ Lucky Curve” Fount­ and Dwinell Clapp, o f Pacific Uni­ of* July and August should be
had worn D r . R eeds Cushioned ain Pen. Go to Shearer, the versity, and Miss Marie Wood, a purchased now.
soled SHOES and could recomend Main St. Jeweler, and get one on graduate o f McMinnville conser­
A complete line of hammocks
10 days trial.
vatory o f music, leave this week porch swings, rattan chairs, etc.
them to any one suffering feet; 1 want to say right here that there
Miss Maud Lilly o f Gules Creek for Eastern Oregon, where they are here for your inspection.
is but one D r .R eeds , and sold ONLY AT THE FORESTGROV
SHOE STORE. Hows this, boys, my first type sticking since who attended the public schools will give a series o f musical and
We have a nice assortment
o f these essentials to cooln. ss and
spring of 1865; rah for TAFT and good Shoes. Yours Truly, in this city last year, has return­ dramatic entertainments.
you will find them most inviting.
ed to the Grove and registered
C. V. B. R ussell .
The first regular meeting of
Our experience tells us that
for the fall term.
W e are ready and will give you the lowest prices
Gales Grange since June will oc­ we may safely trust the peonie
Mrs. Joh i Wilson Macrum will cur Saturday Oct. 1, at 10:30 a.m. to pick out the good points of
for solid shoes ever offered, quality considered.
| leave Saturday for her home in at the K. o f P. Hall. Initiation anything in this line.
A Special Line of School Shoes
Spokane, having spent t h r e e work will occupy the forenoon,
months with her mother, Mrs.L. and a dinner will be served at ROE 8c C O M P A N Y
Our 9 o ’clock School Shoes are the sensation o f the day—and
well they might be, for they are beauties.
Watt, in this city.
noon. It is expected that there
5 to 8 $1.50, 8J to 11 $1.90, 12 to 2 $2.00 to $2.25
$50 cash buys a paid up certif­ will be a large attendance of
Boys High Cuts, $1.75 to $4.50
icate o f scholarship in the Inter­ grangers.
As G ood as Made
The PRESS wants
national Correspondence Schools
The open meeting held at the
Bergman’ s Portland Made Shoes
ox Scranton,Pa.,good for any $75 Christian church Tuesday even­ correspondents.
A. A. Cutter Heavy Shoes
course. Inquire PRESS office, tf ing was well attended. The pro­
W. L. Douglass 3.00, 3.20 and 4.00 “ Best Made on Earth”
If you can write for pubh
So says Mr, Douglass, “ and he is no liar, either”
Mrs. Kimble, a nurse o f Tilla­ gram consisted o f music, recitat­
Dr. Reed’s Cushion Soled Shoes for Tender Feet
mook, who has been visiting ions and short addresses, after cation, get in touch wit!1
are another of the good shoes we carry
in Portland, visited Monday eve­ which, refreshments were served this office. W e have ar
Thats all there is to it. We want your trade, you
ning at the residence o f Marion and a social good time was had. offer which will positively
want our shoes. We will do the best we can to fit
Hall in this city on her way home An offering was taken to pur­ prove interesting. Drop
and please you if you will CALL.
Mrs. Amanda Artley, o f Phila- chase an organ for the open air postal or call in person.
Terms cash and good treatment assured at
idelphia, who recently came to work at Pandra, India.
Mrs. A . E. Dixon
The Main St. Jeweler
Forest Grove Shoe Store
C. V. B. Russell
Oregon on a short visit, and con­
Holbrook Ijodge No. 30,
cluded to remain a year, will make
A. F. and A. M. Stated
Communication this Sat­
her home with Mr. and Mrs.
Oct. 1 at 8 o ’ clock.
Marion Hall in this city.
Regular business and work in
Andrew Klepser, o f W’ eeping theF. C. degree. Visiting breth-
later, Nebraska, was in the ren welcome. By order o f the
Worshipful Master.
Grove Friday, the guest o f P rof­
A. B en K ori . Secretary.
essor Taylor. He was much
I wish to thank my many
pleased with Oregon, and may
friends for the liberal support!
decide to move to this state.
for Representative given me in
The Washington county Veter­
the late Primary Nominating El­
an Association will meet at Cor­
ection. While we have received
nelius. Oregon, October 13, 1910,
less than a majority vote we feel
at ten o ’clock a. m., for the trans­
that we made a good showing.
action o f important business and
Now let us one and all endeavor
a good time. Order committee.
to hold our party together by our
State Game Warden R.O. Stev­ support o f the candidates nomi­
enson o f this city, -left Tuesday nated. on the REPUBLICAN
morning for The Dalles, Enter­ Ticket.
j . N. H offman .
prise, Union, and other points in
Mr. and Mrs. Chas. O. Ro ■ en­
Eastern Oregon on business con­
tertained at Five Hundre Tues­ That’s the verdict of
nected with his office. He will
day evening. Mrs. Wilber Mc-
who patronize
be gone for several days.
Eldowney won the unique first
At the Congregational Church prize o f an angel food cake. The O U R
Sunday, Rev. D. D. Thomas will affair was a most enjoyable one;
O u r Stock 1» Com plete
O u r C U rks A re Courteo»»
occupy the pulpit in the morning, those present were; Mesdames
O u r Prices A re W *
taking for his subject. “ The Kinzer. Abbott, Willis Goff, Harry
Crown o f Righteousness.” In Goff. McEldowney, Macrum; Miss- Let Us Please Y ou, To*
the evening a t 7:30 Professor es Hinman. Langley and Ruffner,
H . T . Giltner
Taylor o f Pacific University will Messers. Harry Goff, Ab'oott,
deliver an address on “ A Hund­ Kinzer, McEldowney. and Claude Ind. Phene 701 Main Sire*
red years o f Christian Victory” . Smith.
Pac. States 26
A pple Boxes - Grape Boxes
Boxes M ade to Order
at the
Forest Grove Planing Mill Co.
Mill W o r k of A ll Kinds
Lime and Sand.
Doors, W in ­
dows and Sash.
and and Oils