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300,000 RAILWAY
Doings of the World at Large
Told in Brief.
General Resume o f Important Events
Presented In Condensed Form
fo r Our Busy Readers.
Petitions have been drafted for the
recall o f Mayor Gill, o f Seattle.
Six were killed and 12 injured in a
trolley car wreck at Tipton, Ind.
The Sultan o f Sulu has arrived in
New York to study American customs.
Bobby Lynch, o f Niagara Falls, Ont.,
successfully ran the rapids in a barrel.
Governor, Jay Bowerman.
First district, W. C. Hawley; Second
district, A . W. Lafferty.
Judges o f the Supreme court, four-
year term, H. J. Bean, and T. A.
McBride; six-year term, G. H. Bur-
: nett and F. A. Moore.
Secretary o f State, F. W. Benson.
State Treasurer, T. B. Kay.
Attorney General, A. M. Craw­
School Superintendent, L. R. Al­
State Printer, W. S. Duniway.
Labor Commissioner, O. P. Hoff.
Railroad Commissioner Frank J.
State Engineer, John H. Lewis.
Water Superintendent, division 1,
J. T. Chinnock.
Will Take a Solid Stand in Na­
tional and State Politics
Move is Strictly Non-Partisan,
Intended Solely to Better
W orkers’ Condition,
New York— For the first time in the
history of railway unions, members
and delegates representing 83,000 men
o f the four great divisions of railway
employes in the East, voted unani­
mously at a meeting here to take con­
certed action in national and state
“ The proper place to settle Ques­
tions affecting labor is at the ballot
box,” said W. S. Stone, o f Cleveland,
O., grand chief o f the Brotherhood o f
Locomotive Engineers.
"W h atever your political affiliations,
do not let party lines blind you to your
interest or prevent you from doing
what you think is best and right. See
that the men for stand for the
right principles, regardless o f party,
and support these men who meet the
requirements and you will not only be
doing the best thing for yourselves,
but for the public.
"T h is is not a political move at all,
as is generally understood, but a move
to get away from the old lines’o f parti­
san politics.”
In pursuance o f this plan, the meet­
ing voted to send out a series o f eight
questions to state and national candi­
dates, particularly to candidates for
the legislature and congress, asking
for a definition o f their attitude on
the universal adoption o f safety appli­
ances and an employer’s liability law
where such does not already exist,
company pensions for superannuated
employes, hours o f labor and other
matters o f kindred interest.
Forester Pinchot captured a giant
swordfish at Avalon, off the California
Victims Taken From Crowded Train
The village o f Flippin, Ky., was
— Fifty Deaths.
wiped off the map by a terrific wind
Naples, Italy— The epidemic of chol­
and rain storm.
era here has attained most alarming
A strike has been begun in New proportions, and energetic measures
York City which will affect 125,000
bricklayers and workers in kindred are to be taken by government health
officials to combat the disease.
A woman claiming to be the legal than 100 new cases were reported to
widow o f "L u ck y ”
has the authorities Sunday. Fifty deaths
brought suit to break the will of the occurred within 24 hours.
deceased millionaire.
The government, which up to the
A French countess has arrived in present has persistently declined to
New York to bestow an estate of many recognize the existence o f the cholera,
millions upon her American grand has now admitted that the disease
daughter, whom she has just discover­ which has caused such havoc within
the last two weeks is cholera o f the
ed living in Pittsburg.
violent Asiatic type.
An official tele­
A veteran o f the Boer war, unable
gram was sent to Rome stating that a
to support his w ife and baby, attempt­
shoemaker named Ernesto Vigilante
ed suicide with the same revolver
was suffering from that disease.
which had saved his life in battle, but
1 Many other cases are described by
the bullets failed to make a mortal
the health officials as gaatro-enteritis,
but this diagnosis is not generally ac­
It is said the Illinois Republican cepted.
Two persons, a stonemason
convention will endorse Taft and ig­ and a sailor, were taken from the
nore Lorimer.
train on its way from Naples to Caser-
John F. 'Gilman was elected com- to and Nettune. They are believed to
mander-in-chief of the Grand Army for be suffering from cholera and were Alcohol, Coal Tar Dye and Ether
sent to a lazaretto.
the ensuing year.
Compound Menace to Health.
Roosevelt predicts a complete rout
o f the "O ld Guard” at the Republican
state convention at Saratoga, N. Y.
During the recent forest fires in
Washington a photograpeh was picked
up by the wind and carried six miles.
Pekin Banquet to Secretary o f War
is Notable.
Pekin— The visit o f Jacob M. Dick­
inson, the American secretary o f war;
An International Conciliation board
Brigadier General Clarence H. Ed­
has been organized in San Francisco
wards, chief o f the bureau of insular
and in future it will decide ail labor
affairs, and party to Pekin will end
Tuesday. It has been marked by a
John B. Ryan, a New York multi­ round o f entertainments and a display
millionaire, offers to build at his own o f Western innovations never before
expense a fleet o f 1,000 aeroplanes for known in China.
war purposes.
The prince regent, on learning that
The steamer Marama, en route from neither Secretary Dickinson nor Gen­
Australia to Vancouver, B. C., re­ eral Edwards was able to accept decor­
ceived messages by wireless from an ations, sent to Mrs. Dickinson a pair
o f cloisonne vases o f the Chien Tung
Alaska station 2,500 miles distant.
period. The regent also sent a pair of
The steamer Olson & Mahoney and red lacquer boxes, of similar antiquity,
the bark McLaurin collided off Point to Mrs. Dickinson and Mrs. Edwards.
Arena, and the bark was badly dam­
A banquet was given in honor o f the
aged. The steamer towed her into secretray and the other visitors by
port at San Francisco.
Chinese students who have returned
Testimony before the Interstate from America.
Many ladies were present and a con­
Commerce commission elicited the in­
formation that the Northwest exten­ siderable number o f Chinese appeared
sion o f the Milwaukee road earned $9,- without queues and in evening clothes,
to which they had apparently been ac­
000,000 the first eighteen months.
customed while residing in the United
The Electric Bond & Share corpora­ States.
tion has absorbed the Hartford Irriga­
tion & Power company of Washington,
and now owns property of this kind in
the Northwest amounting to $35,000,-
Lead, S. D., Boarding House Hangs
Over Edge o f Abyss.
A cat perched in a tree waiting for
S. D.— The firing o f a
birds at Des Monies, pounced upon a
chanticleer hat worn by a woman who blast at the 300-foot level o f the
passed underneath. The woman’ s face Homestake mine at Lead, S. D., start­
was badly lacerated by the cat before ed a cave-in which continued to the
surface, making a hole in the heart of
he discovered his mistake.
the city 15 feet wide and 40 feet long.
Exporters are again buying wheat When the dust had J cleared away the
for shipment from Coast ports.
Bertolero hoarding house was seen
Statewide prohibition will be the hanging over the edge o f the crevasse,
and the Campbell hotel’s back steps
slogan of the Idaho Republicans.
lead into it.
The Southern Pacific has advanced
Fright among the residents o f Lead,
the rate on lumber to San Francisco.
most o f whom live above similar cav­
Sever meat dealers at Lawrence, erns, was allayed somewhat by assur­
Mass., were indicted for giving short ance from mining officials that there
was no danger o f further caving.
Representative Tawney was defeat­
ed for renomination at the Minnesota
The resignation o f Senator Lorimer
from the Hamilton club, o f Chicago,
has been accepted.
On account of danger from hydro­
phobia, General Funston has ordered
all cats removed from the post at Fort
Leavenworth and all dogs kept se­
curely tied.
Germany has discarded dirigible bal­
loons for army use. on account o f the
many accidents that have befallen the
Zeppelin airships. Aeroplanes will be
used exclusively.
Stockholders o f the O. R. & N. at
their annual meeting at Salt Lake
City October 12 will be asked to in-
rreaae the capital stock by many mil­
lions, the money to be used in con­
structing a line across Oregon from
east to weat.
America Held in Right.
Paris— The Temps admits the right
o f the United States to fortify the
Panama canal.
A fter pointing out
that the treaty o f 1903 reaffirmed the
article in the Hay-Pauncefote treaty
o f 1901 to facilitate the construction of
the canal, guaranteeing that the canal
shall be free and open and that no act
of hostility be committed within it.
The Temps draws attention to the sig­
nificant ommission from the treaty of
the words, “ The canal remaining open
in time of war, even to ships o f the
Gaynor Loses Fine Barn.
SL James, L. I. — Mayor Gaynor
•teed by Sunday and watched his hand­
some and practically new main barn
with iU cropa go up in smoke.
loss is estimated at $10,000. The fire
is believed to have started through
spontaneous combustion.
New York— The cheap soda water
which is retailed on street corners to
school children and passers by at a
penny or two a glass is, in most cases,
an alcoholic beverage with a larger
percentage of spirits than ordinary
beer, according to an analysis made by
Professor M. S. Allyn. o f the Massa­
chusetts State Normal school.
"T h e syrups with which these cheap
sodas are flavored frequently contain
10 per cent o f alcohol,” said Professor
Allyn. "T h is is twice as much as
there is in beer.
Take, for instance,
a "straw berry’ flavoring which I
bought at a stand on the lower East
Side. The red color in the syrup is
obtained from a coal tar dye and the
flavor is given by an ether compound.”
= î|
ay & C o.
We want you to try this Piano IN YOUR
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At the end o f thirty days the Piano
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It’s the best value on earth for the price
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H A f f S
* -
i j
Adjustm ent.
Divorce Is Increasing, Insanity Is In­
creasing, parental authority Is de­
clared to be prostrate, the boy Is not
what he was!
Surely we must be
heading for the bow-wows, and pro­
gressing fast. Not at all. We are
merely getting adjusted to the great­
est changes In the conditions of hu­
man existence that any one genera­
tion of men has seen in centuries. And
possibly It Is true that high prices ot
food are helping our adjustment by
driving somd city dwellers back into
the country.— Harper's Weekly.
H a v e you r teeth ou t a r d p late and bridge
done. F or o u t-o f-to w n patrons we finiah nidt
and b rid ge w ork in one day if necessary*1'^ 1 PlW*
Molar O owm ... $5.00
221 Bri*. Tradì $3.50
« f a t a ..... $1,
h » l Filli*,. $1.00
Silwr Fidili» .,., SOt,
Coed Rabbw Ptik, $50|
tail Red Ritter
Ptoku Ejtradto. 50c
P ainless E x tra ctio n F r e e when plates or bridia
w ork is ordered. C onsu ltation Free. You cannot
g e t b ette r p ain less w ork anyw here, no mattar
now m u ch you p ay.
Dr. B. E. WrighJ Co.
A ll
f u lly
Guaranteed for Fifteen Yean
3 4 2 J W ashington S t.,’
Portland, Oregon
T ak e ear at d ep ot and tra n sfer to Washington SL
nncum anc
r ig s .
Pigs are troubled by rheumatism
more than by any other disease. Its
work Is so Insidious oftentimes anil
Its attacks so various In form that It
Is not recognized, but It may be set
down as a rule that If the pig be
afflicted by some mysterious malady,
8easlckness Nothing New.
particularly one that Incapacitates It
One of the most curious errors as In some manner, it Is rheumatlsnb—
to seasickness Is that It Is a suffering Country Life In America.
which the sturdier ancients did not
know. Really there is plenty of allu­
sion to the trouble In the ancient
classics. Above all there was that
bout of seasickness which, according
to Seneca, cost Cicero his life. It
“ F o r o v e r n in e y e a rs I su ffered with chronic
was so bad that rather than endure
stip a tio n a n d d u r in g th is tim e 1 had to take
It any longer he put back to land, c a o n n in
je c tio n o f w a r m w ater on ce every 14 houtf
risking certain death at the hands of b e fo r e I c o u ld h a v e an action on m y bowel*
Mark Antony’s agents If they caugut H a p p ily I trie d C asca rets, an d today I am a well
him, aa they did. The word "nausea" m a n . D u r in g t h e n in e y ears before I used
C asca re ts I su ffe red u n to ld m isery with internal
Is Greek, meaning literally “ shlppl- p ile *. T h a n k s to y o u . I a m free from all that
th is m o r n in g
Y o u can use this in behalf 0 i
Made a H it.
s u ffe r in g h u m a n ity .
B. F. Fisher, Roanoke, IU
P leasant. P alatab le. P otent.
Taste Good
Blnkly— "My gracious, old man, you
D o Good. N e v e r S ick en . W eaken or Gripa
lOd. 26c, 50c. N e v e r sold in bulk. The gen-
are all banged up.” Crankleigh—"You
nine ta b le t stam p ed C C C . Guaranteed to
have hit I t " Blnkly— "W hat did you
cure or you r m on ey back.
do—dispute the right of way with an
Disrespect to Tactics Officer and I
automobile T" Crankleigh—"No. Took
subordination Charges Made.
a drop too much.” Binkley— "W hy, 1 A T R I P T O P O R T L A N D FREE
West Point, N. Y .— The entire cadet didn’t know you drank.” Crankleigh—
The drop 1 took was from
corps is under arrest and facing a gen­ “ I d on 't
P a in le s s E x t r a c t io n ....... Ft*
eral court martial for grosB disrespect an aeroplsne 20 feet from the ground."
S ilv e r F illin g s ....................... *•
G old F i ll in g s ........................... »
to Captain Rufus E. Longan, instruc­
22 K . G old C r o w n s ................ P
tor in tactics, and
, .
■ m P o rce la in C r o w n s ..................J
jL . M o la r G old C r o w n s ............... JJ
Major General Richard H. Barry, su­
B r id g e W o r k , 22 K. G o l l ...g
perintendent o f the military academy,
I n la y F ills , Pure Gold
V e r y N ic e R u b b er Plate., a
sent the four classes o f 500 young men
B ea t R u b b e r P la t e o n E a r t h ................... •••••••—"
to their quarters after mess and a
A L L T H I S W O R K IS G U A R A N T E E D .^
D o n ’ t th r o w y o u r m o n e y a w a y . A dollar a « «
board o f officers is endeavoring to find
is t w o d o lla r s e a rn ed . O u r origin al reliable Mod«»
out why the cadets "silen ced ” Captain
P a in le ss M e th o d s an d ou r p e r fe c te d office equip*
m e n t s a v e s u s tim e an d you r m o n ey .
. »
H Ss < tir e d f l l D F
BOSTON DENTISTS. 5th « M orrison. Por«**
They won’ t tell.
The whole corps
Entrance 291V* Morrison, opposite Pontotfice and M««
U lO lIS fllld s
L a
Frank. Eatabliihed in Portland 10 year». Open enrum
has stood out against General Barry’s
anti! t m i Sunday and! 12 >10. for people
insistence; first class men with almost
perfect records in scholarship and con­
p N U
N O . 40—'W
duct have remained as stubborn as
enders whose demerits run up into the
hundreds. All that General Barry and
A l l Dru&tfists. ZC>\
the board have got out o f them in reply
to questions as to why they refused to
eat in Captain Longan’s presence or
refused to speak when he was among
them is the statement: “ We have
formed a dislike for this officer.”
The penalty provided by law for this
degree o f insubordination is dismissal
from the military academy.
•ind it tri ri cure y o u .
Relieve* from the
• fir& t;
Tw o C onfess to Robbery.
Seattle—J. F. Warren, special g ov ­
ernment agent for the Second judicial
district o f Alaska, received a cable­
gram saying that two men now in jail
at Nome have confessed to complicity
in the theft o f $14,345 from the sluice
boxes o f the Pioneer Mining company.
Mr. Warren has not yet learned wheth­
er the reported confession has impli­
cated Marius Johansen, or John Ty-
berg, who were arrested recently in
this city on a charge o f being implica­
ted in the robbery but believes they
also are guilty.
7 0 0 ,0 0 0 Men May Strike.
Berlin— Germany industry is seri­
ously disturbed by strikes and lockouts.
Unless the disputes can be ended with­
in'the next few days, 700,000 men will
become idle.
The 40,000 striking
shipbuilders show no signs o f weaken­
ing. The managing committee o f the
Socialist party is aiding in the support
of the idle men.