Forest Grove press. (Forest Grove, Or.) 1909-1914, September 29, 1910, Image 2

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    Additional Local Items
County Judge Goodin
Wm. Wilson and wife, o f Gales
Creek, were visitors to the State the Grove the fore-pan.
Fair at Salem last week.
of General Interest
Lester St. Clair, o f Portland,
Mrs. L. M. Sparks, son Charlie,
and father, A. J. Breazeale, vis­ visited with his boy friends in
the Grove this week.
C. H. Pratt was a visitor to the ited the Rose city Saturday.
Rose city Monday.
“ Superior” stoves and ranges
Will Black, who has been work­
no superior. Sold by Hin-
Judge Hollis attended the State
They are very busy at Ander­
the Hardware man.
Fair at Salem last week.
son’ s, but they will sell y< u that
Clifford Brown and H. J. Goff School Suit, Dreas Suit or work Thro’
S. B. Starret returned Saturday
were among those from the Grove suit any time.
from a visit with friends in Mor­
from the county seat shaking in attendance at the State Fair.
Dr. Semones.
row county.
hands with his friends in the
D. D. Sage, a rancher in the Pysician and Oculist. Does no
L. L. Hollinger, o f Cornelius, Groye Saturday.
Oak Hill section, was attending surgery. O ffice at residence.
was attending to business matters
business matters in the Grove 217 First st. Ind. Phone 311. tf
Fred Davison and Louie Trum-
in the Grove Tuesday.
ble went to Portland Monday to
Mr. and Mrs. R. Rood, o f Ed­
Sam Lawrence, an attorney o f 3ee Buffalo Bill and his aggrega-
Chris Jensen, a prominent far­ wards county, Illinois, spent Sun­
Portland, visited over Sunday tion of wild animals and indians. mer o f the Thatcher section, was day in Forest Grove as guests of
with his mother in this city.
a business visitor in the Grove James Hocking and other friends
Hon. B. F. Purdy, a prominent
Mr. Rood and Mr. Hocking were
Mrs. James Reeher, o f Wilson land-holder near Gaston, and his
J. J. Wirtz and wife and Joe boyhood chums.
River, came to the Grove Monday son Bruce, were attending to bus-
and left Tuesday for points in iness matters and shaking hands Loomis and wife were in attend-
$50 cash buys a paid up certif­
Washington, where she will visit with friends in the Grove Satur- j ance at the State Fair at Salem, icate o f scholarship iu the Inter­
last week.
with relatives and friends.
national Correspondence Schools
Right on Time
J. N.Varley, who formerly con­ o f Scranton,Pa.,good for any $75
ducted the Farmer’ s feed shed on
Pacific avenue, was in the Grove
Edward Wirtz o f this city was Elgin W atches are Unsurp?«!«!
from Buxton Monday.
one o f the Forest Grove people in Accuracy & Quality Feature«
Always a positive feed to the who attended the State Fair at
Sold by
Parker “ Lucky Curve” Fount­ Salem, and he pronounces it as
ain Pen. Go to Shearer, the the best State Fair that he has
Arthur Shearer
Main St. Jeweler, and get one on ever attended.
10 days trial.
Mrs. Charles Hines entertained
Miss Maud Lilly o f Gales Creek the Bridge Club Thursday after­
Ted Roosevelt, with who attended the public schools
noon and the usual enjoyable time
all his big speeches, has in this city last year, has return­ was had. The first prize was won
ed to the Grove and registered by Mrs. Phdip Kinzer, while the
not devised any means for the fall term.
consolation was awarded to Mrs.
o f giving relief.
Miss Kirkwood is now ready Wilbur McEldowney. Lunch was
for fall trade with an extra fine
But the Forest Grove assortment o f the latest creations served.
Frank Knox, who went to a
Shoe Store will give in millinery. Plenty o f help and sanatarium last winter at Colo­
you require for the hot days
prepared to handle all orders, tf rado Springs, Colorado, has re­
August should be
you some relief in the George and Peter Vanderzan- turned to his home on the north­ purchased and now.
w ay of shoe wear with den, two prosperous farmers of east edge o f town. Mr. Knox is
A complete line of hammock«
the banks section, and the latter greatly improved in health, and porch swings, rattan chairs, tic.
an excellent large line Justice of the Peace o f his pre­ is enthusiastic over the climate are here for your inspection.
were business visitors in o f Colorado.
We have a nice assortment
of factory made shoes cinct,
the Grove Tuesday.
Miles Overhalt, the clever poet o f these essentials to coolness and
you will find them most inviting.
to order.
Mrs. Mary McKenzie enter­ laureate o f the Oregon Journal,
Our experience tells us that
tained a number o f young Ladies states in verse o f nday edit­
W e are ready and will give you the lowest prices
we may safely trust the people
Saturday afternoon at tea, enter­
to pick out the good points of
for solid shoes ever offered, quality considered.
ing into the “ whirls” o f the lad­ Fourth street line o f the S. P. anything in this line.
ies Working Society. A very railway company is to be electri­
A Special Line of School Shoes
fied. It must be so, as a poet al­ R O E 8c COMPANY
pleasant afternoon was spent.
Our 9 o ’clock School Shoes are the sensation o f the day—and
ways knows.
well they might be, for they are beauties.
Mrs. Kear, o f Sumptei, visited
Dr.C. L. Large reports a daught­
5 to 8 $1.50, 8J to 11 $1.90, 12 to 2 $2.00 to $2.25
ast week with Mrs. S. A. San­
born to the wife of William
Boys High Cuts, $1.75 to $4.50
ford, Librarian at the Free Read­
in this city, the Kith. inst.
As G ood as Made
ing room. Mrs. Kear will leave
wisning the attendance of
Bergman’ s Portland Made Shoes
soon for New York City to visit
in this class o f cases,
A. A. Cutter Heavy Shoes
ler brother, who lives near the
oblige him, if conven­ i f you can write for publi­
W. L; Douglass 3.00, 3.20 and 4.00 “ Best Made on Earth”
domicile of Mrs. San ford’s daugh­
So says Mr, Douglass, “ and he is no liar, either”
disservices two cation, get in touch with
Dr. Reed’s Cushion Soled Shoes for Tender Feet
or three months prior to the ex­
this office. YVe have an
Hal Seymour, o f Lincoln, Neb­ pected event.
are another o f the good shoes we carry
o ffe r which will positively
raska, has been visiting his bro­
Thats all there is to it. We want your trade, you
Dr. 0 . C. Hiatt, who was a prove interesting. Drop a
ther, Ed. Seymour, o f the Oregon
want our shoes. We will do the best we can to fit
and please you if you will C A L L ..
Land and Trading Company, and pioneer dentist in this city, visit­ posted or call in person.
Terms cash and good treatment assured at
Ed. took him to the State Fair ed old friends in the Grove,
ast week to show him what Ore­ Tuesday. The doctor is now lo­
gon can produce in the way o f cated at Raymond, Washington,
ive stock, grain, vegetables,and and says his town now has a p^j -
C. V. B. Russell
ulation o f thirty-five Hundred,
other farm produce.
whereas four yea s ago om>
Grant Hughes returned home forty people lived tnere.
Friday after a vacation trip of
Tuesday evening the local J r-
several days, during which he
visited the Live Stock Show at tisans held initiatory ceremonies,
Portland, the State Fair at Salem, a large proportion o f the mem­
and Seaside. Mrs. Hughes is vis­ bership being present. Seveial
iting with her sister Mrs.Cheney, candidates were received and
at Seaside, and will return the light lunch served at the close o f
the session. “ Just the proper
latter part o f the week.
thing" is the verdict o f every
Harry Cresap and wife o f St. new member received by the or­
Joseph, Missouri, dropped into ganization.
town last week, and the former
introduced himself to J. F. Flet­
cher as a grandson o f a sister of
tkeiVt nothing lilo a
Mr. Fletcher, whom J. F. has
C olom bia G raphophone
not seen for over fifty years. I Dr. Geiger was called to attend
McCaleb, who was quite
Mr. and Mrs. Cresap are greatly Edna MeCaleb,
enamored o f our climate and sick last week-
Oliver and Maurice Buxton, o f
vert<^ . ii®
w h o patronize
by Paying only
Mrs. Amands Artley, o f Phila- thia di9trict’ enrolled at the Lin-
delphia, who came to Oregon TOln scho° 1 Monday,
some weeks ago to visit girlhood
Mr. and Mrs. H. J. Rice, o f
O u r S tock I» C om plete
Stop in, Examine Them, Listen to Their Beautiful,
O u r C lerks A r e Courteou*
friends, among them being Mrs. Haynes, spent a few hours Sun-
O u r P rices A r e Low
Marion Hall o f this city, and who day with their niece, Mrs. Eva
Clear Tone and You Will Not he Happy Until You
had intended to stay only a few Adams.
Have One of Your Own. Easiet of Terms.
The Main Si. Jeweitr
The PRESS wants
Forest Grove Shoe Store
You Can Have One
$1.00 a Week
Forest Grove Pharmacy
Both Phones
Up-to-Date Druggists
weeks, writes Mrs. Hall from
Emma Busch and brothers re-
Portland that she is so enamored turned home Saturday from the
o f the Oregon climate that she in- Ketchan hop yard, where they I
tends to remain a year.
were picking.
v i T
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!* • 1 • v illtD C *
L Phone 701 Main St'***
c. State.« 26
Fort»* Cr°TC