Forest Grove press. (Forest Grove, Or.) 1909-1914, September 01, 1910, Image 7

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M. i. Abbott
Jewe9er and Optician
Watch Repairing A Specialty
Paterson Block
Pacific Avenue
F o rest Grove
Try our invigorating and refreshing
Additional Local Items
To the Voters of
Washington County
of General Interest
I hereby announce myself as a
L a a e s M a e s a a ie H ia a l
Republican candidate for the off­
John Dethlefs was in town on ice of County Judge o f Washing­
ton County, subject to the action
business Saturday.
of the Primaries on S ep t24,1910,
Geo. S. Allen made a business
If I am nominated and elected,
I will, during my term of office,
trip to Portland Saturday.
honestly, conscientiously and im­
Mrs. M. A. Thomas and daught­ partially perform the duties ap­
er Amy, were visitors to the Rose pertaining to the same, and will
use my best efforts to give the
city Friday.
people o f Washington County a
Alec Todd, road supervisor o f progressive, businesslike and eco­
the Oakhill section, was a Grove nomical administration of county
affairs. I favor the building of
isitor Friday.
permanent rock roads, a uniform
John McClaren, a prominent system o f road building, and in
getting permanent returns for
the money expended, and will
work to that end.
Scott Smith, a former resident
My motto is, “ Businesslike ad­
o f this city, now farming in the ministration, permanent roads,
Dillev section, was in the Grove and full value forevery dollar ex
G. W. M arsh
Cornelius, Ore.
S. Sears, a well-to-do farmer
of Hillside, was looking after
For County Treasurer
business matters in the Grove
To the voters of
Washington County.
0 . A. Corl has rented the Case
I hereby announce myself a
house at A street and Third ave­
nue, and has already taken pos­ candidate for the office o f County
Treasurer o f Washington County,
on the Republican Ticket, subject
Miss Helen McEldowney, with to the action of the Primary
her grandfather, H. W. McEl­ Election, to be held on the 24th
day o f September, 1910.
downey, attended the circus in
If I am nominated and elected,
Portland Friday.
I will at all times endeavor to
D in Parsons and wife have re­ conduct the affairs of the office
as carefully in the future as I
turned from a two weeks enjoy­ have in the past.
able camping trip in the mount­
W. M. J ackson .
ains o f the Timber section.
Mesdames John Wilson Macrum For Recorder of Conveyances
and John E. Bailey, with Miss
I hereby announce myself as a
Cooley, who is visiting friends in
candidate of the Republican par­
this city, were in Portland Sat
ty for Recorder of Conveyances
o f Washington County, subject
The large tent on the Congre­ to the approval of the voters at
gational church square, wherein the Primary election on the 24th.
day o f September, 1910.
Dr. Paddock held a series o f re­
L eo P erkins
vival meetings recently, has been
For The Legislature
Mr. Strout, who has owned the
35 acre tract known as the
French place near Dilley, has
sold to Mr. Switzer o f White Sal­
mon. Mr. Stout will go to White
Salmon to take charge of a store
with pure crushed fruits for flavoring.
You are not limited to crushed fruits, how­
Professor Hazzard, a promi­
ever. O ur C hocolate I ce C ream S odas
nent educator, and formerly with
and N ut S undaes are simply delicious.
I hereby announce myself as a
candidate o f the Republican party
for the legislature for Washing­
ton county,subject to the approv­
al o f the voters at the Primary
election on the 24th day o f Sept.
W. H. H ollis .
For County Treasurer
the Portland Academy, who is
now living the simple life on a
ranch in the Watt’s district, was
Forest Grove
transacting business in the Grove
W . E. Prickett
Pacific Ave.
For County Judge
I hereby announce myself as a
Republican candidate for the
office of County Treasurer of
Washington County, subject to
the endorsement o f the primary
election to be held Saturday, Sept.
Austin Buxton, o f the Watt’ s 24, 1910.
H. G. K ing .
section, ex-master o f the state
grange, has been named by act­
ing governor Jay Bowerman as
one ot’ the Oreyon delegates to
i the Fanners’ National congress
which will l>e held at Lincoln,
Notice is hereby given that E.
I Nebraska, commencing Oct. 6.
B. Catching has been appointed
by the County Court of Washing-
The two large deer killed by con County, state o f Oregon, as
' H. W. Scott and son Alec last Administrator o f the estate of
week were photographed by C. Benj. F. Catching deceased, and
A. Littler, the proud nimrods be­ all persons having bills against
ing much in evidence in the pic­ said estate will present them to
the said E. B. Catching, at the
tures. The animals were unusu­ office o f Langley & son in Forest
ally large, one weighing 151 Grove, Oregon, properly verified
pounds,and the other 155 pounds. according to law, before the ter­
mination o f six months from the
date o f this notice.
Dated September 1st, 1910.
E. B. Catching,
Administrator o f the estate of
Geo. G. Hancock
Benj. F. Catching, dec’d.
Langley & Son, Attys.
To the voters of
Washington County, Oregon:
I hereby announce myself as a
Sealed bids will be received by
candidate for th*- office o f Sheriff
o f Washington County, subject the County Court of Washington
to the endorsement o f the pri­ County, Oregon, until 2 p. m. o f
mary election, to be held on Sep­ thp 8th dav of September 1910.
and then opened for the construc­
tember 24th. 1910.
If I am nominated and elected tion of a fill and bridge on the
I will during my term of office, Armen trout place near Roy sta­
faithfully and impartially dis­ tion.
A certified check for 5 % o f the
charge the duties thereof, and
give to the jieople o f this county amount o f bid will lie required
an efficient ¡.nd at the same time and the court »-eserves the right
to reject any or all bids.
ar economical administration.
Specifications may be seen at
I further state that I wiil give
the bjn'nem of that office my the office of the County Judge.
By order o f the Court,
personal attention, with courts v
J. W. G oodin ,
and fair treatment to all.
County Judge.
G eo . G. H a n c o c k .
Legal Notices
Low Round-Trip
St. P r u l
St. Louis
Excursion Fares
t o ----------------------
C h ic a g o
N ew Y o rk
And Other Eastern Pcints
On Sale
FVn- ret*-«, sk-—* - v.«»—-R ;c r «, B11g
A. L. R:iT. A. G F. & P. A.
vrefron E ectr r Railway
Portland, Ore.
Sept. 8, 1910
¡reformation address
J. E. Farmer, Agent
Ore. Eiec, Rv.
Forest Grove, Ore.
Aniiouncercents of Candidates
Notice is hereby given that
the undersigned has been ap­
pointed adminstrator o f the es­
tate o f Jens P. Hansen, deceased,
by the County Court o f Oregon,
for Washington county and has
qualified as such administrator.
All persons having claims against
said estate are hereby notified to
present same, verified as by law
required, to me at the office o f
Langley & Son, Forest Grove,
Oregon, within six (6) months
from date o f this notice.
Dated and published Sept. 1,1910.
Walter Hansen,
Administrator o f the estate o f
Jens P. Hansen,deceased.
43-5t L angley & SoN.Atty.
In the County Court o f the
State o f Oregon for Washington
County. In the matter o f the
estate o f Mary E. Tennis deceas­
ed. H. W. Miller executor.
Notice is hereby given that the
executor o f the last Will and
Testament o f Mary E. Tennis,
has filed his final account as such
executor, in the County Court of
the State o f Oregon for Washing­
ton County, in the above entitled
estate, and that the Hon. J. W.
Goodin judge o f the above entitl­
ed Court, has set Monday Sept­
ember 12th 1910 at the hour of
10 o ’ clock in the fore-noon of
said day as the time and at the
County Judge’ s office in the
Court House at Hillsboro, Wash­
ington County, Oregon as the
place, being the time and place
set for the hearing of objections
if anv to said final account, and
for the distribution o f the residue
o f said estate and for his final
settlement and discharge therein.
This order o f publication being
dated at Hillsboro, Oregon, Aug­
ust 8th, 1910.
The first publication of this
notice being made on the 11th
day o f August, 1910 in the Forest
Grove Press.
H. W. M iller ,executor of
the last will and testament o f
M ary E. T ennis deceased.
J. N. H offman , attorney.
Notice For Publication
U.S. L and O ffice Portland,Ore.
August 6th, 1910
N otice is hereby given that
H enry A. B urley , o f Bacona,
Oregon, who,on September 18th,
19“ , made Homestead entry,No.
15082, Serial, No.01029, for the SEJ
Section 2, Township 3 North,
Range 4 West, Willamette Meri­
dian, has filed notice o f intention
to make Final five year Proof, to
establish claim to the land above
described, before the Register
and Receiver o f the United States
Land Office, at Portland, Oregon,
on the 23rd day of September,
Claimant names as witnesses:
M.M. S huster , R obert C.Goss-
man , J ohn J ensen J ohnson ,J.N.
F lippin , all of Bacona. Oregon.
H.F.H igby ,
Notice for Publication
U.S.L and O ffice , Portland,Ore.
August 13th, 1910
Notice is hereby given that J ohn
K ostur , o f Buxton, Washington
County, Oregon,who,on Septem­
ber 16th, 1905, made Homestead
Entry No. 15789,Serial,No, 01223,
for the Eè SEJ, Section 14, and
Eè NEL Section 23, Township 3
North, Range 5 West, Willamette
Meridian, has filed notice o f in­
tention to make Final five year
Proof, to establish claim to the
land above described, before the
Register and Receiver o f the
United States Land Office, at
Portland,Oregon.on the 28th day
o f September, 1910.
Claimant names as witness««:
C arl I ler , o f Timber, Oregon.
R oy N eiohbor . o f Timber, Ore.
W illiam R oberts , o f KistOre.
H enry H uber , o f Kist. Oregon.
H. F. H igby
W «-
j L y