Forest Grove press. (Forest Grove, Or.) 1909-1914, August 18, 1910, Image 8

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    _______1 ____
R E you getting the very best results out of your
camera ?
A r e you making the finest photo-
aphs possible ?
N ot unless you are using the best
m ana printing paper.
^ N $ C 0 ” F’ilm
« fe i
P harm acy
Up-to-Date Druggist *
Dotn Phones
Oregon Land & Trading Co.
E d w a rd S ey m ou r, M g r
Farm and City Property
F orest G ro v e, O re g o n
M. J. Abbott
Jeweler and Optician
WalcTi Repairing A Specially
F orest Grove
P a c ific A v e n u e
Pa te rs o n B lo c k
-» ■ ■ ■ » znmml
C. H. Pratt was a Monday vis­
itor to the Rose city.
You can s e the new fall styles
in mens hats a. Andersens.
George N. Spencer, the inven­
tor, was a business visitor to
Portland Monday.
W e have a splendid assortment of cameras for your
Pure chemicals and all photographic supplies
needed by the amateur.
G rove
Announcements of Cadid&les
. su ^
Mrs. Alec Todd o f the Oakhill
section was chopping in town
Use Cyko 'Paper, or lei us print your negatives with
Cykp. It makes deeper, softer, more artistic prints.
T h e F orest
n_l Local Items
jwm snrsmm'B » « r t w
will give you clearer, better-defined and better-balanced nega­
tives. Its exceptional speed and latitude minimize uncertainty
from lighting conditions. Non-curling; non-halation; numbers
never offset.
A c . citic
---------- mt* . J M S S
of Genera! Interert
Th e
, —
Try our invigorating and refreshing
Mrs. W. A. Williams ar.d Miss
Bertha Williams were visitors to
the Rose city Monday.
Walter Sears and wife, Mrs.
Dan Baker and Miss Elva Baker,
and Roily and Charlie Walker,
Forest Grove people spending the
summer at Newport, are occupy­
ing a large cottage there.
James Kirkwood o f Portland,
— formerly o f this city, who has
been camping in the Wilson river
section, in an effort to regain his
health after a severe illness, will
remain in the mountains for some
j time.
out in the mountains after deer
last week and brought hack three
fine bucks to divide among their
F o r c it G ro v e
W . E. Prickett
Forest Grove M eat Market
F resh a n d Salted
H om e M ade
L ik e Dad Used to Make 'D ow n on the harm.
Cash Paid for Hides
Fresh Fish
and Pelts
bill * 24i
Every Thursday
M O O R E fk W I L H E L M S O N
Low Round-Trip Excursion Fares
St. Paul
St. Louis
New York
And Other Eastern Points
On Sale
Sept. 8, 1910
H. L. Deckert, the plumber,
lost his valuable gold watch chain,
but ai> ad. in the P ress last week
was the means o f quickly restor­
ing it to the owner, Miss Flor­
ence Littler finding the chain and
bringing it to this office.
Grant B. Dimick, Judge o f
Clackamas county, and anti as­
sembly candidate for Governor at
the coming primary election has
written William Doores o f this
city that he will give a public ad
dress in the Grove before the
Charlie Stephens, o f Buxton,
was a caller in the Grove Satur­
day evening. Charlie used to be
a tonsorial artist in this city, and
was one o f t h e Washington
county hoys who enlisted under
the stars and stripes in the war
with Spain.
Mrs. Huston Teagarden and
children, of Portland, visited the
past week at the home o f her sis­
ter Mrs. John Williams, in this
city. Mrs. Teagarden, as Miss
Emma Wells, was a prominent
worker in the Christian Church
in the Grove years ago, and was
organist for many years.
For rotes, sleeper reservations, and full information address
A. L. Ruff. A. G. F. & P. A.
Oregon Electric Railway
Portland, Ore.
J. E. Farmer. Agent
Ore. Elec. Ry.
Forest Grove. Ore.
A ll delinquent v-ater and light
consumers will be reported to the
City Council Sept. 1, 1910, for its
consideration. Don.t be a delin­
quent E. B. S a p p i n g t o n . C o m .
A i persons are hereby warned
a jcinst tl e purchasi g o f a <•» r-
tain block of 500 shares o f stock
in the Coeur d ’ Alene Cold ( rag
Mining Company, Ltd., issued to
Mr. C. W.Peters, as no consider­
ation was ever paid for the seme
and the said stock has been can­
celled on the hooks o f the Com­
pany at Wallace, Idaho, it will
not, under any circumstances, be
honored by the Company.
To the voters o f
Washington County.
I hereby announce myself a
candidate for the office of County
Treasurer ofWashington County,
on the Republican Ticket, su L je ct
to the action o f the Primary
Election, to be held on the 24th
day o f September. 1910.
If I am nominated and elected,
I will at all times endeavor to
conduct the affairs of the office
C oeur d ’A lene C old C rag
as carefully in the future as I M ining C ompany , L td .
have in the past.
W. M. J a c k s o n .
For County Judge
To the Votei s of
Harold Jensen, the Banks mer­
Washington County
chant, was transacting business
1 hereby announce myself as a
in the Grove, Monday.
Republican candidate for the off-
Louis Wilcox of Scoggen’ s val ! ice o f County Judge of Washing­
ley has been seriously ill the past ton County, subject to the action
o f tlie Primaries on Sept. 24,1910.
week with a swelling on his neck.
If I am nominated and elected,
during my term of office,
Joe Morley, one o f the delivery
honestly, conscientiously and im­
boys, took a day off and went to partially perform the duties ap­
Portland Monday to see the sights pertaining to tht same, and will
j use my best efforts to give the
o f the metropolis.
[people o f Washington County a
Boh Weathered, o f Hillsboro, progressive,businesslike and eco­
former studentat Pacific Univer­ nomical administrate > o f county
sity student, i s visiting with affairs. I favor the building o f
I permanent rock roads, a uniform
friends at Newport.
! system o f road building, and in
Judge Hollis has joined the yetting permanent returns for
automobile brigade, and will in a the money expended, and will
few days, handle his machine work to that end.
My motto is, “ Businesslike ad­
with the best of them.
ministration, permanent roads,
Andrew Boos, formerly mak- and full value forevery dollar ex­
G. W. M arsh
! ing his home in this city, now pended.”
Cornelius, Ore.
( employed at the Boos rock quar­
ry in the Gaston section, was in
Geo. G. Hancock
, the Grove, Monday.
with pure crushed fruits for flavoring.
Tom McFarland, Charlie Steph­
iu are not limited to crushed fruits, how-
J. T. Lucas and A1 Bledsoe,
. .• r. O uk C hocolate I ce C keavi S odas
mighty nimrods o f Buxton, were
a ,1 N ut S undaes are simply delirious.
P acific A v e .
For County Treasurer
T o W h c m It M « y Concern
Legal Notices
In the County Court o f the
State o f Oregon for Washington
County. In the matter o f the
estate of Mary E. Tennis deceas­
ed. H. W. Miller executor.
Notice is hereby given that the
executor o f the last Will and
Testament o f Mary E. Tennis,
has filed his final account as such
executor, in the County Court of
the State o f Oregon fot Washing­
ton County, in the above entiii I
estate, and that the Hon. J. \V.
Goodin judge o f the above entitl­
ed Court, has set Monday Sept­
ember 12th 19i0 at the hour of
10 o ’ clock in the fore-noon of
said day as the time an t at fhe
County Judge’ s office in the
Court House at Hillsboro. Wash­
ington County, Oregon as the
place, being the time and place
set for the hearing o f objections
if anv to said final account, and
for the distribution of the residue
o f said estate and for his final
settlement and discharge therein.
This order o f publication being
dated at Hillsboro, Oregon, Aug­
ust 8 th, 1910.
To the voters o f
The first publication of this
Washington County, Oregon: notice being made on the 11 th
I hereby announce myself as a day o f August, 1910 in the Forest
candidate for the office o f Sheriff Grove Press.
o f Washington County, subject
H. W. M iller ,executor of
to the endorsement o f the pri­ the last will and testament of
mary election, to be held on Sep­ M ary E. T ennis deceased.
tember 24th, 1910.
J. N. H offman , attorney.
If I am nominated and elected
I will during my term o f office,
faithfully and impartially dis­
charge the duties thereof, and
give to the people of this county
N o t ic e F o r P t L ’ ica ticn
an efficient and at the same time
an economical administration.
I further state that I will give
the business o f that office my
personal attention, with courtesy U.S. L and O ffice Portland.Ore.
and fair treatment to all.
August 6th.i.9l0
G eo . G. H ancock .
N otice is hereby given that
For Recorder of Conveyances
H enry A. B urley , of Baeo.a,
Oregon, who o i September 18th,
19- . made Horn »stead entry,Na
1 5082. Serial,No.01C29. for the 8 E|
Section 2. Township 3 North,
Range 4 West, Willame te Meri­
dian, has filed notice o f intenticn
to make Final five year Proof, to
establish claim to the land above
described, before the Regi ter
and Receiver o f the United States
L eo P erkins
Land Office, at Portland, Oregon,
on the 23rd day of September,
For The Legislature
Claimant names as witnesses:
I hereby announce myself as a M.M. S huster . R obert C.G oss -
candidate o f the Republican party man , J ohn J ensen J ohnson , J.N.
for the legislature for Washing­ F lippin , all of Bacona. Oregon.
ton county.subject to the approv­
H .F .H ig b y .
al o f the voters at the Primary 40 5t
election on the 24th day o f Sept.
W. H. H o l l is .
I hereby announce mvself as a
candidate o f the Republican par­
ty for Recorder o f Conveyances
o f Washington County, subject
to the approval of the voters at
the Primary election on the 2ith.
day o f September. 1910.
N o t ic e fo r P u b lica tio n
For County Treasurer
I hereby announce m yself as a
Republican candidate for the
office o f County Treasurer o f
Washington County, subject to
the endorsement o f the primary
election to be held Saturday, Sept.
24. 1910.
C. K ing .
If yours is old and stained and
needs something to hide the
blemishes, don’ t use carpets—try
my Ready-to-use Graining Pro­
If you can wield a paint brush
you can do it and the cost will not
be over 2 e per square foot may
be less. Ask Geo.G. Paterson to
tell you about the special assort­
ment for one room at an intro­
ductory price.
U.S." L and O ffice . Portland, Ore.
August 13th, 1910
Notice is hereby given that JOHN
K ostur . of Buxton, Washington
County, Oregon,who.on Septem­
ber 16th. 1905. made Homestead
Entry No.157--9.Serial,No. Q1221
for the EJ SET. Section 11 and
Ei NEJ. Section 23. Township«
North, Rang“ 5 West, Willamette
Meridian, has filed notice of in­
tention to make Final five
Proof, to establish claim to tne
land above described, before tw
Register and Receiver of tne
United States Land Office. *
Portland.Oregon,on the 28th w
o f September, 1910.
Claimant names as witnesses-
C arl I lbr . o f Timber. Oregon
R oy N eighbor , o f Timber, urr-’
W illiam R oberts , of histunr-
H enry H uber , o f K is t Oregon-