Forest Grove press. (Forest Grove, Or.) 1909-1914, August 11, 1910, Image 8

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Live Items of Local Interest
l ose Landwick was a Friday
passenger on the Oregon Electric
to the Rose city.
Compiled by the Hustling, Bustling, Rustling
Local Reporters of the Press
Miss Ella Ritter, o f Dilley. was
shopping in this city, Monday.
Mrs. N. J. Walker has return-
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* ed to her home in this city after
A. B. Thomas was doing bus-
A C. Alexander was a visitor s„ vera| weeks visit with her son,
iness in Portland Saturday.
to the Rose city, Saturday.
Wilson Brock, in Milton, East-
J. N Hoffman and Miss Emma
Victor Hugo Limber was in|ern Oregon
Ritman were Saturday visitors to Portland on business matters,
Miss Mabel Strahan is a guest
iV; onday.
this week o f the Misses Minnie
and Frances Myers in South
Green Lilly, o f Hillside, has
Mrs. Frank Vandehey, o f the
to his home after a vacat­ Park. Miss Strahan’s home is
Dilley section, was shopping in
in Portland.
ion spent at Tillamook.
the Grove, Saturday.
Charley Smith the painter.who
President W. N. Ferrin o f Pac­
Mr. and Mrs. H. S. Brown of
lived in this city, has
Portland, visited over Sunday ific University was doing busi­
family out from Port­
ness in Portland Saturday.
with friends in this city.
land, and will again make the
Mrs. C. E. Geiger and daught­
Mrs.G. F. Via and little daught­
Grove his home.
er o f Buxton, visited the past er, Constant, spent the week-end
Professor Leonard Heibe , whc
visiting friends in the Rose city.
week with friends in this city.
will be principal of the Lincoln
School director Maury, a pros­ school in this city the coming
Dick Halscher, a grape grower
o f the Watts section, was a bus­ perous farmer of Dilley, was a school year, has returned from
iness visitor to the Grove Satur­ business visitor in town, Satur­ several weeks spent at Corvallis.
Rev. Abbott o f Portland was
State Game Warden Stevenson
Miss Florence Hicks, o f Port­
in the citp Sunday and assisted
land, visited over Sunday in this went to Grant’s i ass Thursday,
Rev. H. Gould in the morning
city, the guest o f her sister, Mrs. where he spent several days on
services at the Methodist church.
offiicial business.
C. L. Large.
He was accompanied by his wife.
Mrs. T. H. Littlehales and the
L. L. Hollinger and wife, form­
Mrs. Theodore Whittelsey and
erly o f this city, now living at Misses Margaret and Winnefred,
have returned to this
Cornelius, were in the Grove on were guests at the Midway hotel,
several weeks spent at
Newport, the past week.
business matters, Saturday.
Seaside. They will visit with
The blacksmith shop o f Joe
D. F. Dristig of Thatcher, who friends in the Grove before re­
Lenneville on Pacific Avenue has recently sold his farm in that sec­ turning to their home in Illinois.
been re-shingled, which adds tion, will move his family to
Marian Markham and Charley
much to the appearance o f the Portland, where they will make
Munkers left by private convey­
their home.
ance for the Wilson river country
Connie Caples, formerly o f this
John Peterson o f the David’ s Sunday morning, expecting ti
city, now making his home in hill section was a business visitor
spend ten days angling for the
Portland, was in the Grove Fri­ to the Grove, Monday. He re­
gamey trout and listening to the
day, visiting his parents, Mr.and ports the grapes as showing up
voices o f the wild.
Mrs. John Caples.
in fine shape.
Mr. and Mrs. Philmore Buxton,
Howard Adams o f Hood River
Colin Campbell, former council­ o f Eastern Oregon, are visiting
spent the week-end at the Ire­ man of this city, now leading the
in this city with the families of
land ranch, Greenville, returning 3jmpie Ufe o f an agriculturist in
Harry Naufftsand H. T. Buxton.
to his home in the famous orchard the Watts section, was a business Philmore being the son of the
belt, Saturday evening.
visitor in town, Friday.
latter, and his wife the daughter
Will G. Hare, graduate o f Pac-
Dutch Ledford and his smiling o f Mr. and Mrs. Nauffts.
ific University and practicing law morning face are again seen in
Clement Scott, a business man
at Hillsboro, was granted a notor- our midst, after several weeks
o f Vancouver, Washington, and
ial commission the past week by absence, we know not whither,
a chum o f the publisher o f the
acting Governor Jay Bowerman. but friends say where beauty is.
P ress in the old days back in
Ralph Bellinger has received
H. G. King, o f this city, who New York, has been chosen as
the contract to shingle the new was nominated at the Republican manager o f the Clark County
church being built by the Meth­ party assembly for the position o f Harvest Show to be held in Sep­
odists. “ Sharkey” is a roamer county treasurer, Saturday filed tember.
ever, and has seen most o f the his intentions to be a candidate
Miss Sutcliff arrived in town
larger cities in the U. S. A.
at the primary elections.
Monday for a few days visit with
William Lansignont and son of
Gales Creek, were in the city
Monday attending to business
matters. They have just return­
ed from Tillamook, and report
the coastward travel as being
James R. Ward, a graduate o f
Pacific University, who visited
several days last week at the Ire­
land home, Greenville, spent a
few days in town in the interests
of a mining and railroad company
| of Seattle, with which he is con-
J. G. Boos, first mayor o f For­ nected.
est Grove, now living beyond
Mrs. George Hancock and
Dilley, where he has a rock quar­ children, o f Hillsboro, were
ry, was in town Saturday, shak­ guests the past week at the Nye-
ing hands with his many friends. brook hotel, Newport.
¡^Pacific UniversityJ
Offers thorough instruction in college and
preparatory courses.
It’s Laboratories are well equipped for
science teaching.
Conservatory gives superior instruction
in Music.
Typewriting, Stenography and Commer­
cial Branches are taught by competent in­
Clean athletics and various student activ­
ities are encouraged.
The new gymnasium, fitted with all mod­
ern appliances, including a fine Running
Track and Swimming Pool, is added to the
equipment for the coming year.
Miss Ava Carlyle a n d other
friends. She was a student of
theAcademy when her father was
pastor o f the Methodist church at
North Yamhill. He is now pas­
tor at Cottage Grove.
Mr. and Mrs. Will Fletcher will
arrive in this city sometime this
month. Will is the son o f J. F.
Fletcher, and has been teaching
school in Colorado for several
years. He will be principal o f
the Couch street school in Port­
land, the coming school year.
Harvey Baldwin, Ed. Ward
and Charlie Miller returned Mon­
day from a deef hunt in the Wil­
son river country, bringing in
two bucks. The party made the
trip in Baldwin’ s auto, and ne­
gotiated the long hill from the
bottom to the summit in fifteen
5 minutes.
The scheme to cut off a part of
Washington county, on the east,
' and add it to Multnomah county is
meeting with but little favor
from the mass o f the voters of
' the county, and those opposed to
the proposition are beginning an
active campaign to defeat the
| measure.
Abel Meresse. all around news­
paper man formerly living in this
city, now connected with the En­
terprise. published at Vale. Ore­
gon, ‘ T he last frontier,” drop-
H . T . Giltner
Staple and Fancy Groceries
Fresh Fruit & Vegetables
Forest Grove
Both Phones
Best Trout Fishing in Oregon
Board at the
Half W ay House
Day, W eek or Month
Good M eals, Clean Beds, No Chinese
Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Adkins, PropV«
H om e Baking Co.
Finest of Bread and Pastry Baked Every Day
W e sell 6 loaves of bread for 2 5 ^
Free Delivery to All Parts of the City
Pacific A venue
Forest Grove
T he Progressive Store
Groceries, Dry Goods, Boots and Shoes
A Fine Line of General Merchandise
Hoffman, A lie n Co.
A. E. M O U L I O N
Roswurm & M oulton
Successors to
Roswurm & Co.
Dealers in R eal Estate, Exchanges, Business Chances,
Ice, C oal and W
Forest Grove
C regon
Will Save Y ou
M ore
25 Per
If you want up-to-date, reliable and trustworthy
plumbing fixtures installed, or repairs made,
get in touch with the practical plumber
Shop 431
Independent Phone*
Pacific Avenue
Residence 4525
Forest Grove, Oregon
If the hoofs o f your horse need
be shod. I have the metsl ^1
knowledge, the skill and the
ingness to put your horses n^ l
when they need a firm footing
I also do General Blacksmith 1
anything and everything.
Joe Lennev®