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    F orest G rove P ress
Voi. 1
hundred passengers or more, de­ metal tubing. In the center of
pending on the size o f machine, the machine will be four engines
will soon be an every-day sight, which will be o f twenty-five horse
and a trip across the continent by power each. At the forward end
the air line will be thought no of the machine will be the steer­
more unusual than by railroad at ing rudder and two balancing
the present time. While Mr. rudders, which will be under the
An airship or aeroplane, in­ Spencer’s invention differs in control o f the pilot, four cranks
vented by George N. Spencer, many essentials from flying somewhat similar to those used
formerly living in this city, now machines now in use, the most on trolley cars being used to op­
making his home on a farm two radical difference, and that which erate the rudders.
The propellers, the method of
miles from town on the Thatcher sets it apart from all others, is in
road, will revolutionize methods the propellers which lift theaero- working o f which distinguishes
o f travel and definitely solve the P*ane from the ground and cause Mr. Spencer’s aeroplane from all
others, and on which he bases
problem o f successfully navigat- its forward motion,
ing the upper air. In all heav-
A description of the working his claims as to the practicability
ier-than-air flying machines now model o f the aeroplane which o f his invention, will be eight in
before the public, the ability o f Mr- Spencer will construct, given number on the working model.
the machines to remain above the without technical terms, is as They will be seven feet in length
ground depends on their forward follows: The machine will be and twelve inches wide, the two
motion: a running start must be forty-five feet in length, with a i blades o f each propeller being
made to raise them into the air, cabin four feet in width which three and one half feet long.
and after they reach the upper will contain room for twenty They will be constructed of wood.
regions, they are at the mercy o f passengers and a crew o f five, The propellers will be located at
every strong wind that blows. lh e upper and lower planes will 1 the top o f the machine, on hori-
In consequence, a flight of fifty be nine feet in width, each, and i zontal bars, four to each side.
miles by one man is hailed with ten feet apart; the cabin will be The propellers, by means of a
loud acclaim; and where two per- seven feet in height from the stirrup, engaged to the hoiizontal
sons ride for any distance in the center o f the floor to the apex; shaft, may he swung around the
machine, double heads are given ! the planes will be constructed of shaft to any position desired;
the incident by the newspapers, muslin or other cloth, as likewise herein lies the secret o f the in­
If Mr. Spencer’s invention the cabin and the propeller blades; vention, and sets it apart from all
proves successful, airships carry- there will be very little wood used other flying machines now made.
ing from twenty-five to two as the framework will be made of A bar fastened to the outer end
Practical Air Navigation Has
Eeen Solved— Forest Grove
Inventor Perfects Aero­
plane That Will Fly
o f the stirrup and to a loose ing at the top and the weight at
sprocket wheel on the horizontal the bottom, will keep the aero­
bar, gives the engineer control of plane steady and prevent its tip­
the propellers, a sprocket-chain ping over.
connecting the loose sprocket
Mr. Spencer applied for letters
wheel and a crank in the hands patent on his invention some
o f the engineer.
i months ago, and will probably
In operating this aeroplane, the receive his papers in a short time.
engineer sets the propellers in Mr. Spencer is an inventor of
motion in a horizontal position. much experience, and is eminent­
Mr. Spencer claims that in his ly practical in his ideas, as is ev­
working model the machine will idenced by the fact that o f all his
have a lifting power of 2500 complicated inventions, not one
pounds, lifting the aeroplane and has ever failed to do the work he
its freight at the rate o f 132 feet has claimed for it. He is as con­
a minute. A fter the machine has fident that his present invention
reached the desired height, the will fulfill his expectations, and
propellers are changed to a ver­ one seeing the drawings o f the
tical position, and a forward mo­ machine and hearing from him a
tion is obtained, the airship being description as to the workings
able to travel 100 miles an hour. thereof, can be no less than con­
When descent is desired, the pro­ vinced o f the feasibility of thein-
pellers are reversed,and when the j vention. Should his claims be
forward motion is checked, are bourn out by a practical test, For­
changed to the horizontal posit­ est Grove will gain more fame
ion, and the craft may be lower­ than when it was called by form­
ed to any spot desired. Carrying er President Hayes ‘ ‘The pretti­
est town in Oregon.”
twenty-five persons, necessary
luggage and gasoline, o f an es­ EXCLUSIVE D O P E -T h e P ress
timated weight of 7000 pounds, reported exclusively the story
the machine will cross the conti­ last week of the Forest Grove hen
nent in forty hours, more or less, that crows instead of cackles
according to Mr. Spencer. The when she lays her daily egg.
Cock-a-doodle-do! R e a d t h e
motive power o f the machine be­ P ress to get the news.
City “ Dads” Transact Business They Walked and Fished Noted Editor and First
Road Building Test to be Made
P. U. Graduate Di< An exhaustive road building
The city council met in regular
The party o f “ strollers” who
session Tuesday night at the free left on August 27th for a fishing
reading room. The mayor, all trip returned Thursday evening
members o f the council, the re­ o f last week,after a walk o f over
corder, street commissioner and one hundred miles. The party
chief o f police were present. consisted o f Miss Manche Lang-
Nothing o f special importance iey, Lotus L. Langley and wife
came up before the body and the and Allan A. Dale. They walked
usual routine business was at­ from North Yamhill to “ The
tended to. The claims o f Peach- Trask” , the stage hotel on the
in, Adams and Burke for dam­ Trask river, a distance o f thirty
ages, caused by the new water miles, camping in the mountains
line crossing their properties, the first night and getting to
were considered. The council ' “ The Trask” at noon o f the sec­
has made them an offer in settle­ ond. They then spent three or
ment, but as the sums are not as four days fishing and hunting in
large as those demanded by the the Trask district, eating de(a)r
property owners, a board of ar­ meat (bacon at 20^ per pound)
bitration may have to be appoint­ and cooking up fish (stories).
ed to settle the matter.
Langley says that those fish over
there are on speaking terms with
most o f the sportsmen in Oregon.
The party went in to Tillamook,
out to the beach resorts and over
Mrs. Margaret A. Allen, aged
the Wilson River road home,hav­
seventy - seven years, died at
ing looped the loop o f about one
Laurelwood Academy Sunday.
hundred and twenty miles on
She was born in Ohio June 2,1833
foot in nine days. The last thir­
and came to Washington county
ty miles o f the trip, from the Mc-
from Pine Valley, Baker county,
Namer Camp on Wilson River to
six years ago. She is survived
Forest Grove,they made in one
by her husband, William M. Allen,
day, and not because they were
and the following children: Mrs.
homesick either, but just because,
L. F. Moffett,Gaston; M.M.Allen
so Miss Langley says “ You just
and Mrs. Amanda Bishop, Nebras­
get used to steppin’ spry” .
ka: and G. M. Allen, Boise, Idaho.
Funeral services were held
Good roads advocates say that
Tuesday, Professor Kay officia­ highways well paved
ting, with burial in the Hill cem­ trade— which may account for the
heavy traffic on the road paved
with good intentions.
A Massachusetts couple has de­
cided to be married in a balloon up
in the clouds. It probably won’ t
. H. W. Scott, the automobilist seem much different from the lat­
ter part of their courtship.
o f this city, says it is a mistake
to put sawdust on the street to
lay the dust, as it will soon be­
come incorporated with the earth,
Charles Pierce, Mrs. Elsie Cra­
and when the fall rains begin mer, Mrs. Alice Thomas, and the
will absorb and hold the moisture, latter’ s daughter, Ethel, came
causing the roads to stay muddy out from Portland last week for
for a longer period than where it a visit with J. F. Pierce o f this
city, who is the father o f the
is not used. He says straw is all three first named. They secured
right as it can be raked off in a couple o f automobiles and went
the fall.
out to Greenville for a call on
Mrs. John Ireland, who is a
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daughter o f Mr. Pierre
Laurelwood Resident Dies
Sawdust oo Streets a Mistake
Visitors from Portland
No. 40
Watch For This Party
One Francis Lovejoy stole a
Harvey W. Scott, editor o f the test in western Oregon will be Mitchell Runabout Automobile
Oregonian, who died in Baltimore made by Professor H. M. Parks, from a Dr. Sugg o f Chicago, and
August the seventh, was the o f the Oregon Agricultural Col­ a reward o f fifty dollars is offered
first graduate o f Pacific Univer­ lege. Six counties have agreed
sity. Mr. Scott was born in to meet the expenses o f an ex­ for the recovery o f the automo­
Tazewell county, Illinois, Feb. 1, haustive test in road building, bile and apprehension o f the
1838. He lived on a farm until these counties being Multnomah, thief. Evidently thinking Love-
1852, when he crossed the plains Marion, Clackamas, Linn, Benton joy might pass through Forest
and Tillamook. It is hoped that
with his father by oxteam. The Washington,
Lane, Polk and Yam- Grove in hiB travels, the captain
family first settled in Yamhill
hill counties will also join the of the Chicago Detective Bureau
county where they remained a movement, but they must do so have caused a notice o f the theft
year, thence moving to Puget soon in order to avail themselves I to ^ , )08ted in thi8 cjt
T . .
., i
, ,
Sound. Determined to have an o f the offer made by Professor
j Lovejoy is described as being
education, young Scott came to
It is the purpose o f Professor 30 years old; five feet six or
Forest Grove in 1857, walking the
Parks to make a geological test seven inches tall; weight 141 lbs;
entire distance from Olympia. ; o f all rock and other formations
dark hair, smooth face, sallow
He was compelled to give up in the counties o f western Oregon
compaction and a large nose.
school for a time, but again en­ so that he may gain an accurate
Wore when last seen, blue coat,
tered the University in 1857, and idea how much road-building ma­
terial is available, where it is to light flannel trousers and cloth
graduated in 1863, working his
be found, and what will be the auto cap.
way through college by employ­ cost o f transporting the material.
ment among the neighbors and He will issue his information in
on his father’s farm in the Watts pamphlet form when gained.
Professor Parks will give his
time free,and the pamphlets will
The City Council, o f Hillsboro,
Mr. Scott became editor o f the
be issued by the college, the only
Oregonian in May, 1865, and with expense being hotel bills and has instructed City Attorney
the exception of a few years, livery hire.
Judge Lionel R. Tongue and City Recorder Bow­
roads inthusiast man to prepare initiative petitions
from 1872 to 1877, had held the
in eastern for amendments to the city chart­
position continuously s i n c e .
Oregon, setting forth the benefits er, allowing the council to im­
While editor of the Oregonian he that will come from adoption of
pursued his studies,reading deep­ the constitutional amendment prove streets and assess the cost
ly on literary,philosophical, theo­ permitting counties to issue road to the adjacent property. The
logical and classical subjects, and building bonds. When he re­ measure will be submitted to the
was accounted one of the really turns to Portland a definite plan voters as soon as it is prepared.
will be'formulated by subscribers The planks with which several o f
learned men in the state.
to the good roads fund, for a cam­
Through his editorials in the paign that will assure the adop- the Hillsboro streets have been
Oregonian when Oregon was in tion o f the amendment at the improved for some years,are giv-
the formative period o f its growth coming election. In all sections iny out.and something more dur-
he did more to shape the building o f Oregon the need of better able will likely be tried by the
is gradually taking hold o f
Qf the county seat,
o f the state than any other man. roads
the voters, and as the roads of
His name has been a household Washington county have received
word throughout the Northwest
iving in and out o f the county,
for two score years, and the real living
greatness o f the man and his
The complete file o f the Cen­
be a good plan for our citizens to
work will be even more clearly get into the running in the test tury Magazine, from the first is­
seen in the years to come.
to be.'made by Professor Parks sue. November, 1881, to the cur­
The body o f Mr. Scott will ar­
rent issue, owned by F. S. Barn­
rive in Portland Friday night
es as mentioned in last week’ s
The remains will lie in state in
A vacation party consisting of P:.H8S. has been acquired by the
the Scottish Rite Cathedral dui- the families o f Rev. E. V. Stiv­ reading room, the library board
ing part of Saturday. Saturday ers and O. C. Jackson left Mon­ l nying part o f the purchase, and
night the midnight services of day morning for Tillamook f o r a Mrs. G. O. Rogers and Captain
the Scottish Rite Masons will oc­ two weeks sojourn by the briny Barnes donating the balance.
cur. Sunday private services deep. The party went bv private
conveyance and intended totrav- The volumes make a valuable ad-
will be held at the family resid-, el by easy st"
cam j ing whei e dition to the Library.
ence, and the body will be inter­ ever the fancy led them, and
red in Riverview cemetery-.
fishing in the mountain stream9.
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Hillsboro To Improve Streets
a black eye from various persons fi|ew Volumes for City Library
Off to Tillamook