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The Forest Grove Pharmacy
for local view post cards. The
latest and best in great variety.
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Wilson River Catches
Local Reporters o f the Press
The first run o f salmon are in
the river.
Mrs. Wigman spent several
Albert Mackrodt has gone to
days in Portland this week.
W. H. Hamlin made a business
Mr. and Mrs. George Hambljn
of Timber, were shopping in trip to Portland, Wednesday.
the Grove this week.
0. C. Jackson and family will
Miss Marian Fox accompanied leave for Tillamook Monday.
Mr. and Mrs. Booth to Tillamook
Mrs. Will Pricket and baby vis­
last Sunday in their auto.
ited the Rose City Wednesday.
Campers are numerous on the
W ilso n -th e hot weather o f the
valley driving them to the beaches
and mountains
Work on the Wilson River road
is going ahead rapidly and the
road will be in better condition
shortly than ever before.
A dance given last Saturday
For scientific shoeing go to
Mrs. C. O. Roe leaves today for
Harris & Markham. They guar­ Newport, where she will spend night at the “ Smith House” was
an enjoyable affair, everyone
antee the results.
several days with relatives.
having a good time and the sup-
The Drs.Nixon, father and son,
The local Grange will hold a E er served by Mrs. Adkins, the
and Mrs. Nixon, have gone to meeting in this city Saturday at ostess, certainly hit the right
ten o ’clock, a. m., at the K. o f spot.
the coast for two months.
Ruth Austin has gone to Sea­ P. Hall.
Sunday was enlivened by a
Does your watch keep time? game o f base-ball between Hard­
side to be the guest of Mrs. McCoy
and daughter, of Portland.
If not, better leave it at Shear­ ings and Ayers surveyors, the lat­
ter winning by 9 to 1. Bassetts
M t Hood Ice Cream at Shear­ er’s for an overhauling.
er's. Special prices on quantities
Mrs. 0 . Reed and daughter, o f crew played the winners in the
for parties, picnics, etc.
Chappel, Nebraska, are visiting afternoon wresting the victory
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Watrous at the home o f R. H Austin in from Ayers with a score o f 2 to 1.
and son Don have returned from this city.
a two weeks vacation spent as
The hotel at Buxton
the coast.
changed hands, host Connolly
Mrs. Charles Willahans and selling out to a Mr. Lindgren, o f
The Hansen baler is still busy
daughter o f Briceland, Cal., are Clatskanie.
visiting at the home o f Mrs. R.
Will Martin, employed on in the district.
H. Austin.
the Hayne wood saw, had his
Miss Edith Pechin has a friend
Now is the time to purchase arm badly lacerated this morn­ from Hillsboro visiting here.
that range you want. The best ing by the teeth o f the saw.
Miss Laura Knighten spent
that are made can be had at
Mrs. Bryon Lamont, living in
with Mrs. E. H. Burk.
the section west of town, accom­
Mrs. Mark Cox is very sick
John and Esther Conwell, Zoe
with measles. Dr. W. Q. Tuck-
Giltner, and Walter Watkins, of shopping in town, Wednesday.
Portland, attended the funeral
Almoran Porter, a civil war er is the physician.
o f Orville Tennis in this city veteran living in this city, has
Misses Hiebel, Edith and Lula
returned home from Portland Felbell, o f Wisconsin, were at
J. B. Matthews wishes to show where he went to receive medical Overlook Farm Friday, visiting
yo ou the new “ Union” jack; for treatment.
Mrs. Adams.
ifting, setting tires, stretching
Dr. Semones.
Half o f the members on the j
fence and many other uses. Al­ Pysician and Oculist. Does no
ways handy.
surgery. O ffice at residence. telephone line 13, have been put
on line 38, which gives
Roselair, the murderer, will be 319 North A street. Ind. Phone service.
immediately returned from Salem
Mr.Taylor recently disposed of
to Hillsboro and again receive
W. L. Cady was in Buxton on
the death sentence after thirty business matters Tuesday. Mr. a riding pony to A. S. Dilley,
days, by order o f the Supreme Cady this week sold the Dristig which Esther and Walter will
place o f thirty acres near Thatch­ ride to and from school this win­
Col. S. C. Spencer, Portland er to a Mr. Macy o f the same lo­
attorney, was in the Grove Tues­
The families o f W. M. Harris
day evening, accompanied by his
Thomas O. Twillinger, a native and F. Kennedy arrived the first
wife. The Colonel is bulding a o f Washington county, aged fifty o f the week from their trip to the
fine bungalow on his farm near five years, was drowned while coast. They went the Wilson
fishing at Astoria Friday. He river route and returned by way
Miss Goldie Peterson, accom- was a brother-in-law o f Ex-gov­ o f Sheridan and McMinnville. A
J nied by her sister, Mrs. W. B. ernor Greer, and had lived in pleasant trip is reported.
hively o f Portland, departed for Astoria forty years.
Thos. and J. 0 . McHale were
Newport yesterday to be gone
A C orrection —The flat rate in Portland the latter part o f the
during the month o f August. Mr. where
is no
meter week, called by the death o f
and Mrs. M. Peterson and Mr. measurement shall he 4i cents their mother, who had been very
Shively will go later.
per candle power; exceeding fifty sick for a long time. Mrs. R.M.
A chicken fancier o f this city candle power, the rate shall be Bisbee, a daughter, has been tak­
cents per candle power. These ing care o f her mother. We ex­
owns a hen, which, instead o f
tend sympathy to the relatives.
giving voice to the modest cackle rates are for one month.
v'hich a well-behaved biddie
Why burn $4 wood when you
should do after laying her daily can buy a ton o f Mendota coal for
egg, flies up on the fence and $7.50, delivered. Little soot and
crows lustily. It used to be held little ash. Keeps an even fire.
that whistling gins and crowing No splitting, no sawing, equals
Samuel Markee, aged 91 years,
hens would reach a sad ending, two cords of wood. , Give it a trial died at the home o f hisson.G.W .
but the hen we speak o f is a suf­ Uoswurm and Moulton, Forest Markee, in this city, Wednesday
afternoon. Mr. Markee was born
in Ohio August 14,1818. and mar­
A pretty wedding occurred at
The fire at Buxton, as reported ried Miss W. A.Tull in that state
the home o f Mr. and Mrs. John in last weeks P ress , was more
Sept. 27, 1839. They afterward ;
Howard at Buxton, Tuesday serious than stated. The Catho­
moved to Illinois, and started for
night, when their daughter Bessie lic chuich w is destroy ed, and Oregon in 1864. He is survived
became the bride o f Mr. Ben many houses were set on fire by
by one son and six daughters;also
Simpson, Rev. O. Weller officiat­ the burning embers from the
26 grand children, several great
The young couple are blazing forests. Hard work on
grand children and two great
well known and popular in the the part o f the Buxton people
great grand children.
Buxton section, and Mr. Simp­ saved all the buildings with the
Funeral services will be held at
son conducts a tonsorial parlor in exception o f the church and one
the residence o f George Markee,
«that thriving city. They will take dwelling. The loss on the church
Saturday at 10 a.m., with inter­
a honeymoon trip to the coast
was about $1500.
ment in Forest View cemetery.
Pioneer Samuel Markee Dies
Former Grove Boy Drowns
Booth Jewelry Co.
Diamonds; W a t c h « . Solid G o ld
G o ld Filled1
Fobs, Chains, Lockets and Bracelets; C locks.
Watch Repairing
Cut Glass
Rings for the
O a r Specialty
O ld & Y ou n g
H and Painted China; Fancy V a s « ; Novelties
Anything and Everything
jew elry.
The Big Store
Pacific A venue
Subscribe for the PRESS, now
Forest Grove, O re.
Orville Tennis, aged 23 years,
and for several years a resident
o f this city, was drowned in the
Williamette river at Portland
Sunday while in swimming.
The body was brought to this
city and the funeral held Tues­
day at the Christian Church, Rev.
E.V. Stivers officiating.with bur­
ial in Forest view cemetery. The
Odd Fellows lodge o f this city
had charge o f the services at the
grave. Orville was a member o f
the local Christian Church for
several years and had been an
active worker in the cause. He
was held in high esteem by a
large circle o f friends, who are
much saddened at his untimely
death. Two sisters survive. Mrs.
Ross Munkers and Miss Cressie
Tennis, both o f this City.
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