Forest Grove press. (Forest Grove, Or.) 1909-1914, July 28, 1910, Image 6

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provided, the total rate for any
hotel shall not exceed $4.00.
O rdinance No. 182.
A violation of any of the pro­
3rd. For private stables, 50?.
visions of this Ordinance shall
4th. For livery stables, $4.00. subject
such person to a fine of
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5th. For barber shops with not less than $5 nor more than
ions for water shall fully Bet bath tubs. $1.50.
$25 or imprisonment in the City
orth the uses for which it is re-
6th. For each laundry. $2.
jail for a term of from 1 to 30
uired, thereby indicating about
For photograph galleries, days, or both, and the City may
he desired quantity, the lot or $ 2 7th.
discontinue water service to such
. 00 .
ilock on which it is to be used
person at the option of the City
md if in a building the class of
»uilding; no person shall be en- shops, 50?,
9th. For lawn-sprinkling, 2.
itled to use city water directly
Passed by the City Council
>r indirectly for any other pur- 500 square feet or less, 50?, for July 26, 1910,
>oses than those stated in his or each additional 1,000 square feet
Robert P. Wirtz
ler application, nor shall any con- or fraction thereof, 20?.
the Mayor,July
mmer be allowed to supply water
10th. For garden sprinkling
iirectly or indirectly to any or watering, for each 500 square ■ 27, 1910. M. Peterson, Mayor.
jther person for any purpose feet or less of surface sprinklfed
without permission from the or watered, 25?, for each addi-
Robert P. Wiitz.
Common Council. If the Com­ tional 100 square feet or fraction
mon Council shall approve of any thereof, 5?.
: S tate of O regon
application, it shall place service
11th. For street sprinkling in j C ounty of W ashington
pipes from the most accessable residence portion of city, for each C ity of F orest G rove
main to the curb or outside of 75 feet front, or less,50?, for each I, Robert P. Wirtz, the duly elected,
sidewalk at the point most con­ additional 50 feet front 25^;
and acting
Recorder, of the
in Q qualified
' j
venient for service, and shall sup­ i business portion of city for each City of Forest Grove, Oregon hereby
ply such service pipes with stop­ 25 feet front or less, $1; for e a c h | certify that I have made a careful com-
, ,.~T
, lie e
i o r i.
' parison
of the foregoing
_ _ transcript of
cocks or gates and the city shall additional
25 feet front,25?; pro- Ordinance No. 182 with the original on
be the sole owner and shall have ) vided, water for lawn, garden fiie in my office and of which I am the
control of all such pipes and stop­ and street sprinkling shall be legal custodian, and that it is a correct
cocks, provided, no service pipe j used only between the hours of transcript thereof and the whole there­
shall be laid unless the applicant six o’clock a. m. to eight o'clock of.
Witness my hand and the seal of the
shall have advanced a sufficient a. m. and from six o’clock p. m. City
Forest Grove this 27th. day of
sum of money to reimburse the to nine o’clock p. m. Except in July, of 1910.
city for its expense as above pro­ cases where water is used
R obert P. W irtz
vided, which money so advanced through meter, in which cases Recorder of the City of Forest Grove, Ore
shall be credited on the appli­ water can be used at any time { S eal }
cant’s water rate and provided, during the day, between the
further, all consumers shall at hours of five o’clock a. m. and
A n n o u n cem en t of
their own expense connect with nine o’clock p. m.
such stop-cock or cut-off at the
For parties useing water
curb with standard galvanized through a meter, for any purpose
service pipe, which pipe for resi­ whatever the rate shall be at a
dence shall not exceed three minimum price of $1 per month To the voters of
quarters of of an inch diameter, for 3000 gallons or less and for
Washington County, Oregon
and such service pipe shall be each additional 1000 gallons or
I hereby announce myself as a
placed not less than twenty inch­ fraction thereof, 10? per 1000 j candidate for the office of Sheriff
es under ground and shall be gallons. When consumer uses I of Washington County, subject
kept in good repair,and provided water for street, lawn or garden to the endorsement of the pri-
further, no consumer, plumber or only, without having a m eter,____
! mary election, to be held on Sep-
other person shall be allowed to the rate shall be $1.00 per month tember 24th, 1910.
connect or attach or reconnect for 2500 square feet or fraction
If I am nominated and elected
any pipe to the City mains or thereof, and 25^ for each 1000 I will during my term of office,
service pipes or make any altera­ square feet or fraction thereof, faithfully and impartially dis­
tion in any pipe or pipes so con­ and the full amount for four
the duties thereof, and
nected without authority from months June, July, August and charge
to the people of this county
the Common Council or its author­ September shall be paid in ad­ give
an efficient and at the same time
ized agent and provided further, vance.
an economical administration.
all buildings in which city water
Parties living outside the city
state that I will give
is used shall be held subject to limits may be furnished with the I further
business of that office my
reasonable inspection, and pro­ water by first entering into a personal
attention, with courtesy
vided case of accident, written contract with the city, and fair treatment
to all.
or for the purpose of making re­ which contract shall provide that
G e o . G. H a n c o c k .
pairs or extentions,to the system, the water must be furnished
water may be cut off without through a meter, said meter shall
notice to the consumers, and the be provided by the consumer and
City shall not be liable for dam­ the rate shall be at a minimum
ages on account of the water so price of $1.50 per month for 3,
The PRESS is published with
cut off. Water must not be al­ 000 gallons or less, and for each
lowed to run to waste to prevent 1,000 gallons above 3,000,20* per the c° n8^ t aim of,
se™ n*
i XXX or
„ fraction . thereof.
1 ™™*
: our advertisers and subscribers.
freezing, nor kept running at any 1,000
We believe they are interested in
time longer than necessary for
the publication, and we shall be
its intended use.
pleased to receive any suggestion
looking towards its improvement.
Penalty on Non-Payment of Rates If you know any news items of
interest, such as visitors to or
W ater Rates
from the city, weddings, social
At any time when a consumer gatherings, births, deaths, new
The rates to be charged for
water per month shall be as fol­ does not pay the sum due the city improvements, fires, accidents,
for water for ten days after the etc., either in town or country,
1st. In dwellings, one faucet, same is due the Commissioner i ph°ne them in. make a note of
$1.00; each additional faucet,25f‘; shall so inform the Chief of Po­ Hie occurances and hand in at the
provided; that the total rate for lice and he shall cut off all ser­ office, or tell Mr. Ed. S. Sparks,
any dwelling shall not exceed vice from such patron, and such who is reporter for the PRESS,
$1.50; provided further, that all service shall not be renewed un­ about it. Your kindness will be
faucets in dwellings whether til such person shall have paid appreciated. When you have
served directly or indirectly with the amount due the city for ser­ read your paper, kindly hand it to
City water shall be counted.
vice together with the sum of 50? some one not a subscriber. If he
2nd. For hotels, one faucet, for cutting out and 50? for re­ reads a copy we will land him.
Loyally yours,
$2, each additional faucet, 25^; connection with the City System.
Ind. phones: Office 505,
Residence 285 or 231.
Geo. G. Hancock
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