Forest Grove press. (Forest Grove, Or.) 1909-1914, April 14, 1910, Image 1

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    O rest G rove P ress
Voi. I
April 3 0 to be Clean-up day
Don’t Forget the Date—April 30th.
Participants in “Holy City”
four girls from her
Oratorio Hold Reunion j \ strated
a lesson.
Miss Ferrin then
at Leader’s Home
from start to finish. Aunt Deb-
by Dexter has two girls, one of
conducted a
which is 18 years old at the time
regular old fashioned spelling
starts, having been
30 AS CLEAN-UP DAY found story
Forest match in which Miss Reed won
by “ Aunt Debby” on her
room demon-
No. 23
Also Hold Enthusiastic
ness Meeting and Take1
Up Civic Questions
Woman’s Club o f
Mrs. E. E. Williams enter­
Grove met at the home o f Mrs. j the honors.
door step, when but a tiny baby, tained those who took part in the
Miss Salters then presented a
M. S. Allen Monday afternoon.
in a blanket. The story hinges recent rendition o f the “ Holy
Papers dealing with the life and paper on “ School Sanitation”
upon the efforts o f this girl, City” oratorio, at her home Mon­
compositions o f Schubert had j which was beyond the ordinary
whom Aunt Debby had named day evening. Ref
been prepared and were read by on such a subject and called
Elinor Pearl, to discover some sisting o f coffee, sandwiches,
Mrs. E. Brown and Mrs. E. E. forth much discussion.
clue to her parentage. Through cake and ice cream were served
Williams, respectively, and Mrs.
O. M. Gardner then presented
The regular meeting o f the the confession o f an old gypsy, during the evening.
Williams rendered Schubert’s the subject of Grammar in a gen- City Council was held Tuesday and the efforts o f Aunt Debby,
The party amused themselves
beautiful piano solo, “ The March eral talk to seventh and eighth evening, and a considerable the father o f Elinor is finally dis­ immensely by the playing o f sev­
o f the Heroes,” in a most finish- grade workers.
The central amount o f routine business trans­ covered and all ends well.
eral games o f an original and
ed manner, displaying an excel- thought being: teach clearly and acted. Bills totaling $5,636.37
Interesting situations were con­ unique character, one o f the most
lent mastery of tecnique and distinctly and for sure,
were ordered paid, the amount tinually cropping out, and the ex­ enjoyable o f which was an “ orig­
knowledge o f composition. Two
The Association then adjourned being devided among the several periences o f four college girls, inal song fest.”
Those present
month. j f unds as follows: $975.32 from whom Aunt Debby has been forc­ were divided into five groups,
pretty vocal numbers, “ J3eneath to meet at Dilley in one month,
the Evening’ s Last Sweet Smile”
Z - ;
general fund, $4,591.05 from ed to take for summer boarders, each group composing an original
and “ Hark! Hark! The Lark,” Pacific Speakers Triumph
water fund and $70 f rom library in order to raise the mortgage on ditty, sung to the air o f some fa ­
were also contributed by Mrs.
at Ht>me and Abroad fund.
“ Breezy Point” , are decidedly miliar tune. The resulting com­
while the Hardscratch positions are given below:
Williams. Other members o f the \ pacific University’ s debating I A sidewalk was ordered con-
organization who were to have team won a ijnanimous decision j structed upon the west side of twins furnish plenty o f amuse­
My Bonnie
appeared on the program were over the trio. ,fn
the Oregon B” Street, running north from ment, in their efforts to “ never My bulldog lies sick with the fever
tell.” Genevieve Courtney, as “ — — — — -------grippe
absent on account o f sickness.
Agricultural flol
the local Third Avenue to the City line.
A very enthusiastic business chapel W tÿï^sday m
The Council took up the matter Ashrael, did exceptionally well “ — — — — -------fever
session followed the social part
solved, o f “ Clean-up” day, and April 30 and caused a laugh whenever she Oh go get the doctor real quick.
and numerous ideas were advan­
tes Should was set as the date upon which came into view. Helen Bollinger
ced relative to beautifying the
go get, go get the doctor
ingk Sub-
city. The question o f watering
real quick, real quick
pportld the
the streets during the warm
thè liega - o f rubbish, etc. The City will Miss Payne as Elinor did good Go get, go get, go get the doctor
weather was discussed, and the tivi
real quick
propJsed a furnish teams to hall away all work. Bertha Ireland and Helen
matter will be vigoicusly pushed. plai
as sapping rubbish which is placed in suit­ Chalmers made a great hit as the My bull dog has died o f the fever
The question o f the officers for sul
jgrongly able receptacles, such as boxes, “ Twins.” Dora Baker, as Mrs. — — — — ----------- grippe
the coming year was also brought obj]
y Pacipfe’ s men. barrels, cans or bags. Every Hardscratch, Flora McCorkle as He’ s gone to that beautiful City
up, and nominating ballots taken. Th
contendinjKhat a plan resident and projlerty owner will i Mehhitable and Hazel Loynes as Where good bull dogs never get
According to the constitution no o f si
applied to be expected to lend their aid on Fantine, the French maid, all de-
incumbent o f office can hold over devel
serve special mention.
generally and April 30.
two years in succession.
The question o f lighting the)
He’s gone, he’s gone the beauti­
tablishment o f fast
The next meeting will be an mail lines.
city streets was discussed at some M. E. Church to be
ful city to see, to see
open one, and will be held at the
gone the Holy
The O. A. C. team was com­ length, and although no action
Constructed at Roy
home o f Mrs. F. J. Miller. posed o f E. D. Lemon, F. A. of a definite nature was taken, it
City to see.
Rev. W. C. Stewart, pastor of
Members are privileged to bring Wilson and H. D. MaYsh, Wilson seemed to be the unanimous opin­
Nellie home
their husbands, or if single, any making the clojhiB^ rebuttal. ion that an incadescent light the M. E. church at Banks, held We are the bunch o f people
a meeting last Monday with a
guest they may desire.
The Pacific jMo wer^VHarlan ufion each corner, would add
That can make ourselves at home
number o f the interested men o f
Turner, JL Hr Ferrin and'G. G. greatly to the appearance o f the
Roy and made arrangements for Because we sang the “ fining pot”
Spur For Planing Mill
Brown, T'ei^n making the» clos- streets at night, and be o f mater­
the erection o f a church at that And wished we were in Rome.
laes were
T. ial benefit to the residents o f the
The Judges
— — -
The Oregon Electric has con­
place. Commi llees were appoint­ We
H.//Chapman and city.
structed a spur from the main
A Committee o f two, Council- ed to look after the matter and Altho we did the best we could,
line opposite the passenger depot
enough subscriptions have al­
Is theMn rdebag‘ here men Bailey and Abraham, was
into the yards o f the Forest Grove
ready been pledged to assure W e’d better staid at home.
-was at fev- appointed to secure a city attorn­
planing mill, thus giving that
Annie Laurie
the Board o f Church Erection
\pj>lmse beiqg made ey, and also to confer with the
company increased and better
City’s over
that a church is much desired at
, .. . .,
. . ..
, The feed is just begun
jp g for bqwi teams, county judge legarding the re-
facilities for the handling o f ma­
^ oy- and ^
^as one o f the hottest con- pairs to “ B” Street, which is the those
at the helm to erect a buil­ Our hearts are running over
iebatps e y ^ h e ld on the thoroughfare leading into the
ding suited to the needs o f a With thoughts o f cakes and buns
Gales Creek road. It is under­
The County Teacher’s
local ros
With thoughts o f cakes and buns
growing community.
stood that the county have offer­
Association Meeting J
The contract will be let the And cream and everything
The Pacific University debating ed to stand three-fourths o f the
But for bonnie Mrs. Williams
The County Teacher’ s Associa- team tonight won from the Whit- expence o f repairing this street, first o f May and will csll for the W e’ re always glad to sing.
The appointment o f City at- completion
completion o o f f the
the structure by
tion met at Tualatin Saturday, worth College team, all girls, on
Old Black Joe
September first.
April 9. As the President and the question o f “ ship subsidy.” torney will probably be offered to
Gone are the days
Vice President were absent O.
The Oregon trio handled the W. M. Langley, althodgh noth­
When many came to sing
Sexton vs. County
M. Gardner was called to the affirmative ^de o f the question ing definite is as yet known.
Coming are the days
The report of the city treasur­
The suit instituted by Al. Sex­ When the comet comes again
c ha*r-
and won by tw o to one.
er shows the following balances ton against the county o f Wash­ Gone are the clouds
After a song, Mrs. Finney read
in the several funds on April 1. ington, to recover $500 for perso­ And the winter’s chilling rains
a very suggestive and helpful W. O. W . Elect Delegates
General fund
$ 1,737.70
nal injuries sustained, and a fur­ This song will give to all who
paper on, “ Self improvement o f
to the District Convention
Water fund
ther sum as damages for the loss
the Teacher.” Some thoughts
hear a great big pain
____________ o f the W.
Building fund
o f a wagon and injury to team, W e’ re hungry, w e’ re hungry
were; Always be a learner. Be
Be ^ elected delegates at the reg-
aggregating in all $760, was Our pulse is beating slow
loyal to your work and to the u]ar meeting Saturday night to | Library fund
->» *»•
I heard at Hillsboro last Friday, We think we hear the horns a
course o f study in your own state.
djstriCt convention which is
‘Breezy Point Big Success and resulted in a verdict for the
Next Supt Case took up a to be held at N ewberg May 18.
The comedy in three acts, pre- defendant.
Round Table talk on “ How may g . R. Wirtz, W. B. Haines and
, . 4.
Good-night ladies
the moral atmosphere o f our
r Hicks were unanimously sented by members o f the Phil-
The action was the culmination
school be kept pure?” This talk chosen by the membership to re- omathean Society o f Pacific Uni- o f an accident nearly a year ago [All paid the prices]
was very helpful and nearly a pre8ent them at Newberg. At versity last Saturday evening, which occurred at the Watt s To hear that awful noise
score o f teachers responded with this convention delegates will be entitled “ Breezy Point” , was hridge, and in which the plain- Joyfully we sang along
hints and suggestions on what to elected to the Head Camp, to be weH received by a large and ap- tiff was precipitated some twen- Until we reached the end
held in Portland sometime dur- Preciative audience. Close to ty-five feet into Gales Creek in _ _ _ _ _
After dinner the teachers re- ing the month o f June. E. R. sixty dollars was realized from company with a wagon loaded ken before a higher court. In­
sponded to roll call by giving a w irtz will be a candidate for the sale of tickets, and this sum with gravel, two horses, a mule, vestigation along these lines is
, will be used by the society in the and a sixty foot span o f the now under way
quotation from Shakespeare.
this honor.
furnishing of their room in Marsh bridge.
Miss Scroggs then took up the
The verdict will probably be
subject o f “ Water Colors in the
Re on the watch for the big Hall.
Subscribe for the Press
“ Breezy Point” is full of action appealed from, and the case ta-
primary grades.” A class o f sale at the Booth Jewelry Co.
At Regular Meeting Tuesday
Night Routine Business
Transacted Only