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Forest Grove Ad \
Farm, Home, Garden and Dairy
Timely Hints Upon Matters of Interest to the House­
wife, Farmer, Gardner and Dairyman.
L__________________ _______ i
^ow to Make One a t Home O ut of
Linen or Canvaa.
For th e friend who c a n n o t travel
vlthout her pet rem edies a hom em ade
uedlclne case would m ake an accept-
ible gift. It la easily m ade to hold
me’s special bottles and has th e ad-
an ta g e o f a d d in g little w eight to the
atcbel o r su it case.
C ut an oblong piece of heavy card-
ioard nnd stitc h it betw een tw o pieces
f heavy ta n colored or d a rk red linen
r canvas. T h e covering Is c u t longer
han th e card b o ard on the ends to a l­
ow for seam s and stitching. The
Ides of th e linen a re enough longer
ban th e board on both sides to perm it
t to be folded over In envelope fasb-
>n when th e case Is closed.
When th e card b o ard Is In place the
over Is stitch ed close to Its edge all
round. T hese edges may have fo u r or
ve row s o f stitc h in g or can be bound
rlth w hite linen braid or a braid o f a
o n trastln g color. T he sam e braid Is
ewed to eneh end of the case to stra p
he daps Into place when folded over.
T he Inside o f th e case is finished
rlth tw o bands o f th e m aterial, one
bove the other, nnd divided Into pock-
ta to hold th e various bottles of medl-
lne. T he com partm ents a re divided
y machine stitch in g or close brier
tltchlng. T hey should be deep enough
) bold a bottle up to Its shoulder.
Tw o oblong envelopes and u long,
arrow one of th e linen ure added to
old ab so rb en t cotton, gauze bandages,
ourt plaster nnd n few sim ple uten-
ls. such as a medicine dropper, hypo-
erralc syringe case and n clinical
lerm om eter. Between the case two
nen strn p s a re arranged to hold a
air of scissors.
On th e ou ter flnp o f th e case should
e em broidered Initials or monogram
i tones to m atch the braid. Several
ilcknesaea o f cottou b atting should
e cut to Ju st (It Inside th e case over
te bottle. T hey can be buttonholed
losely In colored cotton to hold to­
other. T his covering or one o f elder-
>wn Is slipped over the buttles when
avellng to keep them from spilling.
W hile It Is not necessary to till this
ise. It Is ns well to p u t In bottles ut
nst. Buy them first, so th e com part-
.ents cau be mnde to (It. T hose with-
it paten t stoppers a re best.
How to W eigh an Automobile.
To obtain the ex act weight o f an au-
,mobile and the weight carried on
tch pair of wheels It Is necessary to
to a platform scale—th a t Is. any scale
mt has a p latfo rm suttlclently wide
take the e n tire length of the ma*
line—then proceed In this m anner:
'-s t weigh th e whole car. Next weigh
ic back of the car. To do th is the
tddle o f the c a r should be o v er the
Ige of th e platform . The fro n t of
le c a r should be weighed In th e sam e
anner. If th is hus been carefully
me the last tw o w eights when add-
l to g eth er should give w ithin tw enty
minis o f th e e n tire w eight of th e car.
How to Freshen Up Old Linen.
W hen table linen becomes worn nnd
lows an open m esh It may be mnde
ore presentable if the pieces a re iron-
1 while wet. Som e recom m end using
little weak sta rc h , but good linen has
certain firm te x tu re w hich, when
M ed ns above m entioned, resto res
uoh of Its original b eauty a n d firm
xture. W hile th e pieces m u st be ex-
edlngly dam p, every artic le should
» Ironed until perfectly dry. d se a
o. 0 Iron for th e purpose. I t Is large,
tains the heat nnd presses quickly.
How to Cook a Coon.
In preparing to cook n coon see th a t
• kernels have been thoroughly cu t
it of the arm pits, groins an d from
uler th e root of th e tall a fte r It has
■on skinned. Cooua' kernels a re slml-
r to musk glands. T he c a rcass should
> hung up In th e frost fo r tw o or
ree days to freeze by n ig h t nud
aw by day until properly tendered
id then parboiled and talked. Some
i a dressing o f bread, sage nud
dons; o thers use oysters and crack-
si still o thers use sw eet potatoes or
irslm mons All use a basting rich In
itter. red pepper and vinegar.
o n beyond all o th er flesh ab so rb s
ty other flavor put w ith him, so
veet herbs a re occasionally used,
ot too fa t n or too lean, he m akes a
*e rep ast for a h u n ter’s supper.
Haw ta Paek Blouaaa.
W han carry in g several blouses In a
(it case place them all on a padded
a t b an g er eo th a t th e w idth of the
-« u ses will run along the length of
caae. In th is way the crease
folding will not come at the
w alat ltue and will not be aeeu when
th e bto«ae u w orn. The hanger will
" " " * ■ useful a t th e JonroeV a end
*>“ “ * O“ «t
^during th e sign. wU1
' r
How to Care For Fine Dlshee and
Delicate G lassw are.
O rdinary everyday china tnay be
w ashed tirst In hot soapsuds, then In a
cle a r rinsing w ater, and dried with
soft, clean dish towels. A housekeeper
should w atch her maid carefully to
see If her m ethods of dishw ashing
a re approved. She should provide her
maid w ith a hand mop. a half dozen
good dishcloths, a soapsuds m aker—
th a t Is. a sm all receptacle to hold the
odds and ends of soap, which, when
shaken In the hot w ater, will create a
whole pallful of su d s—and tw o dish-
pans. one for w ashing and one for
rinsing. The maid m ust learn, and
she usually does by b itter experience,
th a t to put delicate glassw are Into
scalding hot w uter m eans d eath and
destruction to the glassw are.
sam e thing will happen if hot tea Is
poured Into a cold nnd b rittle teacup.
Tills causes sudden expansion, and
th e piece cracks e ith e r under the glaze
or quite through it. It Is a sim ple
m a tte r eith er to w arm the cups by
pouring In a little w arm w ater or by
puttin g them In a w arm oven fo r a
mom ent or. b e tte r still, by pouring
the tea over a silv er spoon restin g on
the cup.
The heaviest cut glass cracks under
a change of tem p eratu re. An Icecream
dish o f this costly w are wns once split
In h alf while the mold of Ice cream
wns being helped. Inquiry a t the fac­
tory disclosed th e fa c t th a t th e sudden
fall of tem p eratu re, com bined w ith the
pressu re in cu ttin g th e lee cream , had
caused the nccldent. H ad the dish
been se t In the refrig e ra to r a little
while before the Ice cream had been
served It would never have split In
half. In w ashing cu t glass, therefore,
place It In w arm w a te r tirst before p u t­
ting It lu the hot soapsuds.
W hen cleansing delicate nnd costly
china strong soaps and soap pow ders
should he avoided. They will surely
e at Into the gilding and decorations.
E ith e r nmmonln or borax Is safer. In
arra n g in g handsom e china on th e
shelves soft m ats should be placed be­
tw een the plates to avoid scratch es and
nicks. T he cups should be hung by
th e ir hnndles from hooks. T his Is
much sa fe r than piling them up on th e
shelves. P la tte rs should rest length­
w ise In a groove on th e back of th e
In w ashing handsom e glass and ch i­
na th e re should alw ay s be an exceed­
ingly so ft cloth to be used for a polish­
e r a fte r the piece has been dried w ith
the usual dishcloth. Iu w ash in g o r­
d in ary china It will be found th a t the
h o tter th e w nter th e easier th e pieces
a re to d ry nnd the sh in ier they will be.
A rtery May Be Found by Placing Hand
a t Underside of Jaw.
T he pulse is due to ud autom atic
expansion and relaxation lu the wall
of an elastic tube—the a rte ry —caused
by th e je ts of blood pumped Into those
vessel! by m eans of a force pump—the
Each stroke of the h eart is equal to
one pulsatio n —viz, a rising and fall­
ing o f th e a rte ria l wall. In health the
av erag e numbei of pulse beats per
m inute is about thirty-six to forty.
T he larg er the horse the slow er or
few er th e dum ber of beats per minute.
A ccording to an e x p ert breeder, a
very good place to ta k e th e pulse Is nt
th e underside o f the jaw . By rolling
the tips o f the fingers about a little
they can be b rought on to the blood
D on’t press too firmly nor yet too
T he anim al m ust be kept
still an d quiet. In point of im portance
the “c h a ra c te r” o f th e pulse m ust be
the best guide. T h a t is to say. the
blood vessel may Im press us as feeling
hard. soft. full, quick, small, w iry,
reg u lar o r Irregular.
T hese a re niceties which require
p ractice before they can be fully ap­
preciated. lu disease — pleurisy — the
pulse will be found beating about
eighty tim es per m inute (depending
upon th e sta g e of th e diseasei. hard,
wiry an d Irregular.
Iu pulm onary apoplexy it may be
beating 120 tim es p er minute.
W heu properly tak en it forms a v al­
uable m eans of assistan ce in ascer­
tain in g th e n a tu re and progress of dis
Homemade Feed Mixing Box.
“T h e re ’s alw a y s plenty of work on
th e fa rm ,” a s th e hired man said when
his city cousin asked him how he
m anaged to p ass his tim e iu w in ter
when th e n o nfurm ing season w as on.
T he hired man spoke gospel tru th , as
every fa rm e r knows. But there are
w ays o f m aking th e w ork easier, w in­
te r ns well ns sum m er. Some farm ers
do m any th in g s in a haphazard, slip­
shod w ay. ju s t a s th e ir ancestors used
to do them , and n ever tak e the trouble
. .
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They Should Be Placed W here They
Get Diffused Light.
A lthough ferns a re g reatly adm ired
fo r Indoor decom tlons. the p lan ts a re
In general singularly u n fo rtu n a te In
th e treatm en t they receive a t the
hands of th eir ow ners. It being well
understood th a t most varieties th riv e
b e tte r w hen not exposed to stro n g
sunshine, they are usually relegated
to any shady and cold position th a t
may bo otherw ise unoccupied In th e
house. T his m ethod o f dealing w ith
th e p la n ts Invariably ends In d isap ­
pointm ent. A lthough It Is tru e th a t
fern s do not like the direct ray s o f th e
sun continually upon them , y et a c e r­
tain am o u n t of lig h t Is necessary fo r
th e ir developm ent, and Instead o f
sta n d in g them Iu corners an d o th er
u n fav o rab le places It Is fa r b e tte r to
give th em th e full benefit o f a window
—a n o rth e rn asp ect will do—or. nt any
ra te , th e y should be placed w here they
get am p le diffused lig h t
A n o th er freq u en t cau se of failure
in fe rn s Is th e sem i-starv atio n to
w hich th e y a re subjected. T he Idea
Is very p re v a le n t th a t th ey do not re ­
quire m anure, an d In consequence any
poor soli w hich com es to hand is used
for p o ttin g them up. C ertain ly a soil
heavily m anured Is n o t su ita b le fo r
them , nnd fresh m a n u re should on no
nocount be used, b u t a reasonable a l­
low ance o f leaf mold Is, a s ■ rule,
highly beneficial.
To preserve th e d e lic a te g reenness
f f th e fronds liquid m an u re m ay be
given when the plants a re In g ro w th
an d , th
. e pots fairly - full o f roots. A
gisx e r **'t- *»ch a s n itra te o f soda,
VI *
£ * ' ''?
*he ^ ' tH' rtlon o f
h a lf a n on nee to th e gallon and th e
fern s w a to “«d th erew ith every ten or
tw elv e day*. T his is especially good
w here th e p la n ts a re old o r partly e x ­
hausted. Soot w a te r Is also very use­
ful a s a stim u lan t. It should be per­
fectly c le a r and la beet applied alters
nately w ith an artificial fertiliser. Llq-
uld m a n a ra of anim al origli» should be
w e d very sparingly or not a t all.
to th in k up m ore m odern m ethods. By
th is neglect they cause them selves
much e x tra work.
A c e rta in fa rm e r In In d ian a w hose
neighbors mix feed for th e stock In the
old laborious way. sim ply pouring
w ater from a bucket Into the m ixture
and s tirrin g It. hus co ntrived a very
sim ple b u t handy a rra n g em en t for
m ixing feed. lie found an old flat box
w hich had been used y e a rs before fo r
m ixing m o rta r when the farm house
w ns reb u ilt. R ain s o f sev eral seasons
had w ashed o u t all v estiges of cling­
ing lime. F rom th e well in his back
y ard he ran a flume o f tw o Inch wood­
en pipe w hich had been used form erly
for d ra in in g a m arshy place. W ith his
boy pum ping n t th e well th e fa rm e r
has a c o n sta n t stream o f w ater flow­
ing Into his m ixing box w hile he stirs
the feedstuff*.
Into a sack n ear a t
hand goes th e mixed an d m oistened
feed, re ad y to serve, ar.d th is In d ian a
m an say s th e cow s surely do like It
p u t up th a t way.
How to Bako W ith a G al Rang«.
The oven of n gas ruuge is h o tter
th a n the old fashioned coal range,
w hich accounts fo r th e difficulty som e­
tim es encountered by beginners in
th e ir use In successfully nnd evenly
baking. To obtnln th e b e st resu lts for
baking lo af cakes, etc., th e oven
should no t be heated m ore th an five
m inutes tie fore using, b u t It should be
heated five m inutes, nnd w hen th e
b ak in g Is begun a m oderate heat
should be m aintained. A full realiza­
tion th a t th e heat In a gas range is
d ire c t an d c ertain and easily controlled
will b rin g success to th e user. Once
you know how long It tn kes and w h at
degree o f h eat to cook an artic le you
will n ev er again m ak e a fa ilu re If you
a re c a re fu l to w atch th e tim e.
How to S sve th e Stickpin.
If th e en d o f a stick pin Is u n d er a
lapel o r Inside tb e opening o f tbe d re ss
an y w h e re th a t you can easily get a t It.
you will be iu no d a n g e r of lo elrg it tf
you wlU w ind ligh tly a b o u t It a am ali
stacd ru b b e r band
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