Forest Grove press. (Forest Grove, Or.) 1909-1914, March 17, 1910, Image 1

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    F orest G rove P ress
Voi. I
Large Assembly of Knights and Ladies Gathered in City
for Event— Bnsinecs Houses Beautifully Decorated-
Magnificent Banquet Served in the Evening
All Forest Grove was a Knight
for a day when, on last Saturday,
March 12th, Delphus Castle No.
39, Knights o f Pythias of Forest
Grove, dedicated their new lodge
hall, the fine three story brick
which has recently been com-
men from various parts of the
state, including Grand Chancelor
Menafee; Grand Keeper of Re­
cords and Seals, R. L. Stinson;
Grand Inner Guard Richards,
and Past Supreme Representative
E. D. Curtis, the last mentioned
Saw W a y Out of Jail
N o . 19
One o f the most successful
wholesale jail deliveries ever
effected in Umatilla County was
pulled off at the County jail in
Pendleton about fiv e o’ clock
Saturday evening. Seven out of
the 11 prisoners made their es­
cape and at midnight not a single
one had been apprehended.
Someone had passed in a saw
from the outside, and while
Sheriff Taylor and his deputies
The Council met at the usual
were busy handling the Saturday place on Council Street Tuesday
crowd of taxpayers, the prisoners night, with all members present.
took advantage of the liberty
The Council had advertised for
they had been accorded, in the bids to be received on Tuesday
jail corridor, saved the bars to a for the Distaibuting W ater Sys­
bac^ w,ndow, dropped 10 feet to tem, and a number of men repre­
the ground below and escaped senting pipe companies in Oregon
from the Courthouse yard with­ and Washington were present.
out being seen.
Bids were received from the
Three bad-check artists and Washington Pipe and Foundry
four burglars are in the escaping Co., Calwell Bros. Co., Pacific
Coast Pipe Company, W . L. Cline,
Other Important Business Transacted— Several Ordinances
Passed— Request for Permit to Set Poles on Pacific
Avenue Turned Down After Lengthy Argument
He declared that the use o f First
Avenue would necessitate the re­
setting o f a number of poles at
considerable cost and would in­
terfere with his present plans.
A petition signed by a large
number of citizens of the city
pleted on Pacific Avenue. The I being a brother of W . K. Curtis
was presented to the Council.
windows of the city’ s stores of our city.
The object o f it was to urge the
An informal reception was
were gay with the Knights chos­
Council to take favorable action
en colors, blue, yellow and red, held during the early part of the
relative to the erection o f a city
which Wilbur
interspersed with an array of evening, over
hall at an early date. The peti-
tion was read and ordered to be
helmets and swords which carried Hughes presided and a number
.. . c.
Crane & Co. and Portland Wood placed on file.
the mind in retrospect to the of short talks were given. W a l-'
days of Damon and Pythias and ker s Orchestra furnished the
Pipe Co.
[ The members of the Council,
A small fire uue to the explo-
An ordinance to prohibit chick­ with City Engineer Richards left
the Roman Senate. Every one music and Mrs. W . W . McEldow-
was wearing the ribbons of blue, ney won much praise for singing sion of a kerosene stove broke ens. ducks, geese and other fowls in automobiles Wednesday morn­
yellow and red and even Oregon’ s two beautiful solos in a most out in the rear of the store room from running at large in the ing for the headwaters o f Clear
occupied by Ottice Sheaier about city of Forest Grove was favored Creek to inspect the work of
bright sun smiled on each Knight charming manner.
five o’ clock Saturday afternoon, by the majority of the Council laying pipes which is being done
on this bright day.
fire bell was the signal for but has not been officially signed there.
Over two hundred Knights
of a large crowd, by the Mayor as yet.
gathered in the lodge hall in the
members of
An ordinance regulating the
evening, visiting brothers num
btringabout one hundred, among the Third Degree work was put t’ie Volunteer hire Department use of motor vehicles in the City
’..horn were many well known on by a chosen team composed of
by Chief Lenneville were of Forest Grove was read, and
members of the various lodges of at the fire house in a remarkably after some material alterations,
the county. Each lodge in the short time after the alarm was wa8 approved and signed by the Wanderer Goes To Rest 40 Minutes After
county had a good representation sounded.
Old Sol, Which It Approaches One
Before the firemen had time to
The ordinance was aimed at
and a number were preser t from
Degree A Day-Soon Be Seen
Portland, Oregon City and Salem reach the scene, the fire was ex- motor cyclists who have been
The most charming event o f tinguished by the timely efforts making use of the sidewalks of
Crutiful Music, Magnificent Chorus and
(To the E ditor.)—The follow­
evening, so say the Gallant o f those who were near b/ w^ n the city for speeding purposes.
Well Trained Soloists Will Make
ing data concerning the position
Knights, was the hour round the the explosion
The The use o f the sidewalks for the
of Halley’ s comet may be o f in­
This Classic Event of City
festive board, when they ate, damage to the building was small, running of any motor vehicles is
terest to those who are trying to
drank and were merry, for, said bein£ estimated at fifteen or expressly prohibited, and any
pick up the comet just now.
Tne Oratotio to be given next
they. “ Today is today til! tomor- twenty dollars.
one no* complying with the pro-
It’s ephemeris for March 14 was
Monday evening at the Congre-
visions of the new ordinance,
given as R. A . 23 minutes 36
gational Church by the chorus row is here, but these Knights Crowd N o te d Aviator wjjj
gubject to a fine or im-
seconds, declination 8 degrees 49
choir of that church and selected are Knights through the entire
j ear ”
i Mob violence and a narrow urisonment. The ordinance also
seconds N . This locates it as 6
singers from other choirs, under
escape frem death for Aviator i prohibits the driving o f automo-
The present officers of the
degrees east from the equinox
the direction o f Mrs. E. E. W il­
Hamilton at the hands of an in- biles at a rate in excess of 10
and 8 degrees north o f the equa­
liams will be the greatest musical local lodge are: P. W . C ronen,,
furiated crowd were among the miles per hour.
tor. A s the sun on the same,
event in the history of Forest
The request of E. W . Haines
exciting incidents to the aviation
date was 7 degrees west from
Staley, Prelate; V. H. Limber,
for a permit to set poles along
meet at Seattle Saturday.
the equinox, the comet was 13
Many weeks have been spent M. o f W . ; R. Lodwick, K . o f R
Avenue on which to place
Incensed because a large num­
'degrees distant from the sun
in the preparation o f soloists, and S .; E. R. W . Wirtz, M. o f E . ;
ber of persons had broken into electric wires was not granted.
toward the east.
chorus and orchestra, and the C. A. Broderson, M. at A . ; Hugh
the field without the formality o f | It had been referred to the com-
It was almost exactly that
latter will be the first musical Mercheson, I. G ., Jesse West, 0. payjng admissi0n, Hamilton made mittee on Streets and Public Im-
distance above the horizon when
Trustees: H. B. Johnson,
organization including piano and
a dash for one o f the would-be provements. This c o m m i t t e e
the sun set on March 14, and
A Abbott, E. W . Haines.
organ in its complement o f in­
free gate runners and grabbing composed of V. S. Abraham and
about 7 degrees north o f the
struments to be used here as an
him around the neck began toiJ. E. Bailey reported favorably,
west point of the horizon. The
accompaniment to v o c a l i s t s . Col. Myers Celebrates
rain blows into his face with with the provision, however that
set about 40 minutes
Two numbers by the full orches- ¡
His Eightieth Birthday clenched fists. A crowd of men the permit be granted for five
after the sun.
tra will be rendered: “ Contem­
Col. William H. H. Myers and boys made a rush for the years and that the city be paid
Its approach toward the sun
plation” and “ The Adoration,”
stepped, with dignity, past his aviator and began showering ten dollars a year for the use of from day to day—chiefly due to
and the beauty of theme and
eightieth birthday last Sunday, him with stones and sticks, the streets for such poles. The the eastward motion of the sun
mastery of technique will un­
March 13th, and the day was With the assistance of guards majority were opposed to the ac­ — is about 1 degree a day. On
doubtedly impress these selec­
one of rejoicing at the Myers Hamilton managed to make his ceptance of the report of the March 26 the two bodies will
tions indelibly upon the minds of
home. His son F. S. Myers and escape before serious damage committee on the ground that come together, and the comet
every person in the audience.
the crowd they deemed it inadvisable and
family, of Portland, and daugh­ was done. Then
will pass by the sun on the far­
Every vocal number will be a
to Hamil- unsafe to have more poles and ther side, coming out from be­
ters, Misses Frances and Minnie
gem in itself. Every lover of
were with him. Other friends ton’ s machine and before order live wires on the business street hind it to appear the next d a y
music in Forest Grove and the
and relatives who helped to make could be restored it was practi- o f the city. The erection of west from the sun, and hence
surrounding country should at­
the day merry for the Colonel cally demolished.
poles along Pacific Avenue
was rising before it in the east,
tend this entertainment and do
a further reason After an interval o f ten days or
were Frank Miller, Miss Mable
objected to for
so about April 5 —it should be
all in their power to encourage
Strahan, and Mr. M yers’ sister.
T en n is Club A lte r Rules
that it would interfere to a cer- sufficiently bright to appear con­
this effort to afford the public
Mrs. Ann Guerin of Portland.
The Tennis Club held a busi- t®*11 extent with the paving of spicuous in the morning sky.
an opportunity to revel in music
W . N . F errin .
A sumptuous repast was served, negg meeting at the home o f Mr. tbe street at a future time
such as is 3eldom heard outside
the table being adorned with a and Mrs. J. A. Thornburgh, Fri­
the confines of large cities.
Appropriation for
birthday cake which measured day evening. Action was taken mit to erect poles and string el­
The “ Holy City” Oratorio is
Cheniawa Indian School
13 1-2 inches in diameter, and on the matter o f placing the ectric wires on First Avenue for
offered with a three-fold object.
Senator Chamberlain, o f Ore-
which was decorated with pink courts in condition for the sum­ a nominal sum each year, and
First, to demonstrate to the local
roses and held lighted candles mer. It was found best to alter the use of the street for such el- gon hopes to get $15,000 for a .
singers their ability. Second, to forming the figure 80. Mr. M y­
new building and $20,000 for ad­
the rules governing membership, ectric light line for ten years.
ditional land for the Chemawa
encourage a desire for greater ers was presented with a seal
Mr. Haines differed in opinion (Salem) Indian school. A t the
wherein the number has hereto­
knowledge of the classical com­ ring as a remembrance o f the
with those who entertained the senator’ s request Indian Com­
positions. Third, but not least, occasion, and if the wishes of the
the restriction was raised to view that the wires if strung on missioner Valentine required a
tne benefitting o f the Congrega­ Colonel’ s many friends prevail
he will live to see the dawn of twenty two, by unanimous vote, Pacific Avenue would render it special agent to examine the
tional Chorus Choir and the pre­
savs he an(j geveral new members will more unsafe and dangerous for vrro'ind, the latter reporting fav­
another century. He says
sentation of a portion of the pro­ wishes it remembered that next'
oted into the club at the pedestrians, and strongly urged orably. It is hoped to get the
items incorporated in the annual
ceeds to Prof. Gardner tb assist vear he will be seventy-nine.
which occurs in that a permit for the use of the Indian bill. It is proposed to
in paying for the instruments
aforesaid avenue be granted him. buy 101 acres at $200 an acre.
time, in your flight!”
two weeks.
now in use in the H :gh School.