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Letters 'o f Martha Washington and
Mrs. Lincoln Com e to Light.
Tw o Crews Buried in Rogers P a s s -
Washington, March 7.— In an un­
One Avalanche is Being Cleared
lighted corner o f the attic o f the house
When Second Comes.
o f representatives, the committee on
Seattle, March 5. —A special to the
accounts has rescued a large number
Post-Intellligencer from Revelstoke,
o f letters and documents o f the early
B. C., says that between 60 and 100
days o f the republic.
Among them
| lives were lost in a snowslide that
are letters from Washington, Jeffer­
j buried two rotary crews in Rogers
son, Lafayette, Jay and Monroe.
Pass, two miles east o f Glacier, at 1
To two o f them a peculiar sentimen­
o’clock this morning.
Floods Working Havoc In Cities ot
' Had Been Sufferer for Over a Year,
Lass Important but Not Less Inter«
A small slide occurred at 6 o ’clock \
ters written by Martha Washington
Northern and Eastern Washing­
But Refused to Last to Give
esting Happenings from Points
and the men were clearing the line
and Mary Todd Lincoln, the former
ton— Bridges Gone.
when the second avalanche swept down
Up Business Affairs.
Outside the State.
concerning the proposed removal o f the
j the mountain and engulfed both crews.
body o f her husband from Mount Ver­
Details o f the disaster are lacking.
Rescue parties have been sent out
Louis James, the noted actor, died o f non to a crypt in the capitol, and the
New York, March 8.— Thomas Col-
heart failure at Helena, Montana.
other applying to the government for [ lier Platt, form erly United States Sen­
Without warning a second tremen-1 ♦
Charles K. Hamilton, in a Curtiss a pension. Both are addressed to the ator from N ew York and fo r years a dous slide rushed down on the crew. I • Passengers: dead, 9; missing, 39;
biplane, gave many thrilling and suc­ speaker o f the house. The house to ] national figure in Republican politics, It swept the rotary and all the men far • rescued, 9.
• Employes: Dead, 9; missing, 31;
cessful flights in Portland.
day voted an appropriation o f $2,500 1 died at 3:45 this afternoon in the down into the canyon below.
• rescued, 10.
Only three of the rotary crew sur-
Jacob Schiff, a banker who loaned to have these historic papers cared for apartment o f Mr. and Mrs. Gustave
much money to Japan, says the United and deposited in the library o f con­ Abele, on W est Eleventh street, from ! vive.
Other Slides’ Toll Is Great.
• :
whom he had rented three rooms for
States must fight Japan soon.
Mace, Idaho: Dead, 14; injured,
gress as “ the house o f representatives
the last four years. Mrs. Abele had
John Redmond has won almost a collection.”
i 40.
The two letters are as been his nurse.
complete victory over the house of
• Burke, Idaho; Dead, 5; many in-
follows :
Dr. Paul Auterbridge, his physician, Philadelphia Prepares for Renewed
lords in the English parliament.
j jured.
Hostilities—Tw o Shot.
“ To the Honorable Speaker o f the
• Carbonate H ill, Idaho: Dead, 2;
A letter from Martha Washington
was chronic and acute Bright’s disease.
Philadelphia, March 5. — Between • injured, 6.
and one from Mrs. Abraham Lincoln House, S ir: While I feel the keenest The body was removed tonight to the
have been found in a dark attic in the anguish over the late dispensation o f home o f Frank H. Platt, a son, and 50,000 and 70,000 union workers on • Dorsey, Idaho: Dead, 2.
strike, 100 different branches o f indus­ • Adair, Idaho: Dead, 1.
house o f representatives.
divine providence, I cannot tie insensi- i w ill t>e taken to Oswego, N ew York,
try affected and a renewal o f rioting, j
Milan, Wash.: Dead, 1; injured,
I* W. H. Eccles, manager o f the Ore­ ble o f the mournful tributes, respect
in which two men were shot, is the
Funeral services w ill be
gon Lumber company, which has been and veneration which are paid the be buried.
situation that confronts Philadelphians
held Wednesday at the Presbyterian
indicted fo r timber land frauds, says
early today.
memory o f my dear deceased husband. church in Oswego.
he has no fear o f the outcome.
The police are apprehensive o f the
Spokane, Wash., March 3— It is ru­
And as his best services and most anx­
The end was startlingly sudden. An
outcome. Director Clay, however, de­ mored in Spokane that a second ava­
A veteran in the California Soldiers’
ious wishes were always devoted to hour before the senaotr died his two
clares that he has enough men to crush lanche at Scenic Pass, covered the res­
home attempted suicide on learning
sons, Frank and Edward, with their
any uprising.
that his w ife, son and daughter were the welfare and happiness o f the coun­
cuers engaged in taking out the bodies,
fam ilies, and his son, Harry, with the
killed in the avalanche at Mace, Idaho. try, to know that they were truly ap­
The Rapid Transit company an­ thus causing further loss o f life. The
latter’s daughter Charlotte and son
Four hundred Russian emigrants in preciated and gratefully remembered Sherman, had left the house after nounces that every effort w ill be made rumor, though persistent, cannot be
to maintain trolley service. Cars will verified on account o f interruption in
Honolulu have been attacked by diph­ affords me no inconsiderable consola­ their usual daily visit.
The senator
be dispatched at as nearly regular in­ wire communication.
theria, and refuse to remain, saying tion.
said at that time he felt very well and
tervals as possible, and the service will
promises made to them have not been
Taught by the greatest example, thought he would read the papers.
Everrett, Wash., March 3 — The
be increased i f police protection is
which I had so long before me, never
A t 2 o ’clock he was taken with a j
Great Northern railway tonight gave
to oppose my private wishes to the fainting spell and Dr. Auterbridge was
out a list o f the known dead, missing
The great Italian singer Caruso is
public w ill, I must consent to the re­ called hurriedly. The family was not- |
and rescued in the avalanche at W el­
being threatened by Black Hand let­
quest made by congress which you have ified and returned in haste. Mr. Platt |
ters, but declares he has no fear of
by messages o f sympathy and offers of lington, from which it appears possi­
them and is making every effort to ap­
ble that the total number o f dead may
in doing this I need not— can not— say into unconsciousness again at 3 :30 and assistance from labor unions from all
reach 88.
prehend the writers.
what a sacrifice o f individual feeling I died at 3 :45 o’clock.
The relatives
Nine passengres and nine employes
o f many trades ceased work at mid­
An old California Indian fighter of make to a sense o f public duty.
were all at the bedside.
are known to be dead and 39 passen­
the early 60s called on T a ft and great­
W ith grateful acknowledgment and
to be one o f the greatest sympathetic gers and 31 railroad employes are miss­
ly interested him with accounts of unfeigned thanks for the personal re­
strikes in the history o f organized la-1 ing.
early wars. The president will see to spect and evidences o f condolence ex­
it that about 70 o f the Indian war vet­ pressed by congress and yourself. I
The Committee o f Ten says that at
erans receive good pensions.
remain very respectfully sir, your most Banker Schiff Who Loaned Japan
Money Says She is Enemy.
Sympathetic strikes in Philadelphia obedient servant,
as many unorganized men, have ceased
nave involved over 100,000 workers in
New York, March 7.— “ As one who work.
Mount Vernon, Va., 1779.”
Seattle— M elting snows in mountains
various trades, and the trouble is grow­
helped to finance the late war o f Japan
Promptly at midnight union orches­ have produced worst flood in 20 years.
The letter from Mrs. Lincoln is as against Russia,” said Jacob H. Schiff
ing steadily. It is said to have started
tras playing in the leading hotels and
Pullman— W ater ten feet deep in
by the peremptory discharge, for no follow s:
this afternoon, “ I say it has developed
cafes picked up their instruments and streets; city without light or fuel.
“ To the Honorable Speaker o f the during the last few weeks that Japan i started for home.
honest cause, o f about 600 union street
Colfax — City faces fuel fam ine;
House o f Represnetatives, S ir: I here­ has joined hands with that enemy of
car employes.
j Union cabdrivers and chauffeurs also
schools compelled to close.
with most respectfully present to the all mankind, Russia.”
abandoned their posts, and the hotel
A New York woman has been con­ honorable house o f representative an
Ellensburg— One thousand tons o f
Mr. Schiff was speaking at a lunch­
and railroad cab and automobile ser­
ducting a school for shoplifters.
application for a pension. I am a wid­ eon given by the Republican club.
hay damaged; Yakima river rising rap­
vice was badly crippled. The drivers idly.
Nicaraguan rebels are planning to ow o f a president o f the United States,
“ Russia and Japan,” he continued,
o f both taxicab companies in the city
force intervention by the
United whose life was sacrificeed in his coun­ “ have evidently one purpose at pres­
Aberdeen— Floods o f last winter re­
are members o f a union and refused to
try ’s service. That sad calamity has ent— to keep the great Chinese empire
peated; Union Pacific bridge being con­
j take out their machines after midnight.
very greatly impaired my health and, stifled.
structed over Chehalis river, carried
Twenty-three miners were killed by
The Committee of Ten remained in
by the advice o f my physician, I have
away for fourth time.
“ I f we are not careful, if we do not
an accidental explosion in the Tread­
i session at its headquarters all night, j
come over to Germany to try the min­ show the righ t statesmanship, and if
Kelso — Cowlitz booms break and
well mine.
receiving reports from the local unions.
eral waters and during the winter to we have not back o f it the great moral
thousands of dollars worth o f logs are
The Federal government w ill renew go to Italy.
carried to sea. Crest o f flood believed
force o f the American people to defeat
ment on the report that the police
its attack on the sugar trust under the
to have been reached.
But my financial means do not per­ that purpose, we shall be drawn into
would prevent the demonstration plan­
Sherman law.
mit me to take advantage o f the urgent trouble.
The Dalles— M ill creek higher than
ned for tomorrow afternoon in Inde- j
for 30 years.
“ The most difficult problem the na­ pendence Square.
A New York man is trying to buy advice given me, nor can I live in a
some big daily pa|>er and install Roose­ style tiecoming a widow o f the chief tion has to deal w ith,” continued Mr.
Although the labor leaders are re­ W RONG VIEW S O F TH E C E N S U S .
magistrate o f a nation, although I live Schiff, “ is the problem o f the Far
velt as editor in chief.
ceiving moral support from their fel-1
as economically as I possibly can.
East. I am sorry to have to say it,
j low workmen in all parts o f the coun- j No Harm Can Com e to Any Person
British Columbia government will
In consideration o f the great services but we are in danger o f war over this
try to import from England many my dearly beloved husband has ren- i same question. As a friend o f Japan, | try, many associations o f employers
Who Answers the Questions.
girls to be employed as house servants. dered to the United States, and o f the j one who helped to finance her late war. have sent letters and telegrams to the
Washington, D. C., March 3— L e t­
officials o f the Philadelphia Rapid
Gay nor, mayor o f New York, says fearful loss I have sustained by his un- j I regret this conclusion, but it is in­ Transit company and the city officials, ters from the census supervisors to the
no one man can run any large city timely death, his martyrdom, I may evitable.”
commending their position and urging United States census bureau show the
without special training ami prepara­ say, I respectfully submit to your hon-1 “ The Pacific,” said (Judge Mayer them to stand firm in their determina­ erroneous apprehension o f a consider­
orable body this petition, hoping that a Sulzberger, o f Philadelphia, who pro­
able element o f the population con­
tion not to recognize the union.
yearly pension may be granted me so ' ceeded Mr. Schiff. and whose remarks
cerning their answers to the enumera­
An avalanche destroyed 12 o f the 16 that I may have less pecuniary care.
occasioned his declaration, “ is now the
tors’ questions in the next census.
buildings composing the mining camp
I remain very respectfully,
Slide Kills Six Laborers.
commercial center o f the world. On
I t is emphatically declared, by the
o f Skookum, 20 miles north o f Roslyn,
" MRS. A . L IN C O L N .
its eastern shores dwell the oldest civ­
Seattle, March 5.— Six laborers are statement, that the information sought
Wash. One man was killed.
Frankfort, Germany.”
ilizations. Heretofore we white men reported to have been killed by an ava-1 from the people o f the United States is
Deputies have given up trying to
Mrs. Lincolon was granted a pension have said ‘ we are Caucasians and they lanche that destroyed Cascade, a small used solely for general statistical pur­
capture the Quiniault Indian who mur­ o f $6,000 a year.
are yellow men,' and we have expected station east o f the Cascade tunnel. poses. It w ill neither be publised nor
dered two o f his tribe and then barri­
them to bow to us accordingly.
This The report was brought to Seattle by used in any other w ay'to disclose facts
caded himself on a mountain.
they are not going to do. A conflict is , Ed Clark, a section man who has been regarding any individual or enterprise.
New Minster to China In Training.
working in the mountains.
He said The census, it goes on to say, is not,
Chicago, March 7.— Forty Chinese inevitable.
A mob in Dallas, Texas, took a ne­
“ An empire were 400,000,000 people that he walked through Cascade this never has been, and cannot be employ­
gro from the courtroom where he was students entertained W illiam J. Cal- j
being tried, beat him to death and houn, the newly appointed minister to manage to exist is governed by no morning and that everything had been ed to obtain information that can be
Can they teach wiped out but a cook shack. Two men , used in any way in the assessment o f
China, at luncheon today at the King mean statesmanship.
hung his body from a festival arch.
This ques­ at. the scene told him of the death of property fo r purposes of taxation or
Joy Lo restauranL The new minister us or can we teach them?
The O. R. & N. is the only line in
the six laborers, whose names are not the collection Jof taxes, either national,
listened gravely to many suave expres- j tion will precipitate the trouble.
the West or Northwest now open, and
“ The imminent question is Japan. known. The Great Northern has re­ state or local; or fo r deportation pro­
sions o f Oriental good w ill and as
all trains o f the Union Pacific, North­
gravely consumed a dinner o f infinite j She wants everything but she is not to ceived no report o f an avalanche at ceedings, extradition measures, army
ern Pacific, Great Northern and M il­
The C ascade, but it is known that several or navy conscription, internal-revenue
variety, served in mandarin style. A l­ t>e allowed to get everything.
waukee are using that line.
though the luncheon lasted two hours controversy over this question o f dom­ bad slides have occurred on the east investigations, compulsory school at­
Merchants o f the principal cities in and a half, it was said to be more of inance is coming before the people of slope o f the mountains. A ll communi- tendance, child-labor law prosecutions,
, cation with that section has been cut quarantine regulations, or in any way
Tahiti have petitioned the governor an afternoon tea as compared with the this country, and coming soon.”
not to allow tourists to land. This is real state dinner which Mr. Calhoun
affect the life, liberty, or property o f
any person.
believed to be the only place o f im­ w ill be expected to grace beyond the
Pinchot Given Gold Medal.
portance in the civilised world that Pacific.
Red Men Blew Out the Gas.
New York, March 8.— A gold medal
does not want tourists.
in recognition o f his services in con­
Washington. March 5.— One o f the I
Zeppelin Will Seek Pole.
serving the woodlands o f the country most picturesque chieftains in the In- i
« ----* uai.
l u a r c n 6. — m r s .
A mysterious airship was seen fly­
Hamburg, March 7.— The Zeppelin was presented to Gifford Pinchot, ex ­ dian race and his nephew, both mem­ Russel Sage, widow o f the great finan­
ing all around ML Shasta, and per­
forming feats before unheard of. It North Pole exploration committee met chief forester o f the United States, at bers of the Chippewa tribe, in Minne­ cier, signalized her visit to Pasadena
Is believed to belong to some inventor here today under the direction o f the dinner o f the Campfire club o f sota. was found dead in a local hotel by a g ift today of $1,000 to the Pasa­
The \ dena hospital. Additional interest at­
who has built it during the past winter Prince Henry, c f Prussia. Count Zep­ America. “ Even i f I am no longer con­ today, victims o f asphyxiation.
at some secluded spot in the moun­ pelin was present. The summer will nected with the governm ent," said Mr. dead chief was Pay-Baum-We-Che- taches to her generous recognition o f
be devoted to a primary expedition for Pinchot, in expressing his appreciation " alsh-Kung, more than 95 years old, the institution’s needs because it was
tains. •
the purpose o f studying the ice condi­ fo r the medal, “ I shall take the same and bis unfortunate companion was unsolicited and unexpected. Since her
Floods at Zanesville and Warren, tions. The expedition w ill start for position with regard to conservation A - N e- W ay- W ay- Aush. It is believed arrival in California, Mrs. Sage has
Ohio, have rendered thousands o f peo­ Spitxbergen July 1. A Norwegian ice as I have done heretofore. I shall do one o f the red men blew out the gaa.
been deluged with requests for dona­
ple homeless.
steamer will be used fo r the purpose my best to aid in preserving the for­ This was the second visit o f the chief tions to various charitable organiza-
to the capital of the “ Great Father,” U.°.nS' ,l?ut ' V 8 8t«ted that in all cases
Butte engineers are deserting their o f forcing an entrance into the polar ests and the game o f this country.”
his first being nearly 44 years ago.
other than the one reported today she
onion and the collapse o f the strike ice and the expedition w ill return at
the end o f August.
An airship w ill
Vesuvius is Again Active.
has found it necessary to refuse.
seems at hand.
be taken for summer use.
Oklahoma has passed a new election
""Organ and Ryan to Quit.
denly become active again.
For 24
law which ruts down the negro vote by
Helena, MonL, March 6.— Louis
Farman Breaks Record.
hours there haa been a continuous James, the actor, was stricken with
Yor‘c' Ma« h 3.— The board o f
prescribing certain qualifications.
Mourmelon, France,
March 7.— erutpion o f red hot stones and ashes, heart failure in his dressing room at ^ recto r, o f the National Bank o f Com­
Japan wants credit for helping China Henry Farman today established a new accompanied by internal detonation*. the Helena theater tonight and for sev­ merce o f New York today elected J.
avoid serious trouble on the Tibetan world’s record for aeroplane flight Several fissures have opened, from eral hours his life was despaired of.
Jr > H«®*7 p - Davison and
frontier, and says China made a great with two passengers, remaining in the which gas and lava are emerging in Later it was reported that his condi­ Allan A . Ryan directors in place o f J.
great quantities.
air fo r one hour and ten minutes.
g’ p ° r* * n’ R - C- Deming and Thomas
tion was slightly improved.
Newsy Items Gathered from All
Parts ot the World.
Noted Politician Succumbs to At­
tack ot Brights’ Disease.
Two Passenger Cars in Splinters,
Others Completely Burled.
i '• Ry*n, resigned.