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N egro
Party Could Win Everything
If Held Together.
Havana, Feb. 1.— Organization o f a
Destruction of Paris Goes on
Items Gathered from All di8tin,c
t w i t h t he,
n unuj
intention of obtaining control of the
Cuban government, is being agitated
Despite all Efforts.
Farts ot tbe World.
through the republic— and the move­
President Taft Asks Magazine
lishers to be Moderate.
$300 ,000,000 TRUST
Washington, Jan. 31, — President'
, . ___
T aft told the periodical publishers of P rB liU lillS ry
_ .
liiP .B il 111 Bit]
Copper Combine.
tbe Untied States tonight] that, if
they overloaded their criticism of men
in the administrative authority with
ment hag become menacing from the
viewpoint o f the whites. This issue
unparliamentary expressions and inti­
has been brought to public notice re­
mations as to lack of honorable mo­
cently by race conflicts upon the hotel
tives, , obody is going to pay any atten­
question, and the numerical strength
tion to them.
o f the negroes, united, gives it portent.
Although he made no direct allusion
Tributaries o f River Above Paris Are to “ muckraking,” it was plainly evi­ Corporation Will Control Output of
Less Important but Not Less Inter'
Independente de Color — Independent
dent at what he was directing his at­
Copper in United States and
Now Stationary and Worst Is
eating Happenings from Points
Party of Color— prints the newly con­
Influence W orld’ s Markets.
Thought to Be Past.
Outside the State.
structed platform o f the party, which
The president,’ addressing the period­
contains these significant provisions:
ical publishers association of America
“ The Independent Party o f Color
as their guest at dinner, did not give
shall be organized throughout the
New York, Jan. 27. — Preliminary
Paris, Jan. 29.—After a slow but this advice to the editors assembled
Rome is threatened with floods sim i­ whole republic with a national charac­
steady rise o f the flood waters all day, from ail parts o f the nation until he steps were taken today to effeci the
lar to those in France.
ter, to maintain its equilibrium toward
long looked for merger o f the principal
the Fluvial department at midnight had prefaced his remarks with good
It is believed the chances of the irri­ all Cuban interests.
humored treatment of his relative po­ copper producers o f the country into
“ The republic^)! equality, sovereign could only issue a statement saying
gation bill in congress are improving.
sition to the wielders o f public opin­ one gigantic corporation.
and independent, without race discrim­ that it was possible the creBt of the
In W all street another billion-dollar
Boise is to^have a thorough invesiga-
inations or social antagonisms, shall flood would be reached tomorrow.
tion into'the.high prices o f necessities.
“ This is a formidable gathering to company was frequently mentioned,
get our support.”
The water has begun to fall in all of
address,” said President Taft, after but the more conservative believed
The coroner’ s jury on the Czarina
To what extent promoters o f the the tributaries of the Seine above
final capitalization would be closer to
wreck did not fix the blame on any­ new movement may be successful re­ Paris, but the passage through the he had been presented by C. H. Smith, $500,000,000.
the toastmaster. “ Gentlemen who act
mains to be seen, but there can be no city is clogged by bridges and an im­
The Anaconda Copper Mining com­
as fates as to what is or is not current
Three Seattle policemen have been doubt that, if the organization of the mense accumulation of drift continued literature, would under any circum­ pany o f N ew Yotk announced late to­
arrested, charged with levying black­ negro race as a political party ever tonight. Sailors, firemen and police stances, be formidable to address, and day that the board of directors yester­
should be effected, it would rule the are hastily constructing temporary
under conditions prevailing in Wash­ day decided to call a special meeting
walls by the light of campfires and
of stockholders in 'Anaconda, Mont.,
Eight dead and thirty injured have
The importance of the congressional torches in an endeavor to keep out the ington and in legislative halls, it re­
beenttaken from a train wreck in Eng­ elections in July can hardly be over­ invading floods, while pickets patrol quires a brave man, standing in my po­ on March 23, to pass on a proposal to
increase the capital stock from $30 -
estimated. It is not so much a ques­ those sections of the city that are sition, to face them.
“ For the
“ As to controversies, let me say 000,000 to $150,000,000.
High food prices have driven thou­ tion of which party shall return the plunged in darkness.
purpose o f acquiring the property of
The situation in the Place de 1’Opera that 8Ü evidence— questions o f facts—
sands o f children to factory work in greater number of candidates,
whether the independent republic, un­ tonight is serious. The entire terri­ must be weighed broadly to reach an other companies located in the Butte
It is the case district.”
aided by American supervision, Bhall tory has been roped off as unsafe.
It ultimate conclusion.
Los Angeles is making a great effort
as we con­
The Amalgamated Copper company
prove itself competent to conduct an is said also that the new Equitable
to free her city employes from the
absolutely fair and peaceable election. L ife Assurance building is in danger demn them for their iniquities. The owns 55 per cent, of the Anaconda
clutches o f loan sharks.
evidence must be weighed. It does no stock.
President Gomez’ appointment of o f collapse.
Following the merger of the Butte
It is reported that Dr. Cook has been Senator Manuel Sanguilly as secretary
President Fallieres
and Premier good to denounce a person on the w it­
for several weeks at a German sanitar­ of state ends the long suspense regard­ Briand today drove in automobiles to ness stund, if he testifies agains t you. properties, which include the Amal­
“ You controllers of public opinion gamated Copper company and its vari­
ium, under a false name, and has now ing that important office. It is signi­ the flooded suburbs, where distress is
gone to Vienna.
ficant that the president should have greatest, speaking words of comfort to and controllers o f the rulers of the ous holdings— the Aanconda Copper
o f all political the homeless and encouraging soldiers country may hammer a man into indif­ company, Boston & Montana, Butte &
The recent trip abroad o f the Immi- gone
. . out
. of the
, . ranks
ference as to what you say, but at that Boston, Washoe, Trenton and other
gration commission is alleged to have {*ar !ra 0 * * !* '* Sanguilly, who ever and others engaged in salvage and res­
he w ill come nearer to doing right than subsidiaries— and the North Butte and
been but a junket expedition and an in­ | has been an independent of the inde­ cue work.
Butte Coalition, it is expected that the
Charitable organizations are co-oper­ if he tried to fight.
vestigation has been called for.
“ But, seriously speaking, I would new Anaconda, with its increased cap­
The senator lived in Harlem in the ating with the authorities in throwing
It is reported that if the government war of the revolution and returned to open their buildings and in succoring j like to say that when you criticise a ital o f $150,000,000, will merge with
wins its suit against the railroad mer- I Cuba under the first intervention, busy refugees.
Several convents and a 1 poor devil exercising a responsible po­ the Guggenheim, Haggin and other
ger, a syndicate comjiosed o f Itockefel- I ing himself at once with
protests number o f public buildings have been sition, first give him the benefit en- copper interests
ler, Morgan, and Kuhn, Loeb Co., will against the interference o f the United equipped with military cots and bed­ 1 joyed by every criminal, that o f rea-
The corporation thus formed will
take up all the bonds and stock o f the States in affairs o f Cuba.
He is the ding and transformed into hospitals. nonable doubt.
control not only the copper outpout of
roads involved.
j author o f several unsuccessful bills to The Red Cross is performing splendid
the United States, but will influence
the copper market o f the world.
Pinchot’s friends are active in the ! rf,strict the immigration o f foreigners services in distributing food and cloth­
nto Cuba.
The merger o f the Butte properties
ing. Nevertheless, numerous instan­
Ballinger investigation.
will include the Amalgamated Copper
ces are cited of women and children
T H U M B N O W I n d i a n s ' PEN.
Pacific Roads Must Face Trial by
Taft decides to continue the suit to
company, Anaconda Copper company,
who had refused to leave their homes
dissolve the Harriman railroad merger.
Next April.
Boston & Montana, Butte & Boston,
in the submerged districts, shrieking
Violation of the rules of etiquette Service Requires Impression o f D ig it from their windows for bread.
W ashington, Jan. 31.— The president. Washoe, Trenton and other subsidiaries
Instead o f Crossmark.
may cause the retirement of the Aus­
"mmgamatea company, the
The number of refugees arriving has determined to press to a conclusion of the Amalgamated
trian premier.
Chemawa, Or., Feb. 1.— Orders have here is enormous, Charenton alone the pending suit against the Union and North Butte and the Butte Coalition.
sending in 38.000, who had got there Southern Pacific Railroad companies, | 1° Wall street it is commonly under­
Transcontinental Passenger associa­ been issued to the agents in the field
from Calais and other afflicted points.
looking to a dissolution o f the merger, st0°d that John D. Ryan w ill head the
tion grants convention rates to Port­ of the Indian service to require thumb-
The family of M. Barthou, ex-min­ and today concluded to deny the appli- great c°pper amalgamation.
mark signatures by Indians who are
land for Rose Festival.
ister of public works, whose home in cation of Mr. Lovett, Harriman’s sue- j amalgamation will include, it is said,
not able to write.
Both parties admit the British elec­
! the Guggenheim, Haggin and Cole^
Thumb-mark signatures are now re­ the Avenue d’ Antun is surrounded, cessor, for a dismissal o f the suit.
tion was fought on the tariff issue, and quired on all checks, receipts and other was taken out on the backs o f soldiers
Soon after Judge Lovett and a num- ) Byan Properties and the Amalgamated J*
both claim the victory.
her o f influential railroad people ap- ; c<?PP«r interests. J. P. Morgan & Co.
official papers, which were formerly and in boats.
A large number of schools are closed j Pealed to the president to squash pro- j wil1 head the consolidation,
Los Angeles autoists are protesting signed by a cross-mark by Indians and
loudly against the new ordinance pro­ others. The impression is to be made and the municipality is considering the j c«edings before Judge Vandeventer’s !. The Amalgamated Copper company
with the right thumb placed after the advisability o f closing all. Practically [ c°urt in Salt Lake City., Mr Taft, in a 8taten,ent says:
viding jail terms for speeders.
names instead of the crossmBrrk as be­ all o f the flooded suburban towns about! following the course that had been-1 “ The Anaconda company, because
Members of house committee on fore. The thumb-mark is then w it­ Paris tonight are without Mght and j adopted in the case of the famous New ! of its size and its location, is’ regarded
postoffices and postroads hotly resent nessed to make the identification cer­ several are without water. Their in­ 1 ork, New Haven & Hartford Railroad as the ,0S>cal company to become the
magazine publishers’ charges of graft. tain and thus be an infallible method of habitants are leaving.
company when a similar appeal was Purchaser o f properties o f the other
The chamber o f deputies held a sit­ made, referred the matter to the at- i companies and the step taken to call a
A coroner’s jury has held the engin­ | identification in case o f dispute or at­
ting today in the water-beleaguered tornej general for examination. In aP«clal meeting was the first towards
eer of a wrecked train on the New tempted fraud.
York Central responsible for the death
This whs first done in tbe Indian ser­ Palais Bourbon, believing that an ad­ the New England case, it was found «^ m u tin g the matter to Btockho,ders
Of the victims.
vice in 1906, when the system was journment or a transfer o f their activ­ that, because o f action taken by the i of d|fferent companies for their eonsid-
adopted as evidence o f the authenticity ities to Versailles, which had been state of Massachusetts and the insig- j eration.”
Two robbers in a taxicab robbed the
of written agreements with Indians, suggested, would only serve to in nificance of the government’s interests !
i f a r n n M L « I----- A. i
_ i
12-mile house, east of Portland, then
Parliament j would be beet to abandon the prose-
the thumb print of the signers being crease the popular panic.
proceeded to the 7-mile house and at­
required in addition to their signatures today voted a bill extending business ! cution of the railroad, and this was I
tempted to rob that place, mortally
Receivepship is Decided for Mexico
or their marks.
The system now notes one month.
wounding an attache who f resisted
But Attorney General Wlckersham
Communication with England, Hoi-
includes the entire business o f the de­
Bank— Branches Close.
them. Posses were in pursuit inside
land, Denmark, and Austria and many 1 reached a different conclusion in the
City, Jan. 2 7 . - A receiver-
of an hour.
cities and towns in France is complete- Pacific railroad merger case, and today
Goebel Dies, Heartsick.
ly cut off.
The telephone has been he handed to President T a ft’ a volumin- ship for the United States Banking
A New York newsboy, while defend­
Cincinnati, Feb. 1.— On the 10th practically abandoned in Paris.
ing an aged man against three others
who were tormenting him, was stabbed anniversary of the assassination of districts »re being flooded constantly
three times. Two wealthy women in William [Goebel, the funeral o f his and the people are vacating blocks of
8 g0Od. C89e a* 8in8t the ;d”o orinfo?buiine.hs ^ a y M
their automobile took the wounded brother, Arthur Goebel, who died in buildings.
decision in the ; The suspension is a 1
Several hospitals where sick refu­ N, Z . n ¿°ll0W'nK
newsboy to a hospital, their dresses Phoenix. Ariz., on January 20, was
being drenched in his life blood while held in Covington, K y., this afternoon. gees were taken are in a dreadful
Commonwealth Attorney Franklin, in plight, the water having quenched Area Will be pressed
Lake C,ty ' ^
d i* ™ ’ned *
witbdraw their
on the way.
his funeral
oration, declared that in the furnaces.
The status of the case at n r «.m i. I r k " “nd h,d Katherhd early to do so.
Many women will be employed as
“ the bullet that kMled W illiam Goebel,
Four hundred
were nurriea-
hurned- thi» : The government has putin its men^cro^d0^
- ~ * ™ g—
.*..w were
Wti’om. were many wo-
census takers.
together with the liberation o f all ly removed in ambulances from the testimony. The defense must begin in n oU eJST h ^ *° the.door8 "hen the
The Rallinger-Pinchot inquiry has those charged with the murder, just as Hospital de la Salpetriere and the Hoe- April and the usual evidence in rehut
Mr n ^
8U8p* nsion was posted,
certainly killed Arthur Goebel.” Arth­ pital BoucicaulL
begun in Washington.
Their rescue was t*1 must be submitted
v,ce. Pres'dent of the
ur, he aaid, died of a broken heart.
dramatic and timely.
The hospital j Th« " the case will g o to that "novel t r i- Í r
- - - -th8t the act>on of the di-
Strong opposition to appointive coun
was isolated and a new rush of water | bun«l of four ju t& a provid^d’bv th. 1
T “ Uken , bec» uae the bank
cil for Alasa has developed, in the
Lips Fastened With Pins
threatened to level i t
The tireless anti trust act, known a.
e x L iit
i k
? , ' T * * mon^ « " hand to
Loe Angeles, Feb. 1. — Fastening his prefect
of police, M. ..... Lepine, sum- <-ourt, .nd doubtless in the e n d T w iU
. K * Clearin* house for yee-
Paris is in darkness, owing to flood- lips together with safety pins so he moned ambulances and boats and addi- corne before the Supreme court of t h e e r l y bo<mess and could not prop-
ing of gas works and slectric light could not curse. Vernon E. Bennett, tional police and soldiers.
United States.
^ o i the " ly rec.e,.ve deposits. He believed thit
the bank had more than enough assets
formerly a missionary among the In­
to pay every legitimate obligation.
dians, was carried, a raving maniac,
Books of nearly all the big packing into the reviving hospital yesterday.
Children Forced to Work.
Louisville, Ky., Jan. ¿9.— Insurance
companies have been laid .before the It was necessary for Nur-e Morgan
Court Flees in Panic.
Commissioner Bell today held'a confer­ fo £ h! n ^ ’ j8n- 31 — H i* h Price8
Federal grand jury.
and Probation Policeman Leo Marden
ence with four presidents of life ineur- fewd in Chicago are driving chil Iren to
Washington. G a„ Jan. 27.— Notic-
The Panama libel suit against the
ance companies that have been losers work. In the last three months 1,000 mg the unusual appearence o f the face
New York World has been quashed and ments to get at the ordinary pins and in the alleged swindling schemes prac­
h,Ve been asked °f't h e
Cy Ballard, a negro a r ^ i ^ e d before
further prosecution will be abandoned. needles with which he had filled hit ticed in Louisville bv insurance solici­ state factory inspector’s office than in him today on a misd< meanor
tors. As s result, the state of Ken­ ago C°^rhig*j«dj ng three months a year Jud^ W ynne asked the county phyTi-
The death roll by the floods in France
tucky may take legal action against S f L ™ 1♦ 18 a n '" «e a s e of more (than cl«n to examine him. The physician
Po May Overflow Its Banks
reaches thousands, and the damages
the insurance companies for operating a-y^udden H U
attributed no» to! immediately pronounced it “
are increasing by the million every | Rome, Feb. 1.— Although weather
in Kentucky without licenses.
They tervfce. ^ dimand° f emp|°ye. forthe P°*;
Hard'y had the word been
conditions have improved throughout
are the Indiana National Life Ineur services of mmora, but to the necessi- " P ^ n , when judge, court officials
Italy, reports are still being received
ance company, and the Commercial tie. of workmgmen’s families, which *P*ctators. all
Maxasine publishers charge that an
of the flooding of much territory.
Life Insurance company, both of In­
error of 960,000,000 has been made in
The river Po threatens to overflow its dianapolis.
estimating expenses of ^Postofflce de­
------------------------- b 'L „ 1^
e“ ,0n of ^ court room. An
banks, while at some points landslides
him to the jaj| wbe„
part menL
have occurred. Dispatches from Peru­
More Capital Poured In.
Floods along the river Seine in gia say that the river Tiber continues
New York. Jan. 29.— The recom­
France surround the government por­
mendation of directors of the Interna­
celain works at Sevres and threaten highest level of the last flood.
tional Harvester company for an in­
the eity of Louvre.
crease in the common stock of tbe ervary cabinet, when the chamber to -' u t e s w ^ . l ’
Asiatics to Work on Railroads
he c°vered almost as many
company from $60.000,000 to * « 0 , 000 , d»y with a large majority voted a mile's i
A Southern court while trying a ne-
San Franc aoo, Feb. 1.— Tbe PacKW (000 was ratified at a special meeting want of confidence in the ministry flight’that
* xhibitio"
fro. discovered
that the prisoner was Mail steamship Manchuria arrived here Of the stockholders in Hoboken today. The prsmi,, to,d the deputies be w L foron Park ^
* * m~ tinK « Tan-
ken out with smallpox. He was tonight four days behind her erhed
this af-
The directors will meet in Chicago
immediately given full possession of ule, having on board 400 Asiatics. 176
Monday and declare the first quarterly
the court room until removed in an of them Hindus, for work on Califor­
installment of the 4 per cent annual
nia railroads.
Between 4M
jand 1,300 faeL
Z loT fT
ZZ Z r *
S r c r 1“
- «•* > »r .r
~ iX ir -S s iv a i t k i zzrr *T 27—For
ig y ¿TtZrZZL
s ia r.
h - , Throughout
ï s s r " ' * -fr * — «
i v
" a
- ¡S s ft y !* , ^ r