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    E X « KILLED
A T HOT S P ltl N’GS, V IR G IN IA |
Cincinnati, O., Nov 7 — President­
elect William H- Taft. Mrs. Taft and
Fred W. Carpenter, priva.e secretary,
left this city for Hot Spring, Va.,
where Mr. Taft will rest until
It is the intention of Mr. Taft
while at Hot Spring to devote himself
to golf and exercise. He will trans­
act as little bus'ness as possible, and
expressed the desire that it might be
known that he wished as few con­
fèrent” s as possible
He may spend
the winter at Augusta, Ga., which
place has been recommended as fur­
nishing a desirable climate for out­
door exercise during the winter, and
the situation as to accommodations
there is being looked into.
V.’a .hligton, Nov. 9.— Invitations
o a second mestit.g in Washington
io Governors or their representatives
have been sent out by the National
•T'inservàtion of Resources Commis­
sion. The date announced is Tues­
day, December 8. At the same time
letters are going out announcing for j
Tuesday, December 1, the first gener- j Regulation of All Classes of Gear
Shooting Done by Robin Cooper,
al meeting of the Conservation Com­
and Abolition of None Is Policy
mission itself for organization.
Whom* Father llud Keen Crlti-
The Governors will discuss- the |
That May Prevail.
I cised in Carniuck’» I’uper.
work with which 'h e National Con­
servation Commission has been carry­
ing on during 'he summer and fall.
Portland, Or., Nov. 11.— That the
Nashville, Tenn., Nov. 10.— Ex-
The outcome of this work w ill be the
salmon wrangle on the Columbia
grst thorough inventory of the Na­
Senator Edward Carmack, editor of
tion’s natural resources the Federal River has at last reached such a pass
the Tennesseean, was shot and killed
yesterday afternoon by Robin Coop­
government has ever made. On this that good laws can be enacted in the
Inventory, *>te report which President States of Oregon and Washington for
er, a son of Colonel Duncan B. Coop-
Roosevelt has requested the Commis­ concurrent closed season and regula­
Mr. Carmack was going north on ILLIN O IS DEMOCRATS TO CO?«-
sion to make to him not later than tion of gear, is the opinion of many
Seventh avenue and Colonel Cooper
TEST DEN KEN’S ELECTIO N January 1 will be based.
and his son Robin were approach­
fishermen and outsider» who have
ing Seventh avenue on Union street.
The Governors of more than half seen the long strife
There ls now
Chicago, Nov. 8 — The re-election the states have appointed commis­
Soon after they came Into sight of
a disposition to take the matter out
sions and these commissions are now of the hands of the warring interests,
one another the shooting begun, Rob­
in Cooper, It is said, firing two shots ed, according to a signed statement at work along the same lines in their who have had the Industry all to
and Senator Carmack one.
states that the Nat'onal Commission themselves, and pass remedial legis­
to the 1 chairman of the Democratic central is following for the whole country.
lation over their heads In the two
ground, dying instantly. Robin Coop­ committee. The statement follows:
The week beginning December 5 legislatures.
" I am convinced that with a cor- w ill be a conservation week.
er was shot in the right shoulder,
At Seattle today, a Washington
I rect count and with an honest con- Country-Life Commission will hold a
but was not badly wounded.
commission, appointed by Governor
It is understood that the trouble
meeting after having completed the
Mead, conducted a hearing, so as to
was on e o f the results of a recent ity In the vote cas. last Tuesday for first part of Its swing around the
learn the proper way of adjusting the
country. The Southern Commercial
Democratic gubernatorial primary, in
difficulties and of compelling the
which Carmack was defeated. Car­
Congress, whose chief purpose is the
warring rivals to obey the state au­
mack, since he became editor of the
awakening of the people of the 14
thorities. Some time ago there was
Tennesseean, had been causlic in crit­
Southern states to the value of their
a call for a similar commission in
natural resources, will be in session
icising what he called the Democratic
Oregon, but Governor Chamberlain
December 7 and 8, and will then
machine, and had printed several edi­
refused to name one, for the reason,
merge with the National Rivers and
torials about Colonel Cooper.
as he said, that the business »a s one
Harbors Congress, which will hold
Robin Cooper is a practicing at­
for the legislature alone to handle
its annual meeting December 9 to 11.
torney, 27 years of age and single.
and not for him to press on that
Although the salmon supply seems
to have been maintained, both for
fisheries and for hatch • es, all vari-
Wallace, Idaho, Nov. 11.— With
tles realize that there ls a serious
Friends and It intives Come to Suc­
the arrest of A. J. Manning and O. B. drain on the reproductive quantity
cor ot laiGraude Rank-Wrecker.
Blis3, the Shoshone county sheriffs In the river, and that unless reme­
office believes it has unearthed one dies shall be applied, the industry
Portland. Or., Nov. 10.— J. W
o f the worst criminal gangs that will go to ruin. There is reason to
Bcrlber, the ex '” r.hi r of the wrecked
ever operated In the Northwest.
believe that the fisheries and the
Farmers & Trailers Hank of La |
Both men are held on a charge of
hatcheries catch so many salmon that
Grande, wtts released from custody j
passing forged checks on Milwaukee
very small numbers are propagated
yesterday afternoon upon furnishing
railway contractors. Investigation of
in the natural manner.
bonds in* the sum of 140,000. Two
their records tends to show that
Failure of hatchery work and of
bonds, one for the sum of 115,000,
these men belong to a gang which
laws to increase the salmon quantity
and the other for $25,000 were pro­
has operated In almost every city
has created alarm on all sides.
vided by six of his friends and rela­
between St. Paul and Seattle, where
Among the fishery interests, the rem­
tives, who qualified for sums rang­
construction camps have been lo-
edies sought are restriction or abo­
ing from $'U00 to $10,000.
I cated, and the gang. It Is believed,
lition of rival classes of gear. Out­
In connection with his release It
have been responsible for the death
W e will de­ of some 50 workmen between Grand side of these Interests the remedies
was given out on what is regarded Governor o f Illinois.
advised are lengthening of the closed
as reliable authority that several mand that the ballots be recounted.” Forks, Idaho, and Taft, Montana.
season, prohibition of Sunday fishing,
conferences have been held by his
Mr. Deneen’s plurality is estimated
regulation of all classes of gear and
relatives and friends with the view of at 23,000.
Ben Atwell, secretary, sometimes ag many as three In a day,
abolition of none. These are the rec­
making good the entire indebtedness explained that errors had already with skull crushed by some heavy
ommendations of the United States
of the ex-bnnker. It is also rumored been discovered in several precincts j instrument and pockets turned out.
Although Ore­
Both Manning and Bliss claim Fish Commission.
that Scriher and his friends have and it was calculated that if only
gon's new warden has not yet an­
agreed that he shall plead guilty three ballots In each of the voting ownership of a trunk discovered
nounced his views on this matter,
when arraigned. The plea, together precincts were taken from Mr. De­ here and found to contain masks,
they are known to coincide with
with th» fact that arrangements have neen and given on recount to Mr.
those of the government experts.
been made to prevent loss on the Stevenson, the latter would seem to used by thug3.
part of depositors In the wrecked have won the election.
bank will have considerable weight,
it is believed. In mitigating his pun­
Washington, Nov. 11.— Following
the arrival In the city of the Repub­
lican members of the ways and
means committee of the House for
the tariff henring and many other
Republican Congressmen to attend
to departmental business postponed
until after election, the selection of
the Speaker of the blst Congress was
the subject of keen discussion today
In Washington
None of the arrivals
cared to come out openly In opposi­
tion to the re-electton of Speaker
Cannon, while members who have
been closely associated with Mr. Can­
non during his occupancy of the
chair assert positively that there
will be no opposition to him by the
time the Republicans meet to caucus
on the speakership.
New York Postmaster Shot Down.
New York, Nov. 10.— Postmaster
Edward W. Morgan, of this city, was
shot down in the street as he was
leaving his house In 14tith street for
the postolfiee yesterday morning by
Eric H. Mackey, a stenographer em­
ployed by a down-town law firm. The
tingle bullet which struck Mr Mor­
gan entered at the right side of the
abdomen and passed out al the left
aide without penetrating the walls.
There Is no Internal trouble, and
there la every likelihood that the
wounded man will r«>cover.
Washington. D. C., Nov
I I .—
George M Stewart, postmaster a! Se­
attle, was removed from office yester­
day “for aollrlflng campaign contri­
butions among employes of his of­
Information at to when this of­
fense was committed, from whom
the funds were solicited, and In fact
all pertinent details, are suppressed
by the poafoffice department and by
the Civil Service Commission, on
whose complaint Stewart was dls-
pilsaed. Stcwart’a eucceaaor will be
»elected by Senator Plica, but It Is
probable no appointment will be
made until congress convenes.
Wl»n«*r Get* a L ife Term.
Vale, Or., Nov. 10.— After holding
• lit until the last moment under the
Impression that somehow he could
« ape the peual y of (he law, David
W sner, an old rancher of Juncture,
near thta c*iy, eateted a plea of guilty
Cl' murder Ip the second dfgre« for
the killing af hi» partner, Ben Dull,
aged 20, and was «emaared by Cir­
cuit Court Judge Davis to impriaoa-
BKUt (or life.
Aspires to Represent Indiana in the
Upper House o f Congress.
Indianapolis, Nov. 9.— John W.
Kern, defeated candidate for Vice-
President, announced tonight that he
is a candidate for United States S- n-
ator to succeed James A. Hemenwey.
The Indiana legislature ls Democraiic
on Joint t allot by a majority of 12.
Los Angeles, Cal., Nov. 10.— At­ W ill Tap Southeastern Washington
tracted by the remarkable achieve­
and Eastern Oregon.
ments of Edmund Heller in hts ex­
plorations of strange and little-
known Iand 3 . President Roosevelt has
Boise, Idaho, Nov. 9.—-The Idaho
selected this 26-year-old Riverside Railway & Navigation Company will
youth from a list of hundreds of start construction immediately on Its
eminent scientists and naturalists of new branch line which is to tap
I the Nation who aspired to the place Southeastern Washington and East-
to accompany him into the wilds of ern Oregon.
The building of this
Africa next March.
line ,nto the intermountain country
Mr. Heller has traveled extensive- will be of great benefit to Western
i ly also in Mexico, Central and South Idaho, which has many cities and
America. Alaska and other lands.
towns tributary. The construction of
__________________this line also means better railway
. a h
- . . . . . . connections for passengers going to
“ • non'","
Vlctorien Sardou, dean of French
dramatists, died in Pari3 Sunday, af­
The Idaho Railway & Navigation
ter a long illness from pulmonary
S u g g e s te d as Chancellor of University Company has the money to finance
o f Nebraska.
the enterprise and a large portion of
The world's production of cotton
the right of way purchased. The com-
mill consumption during the
year ending August 31, 1908, exceed­
Lincoln, Neb., Nov. 10— The poe- Pany " l 11 P,ac? 8 ,ar* e crew of men
ed by 2,380,000 bales the produc­ Bible 'entier o f the Chancellorship ot 81 worvk on the " ew roadbed, and
tion of the previous year.
the University of Nebraska to W. J. 8,art ,he construction of 64 miles of
Through the dismissal o f the Frank Pryan t. one o f the most interesting r,oad ™ nnln*
Martin case. It Is believed that the rumor, circulated in connection with fiver through Southeastern Washing-
government closes the last chapter I the vacancy which Will be created ° n ln,°, °,reRO" ' developing one of
In the famous Southern Idaho timber January 1 by the -oaffnation of Dr. th# «s a fe s t grain belt, in the West.
fraud cases.
E. Benjamin Andrews.
Charles W. Morse, found guilty of
The Board of Regents Is sotidiy COURT DECIDES IN FAVO R OF
wrecking the National Bank of North Republican, and politics might play a
| America, In New York, has been sen- part If Mr. Bryan cared for the place
| fenced to 15 y«>ar3 In the federal prts- and an effort w a. made to appoint
No? „ _ The Oovern_
| on at Atlanta, Ga.
“ lm'
ment's petition for a rehearing of
General J. Warren Kiefer, ex-
the case in which the United States
, Speaker of the Federal House, Is
| Circuit Court of Appeals reversed the
1 seeking the s«>at of United States
Wheat— Track prices: Club, 8Se; I trial court In fining the Standard Oil
Senator Foraker of Ohio.
red Russian, 86c;
bluestem, 93c; Company of Indiana $29,240,000 for
Mrs. Caroline W. Schmitz, mother Valley. 91c.
alleged rebating was denied in the
of Eugene E. Schmitt, former mayor
Barley Feed, $26; rolled, $27 ® i Court of Appeals yesterday.
It is
of San Francisco, died In tha: city
authoritatively stated that the Gov-
last week, aged 80 years.
Oatn No. 1 white, $31; gray, ornment will now attempt to bring
Schmitz »a s born In Ireland
the whole matter before the Supreme
The British battleship Invincible,
Hay Timothy, W illam ette \ alley, court on a writ of certiorari,
the last addition to the British navy, fancy. $15; do. ordinary, $12; East­
In a trial last we«»k under seveu- ern Oregon, mixed, $16; do. fancy,
Kidnaper Is Captured.
tenths of her power attained a speed $17.50: alfalfa. $12.
Wash , Nov. 12.— In a
of 25 knots an hour. It ls expected
Butter— Extra, 35c; fancy, 33 4 c ;
that the vessel, when working under choice, 27c; store, 18c.
farmhouse five miles north of this
full power, will reach a speed o f 30
E g g »— Extra. 35 @ 38c;
Eastern city, where tired, footworn and made
knots, a world's record.
desperate by the pursuit of the posse
2 8 tt 3 2c.
Professor Edwin Emerson died In
Hops— 1908,
8 0 8 4 c ; from Mount Vernon, Leo Bezemer.
Toklo on November 4 of heart failure prime, 7 0 7 4 c ; medium. 5 4 616c; alias, "W histling Rufus." was taken
by surprise, asleep and captured yes­
as a result of Intense excitement over I 1907. 3 0 4c.
Bezemer kidnaped
the American election news
He was j
Wool Valley
lb ; terday morning
born In 1 822 and was once associat­ Eastern Oregon.
8 # 16c,
as to a wealthy logger named E. P Eng­
lish. forced him to sign a $5000 de-
ed with Noah Webster, compiler of ! shrinkage.
the dictionary.
mand for ransom and then tied him
Mohair— Choice, 18 9190.
1 to a tree
Sheriff Harmon, of Skagit
Count Komura. minister of foreign
county, offered a reward of $500 for
affairs, has given instructions to local
the rapture.
governors o f Japanese prefectures to
Wheat— Bluestem. 9ac
prohibit emigration of Japanese la­
Oats $30 U 31.
borers to America and Hawaii. Emi­
Barley $26.
IVnver Banker In Jail.
gration will be encouraged, however,
Hay— Easiern Washington tlmo-
Denver, Col., Nov I.— John E.
to Peru and Brazil.
thy. *16 per ton; Puget Sound hay. Godding, president of the defunct
A daring attempt was made Sat- I $10011 per tou. wheat hay, $12 State Bank of Rocky Ford. Colo.,
urdny night by a Bengali to assassi- | per ton; alfalfa, $9.50 a io per ton.
was sentenced yesterday to serve 8
Date Sir Andrew
Henderson Leith
Butter— Washington creamery, 34c ‘ to 10 years in the state penitentiary,
Fra»« r, Lieutenant-Governor o f Ben- i per lb; ranch, 219 23c per !b. Ore- Me had been convicted on charge, of
Like thr«*e other attempts since gon. 28c p«r lb
making unlawful use of the bank's
his appointment to that office In
Eggs- Selected local. 42 0 43c per j funds and the receiving of deposits
1398. this latest attack upon him dos.; Eastern, 32 <t 35c p»r do«; Ore- when he anew the bank ;• be insolr-
proved unsuccessful.
■on ranch, 14c per dos.
1 euL
n r .r r r j r*
b u .u U i'
Salem Republicans w ill give a
quet Tuesday evening, November IT, »
in celebration of the Taft victory.
The next meeting of the Oregon
and Idaho Development Congress will
be held in Vale, December 17, Is
and 19.
Ashland now has the distinction of
being the smallest city In the world
supporting a Temple of the Ancient
Arabic Order of the Noble» o l the
Mystic Shrine.
Safecrackers blew open the safe of
the Lewis Shattuck general merchan­
dise store at Gresham Friday night,
taking $150 as the result of their
This la the second attempt
that has been made on the Shattuck
safe, the other being a year ago,
when the robbers were foiled.
Bids were opened last week for the
construction of a public building at
Eugene, Or.
The bidders were as
Campbell Building Com­
pany, Salt Lake City, $55,500; W.
O. Heckert, Eugene, $62,580; Geo.
C. Mourer, Salem, $63,326; Welch
Bros., Salem, $54 957; Charles A.
Gray. Portland, $66,225. No award
has yet been made.
In the circuit court at Vale last
week Nathaniel Silvey was acquitted
by a jury of the charge of man­
slaughter for killing Cyrus I.ee at
Jordan Valley last winter. The Jury
accepted Silvey's story that Lee at­
tacked him when he was incapacitat­
ed for fighting and that he used a
jack knife only when he believed Lee
was similarly armed.
The Condon National and the Gill­
iam county banks, of Condon, have
purchased the building, fixtures and
furniture and absorbed the business
of the First National Bank of Con­
don. It is learned that the Gilliam
County Bank intends to nationalize
under the title of the First National
Bank of Condon, and also that tt will
retain the same officers.
Every justice of the peace now
holding office or who has held such
office In Portland within the last six
years is to be forced by the county
commissioners, In accordance with
statutory provisions, to turn every
cent of the amount collected by him
in marriage fees into the county
treasury. The sum total ls said to
run into four figures.
W. E. Gage, a miner, living about
six miles from Grants Fass, set out
a large patch of strawberries an.-
the deer ate the vines down into tht-
ground. To protect a large bed of
onions he took hi» dog and tied him
in the middle of It, with a 20-foot
rope, but the dog was evidently the
one that was afraid, for the deer ate
up the entire patch, though they left
the dog unharmed.
A “ delinquent” verdict was re­
turned by the jury against Jackson
Chase Reed, for the murder of Geo.
DeMars, last week in the Juvenile
Court. This result will moan that
the lad will become a ward of the
court and can be disposed of by
Judge Gantenbein as* his judgment
may determine for the best interests
of the boy. He can send him to the
Reform School, where he would be
required to serve only about 13
months, or the court may place him
with gome person In whose guidance
he has confidence.
By an order issued by Ralph Blals-
dell, auditor of the Harriman lines
I in Oregon, the men under him are
j prohibited from entering a saloon for
; any reason wha'soever
The number
j of men In Mr. Blaisdeli's denarfment
and acting under him directly Is
about 65. In explanation of his or-
j der. Mr. Blaisdell say» that teetotal­
ers are universally considered more
efficient than those who tipple, even
to a slight extent.
Interesting Items Gathered
From A ll i arts of the State.
Entertains Dallas Widows.
Dallna— A dinner this year that
will far surpass the one he gave In
1907 to celebrate bis 83d birthday,
when he entertained all the widows
of Dallas, is promised for his 84th
anniversary by Uncle Billy (W C.)
The great day comes on
November 3 0, and already Dallas ls
a-flutter over the event.
Not only Dallas widows, but all
the widows In town are to participate
in this next festival. That Isn’t all.
The widower who marries first will
be presented with a hickory cane.
Uncle Billy is a widower himself.
From all over the state they wrote
him last year asking invitations to
the dinner.
Many of them seemed
to think it was a scheme of Uncle
Billy to get the pick of the state's
widows together, then select one
from among them for himself. They
were disappointed. No matter what
their charms, the festival was held
down to Dallas residents. Some of
them did not want to wait for the
dinner— they offered Uncle Billy
their hearts and hands right there.
These were the letters that did not
please the old man, for he hates to
have the motive of his dinner mis­
Milwaukee Man Misslnng.
Milwaukee— Friends are unable to
explain the mysterious disappearance
of James H. Reid, ex-frult commis­
sioner and one of the best known
horticulturists of the state, who left
his home at Milwaukee, Or., October
16, and so far as can be learned,
has not been seen since that time.
Strict secrecy has been maintained
by his friends since his disappear­
ance, and at his home no explana­
tion is offered.
Residents of Milwaukee, who say
they know the secret connected with
his disappearance, declare that fi­
nancial and domestic troubles are
largely responsible for the mysteri­
ous absence of Mr, Reid.
Before his appointment as fruit
commissioner Reid was a soldier,
having served in the Philippines,
where he was wounded. His record
as fruit inspector is said to have bean
an excellent one and he was regarded
as one of the best Informed men la
the state on fruit raising
Land Thrown Open,
Portland— Formal announcement
of the second opening of the UmatiU»
Irrigation project will be made short­
ly by the Secretary of the Interior,
This unit Includes 2500 acre» of ir­
rigable land.
Issuance of this notice will mak*
available for entry about 20 home­
steads of 10 to 20 acres each of gov­
ernment land. AH other farm units
are In private ownership, and these
lands are valued at $40 to $100 per
Filings on these farms will be re­
ceived at the La Grande Land Office
after public notice
Entryraen will
be required to deposit $7.30 per acre
on making filings.
This include»
one-tenth the construction of $60 per
per acre and $1,30 per acre for main­
tenance and operation for the crop
year 1909.
Arrests Gardiner Pastor.
Roseburg— Sheriff Fenton returned
from Gardiner Saturday evening,
where he arrested Rev. G. C. Sum­
mers, alias George Clark, wanted at
Throckmorton, Texas, on a charge
of obtaining money under false pre­
Summers left hi» native state In
1904, and since that time has been
filling different pulpits throughout
this state under the alias of Clark.
An officer from Texas arrived here
Monday for the purpose o f escorting
him back to the Lone Star state.
In speaking of his trouble, Clark
stated that his name was not Sum­
mers, and that he would fight the Is­
suance of requisition papers from the
governor of this state on the ground
of Identification.
The decision of rhe supreme court
| relative to the regulation of the
; liquor traffic In cities and towns, Ir-
| respective of the action of counties
which are voted dry as a whole un­
der the provisions of the local option
law. may prevent 'he Indictment of
Al Close, of Estacada, who. It ls
charged, has been running a "blind
pig." Estacada has a provision similar
to that of the Medford charter, plac­
ing the regulation of the saloon busi­
ness into the hands of the municipali­
ty, and any violation can be corrected
Unknown Man Dies Shaving.
only by the city authorities.
The body of an un­
Professor Mary Farnham, of Pa­
cific University, has received a herb­ known man, apparently about 4#
arium from South Africa to replace years old, wearing a shabby blue
her collection, which was destroyed coat and overalls, was found Sunday
when Herrick hall burned two years morning among the leaves In a lone­
The new herbarium contains ly spot on the bank of Cow Creek
over 2 25 specimens of South African about a mile north of this city. H*
The plants are pressed and was seen around town last week beg­
mounted, and their color has been ging.
Beside the body was found an open
preserved in an excellent manner. I f ]
the leguminous plants of that coun­ razor, a whetstone, a piece of look­
try are compared with those of this ing glass and a small basket. One
country It will be found that their side of the man's 'ace was partially
leaves are much smaller, more silky shaved and he had evidently been
and lighter tn color, while many of overcome with exposure or heart dis-
them are thick and prickly.
This ease while shaving and had dropped
difference in foliage is caused by dry- j the razor and fallen forward on the
The mysterious disappearance Is
Dog Dies Saving His Master.
reported by the Hood River Electric
Light. Power & Water Company of
Portland— Aroused to the defense
Its 500-pound turbine water wheel. of his master a magnificent St. Ber­
Last week the power gave out and ^ nard dog, owned by F. W. Lutke-
the company switched the city's meier, a saloonkeeper, was shot and
lighting system onto a smaller plant | killed after midnight Tuesday by »
which It has In readiness for such ! masked robber, who then coolly
emergencies and started to make an lined up the proprietor and ;hre*
On opening the big customer» and rifled the cash draw­
case which contains the wheel no ves­ er of about $15. The dog se-msd
tige o f it could be found.
Search to know by Instinct that the robber*
was made for pieces o f It In the out- | errand was an evil one, and
let ditch and In the river into which \ waiting for a command from
It empties, but all effort» to solve the master launched his weight at
mystery of its dt-appearanee have thug's throat. He wa» zfroi Inst»»*"
proved futile. The managers of the ly. Mr. Lutkemeier had refused Si«*
rompany have no explanation %g to for the dog The police, *• yet, h»**
no clue to the robber.
• hat caused It to vanish.