Washington County news. (Forest Grove, Washington County, Or.) 1903-1911, August 06, 1908, Image 5

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Miss Zula Shorb of Forest
| spent Sunday on Gales Creek.
Sick Kidneys
Whole Body-Make You
The Tillamook stage with fifteen
passengers was delayed on account of
the fire.
111,Languid, Depressed
Miss Lieu Lilly of Portland, is visit- through the continual drainage of life-
■ ingw ith her father N. C. Lilly on J giving albumen from the blood into
|G ales Creek.
the urine,
and the substitution of
Mrs. Jackson and
niece, Stella poisonous uric acid that goes broadcast
mith of Gales Creek, went to Wilson
through the system, sowing the seeds
’er last week.
of disease. Loss of albumen causes
Miss Lena Pritzloff, who has been at
weakness, languor, depression. Uric
I. N. Parkin’ s for some time, returned
poisoning causes rheumatic pain, ner
om e last week.
vousness, nausea, cricks in the back,
L J. M. Anderson and wife of Portland,
hare been visiting with J. D. Adkins gravel and kiddey stones. The proper
treatment is a kidney treatment, and
and family this week.
the best remedy is Doan’ s Kidney Pills.
Mr. and Mrs. Heisler and Mis» Eula
Lafferty, our hello girl, went to Port­ Great Forest Grove cures prove it.
Mrs. E. H. Coleman, living cor. Sixth and Third Sts.,
land on business last week.
■ Archie Clark of Forest Grove, who
has been visiting at the stage camp on
Wilson River, passed through Gales
City Sunday on his way home.
For sale by all dealers.
The Last
Price 50
New York, sole agents for the United
Remember the name— Doan’ s— and
and take no other.
¡Si Quite an exciting time was exper­
ienced Monday afternoon near Beim-
M. Fogel and wife drove out from
rohr’ s mill, as a large slashing caught
on fire near the mill which made things Forest Grove Sunday and spent the day
interesting for a time. The fire alarm with the Benkes.
was given by both whistle and tele
Osa Prichard spent nearly all of last
phone and the neighbors responded week with the Buckleys of Thatcher,
promptly. We were glad to see our returning Monday.
Hillside neighbors com e to our as­
Mr. Forsberg made a trip overland
sistance in time of need. No serious
week to their old home near Mist,
damages have been reported except a
lot ol brush, logs and some old fences Oregon, where a son now lives.
were turned to ashes.
The people
Peter Kern, who is working for W
worked manfully and kept it at bay. j K. Newell, spent a part of last week in
It broke through their fortifications Portland, returning Friday evening.
several times but was soon captured.
Two of the Forsberg young ladies
Portland, spent Sunday with their par­
ents on their place recently purchased
Ik George Littlehale returned home of 0 . E Edwards.
last Saturday after a very pleasant va­
The little son of T. Russell, who has
cation at the seashore.
been suffering for some time with a
Mrs. C. 0 . ' R oe was called home
Monday on account of the illness of
Mr, Thomas Roe, who has been very
poorly'for some time.
a t th e P r o g r e s s iv e S to r e
This Fall’s stock will eclipse any thing ever brought to the coun­
ty. We have made careful selections and good buys and are in posi­
tion to give our customers the very best values-as we always are.
Forest Grove, Ore., says: ‘ ‘ Doan’ s Kidney Pills provt d
of great benefit to me. Some time ago I was attacked
with sharp pains through my loins and Lmbs and paii s
through my hack so acute that I was hardly able to get
around. Doan’s Kidney Pills were so highly reconr-
mended to me, that I procured a box and they help« d
me from the first. I have had no return o f the com-
plaint since and feel that I can recommend Doan’s Kid­
ney Pills with great confidence."
- H. T . Shorb. who has been working
on Gales Creek for some time, returned
to his home on Wilson River Sunday.
About thirty Y. M. C. A. boys of
Portland, passed tnrough Gales City on
their way to Tillamook Monday, and
were detained on account of the fire
fur some time.
Mid-Summer Clearance Sale
Time is getting short and the stock of Summer Goods is getting
low, but we have a few good bargains left. Prices arrange about like
the following:
Mr. Edwards and
Washington now.
are in
H. D. Jennings sold his buggy a
short time ago and purchased a light
Mrs. Buckley was calling again, the
first ol the week, at Pritchard’ s and
Burkes’ .
W. K. Newell and wife attended the
meeting of the Grange in Forest Grove
4.50 Silk Shirt Waists
$ 3 .7 0
3 .3 5
3 .1 0
3.50 Persian Lawn Shirt Waists .
2 .6 0
3.25 Persian Lawn Shirt Waists
2 .4 5
2 .3 0
1 .8 5
1 .4 5
2.00 Batiste Shirt Waists
1.75 India Linon Shirt Waists
1 .2 5
1 .1 0 .
.9 0
Mr. and Mrs P. 0 . DeMoss of De-
Moss Springs, Ore., returned to their
home last Saturday after visiting their
parents, C. I. Dakins, a few days.
Mr. DeMoss was well pleased with
Eva A Stewart, insane
Thatcher and vicinity and will sell his
property and com e here and put in a Ordered that H D Stewart be appointed
stock of groceries. H e runs a dry guardian. Bonds fixed at $10,000.
Estate of J B McPherson, deceased.
goods and grocery store at home, he
Aug. 6th time set for hearing in the
also keeps postoffice.
matter of the sale of the real property,
and that W M Jackson be appointed
— Hoffman and Allen Co. are agents guardian of Walter McPherson, a minor.
for the famous Buttenck patterns.
C W Barnes and Dora Fisher.
Clarence lr Williamson and Lulu F
Harry K Everson and Rose Hull.
A C Alexander to J L Harris
45.04 acres in Wm Beagle d
l c t l s 4 w . ............ : ...........
A H Phillips et al to C W Ship-
ley 20 acres in sec 12 t 2 n
4 w ............................................
A M Schiller et al to Peny E
Miller It 30 Millard & Van
Schuyver T ract........................
¡G eo F West et al to Sarah A
West pt of bk 25 Forest Grove
Frank Mott et al to Agnete M
Staehr pt of bk 7 Forest
Grove ........................................
Agnete M Staehr et al to J N
Hoffman pt of bk 15 Forest
Grove ........................................
J N Hoffman et ux to F Mott
et ux pt of sec 15 t 1 n 4 w
Peter Klee man to Ener Olsen
89 acres in H Johnson d I c
g 0 Q
j j
l s 8 w ......................................
M F Jacobs et al to Jas A Mes­
senger pt of bk 4 Highland
Park add H illsboro................
W m E Dunsmoor to Ethel M
Fleck pt of bk 4 South Park
add Forest G rov e............... .
Ed Sy et al to August Kfatthies
20 acres in Wm M cLin d 1 p
t l s w ......................................
Louis Hering to Karl Hering
pt of sec 32 t 1 s 4 w .........
V/ H Green et ux to Ellen F
Scott pt of bk 13 South Park
add Forest G rove...................
Mary C Rodearmal et al to Etta
M cKay pt of sec 31 t 1 n 3
w ...............................................
Percy Allen et ux to Jos D
Fallu tract 18 Virginia Place
( 10 acres) ........................
Verne M Fonner to C M
Adams 12 acres in sec 3 t 2
s 1 w . . . . ; .............................
Walter Hannan et ux to Jos
Pongratz tract in sec 4 t 2 n
4 w .............................................
Investment Co to Walter J
Amann 15.90 acres in sec 3
t 2 s 1 w ...................................
G J Palmateer et ux to Addie
Parvin 30 acres in Chas Stew­
art d I c t 1 s 2 w . .................
Wm Refdt et ux to Crow Gra­
ham Motor Car C o pt bk 4
West Portland H eights..........
et ux to
Jos Morton It 1 bk 9 Metzer
Acre Tract . .•..........................
Wm Jones et al to A W M oore
pt of sec t 2 n 5 » ............ ..
Eastern Investment Co to A W
Moore pt .of secs 1 & 2 t 2 n
5 w ................................. ..
700 Clara Flinsberg and H u go Leich
to Oscar Leich pt of sec l i t
BurT Frutchey et al to Wm M
Wier n e j of n e l sec t 2 n 3
w ............................. ..................
O G Barlow et ux to O W Tay­
lor 316 acres in Chas M cKay
d i e t I n 3 w ........................
Ellen F Scott et al to W H
Green 18 22 acres in sec 36
I 1 n 4 w , . . . .........................
Bids Wanted.
Liner Column \
. Bids for doing the construction work
nished by the District.
Plans and
200 j
specifications can be seen at the office
LIST your farms and other properties
of the clerk.
for sale with T. H. Littlehales, Forest j
w . k . N ew ell ,
4500 Grove National Bank Building.
Clerk Dist. No. 64.
It is all smooth sailing when
in this column. A few words
readers and ihe results are
Insertion, 2Mi cents each
Minimum charge 10 cts.
1400 j
you place a I.lner Ad I of building a new school house
here will reach 5,000
certain. 5c line 1st i Dist. No. 64, will be received by
subsequent insertion, j directors.
All materials will be
SALE — Shadeland
white seed oats Edward Naylor. ‘39-tf i
1800 1 FOR SALE— Good 7 room house
outside city limits. Pantry and Fruit
Lot, 1 acre. Good Orchard
75 ; and Barn. Furniture goes with the
place. Price 81800; easy terms.
H . Littlehales, Forest Grove, Ore. 46.
F arm F or S ale — On account of
death I offer my farm of, 119 acres,
i for sale at 885 per acre. Three and a
half miles north of Forest Grove.
C. Jaspers. Owner.
Notice to Creditors.
In the matter o f the estate o f Hannah E. Higby,
Notice is hereby given that the undersigned has been
appointed administratrix o f the above estate, by and
order of the County Court of Washington County,
j Oregon, and all persons having claims against said es­
tate are hereby notified to file the same with the unJer
| signed at the office o f the Oregon Land and Trading
Company, in the City of Forest Grove, Oregon, three
doors West of the Port Office in said City, within six
months from date hereof.
Dated July 22nd, 1908
Attorney for Administratrix.
FOR SALE— G ood 7 room house
close to car line 81000. T . H . Little
hales, Forest Grove, National Bank
1954 Bldg.
SALE W olverine
2700 Soap at J. Anderson’ s, Forjst Grove,
Ore. M. R Cheney, Agent.
WANTED — A secondhand hot water
j incubater. State price and size. A.
H. Thom as, Forest G rove, R. F. D.
4 0 0 . No. 1.
Notice to Creditors.
In the matter of the estaie of Henry R. Austin, de­
Notice is hereby given that the undersigned has been
appointed administratrix of the above estate by order of
the County Court of Washington County, Oregon, and
all persons having claims against said estate are hereby
notified to file the same with the undersigned at the of­
fice of W. II Hollis, Attorney at Law, Forest Grove,
Oregon, within six months from the date hereof, July
22nd. 190*.
Attorney for Administratrix.
F a r m W a n t e d — A n Eastern Ore­
gon client wants a Valley farm of about
400 or 500 acres, partly improved.
Must be good soil.
Would take sev­
eral smaller pieces to make up that
| amount. G ive full legal description
600 and lowest price in first letter. Ad
1 dress Cady & Seiple, 322 Mohawk
I Bldg., Portland, Oregon.
or S a l e — Jersey cow. Will be
fresh Sept. 1. Inquire at LaCourse’ s
10 store.
O t'R on Trust C o to
t 1 s 2.................................. 11000 Wes,ern
Percy Allen tract 18 Virginia
Jas A Messinger (tu x to Marion
F Jacobs 8 acres tn sec 12 t
.6 5
sai l’ll
— Dr. J. S. Bishop has gone on a
trip to the East ar.d will return about
October 1st. This trip is for the pur­
pose of general post-graduate study
and hospital work. H e will also pay
special attention to the latest methods
in the treatment of tuberculosis in all
its forms and of cancers, visiting some
of the largest sanatariums and confer­
ring with specialists in these lines, and
The camp meeting at Thatcher is
expects on his return to be prepared to
progressing, there having been several
treat such cases according to the best
conversions. There were five ministers
and most successful methods.
present and a number were baptized
Sunday, and a number are seeking
— Dry wood for sale. Roswurm &
¿ Haying and harvest are over now
— M oney to loan on farm security
Ih d the farmers are waiting for baler
W . H . Hollis.
and thresher.
2.50 Batiste Shirt Waits
Dr. Withebee was out the first of the
week looking up the irrigation propo­
Miss Lura Jackson returned home sition with the idea of giving his wal­
last Saturday and is missed by her nut orchard some moisture. He ex'-
many friends here. The sea breeze pects to bring his family out and camp
on his place soon.
misses her there.
C. W. Ran. Progressive five hundred
was played in which Miss Edna Hibbs
received the highest number of points
and Frank Cardiff the lowest number.
3.00 Persian Lawn Shirt Waists
ginning to get the use of it again.
Wirtz and son Herbert, Misses Lena
George Hayden, who has been con­
Wirtz, Theresa Stribich, Marie and fined to his bed a few weeks attended
Jthoda Meyer.
church Sunday.
, Miss Edna Hibbs’ birthday was cele­
Mr. Jaunker has had an addition
brated last Wednesday evening by a built on to his barn, E. J. Bonshu do­
jolly party of ten at the Hibbs cottage
ing the carpenter work.
by the sea. Those present were Mrs. |
Fred McElliott is having some car­
H . L. Russell, Misses Lura Jackson, j
Lillian Henderson, Edna and Mamie penter work done by an old veteran of
Hibbs, Messrs. A. L. Thomas, Hal the Civil war. H e is also a minister
Hibbs, R. C. Walker, F. Cardiff and of the gospel and is not afraid to work.
$5.00 Silk Shirt Waists
4.00 Silk Shirt Waists
i sore arfti, is slowly improving and is be­
j j i The Casino dance hall, operated by
the Walker Brothers and W. N. Sears,
has had a very prosperous season so
Forest fire is still raging on David’ s
far and expect better results during hill.
Henry Rhodes entertained a number
A m ong the arrivals here this week of his friends Sunday.
wete Mrs. C. O. Roe and son Bruce,
Charley Shaw and his mother are
Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Baldwin, Miss
Anna Cornelius, Mr. and Mrs. J. H. nicely located in their new house.
Call on Our
Executors' Notice.
Notice is hereby given that the County Court of
Washington County, Oregon, has appointed ihe undsr-
,gned .is executors of the Last Will and Testament o f
, anaon Hinman, deceased, and ail persons having
claims against said estate are hereby notified fr, present
them to us, at the Law office of W. N. Barrett, at Htlls-
bor, in said County, with proper vouchers, within six
months from this date.
Dated this August 4, 1908.
Executors of the Laat Will and Testament o f Al. naon
Hinman. deceased.
W. N. Barreft
Attorney for Executors.
— Sell your wool and mohair to
Bailey. He’ll do what’ s right.
—Money to loan on farm security.
W H. Hollis. Forest Grove
— Bailey will buy your W ool and
—Be sure to take advantage of the
Mid-Summer Clearance Sale now on at
W anted —At once, bids on 500 Hoffman & Allen Co.’s store.
—Try Schultz’s ground bone for
cords of first-class fir wood delivered a>
yaur beta. It will make them lay.
Hillsboro. Address this office. 5-tl
WANTED— Kitchen
Laughlin Hotel.