Washington County news. (Forest Grove, Washington County, Or.) 1903-1911, July 23, 1908, Image 6

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    ► ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
hpp! «ank into «om*thinj( «oft and ranany
— 6ne of (fuasie's feather boas— and bend­
ing down Sarto picked the thing up and
| glanced down uncertainly into the at earn­
er trunk beside him.
Some minutes passed; the Swiss clock
| on the mantel ticked on loudly and the
j fire crackled as obtrusively as before;
but they were alike unheeded by the man
CoprrfTht. 1*W6. h j J. B. L i p p i n c o t t C o m p a n y
on his knees by the steamer trunk, star-
All righ t« rc*erred.
fcdlth M o rg a n W ille tt * * ing down into it with an odd mixture of r
interest and incredulity.
► ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ » ♦ » ♦ ♦ ♦ <
“ No. I don't go as far as that.” Gus-
F e e t ! I ■> ic C o w » o n G r a n .
sie'a light voice was again in ilia ear»,
Professors Stewart and Atwood, of
blurred b , the rush of the motor car.
I the West Virginia Experiment Station,
"Hut I do take the precaution of hiding
good polish in’ while you’re about it,” he
C H A PT Kit I ! .— M'on tinned.)
last year conducted some careful tests
my diamonds away in an ancient chamois
A«: last, however, thinking that the si­ ordered at last, writh a harsh authority
to determine whether it is profitable to
glove case down at the bottom of a hat
lence was growing a little too significant, that was almost arrogance.
“ She’s got
feed tr.llk cows grain on grass.
W ith ­
"W hat is that gray thing around iih ?” to he in decent shape for shippin* by to­
out going Into the details of these ex-
How the speech came back to him .
•he queried frivolously, straining her eyes morrow roomin' at latest.” He turned on
W as it possible that that innocent look­
perlments we quote the conclusions as
Into the gloom; “ perhaps it's a marsh by his heel, and then, with added sharpness,
ing shapeless object at which he was
fo llo w s :
“ Hear what I say? Have her ready to
gazing really contained Mrs. Waring s
"T h is experiment clearly sho»vs that
The chauffeur drew a long breath. “ Is go on to Southampton by the next boat.’
jew els'
Mechanically the chauffeur put
there w as no direct financial gain In
What happened next was a complete
It a marsh?” he asked. “To me all this
his hand down and touched it.
T h e F a m ily M e lo n P a tc h .
teems a corner of paradise, an oasis in surprise to (Jerald Built.
feeding the grain to the cows while at
his curiosity getting the better of ever.»
Many who pride themselves on a pasture.
17p to this point, by a superhuman ef
a pretty long dry desert !”
It Is true thut the
other consideration, he lifted the parcel
lie pulled himself up anxiously, ganc- fort the chauffeur had kept himself in
go<«l garden and nre fond of melons which received grain were uniformly
out and looked it over interestedly.
lug at his companion and wondering if hand, but now his face had become livid
Certainly the chamois glove case did never attempt to gro»v them. “Cncaper In somewhat better flesh than those
he had gone too fa r; but (lussie only star­ with suppressed fury, and between his
to buy at 25 cents each?" Ma.vls* for that did not receive grain, but ns fa r
not contain glove»!
ed absently ahead into the gloom.
curled black lips his teeth gleamed sug
As the thought spun through his brain. the Hrst two or three, but If you would as the milk yield w as concerned the
“ I don’t take much stock in oases,” she gestively,
a door oil the opposite side of th<*^ a ■all like or dozen or two, enough tlint If
Increased flow was produced at an ac­
It was a somewhat terrifying figure
objected, dreamiy.
“ My experience is
opened and two voices became suddenly , company comes unexpectedly and there
tual loss.”
Data obtained in sim ilar
that they genen.ly turn out to be private that shot up suddenly not a foot away
audible. With a yvift realization of hi» |g ^ dessert fur dinner, the melons
property, forbidden to trespassers, or else with brown, sinuous fingers writhing un­
experiments at other stations are sum­
l»>sii ion. Sarto turned
rcP| can richly replace the pastry— that is
ore so fenced in by rest riot ions as to take pleasantly near the Englishman’s throat
marized, and from these in comparison
»»•a» on the point of havering me puny.
away all the pleasure, or. what is worst
“ I take my orders from Mrs. Waring, back into its rightful corner of the trunk, a different matter.
with their own Investigations the au ­
of all”— she gave a litle sigh— “they van­ an»l no one else,” came in a sibilant whis­ when Gussie s clear tones, carrying dis-
Despite theories to the contrary, mel- thors conclude “that unless da iry prod­
ish into a mirage, leaving one in the desert per.
tinctly through the crack in the hall door, „„„ nre as easily grow n ns cucumbers ucts nre especially high In price it Is
•s tired and thirsty as before.”
From his overpowering
of made him pause.
and there are a number of varieties
not a profitable practice to feed grain
“Then some one eisi* knows what it is height and bulk the Anglo-Saxon looked
“Sec him again?” she enunciated, evi- which will mature unless the summer
to cows at pasture. It Is true that more
to In* tired and thirsty.” commented tin down on the fiery Latin with blank aston
dfiitly in answer to a question. "Good Is unusually short.
A rich, light soil,
milk Is obtained and the cows hold up
chauffeur, with significance.
¡aliment, which gradually gave place to a heaven«! Say farewell to ray o»vn chauf­
sloping toward the east or south and
Mrs. Waring inclined her head.
their yield better and remain In better
feur, a sort of servant? You rauat be
dawning amusement,
“ And yet,” she said, with a hard little
“ You little foreigner, here,” raising his daft. Give the nmn his pay” (the last well fertilized In the hill, w ill bring flesh when receiving the grain rations,
laugh, “ my good friends will tell you that voice, “get out of my w a y !”
word« came out with hard, half-sneering
but under ordinary circumstances there
I have done nothing all my life but eat
I f there Is danger from dry weather
Forth went his huge arm with unex­ emphasis I "and let him (to!”
is no direct profit from the graiu feed­
and drink and Is* merry !“
pected directness, brushing the
There was a whispered response and fill nn old pall or oyster can (first (>er-
There was another silence, while the Southerner contemptuously aside, muc 1 the voices sank, but too much had been foratlng the bottom with mill holes) ing, as the increased production usual­
ly costs more than it can be sold for.”
fire Hies wove a mystic dance in the long, as a self-respecting house dog might < i*
already heard. The mischief was done. with stable manure or (amitry drip­
lush grass, and by the roadside the chauf
pose of a vagrant cur. Then turning on Hefore Annette closed tile
intervening pings. sink It pnrtly In the ground and
feur stood motionless, bis usually alert his heel, the Englishman sauntered non- door, the listener in the sitting room,
H o g s that M a k e M e a t.
keep It moistened. This w ill not only
brain in a whirl, his keen senses for the ...... .
The hog raisers of K ansas station
toward» the hotel. trolling one yielding to a sudden, inexplicable impulsa
moment drugged, paralyzed by the over of I 'havalier'» Co*ter song« "> >‘is s“‘n' to avenge himself, had taken the fata) furnish moisture but fcsid. The reser­ made a test to show what kind o f a
lowering magnetism of the woman besidi torian baritone.
hog grow s the best meat. Th e weights
Staggering bark again»! the
And yet, in spite of his knavery, he the roots to grow down Instend o f seek­ o f hams in the test w ere ns fo llo w s :
After a few moments Mrs. Waring door, a dual,, oil, «»»r e .tig h te n e d It- was not all knave— only (like many of ing the sur! ace, ns when wnter conics
B erkshire limns, 2!t% po u n ds; I)u-
turned her head, to find a pair of strange »elf with a muttered curse and looked us poor mortals) no more a demon than from : t e hose in only small quantities,
24 %
eyes fixed upon her own in a glowing. lifter Ibe retreating one.
an angel, merely a sensitive human in-1 and ttey w ill be less susceptible to
Chiuas, 25Vi pounds.
These hogs In
Inexplicable gaze.
•• \n »implex, on thee!” It soblted In strument, capable of tine harmonies and drouth.
size w ere ns near the same weight as
“ Well, what is it now?” she asked, half Venetian putoi». "Hog of nn Kngltsh-
hideous discord», responding all invol-
i f file pim ps go to vines nip off the
Involuntarily, little realizing the conse­
possible to get them.
The shoulders
I will rentenilier this forever!”
untarily. at times, to the players whim
<>nds, but do not try to (heck vigorous
quences of her remark.
(lone wax Annette'» gentleman), rant-
weighed 21%
“ What it has been from the start,” de­ I .union of the tonneau, (¡one Mr». W ar­
pounds; Duroe-Jerseys,
ID1/, pounds
When Annette came into the sitting
clared an impassioned voice beside her. ing'» romantic lover. A las!
It was a room a moment later, the chauffeur wn«
nnd Poland-Chlnas, 19% pounds. The
•peaking in a husky, chaotic mixture of ver, plebeian chauffeur that some time standing by the opposite window, his aud one of the easiest to grow, bearing B erkshire* have larger shoulders than
broken Knglish and French. “A h ! it is later crawled abjectly into the garage.
hands behind his hack, a faint, inscruta­ In profusion.
the other breeds.
unjust.* it is cruel to he so adorable, so
I'lie next morning dawned overcast, ble smile on liis dark face.
The Indiana Sweetheart Is a favor-
Th e butcher
who sa»v
with a soggy wind blowing off the Chan­
Mrs. Waring wanted me to gire you lte watermelon, ripening early and of
slaughtered thought the Duroc-Jersey
The man was do n on his knees by nel. and a chill saltiness in the air that
this.” she said, going up to him with excellent quality.
had the most fat on the b a c k ; the Po-
this time, feeling excitedly for her gloved |
,si,.(| m the shivery Sarto an occa
embarrassment and holding out a small
C a t* Out th e U n d en lra lile Seed.
land-Cblna next, then the Berkshire.
sional glass of absinthe at
the cafe square envelope.
Th e real up-to-date farmer, following Th e Berkshire ham showed more lean
“Ah ! mia India !” he sishad brokenly : | around the corner.
However, he kept
Then, as he took It with a mumbled
but here an interruption oevurred— the himself for the most part in the garage,
the. most scientific methods In the op- nnd less fnt than the Poland-Cbiua.
word of thanks, the girl retreated hurried
•cene changed abruptly.
from which the back windows of the ly to the fireplace and stood, her back to eratlon of his ground, is taught to The butchers considered the breed of
With a quirk recoil IJusaie wa* on her Maritime were visible, varying the monot­
make use of the se­ hogs that had the most fat the most
it. fidgeting restlessly with her handker-
feet, iratherinu her skirts about her in ony of his work at intervals by a saunter
lected material only profitable hog, both for the farm er aud
•tinctively; then drawing herself to her into the lobby of the hotel, haunting es­
"Y ou see." she began, apologetically,
In order that the the butcher.
full heglit she looked down, favoring the pecially that region around the telephone,
“ Mr*. W aring is very tired and had to
species may be con­
prostrate chauffeur with nn icy, disdain
restless ex|»eetation of a message which send her message by me.”
O rch ard W o rk .
fill atare from head to foot. After which, did not come.
She stole a glance at the man, who was j
A good test of a man’s Christianity
following the law
turning negligtuitly away. “Sarto,” she
It was shout noon that the machine looking steadily at the floor, and then | '
of the survival of is to examine his apple barrel iron*
ordered, in the imper«onal
tone with stood ready for shipping, packed by the
went on with rapidity, “ I am ao aorry
which one addresses a servant, “just put
the fittest. For in­ top to bottom.
chauffeur's experienced
into «
it’s all over!
How we’ve enjoyed
A man may tie a good woodehopper,
my wrap« and that cushion in the ton
stance, in the selec­
the motor— and— everything !”
shapeless, hide bound mass, and not nn
tieau. please; I think I hear Mr. Buist
tion of the seed to but that Is no sign that he knows bow
til then did Sarto let himself out of the
There was a catch of regret in her
motor shed and make off with stiff alac­ voice and she pnitsed doubtfully. “ I sup­ be placed In the ground, he Is not con­ to prune trees.
She whs not mistaken. From the dis­ rity for a much-needed hath and shave.
An ax aud a saw In the hands o f an
pose you will take charge of some other tent merely to secure the best species,
tance came a loud
n!r of approaching
Some time later, obedient to the long
motor now?”
but wherever possible he will go care­ Ignorant mnn cause more damage to
wheel«, accompanied by the cracking of expected telephone message, the chauffeur
Sarto did not mef't hf»r eye«. “ No,” he
fully over the seed and pick out only the fru it crops of this laud than all the
a whip; and, as the chauffeur pulled him
presented himself at Mrs. W arin g'» sit
said, " I think I will give up that for the
birds that are hatched.
•elf dizzily together, a
spidery object ting room— to find, with an odd mixture prenent.” I ll« tone rained a certain bar­ the lurgest specimen* to he placed In
F ru it sells best when properly grad
came into view around the bend in the of regret and relief, that Annette Ban­
rier, and Annette did not pursue the sub­
road, resolving itself speedily into a high croft was the only one to he seen.
duct Is generally of a much higher ed. The best w ill bring n better price
dog cart ami galloping horse, while, lit
It Is difficult to carry out and the lower grades w ill generally
"Come right in,” the girl said at once
“ Well,” she «aid,
determined standard.
up by the «winging lamps. (Jerald's coun­ her genial smile making him realize re­ cheerfulness, “then I wish you every this selective scheme In the case of bring ns good a price ns the entire lot
tenance, tense with annoyance and sus­ morsefully how utterly he had forgotten success in whatever you undertake. Ber­
corn and similar seeds which nre made would if mixed.
picion, peered down at the two figures of late his little comrade of the tonneau
For summer pruning o f trees the best
lin p«— who knows, Sarto?”— she smiled a use of In great quantities. In the case
by the roadside.
“ As yon see. I'm in the depths of pack- little uncertainly— “we may meet again
of corn, however, the small kernels nre time Is from the 15th of June to the
“ Here’s that tire,” he said shortly, toss­ ing;” she waved her hands towards a
some day.”
generally at the tip o f the ears, and in 10th of July, Just when the sap Is run­
ing a miscellaneous parcel in the direction collection of trunks and their contents
“ Who knows!” echoed the chauffeut
to get rid o f these undesirable ning freely. When the tree Is In leaf
of the chauffeur. Then, to (Jusale;
scattered promiscuously around the room. seriously. He moved away from the win­
you can tell better what to cut out.
“ Miss Bancroft preferred to stay at the "W on't .»ou sit down?"
dow very slowly, with his face still care­ pieces a corn-tipper has been Invented
Some people Imagine that nil that U
hotel." he vouchsafed briefly; “so 1 go'
ltut Sarto remained standing.
fully averted. Reaching the door. “ It is The device seems to have been sug­
• trap and came right back. I hope you’re
"1 came to report nlsiut the ear, slg
addio. then,” he said, with a slight for­ gested by the fam iliar pencil-sharpener. necessary to have a good orchard Is to
norina." he »aid, with a certain somber mality, “and thanks to you. Signorina, It Is o|M'rnted hy a small crank, and plant a variety of good trees nnd "let
Mrs. Waring rewarded him with an tin
It generally takes years to
dignity. " I t ’s all ready for shipping.”
for your so great kindness— one does not has a cone with a tooth Interior. The 'em rip.”
usually grateful smile. “Thunk you very
“Oh. d ear!" The girl's face fell uncon
forget !”
tip o f thp corn ear being placed In this discover their mistake, but they finally
much.” «he said. There was a nervous! sciously, and as
His voice shook the least bit.
revolving cup. all the small seed are discover it.
tremble In her voice ns she stood bos id
found himself watching her. his bruised
With swift steps Annette came towards
cut off, leaving only the full-sized ker­
the trap looking up at its driver. “Giv
senses reviving under her friendliness
M i l k C o o le r .
him. “Good-by, and good luck, Sarto,”
me n hand. Gerald.”
with a startled sudden consciousness of she said, impulsively, holding out he» nels on the ear.
And over her shoulder, to the man l»c something about her which he bud felt
le x
W eak an s.
hind, "Y ou will hear from me about the hefore.
But the chauffeur shrank back. Grasp­
Leg weakness is due to chicks b e
car later,” she said casually. “Just come
Just a waft, subtle, elusive, intangible, ing the door knob, he made a stiff, mili­ coming heavy rapidly, so that the
Up to the hotel for directions."
of that divine essence which has been tary salute. his eyes fixed steadily on the
weight o f their body Is too much for
Five seconds later the dog cart with
hand— and
labelled Charm!
Ita two ocvtipanta was off in a whirl o*
their legs. This Is not alw ay s nn alarm ­
"Oh, yea,” she said, with a quiver In “Addio, signorina.” he repeated firmly,
dust, leaving a w ound«! motor prone l>\
ing condition, fo r It denotes that the
her voice. "The |HH»r car!
Mr. Hoist and closed the door behind him.
the ditch side, and a yet more deeply
chicks are grow ing fast, and If carefu l­
« going to find a purchaser In England.
wounded chauffeur standing in the tnidd!
ly guarded nnd fed properly they will
Ve shall never see it again. Well,” with
of the road, uttering strange, unrout'
a falaiiatie shrug
pull through all right.
The cause
A R O Y A L D E N T IS T .
maledictions, as he vowed an eternal vrn
"there's no use lamenting the inevitable!
arises from heavy feeding nnd forcing,
I must tell Mrs. Waring you’re here. T h e S t o r y o f n T o o t h l * a l l l n s b y which carries the chicks fo rw ard so
P e te r the G reat.
Just unit a moment,” and she turned
rapidly ns to cause the legs to fall.
Peter the ( irent particularly delight­
At the end of the Rue Royal in the away, the complete unconsciousness of
Chang* the food to a light diet of veg­
city of Havre, the Hotel Maritime ol* her manner assuring the chauffeur more ed In draw in g teeth, and he strictly
etables and feed bone meal In the food.
trudes Its huge
development, strongly than words that Gussie had kept enjoined his servants to send for him
They should also be well protected
This milk cooler Is arranged so that
tier own counsel thus far.
pressing the great porte-cochere hospita
when anything o f that sort w as to he
There was a sense of relief in this dis­ done. One day his favorite valet de against the dampness, nnd the difficul­ the ntilk flows in a thin sheet over the
bly into the street.
ty will soon pass away. Leg weakness outside. Cold water enters at the bot­
The light« were all burning in th« covery, and. as the door closed behind
chnmbre seeemd very melancholy. The
Is nearly alw ays due to rapid growth of tom.
window* when the chauffeur shot by at her, he was able to glance around, tak­
ing stock of his surroundings w*ith a faint,
t late hour that night, intent only on get
the body or from lack o f uniformity of
B a c t e r i a In C o l d M i l k .
“Oh. your majesty," said the man.
ling hi« motor into the garage at the buck detached interest and curiosity.
heat In brooders. If the chicks are small
M. E. Pennington of the Rureau of
The room was a comfortable one, boast­ "m y w ife is suffering the greatest ag­ enough to Is* kept In a brooder. C ro w d­
without attracting notice.
In the big abed two other panting, ing of a writing table, lounge and vari­ ony from toothache, and she obstinately ing and pressing together to keep warm Chemistry, Department of Agriculture,
reports that exi>eriments on milk kept
•teaming, monsters were
rubbed ous easy chairs, the last heaped with fem­ refuses to have the tooth taken out."
at night Is a main cause o f little chicks
inine effects from the trunks, which, rang­
at about the freezing point showed a
down by their attendant slaves, and, lay
" I f that Is all." said Peter, “w e will
having leg weakness. No great alarm
Ing off hia leather coat, Sarto set to work ed around the four walls, had overfiow-ed soon cure It. T ak e me to her at once."
continuous Increase of organisms for
need he entertained unless the trouble
on the motor, the sharp exercise of pol­ in every direct ion. A driving rug which
five or six weeks. At their maximum
When th«'y arrived the woman d e
continues for too long a
time, but
luting heating his chilled pulses and fur­ the chauffeur recognised as flung casually
they numbered hundreds of millions
on the Aoor. and a well-known khaki
change the food and keep the birds
nishing some outlet for the fierce rest
per cubic centimeter, and occasionally
a il; to ere w as nothing the matter with
les»ness that was consuming him.
they passed the billion mark. Although
He was on his knee« beside the car.
the milk experimented with w as never
“That la the wav she talk*. p o u t1
VtIMatm« W a ste Tlm k er.
manipulating the oil can with artistic place was overwhelmingly suggestive of
T h f " ro,’d cbwntatrF aectlon o f the solidly frozen, yet after ten days to
nicety, when steps sounded on the pave­ Gussie, and, stung hy a hornet host of mnjostv," said the valet. "Sh e 1« *u f
Forestry R.irenu has been giving some two weeks It was a mass of small Ice
ment outside, and a colossal shadow fell recollections, Sarto began to pace up and fering "torture*."
down, realising again with
«(TOM the chauffeur’s line of vision.
No odor or taste Indicated
"H o ld her head ami hands." said th. " ,,en,1" n to ,hp " “ * * * * o t P™luoth»n crystals.
“ My ward, Sarto, that you?“ came in a distinctness the full bitterness of last Cxar. "1 «111 have It out In a minute.' of »«nw t.tlue from yellow pine waste the higher bacterial content, and even
hated Knglish draw l; then, as there was
And he Instantly pulled out the Indl- 11 ta p,at^
,h * t f',r » « * recovery of on heating no curd w as produced until
Self disgust added
no response from the garage, after a mo­ lessness and folly!
wa!,,‘• wood ,h<‘ *,<>an’ the very end o f the experiment.
ment Bnlst’s massive head and shoulders
distillation process Is fa r superior to
shot up above the gateway.
H n r n t h e I’ r n n l n c t .
W hat w as Peter'» Indignation to dis
« * » > » « ' ■ ’". " ' akln« » n,orp
**1 say,” he
sardonically, towards Gussie which craved some outlet
Never allow old wood o f raspberries
In the man’s »upersensitive state every
"thought you were by way of bein’ a
The or blackberries to lie around.
chauffeur! llo w many hours does it take feature of his present
.sod hint as au executioner to punish hl|' N ‘r *Tm,e
every bit of It. W hen the i.ew wood
such minor annoyance* as the jangling hi. wife, who hod never had *n n n w**ta * ' from ,h “
you to put on a new tire?”
I ' " * f " t Moh Is 18 Inches high, pinch off to allow
year would yield as much turpentine as
Sarto did not reply, and for an Instant clock on the mantle-pie«», the uncomfort­ sound tooth In h««r head.— Argonaut.
tha Englishman silently eyed the shirt- ably roaring fire t'eneath— contributed to
the entire present annual output In lateral growth In the raspberries, but
The T ro th .
aleeved figure before him with cold aver­ the sum of his misery, exasperating hi*
this country, »vlth a value of $14,000.- let the blackberries grow to 8 feet be­
It wa* with a
sion. It was this common workman, re­ nerve* beyond hearing.
Fear I» not In the habit o f tgtenkln* OOO. At the present rate o f cutting the fore doing this.
dolent of petrol, that Mrs. W aring had sense of poaitive injury that he glared at truth.
Whixi p e rf«-t sincerity t* ex supply of long leaf yellow pine In the
T re e * ta F ence c o rn e rs.
teen fit to constitute her cavalier for six the amall prim grate oppoalte. and then, pec ted. perfect wisdom must be allow South will be practically exhausted In
The few scattering trees in the fence
Insane hours ! The sooner he was shown rapidly crossing the room, dashed open
Nor ha* any one who is apt to b* twenty years, but that the methods of corners are frequently veritable breed
the window next to It.
his proper place the better.
Ha leaned out heavily.
Ah— h! but angry when he hear» the truth any exploitation now In us* convert only Ing places for Insect pests. They should
Gerald’s teeth dosed vindictively on his
tb* stinging salty guat wa* good! Step­ cause to wonder that he doen not boal about h alf the tree Into market pro be given Just as much attention as th#
that you five that machine a jolly ping nearer to get more of It, k b Iwot IL— T arttu a
tree* la the orchard.
The Chauffeur
and the Jew els
«- , I
LTSI— W at Tyler slain at Smithfield.
1005— New York City incorporated.
15(05— -William B. Ogden, first Mayor ot
Chicago, born in Walton, N. Y. Hied
in New Y'ork City Aug. 3, 1X77.
1815— French under Marshal Ney en­
gaged the allies in battle at Qua re-
liras, Belgium, two days before the'
Hattie of Waterloo.
1841— 'Meeting of the First Cnited Par
liament at Kingston. Ontario.
1851— The famous Marble Arch removed
from in front of Buckingham palace,
I «mil. » 11 , to its present location in
Hyde Park.
1854— I ’uited States warships bombarded
Greytown in retaliation for insult to
the American consul. . . . Worcester,
Mass., almost destroyed by fire.
1803— Gen. Banks repulsed in the assault
on Port Hudson.
1804— House of Representatives repealed
the fugitive slave la w ....E n t r y of
Maximilian and Carlotta into Mex­
15*05)— -Mt. Cenia railroad
through the
Alps opened.
1809— I)r. Livingstone, the African ex­
plorer, reached the Congo river.
1870— Hayes and Wheeler nominated by
the Republican national convention.
1891— A new Canadian ministry formed
by Premier Abbott.
1895— President Cleveland issued a proc­
lamation against Cuban filibusters.
1898— Behring sea award p a id ... .Joseph
Leiter’s attempt to córner the wheat
market collapsed....... House of Repre­
sentatives passed joint resolution for
annexation of Hawaii.
1904— Nan Patterson indicted for the al­
leged murder of “Ctpsar” Young in
New Y'ork.
1905— Assassination of Premier Delyanius
of Greece.
1906— President Roosevelt signed the Ok­
lahoma and Arizona statehood bills.
1907— The second peace conference at
The Hague opened. . .M ayor Sohmit*
of San Francisco found guilty of ex­
Abe Attell ha» signed up with Jack
Gleason for a twenty-round battle with
Owen Moran in San Francisco for Au­
Ilamliue defeated North Dakota uni­
versity by a total score of 81 to 36. Tha
records made «e r e unusually good in all
The St Paul Driving flu b has opened
tlie season nnd races will be held every
Wednesday afternoou until the middle of
At Louisville. The Minks, carrying lift
pounds, traveled a tuile and one-sixteenth
in 1 :43 4-5, which equals the track rec­
ord at Churchill Downs.
Tourenne, with Muagrave up and back­
ed from 12 to 1 to 6 to 1 at the close,
easily won the Cosmopolitan Handicap,
1 1-16 miles, at Belmont Park.
Barney Oldfield has made his last au­
tomobile race, so he says. Oldfield has
obtained employment as a chauffeur for
II. W . Whipple,
Andover, Mass™
Jockey V. Power« Is the leading ridei
at the Downs this spring. He has piloted
lit winners across the wire, was placed
6 times and landed 6 of his mounts in
third place.
Charges that Huff, the crack Grinnell
sprinter, ia a professional and has com­
peted for money in foot races will be.
made »0 the authorities at Grinnell by
the University of Illinois.
The story that the American Baseball
Association will invade Chicago and east­
ern cities next year has been revived. It
is said that 8t. Paul, Minneapolis and
Kansas City will lose their teams.
The fastest wrestling match ever seek
on a mat in Duluth occurred when Y'ottng
Miller, the St. Paul welterweight, wres­
tled two and one-half hours with Otto
Sutter of Cleveland without a fall.
James T. Sheckard, left fielder of th*
Chicago National League baseball team,
was seriously injured when a bottle of
ammonia exploded before his face. Hi*
left eye may be permanently blinded.
Sir Thomas Lipton declares that h*
will never again challenge for rhe Amer­
ica's cup unless the New York Yacht C!*b
alters its rales so that he can bring •
serviceable sea boat across the Atlantic.
James Y. Chalmers, who was one of
the present holders of the national bowl­
ing championship in the two-men event,
he having won that title with Harry
Kiene as a partner at Cincinnati I*»*
February, died in Chicago recently.
A rank outsider. Signorietta, owned by
E. Ginistrelli, and quoted in the betting
at 100 to 1 against, defeated all the Amer­
ican, British and French crack* and caw
tured the English Derby stake*, valued at
£6.500 and the greatest prise of the turf
world. The Italian horse limply cantered
home from tb# hot favorite* b j * « •