Washington County news. (Forest Grove, Washington County, Or.) 1903-1911, September 12, 1907, Image 1

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W ashington C ounty N ews
Gone for two Weeks.
Doors and Returns
Consigned Goods Back to Owners.
“ Loved Ones" Behind on
Something of a sensation was sprung
in this city the first of the week when
it was reported that B. F. Wagley, the
vehicle man who opened up a business
place here some few months ago, had
left for parts unknown and with him it
is said, he took Mrs. Lillian Bond, who
will also be rem em bered as having had
a residence here until recently, when
she and her husband moved to Ta­
Rumors have been current here for
some time but no definite information
could be found until T h e News man
met Mr. Bond, the husband of the
eloping woman, in Portland last Satur­
day. Bond was pacing the streets of
that city with an anxious eve cast on
everybody who looked in the least like
his better half, when he met The News
H e immediaiely began an in-
qiury concerning the movements of our
late vehicle dealer and on being in­
formed that he had not been seen in
Forest Grove for a week past, it seemed
to blast all hopes of finding any trace
of Mrs. Bond.
Bond stated that Wag-
ley had arrived at Tacom a on the pre­
ceding Friday and on Sunday, two
weeks ago they left ror pa ts unknown.
Mrs. Bond was staying with her sister
in that city and when she suspicioned
that an elopem ent was in progress she
immediately informed Mr. Bond, who
was working for a sister at Castle R ock,
Wash., and he set out for Tacom a and
found that his wife had disappeared.
H e then returned to Portland hoping
there to get some clue to their where­
abouts. Bond says that her sister told
him that she thought W agley and
Mrs. Bond had gone to California,
where Bond claims he will go in search
of them after he is satisfied that they
are not in Portland.
Almost immediately following the
disappearance of Mr. Wagley, Mr. G.
H . Cash, representing the Studebaker
Bros. C o., of Portland, arrived in For­
est Grove, and is holding down a chair
in the doorway of the business place of
Mr. Wagley. W nen seen by The
News he denied all knowledge of the
affair and assured us that Mr. Wagley
was expected back any day.
asked if he came out here to take
charge of the store he stated that he
had not, but assured The News that
Art Caples was in charge.
Mr. Caples
is in the em ploy of Mr. Wagley but
does not know any more about the
whereabouts of his employer than does
any of the rest.
That it is a case of elopem ent pure
and simple, seems apparent as The
News has com e into possession of a
letter from Mrs. B. F. W agley, written
from Lakeview, Wash, to a friend here
asking for informrtion concerning Mr.
W agley’ s whereabouts. In the letter
Mrs. Wagley claims that “ he (W a g le y )
is a little off and has been lately.
W here he is now I do not know. That
woman is at the bottom of it all.”
She expresses hope of soon finding him
and bringing him back to his "norm al
condition again.”
She further states
that, “ I wrote the Portland firm to take
charge of his business down there.”
T h e letter infers that it is not any
financial difficulty that occasioned his
disapt earance as she further states, “ I
am not worrying about what he owes
as much as where he is.”
Mr. Wagley came to Forest Grove
som e time in the early part of the year
with Mrs. Bond and started her up in
the restaurant business which termi­
nated abruptly when Mrs. Bond’ s hus­
band appeared on the scene and pro­
ceeded to make matters decided y
warm for the vehicle man bv a fistic
encounter in which Mr. Wagley cam e
out where Britt did in San Francisco
Tuesday night. This infuriated him
to the extent that he called on Sheriff
Connell to assist him in setting the
Bonds into the street. This action
brought about two ten thousand dollar
damage suits; one against the sheriff
and the other against Mr. W agley.
few months later the suits were adjust­
ed out of court by Mr. W agley and the
O R E .,
The regular annual election of the
W. C. T . U . of Washington county
will be held in Hillsboro, next W ednes­
day, September 18, at the Methodist
At 9 a. m. devotional exercises by
the Beaverton (Jnion will be given and
after which the State President, L. H .
Abbiton of Portland, will call the m eet­
ing to order. T h e appointment of
com m ittees follows and then the Hills­
boro Union will give the address of
w elcom e to which Mrs. Roberts of the
Forest Grove Union will respond.
There will be noontide prayer and a
social lunch hour. At two o ’ clock
there will be a department drill by the
state president and at 2:30 Lucy Broad,
the world traveling missionary, will
speak upon “ The Aspect of Tem per­
ance Work in New Zealand.”
In the evening there will be d ev o­
tional services and an address by Miss
Broad again upon the subject “ T e m ­
perance in Corea” and the state presi­
dent also gives an address.
A silver offering concludes the m eet­
ing. Mrs. Roberts is the local presi­
dent and reports that the Union is in a
better condition than in previous years.
They intend to fight harder for temper­
ance the com in g year than ever before.
Bonds left for Tacoma, where the tale
begins over again.
Deputy Sheriff Kane came to this
city this morning and turned the goods
which were sold to B. F. Wagley on
consignment, back to the Studebaker
Bros. Co. and they will be moved to
Portland tomorrow.
Petty Theives at Work.
Sheriff Closed
CO .,
W. C. T. U. Meeting at Hillsboro.
Prominent Figure In Business Here
Mrs. William Kane on Fifth Street,
has been having jewelry stolen from
her residence for the past few weeks
until she has a very few pieces left.
The theif is some one who is acquaited
with the house and the movements of
its occupants and the ariicles are re­
moved in the daytime and when there
is no one at home.
Mr. and Mrs.
Kane have been in the habit of leaving
the doors of the house unlocked while
away which in each case the jewelry
has been taken with the exception of
the last article, when the theif becam e
bolder and took advantage of the fact
that Mr. and Mrs. Kane were in the
front yard reading, which occurred last
Sunday. Mrs. Kane reports that she
has thus far lost a stickpin with a gold
nugget setting, a gold wire ring with a
garnet setting, pair cuff buttons, her
Eastern Star pin, collar button with a
pearl center and lastly, a gold breast
pin with some twenty-three or four
pearls. Most all these articles were
keepsakes and to lose them is to part
with something that is very dear to her.
In each case the theif has entered
the house from the rear and at times
when the back door was known to be
locked, a ladder which stood against
the house, has been the means of en­
trance. T o do this the theif has layed
in wait until Mrs. Kane left the house.
N o other articles have been touched
and the articles have been removed
from the dresser.
It is thought by her that she has a
good idea who the petty theif is and
every possible means will be taken to
recover the property if it is not returned
in due course of time.
T H U R SD A Y .
NO. 10
Cults Won
being arranged. Both eastern and
western artists are being engaged. The
intention is to make a cheap price for
the course to the Conservatory students
j and the music loving people of Forest
In addition two music lectures
will be given free to Conservatory stu­
dents and invited guests.
If such interest is manifested in the
Enrollment In History of tl e
violin department as to warrant it, Prof.
Chapman contemplates organizing an
orchestra and giving one or two recitals
with the student organization.
m p n u e n n i i f those occasions, using talent
Portland io supply a number of instru­
ments that may be needed to com plete
a good orchestra.
Ladies’ Dormitory W ill Be Ready ftr
Proceedings of the City Council.
(iiiini! by Scire
Eight to Nine.
Light Crowd Witnessed Last Game—
Common council met in regular1
Manaoer Wirtz to Be
Students— Marked Increase in
monthly session Tuesday evening with
all present but Councilman Hinman.
Conservatory of Music.
The Finance com m ittee reported fav­
orably on the following bills:
S E Todd, sal. and labor. $
The curtain was rung down over ti e
A L Sexton, team work . . . .
baseball season in this city last Sunday
Pacific University will open on
E W Haines, light & water
Wednesday, Sept. 18, at 1() a. m.
245.1k) when the Colts eased it into the Greys
There will be some special music
of Portland to the extent of 9 to 8.
Haines, extra street
and other interesting exercises in
ligh ts.................................
1().5<> Wings in this last— the twenty-first—
Marsh hall to which the public are
J G Lenneville, sal. & ser.
22.7*> act of the season’ s drama is responsible
cordially invited. Prof. Chapman
A1 Dilley, m i l e a g e ...............
6<) for one the eight runs made by the
will play on the violin, Miss Sheehy
Walter H oge, recorder, June,
will give a piano solo and there will
It was a record breaking crowd that
July, A u g., costs 2 cases
be an address by Rev. A. J. Fol­
gathered to witness the conclu dirg
Last Musical Program.
C A H oyt, pipe supplies. . . .
4 75 matinee— a hand full, thats all, but it
T h e last of the song services under
L J Corl, treas and c o m . . . .
21.87 was due to the fact that most of the
the direction of Rev. Clapp occurred
The time is near at hand when Pa- S Bacon, laborer......................
75 fans are in the hop fields working for
last Sunday evening.
H e leaves for , cific University shall throw its doors O P Eldredge, l a b o r . . . . . . .
33.37 the breweries. And not because cf
his year’ s work together with Rev. \ open for another new and prosperous C Van Doren, d itch in g ..........
3.75 iack of spirit; for never before in the
Thomas, his evangelist singer soon, i year, unless all signs
Next L W Tnderwood, labor..........
50 history of the city has a team been
and said they would not be back to Wednesday, September 18, will be the
greeted with greater enthusiasm or sup­
this city until next June with the pos­ ; opening day, the chapel exercises and
T ota l............................ $ 38 5.54 port. Great bunches of
sible exception of a Christmas vacation. announcements being given at 10
T h e report of City Treas. Corl cover­ have gathered in the grandstand and
The two men will conduct their first o ’ clock on this same day. The re- ing the month of August shows:
on the sidelines through sunshine and
evangelistic meeting at Seattle and i mainder of the day will be given over General fund on hand Aug. 1 $1 ,756 .6 5 sorrow— propitious, thrice propitiou*-,
will hold them in the Inland Empire, I to registration.
and then some, have the .ball gods
Boise, and many cities. Mr. Clapp
This, says President Ferrin, will be a
L ig h ts....................................
227.68 been to the Colts this season— exceed­
has a gift of winning souls. His power banner year as to enrollment, espec-
W ater....................................
27(1.93 ingly liberal to them, but the boy*
of humor is used to good advantage | ially so since the standard of education
Fine .................................
20.00 have worked for the seventeen vic­
and his power of glowing illustration of the institution has been raised one
Petty Sales..........................
4,55 tories, they have stacked up this sea­
and description will have a mighty year from previous years. Two-thirds
son. Five games have been dropped
effect upon the tone of the people to of the rooms in the new ladies’ dormi-
Total ........................ $2,279.81 to other aggregations, but a great per
whom he talks and with whom he | tory have been engaged, a number Paid gen. fund wairants. . . . 1,392.02 cent of these games the Colts have
com es in contact. And Rev. Thomas which the old Herrick Hall would not
been out of the harness because o f
has a beautiful and inspiring voice hold, and students will continue to er.- On hand Sept. 1 ,...................
887.79 sprained feet or some other injury.
which will add much to the effective­ | gage rooms until school opens and a Special fund on hand Aug. 1, $ 793.18
But even though they had lost five
ness of the meetings.
couple of weeks or more thereafter. Collect, for m onth.................
163.8() out of the twenty-one played that
The program Sunday consisted of a The advertising literature has reached
makes a corking good column, and
violin solo by Dwinell Clapp, solos and many who have not announsed their
Total .......................... $ 946.98 how joyful would old Judge M cCredie,
; duets by Misses
Pearl Chandler. com ing and in all probability a lot of Paid special fund warrants. . $ 7()5 21 Jr., feel at the present moment if he
Journal's Big Edition.
Bishop, the Abraham brothers, Prof. these students will drop in later. And On hand Sept. 1 , ...................
241.87 could only see such an end to his de­
many letters Perident Ferrin has con ­ Library fund on hand Aug. 1, 175.53 feat ridden season.
Without doubt, and not only the Bates and Haskell Ferrin.
tinued to receive from prospective Paid warrants............................
Manager Wirtz is mainly responsible
largest but the best souvenir edition of
Senator Fulton in Town.
students during the summer. M em ­ On hand Sept. 1, 19()7.........
a newspaper ever printed in the north­
15().53 for the season’ s success of course the
team mates have worked and that hard
west, is that of the Oregon Daily Jour­
U. S. Senator Chas.
W. Fulton bers of the different classes are work­
nal, which made its appearance last Sun­ dropped into town yesterday afternoon ing for the “ feed” which will be ten­ Total in all funds Sept. 1 . 8 1279.09 but Wirtz has been bach of the whole
day. The News begs to acknowledge from Hillsboro. H e is making a short dered the class getting the most stu-
Report was accepted and placed on proposition to see that no dissention
receipt of one copy printed on highly circuit of the West side and says he I dents— the banquet to be given by the file.
took place in the ranks and so they
calendered book paper. The souvenir finds matters, political and otherwise, other classes, On a date soon alter
A plan of the Bailey addition was played. The season not only ends
section which contains 100 pages is in fine shape. H e com plim ented the | the beginning or school this repast presented and accepted.
Some of successfully from a financial standpoint.
replete with pictures of all the public j Grove upon its substantial growth and I will be given in the spacious dining the business men petitioned the c o u n ­ But there is hardly a knocker in town
buildings in the state besides many j predicted for Washington county a room of the new ladies dormitory, cil to concrete the crossings . leading as the season closes.
If there be such
prominent residences and buildings in | bright future in dairying and fruit rais­ which will be conducive to rousing from the corner of First Avenue south in the com m unity may he hang a
the Rose City. They are encircled ing.
H e believes that the time is not college spirit. And this is som ething and Main Street, but the petition was grindstone about his neck and jum p
with artistic scroll work of a different far distant when much of this county that is more needed in school than deferred for the present.
into Gales Creek at “ the big ben ”
shade of ink which makes the edition I will be cut up into small tracts for fruit any other attribute.
The street com m ittee was ordered swimmin’ hole where the water is deep.
extremely attractive. Statistics cover­ ranches, when the farmers com e to
Next season the grounds will be im ­
A college may have “ a full corps of to buy enough side walk and crossing
ing every known industry of the state realize the immensity of the fruit in­ able instructors” , a colossal student )um ber (or use during the winter, and proved with some good bleachers and
besides articles descriptive of the dustry and the adaptibility of the soil body, football, baseball, track, debat three hydrants at $27 apiece were or­ all the boys will be back to with blood
country are to be found in the volume. ; for productiveness. T h e Senator left ing and other kinds of brilliant teams dered purchased for the three sections red and thick flowing through their
The title page shows the "C om in g of . this morning for M cM innlle.
with lots of the stuff that talks behind the town, in the John Bailey, Judge jugular veins.
the White Man” and bears a reproduc­
Sunday’ s game was not an ideal
the whole institution. And yet if the Wirtz, andS. A. Walker neighborhoods.
The plate glass windows are now in spirit is dead, the whole college will
tion of the ship Columbia, from which
The function was
Those people putting up the most in game for the close
our great river takes its name. A sec­ Bailey’ s store and better display win­ be “ D ead.”
Happily last year the the sections for a hydrant will be en­ pretty well mixed up with off plays and
tion on “ Sportsmen’ s Paradise” gives dow« can not be found this side of people over there in the campus got titled to have the hydrant nearest them, a few dazzling spots to remove the
Both of the side windows off on the right foot the
abundant reviews of game scenes of Portland.
Four Colts sped around
first day and j Or, in other words this is sort of a con- monotony.
every kind and of which Oregon is so are wide and deep and the center one the whole year was not only pleasant teS( (0 pgy for the hydrants.
the pikes in the first; one in the
famous. Other sections contains views will give Mr. Kertsoc a capital oppor- but profitable.
second, a third of a dozen in the third
H e is a
While the residence portion has not anc the ninth run in the tenth or con­
of the mountain peaks and the numer­ | tunity for window decorating.
All the furniture has been purchased
ous falls found in the
northwest. fine card writer and has an artistic taste for the dormitory and a good lot of fur­ had so many new buildings put up this cluding canto.
M ining, lumbering, farming, fruit rais­ for just the proper effect at display. nishings they are too.
The dormitory year as in previous years, every house
Four stingy runs were all that the
ing and all the industries of the state The Starretts did the work and the will be ready and waiting for the girls is occu pied and this together with the visitors had until the ninth when L.
have prominent places in this mam­ ) front itself speaks louder than words as on their arrival here next Wednesday. great strides in the business section Fleming poked out a flaming flamlct
And they could not find a ladies’ h a ll! speaks very well indeed as to the pro- for a single. This warmed up almoit
moth edition. The book is a work of to their workmanship.
gress of the community.
That glass the whole family and the score kid
art and should be in every h om e. It
Charlie Pierce who is one of the equal to it in the stale of Oregon or
front of Bailey’ s, that brick of Paterson’ s , iianged up the four tins. With our lonely
sells for $1 .00 per copy.
It is cer­ main firemen of Portland was out to | doubtless in the northwest.
Not only does the outlook for attend­ that store of Goff’ s, the Forest Grove score in the *enth the curtain fell over
tainly worth the price.
visit his mother of this city Tuesday.
ance look bright but it takes no clair National Bank building which nears the season 9 to 8.
Batteries: For
Charlie was formerly a Greenville boy
voyant to look into the future and pre­ com pletion with a splendid wide cor­ Colts M oore pitcher; Gette, catchci;
Compliments The News.
and played with the banner baseball
dict the “ goods” that will be put up nice almost ready for the roof; all these Greys: Phea, p; Moreland, c.
Mr. W . A. H ollen beck , manager team that made all Oregon sit up and by the different teams as compared are boomers and when L. J. Corl and
take notice.
H e was on duty at the
of the piano sale being conducted here
with last year.* when all the timber for Banker Dooly get their buildings up,
Farewell Dance.
by Eller's Piano H ouse, compliments fire which gutted the Hazelwood build- the different teams both forensic and much more will be added to the busi­
; ing M onday and which means a loss of
T h e friends of Miss Myrtle Butler,
The News as a first class advertising
athletic were decidedly snappy.
But ness section of Forest Grove.
who has made Forest Grove her home
H e said: " T h e ad. we in­ $4 0,00 0 to Jo Simon who was erecting season com es from tim e. Most of the
Q uong L ee, our genial “ heathen
serted in The News brought us two sales | the building for the creamery com - members of the football squad will re­ C h in ee,” is laying plans to return to for the past three years, gave a dance
in her honor Tuesday evening at the
next day; one a cash sale and the other
turn with the exception of Harry H um ­ the place of his nativity next Septem ­
a time sale. Yours is the best country
Dr. C. L. Large reports a girl bom phreys, who was to do the punting and ber for a visit with his mother, his fa­ skating rink. And the dancer* report
Among the out of
weekly I ’ ve seen in a long time and I ' to tke wife of Clifford Dixon, of near : \ptain the ’ 08 team. James Ward is ther having died eleven years a ge. a jolly good time.
town yeople present
have occasion to visit nearly all.”
I Forest Grove, the 8th inst. and a rr. nager of the bunch and Archie Hahn Q uong came to this country over twenty
Eiler’ s Piano H ouse is not the only daughter to the wife of James Patton of | will train the ’ leven.
A good percent years ago and is dead in love with it.
one who realizes the “ pulling power” i this place, the 9th inst. and to the of the fifteen forensic gladiators that H e says: “ Allé samme m eb be me Walkers orchestra furnished the music.
Those present were Mr. and Mrs.
of T h e News, as a glance through the 1 wife of Earl Hall, of Scoggins Valley, tried out last Fall, will be on the plat­ catche little wilee in Canton and bring
Willis Goff, Mr. and Mrs A. B. Caples,
paper will verify.
the l()in s t .. a daughter. Partiea de- form this year and debating should be her back.”
But Q uon g does not real­ Mr. and Mrs. C. O. Roe. Mrs. E. E.
1 siring the attendance of Dr. C. L. capital under the direction of Prof. ize that he must marry a scientist seek­
W iliams, Mrs. Beulah Schaefer, Messrs.
Large in this class of cases, will if con ­ Orr.
ing education before he can land her Burke Tongue, Ward Downs Frank
George Neal, who lived in this city venient, greatly oblige him by engag­ | Those of the professors who are not on our shores.
Meresse, Rollie Peterson, Sam Todd,
until the past few months and whose ing his services two or three months here yet will reach town some time
Harve Baldwin is thinking very ser Carl Christian, Clifford Brown, Victor
| this week or before school opens; with iously of having some sign artist paint, Limber, Harvey Baldwin, Henry Wirtz,
parents still live here, was married re­ prior to the expected event.
cently to Miss Alice Cayo of Arleta.
Mrs. M cEldow nev began her vocal the exception of Mr. Orr who will ar­ “ M y Auto's in the Shed,” and hang Johnnie Wirtz, Misses Maude Shannon,
The wedding occurred at the home of instruction the first of September. She rive a few days later.
the placard on his back for the inform­ Myrtle Butler. Manche Langley, Alyce
the bride’ s parents. Mrs. Neal and will not go to Yamhill as last year but
ation of those who have been very sym­ Cronin, Belle Denny, Edna Hamilton.
Ivy Smith. Punch was served and the
Miss Katie
here. will confine herself to this city. She
Not onlv is the Conservatory (acuity pathetic in his trials and tribulations
George played on the P. U . college already has a good class which will the strongest they have yet had but the since he got his benzine consumer hall was be-utifully d»co:ated.
team different seasons, and was recog ­ continue to grow as Mrs. M cEldow ney attendance promises to be larger than Rollo Peterson says that Harve has got
Miss Lyda Brown who has been
nized by critics to be one oM he best has a beautiful voice, and has h*d in any previous year. Several new fea­ 1 so he will explain up the entire stratus
visiting at the LaCourse home returned
ends in the state. The newly mar­ training under the best artists on the tures will be in evidence this com ing
to her home in Portland last Saturday.
ried people will five in Portland.
I year. A course of seven concert» is j query to him.
r *t
‘m i