Washington County news. (Forest Grove, Washington County, Or.) 1903-1911, December 20, 1906, Image 3

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Editorial Page-Washington Co. News.
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I it ions,
Thursday by the Washing
Publishing Co. Incorporated
Forest 6rove, Oregon
f t l S s k l Ever/
ton County
$1.00 a Year in Advance.
My, if
of the
he big-
a day?
! busi-
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m ercu ry
To Our Correspondents
F u r L i k e C a n s e . I t In
» D ea d W o r ld .
SIercu>T Is u body devoid, practlcal-
! f J d °
absolutely, of air, of « „ te r
and of vegetation. C onsequently It
<>? ***»•
his entir. business last week to Messrs.
Parker and Fogle. We are glad to
learn that Mr. H oge has decided to
remain in Forest Grove.
H e will go
Toilet Sets, Manicure Sets
Shaving Sets, Photo Albums
Postal Card Albums, Dainty Pictures
Fine Perfumes, Fine Stationery
Bones and Curios of Pre-Historic Race 1 s0 comparatlvely receutl-v- B°th. how
c . .. ..
. ,
su rface change either d iu rn al o r sea
quickly. Mercury has long been dead.
How long, m easured by centuries, we
cannot say, hut practically for a very
j long time. Venus m ust have becom e
be Exhibited at Jamestown
ever, now have finished their course
and have In a most literal sense euter-
I ed Into their rest.
into some other business here.
H O L ID A Y H O O D S !
Al Lowest Prices
■«-Low prices every day at Levy's
away. The news comes as a great f!!, t? , 8ay' The ,at,er is the more Market.
shock to her many friends
i ° ' er the K'reater ' ,ilrt of '»»
Ada was the twelve year old and I sonul 18 unknow n. T hree-eighths of its
Entered at the post-office at Forest
Grove, Oregon, as second class
only daughter of Florenc Ranes, who q ? ^ j Y teel,wl ,u I*’rPetual glare,
three-eighths shrouileii In perpetual
mail matter.
moved io this city last Fall to send her gloom, while the rem uiuing q u a rte r
to school. Her father, Simpson Ranes slow ly tu rn s betw een the tw o. The
was killed by a horse six years ago. p lan et Itself, us a world. Is dead.
In tere stin g us Mercury th u s proves
¿¿dress all communications to Wash­ She was in the sixth grade and was un­
to be, the interest as regards the plan­
ington County Pub. Co.,
usually bright, and was loved by all e t Itself is of a ra th e r corpselike c h a r­
Forest Grove, Ore.
her classmates as a very sweet child. acter. Less d eterreut p erhaps is the
Interest it possesses as a p a rt of the
The beautiful and impressive funeral life history of the solar system , for
1 1! the N e w s fails to reach itr subscrib­ services were held at the house Rev­ tidal friction, the closing net tu the
es or is late, we request th a t immedi- erend Boyd preached the sermon and cosm ic dram a, has brought It w here It
The m achine has run down.
ite attention may be called to th e sam e. a quartet sang.
Jean Sloan, Claire W hether it ever supported life upon its
Haines, Stella Hahn, Josephine Ward, su rface or not, the pow er to do so has
Bess Sexton and Relle Moore, six of lo w forever passed aw ay. L ike Venus
a n d for like cause.«It is now a dead
I THURSDAY, DECEMBER 20, 1906 Ada’s nearest friends acted as pallbear­ world. And it w as the first th u s to
ers. The grave was literally strewn tench the end of Its evolutionary ca
with beautiful flowers and wreaths, as reer, earlier to do so than Venus, In­
asm uch as tidal action w as very much
Walter Hoge, who has been editor emblems of the many friends of little g re a te r upon it than o:i Venus a n d con­
sequently produced Its e r e c t more
I and manager of the Forest Grove Ada.
Times fc- the past five years, sold out
H O L ID A Y H O O D S !
a re
n dtturS
r nKi0rh she er m
0ther .d-a.
- ^ from
r r a — it t to ^ be r •e able
Saturday h
to° far ^ «way
ide by
sa ione r
e mil-
We would ask our correspondents to
send us their copy so it will reach us
Tuesday of each week where possible;
Little Ada Ranes Gone.
also to sign their names to same— not
The bright, sweet Ada Ranes is i
,,np,,orllus a“*
for publication but that we may know
gone, and after less than two days ill- ¡J'-lng b e t u ^ . ^ i V
to whom we are under obligations for
ness. Friday morning she was jolly I
11 u TOUc|' ■'■“ her than smooth. same.
A . K . N O I O S E , M jfr .
.Ik e V en a
The News and Semi-weekly Journal
for *1.75.
— Your stomach churns and digests
the food you eat and if foul, or torpid,
or out of order, your whole system suf­
fers from blood poison.
Rocky Mountain Tea keeps you well.
35 cents, Tea or Tablets. Dr. H ines’
Drug Store.
You Can Easily Operate
This Typewiter
Don’t worry your
Don’t write him
anything by handS’^ K
that takes time
to make out—
that may leave
him in doubt—
that he can’t easily read.
And don’t fill out legal papers or card
memos—or make out accounts or hotel
nenus in your own handwriting.
It looks bad, reflects on your standing
makes people think you can’t afford
tenographer and is sometime ambi­
You can write out your letters, make
out an abstract, fill in an insurance pol-
cy, enter your card memos, make out
vour accounts, or a hotel menu, or do
tny kind of writing you need, on any
<ind, size or thickness of paper, and
pace any way you want on
Notice for Publication
Land Office at Portland, O regon, D ecem ber 8, 1906.
N otice is hereby g iv en th at th e follow ing-nam ed
settler has filed notice of his in te n tio n to m ake final
proof in su pport of his claim , and th at said proof w ill be
made before the R egister and R e c e iv e r, at Port­
land, O regon, on January 22, 1907. v is: Edward
Baker H . E. No. 15634 for the * W H , Sec 35, T 3 N
R 4 W.
He nam es the follow ing w itnesses to prove his con­
tinuous residence upon and cu ltiv atio n of said land, v is:
C harles B urr of G reenville O regon, George Fisher of
j G reenville, O regon. Jack W hite of G reen v ille, O regon.
Ira Bullock of G reenville, O regon.
Norfolk, Va.— What archaeologists
declare will solve the mystery surround­
Not to Kiiow Tlila 1*1.»ml la \o t to TT)c.
ing the ancient mound builders was
Know Greece.
Pacific University
has probably
discovered recently in one of a series
T here a re some lain'.» which have a l­
tu.\ed out as many newspaper men as
of hills along the Illinois river, in that w ays laid a si>e!l u;>ou the uiind, upon
any institution in the Northwest. In
die tinaaliiatiou. upon the heart. (Jreece.
state. The “ find” shows traces of above all other countries, has e n tra n ce d
the first place, head and shoulders
handicraft of past ages, and the bones the mind. The Im agination has ever
I above any other editorial writer on the
The Standard V isible W riter
of those who wrought it. Several skel­ | loved the oast— E ry i t. the ladles, for­
gotten Asia, the utm ost us m ysterious
coast ani o i i of the best in the
etons were exhumed more than eight Asia of today. F o r m ost of us the
You can write any of these things I
[United States is H. W. Scott, the first
fret long, also pieces of remarkable to m e laud Is the country of (he h e a rt; yourself if you do not happen to have •
[ alumnus of
Pacific University; J.
pottery, beads and curious implements. for m any. It m ay lie. it Is Palestine,
w here w as lighted the fire a t which
For you can easily learn, with a little
Wheelock Marsh and David Marsh
Under the bones of the ancient d ad the h e a rts o f incalculable m illions are practice, to write just as rapidly, and !
| editors of the Hilo Tribune; Horace
were found vases, the largest of which still w arm ed. O thers a re content to as perfectly, as an expert operator on |
| Thomas and Clark Williams of the
say w ith E m erson In the fine essay on
are capable of holding more than two “H eroism ," “T h a t country Is the fa ire st the OLIVER. Because the OLIVER is
lOregonian; E lg ar Meresse city editor
And you
gallons, while under a skull was un­ w hich Is Inhabited by the noblest the simplified typewriter.
can see every word you write. About
■ of the Salem Statesman; Abe Meresse
earthed a bowl, in the center of which
th ere Is one which has a t once Im press­ 80 per cent more durable than any j
leity editor on the Oregon City Star
is a well fashioned figure of a King, ed the mind, the im agination and the other typewriter, because it has about i
land Williard Wirtz of the Portland
seated upon a crude throne. It is be­ h e art of w estern peoples. W hen a fa ­ 80 per cent less wearing points than
¡Journal. Wirtz just received a flatter- lieved by scientists that these bones m ous poet declare 1 th a t ou his h e art most other typewriters.
would lie found engraved the word
ling offer from a Baker City daily, but
80 per cent easier to write with than |
may be those of a great leader of the Italy the w ords voiced the em otion of
|tefused the city editorship. This list n e e that once ruled this portion of the a m ultitude !u every country o f E u ­ these other complicated, intricate |
machines that require “ humoring” — j
newspaper men certainly speaks country.
rope and lu the p re at northern con­
techinical knowledge— long practice
tin e n t oversea.
|vell for the literary advantrges of Paci-
St-angest of all the articles found
To see Sicily, the old "G arden of the and special skill to operate.
: University.
Than machines which cannot b e |
with the bones were implements that Sun." a s the poets have love 1 to call It,
Is not to see Italy, though there m ay be adjusted to any special sp a c e — w i t h '
are apparently made of bamboo, some a m easure of tru th In G oethe's rem ark
which it is impossible to write ab strac ts, I
The club that is now being formed of them evidently shaped for purposes th a t not to know Sicily Is not to know insurance policies, or odd-sized d o c u - j
Italy. In a sense one m ight m ore tr u ­
I the young men of town at the insti- of weaving. Countless beads were ly say of Sicily th a t not to know It Is ments except you buy e x p en siv e j
special attachments requiring e x p erts
gtion of the Civic improvement Socie- found in the mound of a strange ma­ not to know Greece. In a n o th er sense,
to operate.
| »ill be one of the best boosters for terial almost white, and possibly made however, we have in this m ost b eau­
You can adjust the OLIVER to any j
¡city, Forest Grove has ever had. from the best of potters clay.
Italy. W hatever Is m ost Italian Is In reasonable space— you can w rite on [
Another interesting and curious evidence here, thou -h It Is Italian of any reasonable size and thickness of
fit boys are already planning for a
the south and not of the north. W hat paper, right out to the very e d g e ,
ick team, and they will be able to “ find” is a shell shaped dish with a
gulf divides them Is known only to | without the aid of an expensive attach-
i out a rattling fine bunch of ath 1 wolfs head, the work on which leaves those fam iliar with the whole penln- ment or special skill, and vom work
aula— W illiam Sharp In ( entury.
gjll be neat appearing, legible and
Aubrey Moore who came here
laonth or so ago from Illinois, is one teeth of the wolf gleaming from it, and
••coil»“ sm ,,r'*lh - „„
For the OLIVER is the typewriter
[the best all around athletes Knox as exquisitely executed as some of the
Those who are not
the doctor, the lawyer, the insur­
tim es tresp ass oil Irish property.
pllege ever turned out, and the local
French cure, preaching about sudden ance agent, the merchant, the hote
pb is extemely fortunate in getting
death, said. “Thus It is with us-w e go proprietor— or any man who does his
He was coached by the famous tracted to the scene of ex avation by to l ed well and get up stone dead!”
I own writing.
An old French law yer w ritin g of an
Write us now for our b o o k let on the
I Willard, of Knox, and has brushed the news of the wonderful discoveries.
e state he had Just bought added, "T here simplified features ol th e OLIVER.
i against such men as Rose, the
Is a chapel upon It In w hich my w ife |
bmplon hammer man of the world. disturbed and to this (act is attributed and I wish to be burled. If God spares T h e O l i v e r T y p e w r l t e r C o .
Wabbatli Ave. and Monro* tt.
|Voung Moore is only twenty years the marvelous preservation of the our lives."
A m erchant who died suddenly left
C h ic a g o
1111 r i o ! «
l and weighs but 135 pounds, yet
In Ills bureau a letter to one of his cor- |
Eminent archaeologists are unani­ respondents which h? had not sealed j
| can toss out the discus 113 feet
H is clerk, seeing It necessary to send j
I the shot 38, and he also runs the mous in the opinion that the mound is
“ The Blood Is The life.”
a pre-historic burying ground, greater ¡h M e tt^ w ro te at the bottom. "Since
fists in good time,
w ritin g the aliove I have died.
Science has never gone beyond the
in extent and more perfectly preserved
above aimple atatem i n l of scripture. But
ken there is Rollo Peterson, who
It has illu m in a u d th a t sta te m en t and
A Sentiment anel mi .kutnarnph.
than any yet discovered, and is a val­
l the Pacific University record for
A c ertain young lady, so the story given it a m eaning ever broadening with
uable contribution definitely settling
1100, 220 and 440. Pete goes
runs, w rote to F. Marion Crawford. ! the Increasing breadth of knowledge.
W hen the blood is " b a d ” or im pure it
the novelist, reque ting that be send j is not alone the body w hich suffers
r 21 feet in the broad jum p and is
An effort is being made not only to ber „ bi, 0f sentiment and bis auto- | through disease. T h e brain is
M around athlete. Frank Fletcher
secure this remarkable "find” in its graph. The reply was:
clouded, V te m ind and judgem ent are
p e ol the best hurdlers the Varsity
D e a r Mis« A —W h en you re q u e st a f a ­ eBecb d, anu'hniny an evil deed or Im pure
entirely for the Jamestown Exposition, vor
^ tn _ a t ............._
_ _ st only to y o u rse lf. tb < \g h tv a J^ q ^ > ^ectly traced to the
Is of In te re
I turned out and represented Mult-
but the results of investigations deter-
. 'I ®/'here's j P<» r auto- ImpooAyol the CthoJi) Foul. Im nure hloo<^
»ah at Vancouver, British Columbia,
can be m ade nnre i>> ilte use of rir
this race and ex- ¡£ ,rh.
f marion c r a w fo r d .
lies Walker is a mile man who was mining the history of
Pierce’« Golden .M.-qicr.l D iscovery, l i
—C ollier’s W eekly.
tn r'il.e* ami m ini..-, ihn blood thereby
foinent in athletics as long as he »net race of people,
“ W ANTED— -Salesmen. Many make
8100 to 8150 per month, some even
more. Stock clean; grown on reserva-
tion, far from old orchards.
advanced weekly. Choice of territory.
Address Washington Nursery Company,
Toppenish, Washington.”
I O il)
0,r r « a m '
Floods the body with waim, glow­
ing vitality, makes the nerves strong,
quickens circulation, restores natural
vigor, makes you feel like one born
again. Hollister’s Rocky Mountain
| T ea' 35 cts-
Dr- H ines’ Drug Store.
— If you are from Missouri we can
show you the best line of M en’s suits
at 88.IX) and *10.00 you have ever
seen. J. E. Bailey.
- G u ld en ro d F lo u r, guaranteed.
if ConJ
time ill
al sail
lite tha
ibers ol
>,000 ¡I
iew api
by th[
to (i
i c'ear-
ft to college and will be right there
the goods this year. With these 1
F star cinder path performers as a |
Issued by Gnat Njrthern Railway.
jkos, and with plenty of excellent
. l W n e - n Railway and
T h e Great N ortne.n Kauwav an
►trial to work on, Forest Grove
G reat N orthern Steam ship C om panies
P* to put a team into the field that
have issued a ne* edition of playing
* make the best of them sit up and
^ notice. Such a scheme as this cards. They are printed
H do wonden towards advertising tionally fine stock, and are bette’’ c
*0wn Nothing will bring a school for the price asked than can
t0Wn into the limelight like good elsewhere. The advertising, con sis
athletics. This is an athletic ing of the trade mark is wor^ e
everybody young or old reads an oriental design an is -on’
JWtioK page if nothing else.
tirely to the back of the car .
more elaborate
^ « e is something frscinating about steamship card is the
is finished with gilt
^ t games, that make the fans of the two and
»ie- e d g es
Great N orthern Railway cards
talk, and dream of the 0 , 0 - ed g es. W »
a earn ship
'» d the towns they represent, fifteen cents per p ic
cents per
F ^ P a p e n are anxious tor athlet- cards twenty five cents
p J f
N « . lor they know that every inch Mailed to any address on
A S im p le
P re e p a llo n .
L andlady (of eouutry luu on the eve
of n popular holiday to her daughter,
who la kneading the dough for a cake)
-R e a e l you’d b e tte r put a couple of
egg» arid a bit of b u tte r Into the cake.
bnve a
a n d |f
tow nsfolk dou’t stir
| ourselves.—I rom the German.
L p p I
Language la a solemn thing.
grow» out of life—out of It* agonie*
.n d e c ta s ie * . IM w ant* and It* weart-
neoa. E very language la a
which the soul of those who ape*k It la
enshrined.—O. W. Holmes.
Fem inin*’ FI»*
D u ffe r-M y wife got a fiver c u t of
happy remark.
me today with
hav# It. Ire ffe r-S h e told
w .llle th a t she w as h i. neore­
relative, but that I w a. his
Indianapoll* Htar.
Every d a y I» •
" * TT " *
gossip is read; and the bus- price.
lise but a new Mrth -JArdno
®*n and citizens should do every
Traffic Manager, St. Paul.
The God who guv# u* U/e gave as
I Possible to encourage T Forest
liberty st the »m e time -Jefferson.
P**Q»b track team.
curing, pimples, blotches, e ruptions and
other cutaneous affections, as ectem a,
tetter, or salt-rheum , hives and other
m anifestations of im pure blood.
In the cure of scrofulous sw ellings, en­
larged glands, open eating ulcers, or old
sores, the "Golden Medical Discovery " has
performed th e m ost m arvelous cures. In
case* of old sores, or open e atin g ulcere.
It is well to apply to the open sores Dr.
Pierce's All-H ealing Halve, w hich pos­
sesses wonderful healing potency when
need as an application to the sores in con­
junction w ith th e use of "Golden Medico]
Discovery "a* a blond cleansing consti­
tutional trea tm e n t. If your dru g g ist
don't happen to h ave the "A ll-H ealing
Salve" in stock, you can easily procure It
by Inclosing fifty-four cents in pietagn
stam ps to Dr. R. V. P ierre. «183 Main S t ,
Buffalo, N. Y., and It will come to you by
retu rn po**- Most druggists keep it a*
well a t the "G olden Medical Discovery.*
T oo c a n 't afford to accept any m edicine
of unkrunrn nm p n tU U m as a su b s titu te
for "«olden Medk-ol Discovery." whk-h Is
o medlcln* o r « r o w » e n s n s m o o ,
having a com plete list of ingredients In
plain English on Its bottle-w rapper, the
same being attested a* correct under oath.
Dr. Pierce'» P leasan t Pellets rr-rulat*
and Invigorate stom ach, liver a n '
W. R .
Wilburn Wagons, Scotch Clipper
Plows and other Farm Implements
Flour, Feed, and Grass Seeds
Pacific Avenue
Forest Grove
E Y E F .Y
R o u te
of th e
fu m o u M
O rie n ta l
I .I r tiltc d
Foi detailed inform ation, m e t . e tc ., c all on of adder i t
H . H . D I C H S O X , C. T A ,
1 2 2 T h ir d SI., b u r U a n d , Ora.
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