Washington County news. (Forest Grove, Washington County, Or.) 1903-1911, October 11, 1906, Image 5

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    fe r íÉ v E R
The tw o sisters had engaged a sew .
*nt girl. She failed to meet their
quirements. They were holding a whig-
. «
, fo
a t a r r h an
r c catarrh
J * 7 L „commend it to all who
with the above diseases. I
•il ;]h loid to say s‘ has helped
" W
.n,\an atl0n lD
itrfulf- _ ifaymt £•. Smith.
la n d .
th e
Botanists have now shown that wore her hat.
I, due to u
her umbrella.
In the other hand was
’■If you please,” sh. Mldt poitteiv.
w h ich propagates every tenth y ear
m going now.
The place doesn’t
and which, though very minute, grow ,
•o ra p id ly that the whole lake is soon n er t T
W York Glob« and Com-
mercial Advertiser.
tu rn ed crimson.
W h ile U eorge W. Stevens, many
years ago, was repulriug the road In
fro n t o f hls house |n Itolton, Vt he
hung a hoe In a tree and forgot It’ A
fe w d ays ago the tree was cut down
and, w hen sawed up. the blade of the
hoe, w ith the exception of a part o f
the crook and the handle, was found
embedded In the body o f the tree hav­
in g been covered by the wood and bark
by natural growth.
I »
" j f ¡88 M A Y U K 8 i t I T I I ,
ih East Mound Street
Colum bus, O h io
IliV FEVER ia end em ic c ata rrh .
noted by some ir r it a t in g eub-
L in the atmosphere d a rin g th e
L^miner months.
I t is g e n e ra lly
Lhtthat the pollen o f certain w eeds
llife ri it the canae o f it.
Luge of locality aeema to th e be
^rational care. T h e u e e o f P eru n a,
Ltr, itimulatea th e nervous aya-
X|o reaiet tha effects o f th e poieon-
Ltmanatione and som etim es c arries
Itictio through th e h ay fe v e r sea-
Jutnont an attack o f th e disease.
■ilarge number of p eop le r e ly u p or
a for this purpose.
T h o se w h o
find it con
ven ien t to
-- chan
— n ge
ir location to avoid H a y F e v e r w o u ld
■all to give Peruna a tr ia l.
I t has
n of priceless valu e to many peo-
N one In S lig h t .
Hr. Roiley,” stam m ered the youn g
“I-er-called----- ”
| l«, tps ," interrupted the d ea r g i r l ’ s
kr. “I realize the ob ject o f you r
b.young man, and I w a n t to ask you
Jtfll mo candidly— can you support a
I ’Wcll-er-really. don’ t you th in k th a t
loa is rather prem atu re?” — P h ila -
i Press.
'hnh'g room.
* * * * ° * b* r?"
Buperatm ous people formerly regard- Pered one
ed w ith aw e the turning red at long
At that moment the girl appeared st
In te rv a ls o f L ak e Moret In Switzer the door. 81i# carried her grip
B la in e
fo r
(h e
G ro eer.
“ I want to complain of the flour you
sent me the other day.” said Mrs Xew-
liwed, severely. The grocer assume,!
an anxious expression, and inquired
what was the matter with it. “ It was
tough, replied the housekee]>er accus­
ingly. “ M y husband simply could not
eat the biscuits I made with I t ”
V e r s a tility ,
Haven t I seen you before some­
where?’ asked the customer st the lunch
T h e m otor cultivator o f
Prof. T. counter.
H udson Beare, a Scottish mechanician
Aou prooably saw me at some Igorrote
Is designed to do all the work o f pre^ village,” said the dusky waiter. “ I was
p arin g the ground for seed at one one of the Igorrote«. suh."
It can be driven at three
H e l l « d I l l s W is h .
tim es the speed o f the ordiuary plow,
The late C’arl Scburz had no consid­
and each trip covers three times thé
breadth o f the usual furrow, and well eration for hypocrites or pretenders.
p u lverizes the ground.
By I simple I ’ pon literary pretenders he was par­
ticularly severe.
attach m en t the sowing also can
A t a dinner in New York one night
done at the same time.
a man o f wealth who had written a
O f th irty accidents
from electric volume o f poems sneered at politics.
shock In Switzerland last year, twenty-
" I wouldn't give a picayune." he said,
one w e re fatal, while Austria had but “ for a senatorship or a cabinet office.
six fa ta litie s In Ilfty-six cases. A fifth To be even President, wouldn’t tempt
o f the accidents were from currents o f me. I, for my part, would rather be
250 volts or less, and a mason was known any day as a third rate poet
k illed by a 120-volt three-wire supply, than a first rate statesman.”
w h ile In another case a shock from
“ Well, aren't you?” said Mr. Scburz.
tw en ty-six thousand volts did not kill.
He K ueu.
O f fifteen attempts at
“ I want to get some bird seed, said
on ly one was successful.
the customer.
A rem arkable hair ball from
"D on’t try to plague me, sm a rty !"
stomach o f a young girl has been
cried the new clerk from the country.
brought to notice by Prof, von Bra- “ Birds grow from eggs, not seeds.” —
mann o f H alle.
She had a habit of
The Catholic Standard and Times.
sw a llo w in g ends bitten from her long
hair, form in g In time a bulky accumu­ O r e a t n t P r i v i l e » « o f C l t t i e n s h l p .
The right to homestead on the pub­
lation, though felt only as a slight
pressure, and when the mass was re­ lic domain is the greatest privilege o f
m oved by an operation It was found American citizenship, says Farming.
to have shaped Itself to the cavity, The right to homestead is coexistent
lik e a cast In a mold. Iron tonics had with citizenship. Every citizen over 21
years o f age, every Immigrant who has
changed the light color to black.
declared his or her inteution o f be­
P ro f. Elihu Thomson says that ex­
coming a citizen, every head of a fam ­
perim ent has proved that alcohol, pro­
ily, male or female, even though under
vided It can be made cheap enough, is 21, may locate a tract not to exceed
e n tire ly suitable as a fuel for Internal 160 acres and after five years' resi­
combustion engines. Although the heat­ dence w ill receive absolute title there­
in g valu e o f alcohol is much less than to.
th a t o f gasoline, yet a gallon o f alco­
A C n r lo u a 911k.
hol w ill develop substantially the same
Sicily supplies a curious silk which
p ow er as a gallon o f gasoline, because
o f the greater efficiency o f operation. Is spun by the piilua, a Mediterranean
I a ^ ss heat Is thrown off lu waste gases shell fish which has a little tube at
Out of this
from the alcohol, and a mixture o f al the end o f Its tongue.
eohol vap or with air stands a much tube, spider-fashion, or sllkworm-fnsh-
The ingredients that enter into S. S. S. and the method of com­
bining and preparing them so that they build up and strengthen
every part of the body, make it the greatest of all tonics. S. S. S. is nature’s
remedy PURELY VEGETABLE — and while it is restoring the lost appe­
tite, overcoming that tired, run-down feeling, and other ailments common to Spring, which
warn us that it is necessary to take a tonic, it is purifying the blood of all poisons and waste
matters so that it can supply to the system the strength and nourishment it needs to keep it
in perfect condition during the depressing summer months that are to follow.
Spring is the season when most every
one needs a tonic. It is nature’s time for
I h ave u sed 8. S. 8. q u ite e x te n s iv e ly and unhesitatingly
renewing and changing; and as everything
co m m en d it as th e b e s t b lo o d p u rifie r an d to n lo made.
puts on new life, the sap rises in vegetation, re
I am a m a ch in ist b y tr a d e and at one tim e m y system was
the exu in thaws out from its winter freezes, bo run d o w n th a t b y 10 o oioctc e v e r y d a y X w o u ld De com­
p le t e ly e xh a u sted , an d it w a s w it h th e g r e a te s t effort tha*
and all respond to Spring’s call to purge I cou ld p u ll th ro u gh th e b alan o e o f th e d a y. S in oe taking
and purify themselves, there is a great 8. S S., h o w e v e r, all th is h as d is a p p e a r e d . I am a strong,
o r o u s man. a b u n d a n tly a b le to d o m y d a y ’ s work, m y
change also takes place in our bodies. The v a ig
p p e t ite h as J>een w h e tt e d up so th a t I oan eat anything,
s le e p is s w e e t an d re fr e s h in g , an d I k n o w further that
blood endeavors to throw off the poisons and
It has p u rifie d m y b lo o d an d p u t it in g o o d condition. X
accumulations which have formed in the oannot s p e a k to o h ig h ly o f y o u r g r e a t re m e d y . 8. 8. 8.
817 W . D ro a d St.. C olu m bu s. O. A . B . M O N T G O M E R Y
system, and been absorbed by it, from the
inactive winter life, and calls upon every
member to assist in the elimination. The
t w o o c c a s io n s I h a v e used 8. 8. S. in th e spring with
system is often unequal to file struggle, the
fine re su lts . I can h e a r tily re co m m en d it as a tonlo and
appetite grows fickle, the energies give way, b lo o d p u rifier. I w a s tr o u b le d w ir ii h eadach e. Indigestion
the spirits are depressed, and a general run­ and liv e r tro u b le s , w h io h a ll d is a p p e a r e d u n d er the use o f
8. 8. S. M y a p p e tite , w h io h w a s p o o r, was greatly
down condition is the result.
h elp ed . I oan eat a n y th in g I w a n t n o w w ith o u t fear o f in­
Then the body must have assistance— d ig e s tio n , an d m y b lo o d h as b een th o ro u g h ly cleansed o f
a ll im p u ritie s and m a d e rio h and s tro n g a g a in . A s a tonlo
it must be strengthened and aided by a tonic, and b lo o d p u rifie r It Is a ll y o u olaim fo r It.
771 E. M a in St., S p r in g fie ld , O.
M R S . G . W IE G E L .
and S. S. S. is the ideal one. Being made
entirely from roots, herbs and barks, it does
not disagreeably affect the system in any way as do most of the so-called tonics on the market,
which contain Potash or some other harmful mineral ingredient to derange the stomach and
digestion, unfavorably affect the bowels, or otherwise damage the health. S. S- S. tones up
the stomach and digestion and assists in the assimilation of food; it rids the system of that
always-tired, worn-out feeling, and imparts vigor and tone to every part of the body. It re­
establishes the healthy circulation of the blood, stimulates the sluggish organs, and calms
the unstrung nerves which make one feel that he is on the verge of prostration. S. S. S.
gives an appetite and relish for food that nothing else does, and by its use we can find our­
selves with as hearty, hungry an appetite in Spring as at any other season.
It acts more promptly and gives better and more lasting results than any other remedy,
and is absolutely safe because of its vegetable purity. Dyspeptic, irritable, nervous, debili­
tated people will find S. S. S. is just the medicine that is needed for the purification of
the blood, which, from its diseased or impure condition, is causing their trouble, as well as
for toning up and helping the entire system. When you take your tonic this Spring do not
experiment, but get the best— the tonic with forty years of success behind it, and the one
endorsed by the best people all over the country— S . S. S T H E GREATEST OF ALL
TONIOS. It is necessary at this time, when the system is depleted and weakened at every
point, that the right remedy be used— one that is especially adapted to the condition, and
S. S. S. has proved itself to be this remedy for many years. I f it is taken at the first sign
of Spring the system w ill be so built up and strengthened that the disagreeable affections of
the season will not be felt as warmer weather comes on.
h lgber compression without premature i ,lin- It spins a silk thread, with which
bnfidentlal Friend— Old man, If you
liyour life to live over again, would you explosion than does a mixture o f g a s -jit fastens Itself on any rock It fan-
ollne and air. In fact. Professor Thom- cles. When the puina moves Its
Jki it different?
H e r One T h o n «h t.
■ Defeated Politician— Yes, in two par- son says, the efficiency, or the ratio silken cable remains behind. Tb.s cable,
“ M-m-m!” mused the doctor, w ith a
Ttalirs. Firstly, I ’d be a bigger scoun- o f the conversion o f heat units Into ; which Is called hyssus. the Sicilian fish-
serious face, "th e
t Secondly, I wouldn’ t take any other pow er. Is probably higher In the alco-|*rmen gather Byssus weaves Into the
throat are coated— ”
d into my confidence.— Chicago Trib-
hoi engine than In engines operated
"T h e id e a !” gurgled Miss W ood by.
it very rare and expensive.
w ith any other combustible.
"S tylish ly coated, I hope.” — P h ila d e l­
H e r M e l t l n n S m ile .
I’ n der P r o te a t.
T h e principle o f the rifled gun has
phia Press.
"W bat's the reason you can’t collect
Ifah Webster was compiling his dic- recently been applied to
H ow *» T h lf?
pum ping oil. The crude oil o f C alifor­ that bill from that woman?" stormed
W e o ffer O ne H u n d red D o lla r* R ew a rd for
I "To a certain extent,” he said, ” 1 have nia Is mostly thick, viscous, and diffi­ the proprietor of the collection agency.
a ny case o f C atarrh th a t ca n n o t be cu red by
Jtike the language as I And It.”
“T h is Is the seventh time you've been H a ll'* Catarrh Cure.
cult to pump through long lines. Heat­
■ Thereupon, with a pang o f regret, he
F. J. CHENEY <& CO., Prop#., T o led o , O.
ing cannot bo successfully applied to After It.”
W e, the u n d ersig n ed , h ave k n ow n F. J.
4 the word “ aw fu lly” to his collec*
"You Just go round there and let her C h en ey fo r th e last 15 year*, and b elie ve h im
He foresaw that It would be aw- a long pii>e, and m ixing with water beam on you once.” replied the ugeut, p e rfe c tly h on ora b le in a ll b u *in e** transac­
a n c ia lly a b le to ca rry o u t a n y ob­
results In uu emulsion from which the
|j orerworked.
“ and you'll find the reason w h y !”
liga tio n s m ade by th e ir firm .
o il cannot be readily separated. The
W ENT A l aUAX, W'lh olesale D ru ggist*, T o led o , O.
A B ib lica l Sound.
W a l d in o , K in n a n «k M a r v i n , W h olesale Drug-
W h o le s a le C o l l i n « .
latest scheme fo r dealing with these
| "Our John's goln' to be a preacher, I
gists, T o led o , O.
“ Yes, we used to sit out on the old
viscous oils comprises a pipe rifled on
H a ll’s C atarrh Cure i* taken in te rn a lly , act-
Mid Farmer K o m to p , “ je d g in ’
the Inside, so that the oil, mixed ulth porch In the beautiful moonlight. ln g d ir e c tly upon the blood and m ucous sur­
fâ tes o f th e system. P rice 76c. per b o ttle.
i what hls college p ro fesso r sez
about 10 per cent o f water, Is caused Strange to say. Jack never believed he Sold by a ll D ru ggists. T es tim on ia ls freo.
fct him.”
H a ll s F a m ily PiU s are the best.
to w h irl rapidly. The water, being kissed xne as often us I accused him o f
I Fhat'a that?” asked hls w ife .
h eavier than the oil, seeks the outside, doing.”
J a a tlr A p p r r b c m lv s ,
|"H* mz lie'se inclined to be blbu-
“ Ah. how did you convince him,
and form s a thin film, which lubricates
The visitor from beyond the Euburbs
k -Philadelphia L edger.
the pipe fo r the passage o f the oil. dear?”
had paid a cabman 60 cents for driving
“ Why, the next night I told him to him four blocks, and the artivt in tha
I D,-t>e*f I-like o n E a r t h .
T h e frictio n Is thus so far
deepest lake in the w o rld Is bc- th at the oil has been easily punqied
basement, to whom he had submitted his
straw hat for cleaning, occupied ten min­
,0 be Lake B aikal, in S iberia. through a line thirty-one miles long. took a kiss.”
utes in the process and charged him 75
••How did the scheme work?
P * thousand square m iles In area, o r T h e w a ter and the oil come out entire­
«V e r y well for a while, but—e r— by cents.
large as Lak e E rie. It Is 4,000 ly separate at the end o f the line.
“ Does It get any worse, young feller,”
the end o f the week there wasn’t sny
f ™ f*et deep, so th at It contains
he asked, “ the furder I go downtown?”
The Other Side.
,r‘J ,s much w a ter as L a k e Supe-
porch l e f t ’’______ ____________
M r. Upmore crept out o f bed, groped
W h at H e Took.
Rf. Vitus’ Dance and all Nervous Disease*
•rmauently cured by Dr. K lin e’ s Great
A certain thrifty Individual. In the .............»storer.
his w ay to the telephone, and called up
Send fur F R E E |2trial bottle and
S e rv -i R<*stf
■ _
H «h lt w it h H im .
treatise. Dr. K It.K iln . Dd.. »31 A rrh HI.. Pblla., Pa.
p in t man looked at th e b ill I hand-
“ H e llo !” he said, in a
T0 ce’ »pinion, remarked casually one day to
® for fully three m inutes.” said
H la P r e s e n e « o f M in d .
«trk. “ i wonder I f he th in ks I “ Please send word to the nearest police bis d o c to r:
“ O, H arold !” exclaimed the lovely girl
station that there Is a burglar in my
P " 10 cheat him."
i t the oummer resort. “ Ien't the view
. . .
lovely from here? L et’e lit down in the
V 0 “ g a in e d the floor w a lk er, house. I f they w ill make a quick run you've got a cold?”
" I cough,” replied the M. D., briefly. •hade of tbla noble old beech and enjoy
they can catch him. My boose I. No.
l 11 koeterlologist and w as lookin g
“ A h ! Quite so,” stammered the oth­ It.’
“ I think, Nellie,” e«ld Harold, ‘‘.von
er ; "but what do you take ?
^ T h e r e 'w a s a pause o f ball « «
" I take advice," sn a p p ed the son o f will find the «bade better on the other
• nd '
and then a gruff voice finished the
“ Oeum Is a hom eopath.
Isn 't
•ide of the tree.”
E s c u la p iu s ; s n d the thrifty men to o k
message lu this wise:
. ..
Then, while ehe wee «eating hereelf on
central! Youse needn t call hls leave.— M o d e rn Society._____________ the epot Indicated, he lingered behind ju«t
"H e llo ,
I Tto! , t0f* ,her-’'
up de cop*.
burglar ha. got d* £ £
long enough to tike ont hii knife end
ot he alwsys pres .-i Ibes bomeo-
ereee hie own In ltlili end rhoee of hie
w o t owns d l. «behäng covered w it d .
c do«*».'1
leet eummer'e girl from the birk of the
gun, an' he'll be out o' here w it’
L ! * . bat hl* fees are allopathlo,”
noble old beech.
■^“ '•delphla Press.
S|CK FOR t e n
y e a r s
T o o «!<• *°
ro . , . rn
Backache, Dropsy, and Se-
v«re Bladder Trouble.
°n* 5 wishing
- i s to
Lm* At
°* Cheenut 8t., Jel- penny d n r l n i ^ ”
iar cyclopedia
ii„ « ’
“ For over ten Introduce a ne
1 ‘ s Needle«9 »
^ n“®r*d from kidney disease. Into the country
d amusing
The third year my Bay. he had many 1 » ^
fo„nd an
At one place be found an
feet and hands would experience*. At one I
farm er woiking
s w e l l a nd remain
puffed up for days at - y n s to
% • - «"***
a time. I seemed to
dla." “ id thY f X r - M id the farm-
have a constant back­
“ tCell. ^oun* fe
hut I'm afeerd
ache. Finally I got e r " I ’d like t ° haT*
so bad that I was laid 1 m too o j d j o j i d e ^ t b i n g ^
nP in bed with several
- n , doctors in attendance.
114 di, t r d ,ho“ ght sorely I
tWti r,,.' _ hanged medicine and
Kidney Pills when
T»«> relief I found
that mean?” be asked bia
•What , d d o we
es tna
«„te rn e r.
k* p t ° " n n til 1 *“ d
box®*’ The kidney s**-
.. ®* n»tural and after years
c°red. I have increae-
14 night cared.
k ñ L , ïn<1 *how no symptoms of “
w j * " froubl«.’ »
L-” *T til
50 c en t« a box.
Buffalo, N. T.
tt e r a c q u a in te d
There is a remedy over sixty
years old - A y e r ’s C herry
Pectoral. Of course you have
heard of It,probably have used
it. O n c e in the family, it stays;
the one household remedy for
coughs and hard colds on the
chest. A s k your doctoraboutlt.
. ...... h
M eumonfft thr— tim e,, and
1 .bt-HjiipirtorW
ouCsetsrors o f
tb , t
M ——
B<>“ 0"
»a t¡»fle d » I t h him-
« —
Beene*« «,• *efelT
g e W d S g lH S
point. Wis.
' **<*t
For Coughs
and Colds
4 horse-
p o w er fu liy w a rra n ted , 9125.
A ll sizes and
■t) les at lo w e it prlcea. W rite fo r ca ta log.
# W
vmob .
— —
t h e a c t i v i t y Of
2 S E m id r e c o v e r y
i •
Nl ’
D E N T IS T S ,
Portlan d . O regon.
Egan Dramatic and
Operatic School
Season 1906 and 1907 Opens Sept. 15
P re p a re i for D ram atic and O peratic
Stage and places (ira d u a te s in ftix
j m onths-
F o rty G radu ates now w ith
tra v elin g com panies.
Send for Cat a-
i logue.
W A R D * . B fR T O îe — A a w y er and C h em t«
H O tew
lvllln. Colorado Sperim eli prt< ee: Oold.
Silver, I-red, •! ; Oold, silver,7Sc ; Oold, Bor : Zinc or
r . f l . Cyanide tenta. M eilin g envelope« and
— - application.
— **——*<—
• ontrot end
toll prii-e list sent on
and Una­
ître work solicitad. K e f «renes:
CerBonete Bta
Egan Dramatic and Operatic School
Egan Hall, Arcade Building. Seattle.
FRANK f EGAN, Frincipal.
no matter how
bad the weather
You cannot
afford to be
without a
W h e n ÿou^buy
lo o k
H A IN 2029
3 «h £ W ASH
.S T S
P O flT lA N O 0 «
Or. C, Gee Wo
Til * wnniirrfill etc
ne*# Doctor I n rnlD'd
gn-at t>#raus6 lie ciir«**
people without 0 |M»rK
lion hut nre « D e i up
to «tie. lie cure* with
those wonderful Chi­
nes,* fieri)*, roots, hu«!*,
harks and vei-etiihl«**
Unit art» entirely un­
known to m«>«tlcal sci-
sues in this country. Through tbs us«* o f tiios*
hurnilcHS remedleN (hi* fumou« UOi.-tor knows
the action o f over 600 different reinedtSN which
he soccMSfully un * n 1» dlff«*r**nt diseases. H d
¿. oh mu icon to cure catarrh, asthma, lung, thront,
rlo uinatlsrii, nervousness, stomach, liver; kid-
etc.; ha* htiudre«)* of testimonials.
Chi r;es moderate, ( all and see him. i'a llen U
out oi the city write lor hluukr and circulars,
to« n.i stamp. CUJHSU I.T A 1IO.N PltMIK.
1 6 2 ’ -j fir s t St., S. f . Cor. M orrison
M en tion paper.
•3.50 & *3.00 Shoes
s IS
W.Lliougln $4 Gill Edgt liw ,
caniolboequzlledatany price,
To .Shoe D ea ler»:
W. I- I>< iuk I**' Job-
Wnff House Is the most
complete In this •■ountry
______ fiend f o r CataloQ
20 - M u l e - T e a m
fo r washing blankets, woolens, lace cur­
tains, ribbons, embroideries, sdk gloves
and all deficate fabrics, as well as for clean­
ing and shining Dishes, China, Paint, Mar­
ble, ( ookmg Utensils and Silver, 20-Mule-
Team Borax is unsurpassed.
^ °°o
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g l, ” — Home Magazine.
Portland Trad« Directory
Names and Addresses m Portland of Repra-
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( H U M HKPA HA T U R K - W e g iters itee the U. A.
to* parafer to be the best. W rite iur iron « sta og.
Base, wood Co., Fifth and Vo*.
wear longer, and are of g rea ter valua
than any other make.
W h erever you llv s , you can obtain W . L -
Douglas shoes. Mis n sm e and p rk e 1* s ta m p s «
on the bottom , w h k h p rotects you agnInst high
price« and Interior «h o e*. T a km n o $ ub$ tla
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Ask y m ir d t s ls r lor W . L. D ouglas «h oes
and Insist upon h a v in g them .
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W r ite lor I Illustrated C a ta lo g o ! Fall Styles.
W . L. D O UG LA S, Dept. | J, Brockton. M ast
M F N 'S i U i T H I NU - Huff urn a r*n<tt*iON.
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Dlatb streets. Opposite poetolhc«.
P. N. U.
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