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    W ashing ™
C ounty new :
AU G U ST 16,
! 1 j !
Takes a Hike.
o J — ., c„p,d LEAGUE TO MEET HERE
“ Aaron Smith and family
2 ? « » Q- Jackson and family, the
; first of the week.
are traveling
I o ! the college will be very sorry
T H U R SD A Y ,
Henry D. Smith, Drowned.
The residents of this city and stu-
by Cttizens on c |
Cltv Fathers Take Steps to Remedy
and fn?mJ Forest Grove- ^
t0 Th„ m i .. „ „
t0 hear oi the Md d« th of H enryD-
, r
3 ^ #rsaw* Ind • ‘heir former home. The Willamette Valley Development smith „ who was drowned in Lake J. N. Hoffman Suggests How Oregon
Sprinkling Abuse and Excessive I j ; L C:!?Ied.wagon bore many sug-
League — Slated for Forest Grove ; Geneva- New York> Thursday last,
| (festive inscriptions among others be­
May Lead the World — Oregon
while making a futile attempt to rescue
Water Consumption with Meters. ing, Eastbound Limited. Left Ore-1
the first Week of September.
Growers Are Too Careless.
gon March 20. Indiana or Bust.” j
Miss Ruth Macumber
H e was well
Mr. Smith lived in Oregon 9 years, |
and is thorouuhly disgusted with that
S id ew alk Problem Perplexing— Rebate
This is a clipping from the Beaver j
City Times-Tribune.
to Be Made on Lights—Usual Rout­
ine of Work Is Transacted.
We understand Mr. Smith is travel­
known in Oregon
Representatives from
Towns will be Our Visitors. Great
The perplexing
sidewalk problem ;
council Tuesday evening.
The com -
mittee on streets reported that new
crossings had been constructed, side­
walks repaired
but that
was necessary.
more work
building of the
walk from Pacific Avenue along College
Way by the college authorities came
up for consideration.
It seems that the walk is actually on
the college property and has been for
Durst Consignment Sold But Profits
hearted reception and banqueti
debating/for the two school years clos­
Are Sm all-Hops Should Reach
England Early After Picking.
pleasure” for the Portlanders.
in the Spring of
in making the event a “ sweet rot
T h e boys were under the chi
took a prominent part in
W. S. Hale, secretary of the Bo;
The WiUamette Valley Develop- forensics during his undergraduate days
J. N. Hoffman, who returned recent­
League will meet in this city and served for one year as instructor. ly from a trip to England, as the repre*
manner but then— like all good people
with us the first week in September During his stay at Pacific University sentative of the Northwest H op Dealers
— Mr. Smith in a few years may wan*
and those who remember the Coos our institution won every debate in Association, is of the opinion that the
der back this way with his wagon cover
Bay convention will no doubt feel that which it participated due, in a large Oregon growers are more favored by
painted with these words: “ Back to
our city has been greatly honored to measure, to the com petent instruction climatic and soil conditions than any
Oregon —G od’ s country. The prodigal
After his return to other grower of hops.
be chosen as the meeting place of of Mr. Smith.
son returns.”
that body. Our reputation has always Beloit College, Mr. Smith acted as
In England the growers must fertil­
Envious of Forest Grove's Good Name preceded us and the Salem Journal a general secretary and greatly increased ize each year at an expense of $50 per
the enrollment of that institution. Last acre. The best growers spray from
Physicians report a number of few days ago had the following to say
he took special work at Yale and 10 to 12 times at an approximate cost
typhoid cases developing at Gaston
partment of the Portland Y. M. J H
a j ment
and the camping equipment a n d ^ H
visions were hauled by John M c N jH ^
the stage driver.
The leaders of the camp were:
S. Hale, Fred Thomas,
Harlow, J. C. Clark,
Address of welcome, by the Mayor.
Response, by one of the officers of
the League.
Papers, from
Savage Model 30-30 or 303, Rd Bbt
“ Oct. “
“ Higher Education as a means
Winchester Model 1894, 30-30 Nickel Steel Bbl $14.75
Successful Applicants.
outlined will be as follows:
1892, 25-20 “
22 Cal “
T ake Down 12 and 16 Gauge Shot Gun
program as
1 C
Get Portland Prices and com­
pare them with the above.
“ Advantages of Civic Improvement
Societies as Means of Development” —
Forest Grove Civic Improvement Soci­
“ Agriculture as one of the Greatest
Local Or g .
’ ’ Horticulture as an Instrument in
Development” — Local
Senator Fulton, Congressman W .C.
H *»ley u td m .n , » M
will appear on the program.
The following applicants received
certificates at the semi-annual examina-
tion, held in Hillsboro, A ug., 8. 9. 10.
First grade— Clara Loynes, Frank
Fletcher, Forest Grove; Martha Gal-
breath, Tualatin; Maisie O ’ Donnell,
Buxton; Bertha Fowles, M ounuindsle;
Mary E Thom pson, Victor M Vose,
Hillsboro; Mamie E Ayres, Beaverton;
Anha Thom pson, Sherwood;
Hostetler, Minnie Pound, Portland.
Second grade— Laura M Thomas,
Rutherford H Vose, Irma M Vose,
B A Vose. J D Moffitt, Hillsboro;
Bessie Sturdevant, Nettie Thomas,
Margaret Asbahr, Ida E Stewart, Cor-
Forest Grove.
S. Hale speak.ng to a l n | | a j|j
representative said: “ Oh, we have
a fine tim e and we’ ve enjoyed our m
W e had a good
tim d j
the beach, and by the wav th a tw
grpat country out there. It’ s a cou|I
ry with a future as soon as it is t a p f l
by a railroad.
a * —■
pr ,
place but the accommodations
tions are 1, : I
ited. They need a hotel there, v l j
the boys got on splendidly and our M
as a whole has been a huge s u c c e f l
The hero of the bunch was R a n fl
Bartlett, a bright eyed,
vivacious tS
year-old little chap, who sold Saturtl
Posts to get sufficient money to tffl
the trip.
H e walked every bit of t|l
way and doesn’ t think he did much 8
ther. H e is a typical westerner.
The citizens of Forest
themselves credit by serving a lund|
eon which the boys enjoyed immens
The boys gathered under the oaks
the University campus and feasted rej
“ U m ;”
Mid a bright urchl
“ did we have plenty? I guess yi
U m !”
The feast was followed bv so:
after-dinner speechmaking and so:
cheering by the happy Portlanders.
The party viewed the sights of
city and left for Portland on the aft
noon train.
The trip was not marred by any se iflj
ous accidents.
Unfortunately one fig
the boys wrenched his wrist, anothM j
burned his feet playing around t h l l
camp fire and another was b o th e r e H
with the asthma.
Trouble Over Cows.
Ernest Howard was arrested and ar
raigned before
H. T.
of Hillsboro, Monday, on a charge o i l
wantonly and maliciously injuring tw dl
cows, the property of E.
T hom asJi
Howard and Thomas are neighbors and?1
sufficient good hop lands in the state
t0 pr<xiuce au the hops required in the
. . . .
World’ •nd w,th the advanta« e ovtr
a11 other locations of superior quality
and low cost of production, have only
to wait such time as will see England
as well „ Ncw y ork and
. . .
. .
of the hoP-Producing sections.
reside about eight miles south of here.AI
It is alleged by Thomas
that How ards
threw vitriol watar, lye or some other 1
strong solution on his cows, burning -
out the eyes, destroying the nddenffl
and otherwise injuring them. Howard! r
will be given an examination in a few
Mr. Hoffman concluded:
“ The consignment of hops sent from
the Coast through Mr. Durst, of Alame­
da, California, being som e 7000 bales
1 (O regon and California), left Galveston
ably hardly net the grower the price
paid for hops on
the Coast after
7000 bales were shipped out.
Eugene, who is visiting relatives in will make their home at the
It was
mar­ expected that the shipment would
They cause a rise in the home market, as it
Half-Way was the proposition that growers should
M r» Walt Smith of W ilson, were
from the pocket of James McClaran of ried in Vancouver last w eek.
• to”i i
with “ three cheers and a
Willsonville. I i bulk of the consignm ent was sold be­
Examining Board— Supt. M. C. Case, fore our leaving at 60 shillings per
Prof. Marsh, Mrs. M . C. Case.
hundredweight. This figure will prob­
Thuisday. /'^Charles Adkins, of Gales Creek, and
Daniel was charged with stealing $15
L a k T.
L riravM
Newberg; ,n lw o »*«•'»>*«. one arm ing about
Winfield C Em m el, Sherwood.
June 18, the last carrying some 1300
Third grade— Nettie Booth, Emily bales, not having arrived at the time
E Young, Hillsboro; Bella S C halm ers,1 of our leaving London, July 25, the
Coral Baker, C leo C M ilne, Forest
steamer having put in at the Azores,
delaying its arrival.
However, the
The case of the state of Oregon
against Samuel Daniels of Gaston, was
lead the world.
| Cornelius; Ellen Brobst,
Daniels Acquitted of Picking Pocket.
help but
marched through
its “ yell” with the accustomed
of a full fledged sophomore, and c l|
Hunting Season Opens Wednesday
August 15th 1906
are to be elected.
street, halted, and each company
G o in g ?
It is Time You were g e t­
ting your Things Ready
Dr. H . A. : ■,
F. E. Guild and L. M. Myers.
and Forest Grove and among those
"T h e Willamette Valley Develop­ led the debating team of that univer­ of $5 per acre and thorough spraying
years. This was done in order to who are using Gales Creek water. As
ment League is slated to hold a con­ sity against Harvard. Mr. Smith was is a necessity. The hoplouse and the
make College Way broader in front of yet Hillsboro has no case. The water vention at Forest Grove the first week a son of Dr. Arthur Smith, Congrega-
mould are the two principal pests the
the college premises and thus add to supply is supposed to be the cause of in September.
tional missionary to China, who has English grower must contend with.
the malady.”
the appearance of things. T h e college
"T H A T BE A U TIFU L L IT T L E becom e well known in this country as
The product is marketed about the
Just what may have inspired this
authorities now wishe to build anew
COLLEGE CITY OF T H E W EST a lecturer and writer on Chinese affairs. same as in our own country, and the
malicious little story to be written by
ISO feet of that walk but as the said
SIDE will put on its best bib and
grower when realizing 17 cents a pound
the Argus reporter, we cannot find out.
walk comes under the cem ent walk
tucker and greet the rest of Western
in luck if he realized cost of produc­
It cannot be that the steady growth and
district recently established by ordin­
Average yield an acre last year
the metropolitan spirit which permeates
The dairy industry of Washington
ance, some of the councilm en believed
“ There are to be representatives
our thrifty and thriving city has caused
county which in the last few years his was a little more than 1500 pounds.
in the strict enforcement of the ordin­
from the other development leagues1
grown to immense proportions, will .e- The present estimate of the growing
“ Our Lucius” to become jealous.
ance. Others held that the city had
and from the other college towns and
crop, which will be harvested early in
There is no typhoid in Forest Grove
ceive another impetus during the com ­
no jurisdiction over the present side­
commercial clubs in attendance.
September, will not reach to exceed
ing months. The large crop of hay
and expert chemists have testified as
walk but that the college authorities
“ The future of these western Ore­
750 pounds an acre, which will mean
which the country yielded and which
to the purity and wholesomness of our
could be made to build a cem ent walk
gon towns can be wonderfully accel­
an outlay of at least 25 cents a pound.
is now selling at a very low price will
water supply. It is a matter of regret
where it really belongs.
erated by attendance upon these devel­
Storage houses and warerooms in Lon-
enable the farmers to keep more cows
that our worthy contemporary has to
opment conventions.
The council does not wish to be­
on their farms during the com in g win- don
ful1 of old hoPs’ and il is the
resort to the publishing of such
“ The conventions held at North
come entangled in a legal way with the
ter and receive a better profit there- ! Reneral irnPression thal there «
“ stories.”
Gaston did have a slight
Bend, Coos Bay, last May was doubt-1
cient hops now in storage to supply
college authorities and to prevent any
from than by selling it and hauling it
case of fever but it was not typhoid.
less the greatest advertisement of the
1 the brewing trade of England for 17 to
friction, the ordinance com m ittee was
to town. As to the large crop and
Neighbor, put your hammer on the
months. Cold-storage houses are
instructed to confer with President
I present low prices in the Willamette
shelf, boost your own town some other
1 provided, and we are informed that
' Valley, the Rural Spirit of Portland has
Continued on last page
“ The people of the west side will
hops so kept will remain in perfect
the following to say:
vie with the people of the east side
condition for many years.
“ Perhaps the Willamette
in showing that they AR E CAPABLE
The Oregon hop has the preference,
never harvested so big a crop of hay as
and now sells on the English market
, it has just finished taking care of. The
for better price than any other Coast
bulk of this hay is red clover and vetch
“ Western Oregon is in the midst
hop, and has the past season sold for
and of high feeding value, not only for
of the most promising era of pros­
dairy purposes but for growing and fat- raore money a P°und than the En* lish
perity and development that any part
or New York state, owing to superior
tening stock of all kinds com m on to
of the state has ever realized.”
our valley farms, and for farmers to sell
The invitations to attend this ses­
The greatest fault found to our pro­
good vetch hay for $1 a load, as word
duct is the slovenly and untidy manner
sion will be sent out directly to all
comes some of them are doing in
commercial clubs, boards of trade and
of picking and baling. The California
places up the valley, seems like poor
similar organizations.
The general
and Washington crops are put on the
business policy. There is no kind of
market in better condition than ours.
conception of the program, although
stocl: that will not make a man money
Oregon bales being poorly sewed and
subject to alteration, has passed the
eating good vetch hay at that price
often badly shaped, giving them a bad
approval of Col. E. Hofer of Salem,
and with plenty of good stock to be
appearance when lined up in the mar­
the president of the League, who in a
had at reasonable prices it seems
ket. If the Oregon grower will but
letter to Judge Hollis, secretary of the
strange that any sane man would sell
| see that his crop is cleanly picked,
local board of trade, gives much en­
hay so cheap. The absolute necessity |
prevent his hops while being hauled to
couragement for a profitable session,
of raising a little cash for immediate
I the drier from being bruised, will see
the Salem delegates having been al­
use is the only excuse we can imagine
that his bales are well shaped and well
ready chosen and there will be a
for doing so and if a man has any credit
sewed with lock stitch and cloth kept
large attendance of representatives and
at his local bank he had better pay a
clean, not exposed to the light, so as
the commercial bodies of valley towns.
little interest than fool his crop away
to cause discoloration of the cloth,
The convention is an important one
in this manner.”
The Following are O ur Prices on
Oregon’ s hopgrowing district cannot
as the officers for the com ing year
A re
On their arri'
Tillamook they were given a
the citizens of Tillamook city ji
where he
w e are certainly sorry to have our
the city good old state slandered in such
The party numbered 60
the beach Friday.
Smith was a graduate of Beloit College
j No wonder he
occupied the attention of
here Tuesday noon from Netarts
educational circles,
at the college, occupying the position
of instructor in public speaking and
breezes the members of the Bo;
of the Portland Y. M. C. A .
especially here, where he had taught
Advertisement for Our City.
ing and living off of the fat of the land,
likes the east.
Sunburned and tanned
The accused was acquitted. house on the Wilson River toll road.
CoatiaaaS aa
r ,f.
1 .
The Correct Time
is something worth knowing and
is very important to most people.
Our watches d o not vary a second
We give a strong guarantee.
Abbott & Son
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