Washington County news. (Forest Grove, Washington County, Or.) 1903-1911, February 22, 1906, Image 5

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only way to get» rid
>les and other erup-
to cleanse the blood,
re the digestion, stim-
■ie kidneys, liver and
he medicine to take is
i's Sarsaparilla
has cured thousands.
P o lite
F re » h n t» n .
otiiig Meagles took the train
art! his father said:
ou find out let me know if
passed your entrance exam-
ays later, in the midst of
, heavy deal, he received the
telegram: “Yes. ,T. Mea-
gles, J r.”
■a* «I
T olstoi
W n.
I 'n a lile
A nsw er,
Once, In Moscow, near the Borovttch-
! skaia gate, he (Count Tolstoi), saw u
j persistent beggar, asking alms, who
exclaim ed: "A little penny, brother,
iu the name of Christ."
A police officer approached: he was
j young, martial, and wrapped in the
regulation sheepskin. At sight of him
the beggar tied, hobbling away in
fright and haste.
“Is it possible,” said Tolstoi to him­
self, “that people are forbidden to ask
charity, in Christ'» pume—in a Chris­
tian land!”
“ Brother,” he said to the policeman,
"can you read?”
“Yes,” said the officer, politely, for
Tolstoi has a grand air.
“ Have you read the Bible?”
“ Yes.”
“Aud do you remember Christ’s or­
ders to feed the hungry?"—and he ci­
ted the words. The pollcemau was ev­
idently troubled; he turned to his ques­
tioner and asked:
"And you, sir—you can read?”
“Yes, brother.”
“And have you read the police regu­
“Yes, brother.”
“And do you remember that begging
In the main streets Is forbidden?”
The prophet found no auswer ready.
—Success Magazine.
Quite preoccupied and puzzled, he
telegra#ied hack: “Yes, what?’’
The p e ll trained sou wired back:
QaJ “Yes, air,”—Judge.
Ja 'I- liit f t>r a S o r e Sian,
»ofIk “How do you know that that couple
0b |, ,! ,s m,rrie
"T h e* ride on my car every day.”
“Oh, khea you are acquainted with
llomli Jthem ?”
Norway’s shipping is exceeded in ton­
“No; [hut she always pays the cat
nage only by England’s, Germany’s sud
i of iJfa re ."— Houston (Texas) Tost.
An *rti< 1« published in a newspaper
' 11 (of H Hillary recently led to thirteen
Opals are so soft when first taken
duels, in all of which membert of the from the mines that pieces can fiv picked
’n> editorial force took part.
off with the fiuger*.
ist« «(I
r in
W henever a sore or ulcer does not heal, no m atter on w hat part o f the
body it m ay be, it is because of a poisoned condition of th e blood. T h is
', J" poison may be th e rem ains of som e constitu tional tro u b le ; th e effect of a
iuker Jong spell of sick n ess, w hich h a s le ft th is v ita l stream polluted and weak,
by - or because the natu ral refuse m a tter of th e body, w hich should pass off
through th e channels of nature, h as been le ft in the system and absorbed
ree into the circulation. I t docs not m atter how th e poison becam e intrenched
fire, in the blood, the fa ct that the sore is there and does not heal is evidence of
lerwi a deep, underlying cause. T here is noth in g th a t causes m ore discom fort,
a ti worry and an x iety th an a festering, d ischarg ing old sore th a t resists treat-
o D m ent. T h e very s ig h t o f it is abhorrent and suggests pollution and disease ;
s'des th e tim e and attention required to keep it clean and free from other
. infection." As it lingers, slow ly ea tin g deeper into the surrounding flesh, the
,,, sufferer grows m orbidly an x io u s, fearing it may be cancerous. Som e
of those afilk ted w ith an old sore or
ulcer know how useless it is to ex- w I h h ic a h v c e o h m a p d e a lle c d r ip m p e le t d o u f o s o e t a a b l l r a m c e y . l i B i e y ,
ITr pect a cure from salves, powders, lo- so m e u n a c c o u n t a b l e m e a n s t h i s b r a c e
c a u s e d a b a d U l c e r o n m y legr, a b o u t s i x
9 at tions and other extern a l treatm ent. y e a r s a g o . I h a d g o o d m e d ic a l a t t e n ­
Through the use of these they have t i o n , b u t t h e U l c e r g o t w o r s e . I w a s i n ­
d to s a y
9 j1' seen th e place begin to heal and scab d i t u c c u e r d e d t o m t r e y e n S t . i S r e . l 8 y . , , a a n n d d I a a m m g c la
o n v in c e d
“ ’ over, and were con g ratu latin g them ­ t h a t i t s a v e d m y l e g f o r m o . I h a v e ,
selves th a t tliey would soon be rid of t g h l a e r d e l f y o r r e e , c o g m r e m a e t n f d a i i t t h t o i n a l 8 l . n 8 e . e d S . in g a n d a
•t K the detestable th in g , when a fresh r e l i a b l e b lo o d m e d ic in e .
B r i s t o l , V a .- T e n n .
W . J. CA TE.
■is»*- supply o f poison from th e blood
«si, would cause the inflam m ation and old discharge to return and the sore would
as bad or worse th an before. S ores th a t do not heal are n ot due to out-
ir| * e causes ; if they were, extern a l treatm ent would cure them .
T hey are
ilei Icy >t open because th e blood is steeped in poison, w hich finds an outlet
I im .uighithese places. W h ile you ng people, and even children, som etim es
suffer with non-liealing sores, those m ost u su ally afflicted are persons past
tt i middle life.
O ften, w ith them , a w art or m ole on th e face inflam es and be-
n»'i fin s to « c e r a te from a little rough handling ; or a deep, offensive ulcer de-
ibinw,el°P 9 from a s lig h t cu t or bruise. T h eir v ita l energies and powers of re-
istance have grown less, and circulation weaker, and perhaps some ta in t in
j iihe blood, which was held in ch eck by tlieir stronger constitu tions of early
life, show s itself. I t is well to be sus­
picious of any sore th a t does not heal
readily, because the sam e germ th a t
ed Ml
produces Cancer is back o f every old
sore and on ly needs to be le ft in the
circulation to produce th is fatal disease.
There is only one way to cure these old
sores and ulcers, and th a t is to g e t every
,ntp. >rticle o f the poison out of the blood.
F o r th is purpose noth in g equals
S . S . I t goes down to the very bottom of the trouble, cleanses th e 'b lo o d
I b, ad m akes a perm anent cure. S . S . S . enriches and freshens th e circulation
> th at it e m i t s new, strong blood to the diseased parts and allow s the place
de]. > heal naturally. W hen th is is done the discharge ceases, th e sore scabs
ver and fills in w ith healthy flesh, and th e sk in regains its natural color.
.... ook on S|>res and ulcers and any medical advice desired will be furnished
ithout (kartre.
Get What You Ask For!
^ ^ ^ ^ “ ‘ ERE Is a Reason—
Why the Good People of
A m e r ic a buy Cascareis as
as the Clock Ticks.
Evei/fccond some one, somewhere,
little Ten-Cent Box of Cas­
1, 2, 3. 4, 5, 6—60 times to the Minute,
60 Minutes to the Hour, 3600 Boxes an
Hour, 36.00 Boxes a Day of Ten Hours,
1,080,000 Boxes a Month, and then some.
Think of it—220,000 People take a
Cascaret tablet each day. Millions use
Cascarela when necessary.
The Jgdg-r.ent of Millions of Bright
Americans is Infallible. They have been
Buying and Taking Cascareis at that rate
for over Si» years.
It la Act an Experiment, not an Acci­
dent or ■¡cjdent, but a sound. Honest
Business,tsed onTlme-Tried-a.-.d-Tested
Merit, Mfter found wanting.
There ik a Reason.
Cascarets are the Implacable foe of
se Germs; the incomparable
Ipurifier and strengthened of the
festive Canal.
e Exercise on the Bowel-
hake them strong and active—
pip Themselves do their work—
•elves clean.
Its are the safe-guard of Innocent
against the Dreadful Death-
_________ ngers that threaten the Uvea
of the UMle Ones.
Theypi Purely Vegetable, absolutely
, always Reliable and Efficient.
a hue, faithful, loyal servant of Mankind.
Over Five Millions of Dollars have
been Spent fo make the merits of Cas­
eare ts known, and every cent of it would
be lost, did not sound merit claim and
hold the constant, continued friendship.
Patronage and Endorsement of well-
pleased people year after year.
There is also a Reason—
Why there are Parasites who attach
themselves to the Healthy Body of Cas-
caret's success—Imitators, Counterfeiters,
They are Trade Thieves who would
rob Cascareis- of the “ Good W ill" of the
people, and sneak unearned profits,
earned and paid for by Cascarets.
A Dishonest Purpose means a Dishonest
Product and a Disregard of the Purchas­
ers’ Health or Welfare.
Beware of the Slick Salesman and his
ancient "Ju s t as Good” story that com­
mon sense refutes.
Cascarets are made only by the Sterling
Remedy Company, and the famous little
Ten Cent “Vest Pocket” box is here
shown. They are never sold in bulk.
Every tablet marked "CCC.”
Be sure you get the genuine.
r r F R E E TO O U R FR 1EN D SI
We want to fend to oor friends a beautiful
hard-enameled in colors. It is a beauty for the
dresstnc table. Ten cents in stamps is asked as a
measure of rood faith and ts cover coat of Cascarets,
with which tils dainty trinket la loaded.
Send to-day. mentlooln* this paper. Address
SterUac Remedy Company. Chicago or (law Tick.
W aralog N o lti Catllag the Wicked to
K epen ten cc.
/f ’ ‘j
O raise the fallen
reach His
God’s will for
fill *s tlle good-will
Sympathy does
not depend on a
You can exor­
cise evil by the
exercise of good.
The only Joy
you can keep is
that you scatter.
Every good deed helps make a track
for others.
A divine price must he paid for heav­
enly peace.
Wise men never hesitate to look in
lowly places.
Our purposes are ofteu the results
of God’s plans.
Heaven’s doors swing opeu every
time a baby smiles.
You can keep thoughts out, but you
cannot keep them in.
Heralds of the greatest events have
been amongst the lowly.
They who welcome new truth never
have to wait long for it.
It Is likely to be the faith more than
the food that makes the feast.
Our world has always had room for
everything but Heaven aud love.
Everything that strengthens home
ties binds closer Heaven's bands.
This world has always put Its great­
est treasures in some attic or barn.
The nearer we get to Heaven the
heavier this world's goods become.
Why don't the men who hate the
church move where there are none?
The rising of the Sun of Ulghteous-
' ness was the dawn of the day of love.
Nothing could be more unprofitable
than a life absorbed In profit-making.
1’reachiug the hell in the spirit of
hell will only drive men in that direc­
Every time you stifle a good Impulse
you make it harder to start the next
No nest Is more uncomfortable than
the one that is feathered with stolen
You cannot east your care on Him
until you are carrying some of an­
other’s care.
It's a good deal easier to regulate
this world than it is to set your own
house straight.
There are always people trying to
cure this world’s drought by writing
essays on irrigation.
The great question is not whether
you have failed, but whether you urn
content with failure.
Q u ic k e n in g o f
s c ie n c e o f th e
A IR .
th e B n a ln e s s C o n ­
W h o le C o n n iry .
The truth is that every well-inform­
ed person in the community not only
knew about the political contributions
and suspicious lobbying of corpora­
tions, but some kuew, also, of other
questionable performances on the part
of the officers of the same concerns.
These things were known, were wide­
ly bruited, were told of In the press,
and yet It took a picturesque and gi­
gantic pereonnl. Interior struggle to
move public opinion sufficiently to set
In motion the machinery of govern­
mental Investigation.
Now that this has been done, with
definite and startling revelations, pub­
lic opinion has been more aud more
deeply stirred. A reason for the in­
dignation excited Is the discovery
that, along with a deliberate system of
contributions to political parties, and
to lobbyists for doubtful uses, have
been methods of business which, at
any time, would have been unpleasant
to subject to merciless public inquiry.
The result Is sure to be not only a
reformation of business methods on
the part of Insurance companies, blit
a quickening of the business con­
science of the whole country. One
straw showing the new current of
thought among men of business turned
up In the newspapers the other day,
when the chairman of one of our larg­
est corporations, who himself was said
to be a director of some forty others,
declared: “We have no right to neg­
lect our duties as directors, and 1, for
one, Intend to give more attention to
the affairs of this company in the fu­
ture than I have In the past.”
One most desirable result within
sight is the passage of laws assuring
publicity In the use of money In elec­
tion»; and another is the prevention of
the deflection of corporate profits—es­
pecially those which are In the nature
of trust funds—Into political channels.
These new regulations not long ago
seemed to be coming very slowly; but
soon we shall, perhaps, see legislators,
with public opinion at their heels in
the form of aroused constituencies,
scrambling over one another to vote
for these longK'herisheti schemes, these
distaut dreams, of “pestilent reform­
What with reform political
movements In various cities and
States, the patent medicine exposures,
and the investigationa Into the affairs
of large corporations, there is a good
deal of ethics In the air Just now.—
When • man la away from home, his
w ife's economy consists in buying so
little to eat that it would starve a red
bird on a diet.
C yclones will n ever b reak Into th*
“popolar air" clase.
H ow M any
Birthdays t
D isad v a n tag e.
“You say Congressmen are at • dls-
adrantags in dealing with the railways?”
asked the Indignant citizen.
"Y es,” answered Senator Sorghum,
"they are at a disadvantage.”
“For what reason?”
“Well, you see, Congress can’t issue
passes that will get you anywhere.”—
Washington Star.
You must have had sixty at
least! What? Only forty?
Then it must be your gray
hair. Ayer’s Hair Vigor stops
these frequent birthdays. I t
gives all the early, deep, rich
color to gray hair, and checks
falling hair. And it keeps the
scalp clean and healthy.
r i T Q P e r m a n e n tly C u red . I f o fits o r n erv o u sn e ss
M l U a f te r f ir s td a y ’B U se o fD r.K lin e’aC ireat N erv e
R e s to re r. S e n d for F r e e SI ‘i tr ia l b o ttle a n d tre a tise .
D r. K .H . M ilne, L td .. M l A rc h S t.. P h ila d e lp h ia , l ’a.
“ I w r i g r e a t ly tr o u b l e d w ith d a n d r u f f w h ic h
p r o d u c e d a m o s t d i s a g r e e a b l e i tc h i n g o f t h e
s c a lp . I t r i e d A y e r 's H a ir V ig o r a m i t n e d a n ­
d r u f f so o n d i s a p p e a r e d . M y h a i r a ls o s to p p e d
f a l l in g o u t u n t i l n o w I h a v e a s p le n d id h e a d
o f h a i r .’’— D a v i d C . K i n n k , P l a in f ie l d ,C o n n .
Piso s Cure fs a remedy for coughs, colds
and consumption. Try it. Price 25 cents,
St druggists.
9 b y J . C . A y e r C o ., L o w e l l ,
A ll •o manufacturers
S a m a o n 'o
In d ifferen ce.
It was late In November that Deli­
lah suggested trimming Samson’s
"How do you want It cut?” she ask­
ed, with a satirical little grimace.
“Oh, any old way,” he answered; “it
doesn’t m atter now that the football
season is over.”—Cleevland Plain
t b y r u p . T a s to s G o o d . U ie
In timo, do id by drugghna.____
Anil T h e n lie W e n t .
Little Brother (to sister who is sitting
with her fiance)— Do you know what I
Sister— No; what Is it?
“I think if I were not in the room
Mr. Jones would kiss you.”
“You impudent boy! Leave the room
An A ccom pli.bed L i a r .
"T h at friend of yours, the politician.
Is the most mendacious fellow I ever
"N'o doubt of It. He’s equal to four
fishermen, five Ananlases aud six
Philadelphia lawyers rolled into one.”
— Cleveland Plain Dealer.
Concerning Common Sense.
The man who knows when not to talk,
possesses judgment of a high order.
People everywhere are displaying good
judgment by eating Pillsbury’s Vitos
for breakfast.
It is a mighty good
thing to be outside of; try it.
D reary
E x is te n c e .
Landlady— Are you aware, Mr. Ski-
doo, that the less one eats the longer
M o th e rs w ill flnfi M rs. W inslow 's S o o th in g one lives?
S y ru p th e b e st re m e d y to u se lo r th e ir c h ild re n
Mr. Skidoo (with his mouth full)—
d u r in g th e te e th in g p e rio d .
Sure! But what's the use of living that
D ifferen t N am es.
way ?—Judge.
“I suppose,” said the romantic citizen,
“that you are greatly lauded for your
generosity ?”
“Well, not altogether,” responded the
Pittsburg millionaire. “Some call it gen­
erosity and some call it restitution.”—
Louisville Courier-Journal.
“I have tried all kinds o f waterproof
clothing and have never found anything
at any price to compare with your Fiih
Brand for protection from all kinds of
(T h e nam e a n d arttlro»« o f th e w r ite r o f th is
aueoliciied k ite r may be bad upon application)
ffiirhest Award World’s Fair, 1904.
Boston, U .
S. A.
The Sign o f tlie Fish
T p N U lS
Toronto. Canada
*J s
h w
U a h ort o f War ran t od W ot W oathor C lothin g
No. 4
P. N. U.
H E N w r i t i n g t o B«1 v c r t l s c r s p i o n s « I
m e n t i o n t i l t , p a tt e r .
i. . L • • R -- ’
M lü i
nu il un—
How’* This?
W e o ffer O ne H u n d re d D o lla rs R e w a rd foi
a n v c ase o l C a t a r r h t h a t c a n n o t b e c u re d by
H a ll s C a ta r r h C u re .
F . j . c h u n k Y 4 CO., P r o p s , T o led o , O.
W e, th e u n d e r s ig n e d , h a v e k n o w n F . J .
C h e n e y fo r th e la s t 15 y e a rs, a n d b eliev e h im
p e rfe c tly h o n o r a b le in a ll b u s in e s s tra n s a c ­
tio n s a n d fin a n c ia lly a b le to c a r ry o u t a n y ob­
lig a tio n s m a d e by th e ir firm .
W est & T r u a x , W holesale D ru g g is ts ,T o le d o , O.
W a l b in o , R i n n a n 4 M a r v in , W h olesale D rug­
g is ts , T o le d o , O.
H a ll'» C a t a r r h C u re is ta k e n I n te rn a lly , a c t­
in g d ir e c tly u p o n th e b lood a n d m u c o u s s u r­
fa c e s of th e sy ste m . P rice 7oc. p e r b o ttle .
Bold by a ll D ru g g is ts . T e s tim o n ia ls free .
H a ll’s F a m ily P ills a re th e b e st.
F e e t ! as sc I n
H I.
A rt.
The singing teacher was visiting the
school, and as this was an Important
event In the district, the pupils had
been Instructed to memorize a verse
or two to recite for the entertainment
of the visitor.
During he delivery of his lines, one
small boy was especially noticeable
for the action with which he accom­
panied his words; so much so that tho
teacher, surprised at his efforts, com­
mended him highly on the euse with
which he spoke ami the apparent prac­
tice’ which he must have put ou the
" I t was fine,” she exclaimed. In clos­
ing. “and shows a large amount of
But, Johnny, where did
you get the gestures?”
“ 'Tnln’t the gestures,” replied the
young genius, with a twist, “ 'talu't
the gestures: it’s the hives.”
T h e K i n d Y o u I I u v e A lw a y s l t o i i g l i t h a s b o r n e t h e s ig iin -
t u r e o f C h u s; I I . F l e t c h e r , and. h a s b e e n m a d e u n d e r h i s
p e r s o n a l s u p e r v is io n f o r o v e r JIO y e a r s . A llo w n o o n o
t o d e c e iv e y o u i u t h i s . C o u n t e r f e i t s , I m i t a t i o n s n n tl
“ J u s t - a s - g o o d * * u r o h u t E x p e r i m e n t s , n n tl e n d a n g e r t h o
h e a lt h o f C h ild r e n —E x p e r i e n c e a g a i n s t E x p e r i m e n t .
C a s t o r i a is a h a r m le s s s u b s t it u t e f o r C a s t o r O il, I ’a r o -
R o rie , D r o p s a m i N o o th iu e S y r u p s . I t i s IM casu n t. Ifc
c o n t a in s n e i t h e r O p iu m , M o r p h in e n o r o t h e r N a rco tics
s u b s t a n c e . I t s a g e is i t s g u a r a n t e e . I t d e s tr o y s W o r m s
a u d a lla y s F e v e r is h n e s s . I t c u r e s D ia r r h o e a a n d W in « !
C o lio . I t r e lie v e s T e e t h in g ’ T r o u b le s , c u r e s C o n s tip a tio n
a n d F l a t u l e n c y . I t a s s im i l a t e s t h e F o o d , r e g u l a t e s t h o
S to m a c h a n d D o w e ls , g iv in g h e a lt h y a n d n a t u r a l s le e p .
T h e C h ild r e n ’ s P a n a c e a —T h e M o t h e r ’s F r i e n d .
The Kind You Have Always Bought
Bears the Signature of
Use For Over 3 0 Years.
’ ¡V
W hat J oy T hey B ri
T o ¡¿ v e r y H o m e
a s w ith joyou s hearts and sm iling faces th ey rom p and play— w hen in health
and how conducive to health th e gam es in w h ich th ey indulge, th e outdoor
life th e y e n jo y , th e cleanly, regular hab its th e y should be taught to form and
th e w holesom e diet of w hich th ey should partake. How tend erly th eir h ealth
sh ou ld b e preserved, not b y constan t m edication, but b y careful avoid an ce of
e v e ry m edicine of an injurious or objectionable nature and if at a n y tim e a
rem edial agent is required, to a ssist nature, on ly th o se of kn ow n e x c e lle n c e
should be u sed ; rem edies w h ich are pure and w holesom e and tru ly b en eficial
m effect, like th e pleasant laxative rem edy, Syru p o f Figs, m anufactured b y
th e California Fig Syrup C o. Syrup of Figs h as com e into general favor in
m any m illions of w ell inform ed fam ilies, w h o se estim ate of its quality and
e x ce lle n ce is based upon personal know ledge and u se.
Syru p of F ig s has also m et w ith th e approval o f p h ysician s generally, b e ­
cau se th e y know it is w holesom e, sim ple and gentle in its action. W e inform
all reputable ph ysicians as to th e m edicinal principles o f Syrup of Figs, obtain ed ,
b y an original m ethod, from certain plants kn ow n to them to act m ost b e n e fici­
ally and presented in an agreeable syrup in w h ich th e w h olesom e C alifornian
blue tig s are u sed to prom ote th e pleasant ta ste ; th erefore it is not a se cre t rem ­
ed y and h en ce w e are free to refer to all w ell inform ed p h ysician s, w h o do not
ap p rtn e of patent m edicines and never favor indiscrim inate se lf-m e d ica tio n .
F lease to rem em ber and teach your children also that th e genuine Syru p
of Figs alw ay s has th e full nam e of th e C o m p an y — C alifornia Fig Syru p C o .
- p l a i n l y printed on th e front of e v ery p ackage and that it is for sale in
o tiles of one size only. If an y dealer offers an y oth er than th e regular F ifty
l er r l f u 6’ °u h av ,y& Pn n te d thereon th e nam e of a n y other com pany, do not
i yu U f t 1
get t t e genuiJ ie y ° u w ill not get its beneficial e ffe c ts.
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