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    Tr TT,
Editorial Page-Washington Co. News.1,
— Trunks at cost at
on Pacific Avenue.
j . P . WOODS, Editor.
Published Every Thursday by the Washing- of death, prosecution and conviction,
or expiration of term and it is the im­
toe County Publishing Co. Incorporated
perative duty of every elector, not only
at Forest Grove, Oregon
$1.00 a Year in Advance.
to j
Entered at the post-office at Forest
QlOve, Oregon, as second class
mail matter.
Address all communications to Wash­
Hie id
i n g t o n County Pub. Co.,
Forest Grove, Ore.
ional g
»s and
seed h
If the N EWS fails to reach its subscrib­
it the ers or is late, we request that immedi­
revi ate attention may be called to the same.
i people
Thee« THURSDAY. FEBRUARY 15, 1906.
We desire to call the attention of
: the
e new Fruit tree inspector to some
other scraggy trees on the vacant lot at the
out I comer of A street and North First Ave-
fhey are an eye-sore and should
(1 the Ci nue.
iarytl be
ire n
We note with pleasure the activity
y n il
Igre#e on the part of our people m pruning
with sand spraying their fruit trees, as well
*9 ar,ijas in destroying those too old or too
e* ^xte- much infested with tree pests to be
lovenihjreclaimed. Let the good work go on
ioi mom ¡until all the old moss-grown, worthless
trees are destroyed and those of value
s provMare cleaned up.
iE issl ; The past two weeks of glorious
weather has meant much to our peo-
Warrtple. Much farming, gardening, clean-
ms' ing up and general spring work has
le the r been done. Much more is to do and
tent Wit*s hoped that the sunshine will con-
rding tbr tinue for two or three weeks more,
i ap to Every day such as we have had means
r p one day less of mud, and one day less
up, I -.of the time intervening between this
\wmsand the flowers and roses.
! it Wl! k
to seriously consider, but to insist that
only the best from every view point be
selected. A great wrong has been
committed against us. See to it that
men are chosen'for these positions, who
will not repeat this wrong. Because
of the serious charges and convictions
against our congressmen, and of the
approaching election, we are being ob­
served very closely by all our sister
states, and the men whom we select in
our April primaries and our June elec­
tions for seats in the upper and lower
house of Congress and also for our
legislative body, but especially our
Congressmen and Senators, will be
scrutinized more closely than ever be­
fore. Our honor, intelligence, integ­
rity and good judgment will be judged
and gauged largely by the men we
send to the National Capital and it be­
hooves us to act wisely at this time.
For the love of our state, of our peo­
ple, our homes and ourselves, do not
let anyone dazzle your eyes or obscure
your vision by postal card pledges,
circular letters or printed appeals.
Let us study the history of the past
for the purpose of wisely directing our
acts in the present and future and se­
lect for our congressmen and legislators
only men of known character and
Bubbles From the Political Pot.
The struggle for county treasurer is
already a three-cornered affair. The
candidates are:
W. M. Jackson of
Hillsboro; A. Olds of Middleton; and
Irvin K. Weitzel of Forest Grove.
They are telling this story about
Mr. Huston, the candidate for congress.
His wife awoke him the other night
and whispered, “ Sam, Sam, I think
there are burglars in the house.” “ No,
no, my dear,” replied the half-asleep
candidate. “ There may be a few in
fortin5f The people behind the United the senate but there’s none in the
e(l f Railways Co. are evidencing their faith house.” — McMinnville News Reporter.
by their acts, and seem to be doing
The Republicans of this district, at
*ers, things in Portland in a regular Los the direct primary, will have to choose
ce e Angeles, way. The purchase of the between a business man, an educator,
lier Chamber of Commerce property and and a lawyer for their candidate for
>t see «Of other properties under consideration congress. The business man is Mr.
vill do more to convince the people Tooze, of Woodbum, a produce dealer
>f this section of the Willamette val- and a hop-buyer. The educator is
, the ey that they mean what they say than Prof. Hawley, former president of Willa­
■rioM nything else. And it will more than mette University. The lawyer is Mr.
ultai ■ ¡keiy go a long way toward inducing Huston, of Hillsboro, a man, like the
'verl he CityfCouncil to grant them the others, uniformly successful in his
r t( ranchises they are asking for. The career. All three men are of clean life
! ^ leople are expecting that those in au- and honorable public reputation. Any
' intf , hority there will do the right thing, of them would make a good candidate
»nee f they do not the people will take it as such matters go. Either one would
uiB,a'! P and do it for them. The people have a hard fight for election the first
ve the independent telephone com- time. After once passing the ordeal
___ my its franchise, they will give an
of a campaign he would probably be
l StW-dependent gas company a franchise congressman from this district for
;d they will give this railway com- many years to come.—Salem Journal.
iny a franchise if the council should
fuse or tail to act.
own tb«®Tie Republican party has always Held First Open Meeting. Monday
nciKno ^ [ q ,. ti,e highest ideals in govern-
ent, in poUtics, in business and in
The first open meeting of the
i,.., iiii.idety. It believes that the highest Woman’s Club was held in the beauti­
)nrj.of*-|(j best in social life, in business ful home of Mrs. A. G. Hoffman,
^ opiJairs, and political matters should be Monday afternoon, about seventy-five
»ere Die aim and purpose of every man and members and their guests being present.
at in so far as we fail to reach this A most interesting program had been
andard, or accomplish this purpose, prepared, taken from the year’s study
, nj mast so far we as individuals, and as subject— “ Our Country.”
ifai'tut- government are failing to do that
“ Customs of the Early Colonists”
hich is our great and grand privilege. Mrs. C. J. Corl; “ Education and
10 c his paper in advocating the doctrines Literature in the Colonies,”
the Republican party endorses heart- Emma B. Penfield; Vocal—Contralto,
g deny and sincerely all such ideals. We “ The Land O’ the Leal,“ “ In The
gpo, i elieve that as large a percentage of Dew—In The Dark,” by Mrs. Wilbur
, l>| ie people of this State as that of any McEldowney, was thoroughly enjoyed
with ther, if not larger, hold to these by all. H er voice is of that rich, sym­
oeroT iews, regard ess of their political affili- pathetic quality that reaches the heart.
ition. It is the experience of business
A snappy debate in which there
» ,h, nd profMional men who have recent- was much material for argument—
P f located with us that an exceedingly Resolved, that the 17th century woman
irge propptien of the citizenship of was more useful and happy than the
-------)regon are highminded, honorable, 20th century woman. Affirmative,—
I Recpright, ^Bughtforward men and wo- Mrs. Lizzie L. Todd, Mrs A. B.
Negative— Mrs.
True, there have been a few Thomas;
Schiefflin, Mrs. J. C. Abbott.*
) del ersons who were prominent in our
The negative had the affirmatives so
1 oKtical and social life that have made hard pressed that one debater addressed
lis-ttepfjmd have gone wrong, but the assembled 20th centurians as
j,n0i-O m o re iy d perhaps not as many, as "ladies and gentlemen” which nearly
• other States in proportion to our caused a panic as it was feared a host
of venturesome male shades had dared
>. 1 opuUllO*. _________________
And because of the high
to appear to champion the lost cause
' ' e andard of our citizenship, and of the
of the 17th century woman.
> 7 . iraerou« and easy opportunities pre- honorable judges: Mrs. Geiger, Mrs.
nted far do ing wrong, the mis-steps Bishop and Mrs. Luce, deciding in
in high places have favor of the negative— this closed the
iHa.-COn.eall the more noticeable and program, when a delightful punch was
served accompanied by delicious cakes
fv «»“ ominent.
We are now seriously
after which the meeting adjourned all
'jm lA eiM t the selection of men to fill voting Mrs. Hoffman a most gracious
ir?W I
account hostess.
M. E. Church
Report of Watts public school, for
the month ending Feb. 9. No. days , Preaching every Sabbath at 1 1 a. m.
taught, 20; no. days attendance, 771; and 7:30 p. m., Sunday School at 10
no. days absence, 67; no. pupils a. m., Epworth League 6:30 p. m. ,
enrolled, 45; average daily attendance, 1 Prayer Meeting, Thursday 7:30 p. m. ,
39. Pupils neither absent nor tardy: Everybody welcome. L. F. BELKNAP.
Emma Busch, Pearl Stevenson, Ada
Christian Church
Ranes, Sophia Schmale, Robert Busch,
Services at the Christian church
Albert Busch, Alice Wilson, Harley
next Lords day as follows: Sunday
LaMont, Willie Busch, and Richard
school at 10., subject, “ A Day of
Busch. M artha T raver , teacher.
Miracles in Capernaum.” Preaching
at 11, subject of sermon “ The One
At The College
Foundation.” Christian Endeavor at
(From The Weekly Index)
6:30, preaching at 7:30, subject, j
Miss Florence Tongue of Hillsboro,
“ God’s Cure for the Blues.”
spent Sunday with Miss Cadwell.
invited to all services.
• Mrs. Charles Bradley entertained |
Miss Wood from Friday until Saturday.
Congregational Church
When You W an t D ru gs
You want the B E ST , not the
When you buy at Dr. H ines’
Drug Store you get the B E S T
and C H E A P E S T , quality con­
Dr. Hines’ Drug Store
Mr. Mears received word this week
Services for Sunday, Feb. 18. Sun-
that his father is ill with appendicitis. day School at 10 a. m .; Lesson, "A ;
Miss Moseley of the Hall is enter­ Day in Capernaum.” 11, Morningi
taining her mother for a few days this Worship, preaching by the pastor on
“ The Use of Wealth.” 3 p. m. Loyal
6:30 Y. P. S.
Mrs. Jackson of Hood River, is Temperance Legion.
Successor to JOHNSON & JOHNSON
visiting her daughter, Miss Anna C. E. Topic, “ Christ’s Life Work
Dealer in
and Ours.” 7:30, Evening Service of
i Song. Preaching by the pastor. Thurs­
The Hood River Iruit growers’ meet­ day at 7:30. Hour for prayer and
ing will be “ it.” You can’t afford to bible study.
Hams, Bacon and other Salt Meats always on hand
miss it. The innermost secrets of the |
business will be revealed and the i The reading room just tast of the
method of accumulating a fortune will P. O. is out of debt and a good supply
Everything fresh in the Grocery Line to be found here
be laid bare. The seers and prophets ! of books, magazines and dailies are
Free Delivery to all parts of the City.
Both Phones
of the business will be on hand and all supplied to read. Mr. Winters made F o r e s t G r o v e
O re g o n
will be made clear.
stay the artistic sign for the rooms as a
The public are invited
at home and read about it in the Gla­ donation.
cier, but come to the meeting and to visit the rooms.
V e g e ta b le s o f a ll K in d s in S e a s o n
The Equal Suffrage Association will
take home a store of fruit lore that will
remain with your forever and a day.— hold its regular monthly meeting Fri­
day evening. Feb. 16 at 8 o’clock in
Edit. Hood River Glacier.
“ The innermost secrets of the busi-1 the front part of the Free Reading
ness” were revealed here last week. Room in the Btldwin block. This meet­
Forest Grove fruit growers have been ing comes so near to the date of Susan
initiated into the mysteries of apple- B. Anthony’s birthday, which all Suf-
growing and much good has been forth­ rage clubs are requested to observe,
coming from the seance held by the j that the program will include a short talk
two “ seers” from Hood River— Mason j about her by a member of the club.
This will be followed by an addreas by
and Smith.
Walter Hoge on “ The Growth and
Present Status of the Equal Suffrage
A Novel and Peculiar Contest
The meeting will be
Forest Grove visitors to the recent
open to the general public and all who
Lewis and Clark fair will be interested
are interested in the subject are urged
to leam that “ Princess Trixie” the j
to come.
horse that was one of the most popular
attractions on the Trail is to be one of
the participants in a peculiar contest
given that I will
tor popular favor. The contest will be
for any debts or
held in Chicago during the months of
wife after this
March and April. “ Princess Trixie”
and “ Bonner,” also a popular favorite,
E. J acobsen ,
will compete. The sum of $1,000 has
been posted by the owner of “ Princess
Trixie” and a similiar sum will be de­
—Goldenrod Flour now $1.05 per
posited by the owner of “ Bonner”
before the contest is held. The fol­
— Money to loan on farm security.
lowing conditions will prevail: “ To
H. Hollis, Forest Grove.
give a private contest to judges mutu­
ally selected from a number of threat-
— Lime and Sulphur for spraying,
rical managers and horsemen of note; dry or liquid form at C. J. Pedersen’s.
or to give a series of contests for the
— English walnut trees Oregon
term of one week in any theatre in
grown at nursery prices.
Chicago that can be procured, the
Harness shoD near the Post Office.
admission tickets to have vote coupons
—We have line shingles, shakes,
attached, coupons and tickets to be
posts, hop poles etc. for sale.
numbered in duplicate; as the audience
Banks, Ore.
passes out of the show each to deposit
York Tribune Farmer,
their vote for the horse they prefer.
At the end of the week the horse weekly, and the News one year, $1.25
receiving the greater number of votes The Farmer is one of the best farm
journals published.
to be declared the winner.”
K now s enough to c a rry a n u m b rella
When it ra in s, b u t th e wise one is he
w ho c a rrie s one w hen It is only cloudy.
-A::'' n um will
send for a doctor
w h e n he g e t s
b e d -fa st, b u t th e
w iser one is he
w ho a d o p ts
p r o p e r p re ca u ­
tio n a ry , prev en ­
tiv e and c u ra tiv e
m easu res w h e n
first a p p e a r th e
Ills w hich, if u n ­
checked a n d u n ­
cured, grow Into
serious illness.
Im p aired diges-
t i o n and n u tri-
tio n a re generally
t h e fo reru n n e rs
of a nervous o r fu n c tio n al break-dow n.
N a tu re h a t provbleel rem edies m ost
a b u n d a n tly for all such conditions In our
n a tiv e m edicinal p lan ts. W ith th e use
of chem ically pure glycerine, of pro|>er
s tre n g th and a t a pro|>er su sta in ed tem p ­
e ra tu re , Dr. l ’ierce e x tra c ts from (¡olden
Seal root. Q ueen’s root, S tone root, lila ck
C h c rry h ark . K loodroot and M andrake
root, m edicinal principles w hich, w hen
com bined in J u s t th e rig h t proportions,
c o n stitu te his widely fam ed "G ulden M ed­
ic a l K lseavery.” I t re sto res th e tone of
th e stom ach, th e a c tiv ity of th e liver
and th e stead in ess of th e nerves, pouring
v ita lity in to th e blood till th e once sick
and d e b ilita te d one is so renew ed <n
h e a lth , s tre n g th and pow er t h a t h e can
resum e his w ork, w h a te v e r i t is, w ith
vigor a n d ela sticity .
All m edical a u th o ritie s, of w h a te v e r
school, agree t h a t H y d ra stis, o r Golden
Seal — one of th e esse n tia l roots in th e
m ake-up of Dr. P ie rce ’s Golden M edical
D iscovery—Is of very g r e a t v a lu e as a
pure tonic, and as an a lte ra tiv e —vnl liable
fn chronic affections of th e sto m ac h , in­
testin e s a n d bladder.
\* « * * r*
N o t o n ly th e O rig in a l b u t th a
be«t L l t t f . L iv e r A l l . , first p u t
UP 0 r tT..4 0 . y — n “t o . b y o ld
I)r. U. V. P ie rc e , h a v e been
m uch Im ita te d b u t n e v e r e q u aled , as th o u -
s a n d s a tte s t.
T h e y ’r e p u r e ly v e g e ta b le ,
b e in g m a d e u p o f c o n c e n tr a te d a n d re fin e d
m e d le in a l p rin c ip le » , e x tr a c te d fro m th e
ro o ts o f A m e ric a n p la n ts .
I Si n o t g rip e .
O n e o r tw o fo r s to m a c h c o rre c tiv e , th r e e ug
f o u r fo r c a t h a r tic .
£. W. Haines Bank
Forest Grove, Oregon
A general bankiug business transacted.
Interest paid on time deposits.
Accounts invited.
SAELENS l CO., Main St.,
And dealer* in all kinds of Horse
Goods. Repairing Promptly Done
Prices Reasonable.
Drop in.
practical Undertakers and Embalm-
ers. Calls answered day or night.
’V2s^ -R o e & Buxton
Forest Grove. Ore.
R . IN IX O IN , D e n t is t
6 0 Y EA R «'
Forest Grove, Oregon
P a ten ts
D em ons
C o p y r ig h t s A
Three doors north of Bailey’s store.
hours from 9 A. M. to 4 P. M.
c .
A n T o n e* an rttn g a « k etch a n d d an c rtn tlo n m ay
Underwood Typewriter
quickly M certniii o u r opinion free w hether an
(Ion is
I« probably
|»r«>bnbly pntentabf
tioiiA xtrlctly confidential. HANOI
Bent free. Oldest naency fo r i
Piifenta taken thro u g h Mi
tptcial notice, w ith o u t c harge, lu th a
Scientific American.
A handsom elf llluRtrated weakly. I.nrgest c ir­
culation of any scientific Journal. Tern»*, |3 a
yenr ; four m onths, $L Sold by all new sdealers.
M Branch
UNN Ofltce.
& Co.3
#,Br~*~’ New York
0 6 P SL. W ashington, II. C.
Real Estate and Corpo-
Hines' Store.
Forest Grove,
• • O
j ^ U V I l g
e e • a
l^ V V
(Sucessor to Sam Lee)
C it y B a rb e r S h o p . .
W a n h ln g
Baths. Laundry Agency. Situ­
ated on Pacific Ave., Forest Grove.
( m
m k
u n d
W o rk a
Forent G rove,
Ir o n in g
S p e c ia lly
. . A . T. W ir t z , P ro p rie to r
& w a t k in s
-Proprietor of—
-T ha l a n d i n g B a r b e r H h o p . *
Up-to-date Hair-cutting and
Shaving. Laundry agency.
V is ib le W r it in g
T a b u la t o r w ith o u t E x t r a G o s t
P e r f e c t a n d P e r m a n e n t A lig n m e n t
D u r a b il i t y U n e q u a le d
M a in H tr s a t.
M tg h a a t
A B a y Ksdiclns foi Buiy Pfopls.
Brmgt Bolden Hejlth and Renewsd Vigor,
A «pacific fo r Coontipallor). Indigestion, L iv e r
an d K id n e y tro u b les. P im ples. Eczem a. Im p u re
Blood. H ad B re ath . Sluggish Bowels H e ad a c h e
an d B ack ach e. It» Rocky M ountain T e a in ta b ­
M. le t form . » c en ts a bo*. O enu ne m a d e by
i H o l m h t x h D kl ’O C o m pa k t . M adison. W la
No. 2 ------9 A. M. No. 4 ____ 6:21 P.
i No. 3 . . .6:59 A. M. o. 1___ 4:16 P. M.
N. L. A t k i n s , Agent.
A w a rd s
Ask for Trial. . .
Cnderw ood Typewiter <§L
68 Sixth Street,
P ria s . H t. U o u la . Ih 0 4
O tila r
Rocky Mountain Tea Nuggafs
Trains on the Southern Pacific arrive
and depart on the following schedule:
aranci Prlza. Llaga.
U A | | l e T P D 'Q
Local Time Tabie
dolci .Vlwclnl Hlghaat A w n n ll
1 ^ w ¡s A C la rk Kxpoaltlon
O ra n ti
Portland, Oregon
Office in Front Rooms of Abbott Build­
ing, Upstairs.
I ’n r a a t ( l r o v a
Ila lg iu m
H o ffm a n
For Up-to-date Job Work