Washington County news. (Forest Grove, Washington County, Or.) 1903-1911, January 18, 1906, Image 5

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W ira la g N o t.. Calling th . Wicked t .
R ural
EW serve Satan
[Whenever a sore or ulcer does not heal, no matter on what part o f the
better than sleep­
* it may be, it is because of a poisoned condition of the blood. This
n may be the remains of some constitutional trouble; the effect of a
No life Is godly
spell of sickness, which has left this vital stream polluted and weak,
until It has the
:ause the natural refuse matter of the body, which should pass off
habit of giving.
gh the channels of nature, has been left in the system and absorbed
Half the toes
the circulation. It does not matter how the poison became intrenched
without are born
the blood, the fact that the sore is there and does not heal is evidence of
of fears within.
p, underlying cause. There is nothing that causes more discomfort,
and anxiety than a festering, discharging old sore that resists treat-
Christian liber­
. The very sight of it is abhorrent and suggests pollution and disease •
ty is tlie core of
les the time and attention required to keep it clean and free from other
civic responsibil­
lion. As it lingers, slowly eating deeper into the surrounding flesh the
er grows morbidly anxious, fearing it may be cancerous. Some
Better a blushing cheek than a black
lose afflicted with an old sore or
k n o w how useless it is to ex- whuTh
uae'e^ra“ !' U&!
Glory may be but another name for
a cure from salves, powders, lo- «ome unaccountable moan« thi« brace
\ and
. ..
year* ago. 1
»ood medical atten-
pugh the use of these they have tion, but the Ulcer grot worse. I was in-
Opportunity is the measure of obli­
, the place begin to heal and scab
■pppr, and were congratulating them- that it saved my lea for me. I have
Gratitude has turned many a Maruh
that they would soon be rid of lu d l v° recommend
h *i it
. *1“
S' needing
to all
a Into an Ellm.
« i ^^Hletestable thing, when a fresh reliable blood medicine.
A man always finds what he looks
lly o f poison from the blood
Bristol, Va.-Tenn.
^ , d cause the inflammation and old discharge to return and the sore would for In a boy.
He who feeds the devil's friends caD-
be as bad or worse than before. Sores that do not heal are not due to out-
iid « causes ; if they were, external treatment would cure them. They are not be his foe.
^ ■ o p e n because the blood is steeped in poison, which finds an outlet
The self-sufficient preacher cannot
^ ■ ii g h these places. While young people, and even children, sometimes satisfy the soul.
'v' , non‘ healing sores, those most usually afflicted are persons past
Salvation is a lot more than a sal­
muflle life. Often, with them, a wart or mole on the face inflames and be­
vage department
gins to ulcerate from a little rough handling ; or a deep, offensive ulcer de-
Men who are willing to go alone can
velclps from a slight cut or bruise. Their vital energies and powers of re-
ttce have grown less, and circulation weaker, and perhaps some taint in always go with God.
lood, wlnc^was held In check by their stronger constitutions of early
The envy of the evil Is the good
life, shows itself. It is well to be sus­ man's best endorsement.
picious of any sore that does not heal
The happiness that flows from the
readily, because the same germ that bottle flies out with the cork.
produces Cancer is back, of every old
It takes more than whitewash to
sore and only needs to be left in the
set a man squarely with God.
circulation to produce this fatal disease.
We ehall never have an Ideal city
There is only one way to cure these old
sores and ulcers, and that is to get every until we get Ideal citizens.
of the poison out of the blood. For this purpose nothing equals
The father's faith will appear In the
SE S. It goes down to the very bottom of the trouble, cleanses the blood children of a faithful father.
and makes a permanent cure. S. S. S. enriches and freshens the circulation
If Satan were cured of lying he
bo that it carries new, strong; blood to the diseased parts and allows the place
have to resign his Job.
to heal naturally. When this is done the discharge ceases, the sore scabs
You cannot sanctify the devil’s busi­
over and fills in with healthy flesh, and the skin regains its natural color.
BooJ 011 S °res and ulcers and any medical advice desired will be furnished ness by running It under a steeple.
There are too many divisions of tbe
without charge.
. 9 r
I ha ve seen something of legal prac-
I t A p p e a r e d in a R e c e n t I s s u e o f a
1 tlce on both sides of the Atlantic, and
L ondon N ew sp ap er.
■17 opinion Is that our profession A H O P E L E S S L Y H J C O M P E T E N T F O O L ,
i# .reuld gain iumienely by combining
w ith no q u a lifica tion s, social or In tellec­
tual, to ta lly d ev oid o f k n o w le d g e on any
uthe two branches pretty much as they
c o n ce iv a b le su b ject, th orou gh ly Indolent
are combined in the United States and
and u n tru stw orth y , U d esirous o f o b ta in ­
in g a rem u n era tiv e post In any ca p a city .
Canada, says a writer in the London
A d d ress I. V. 3, k la clise road, W e st K e n ­
Saturday Review. Jt is obvious that
sin gton .
the solicitors would profit by such an
The sublime candor of the above
1 agreement. They would have the right
o/ audience in an courts and the op. | advertisement
« “ verusemeni which
wuicn appeared
appeared in
in a
), : port..n ty to qualify themselves for recent issue o f the London Times has
caused some amusement and attracted
tromntion to the bench.
In America the young lawyer goes a great deal of attention ameng busi­
nfco an office, where he makes his ness men, says the London Express.
Many declared that “ I. F.” was a
* nerlt known by steady attention to
»Mines*. There will always be two practical joker; others that he had a
dfc d s of lawyers— those who stay in definite object in view when lie made
’ 'heir offices, dealing directly with cli himself out to be a fool.
That this latter solution was the cor­
nts and attending to matters o f rou­
tine, and those who advise on points rect one an Express representative
11 f law and argue cases In court learned yesterday from “ I. F.” him­
Tiese two orders of men are clearly self. His object, he said, was to at­
shed in America, but they tract the attention of employers by
rork together as partners to the great going out o f the beaten track.
"I. F.,” who is about 27 years old,
Advantage of the client
is rather more alert and intelligent
than the average man with an ordi­
S o m e w h a t S im il a r .
n “ Women and men are very much nary public school education, and his
*llk . In one respect,” said the home­ face is a particularly honest one.
“ I thought if I said exactly the op­
grown philosopher.
14 “ What's the answer?” queried the posite to what most people In search
of a billet Insert in the newspapers,”
^»experienced youth.
“ Men,'' explained the philosophy dis­ he said, ” 1 might stand a good chance
penser, “ lie about the fish they didn't of hearing from employers tired of
fetch and women lie about the men superlative virtues, and I have not
,hey co uld have married had they been disappointed.
“ I have this morning received two
/anted to.”
genuine offers and appointments f«r
interviews from the heads o ' good
Never Smiled Attain.
“ How do you manage to write all firms and a large number of letters
ose funny things?” asked the inquls- and post cards from practical Jokeis.
It was inevitable, of course, that three
^ve female of the jokesmltb.
“ With a typewriter, madam,” an­ or four o f the writers should have
gered the so-mueh-per-yard grin pro- advised me to apply at once to the
war office, "where I would be sure of
“ Indeed!” exclaimed the 1. f. "D on’t a billet.’
"I have been schoolmastering seven
>n kuo w, I Imagined you used some
years, and although I have a small
rt o f copying apparatus.”
Olllet now, I wish to better myself.”
Infrequent Ocea.lona.
A ll th e C o m fo rts o f H o m e .
“ Toil must try to love your papa as
“ Nat” Goodwin, the comedian, once
nch as he loves you,” said the vis-
possessed a fine country house on the
“Oh, I love him more,” replied Tom- banks of the Thames River, near New-
London, Connecticut. Every summer
“ Indeed? Doesn't your papa love he used to invite some of his Thespian
friends to join his house party.
on very much?”
On one such occasion Goodwin de­
“ Not much. He says he only loves
i# when I’m good.” —Philadelphia livered himself o f a bon mot that is
worth repeating.
“ Nat,” said some one, "you certainly
have a fine place here. Just think of
H f l try o f tbe Pair D ot.
llt’s awfully hard to understand how it, a lawn right on the river!”
■■gs can like the sort of people that
“ Yes,” drawled “ Nat,” “ it’s fine. In
Ubem.—Cleveland Leader.
the spring we have the lawn on the
river, and in the fall we have the river
on the lawn.”
R nsll.h-Speaklnff People.
English is now spoken by about 12o,-
000,000 people. A century ago it was
spoken by 20.000,000 people only. Dur­
ing that period no other leading Euro­
pean language has made the slightest
advance. German has held Its own,
and is now spoken by 80,000,00, but
this is no higher percentage of the
total number o f people of Europeau
Thus cried the hair. And a descent
than it bad a hundred years
kind neighbor came to the res- ! ago.
elplHelpl |
with a bottle of Ayer’ s
lair Vigor. The hair was
I! In gratitude, it grew
and heavy, and with all
^ H b i c h color of early
in all parts of the
Id for . »xty years.
Sr aro I loft noarl I t all o f my
Su attack of m< fea. I WM
to m e Ayer’g Hair Vigor
iS»aáH |re«olt I now hare * beautiful
M r D o ts
O. Ayer Co.. Lowoll. Mass.
'S S ^ I manufacturera
C o r n e ll a M iia p p r e h r n ito i.
“ Wasn't that same young man here
to see you last night?”
"Yes, papa.”
“ Well, what does he mean by com­
ing every night In the week?”
"H e doesn't come every night In the
week. I never met him until last
Thursday, and he was only here
Thursday and Friday and Saturday
evenings.” —Cleveland Plain Dealer.
sarsapamlla .
f S Stä-onou.
P op u la tion
D ecrea sin g
W ea lth la e re M M .
R . p e n ta n e « .
Christian army where all those who
are not commanding officers are retired
colonels on half-pay.
M ore
V lg o r o u e t h a n C a u c a s i a n .,
F l o u r i s h e s In A l l C l i m a t e ..
Before the foundations of Rome were
laid there was a homogeneous people
dwelling In China with a form o f gov­
ernment and no mean degree o f civili­
zation. Rome flourished for eleven
centuries nud became the empire o f
the western world, then decayed and
passed away and her civilization be­
came the heritage of others. But China
remains as a united empire to this day.
In this marvelous continuity in the
past lies the promise o f the future.
It took the natlous of Europe 2,000
years to advance from barbarism to
their present position. It took the
Japanese, a branch of the yellow race,
a generation to adopt and apply all
the best results o f this long struggle.
We are told that when the present em­
peror o f Japan was a boy the sort of
training that was supposed to fit him
for the part he was to be allowed to
take in the government of his country
was making artificial flowers. He Is
only now Just over middle age, yet he
rules as a constitutional monarch over
an empire with which the most ad­
vanced and most powerful empire of
the west was glad to form an alliance
as with an equal. His navy has driven
the Russian flag from the China seas.
On land the tactics and strategy, the
endurance, self-sacrifice and bravery,
the care for the wounded In the field
and the splendid hospital arrange­
ments of the Japanese army are the
admiration of the civilized world.
In the world’s history there Is noth­
ing like the advance of Japan in the
last generation. We see some o f the
results of the adoption of the civiliza­
tion of the west by 30,000,000 o f the
yellow race. Will any one who really
knows him venture to say that the
Chinaman Is less well equipped men­
tally and physically than the Japa­
nese? What, then, will be the result
when the 500,000,000 of China follow
the example of their kindred of Japan?
On the northern borders of China
the white and yellow races have been
face to face for some time, and the ad­
vantage appeared to be with the white.
But the tide soon turned and to-day
the aggressive armies of the white
Czar, under his ablest generals, have
had to retire, hopelessly beaten, before
the yellow race.— London Spectator.
Y n lg a r
W ord *.
A distinguished author says: “ I re­
solved, when I was a child, never to
use a word which I could not pro­
noun«« before my mother without o f­
fending her.” He kept his resolution,
and his example Is worthy of imita­
tion. Boys readily learn a class of
low, vulgar words and expressions
which are never beard In respectable
circles. The utmost care on the part
o f parents will scarcely prevent it.
Of course, we cannot think of girls
as being so much exposed to this peril.
We cannot Imagine a decent girl us­
ing words she would not give utter­
ance to before her father or mother.
Such vulgarity is thought by some
boys to be "clever.” the "next thing to
swearing," and yet "not so wicked.”
But It is a habit which leads to pro­
fanity and fills the mind with evil
thoughts. It vulgarizes and degrades
the soul, and prepares the way for
many o f the gross and fearful sins
which now corrupt society.
When two women are not on speak­
ing term, with each other they make
np for it by .ayln* thing, about each
other to their friend..
A divorce suit is usually more expun
slv . than a wedding suit
It seems a paradox, but is neverthe­
less well established as true, that In
certain of the best farming regions of
the United States great and abounding
agricultural prosperity has resulted lu
Put the wonderful K C Bak­
decreased rural population. A no less
ing Powder to the test. Get a
striking than surprising Illustration of
c a n on approval. Y ou r m oney
this is given in a recent State census
will be returned if you d on ’t
report o f Iowa, which is reported to
agree that all we claim is true.
show ■ falling off of 2 per cent in the
Y o u ’ll be delighted with the de­
population of that great and glorious
licious, wholesome things that
State since the general census o f 1900.
Of course, such a result was not ac­
/ n b a k i n g
ceptable to Iowa's pride, and It was
not readily accepted. Close inquiry,
however. Is reported not only to con­
will bring to life in your oven.
firm the general correctness o f the
K C Baking Powder is two-
new count, but to show a sufficient
thirds cheaper and makes purer,
reason for its disappointing result.
better, more healthful food than
The explanation offered is that It is
other powders anywhere near
all due to the land hunger of the pros­
K C Quality. 25 ounces for
perous Iowa farmer. Having money
25 cents. Get it to-d ay!
ahead and well knowing that good
farm land in the Mississippi valley is
C h ic a g o
one of the safest and most profitable
Semi * po.li .1 for
o f investments, he has been buying in
-B o o k o f 1-reaeuu."
the udjoining farms of his less fore­
handed neighbors to such an extent,
the reports say, that vacant farm­
houses dot every township in the State.
N o t U u llt F o r T w o .
Many of these vacant farmhouses may
China and Japan are pre-eminently th.
When Michael Burke joined his seaweed-eating nations of th. world.
again be occupied by the sons and sons-
ln-law of the purchaser; some of them brother James In this country, the Among no other people are seaweeds s .
will be abandoned, and the newly ac­ money he brought over, added to extensively eaten and relished as food
quired lauds consolidated into larger Tame’s savings, enabled them to go
farms. And if Iowa follows the course
Permanently Cured. No fltsor nervonsnsss
after first day's nseof Dr.KlIne'aOreat N erre
o f development that nas been going on time their custom Increased, and It Hestnrer.
Send fur F r e e « » trial bottle and treaties,
for many years in the magnificent became necessary for them to have an Hr. It. 11. Kline, Ltd..sal Arch St.. Philadelphia, Pa.
farming regions of Central Illinois, the ifflee. In this James soon Installed a
C o r r e c t in g n M I .H p p r c h c n .l o n .
consolidated farms will be leased in aice roll-top desk.
Wasn't that same young man here te
“ The one desk will do for the two
tracts of 80 or 320 acres, or more, to
you last night?”
thrifty and prosperous tenant farmers. >f us,” he explained, tne day_ It was | S(,e Yes,
The process as it has gone in Illinois let us. “ And here are two keys; one
what does he mean by coming
for a* number of years is that the
every night in the week?”
Michael accepted the key, but seemed
wealthier land owner buys out the 40
" lie doesn’t come every night In the
week. I never met him until last Thurs­
and 80-acre farms of his neighbors, to be studying the desk.
“ That's all right,” he said. “ But day, and he was only here Thursday and
tile drains and otherwise Improves
Friday and Saturday evenings.” —Cl.rw
them, often renting the same land or where Is my keyhole?”
laud 1‘ lain Dealer.
larger tracts to the vendors, who gen­
erally made more money as tenants
The Empress Dowager of China wae MALLEABLE IRON STUMP PULLERS
than they had done as owners. The
Fastest, lightest and strongest Stump Pullet
tenant farmers of Central Illinois put sold into slavery at the age of eleven,
on the market. 11M Horse power on the sweep
their capital into the best of farm im­ to save her family from starvation
with two horses. Write lor descriptive catalog
and price
plements and machinery and live stock. Afterwards she was presented to the
Their prosperity Is seen in their com­ late emperor, and, upon his wife’ s Foot o f M orrison Street
Portland, Oregon
death, became Empress.
Her leet
fortable and well furnished houses, the
were never bound, and she was taught
well kept vehicles and horses which to read after persistent pleading. The
their families drive to church and to sterling qualities of this wonderful
" 7 ^ 0 ^ 7 -/.A A /0
country gatherings. In Central Illi­ woman, like those of Pillsbury’s Vitos,
nois Just now the tendency is to larger have overcome every obstacle. And
farms, the tenant generally desiring to she holds herself at tbe bead of China,
O O e .S .0 0 0 -
increase his area and the landlord regu­ as does Vitos at the head of breakfast Park and Washington, Portland, Oregon
lating the quantity of land he will foods.
“ The School of Q u a lity”
lease by the proved capacity and suc­
cess of each tenant. For its best farm
K n o w le d g e .
A . P. Arm strong, LL- B., Principal
lands Iowa appears to be approaching
Johnny— Smokin’ cigarettes is dead
Thousands o f graduates in positions!
the same system.— Springfield Repub­ sure ter hurt yer.
hundreds placed each year; more calls
Jimmy—Go on! Where did ye git
for help than we can meet—it pays to at­
dat Idee?
tend our school; largest, most modern,
Johnny—From pop.
Jimmy—Awl He wuz Jlst strlngin’ best equipped. Departments: Business
Shorthand, Typewriting, Penmanship,
F o r In fa n ts an d C hildren.
Johnny— No, he wuzn’t strlngin’ me; English, Open all the year. Catalogue,
he wuz strappin’ me. Dat’s how I penwork free. Call, telephone or write.
know It hurts.—Philadelphia Press.
Bears the
Signature o f I
Plso 8 Cure fs a remedy forcoughs, colda
and consumption. Try it. Price 25 cents,
St druggists.
Prove It
rBy the Oven Fire
The Kind You Have Always Bought
T r ic k
th e
T ra d e.
"Madam,” began the peddler as he
opened his red satchel, “ can I sell you
something this morning?”
“ No,” snapped the elderly matron,
raising her broom ominously, ‘‘aud
you better move on.”
“ Just as you say, madam. I was
going to offer you the greatest wrinkle
remover on earth, but I see you don't
need it.”
“ Ah, I—”
“ And also this wonderful remedy
for restoring gray hair to Its natural
color, but you have no use for that,
"Why, how kind of you to think so!
“ And this little volume entitled ‘How
to Remain Beautiful Forever.’ But it
would be superfluous to offer It to you.
Good-day, madam.”
“ Come back here! Come back here
this instant. I do not need them, as
you say, but I will buy them and give
them to some friend. I always en-
courage truthfulness.”
R e ir n la r
C u sto m e r.
S e c lu s io n N e c e s s a r y .
Mrs. Psmith— But how did you man­
age to keep that secret a whole week,
Mrs. Kjones—It wasn’t hard. I sim­
ply stayed away from the Browning
Club and when callers came I sent'
word that I wasn't at home.—Cleve
land Leader.
Mother» will And Mr». Winslow'» Soothing
Byrup the best remedy to use lot their children
during the teething period.
THERE. l O t ;
_ BYALLTHE I . . _
'W a r e off t h e D o e r .
Bob— Miss Subbubs has asked me to
; call to-night.
Dick— Yes?
Bob—Yes. What shall I w e a r ?
Dick (who has been there)— 'Ware of
; the dog!—Philadelphia Ledger.
Beware of ointm ents tor Catarrh that
Contain Mercury
as m ercu ry w ill su re ly d e stro y th e aenae o f
■m ell a n d co m p le te ly d era n g e th e w h o le ays
hen e n t e r in g i t t h r o u g h th e m u cou s
at ea. Buch a r t ic l e » » :.o u l il n e v e r b e used
| e surf
x c e p t o n p r e s crip tio n » fro m r e _H>utable
f u t a b le pI
pt av -
s k la n s ----------------------
.a a th e d a m a g --------
e the; ;y w ill d o is t e n f o l d
to th e g o o d y o u ca u p o ssib ly d e r iv e fr o m them .
H a ll's C atarrh C ure, m a n u fa ctu re d b y F. J.
C heney & c o ., T o le d o , O., c o n ta in s n o m e r c u r y ,
and is taken in te r n a lly , a c t in g d ir e c tly u p on
the b lo o d a n d m u c o u s su rfa ce s o f th e system .
In b u y in g H a ll’ s C atarrh C ure b e sure yo u get
the ge n u in e . I t is taken in t e r n a lly , and inado
In T o le d o , O h io, by F. I. C h en ey «St Co. T e sti­
m o n ia ls free.
Sold b y D ruggist«, p rice 75c. p er b ottle.
H a ll’s F am ily P ills are th e best.
Dr. G. Gee Wo
This wom hrful Chi­
nese Doctor is r&lbd
grunt bemuse be cures
people without opera­
tion ihttt are glve.i up
to die. He cures with
those wonderful Chi-
in sn herbs, rootR, buds,
harks aud veKetuhh s
that are entirely un­
known to medical s c ; - ________ _
«■in e In ih s c >nn.ry. Thio>un the use «»7 uiosj
h irm le-s remedies this tainoui do tor knows
the actiou o f over 500 different, remedies which
he successfully uses In dlfferen diseases. H e
i u iraiiK e.stocurecatarrh, asthma, lung, ihr at,
rhenmadam, nervousness, stomach, liver; kid-
n ys, etc.; I irs hundreds ot teetimonlals.
( harues moderate, ( all and see him. Path nts
out o f the city write lor blankr and <• rculars.
Henri *t»n>p. CONHL LTATION FltKK.
Uncle Erastus, tbe village plasterer
and whitewashes who had married
and buried four wives, was about to
acquire a fifth. He went to tbe house
of the Presbyterian minister, a vener
able man who had officiated at several
of his previous weddings, to make ar -1
T r a n ta v s . l . i n g a .
rangements to be married there the
••What,” queried the fair ma!d, “ Js
following evening.
Address THE C. 6EE W
the difference between a trust and a
“ Of course I shall be glad to marry
1 6 2 'i firs t St., S. f . C or. M orrison
you to your new wife. Uncle ’ Rastus,” |
Mention paper.
“ I'm afraid I cannot explain the dif­
said the minister. “ This will be tbe
third or fourth time for me, won't it? |
P. N. U.
No. St - 1 9 0 5
How docs it happen, uncle, that you young man in the case, “ but if youM
never have a colored preacher tie the put your trust in me I’ ll blow my ¿elf
H F N w r itin g to ad v e rtls e r« p le a « «
for the ring to-morrow.”
knot for you?”
m e n tio n t h is p ap e r.
And she put her trust in him.
"Well, sah,” he answered, “ I's kind
o’ got In de habit o' gittin' a white
man to do my marry in', an’ I recon
We d' c own and bridge work without pain.
O u rlsjr ars’ experience In plate work en­
I'll alius do it. I's turrible sot In my
ables us to lit your mouth com fortably. I)r.
ways, Mlstah Pa'ker.”
W. A. W Ise has found a safe way to extract
teeth absolutely without pain. Dr. T. P.
W ise is an expert at KOtd tilling and crown
and bridge work.
¿extracting ir^e whau
plates or bridges are ord< red.
A rt N o te .
Mrs. SyHie— My husband takes a
deep Interest in art.
Mrs. Older—You surprise me.
Mrs. 8 yllie— Well, It was a surprise
to me. But I heard him telling Jack
Rownder last night that It was a good
thing to study your hand before you
draw.—Cleveland Leader.
Falling Bldg., Third and Washington Hts.
Open evenings till 9 o'clock. Holidays from
9 to 12. Or Ma u
St. Jacobs
la the abort, rure,
easy c u r « for
It penetralea to the seat of torture , and relief promptly follow*. Price. 25c. anu 50c.
dr .
r. P. " is * -