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    had forsaken, but to whom her faithful
heart had clung, through all absence and
time, he stood before her at last! She
reached out her hands to him; she felt
the strong grip of his as he grasped them,
one in each of his. H e only spoke her
name hoarsely and huskily;
And she— she It was who spoke first—
who found the words, poor, weak, trem­
bling words— that shook with the great­
ness o f her joy.
“ Yes; it is I — Rosamond— come back
to you at last— my Brian— my only love
— my heart’s delight— never, never to be
parted from you agaio. F or I am free,
and I am yours for ever.”
Oh, why— why then did he not clasp
her In his arms? W hy did he not draw
her to his heart, and rain such kisses
upon her eager lips as she had dreamed
of and thirsted for so long? W hy did
he stand so, and look upon her with that
awful look of deepening horror and woe
In his eyes? W h y did his cold hands
slacken thus their eager hold, and fall
away at last, nerveless and helpless from
out of hers?
“ Brian! Brian!” she cried, with the
sharp ring of a nameless terror; “ do you
not hear me? Do you not understand?
I am free!”
“ You— are— free?” he repeated slowly
and painfully, bringing out each word
separately with a sort of labor, as though
each one hurt him to utter. “ Your
husband— is he dead?”
“ Yes, yes— do you not see my clothes?
I am a widow. Heaven forgive me if I
am too glad, but how can I help my
joy, when, from the day that he died,
I knew that I might love you once more?
I did my duty. I was a good wife to
him, but, oh, how I suffered! But now
it Is all over and I have come back to
you, and— Brian! Brian!” she broke out
wildly, for still he stood there blanched
to the very lips, and stared at her with
those horror-stricken eyes. “ Are you not
glad? Speak to me, for heaven’s sake!
W hat is it? W hy do you look at me
“ When did he die?” was all he said,
in a number, dreary voice.
“ Eight months ago.”
And then he flung up both arms wildly,
with an exceeding bitter cry of anguish.
“ Ah, it was my wedding day!” and
fell prostrate before her upon his knees,
burying his face in his outstretched arms.
Rosamond spoke never a word. She
stood erect and stiff, cold as Ice, and
motionless as marble; not a word broke
the stillness of her agony, save those
awful choked sobs from the bowed form
at her feet.
Afterward she could not
recall what she had felt and thought in
those first moments— only that in some
vague fashion Fate was revenged upon
her. Once long ago she had mined this
man’s life, and now— now it was he who
ruined hers!
(T o be continued.)
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The cow knows by instinct what
feed ration suits her best.
Cement floors cost more at first, but
their permanency makes them cheap.
Dairyman, study your cows aud then
you, but I have promised to call for
yourseif and see If you are fitted to
I d th# month of December, when the papa.”
take care o f them.
c u ltiv a to r or H arrow.
" I am going out this very minute in a
days were short and dark, and a black
From 62 to 64 degrees Is about the
This Is the device o f a West Vir­
froet and biting east wind made winter hansom.” said Gertrude, Jumping up.
ginia farm er and seems to possess proper temperature for the rinse water
hard to the young and unbearable to the “ Sir Roy, will you go with me? I am
eld, Bir Hugh Grantley shuffled off this going to pay a call. I am going to see a
in winter butter-making.
merit. H e says:
mortal coil and waa buried in the family charming, lovely, delightful little woman.
I send herewith an Illustration of a
vault in Frierly churchyard by the side Somebody quite young, quite unsophisti­
W o r k e n d IM a r f o r H o m e .
cultivator or hurrow that I find ve.y
of all the Bir Hughs and Bir Johns and cated; better than all, quits new.”
What the horses o f the farm have to j
handy when sowing grass seed In coin
" I wouldn't go with her If I were you,
Bir Gregorys who had preceded him. H e
at the last working, also use it for do depends upon the nature o f the
died as he had lived, unloved and un­ Roy,” said Felicia, when the door had
cultivating potatoes and other crops to work and how well used they are tc
regretted. H is selfishness stood him in cosed upon their hostess.
some extent. The frame, A A A, is It, consequently the horse should be
“ W hy not— will it create a scandal if
good stead up to the last.
o f 2x3-inch stuff, is 3% feet long. The treated accordingly. I f the horses have 1213— First regular English Parlisi
He was burled with all becoming pomp I go in a hansom with the beautiful G er­
tw o pieces. It B, are o f lx2-lneb stuff, heavy spring plowing to do, w ith more
and ceremony, and Roy, his son, reigned trude?”
assembled at Oxford.
“ Don’t you know— cannot you guess,
In his stead. But poor Roy's reign was
20 Inches long, with holes about 2 or less road work In the summer, then 1409— Perkin Warbeck, pretend«
but a short and troubled one in the Roy, who It is she wants you to call
Inches apart, so the harrow can be ad­ harvesting and more plowing In the
throne of England, exec«
house of his fathers. Sir Hugh's affairs upon? It Is Mrs. Desmond."
justed to auy desired width, from 1 to fall, and It Is intended to use them for
“ Kitten------” A pause. Felicia would
were toafij. ifb be In greatest confusion.
3 feet. The piece. C, to hitch to, Is heavy drafting In the winter, It w ill 1538— Proclamation Issued by
'W ftp rop erty was heavily mortgaged, the not have lifted her eyes for the world;
2x3 inches and 1 ^ feet long on top pay to divide the work in some way
V I I I . , declaring Thomas
farms had depreciated In value, the rents
so that they w ill have a little chance
not a saint.
had been left overdue. Poverty stared infinity of trouble.
"H o w does she know her?" Roy asked
for rest.
The argument that rainy 1572— First Presbyterian meeting
the young heir in the face. Margaret,
days and Sundays are sufficient for
who had partly guessed at the state of presently, and she could hear that his
In England opened.
things, stood by him, with her strong voice was altered.
the animals does not hold good In all 1621— The little ship
“ Oh, It Is very simple. Gertrude met
mind and good common sense, to help
cases. In our experience w e find It
England arrived
at Pi;
Mr. Desmond in the park two days ago.
him through his calamities.
pays to have reasonably short hours
“ There is nothing for It but to let I was with her, and he introduced us to
for the horses, and not to g ive them 1644— Henry McMabone exeenl
tbs house. You cannot afford to live In his wife, and asked us to call on her.
driving every day there happens to be
Tyburn for conspiring Iriik
I — I would not go If I were you, ltoy.”
It,” she said to him.
a little lull In the work o f the farm.
“ Did she look— happy?” he asked.
'L e t Frierly! Oh, M argaret!"
“ Oh, yes. I suppose so; she was very
W e feed strictly In accordance with 1656— T reaty
" I t Is the only thing to be done, Roy;
Liebau si
face It like a man. I f you let it well, well dressed. You have not got over it,
the work to be done, and contrive, In
Charles X . and the Great
you will be able to live comfortably as I am afraid.”
some way, so that every horse w ill 1690— Treaty o f alliance signed
Mrs. Talbot came back gay and gush­
a bachelor in London, and when you
have a turn at the pasture, even though
Peter of Russia and Aui
marry, you must marry well, and then ing; the hansom was summoned, and F e­
side, firmly bo ted b. center piece of It be only an hour or tw o at night. I t
of Poland.
you will be able to come back to your licia was driven away in her brougham.
frame. A t D D there are two Iron Is not a good plan to attempt to carry 1712— Duel between Duke of
" I — I don’t think I ’ll come with you
own again, pay off mortgages, put the
-. S .if
plates >4 x 1V jx 5 Inches, with three holes
and Lord Mohun. Both
the horses through from year to year
farms in repair, and start fresh again. to-day,” said the young man hesitating­
In each; these hold A A A together. without the pasture. Green food cut
1737— Queen Caroline of
You see how important a good marriage ly when he had helped Gertrude into the
Use % bolts o f proper length for all of and placed In the manger Is not th-»
Is for you.”
1772— Three hundred
chests «1 J q jjea
the frame. The teeth should be o f % same. The open air, the freedom from
"Oh, R oy” — She dropped the "S ir ”
“ You mean a rich wife. I am afraid
thrown overboard at
steei, well sharpened.
The handles
that I am not at all likely to restore when they were alone— "you promised;
cause o f th# duty
the harness, the yielding o f the soft
can be taker from some cultivator or
the fallen fortunes of my family in that oh, do come.”
tu rf nnd the biting o f the grass are
“ W ell, I will go a little way, then,"
way. The only woman whom I could
plow and readily adjusted to the cul­
essential to horses, and It pays to let 1777— Articles of Confederation olt^T
ever have married is lost to me.”
and lie got into the cab.
“ You can
tivator. The two pieces, E E, should
United States agreed to...
them have a spell at lb
"You are not, I suppose, going to re­
be o f ^4xl%-lncli stuff, and as long as
lean Congress recalled Sllailln
" T o Lowndes square,” said Mrs. T a l­
main a bachelor for ever because of a
desired. A ll should be bolted firmly
from Paris and appoint«!
j ba
F e e d B a g fo r A n im a l«.
married woman!” cried Margaret, with bot. She had uo mind to drop Roy any­
together for best results.
Adams....... Passage of the
real Irritation. She could not believe it where.
The driver o f «very team should be
lean forts on Delaware rlt>
Aud Roy went with her. “ I can't help
possible that he was still mourning over
supplied with a bag of some kind for
Sinn In P o u l t r y H o u a e .
the British. F ort Lee, N. ^ < !
Kitten Layhourne— there are women to myself,” he said to himself; but it was
The time-honored plan of building holding feed for his horses, as he sel-
the Hudson, opposite uppe:
whom a steadfast faithfulness appears the old story of the moth aud the candle.
_____ dom Is sure w h ere he
poultry houses was to face them due
York City, captured by thi:*“ e tu
In the light of absolute stupidity. Was
w ill be when feedin g
south, when, as a matter of fact, they
not Kitten married aud safely got out of
Brian, on leaving his wife to go out
time comes.
should be faced southeast, which givos
the way? What on earth possessed the alone, Intended to wend his way to his
1785— Sir David W ilkie, Eogliti
the sun in the house early In the
boy to be thinking about her still?
jfVw-'dWilvl {l ,'lvers are very care­
club. Had he gone there straight from
er, born; died 1841.
the Bol
ful In this respect,
"But, Roy, you are the last— the very his own door, he would have received a
morning when the poultry need It most
North Carolina ratified th a green;
It ia your duty to marry. The certain note which had been waiting for
while others make
during the winter, and then the sun
stitution of the United StitS o f atti!
baronetcy will become extinct If you do him there all day, three hours earlier,
Can Y o u S o lve This?
use o f anything that
shines in the house nearly or quite all
not!” cried Margaret in despair.
Catherine I I. (the Great), portu
and— so little does it take sometimes to
three- day, especially if a window Is placed
H ow
much greater than
Is available.
press of Russia, died it St Jroni(jj
“ Somebody must be Inst, I suppose alter the whole history o f a man's life fourths Is four-fourths?
a large number of
In the southwest side.
In cold cll-
tersburg; born 1729.
jn ^
Just as somebody else must be first. You — had be done so, it is probable that most
A t first sight It seems an easy ques­ mates It Is not wise to have entire
feed bags are In use,
are a wonderful woman at counting your of the events which ensued would have
Thurlow Weed born.
tion, but put It to your arithmetical glass fronts, for the action o f the air
the m ajority being
chickens, Margaret; but, to begin with, so far been changed or modified that they
British and Russian forces neri
constructed so that
on the glass after the snn goes down
where ia the rich w ife?"
would not have been fraught with cer­
in Naples.
8 «ln e s
“ There is Felicia.”
tain important circumstances to himself It w ill divide them Into tw o parties, makes such houses very cold at night. they can be attached and suspended to
Napoleon issued a decree i-Jnd-
“ I am not wicked enough for her,” and to others. But as he was strolling one contending that the answer is one-
In the average poultry house, hold­ the side o f the horse's head. This does 1806—
iug the British Isles in » suhelr ol
fourth and the other as positively a f ­ ing from twenty-five to fifty hens, w in­ not give the horse any freedom to
aald Roy, with a little smile to himself idly along he met an old college friend
over auiidry speeches of
his cousin's who hailed him joyfully and linked his firm ing that It is one-tliird, while both
dows four by eight on tw o sides of the move his head without m oving the
which atlll lingers In his memory.
1811— Great riote at Nottingham, |ne a,
arm within his. So that it wus just 7 w ill be ready to prove the accuracy o f
house would be sufficiently large, and bag also. A Philadelphia man has pat­
Marfgnret looked indignant and severe. o'clock when he turned leisurely up the their respective solutions.
land___ John Bright, great} jaw .
even then some way should be pro­ ented an exceedingly simple feed bag
“ I really do not pretend to understand steps of his own club.
lieh statesman, bom.
Tieec 1
The party o f the first part (to use a vided for covering them at night. For which overcomes this fault, an Illustra­
the character and manners of the young
The hall porter gave him a letter as
legal phrase) may argue their point in tills purpose nothing is better than old tion o f which Is shown here. The bot­ 1813— Battle of Leipslc.
ladies o f the present day. I am afraid he entered.
He stood with It in his
Second Peace of Paris,
that Felicia Is becoming rather reckless hand without looking at It for several this w a y :
burlap hung on a roller with button tom and sides are made of canvas or 1815—
F iv e shillings Is the fourth part o f a holes worked at intervals along the other flexible material, while the top 1816—
In her conversation since her father has minutes, talking to
Bells of Notre Dame, PiikdTan
left her so much alone.
whom he met In the hall. Then Brian pound. I f you have 15 shillings, or sides so that when down It can be consists o f a circular fram e divided
"Exactly, and I could not marry a per­ looked down at his letter, turning it three-fourths o f a pound, and some­
fastened over carriage buttons driven Into tw o sections, which are connected 1834— Melbourne ministry dlssohs
son who was reckless, even
for her round as lie did so.
body gives you another fourth part you
Supporting the bag 1846— Cracow annexed to A u «» “ W on
In the sides o f the casing. This will by small loops.
money," laughed the young man.
And suddenly he recognized the hand­ have a sovereign— ergo, your four-
keep the house snug and warm even are tw o metal rods, one on each side, 1848—
Assassination of Count
"W ell, there are plenty of rich girls writing! It was years since he had seen fourths Is one-fourth
greater than
minister to Piux IX . at 5 Tow n j
on cold w in ter nights.
having hooks at the end which fit Into
to be picked up In London, and if we it.
A whole century of new thoughts three-fourths.
the loops in the frame. In the center 1849—
must let the Hall, we will go up to town and feelings seemed to divide him like
Steamer Louisiana expltP|w
But this w ill not suit the other party'
• nd live there. My own money will en a yawning gulf from that other far away
A B a rrel F eed R ack.
N ew Orleans. Nearly 10i i e I P *r ‘
and at the other end o f the rods are
able me to take a small house; and you, life. In which those even rounded char­ at all, and they w ill proceed scornfully
“ Men.
An Ideal w ay o f feeding a few sheep circular loops which are shaped to fit 1852— Labos Islands difficulty I'Men,
of course, will live with me. Y’ ou will acters had played so important a part. to point out that the argument Is all or c|Uv„ )s to take „ large barrel guch over the shaft o f the vehicle. It can
United States and Peru en se rI
be able then to live comfortably and It was like an electric shock to Brian wrong, since if you h a ie 15 shillings ^ ag crackers are paeked In, and cut out
atch a
easily be seen how easily thla could 1857— R elief of Lucknow.
eultnhly upon the remnant that ran he Desmond to see it once more— to hold a nnd somebody Is generous enough t o . openings jn tbe staves between the
J co
saved out of the fire,, together with the letter from her once again in his hands.
add 5 shillings to it the^donor Is only two layers o f hcops, making these open- position where the horse could con­
der of Fredericksburg, Va-a
rent o f the house. You enn have your
A letter from Rosamond! An unstamp­ g lvln g you one third o f the amount you lngg Jugt large enotIgb g0 ümt ^
veniently reach the feed, at the same 1864— Treaty of peace betweiHj
horse and your brougham, and do every ed letter, too— sent not by post, but by
already possess (5 tim es 3 equals 15), 1 ma, can get ltg head
and out r, aJ.
time being able to move his head fre e ­
thing that is fitting to your position. As hand. W hat could it mean? H e had
mark, Prussia and Austn
"H o w
to your food, that need never cost you thought of her vaguely, dimly, as a some­ therefore your sovereign is only oue-
ly. This feed bag has th# additional
fle d ....G e n . Sherman bg~7.
a farthing. Whatever Is mine is yours
thing denr, yet dangerous to his peace of
advantage that It can be folded up
march to the sea.
I t Is a pretty problem, and expert
They went up to London, and M ar­ mind, that was on the other side of the
when not In use.
1866— First G. A. R. post lnstt»** f e "
garet Installed herself and her household world. She had been to him but a dis­ accountants have been known to w ran­
Decatur, 111.
“ W ith
goods In a small house in Connaught tant memory of a past which was over gle over It for hours.— London A n ­
1870— Duke o f Aosta elected '/ere^
■ p e d a l D a i r y T r a i n S c h o o l.
Here, too, Roy had his own forever, a something which he had hoped swers.
«W .
One o f the latest educational enter­
rooms and his own belongings, and he and prayed might never again cross the
"In d r o
C o u n t in g t h e B u tto n s .
stayed at home ns much as he liked, and new life he had built up for himself.
prises Is the special dairy train sent 1873— Encyclical letter Issued ta.
“ Yes,” said the tailor, “ Councilman
>n kne
went awuy also as much as he felt Inclin­ Often he had thought of her thus, In
out by a cream ery company for the
IX . against Old Catholics
ed. Nobody, either, could have said of misty dreams, thinking that he and she Crookit ordered a four-button cutaway,
rt o f c<
purpose o f reaching farm ers In the 11883— Standard time adopted ia
Bir Roy Urantley that he lived the life had drifted apart forever, and
would but he changed it to a three-button.”
rich -lands o f northwestern Missouri
of a woe-begone and despairing lover. meet uo more, save in that other world
“ Is the three-button more stylish?”
and southwestern Iowa. The train c a r
Four standards adjusted ti
H e had plenty of friends, and his friends where those who have loved and despair­ asked the other.
hour apart and to differ bj
rlod an exhibition car with dairy appii-
took care to make his life pleasant to ed shall meet again under other condi­
“ Oh, no. But as he was going out
Greenwich ucn as
ances and dairy machinery o f every
tions, nnd be perchance at last— happy! he saw some children on my doorstep
adopted. The divisions an*-
sort. Other cars were fitted up to seat
And lo! she was here— at his very
One nflernoon, in the month of May.
p laying that old game, ‘Rich man, poor
ern time, central
time, “ Oh, I
Roy found himself In a certain tiny doors— in London— alive, and writing to
an audience. Experts In dairying gave
man, beggarman, th ief.’ ” — P h iladel­
mountain time and Pacific^,
drawing room lu Mayfair, where, in those him! H e tore open the letter and read:
short talks at each stopping place, the
being respectively 75 de. “ Indee<
" I have come home, and am longing to phia Tress.
days, he was always sure of n cordial
hold It In place by driving several use o f appliances being demonstrated
degrees, 105 degrees and I n very
welcome. The house altogether was of see yon. I arrived late last night, and
L o g i c a l D e d u c tio n .
stakes Into the ground and fastening and in fr a c tio n given on feeding stuffs I
grees west of Greenwich. ( “ N ot n
the most minute dimensions, and was am at the Langham Hotel. Come to me
“ Ah, my friend,” said the passenger them to the barrel
O f course the top and balanced rations. The success o f 1886— Chester Alan Arthur, t v A Wbe
as thoroughly dirty and dingy as “ bijou’1 as soon as you receive this. I shall not
President o f the United
residences within a stone's throw of l’ ark leave the house until I hear from you w ith the unbarbered hair, “ what can o f the barrel Is open. The hay or oth- the enterprise was such that In many i
be more delicious tnan clear, cold wa- er roughage is thrown in the top and places the train's facilities proved too!
R O S A M O N D .”
Lane have a habit of being. The very or see you.
died in New York City; b<aM|
H e glanced quickly up at the clock. ter In the early morn, fresh from the the animals eat through the holes cut small, and overflow and outdoor m ee t 1888— Rear Admiral Charles 1»
door, aa it waa opened by the tall foot
K r>
man, seemed narrower aud lower than It waa tne minutes past seven. H e tore Pllm P-”
j in the staves as described. This Is a lugs were necessary.
win, Union naval v e te m fllt’s aw
other people's front doors, and the foot­
“ W ater,”
the hardware simple feeding rack, which any one
N ew York C ity; born
man himself, as he preceded the visitor writing room, and wrote two lines to his drummer, “ Is certainly a good thing, could make and one which will save
F o d d e r - H a u l i n g S le d .
1891— E x-K ing Milan o f
up the narrow wooden staircase, looked
By the way, are you In the milk busi- much w aste o f roughage. The lllustra-
Take tw o scantlings, 24x4 Inches, 10
all rights
to th ii
“ Do not wait dinner for me. I shall
too large for the house.
nes® l" ________________________
j tlon shows the Idea so clearly that no feet long; dress top o f scantling off to 1898— Town of Kuchan, pr
One end of the room was filled com­ not be back."
I further explanation Is needed— Indlan- fit under side o f second bench o f sled
This he gave to a club messenger to
Khorassan, Persia, desl
pletely with a wide, low sofa, across
R ill— W hy didn't the author o f the »p olls News,
which Eastern embroideries and pieces take to Imwndes Square, and springing
with notch to j
aD earthquake; over I
of Italian brocade— all rather dirty— into a hansom, drove rapidly away to piece come out and show
him self
fit over rear
P e a n u ts G ood H on Feed.
were flung in careless confuskn. A t one the Langham Hotel. He had given him­ when the audience called fo r him?
bench, to give 1894— Jose Salvador, anaifl
end of this sofn Invariably reclined a self no time to think or reflect. H e did
Jill— W ell, you see, he’d Just been
threw bomb in Barcdi
the Arkansas Station as regards the right slant to scantlings. Nail a board
black poodle, at the other was his mis­ not consider whether It was a wise or
getting married, nnd he's got
on top o f scantlings to hold them to-
ter * n<1
By Mrs. Talbot’s aide was a an unwise thing he was doing. A wild
I f he went homo with black
°[ * *
* ° r0p
peanuta gether. Put a w ire around tongue and
small table, upon which were arranged Joy possessed him. Rosamond was back,
fr ° m ° n* ' “ ' " I near,y tl,re9 over front end o f boom pole, and a 1897— President M cK in ley *
a hand looking glass set in silver, sev­ and he was going to see her! H e could eyes, he » was afraid h i, w ife wouldn't ' tons
per acre.
This hay Is usually
eral bottles of
perfumes o f
different think of nothing else. A fter all the long, know him.— Yonkers Statesman.
treaty adopted by the t i
worth at least *10 a ton and may be small rope for rear end o f boom pole,
kinds, the poodle’s silk bag o f French black, empty years they were to meet
Postal Congress. .. Ri’ J — .
One W o tn in 'i w u .lo m .
1 considered a by-product when the nuts with tw o standard* In fron t 4 feet
sweetmeats, and the photographs of her again.
Hendricks Houghton,
"A la s ! groaned the discouraged hus- are harvested for market. In connec- high, and you are ready fo r “ bla.” It
pet admirers. T o these latter Roy had
She was very tired of the desolate
tbs Church o f ths Tram k in d m
Is much handler than a wagon for on*
been lately added In a resplendent new hotel sitting room by this time— tired and band. “ I am unable to find work, and tlon with the value o f peanuts as a
(the Little Church AI*
frame o f crimson plush.
weary. She had almost given him up by I there isn t a thing in the house to eat. forage crop, It may be noted that In man to haul on, and he can haul a
' ' >rner|, died in New L 1
W hat are we to do?"
| Virginia there Is a man who has been third more at a load with It than with-
Gertrude, in her white muslin drap­ now.
Hair ^
eries, lay back among her embroidered
H e cannot be In town!” she said to
"Oh, I know! exclaimed htg w ife, accumulating a tidy fortune through out the attachm ent It can be set off
when desired.
189S— Michigan Stats Suprj
cushions and sniffed at her salts bot­ herself, in despair. “ I wish, now, that w ho had
SKrtI t_ ? Il'e-r. in*P|ratlon- the quality o f the hama cured and
Felicia, who had found herself a
declared boycotting
had written before from Alexandria. “ W e 'll take in boarders.
packed by him. Those hams have a
email, low seat on the other aide of the Does he have his letters forwarded, I
H o g H in t # .
1899— Admiral Dewey
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