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    Editorial Page-Washington Co* News*
P .
O O D S ,
lished Every Thursday by the W ashing­
ton County Publishing Co. Incorporated
at Forest 6rove, Oregon
president, C N. Ireland, Moro Ob­
The funetal was held from the Con­
server; second vice-president, E. H. gregational Church. Rev. H . Boyd
FlagK, St. Helen’ s Mist; treasurer, officiating. Interment was at Naylor
cemetery under the auspices of Gale
Miss Gottshall, White Ribboner, Port­
land, reelected; historian, George H
Himes, Portland, reelected; sergeant-
Card of Thanks
at-arms, R. J. Hendricks, Salem States­
We take this means of expressing
man. Mr. Hendricks is the retiring our appreciation of the many acts of
kindness shown us in our recent sad
I i c i l t » .r - .
flavor of those grown
should be dotted all over with thrifty
young orchards which should be
taken care of with as much interest
and anxiety as the Hood River people
' 0r aflny other lrriKated orchard country- the Forest Grove delegates to the Ore-
ered at the post-office at Forest on flavor. Here is an approved formula |gon Development League meeting
Grove, Oregon, as second class
said to be as good as any for spraying which met in Portland last week. ^
mail matter.
trees for San Jose scale. Good quality list „ originaily choSen was composed
of: E W . Haines,
C. Atwell,
S. Callender, M. Peterson, H . J. Goff,
A . q Hoffman, Walter H oge, A. W.
Johnson, W. N. Ferrin, C. N. Johnson,
necessary, yet the amount given can
Harry Haynes, J. S. Buxton, J. C.
If the NEWS fails to reach itr subscrib- be used if desired. Directions: Put Clark, R. M. Dooly, J. E. Bailey, F.
s or is late, we request that immedi- | 20 gallons of water in an iron pot or
A. Watrous, S. G. Hushes, W . K.
t attention may be called to the same. hog scalder and bring it to a boil, and
Newell, W. H . Hollis and W . B.
then add the stone lime and sulphur. Haines.
IURSDAY, JANUARY 18, 1906. The sulphur should be made into a
Mrs. Elizabeth Buxton Expires.
j paste with hot water before placing it in
the boiler in order to facilitate its mix­
Mrs. Elizabeth Buxton aged S3,
No other service can be done for ing. After the lime and sulphur have well known in this city, died at Corval­
country at large, comparable in been boiled for some time, add the lis last Friday after several months’ ill­
Importance with that of teaching how salt. Boil the mixture, stirring occa­ ness. She was bom in Illinois and
make the largest possible profit out sionally, from thirty minutes to one had resided in Corvallis several years
the smallest tract of land that will hour, or until the sulphur is thorough- where her husband. Eld ward, is en­
furnish a comfortable living for a family. ly dissolved and produces a dear and gaged in business.
T o do this we must teach that the real amber colored solution. Then dilute
Mrs. Buxton was prominent in East­
lue lies after all not in the land but by adding sufficient cold water to make ern Star circles. She leaves four child­
[i the man that farms it; that by inten- fifty gallons. Pass the mixture through ren— Miss Minnie Buxton, George
sive, diversified, scientific farming a I a
strainer with at ------
least —
20 meshes
---------- to Buxton, both of Portland; Mrs. Daisy
iod living with a surplus profit that j the inch, into the spray barrel and ap- ' Sloan of this city and Harry B. Buxton
11 provide for old age may be made ply to the trees while warm. In treat­ of Corvallis. Four of her sisters reside
#n a small tract. One of the chief ing badly infected trees where only in Portland, Mrs. Mary Shepherd, Mrs.
lasons why so many boys “ go to one application is made, better results L. K. Pearson, Miss Linn Roderick
work” and drift away from the farm is may be secured by increasing the sul­ and Miss Ida Roderick.
that they haven’ t the money to buy phur and lime each five pounds more
The funeral was held in this city
what they consider enough land to than given in the above formula.
Sunday morning from the residence of
make a farm. Let them learn what
While the lime and sulphur washes her daughter Mrs. George O. Sloan.
— Nelle Burlingane, the Fashionable
Dressmaker, is now located on the
Second Floor of Watrous & C o.’ s Store.
Your patronage solicited. Satisfaction
may be done with a little and we have
gone a long way toward stopping the
unfortunate trend, so apparent in
many parts of the counry, toward the
absorption of small tracts into still larger,
but wastefully farmed tracts, with re-
Suiting diminution of population.
are considered as a treatment for dor-
mant trees, experience proves that
where only one application is made,
' the treatment should t e deferred as
| late as possible in the spring, owing to
j the fact that the effectiveness of the
wash depends to a great extent upon
| its presence upon the trees after the
These are the days when the mail j breeding season begins. However, in
rder houses and department stores get j cases 0f bad infestation it is best to
in their work when the home mer- gjve trees two treatments, one in the
hant pulls in his advertising and dis- fall and the other in the spring, after
ontinues his efforts to draw trade, the buds begin to open. For applying
hile the other fellows hammer their the solution select a good spray pump
bargains” into the people’ s heads. that has all its working parts brass and
R e t. J. M. Barber, of Forest Grove
was the officiating clergyman and the
interment was at the Buxton cemetery.
A large concourse of friends and ac-
the funeral
I exercises.
Old Soldier Passes Away
one who has allied himself with the
emocratic party for a number of
to be so anxious for Republican
odidates to state their position on
issues, leaving that, as a rule,
the leaders of the party to look
Iter, but we are glad to have our
lemocratic friends take an interest in
Itch matters. It is ahopeful sign.
Preaching every Sabbath at 11 a. m.
and 7:30 p. m., Sunday School at 10
a. m., Epworth League 6:30 p. m.
Prayer Meeting, Thursday 7:30 p. m.
Everybody welcome. L. F. BELKNAP.
Above has been in bound volume of
would advocate inoculating
Laws and Regulations” since,
[ V>c Ifcwthless old orchards in the
e— the state for that matter, but
« b le is they get on the young
Oregon Editors Elect Officers
A y just as quickly and do just
■ctus# work there as on the old,
The Oregon Press Association met
|C*eered trees. It is the duty of in Portland last week and held a busy
kitizen interested in the growing and interesting session. The officers
in this valley to see to it that for the ensuing year, elected Saturday
is rid of the pest and kept afternoon were as follows:
kifwe axe going to continue
President, J. C. Hayder, Dallas Ob­
lit. And a valley that can server; secretary, Albert Tozier, Port­
apples and cherries with the land Hop World, reelected;
first vice - 1
W h en you buy at D r. H in es’
D rug Store you get the B E S T
and C H E A P E S T , quality con ­
Congregational Church
Services for Sunday, Jan. 14. Sun­
day School at 10 a. m. Preaching by
the pastor it 11 and 7:30.
People’ s meeting at 6:30. Thurs­
day, Jan. 18, Bible Study hour; “ The
Life of Christ.”
Dr. Hines’ Drug Store
Christian Church
Services at the Christian church
next Lord’ s day at u s ». a 1 hours. The
Sunday school lesson will be “ The
Boy Jesus.”
All the lessons for some
time will be on the life of Christ.
Christian Endeavor subject “ Christ’ s
Lessons from
his boyhood.
The preaching service at 7:30 will be
j an ivangelistic setvice.
All are cordi-
| ally invited to all these services.
What shall becom e of our fruit
? The Fruit Growers’ convention
ed in Portland, has sounded a
to our orchardists. The San
le is abroad in the town and is
g many of our fruit trees. If j tribution of prizes by lot or chance,
Id be placed upon the old, j *uch as gift exhibitions or enterprises,
td ragged trees around town concerts, raffles, or the drawing of
anger to the young and prizes in money or property at fairs.”
Y o u want the B E S T , not the
M. E. Church
be done with facility the hose should ; and had i ust con ,Pleted hls terra as Boldrick, Lela Ttegarden, Gertie
be long enough to enable the man to ! commander of
of the
the G.
G. A.
A. R.,
R., J.
J. B.
B. j Nichols, Feme Smith and Avis Temp-
leton. The judges were: Mesdanus
reach all sides of the tree without mov­
besides bis wife Julia M. two sons Eld- A. W. Johnson, H. H . Stuart and E.
ing the barrel.
ward, of Hillsboro, Ore., and Hobart,
A. Ruckle. Miss Gertie Nichols was
of California, also one sister Mrs. Julia
the medal and Miss Helen
Why Some Items of News Are L. Canfield, of Seattle and four
Boldrick was given honorable mention.
We have been frequently asked why
we did not publish the names, of the
winners in the raffles that are held here
at intervals. The reason is obvious to
any one reading the following section
of the Postal Laws and Regulations in
I force since 1893. The section reads
i thus: “ Nor shall any newspaper con­
taining any advertisement of any lottery
or gift enterprise of any kind offering
prizes dependent upon lot or chance
or containing any list of prizes awarded
at the drawing of any such lottery or
gift enterprise be carried in the mails
or delivered by any postmaster or letter
The term lottery as used in
this section embraces all kinds of
schemes, general or local, for the dis-
When You Want Drugs
James W. Wheeler died at his home
Miss Daisy Abernethy has been
in this city Monday morning after an
. chosen to represent the C. E. of the
i’ lness of a few hours. Mr. Wheeler
Congregational church at the mission­
was a native of Michigan and was born
ary meeting which meets in Portland
in 1834. In 1878, he came to Ore­
j this week.
gon, remained a few years and re­
turned to his home state. Ten years
The Christian Endeavor society of
People may not be buying very freely furnishes a constant high pressure, afterwards, he again came West, lo­ the Congregational church held a bus-
at this time of the year, but they are Use any of the nozzles that are suit­ cated in Seattle and subsequently set- 1 iness meeting Fiiday evening in the
es susceptible to impressions as ever, able for applving Bordeaux mixture,
tied in Washington county, near Hill- Sunday school rooms of the church.
if [not more so. Anoka Free Press.
The spraying is somewhat disagree- side, where he operated a saw mill for John Brooks was unanimously chosen
I able, and the solution is slightly cor­ five years. H e then movedto Forest secretary of the society. A basket
esident Roosevelt may have made !
rosive so that the man doing the work Grove where he and his wife have supper followed the business part of
takes in the matter of the Panama
should be provided with a rubber or made their home for the last six years. the session. Games were played and
canal; his judgment is far from infal-,
In 1861 at the outbreak of th? Civil a thoroughly enjoyable time was had
oil skin coat, hat, gloves and a pair of
lible; but the people would trust him !
goggles. It is a good plan to rub War, he joined Battery F., light artil­ by all present.
far sooner than the clique of railroad
some vaseline on the hands and face lery of the First Michigan Volunteer
and tr.onoply congressmen who are to prevent the spray from irritating the regiment, and remained under arms
Gertie Nichols Awarded Medal
fighting him, and an investigation car­ flesh. The horses should be covered [ throughout the entire struggle. In
The contest for th* Demorest Silver
ried on merely to injure him will only with b’ankets or old sacks. The aim 1862, he was wounded at Richmond, Medal held in Vert’ s Hall Friday ev­
use popular sentiment in his favor
ening was well attended. Seven con-
should be to spray thoroughly and see Ì
and make him stronger with the peo­ that every part of the tree is thorough-
J' W ' wheeler was a member of the testants spoke in the following order:
ple than ever.— Oregon Journal.
ly covered. In order that this may Congregational church, of Gale Grange Susie Bryant, June Walker, Helen
I Our townsman, W. M. Langley, has
turned his mind to letter writing and
k asking, through the columns of the
Oregonian, some pointed questions of
lie candidates for Congress from this
Jistrict. H e has not succeeded, as
Jet, in eliciting any responses, but if
he keeps up his correspondence, he
fill certainly get a hearing some of
them. It is an unfrequent occurrence
Ivy Smith, Bess Ritchie, Mabel and
Venen and Messrs. Harry Gilt-
The home of Mr. and Mrs. R. R.
Wirtz, Oscar Loomis,
Kinton was the scene of a very pleasant
Sam Todd, Carl
surprise last Friday evening when about
twenty of their friends walked in to i Christian, Merle Markee and Master
!Guy McNutt.
spend the evening. f
The early part of the evening was
spent in playing “ Flinch” and "S.ner- — Whole and cracked com , Pederson’ s.
lock Holmes” and about ten o ’ clock,
— Money to loan on farm security.
consisting of ice-cream : W. H . Hollis, Forest Grove.
M r s . J u l i a W h e e l e r ,
and cake, were served, after which the
w . E. W h e e l e r ,
Three little babes were nestled in bed,
A my W heeler .
party adjourned voting it one of the
“ I ’ ll name William, Willie and Bill,” ‘
most pleasant events of the season.
mother said;
— Goldenrod Flour now $1.05 per
Besides the host and hostess, those
present were:
M rT n d m Y w
U! Wide was her srai,e’ for tripletS ‘ •Cy b e’
— We have line shingles, shakes, Markee, Mr. and Mrs. Carroll McNutt, |She lay her KOod luck t0 Rocky M° UD:
tain Tea. (Great baby m edicine.)
fence posts, hop poles etc. for sale.
and the Misses Bertha Williams, Kate
M. Turner, Banks, Ore.
and Theresa Stribich, E»r.ma Staehr, — Dr. Hines Drug Store.
The New York Tribune Farmer,
weekly, and the News one year, $1.25
The Farmer is one of the best farm
ioumals published.
Forest Grove's Delegates
______________________________ I or the Jackson County people take of
j theirs.
Our fruit might not keep as
H on. E w . Haines, Hon. Walter
$1.00 a Year in Advance.
long as theirs, but we can beat them, H oge and Co, H arry Haynes, were
of fresh burnt stone lime, 20 pounds.
Address all communications to Wash­ Flower of sulphur, IS pounds; Com-
ington County Pub. Co.,
mon salt, 10 pounds; Water, SO gal-
Forest Grove, Ore.
Ions. While salt is not considered
Surprise Party
Underwood Typewriter
Successor to JOHNSON & JOHNSON
Dealer in
Hams, Bacon and other Salt Meats always on hand
V egetables o f all K inds in S ea so n
Everything resh in the Grocery Line to be found here
Free Delivery to all parts of the City.
Both Phones
Forest Grove
Can S h e
T hem T
-------------Proprietor o f ..............
. . T l t c L e H d iiiiT ( S a r h e r S h o p . .
Up-to-date Hair-cutting and
Shaving. Laundry agency.
M a in S t r e e t .
P orest Q ro v t]
U n d e r ta k in g s ^
Practical Undertakers and Embaln
ers. Calls answered day or night-----
M a n y a poor
m other w ho feel*
th a t t h o s e she
holds m ost pre­
cious are grad u­
ally slip p in g aw ay from her
ov e r th e terrible precipice
of d isease, w ould be th a n k ­
ful to know w h a t D octor
P ierce's w onderful "Clolden
M ed ical D i s c o v e r y " has
done to restore thousands
o f w eak and w asted c h il­
dren u> »‘om p lete rounded, rosy, h e a lth y ,
a c tiv ity and life.
" Five years ago this last fall I was taken
down with a fever and was very bad f»>r
severr.l m onths.” writes Mrs. H enrietta Bell,
of Diamond, Ohio. She continues: "F in a lly
recovered from the fever, then m y lungs
b»‘cam e very had
T he d octor said I had
consum ption, and that he had done all he
could for mi1, and he did not think that I
could Bet we 1. My case was a very d anger-
ous one. B»'Camc very weak, had night-
sweats, also a very bad cou ch , night anil day.
At times would spit blood. 1 felt as though
my ttme on earth would tie short. R eouested
m y husband to get me a bottle o f Dr. P ierce'»
Golden M edical D iscovery, and perhaps It
would help me. B efore t had taken one
hot lie my rough was almost gone. The next
to disappear were the nigh t-sw eats
I am
alm ost sure that if It had not been fo r your
m edicine 1 would n ot have been here to-d a y .”
v^s^Roe & BuxtoJ
R . IN IX O IN , D e n t i s t
Forest Grove, Oregon
Dr. P ie rc e ’ s P le a sa n t P ellet* c u r e con
O ne little " P e l l e t " Is a gentle
la x a t iv e , and tw o a m ild c a th a r tic .
Three doors north o f Bailey's store,
hours from 9 A. M. to 4 P. M.
Hines' Store.
Real Estate and Corpo-
. ration_J^w_a>Sgeciahy.
If m others w ill on ly w rite to D r. Pierce
concerning th e ailm en ts o f their fa m ily he j
w ill s»‘itd them sound an 1 v a lu a b le ndvice :
In a plain sealed en ve lop e , and w ith o u t
a n y ch arge w h a te v er.
IIis rem ark a bly
w ide exp erience h as qualified him to deal
w i'h diseases w hich baffle the local prac
tition er.
Addrea« D r. R . V . Pierce, B u f
fah>. N Y .
stip u tio n .
Forest Grove, Ore.
r O I C S t V jT O V e ,
: Qucmg Lee :
( Sucessor to Sam Lee)
W u » h ln ji u n ti Ir o n in g
G ood W ork ■ Specially
F orest G rove,
J. W . Hughes
W ill Cry Your Sales.
Ind. Phone
Rocky Mountain Tea Nuggets Forest Grove
A Busy Medici-« hr Be y People.
Bring, Bolden Heultn and Heuernd Vigor.
A epeclflc for ronetlpntlon. Indtgr«tlon. U v e r
anil Kidney trouble*. I ’1mpl»m. Kczcma, Impure
Blood. Bud Breath. SluggUh Bowel,. Heudach«
und Haeltache. It* Itocky Mountain Tea in tab­
let form. 35 rent* a box. Genuine matte t
H o u . ikteh P itr o C o x p t x r , Ma .1 Don, Wlx.
Visible Writing
Tabulator without E x tra Gost
Perfect and Permanent Alignment
Durability Unequaled
dolci Medili TiigheAt A w a rd )
L e w is Ä C la r k Bxpoaitlon
O ra n d P rl* «, Liege,
Belgium I90Ä
O ra n d P rize , 8 t . D>ula, 1904
Six O t h e r Mlgheat
A w a rd a
P atents
trade m ar k *
D csionb
Underwood Typewiter
Portland, Oregon
Office in Front Rooms of Abbott Build­
ing, Upstairs.
City Barber Shop . .
Baths. Laundry Agency. Situ­
ated on Pacific Ave., Forest Grove.
A. I. Wirtz, Prop
A n r o n « sen d in g a s k e tc h and deeerlntlon may
•tlckly aacert.-iui o n r OptnIon free w he*^
i et her
Local Time Table
P a ie n t« taken through
tn roa a h Muon à. t o . receive
rpscUil notUe, w ith ou t ch a ra «. In t h «
Scientific American.
Trains on the Southern Pacific arrive
and depart on the following schedule:
No. 2 ___ 9 A. M. No. 4 ____ 6:21 P. M.
NN M o
New Tort
Branch OfBea. < ■ F B U W ashington. D C.
No. 3...6:59 A. M. No. 1....4:16 PM
N. L. ATKINS, Agt.
Inver Mon la probably
___ pal_____
lions at Mctjjr
5tlf ron Aden
f Ul M
d I b W . on Palan ta
atfonry for
fi ■ ecu
•«nt f r « « . (fittest ajrenry
m rin«
m pateni ita.
A h a n d som ely Illustrated w eekly, ! .arrest c ir ­
culation ..f anv « d e n t i l e tournai. T erm s. $9 a
year : fo u r m on th s, 91- Bold by all n ew sd ea ler*
Ask for Trial. . .
68 Sixth Street,
60 YEAH.
J. N. Hoffman
— Goldenrod Flour now $1.05
—Goldenrod Flour $1.05 per sack.