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    Editorial Page-Washington Co. News.
F . W O O D S ,
tiU lto r .
Published Every Thursday by the Washing­ Every citizen of this commonwealth
has a duty resting upon him, regardless
ton County Publishing Co. Incorporated
of the political party to which he be­
at Forest 6rove, Oregon
- R A R ER
$1.00 a Year in Advance.
Entered at the post-office at Forest
Grove, Oregon, as second class
mail matter.
Address all communications to Wash­
ington County Pub. Co.,
Forest Grove, Ore.
If the NEWS fails to reach its subscrib­
ers or is late, we request that immedi­
ate attention may be called to the same.
The Salem Journal says two leagues
are at work in Western Oregon— the
Willamette Valley development league
and the Anti-Saloon League. Both
want to see a greater depth of water
on the bar.
While we are on the road question
and lest we forget, the streets of our
city need a great deal oJ attention, and
the time to attend to them is now.
Main Street and Pacific Avenue during
the last few days of rainy weather were
a disgrace, and no person with civic
pride should be content until some­
thing is done toward their permanent
longs and that duty is, to give thought­
ful and sincere consideration to the
selection of men for our coming dele­
gation in Congress. With our Senior
Senator and one of our Congressmen
under conviction of crime before the
Circuit Court of the United States for
Oregon, and the other Congressman
under indictment, the men whom we
send to Washington will be scrutinized
more closely than those of any other
s ate, and our entire citizenship (as
honest, intelligent, industrious and
progressive as that of any other state )
will be judged largely by the integrity,
intelligence, and industry of those
whom we select as our representatives.
Considering this, does not the short
poem of J. G. Holland, entitled
“ Wanted—Men” , seem to fit the
“ God give us men! A time like this
Strong minds, great hearts, true faith
and ready hands;
Men whom the lust of office does not
Men whom the spoils of office cannot
Men who possess opinions and a will;
Men who have honor, and will not lie;
Men who can stand before a demagogue,
And damn their treacherous flatteries
without winking;
Tall men, sun-crowned men, men who
live above the fog
In public duty and private thinking.
For when the rabble with their thumb
worn creeds,
Their large professions and their little
Mingle in selfish strife-lo Freedom
Wrong rules the land, and waiting jus­
tice sleeps.”
It is to be hoped that the “ reversion
of title” to property in this city upon
which intoxicating liquors are supposed
to have been sold will be settled this
time and for all time. It strikes us
however, that the cases that have been
pending in our Circuit Court for three
or four years, if pushed to an issue or
decision, might have answered the
purpose of the college people just as
well and resulted in a discontinuance Plans Perfected for Holding Farmers’
and Shippers' Congress Nov. 11.
of liquor selling by those who have
been sitting on the “ volcano.”
The members of the Willamette
McMinnville have perpected plans for
It is gratifying to know that muc^ the holding of a Farmers’ and Shippers’
work of a permanent character is being Congress in that city on Nov. 11.
done on our highways this fall, and it wide range of topics will be discussed
is to be hoped that our roads will not at this gathering but the main object
get as muddy this winter as formerly. of the Congress will be to.promote the
The “ split log” method of treating development of Western Oregon in
the roads is receiving considerable at­ general and to give special considera­
tention in Forest Grove, and a move- tion to the pressing needs of the Coos
ment is on foot to give it a severe test ßay harbor and a rai,road from the
this fall and winter. The thing most Willamette Valley to that pciat. The
to be feared in testing this method of Boards of Trade in the various towns
improving our highway, is that it will throughout Western Oregon have been
be abandoned too early in the trial, for, invited to send representatives to this
if we are correctly informed, it takes meeting. Among the speakers will
several years to produce the best re­ be Gov. George E. Chamberlain,
sults from its use. In the meantime James Withycombe of Oregon Agricul
a good macadamized roadway on all | tural College; Joseph N. Teal, of
our principal thoroughfares should be Portland; Walter L. Tooze, of Wood-
constructed as fast as possible without bum; Col. E. Hofer, of Salem; Judge
too greatly increasing the burden of Hewitt, of Albany.
Judge W. H.
Hollis, of this city, has accepted an in­
Few of our people realize fully the
Miss Gertrude Qually of near Seattle,
Wash., is visiting with her father, who value and extent of Oregon’s timber
resources. The Pacific Monthly con­
lives near here.
Mr. Clarence Miller is preparing to tains the following comprehensive arti­
move his saw mill up on Clearwater cle on the subject, by Dr. Wolf von
“ The value of the Oregon timber
Mr. and Mrs. Burkhart of Portand,
has been estimated at 84,020,000,000
are spending a few days with their
which is nearly thrice the amount
daughter, Mrs. T. Hines.
taken out in gold from California mines
Mr. J. J. Adkins is the proud father since 1849.
The timber there—
of a fine nine pound son.
spruce, fir, cedar, larch, pine, etc., in
Mrs. Daniel Pierce went to Portland the more eastern and southern parts of
Monday where she will visit with her the state— is the best in the world, and
sister, Mrs. Jacobsen.
finds a market wherever ships laden
Iver Jacobsen who is under the doc­ with it can penetrate, in South Africa
tor’s care in Portland, spent Sunday and Australia, as well as Japan, China
with his family returning to Portland and South America. The main mar­
ket, however, is in the prairie states of
again Monday.
From the looks of things around Nebraska, the Dakotas, Iowa, etc., and
Chas. Thomas’s Saturday evening, one it is to be hoped that the long-standing
would think there had been a land controversy with some of the railroads
slide as his house was about thirty rods about the rate charged for a long haul
farther down the hill than it was in the will soon be adjusted satisfactorily.
morning but on inquiring it was found At present 53,000 carloads of lumber
that John Heisler’s engine was hitched are annually lost both to the railroads
and the lumbermen of the Pacific
to the house when it was sliding.
Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Lafferty spent Coast because they are unable to uti­
Sunday on Wilson River with H. T. lize this inferior lumber(stumpage,
etc.); for the railroads this also means
Shorb and daughters.
a loss in freight of between 85,000,000
It is reported that Bill Lee’s little
and 86,000,000 per annum.
girl, Rena has the mumps.
immense the lumber business in the
The Union Sunday School gave an Pacific Northwest is even to-day(when
entertainment at the church last Sun­ it is not developed, relatively speak­
day morning which was very good.
ing) few people stop to think or in­
quire. For last year it amounted to
Artisans’ District Meeting.
2,090,494,122 lumber feet, whereof
The Order of United Artisans has 342,050,273 was in foreign cargo ship­
begun recently a series of ten district ments, 637,049,849 in coastwise, and
meetings which are to be held in vari­ 1,111,394,000 in rail shipments.
ous parts of the Willammette Valley. Added to this were over five billion
One of these gatherings is to take packages of shingles. The manufac­
place in Forest Grove, December 5. ture and sale of wood pulp is still in its
The assembly in this city has a large infancy throughout the Coast district,
membership which will probably be I but it has a big future before it, and :o
increased by the initiation of many has tha sale of hemlock bark(with its
candidates at this coming gathering.
20 per cent of tannic acid), and of
many other wood products now scarce­
ly thought of.
Altogether there are
now in this whole Coast country 1,008
sawmills busy and 160,000 men em­
ployed. After the completion of the
Of Course There Are Other Dealers
Panama Canal, however, it is expected
but you would not have thought so that the export of lumber will be
if you could have seen how busy doubled within a short time.
we have been the past six weeks.
There is no use talking the quality
of our STOCK and the SNAPPY
— Victor flour can’t be beat.
STYLES we are giving you are be­
—Gasoline wood saw, phone 583.
ing appreciated by this community.
—Goldenrod Flour now 81.05 per
If you haven’t seen our line be sure
to do so when in need of shoes,
— Goldenrod Flour now 81.05 per
when you can find such strong lines
as Dr. Reeds Cushion Sole Shoes, sack.
Even a Child
the smartest shoe on earth; W. L.
Douglas 83.00 to 85.00 Shoe; A.
A. Cutter’s Water-Tight Shoe, with
something over 40 kinds to choose
from, seems that we can surely
please you.
Thanking all for the
very extensive trade, we will try to
prove ourselves worthy of a contin­
uance and an increase for the Fall
of 1905.
and be absolutely
sure o f getting the
h same quality each
time. T h e u n ­
broken seal is the
buyer’s protection.
1 a n d 2 lb . a r o m a - tig h t tin s
a t h ig h g ra d e g ro c e rs.
Successor to JOHNSON k JOHNSON
Dealer in
F R E S H M E A T S O F A L L K IN D :
Hams, Bacon and other Salt Meats always on hand
Vegetables of a ll K in d s in Seasoi
Everything fresh in the Grocery Line to be found here
Free Delivery to all parts of the City.
Both Phones
F o re s t G ro ve
O re g o i
Johnson & Co.
- :
B ric k
L iv e ry ,
J - B McPherson recently sold his
01 hoP* for 7c “ d
f**1 * b°P* !ot 9 e -
William Weston :s reported to have
sold his bo;s for 9c.
U » b Ikt t w . . of » a n , <ile-
-asea Care the ranee and row
cure the disease Owe “ Pails«" b a gentle
laxative, and two t mild cathartic, hroe-
Cksta sell them, and nofMa« Is "last as good.”
Dr. Pierce's great thoueand-page Illus­
trated Common Sense Medical Adviser
will be sent free, pepar-bwund. for *1 one-
cent stamps, or cloth-hooad for U stamps.
Sa le
Tinest Rigs. B e st H o rse s. Good D riv e rs.
Comer Main and Pacific Ave., Forest rove, Or.
P ed ersen F eed S to re,
F o re s t G ro v e , O re g o n
Flour, Hay, Grain and all kinds of Feed always on hand
Windows, Door, Mouldings, Shingles, Paints
and Oils. All kinds of Field Seeds. W e
are also agents for the famous Chatham Fanning
Mill with Sacker.
— Money to loan on farm security. (
W. H. Hollis, Forest Grove.
Practical Undertakers and Embalm-
ers. Calls answered day or night.
V j^ - R o e & B uxt(
3 0 T H ’PH ONES.
SAELENS ft CO., Main St.,
A n n u a lly , to fill th e new position« created by R a il­
roads a nd
T e leg ra p h Com rDii.es.
W e want
Young Men and Ladies » rood habit«, to
The Morse School of Telegraphy.
C in c in n a ti, O hio.
A tlanta, Ga.
T e x a rk a n a , T ex.
B uffalo. N. Y.
LaCroaae, W is.
San F ran cisco , C al.
City Barber Shop . .
Baths. Laundry Agency. Situ­
ated on Pacific Ave., Forest Grove.
. . A. !. W irtz, Proprietor
J. W . H u g h e s
D e s ig n s
C o p y r ig h t s A c .
A n y a n a H a n d in g a » k a tr h a n d d a e e r lp tlo n m a y
in tr k lv a»4^»ru»in o n r o p in io n f ra « w h e t h e r a n
n m u n to a -
i P a te n t*
t a ira n e y f o r a a m r tp g
P a t e n t * t a k e n t h r o u g h M urin A ( o . r e c e iv e
• p a r t * ! «•*(«<*, w i t h o u t c h a r * « . In t h a
Scientific American.
a ban<lw»Mlr nimtrMwt »«•»!,. I t r g f l at-
r»l«V - o f o n , V i- T itio . w .orooL Torm o. I I a
feme : f o a r m onths. $L 80M b , a ll n o o i Ooo lw w
Forest Grove,
H inet' St
R . INIXOIN, r e n t h
Forest Grove, Oregon
T h re e door« n o rth o f B a ile y ’* »tore,
hour« from 9 A. M. to 4 P . M.
Will Cry Your Sales.
Ind. Phone
J. N . Hoffman
P atents
Forest Grove,
Real Estate and Corpo-
W e f u rn is h 75 p e r c e n t, of th e O p e ra to rs a nd
S tation A gents in A m erica. O u r six schools are
th e larg e st e x c lu siv e T e le g ra p h Schools IN T H E
W O R LD . Established 20 > ears and endorsed by all
lea d in g R ailw ay O fficials.
W e e x e c u te a $250 Bond to e v e ry student to
fu rn is h him o r 'h e r a position p a y in g from $40 to
$60 a m onth in Slates east of the R ocks M ountains,
or from $75 to $100 a m onth in States w est of the
R ockies, i m m f d l a t f l v u p o n g r a d u a t i o n .
S tudents c a n e n te r at a n y tim e. No vac atio n s.
F or fu ll p a rtic u la rs re g a rd in g a ny of ou r Schools
w rite d ire c t to o u r e x e cu tiv e office at C in c in n a ti, O.
C a talogue fre e .
Stab le
See our ad. in the T. P. A. Guide. Drummers’ trade our
specialty. Our ’Bus meets all trains. Carries U. S. mail.
Baggage and freight called for and delivered.
— Dr. W. M. Pollock Dentist, in
Bazaar building.
F r a n c is c o
— Closing out sale. Goods at re-11
duced prices at W. E. Dunsmoor’s.
Dr. Pierce, in his own laboratory, so com­
bined in the most exact proportions, and
their medicinal properties preserved
w ithout the use of alcohol i as to render
it a *n/e and effective remedy for use in
the fam ily w ithout consi.ltlng a doctor.
Young or old can take it freely as needed,
and now th at ita composition is p u b ­
lished there is nc ground for prejndlea
against it aa a patent medicine or secret
medicine. I t Is neither.
Dr. Pierce’s Pleasant Pellets
. -lire constipation
Const I pa-
E s t a b l i s h e d i n 1850
— Every man owes it to himself and
his family to master a trade or profes­ Forest Grove
sion. Read the display advertisement (
of the six Morse Schools of Telegraphy
in this issue and learn how easily a
young man or lady may leam tele­
graphy and be assured a position.
Office in Front Rooms of Abbott Build­
eo Y E A R «
ing, Upstairs.
Heal root, tjueen s root, .Stone root, Black
These Cherrybark, Bkmdroot and M andrake
root, and by special processes perfected by
tory is now bein8 erected.
Places ° f business t0«ether
blacksmith shop and the new tonsorial
* * appearance of a
destined 10 ^
1 •“ *« ^
the development of that section of the
Sa n
—The gasoline woodsaw furnishes its
own fuel.
— Sewing machines for sale or rent
at The Bazaar.
— Good prunes, 2 cents per pound j
at Dunsmoor’s.
b u y
Golden Gate Coffee
vitation to deliver an address at one of
The local Board of
Mrs. June McMillen Ordway, the the sessions.
a delegation.
noted Portland writer, who has just
Life Is a c o n stan t liglit a u ain st th e d a n ­
gers of disease, a n d lie holds his osvn the
achieved fame as a playwright, is a
best w ho keeps
At The Christian Church.
niece of Mrs. Steven Blank of this
his body and
its functions in
place. Mrs. Ordway’s new play deals
Services at the Christian Church
th e tiest w ork­
ing trim .
with the arrival of a pioneer family in
* * 7 as follows: Sunday
There are
the days when Oregon was young. , S '* 00' at 105 preaching at 11; Chris-
time* in every
life w hen N a­
The characters are quaint and several l'an Endeavor at 6:30; preaching tt
tu re gratefully
accepts a little
s o n g s which are very bright and catchy 7:30
The sermon Sunday evening
aid. She does
not want a
have been introduced to enliven the
be especially for young people,
w hipping up
for t h a t is inev­
production. Mrs. Ordway is also a
ita b ly follow­
poet and her verse has appeared in All are invited.
ed by depres­
sing reaction.
both Western and Eastern magazines.
In iru>*t rote*
Banks on the Boom.
a tonic and al­
One of her songs “ Bird Note” was
ra tiv e prop­
Banks, the thriving community situ­
erly com-
dedicated to Mme. Jennie Norilli, the
ated seven miles north from this city,
well-known grand opera singer, and
afford the reoulred help by promoting
| is experiencing a season of great activ- digestion, assim ilation and reco n stru c­
has been sung by the prima donna on
of tissue and reducing w aste of vital
| ity brought about in a large measure tion
nerve forces.
the other side of the Atlantic. Forest
It m u tt not he a n alcoh olic nU m ulant—
by its close proximity to the much
Just a vegetable tonic. M eeting these
Grove friends are justly proud of Mrs.
discussed Tillamook-Nehaiem R. R. needs and conditions Dr. Pierce's Golden
Ordway’s success.
Medical Discovery has been In successful
Besides the two general merchandise use these forty years and has a cc u m u ­
a record of cures unequaied In the
| stores now conducted in that locality, a lated
history of medicine. It Is composed of
Broke Her Arm
large hardware and implement reposi- non-alcoholic, glyceric extract« of Golden
Miss Letha Richardson, a daughter
of Mrs. Galloway, residing on the
Thatcher road near Ira Purdin's p&ce,
broke her arm while riding a bicycle
on her return from the Anderson vine-
yard near David's Hill. Coming down
the hill her wheel got beyond her con-
tioL Miss Richardson jumped of! and
fell, breaking her arm above the wrist.
Had she fallen a little further she
would hare «ruck a tree and the
accident would have been fatal. Dr.
Geiger was summoned and set the
fractured limb.
Oregon's Timber.
Local Time Table
Trains on the Sou ¿hern Pacific arrive
and depart on the following schedule:
No. 2 . . , . 9 A . M. No. 4 . . . . 6:21 T. M.
No. 3 ...6 :5 9 A. M. No. 1 ....4 :1 6 PM
N. L. A T K IN S, Agt.
I f you f t angry w ith a man or w o ­
man, m ake op your mind w hat yoo a n
going to aajr and then don’t aay It
Farmers & Merchai
Of Forest Grove, Oregon
$ 2 A ,(X )0 .
A General Banking Business Tr
acted. Drafts sold on all the princid
Cities in the United States and Euroij
Correspondents Wells Fargo &
Bank. Directors: Richard M. DoolJ
J. E. Loomis, John W. Shu|
and Frank E. Dooley.
Go T o The
Paris : Milliner : Parlj
A fine line of Ribbons, V |
vets, Hats, Caps, Baby
Mourning Goods and Node
M. L. Berdan,
Baldwin Brick - Forest
—Goldenrod Flour, guaranteed.