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    Washington County News
Secretary o f War Will Not Make
ception in Favor o f Columbia.
FO R E ST G R O V E ........... OREGON
In a Condensed Form for Our
Busy Readers.
A Resume o f the Lees Important but
Not Less Interesting Events
o f the Past Week.
The suffrage strike
through Austria.
The powers are planning a naval
demonstration against Turkey.
Grand Duke Nicholas is with Witte
in the present reform movement.
A blunder in the law will prevet.t
the sale of the Hiletz timber land.
Fire at Birmingham, Alabama, de­
stroyed property valued at $¡72,000.
Two towns in Bessarabia have been
burned and many Jews perished in the
Judge Paul Jesscn, of Nebraska, has
declined to accept an appointment to
the supreme bench of Arizona.
A rice famine exists in three pro­
vinces of Japan and 1,000,000 of the
population is practically starving.
It is said that the French minister
is preparing to leave Venezuela. The
British minister will take charge of the
French legation.
Washington, Nov. 7. — In his an­
nual report made public today, General
MacKenzie, chief of engineers, asks that
the following appropriations be made
in the next sundry civil bill:
Mouth of Columbia river, $300,000;
Celilo canal, $260,000; Willamette and
Columbia below Portland, $125 000;
Columbia between Vancouver and the
mouth of the Willamette, $30,000: Ta
coma harbor, $200,000. Each and all
of these appropriations were authorized
in the river and harbor bill passed at
the last session; these respective sums
have been expended or are covered by
contracts now in force, so that not one
dollar asked for by General MacKenzie
will go to pay for new work. In other
wordB, General MacKenzie is asking
only for enough money to pay for work
now under way or already completed.
He asks for no new appropriations for
he has been instructed by the secretary
of war to cut down his estimates and
confine himself solely to work hereto­
fore authorized.
Personally, General MacKenzie be­
lieves congress should make Urge ap­
propriations for the mouth of the Co­
lumbia river, and be thinks it wrong
to allow work on that project to stop at
its present incompleted stage, and yet
tinder instructions from his superior he
cannot officially recommend Buch ap­
A woman has successfully borrowed
money in New Jersey towns on the
pretense that she is the wife of J. J.
H ill, of the Great Northern.
claim their products equal those of
France and Germany and w ill hold an
exhibition in Chicago in December to
prove it.
The czar has granted home rule to
Liberals are rallying to the support
of W itte.
England’ s national
Gladstone has been unveiled.
An insane woman at Kalamazoo,
Michigan, fed her children with the
An inspection of the steamboat in­
spection service has beeu ordered in St
Japan and Russian w ill exchange the
peace ratification about the 2t)th of this
Britain's unemployed million has pe­
titioned Balfour for relief by creating
new public works.
A Minneapolis grand jury has re­
turned indictments against four former
officials of the Northwestern Life Insur­
ance company.
Fire which started in a New Or­
leans paint store destroy«! $100,000
worth of property.
The Isthmian Canal commission has
Just purchased a vast amount of sup­
plies for the canal, including lumber,
powder, cars and engines.
Mountain View, Oklahoma, has been
swept by a tornado and seven people
killed and 15 in ju r«!. A Urge numtier
of reeidencea were wrecked.
The ctar has signed a proclamation
for free preea and liberation of prison­
Private car linea have ref u s« 1 to
answer qmetiona asked by the Inter­
state Commerce commission.
Minnesota is now having her turn
with land frauda. Benson. Hyde and
Olovei are accused with oAeiale and
lumbermen of securing large tracts of
timber to which they had no right.
Germany w ill terminate the Dingley
tariff agreement with
the United
Htales, and thus clears the way for a
new trade treaty.
Harriman Interests Secure Control ot
Big Irrigation Project.
Denver Capitalist Gets Fine 1 ract o f
1,800 Acres.
Salem— The transfer of the Colombia
Southern Irrigation company’s interests
in the Bend country to a newly formed
corporation organized by men connected
with the Harriman system is a sign
pointing toward the construction of a
railroad from some point on Harriman
lines to the irrigation district in Crook
The Columbia Southern Irrigation
company was largely backed by the
same interests that built the Columbia
Southern railway. The sale of the road
to Harriman people lias now been fol­
lowed by the transfer of the irrigation
company’s interests in the 27,000 acres
of land being reclaimed just west of the
Deschutes river and north of the Turn»-
lo, in Crook county.
This land is
northwest of Bend and practically ad­
joining that being reclaimed by the
Deschutes Irrigation & Power company.
The new company, known as the Co-
lumtiia Southern Irrigating company,
has tiled articles in the State depart­
ment with James E. Wilson, H . F.
Connor and W. K. Litzenberg as ineor-
poratots. The capital stock is $300,-
000. It is Btated in the articles that
the compaiiy proposes to take over the
property and affairs of the Columbia
Southern Irrigation company.
Klamath Falls— Land in the Klamath
basin is now being sought after bv big
speculators as well as the man who is
looking for an ideal place to build a
home and rear a family.
The order
from Washington, D. C., calling for tha
placing of bids for the work on the
main canal of the Klamath irrigation
project, is bringing in investors by the
score, and local land agents are having
their hands full to handle the would-be
The latest deal of moment in realty
was closed this week, when C. E.
Wantland, of Denver, Colo., land agent
for the Union Pacific railroad, closed a
deal whereby he and others became
owners of the Mitchell tract of 1.800
acres, lying two miles below Klamath
The price paid for this tract
was $40,000. Charles W. Eherline, of
New York, land agent for the Southern
Pacific, who is now stationed at San
Francisco, was also here this week
looking over the country and inquiring
about land values. What his mission
was is not yet given out.«
Land values in the basin have re­
mained practically the same tor several
months, the prospect of irrigation not
having affected them so far to a great
Will Have Mutual Phones.
O.egon City — Stock iB being sub­
scribed liberally by Oregon City busi­
ness men towards a corporation for in­
stalling a mutual telephone exchange
in this city as the connecting link to
the successful operation of the rural
telephone system in Clackamas county.
It is projiosed to form a company with
a capital stock of $7,500 and install an
exchange having 150 phones. This ex­
change has been petitioned for by sub­
scribers to the various rural telephone
companies throughout the county.
the rate stock in the proposed company
is selling, the company will be organiz­
ed in a few days.
Fire destroyed the top floors of the C hief o f Engineers Makes Estimates
in His Report.
Chronicle building in Kan Francisco.
One of the most valuable newspaper
Washington, Nov. 7. — Sixteen m il­
libraries in the country was ruined.
lion dollars w ill be necessary to com­
Britisli policy holders in the Kquit- plete the engineering works of the fort­
ahle Life Assurance society, at a mass ifications of the sea coast of the United
meeting in London, adopted a resolu­
States under the present plans of the
tion of confidence in President Morton
Endicott board, according to the report
and his colleagues.
of Brigadier General MacKenzie, chief
King Alfonso, of Spain, is visiting
of engineers. There already has been
in Berlin.
appropriated for this purpose $328,-
The massacre of Jews continues at
Permanent projects at 31
different points have been adopted and
American imports into Cuba show a
most of them are well under way.
great increase.
Among these points are 8an Diego,
Roosevelt says it is useless to inter­
8an Francisco, Columbia river
cede for Russian Jews.
and Puget sound.
The genera I board of the navy re­
The defense of the Great lakes and
commends the building of 18,000-tnn
the 8t. Lawrence River is under con­
sideration. The estimate for the com­
Western Washington millmen are pletion of the fortifications do not con­
endeavoring to secure cars for shipping template anything more than the pro­
jects outlined by the Endicott board.
The Norwegian charge d'afTairs at Modern appliances and additional pro­
jects which may be adopted by the
Washington is sure Prince Charles, of
Taft board, appointed last summer,
Denmark, w ill be king of Norway.
and the fortifications of the insular pos­
Ralfour gave a cold reception to the sessions may increase the estimate
delegation of England's unemployed when additional work is approved by
and a monster indignation meeting was congress. It is estimated that $4,263,364
w ill be required to put into execution
Walter G. Tubby, a 8t. Paul railroad by the engineering department the
man, has been appointed superintend­ schemes of the artillery and signal
ent of construction of the Panama corps for fire control of the seacoast de­
A colony of 25,000 Lithuanians,
gathered from all the large Eastern
cities, w ill settle somewhere in the Co­
lumbia river region.
Administration Would Like to See O r­
egon’s Congressmen Resign.
From Southeastern Oregon
Brings in $2,0 0 0 ,0 0 0 .
Baker City— The active state of the
sheep market this fall has been a mat­
ter of congratulation to that portion of
Southeastern Oregon interested ill this
branch of the stock raising industry,
although the
made, of $3,000,000 having
brought into this countiy this season,
are too much by half, according to the
“ sheep kings" of Eastern Oregon.
Miles Lee, recognized as Baker coun­
ty’ s leading sheepman, and W . G.
Ayre, another sheep king, from Durkee,
Baker county, both state that about
$2,000,000 wortli of sheep have l>een
shipped from Eastern Oregon this year.
Prices have ruled from $1.75 as high as
$3.50 in extreme case?.
shipping lias been done this year from
Huntington and Ontario, these points
being most convenient to Malheur and
Harney counties. Freight rates to the
Haste.n markets are the same from
these points as from those farther north
along the O. R. & N.
Washington, Nov. 6.— It can be stat­
ed on reliable authority that the Roose­
velt administration is in sympathy
with the movement now on foot in Ore­
gon to induce Senator Mitchell and
Representatives Hermann and W illiam ­
son to resign their seats in congress.
Officials of the administration share
the belief universally held in Wash­
ington that Oregon should not be de­
nied representation in congress; it is
acknowledged that Mitchell, Hermann
and Williamson w ill never again be
able to render their state effective ser­
vices; they certainly cannot do so un­
der prevailing conditions.
It being
apparent that not one of these men
could possibly be in position to perform
active duty as a member of the Fifty-
ninth congress, the administration
thinks it is incumbent upon them all
to resign.
For obvious reasons, no member of
the coadminiBtrition can be quoted on
this matter, but, if the president’ s
views and those of his various cabinet
officers could be printed, the people of
Oregon would have no-doubt as to the
position of the administration. So far
the administration lias done nothing to
force Mitchell, Hermann or W illiam ­
son out of congress, though some offi­
cials of the department of Justice have
been urging the attorney general to
ask for an advancement of the Mitchell
case on the docket of the United States
Supreme court.
I f this is done, and
the Supreme court sustains the findings
of the lower court, Mitchell w ill he
deprived of his seat some time this
winter and Governor Chamberlain will
have an opportunity to appoint Iiis suc­
cessor ty serve until March 4, 1907.
Secretary Sees Great Improvement at
Panama, Nov. 6.— Secretary of War
Taft held a long conference this morn­
ing with Chief Engineer Stevens.
day Secretary Taft and Mr. Stevens w ill
go over the works at Flmpire City and
Culebra cut and afterwards w ill go by
boat from Mindi to Colon, examining
at the same time the harbor improve­
ments at Cristobal.
Secretary Taft informs the Associa'ed
Press that he was very mnch pleased
with the situation here, which he says
lias greatly changed for the better since
his last trip. He thought from what
he had already seen that the work on
the canal was progressing satisfactorily
and was now efficiently organized. He
said he was happy to notice that the
spirit of the men on the canal had im ­
proved, and that the condition of five
or six months ago did not exist.
The secretary said the sanitary con­
ditions are excellent and believed that
by continuing the present methods yel­
low fever conld be controlled. He
thought the efficiency of the laborers
was not as high as it should be, but he
said that he contemplated making no
change until the men had been given a
fair trial. The department of Commis­
saries, where the men could get proper
food, he added, would raise their effi­
McClellan and Jerome Carry New
York by Small Plurality.
Contest in Ohio Close — Republicans
Massachusetts, Rhode
Island and New Jersey.
Washington, Nov. 8. — Election re­
turns received by tne Associated Press
up to 2 o’clock this morning show that
the Democrats have carried the mayor­
alty campaign in New York City, the
state ticket in Pennsylvania, the state
ticket in Virginia and the city ticket in
Louisville, while the Republicans made
a clean sweep in Massachusetts and in
Chicago and Cook county, and have
carried their tickets in New Jersey,
Rhode Island, Nebraska and Maryland.
In New York Hearst has a plurality
in the Borough of Brooklyn of almost
16,000, with 14 election districts miss­
ing. The returns indicate McClellan’ s
re-election by several thousand plural­
ity. Hearst has charged fraud in the
voting. Bird S. Coler was elected bor­
ough president of Brooklyn on the Mu­
nicipal Ownershi]» ticket.
The New
York election shows that municipal
ownership will be a considerable factor
in the city’s politics.
In Ohio the result is still doubtful,
though the returns up to a late hour
indicated ttie election of Pattison, the
Democratic candidate for governor.
The inffrage amendment in Maryland
was defeated overwhelmingly. Massa­
chusetts elected a Republican governor
by a majority approximating that of
Douglas, the present Democratic gov­
ernor. F'oliowing is a summary of the
New York — Mayor, George B. Mc­
Clellan, Democrat, re-elected by small
plurality; W illiam Travers Jerome,
independent, district attorney, re-elect­
e d ; Bird 8. Coler, Municipal Owner­
ship, elected borough president of
Ohio— Both Democratic and Repub­
lican leaders claim election. Pattison,
Democrat, carried Cincinnati, Cleve­
land, city and county, and the Demo­
crats made gains in Toledo and Akron.
Maryland — The
amendment, whose purpose was to dis­
franchise negro voters, was defeated.
Republicans elected the state com )«
troller and city officials. Political com •
plexion of the legislature uncertain.
Massachusetts — The Republicans
elected Curtis Guild, Jr., Republican,
governor by 29,435 plurality, and E. 8.
Draper, Republican, lieutenant gov­
ernor by 3,942.
Chicago — Republicans made a clean
sweep in Chicago and Cook county.
Robert R. McCormick, Republican,
elected president of the board of sani­
tary trustees.
Rhode Island — Clean Republican
Pennsylvania — Philadelphia over­
whelmingly carried by the City party
(reform ticket).
elected state treasurer by upward of
75.000 plurality.
Virginia— The Democratic plurality
is about 20,000, and Swauson is elected
governor. Negroes generally remaine«!
away from the polls. The next legis­
lature on joint ballot w ill have 23 Re­
publicans, instead of 16, as at present.
Salt Lake City— The American party
(anti-Mormon) defeated the Mormon
Democratic and Republican candidates
for mayor.
New Jersey— Republican gains in
legislature sufficient to preclude any
Democratic success to U n it«! States
Senator Dryden. Reformers elect E v­
erett Colby, Independent Republican,
to state senate in Essex county.
Nebraska— Republicans elected state
supreme judge.
Kan Francisco — Union Labor candi­
date for mayor probably elected by
15.000 majority.
Indianapolis — Republican
Work Progresses at Waldo Lake.
Eugene— Engineer Simon Klovdahl,
in charge of the preliminary work of
constructing a large reservoir at Waldo
lake, on the summit of the Cascade
mountains, for an irrigating system to
he installed by A. K. Black and hie
aestxnates in the Upper Willamette val­
ley, is now in Eugene and reports two
feet of snow have fallen at the summit
in the last two weeks. His crew has
completed a good trail from the road to
the lake; has built a house for the
Millions in Stumps.
winter; has commenced work on a big
Raker City — Two Russians named
««anal to tap and drain the lake.
Solomon are here from the East inves­
tigating yellow pine stumps,
Eastern Money fo r Railroads.
which they claim to have a process for
Baker City — Articles of incorpora­
manufacturing turpentine and
tion of the Ontario A Idaho railroad
They say there is millions in it, and
have been filed in Boise by N. C.
are now in the hills surveying stump-
Richards, an attorney of Sumpter.
age. They must have decayed stumps,
Wheeler A Co., of New York, capital­
the theory being that old yellow pine
ists, who are interest«! in Sumpter
stumps absorb chemicals from the
mines, are said to be behind the pro­
Four and one-half cords of
ject, which is to build a railroad from
C O N T E S T O N S M O O T 'S SE A T.
stumps make $150 worth of turpentine
Ontario to Emmett, Idaho.
It is re­
and tar, and the process can be re­
ported the Vale railroad, recently in-
Disposition Will Be Made B efore the peated 16 times a month. It is be-
corporat«! to build to a connection with
People In Berlin Fear Russian Revo­
lie v « l lot-al capital w ill interest itself
Term Ends.
the Oregon Short Line, is hacked by
in the enterprise.
lution Will Touch Germany.
Banker Savage, of Chinook, Mont.
Washington, Nov. 7.— Senator Bur­
Beilin, Nov. 6.— Many people in
rows, of Michigan, chairman of the
Looking fo r Seining Grounds.
Berlin are saying that Russia’ s success­
All Fruit C rops Are Light.
committee on privileges and elections,
As*oria— A representative of Puget
Freewater— Judge Geer, Oregon state ful revolution may have far reaching
who has arrived in Washington for the sound parties has been here during the
horticultural commissioner, spent sev­ results for the fatherland. Germany,
coming session of congress, said tonight past few «lays conferring with the own­ eral days in this section last week, and they say, w ill be completely isolated
that ho expected to have the case of ers of some of the principal independ­ while here was the guest of John S. among nations when the Russian dem­
ent seining grounds in the Columbia Vinson. He reports light fruit crops ocracy comes off victorious, if the kai­
Senator Reed Smoot, of Utah, dis­
river, in an effort to secure options and in general over the entire state.
A l­ ser resists the craving for greater po­
pose«! of before the term ends.
property. As near as can be learned, though the Freewater crop was lighter litical liberty. The situation is deemed
Senator Smoot's seat is being contest­ a company is being organiz«! on Puget than usual, good prices prevailed and all the more serious because pan-
ed <aii the ground that he is a member sound to erect a salmon cannery on the fruit ranchers realized as large profits Slavist ideas leading to war over the
of the Mormon hierarchy.
A great Columbia, but before any definite steps as in the previous years. Mr. Geer ap­ Austrian anil Balkan questions may get
mass of testimony was taken at the last are taken the company desires to ob­ pointed Howard Flvans of this place the upper hand in Russia, when the
session of congress, and it was gener­ tain possession of a number of seining fruit inspector for this vicinity.
democracy has complete power. The
ally understood that each side had grounds as the principal souri'e from
czar’ s government has hitherto been
com plot«! its case.
which to 8 «’ure its fish.
able to keep them down.
P O R T L A N D M A R K E TS .
Senator Burrows said that if it is de­
German Socialists cherish no illusion
Wheat— Club, 73(874c per huhsel; to the effecct that the rulers of Ger­
c id «! to present further testimony the
Expects Much From Fulton.
committee is willing to iiear it. He
Coquille— Coquille valley is expect­ bluestem. 7S@77c; valley, 74@75c; many w ill change their methods as e
stated that the committee w ill consider ing much from the r«*ent visit of Sen­ retl, 69(870c.
result of the events in Rnssia. Herr
Oats— No. 1 white feed, $25(3)26; Bebel is preparing for a hard fight with
the case immediately after the reor­ ator Fulton, who has just returned to
ganisation of the senate com m itt«'s in­ his home in Astoria. Everything was gray, $25 per ton.
a view to ilefending the fatherland's
Bariev— F e «i, $21.50(3)22; brewing, main democratic institutions, the gen­
cident to the meeting of a new « in ­ done to make the few «lays spent by the
gress, and the filling of a vacancy senator in this vicinity not oniy pleas­
eral franchise for the reichstag.
Rye— $1.50(311.60 per cental.
cans«] by the retirement of Senator urable to himself, but also profitable
Hay— Eastern Oregon timothy, $15(8
McComas, of Maryland.
to the valley am! Cooebay. Thejunior
Soft Coal Operators to Organize.
Consul Ordered to Scene.
senator was given every opportunity to 16 per ton; valley timothy, $11012;
Chicago, Nov. 8. — Owners of soft
Washington. Nov. 6.— The State de-
familiarise himself with the growing
Costly Improvements.
coal mines have decided to hold a na­
Fruits— Apples, $ 1 0 1 5 0 per box;
tional convention in Chicago, and it ia
The grand scale upon which munici­ tie«!a of the Coquille river and Coos
huckleberries, 7c per pound; pears, naval officials here and communication
expected to result in the formation of a
pal improvement is being rarri«1 on in hay.
$1.25(31 50 per box: grapee, 60c(3$1.50
national federation of coal mine operat­
London was impressively shown in the
per box; Concord, 15c per basket; Canton, China, has arranged that that
Wide Ledge Near Railroad.
The meeting w ill he held No­
r«'cnt completion of a new thorough­
Eugen««— More excitement has been
vember 22. at the call of the commis­
fare through a congest«! district. This
thoroughfare is three-quarters of a mile raiis«l in the Mohawk valley hv the
sioners and s«'retaries of the Mine
pound, cahhage, Ic per pound; canli- [ CJ10W' “ bout 300 miles up the ’.Vest
Owners’ association, which are scat­
long anil 300 feet wide, and its con­ discovery of another gold hearing quartz
fiower, 85c(§ 90c per dozen; celery, 75c river, to investigate the massacre of the
te r«! throughout the United 8tates.
struction has etadicat«! some notorious
per d««zen: corn, 50c per sack; cucum­ five Presbyterian missionaries at that
slums. Among the buildings rem ov«l branch of the Southern Pacific railroad.
This follows an annonm'ement by offi­
to make way for it weie 51 liquor The Hyland Broa., who operate a saw­
cials of the Coal Mineworkers’ union
<3lc; tomatoes, 30(.340c per crate; offii-ers now in China w ill accompany
shops. The work has occupied six m ill near Marcóla, found a ledge 32
that a deman«1 for a wage increase w ill
squash, J 4 (Slc per pound; tnrnipe, 90c
be made in January.
years and lias cost over $30,000,000— feet wi«le. Samples of the ote assayed
«.t$l per sack; carrots, 65<g75c per tion.
a large part o f which will lie recover«!
It is probable this 1«ige w ill he de­ sack; beets. 85o(3$l per sack.
by the sale of building sites.
Russia Becoming Pacified.
Odessa Like Military Camp.
Onions — Oregon yellow Danvers,
8t. Petersburg, Nov. 8.— The follow ­
(Xlessa. Nov. 6.—The pillaging here
$1.25 per sack.
Socialists Hoist Red Flag.
Hop Sales at Silverton.
Potatoes— Fancy. 75c per sack ; or­ has been largely stopped, thanks to the ing official communication is published
Vienna, Nov. 7.— The Socialist suf­
As the divers regions
Silvertoa — Lachmiinil A Co., of dinary, 55(360c; Merced sweets, sacks, intervention of the troops and the local tliie rooming:
frage demonstration on the Ringetrnsse Salem, bought 107 líales of hops of N. : $1.90’, «rates. $2.15.
militia, formed largely of students, but of Rnssia are becoming pacified it is
today was attend«! by 50,000 persons.
the streets are unsafe for all, »xcept evident that the acute crisis precipi­
A. Snell at 8 cent», ami W olf A Son, of
Butter— Fancy creamery. 25(830c.
A strong force of gendarmes was sta­
sanitary officers and Sisters of Charity. tated by the shock of the new system
this place, bought 51 hales of Peter Gí­
Eggs— Oregon ranch. 32(332*fC.
tio n «! along the streets, but did not in­ eon a'. 9 1« cents and 54
bales of 8 . C. j Poultry — Average old hens. 10c; The city presents the aspect of a m ili­ in collision with expiring tendencies,
terfere with the dem onstrate, and the Rue at the same price.
The tragic and
The student m ilitia is approaches an end.
They bought young roosters, 9 (3 10 c; springs, 10c; tary camp.
Socialists were even perm itt«! to hoist 49 balee of J. Amheer ai 9 rent*,
Buy- dress«! chickens, 12(<ll4c: turkeys, pursuing the rioter*, who are defend­ I deplorable events of the past week in
r « l Hags over the reicherath building.
The many parts of the empire may be re­
ers ate reticent about reporting sales live. 17(Jl 19c; geese, live, 8(*l9c; ducks, j ing themselves with revolvers.
There were no disorders whatever, and Only prime hope are being sold.
students are taking their captives to gard«! as the spontaneous reaction of
similar demonstrations are report«l
the conservative elements.
Hop*— Oregon 1905, choice, 8(411c; the nniversitv.
from Lumbnrg, Grati, K langen (unit.
Start Timbsr Testa Soon.
olds, nominal, 7 ^ ( 3 10c.
Bruenu and elsewhere.
Cossacks Killed in Ambush.
l ’ niversity of Oregon, Engene— Ex-
Wool— Eastern Oregon average beet.
Prairie Fire Burns Stock.
Kutais, Caucasus, Nov. 8.— Oosssrks
pert Knapp, representative of the gov- 1 9 $ 2 lc; lower grades down to 15c, ac­
Boneeteel, 8. D., Nov. 6 — Reports who were escorting M. Lazarenko, a
0 3 for ths Philippines.
ernment in chante of the timber teetmg cording to shrinkage; valley, 25Ǥ27c
have reach«! this place from Gregory county official, and M. Pekarski, a
Monterey, Csl., Nov. 7. — The Fif- ttalion, has a r r iv «! in Eugene and w ill per pound.
that a prairie firs, driven bv a terrific justice of the peace, were ambushed in
tsenth infantry and ««mpanies I and I. commence experimenta as eooa as the
Beef— Dress«! bulls, l<32r per pound;
wind from the northwest, has been rag­ the Oxorgcti district by revolutionaries,
of the Fonrth ravalry left today for Kan big teating machine is inatalled in the cow», 3(3 tc; country steers. 4t3 4kt c.
ing all day in Tripp county, west of who were fighting the troops sent to
Francis««, «b o re they will emhark Wv new buiklmg.
t arpenters expert to
Veal— Pressed, fancy, 6 it a lic , per
An area of over 50 miles the district to restore order. Two en­
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