Washington County news. (Forest Grove, Washington County, Or.) 1903-1911, November 02, 1905, Image 3

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Editorial Page-Washington Co. News.
H . S. Sturdevant has almost got his
W O O O S , E d ito r .
house completed.
Montgomery Turner
If you want Cornelius Loan Property
Published Every Thursday by the Washing-
ton County Publishing Co. Incorporated
at Forest Grove, Oregon
New Binocular Microscope for Labo- call on A. A. Phillips of Cornelius.
There is great rejoicing on the part counts.
of the professor of Biology and his
Geo. Milne and wife have moved to
---- ~
ratory at
p. u.
Pratt Vickers is mending slowly and
young Fitch was also better at last ac­
$1.00 a Year in Advance.
students over the arrival of the
binocular microscope,
new | Portland where they both expect to
which came a to get work.
Full line o f Calicoes,
Outing Flannels,
Fine Dress Goods, Embroidery, etc.
Entered at the post-office at Forest ^ew days ago. It is not so remarkable
Howard Saterlee who has been in
Grove, Oregon, as second class
for its size as for what it can do. As Portland for some time came out to
mail matter.
its name implies,
both eyes,
it has eyepieces for Cornelius last evening.
H e will prob-
so that in looking at an ably remain in Cornelius,
Address all communications to Wash­
object the observer sees it in perspec-
ington County Pub. Co.,
tive and gets the real shape. This
Forest Grove, Ore.
gives it “great advantage over the
If the NEWS fails to reach its subscrib­ monocular instrument as does also the
ers or is late, we request that immedi­
fact that the image is direct instead of
ate attention may be called to the same, j
inverted. The carrying stand which
Alvah T
Rogers ^ h t
what is
I known M the V alley place just west of
town, consisting of 4 acres with im­
provements, of C. B. Kidder for $900.
A Large Assortment
and Bob Tompkins,
both of Patton Valley, were in Cornel­
T H U R S D A Y , N O V E M B E R 2, 1905, Sives the instrument the appearance of
ius Tuesday.
- ■ 1 ■
----- a small gatling gun is arranged so that
Thos. Talbot and wife accompanied
There has been no dirt thrown on tbe magnifiers can be adjusted to any
Tom ’ s brother as far as Portlannd, on
point within a radius of fifteen inches.
the P. N . & T . yet.
his way back to Indiana.
, Another important merit of the instru-
This time the revolt in Russia seems ' ment is that the observer has the
to be of the character that will not end advantage of hi* h magnification to-
until Nicholas is dethroned.
The gether with a
points are
ment of their own.
Mike Kirts sold his farm last week.
field and long
Mrs. Curtis and daughter Alma were
value m
George Wood
studying living specimens.
week because of the departure of the
editor and the delay of the arrival of and Mrs’ L ’ L ’ Holllnger with their
with the help of others, to get out a
When we get our balance and
down to business the former
editor’ s musings will rest in the shade
as a comparison.
Just be patient.
JUST now victims of timber sharks
visited our school last Friday.
M r’ and Mrs’ J’ S‘ Thom Pson- Mr-
returned to purchased more land and where he
the land office and filed his claim,
Now it happens that the land described
terson visited his old home at Almena,
now owns over 1000 acres.
in his filing is several miles distant Kan. and spent some time
from that which he visited and on City and Council
g ^
Pumpkin Ridge
in Kansas
School opened last Monday, Oct. 23,
with twenty scholars on roll and Paul
on his journey the middle of Septem- E. Baker, teacher.
It in Forest Grove and to note its pro- a former scholar.
H e died at the home
is only a wonder that complaints were gress during his absence.
of his parents
not made long before and the culprits
Wednesday night,
Congregational Church.
brought to justice.
— Gasoline wood saw, phone 583.
There was no school on Thursday
These are not the first j trip he is glad once again to be back ! because of the death of Marvin Jones,
practices of this nature in Oregon.
Banks, Oregon
The land described in his filing is said ber, and though he had a most pleasant
to be treeless.
— Victor flour can’ t be beat.
— Goldenrod Flour now $1.05
— Sewing machines for sale or rent
at The Bazaar.
j eral
“ Keeping
7:30, Wlth beautiful
w a s i n t h e home
grave was covered
There are three Second sermon in series 'on “ The have the heartfelt sympathy of the
Special music, entire neighborhood.
or four harbors along Oregon’ s coast Make-up of a Man.”
9, Mid-week j
that need small appropriations to make
the state of Oregon.
them open to vessels of deep draft service,
which would furnish
an outlet
for Where?
The Kingdom of God
Willamette Valley farmers but the city
of Portland does not propose to have
At The Chris’,ian Church.
but one harbor in this state and that
Regular services at the Christian,
even if it church next Sunday.
The Sunday;
meant the absorbtion of all the appro­ School and regular service are growing
up the river to Portland,
priation our delegation in Congress is in attendance. The Sunday evening
W e have no objection service will be an evangelistic service
to the improvement of the Columbia with sermon appropriate.
All are
able to obtain.
on the other hand we
it should be improved but we
also believe that other harbors of this
state should also have the attention of
Congress called to them and needed
appropriations made for their perman­
ent improvement.
Left for the East Tuesday.
Forty y e a r s ago, P r. Pierre s. arched
Kuture’i Uii/omtury fur a remedy with
which to su p p la n t th e ignorant a n d t i-
riotis methods of treatment, with alco­
holic stimulants, then in vogue, and still
too commonly prescribed and advised for
woman's peculiar ailments.
N ature abounds with most efficient rem­
Lewis and Clark Club Disbands.
edies, and in L a d y ’s Slipper root. Black
Cohosh root. Unicorn root. Blue Cohosh
The local Woman’ s Lewis and Clark root and-Golden Seal root Pr. Fierce
found medicinal projierties, which when
club met at the home of Mrs. Rogers extracted and preserved by the use of
Monday afternoon to hold its final ses­ chemically pure glycerine, have proven
most potent in making weak women
sion. T he meeting was well attended , Strong and sick women well. It contains
no alcohol; is not a "patent medicine,"
and some important business was trans- , uor a secret one either.
acted to dispose of all matters directly
J. F. Woods, wife and children, left connected with the work of the club, j
Tuesday at noon for their new home at It was also the concensus of opinion
become that the women should form them­
interested in the Daily News, a well- selves into a new organization, of a
known and long established paper and social and literary nature. For this
will have charge of the business depart­ purpose Mrs. Georgia Hughes was
Flint is a city of 16000 people elected temporary president and Miss
and is rapidly increasing, besides it is Minnie Myers temporary secretary.
known as one of the prettiest cities in A committee composed of Mrs. A. W.
the state.
Johnson, Mrs. W. H oge and Miss Mary
F. Famham were appointed to formu­
late a constitution and bylaws and to
Postmaster Bump of the Carnation
report Thursday afternoon at a meeting
postoffice has been notified to keep to be held at the home of Mrs.
A. W.
open until the middle of December at Johnson.
time another order from the
Each member in good standing in
postoffice department will be forthcom­ the local club will be presented with a
souvenir plate. C. B. Sokes and
ing. This is cheering news to the
Grant Hughes, who were of material
patrons of the office, as they expect the
help to the ladies in the forwarding of
next order will definitely establish the vegetables, Hovers and fruit will also
office in that locality
receive a souvenir plate.
— Goldenrod Flour now
— Money to loan on farm security.
W. H . Hollis, Forest Grove.
drari^ of intense heart interest, will be
seen at Vert’ s Hall, Nov. 3d.
" f w »s su ffering w ith nervous hesdsche
pains In the back and diulnens, so that a:
tim es I hafl to He down fo r hours b efore I
could raise m y head.” w rites Mrs. M ary M
Thom as, o f 337 W inston S tr e e t Los Angeles.
Cal. " A f t e r tak in g the first Isittle o f ' Fa -
v r i t t fVrsrrtpfion." how ever. I was «o pleas, r
w ith the results th at I kept on ta k in g It uutil
I was restored to health and strength. I
shall never be w ithou t this grea t medicine,
and shall tak e a fe w doses when i do not
feel strong."
One of the principal uses of Dr. Pierce’»
Favorite Prescription is the preparation
of prospective mothers for the time of
trial and danger that comes when a child
Is horn. The " Prescription " is strength­
ening and invigorating and lessens pain
and danger, [t insures the perfect well­
being and th* perfect health of both
mother and ch» J. Every woman should
know th*-e things before she really needs
to know them. There are many tilings in
I»r. Pierce’s Common Sense Medical A d ­
viser. that every woman ought to know.
This celebrated work reached a sale of
fit 1.000 copies at *1..rtOeach. T he expense
of production having thus been covered,
it is now being given away. A copy will
be sent to any address on receipt of 21
one-rent stamps to cover cost of mailing
Oil hf, or. in cloth binding for 31 stamps
Address Dr. R. V. Pierce. Buffalo. N Y.
Don't Be Hoodwinked,
or .ver-persuaded Into accepting a su 'w IH ut-
f,.r Ilw O rigins! L ittle L lva r W h first put
ep by old Dr R. V Pierce- « «
ys^rs ago,
and ca lled Doctor Ptovtw’ s Pleaaaat Pvlteti.
T h r i v e Ije-n o te c * I Si its t e » Out nsvst
equaled. One e r tw o e r e la xative, th ree M
tout calharUa
Flour, Hay, Grain and all kinds of Feed always on hand
Windows, Door, Mouldings, Shingles, Paints
and Oils. All kinds of Field Seeds. W e
are also agents for the famous Chatham Fanning
Mill with Sacker.
own fuel.
— Closing out sale. Goods at re­
— Eugene Spoffortl’ s production of duced prices at W . E. Dunsmoor’ s.
“ A Human Slave,” an American melo-
F o re st G r o v e , O regon
last sack.
passing away very
not making a sound nor
6:30, Y. P. S. C. E., month- i h o u s e 411(1 b u r i a
appropriations of Congress for the im­ Service.
Topic, cernetery-
provement of harbors on this coast to ly Consecration Service.
Pedersen Feed Store,
= = = = =
Sunday, Nov. 5, 10 A. M ., Sunday . struSgle. H e had been suffering with
— Good prunes, 2 cents per pound
at Dunsmoor’ s.
THE Oregonian is pursuing its usual School; 11:00, Morning Worship, ad- tuberculosis foT some time. The fun-
services were held in the school-
—The gasoline woodsaw furnishes its
methods in its efforts to hog all the minission of members and Communion
the exclusion of every other harbor in
/ W il 1
W e Pay the best Market Prices for Eggs, Butter Chickens, Veal, Hogs and Hides.
present with her.
which the false witness tree was located,
o f
N. J. Baker is finishing his barn.
^ aud anj ^ ert^
a n d C l a u d ' s Miss Coral spent Saturday and Sunday
deaf friend, Frank Tolson, went to I at home.
Hillsboro last Sunday afternoon to visit
Frank Baker was off his milk drive
Grandma Woods. The old lady was in
a few days last week, his son Walter
good spirits and was pleased to have
taking his place.
company, though a great many people
Mr. and Mrs. Aydelott were the
visit her. H er daughter, grand daugh­
guests of A. F. Baker’ s family last
ter and great-grand-daughter w e re ,
Mrs. Woods has ^undaJ
are coming to light and demanding of
Messrs. Aydelott, Zeigler and Lee
been a member of the Methodist
their defrauders the return of their cash
some surveying done on the
church for about two-thirds of a century
paid them for location fee. One vic­
place, last week.
and is not tired of serving the Lord,
tim states that he paid $125 for being
Young People’ s C. E. Society
although she wonders sometimes why
located on what he supposed was heav­
of Hillside raised a subscription and
H e does not take her home.
ily timbered land in Southern Oregon.
purchased gas lamps. Come and see
H e was taken into the timber and
Peterson returned
Thursda> ‘ them bum next Sunday night,
shown a blazed tree, inscribed with the evening from an extended business trip
. .
, .
, ,,
Paul Baker was home from his school
description of section, township and. through the states of Kansas and Ne-
. . . . .
, „
Saturday, accompanied bv one of his
Accepting the assurance of braska, coming home by way of Can- i
. . . ...
» ,
1 pupils, Walter Lynn, who went duck
his guides that this was the govern- ada and stopping at Alberta where he ,
ment witness tree,
K i n d s
W AR E , etc.
The County School Superintendent
our new man, but we have managed,
A ll
is still improving his
claim, having built a new woodshed.
W e might be a little crippled this I
Men’s and Boys’ Fancy Sweaters, Rubber Boots,
Rubber Shoes, Shoes and Rubbers, Slickers and
Rain Hats and Umbrellas, Shingles. Shakes, Fence
Czar has flown with his valuables and working diftance’ 1 e ’ ,he space be'
tween the lens and the object. These in Portland last week.
th : students are setting up a govem-
5c to 1 Oc;
6c, 7c and up
N liH D K D
Annually, to fill the new position* created by R ail­
roads and
Telegraph Companies.
Young Mon and Ladios <» e«od habit», to
SAELENS ft CO., Main St.,
Buffalo, N. Y.
LaCrosse, Wis.
San Francisco, Cal.
— Every man owes it to himself and
his family to master a trade or profes­
sion. Read the display advertisement
of the six Morse Schools of Telegraphy
in this issue and learn how easily a
young man or lady may learn tele­
graphy and be assured a position.
6 0 YE AR *
P atents
I R A D C W * «»4 S
D em o n «
A n v n n « H andln* * »k H «*h And d eacrln lton m ay
- ] whether an
nnlckly a»c*»rti*iii o ----
«r —tog*!—
mvp'itk.n IA prohAblf n n f«n t*bt
»nun il tile*.
tly r«.nf 1 dPtitli*l ■••“ **- DOK on Paten t«
tlotia airietl;
rtn« petenta.
• r e tiry fo r •«
•ent fr * «. Of«-
k Co. recete«
Paten t« tA «eu t h r o
n «h Mu
•pretti » d i e * . wtthnut ehi
Scientific Am erican,
A handnomely ninafrafed weekly. I.nrrewt c ir­
culation o f any »«Meriiiftc tournai. Ternu«, | ) «
year ; four m onth«, $1- Sold by alt n ew »d e«ler«.
MUNN & Co.«*'*-*-»’ New York
B ruirti OfBe*. M V BL. Waafelaaton. D .C .
& Buxton
3 0 T H ’ PHONES.
Forest Grove, Ore.
Hines' Store.
Forest Grove,
City Barber Shop . .
Baths. Laundry Agency. Situ­
ated on Pacific A ve., Forest Grove.
. . A. I. Wirtz, Proprietor
J. W . H u g h e s
The Morse School ot Telegraphy.
Cincinnati, Ohio.
Atlanta. Ga.
Texarkana, Tex.
Practical Undertakers and Embalm-
ers. Calls answered day or night.
Real Estate and Corpo-
ratioi^^iw j^Sgecialty.
W e furnish 75 per cent, of the Operators and
Station Agents in America. Our six schools are
the largest exclusive Telegraph Schools IN TH E
W O R LD . Established 20 >ears and endorsed by all
leading Railway Officials.
W e execute a $250 Bond to every student to
furnish him or her a position paying from $40 to
$60 a month in States east of the Rocks Mountains,
or from $75 to $100 a month in States west of the
Rockies, im m e d ia te ly upon grad u a tio n .
Students can enter at any time. No vacations.
For full particulars regarding any of our Schools
write direct to our executive office at Cincinnati, O.
Catalogue free.
R . IN IX O IN , D e n t i s t
Forest Grove, Oregon
Three door* north of Bailey’i «tore,
hour« from 9 A. M. to 4 P. M.
W ill Cry Your Sales.
Farmers & Merchants
Ind. Phone
Forest Grove
Of Forest Grove, Oregon
J. N . Hoffman
$ 2 X ,(M X ).
A General Banking Business Trans­
acted. Drafts sold on all the principal
| Cities in the United States and Europe.
Office in Front Room* of Abbott Build­ Correspondents Wells Fargo 8t Go’ s
ing, Upstairs.
Bank. Directors: Richard M. Dooley,
W. Shute,
- - OREG O N J. E. Loomis,
and Frank E.
Local Time Table
Trains on the Southern Pacific arrive
and depart on the following schedule:
No. 2 ____9 A. M. No. 4 ____ 6:21 P. M.
No. 3. . .6:59 A. M No. 1.. . .4:16 PM
N. L. ATKINS, Agt.
There r »f> .i«l be a greater rudeness
than to interrupt another in the current
o f bia discourse.—Locke.
Go To The
Paris : Milliner : Parlor
A fine line of Ribbons, Vel­
vets, Hats, Caps, Baby Goods,
Mourning Goods and Notions.
M. L. Berdan,
Baldwin Brick - Forest Grove
— Goldenrod Flour, guaranteed.