Washington County news. (Forest Grove, Washington County, Or.) 1903-1911, June 22, 1905, Image 5

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H is
W e Trust
“ Their engagement was quite a sur­
prise, wasn’t it?” “ Yes— to him.”—
Town Topics.
I f y o u are s u ffe r in g fro m
“ Aud how is Jack looking since he
impure blood, thin blood, de­
married for love?” "A good deal Ilka
bility, nervousness, exhaus­
a cat that Is owned by a vegetarian."
tion, you should begin at once
“ I notice you never wear a watch
with A yer’s Sarsaparilla, the
your evening clothes.” “ No; 1
Sarsaparilla you have known
never have both out at the sama
all your life. Your doctor
time.” — Cornell Widow.
knows it,too. Askhimaboutit.
Johnny's Friend— I hear Johnny Is
learning to play the French horn.
T on m ust lo o k w ell a fte r th e condition o f
j o u r liver ami bow els. Unlees there is daily
Johnny’s Roommate— Yes, I’ve had
action o f the bow els, poisonous products are
absorbed, causing headache, biliousness, nau­
wind of It.— Harvard Lampoon.
sea. dyspepsia, and thus preventing the Sar­
saparilla from doing Its best w ork . A yer's
“ You haven't much of a head,” said
Fills are liver pills. A ct gently, all vegetable.
T h e dose is only one pill at bedtim e.
the needle to the pin. "No,“ replied
the latter, “ bat at the same time we
Made by J. C. Ayer Co., Lowell, Mi
! pins have our fine points.” —Cleveland
▲Iso manufacturers o f
I Plain Dealer.
1 * 0 AGUE CURE.
Nell—Of course she's not pretty, but
U b i O
It's remarkable how her face lights up
when she bilks. Relle— Oh, that’s not
so remark«Die.
She's got a lantern
“ H e " Is a G ir l.
Jaw.— Philadelphia Ledger.
A tired mother ivith two children, a |
First Society Woman—That’s my
baby ef 2 years that sat ou her lap and
' baby that we Just passed. Second So­
a bright-eyed boy of perhaps 4, who sat
ciety Woman— How could you tell?
beside tier, were trying to enjoy a little
First Society Women— I recognized
luuckewa in a restaurant la the busi­
the nurse.— Brooklyn Eagle.
ness sectisn of the city. Tws young
Teacher— How
ladies entered and sat dswn at the
Tommy—Not any.
same table. Seeing the diUculty the ments are there
woman had ia eating lunch and hold­ Teacher— Why, Tommy! There are
ing her younger child at the same time, ten. Tommy—Aw, gem was all broke
one mt the young ladles leased over long ago.—Cleveland Deader.
and said la a propitiating tsne: "What
“ Smeothlelgh Is certainly tb^ polit­
a street little boy! Won’t ysu let me est man I know. “ What makes you so
hold hits until you finish lunch?" The positive?” “ He’s pretending he's cured
mother gladly granted the request and of his dyspepsia so as not to hurt his
was transferring her cbarg# into the doetor’s feelings.” —Town Topics.
arms of the younger woman, when the
“ Well, Doctors Brown and Smith are
little boy, with never a smile, raised going to operate upon old Gotrox.” "Is
his voice and exclaimed: “ He ain’t a the operation necessary?” “ Why, yes;
boy; he’s a little girl!” — Philadelphia Brown has a uote coming due, and
Smith wants an automobile.”— Puck.
"Harold!” began his wife In a furi­
T h a , C u r i o u s I.Impets.
ous temper, “ my mind Is made up------”
The limpets are a curious kind of
"Mercy!” Interrupted her husband; "is
•belitisb. They resemble the abalones
that so? I had hoped that your mind,
in their habits. The interior is made
at least, was your own!” — Detroit Free
o f the most brilliant colors, bronze
and Iridescent hues predominating.
Friend— You must enjoy your new
They are found on the west coast of
Mexico and are so large that the peo­ position. So much honor, dignity and
prestige! University President— Yes;
ple use them for wash busiDS.
They are ferocious animals and prey but I won’t get so much money as the
■with great ferocity on clams. The head coach of the football team.—
process seems slow, but the limpet al­ Somerville Journal.
ways gets there. He gets his cover
“ Can you support my daughter in
over the unsuspecting clam and puts the style to which she has been accus­
his big foot on his shell, generally on tomed?” “ Perhaps not. But I can
a weak spot. Then he whips out a long, support her In the style to which her
wiry tongue and proceeds to bore a mother was accustomed during her
hole in his captive. When tills is done early married life.”— Life.
the shell flies open, and the limpet is
Jaspar— I think I have reason tc
free to feast on the poor clam’s car­ believe that last poem of mine Is a
cass. He eats but a part and leaves classic. Jumpuppe— Why so? Jasper
the rest for the Ashes o f the sea.
—I find that all my friends have either
seen It or heard of It. but none of
them has read It.— Exchange.
The Preacher— I was surprised tc
see your husband get up and walk out
of church while 1 was preaching. The
Wife— Oh, don’t think anything of
that! Y’ou know he's troubled with
somnambulism!—Y'onkers Statesman.
“ I see, Josiah. that somebody has
found out that college life decreases
the desire of girls to marry.” “ I’ll bet
the trouble is. Nancy, that It decreases
the desire of the young fellows to
marry ’em.” —Cleveland Plain Dealer.
“ Are yon going to entertain this
winter?” “ Well.” answered Mr. Cura-
rox, “ mother and the girls will have a
lot <ft people at the house, as usual.
But I never ran tell whether they are
being entertained
or bored.” — Ex­
Modern Mother— Why. child alive
what are you taking off that dolly’s
clothes for? Modern Child— I’m going
to ’zamlne her to see if she's been
vaccinated. I can't have ’er spreadin’
'taglon among my other dollies.— Bal­
timore American.
W IJ 5 .
F r ie n d s W e r e A l a r m e d -
Advised Change o f Climate
Miss Mildred Keller, 718 13th street,
N. W ., Washington, D. C., writes:
“ I can safely recommend Peruna for
catarrh. I had it for years and it
would respond to no kind of treatment,
or if it did it was only temporary, and
on the slightest provocation the trouble
would come back.
“ I was in such a state that my friends
were alarmed about me, and I was advised
to leave this climate. Then I tried Peruna,
and to my great jov found it helped me
from the first dose I took, and a few bot­
tles cured me.
" i t built up my constitution, I re­
gained my appetite, and I feel that I
am perfectly well and strong.” — Mil­
dred Keller.
We have on file many thousand tes­
timonials like the above. We can give
our readers only a slight glimpse of the
▼ast array of unsolicited endorsements
Dr. Hartman is receiving.
ltghteflt and stronge*» Htump Pullar
on lb « market. 11» Horae power on Lbo *we*p
with two boroea. W rit# tor deocrtpUvo
Foot of
Morrloon Street
Fort land.
P I 3 0 S C U R E
I Bool « utfh i f nip. Taat m Oood. Uso
la timo. M d ly t w k B
i t w
i a S a i Î H
W ife A u l t s C lu n g to H im
M u u jr H a r d s h i p » ,
A m id
There Is In the life’s history of
every man of great and true achieve­
ment one passage which outvies all
the rest In Its beauty and passion.
For Garibaldi that supreme romance
came In the love of his youthful wife,
Anita, says a writer. Their compan
loushlp endured through ihe most re­
markable hardships, for twenty years,
and there does not seem to have been
a cloud between them from the time
he first met her In Brazil (In 1839),
until her death on the shore of the
Adriatic, after the siege of Rome.
Garibaldi was 32 before he thought of
He had been three years In South
America fighting with the revolution­
ists o f Brazil, and had seen his earliest
and best friends slain in battle. His
heart empty, Isolated and feeling the
need of companionship, he met the
lovely Anita de Silva, the 19-year-old
daughter of a good family, near Rio
Janeiro, and they were married.
Anita accompanied her warlike
spouse on his naval expeditions along
the Brazilian coasts, assisting in sev­
eral severe engagements, distributing
weapons during the fight, and even
pointing the cannon. In the struggle
for Montevidean liberty she was. on
one occasion, taken prisoner by a band
o f the enemy, and carried to the in­
terior. Escaping, she rode on horse­
back for four days, a cup of coffee
Don’t Poison Baby.
p r O R T Y Y E A R S AGO almost every mother thought her child m ust have
PA REG O RIC or laudanum to make it sleep. These drugs w ill produce
sleep, and A F E W DROPS TOO M A N Y w ill produce the S L E E P FRO M Y/H ICH
T H ER E IS NO W A K IN G . M any are the children who have been killed or
whose health has been ruined for life by paregoric, laudanum and morphine, each
of which is a narcotic product of opium. D ruggists are prohibited from selling
either of the narcotics named to children at all, or to anybody without labelling
them poison.” The definition of U narcotic” is! “A medicine which relieves pain
a nd produces sleep, but which in poisonous doses produces stupor, coma, convul­
sions and death, ” The taste and smell of medicines containing opium are disguised,
and sold under the names of “ Drops,” “ Cordials,” “ Soothing Syrups,” etc. Y ou
should not permit any medicine to be given to your children without you or
your physician know of what it is composed. C A ST O R IA DOES NOT CON­
T A IN N ARCO TICS, if it bears the signature of Chas. H. Fletcher.
£ f t i l i M
Letters from Prominent Physicians
addressed to Chas. H. Fletcher.
Dr. J. TV. D insdale. o f C hicago, 111., taya :
use la all fainlllea w iiajo there are ch ild ren .”
“ I use you r C astorla and advise ita
Dr. A lexander E. M intle, o f Cleveland. Ohio, e a y a : “ I have freq u en tly p re­
scribed y o u r C astorla and have fou n d It a reliable and p .e a ia n t rem edy fo r children.**
Dr. J. S. A lexander, o f Om aha, Neb., eaye : “ A m edicine so valuable and bene-
flrlal fo r ch ildren as you r C astorla la, Ueeervee the highest pruiae. 1 find It in ute
À V itf tabic Preparation for As -
slmtlating the Food and Recula
ting the Stomachs and Bowels of
I n f a n t s / tHiLDHEN
Prom otes D igeslion.Cheerful-
ness and Rest.Contains neither
Opium,Morphine nor Mineral.
N o t N a b c o t i c .
J to v * s/O M D rSAM ITL F/TTM IS
Piunpleim Sm J -
Jlx.Stn.im »
>Mt -
JuiM Steri *
G E N E R A L E G U S IE P P E G A R I B A L D I .
being her only nourishment, aud dur­
ing her escape swain a deep river,
holding the tall of her horse.
After they returned to Italy, in 1848,
she lived for a time with his mother
at Nice, but when the revolt at Rome
broke out the next year, she insisted
on Joining him during the conflict.
When, finally, the soldiers of Napo­
leon III. drove Garibaldi from the Sa­
cred City, he retreated with 4,000 sol­
diers Into Tuscany, taking Anita with
him. She was in poor health, but
would not leave her husband In dan­
They retreated to the little re­
public o f San Marino, among the
Apennines, and there the Austrians,
with overpowering numbers, broke
Garibaldi's little army to pieces. Con­
tinuing their flight. Garibaldi, with a
few companions and at times carry­
ing Anita in his arms, hastened
through the mountains to the Adriatic
coast. Here they found a few boats
and embarked, although the weather
was stormy.
Anita grew rapidly
worse, and they lauded again near the
mouth of the Po.
Here for a day, with the pursuing
Austrians all about, they lay amid the
tall sheafs of a corn field, and Gari­
baldi watched the life of his compan­
ion ebb slowly out. Late at night tlley
bore her In a rude cart through the
hills to a little cottage, and the next
morning she expired, her head resting
on Garibaldi’ s shoulders. In after
years Garibaldi erected a beautiful
memorial to Anita at the spot where
she died and was burled. And there­
after he gave his love to none but to
H t r a n g e L m l e r g i o m u l N o is e s .
f e w
. .
JiuratStd -
“ I have freq u en tly prescribed you r
Dr. J. A. M cC lellan, o f B uffalo, N. Y., eaya
la fa ct 1 use C aatoria for my
C asterla fo r ch ildren and alw ays got go o d results,
o w n ch ild ren .”
Dr. J. W . A llen, o f St. L onls, M o , says : “ I h ea rtily endorse you r C astorla.
have frequen tly prescribed It in my m edical p ra ctice, and have alw ays fou n d it to
d o all that is claim ed fo r it.”
Dr. C. II. G lldden, o f St. P aul, M inn., says : “ My experience as a p ra ctitio n e r
w ith yeu r ('a s to ria has been highly sa tisfa cto ry , aud I consider it an excellen t remedy
fo r the you ng.”
Dr. H. D. B enner, o f P hilad elp h ia. Pa., says : “ I have used y o u r C astorla as a
p u rg a tiv e In the case* o f chlklreu fo r years past w ith the m ost happy effect, and
fu lly endorse it aa a safe rem edy.”
Dr. J. A. B onrm an, o f Knnsas C ity. Mo., says : “ Y our C a sio ria is a splendid
rem edy fo r children, know n the w orld over
I use It Ih my pra ctice and have no
hesitancy in recom m ending it fo r the com plaints o f Infants and ch ild re n .”
D r. J. J. M ackey, o f B rooklyn , N. Y.. says : *‘ I consider you r C astorla an e x ­
cellent p rep a ra tion fo r children, being com posed o f reliable m edicines and pleasant
to the taste. A g o o d rem edy fo r all disturbances o f the digestive o rg a n s.”
D r. H ow a rd Jam es, o f New Y ork C ity, s a y s : “ It is w ith areat pleasure that I
desire to te stify to the m edicinal virtu e o f you r C astorla.
I nave used It with
m arked benefit in the case o f my ow n daughter, and have obtained excellen t results
fro m Its a d m in istra tion to oth er ch ild ren in my p ra ctice .”
¿U nfud Jktfmr •
\u+*yrt*n Harm*
A perfect Remedy fo r Constipa­
tion, S ou r Stomach.Diarrhoea,
Worms .Convulsions .Feverish­
ness and L O S S O F SLEEK
B e a r s t h e S ig n a t u r e o f
Tac Simile Signature of
A l b i n o i t l l . - . ..LU
J j D oni n - J j C r x t s
The Kind You Have Always Bought
In Use For O v e r 3 0 Year3.
M a r r i a g e in S p a i n .
One o f M any.
In Spain a bride lias no girl attend­
Mifkins—Has Skinner any capital?
For First ( lass Hotel and Room A cio :n-
Bifkins—No. Nevertheless he gives
ants to stand at the altar with her,
ln od a tion s IN PORTLAND d u r in g the
EXPOSITION apply a o n ce and vend
but instead a “ madrina,” or godmoth­ employment to a number of men.
you r reservation iee o f $2.0t>, to apply
Mifkins— What do they do?
er. Neither does she have a wedding
o n re n t o f you r r< om .
R oom s in all
Bifkins—Tiy to collect money due his
D a r t s o f the city. 50c to |2 o 1 per dsy.
rake or any festive departure after
the ceremony. The wedded pair go
full in fo rm a tio n to Departm ent 1,
quietly to^heir new home, where they
M others w ill find Mrs. W inslow ’ s S ooth in g
the best rem edy to use for their ch ild re n EXPOSITION ACCOMMODATION BUREAU
remain until the following day, when ' Syrup
d u rin g th e te e th in g p eriod .
The Only Official Bureau of the Lewis 8i Clark Fair
they start on their honeymoon. Be­
G oodnough Building, Portland, Oregon
fore leaving they pay a formal visit
Ill» B ad B rea k .
to their respective relatives.
Site— I had an uncle who was killed
by electricity.
He— How awfully shocking! Trolley
B ew are of O in tm en ts for Catarrh that
car or electric chair?
Contain M ercury
as m ercu ry w ill aurelv d estroy th e B‘'nge o f
sm ell and co m p le te ly d erange the w h ole sys­
tem w hen e n t e r in g i t th ro u g h th e m ucou s
surfaces. S ucn a rticle s s i.o u ld n ever be used
e x t-e p to n p re s crip tio n s fro m re p u ta b le phy-
sii ian s, ns th e d a m a g e they w ill n o is ten fo ld
to t e g o o d yo u ca n p ossibly d e riv e from them .
H a ll’s ( a ta rrh C ure, m a n u fa ctu re d by F. .1.
< hen ey it < o ., T o le d o , <)., co n ta in s no m ercu ry,
and is tak en in te rn a lly , a ctin g d ire ctly upon
the b lood a n d m u co u s m rfa ce s o f th e system ,
in b u y in g H a ll's ( atarrh Cure l»o sure yo u get
the g n u in e. I t is taken in te rn a lly , and m ade
in T o le d o , O h io , by F. J. C heney A Co. T esti­
m on ials free.
Hold by H ruggists, price 75c. per bottle.
H a ll’s F a m ily F ills are th e best.
Permanently Cured. No fits or nervousness
after Unit day’ s
I’Dr.Kline’s(Jreat is>rve
Restorer. Send for F r e e %i‘i t rial bottle niul t realise. |
W C R A N D li
Hr. II. H. Kline, Ltd., !M1 A rub »1., Philadelphia, Pa. ;
( ¡o ilin g
K »ady
H o o t.
Mrs. Neighbors— YV uat’s that awful'
racket upstairs? It sounds like a wild
Indian had broken loose.
Mrs. Bleachers— Oh, that’s my hus­
band. Hu's rehearsing his baseball vo­
- c o w e o s
w a t e r p r o o f
A singular phenomenon occurs on
' O I L E D C L O T H IN G !
A e borders o f the Red Sea at a place
b r o n c h ia l t r o u m e s try Piso’s Cure
l i c k e r s . HATA ■
Judge— Y'ou are charged with beat­ called Nakous, says the Philadelphia
for C o n s u m p t i o n . I t is a g o o d c o u g h
'df/ira*#5 PO M M EL SLICKERS
ing your wife every morning btfore Record, where intermittent under­
K entucky’« G ir l Blacksmith.
m e d ic in e . A t d r u g g is t s , p r ic e 25 c e n ts .
breakfast. What have you to s*,y for ground sounds buve been heard for an
Miss Clara Medlin, of Pilot Oak,
Prisoner— Well, you see. unknown number of centuries. It is K y„ bears the (lislinetion of being the
Judge, that's my best time, as I have situated at about a half mile distant only female blacksmith 011 record, says in the world, lias just died at Preston, j
England, at the age of 85 years. He P. N. U.
No. 21 1 9 0 *
to run for a car as soon as breaj-.fast from the shore, whence a long reach a St. Louis Globe-Democrat special.
began driving in 184(5, and drove an en­
Is over.” — Exchange. ,
jf sand ascends rapidly to a height
gine 2,000,000 miles in his thirty-seven
T J H K N w r itin g ; t o a d v e r t í s « ! 1« p i c
“ I half believe that there’s a skele­ of 300 feet. This reach is about 800 I an with a wealth of dark-brown hair years of service without a single acci­ X YV
n ie n t tim
i, i i t h i s p a p e r .
ton. In the Klssmore's closet.” "I feet wide, and resembles an amphi­ and a pair of bewitching brown eyes. dent.
shouldn't wonder. One day when theater, being walled by low rocks.
Kissmore took me home with him un­
The sounds coming up from the quickly as any smith, and us for neat­
expectedly to dinner, I thought I heard ground at this place recur at Intervals ness, no other smith will dare compete
it throwing things at him out in the of about an hour. They at first resem­ with her.
She is also an expert carriage paint­
kitchen.” — Excha nge.
ble a low murmur, but ere long there
Squire's Daughter (to gardener's I n heard a loud knocking something er. This is really her specialty, she
wife, who suffers from chronic rheu­ like the strokes of a bell, and which having painted over seventy buggies
the last season.
matism)— Have you ever tried Swed­ at the end of about five minutes be­
Notwithstanding all of this, Miss
ish massage. Mrs. Brown? Mrs. Brown comes so strong as to agitate the sand.
Skin Diseases speak for the blood and tell of the acid-laden, poison­
Medlin hag not neglected to educate
—I have heard say It be very good The explanation of this curious phe­
ous condition of that vital fluid, and of its effort to throw off and rid the
for the rheumatics, miss; but we don’t nomenon given by the Arabs is that
system of the poisons and waste matters that have accumulated in it. Ec­
zema, Tetter, Acne, Salt Rheum, Psoriasis, Boils and diseases of this type
there is a convent under the ground
grow It In these parts.— Punch.
The Present Rate Law.
are all caused by a weakened and polluted blood circulation, and though they
Customer— How Is It that the prlee here and that these monks ring for
The duties of the present Interstate may have lain dormant in the system during the cold weather, at the coming
of a peck of potatoes remains twenty ¡prayers. Bo they call It Nakous, which
Commerce commission are to correct of Spring and Summer, when
cents so far In the season? I’d think means a bell.
In 1896 I experienced at times patches on the in-
The Arabs affirm that the noise so all discriminations in railroad rates. the blood is reacting and mak-
the price would become larger as the
If it finds that an unjust rate is in ing extra efforts to expel all ride of my hands that itched and burned, causing
season advanced. Grocer—It would, frightens their camels when they hear
nous matter, much discomfort. I was convinced I was afflict. <1
effect, the railroad is notified.
If it morbid and poisonous
madam, only It’s so ranch easier to It as to render them furious. Phlloso-
declines to change it, the commission, they make their appearance with a type of Eczema. I consulted severs, physi­
change the size of the pecks.— Balti­
cians, and used several external applications, re­
ed volcanic action—probably to the can bring suit in court and if the court j External remedies cannot ceiving but alight temporary relief. I decided to
more American.
bubbling o f gas or vapor underground.
try S.S. S., ami soon I found myself entirely cured.
Examining Physician (for Insurance
findings, the railroad must obey, or its temporary relief, but often
Station A., Kansas City, Mo.
W. P. B rush .
company)— I'm afraid we can't take
you, air. You are too great a risk.
the poison causing the trouble is thus shut up in the system to break out
Cholly Sappey—Such an odd girl,
Applicant (resignedly)— Well, perhaps lon’t y’ know. When she was Intro­
afresh later on. S. S. S . a purely vegetable blood remedy, cures all skin
H e H a d H een T h era.
1 am. The fact is. that when I get duced to me she burst out laughing.
diseases by going down into the circulation, driving out all poisons and waste
Singleton—Are you superstltioua?
sick I never send for a doctor. I Just
matters, strengthening the blood, leaving the skin
Miss Pepprey—Yes. she’s hysterical.
Wedderly—About some things, yes.
lay around until I get well. Examin­
soft and smooth, and building up the entire system
Cholly Sappey—Aw—really?
Singleton— For example?
ing Physician— Eh? Cm— we'll take
by its tonic effect. S. S. S. cures Nettle Rash, Poi­
Miss Pepprey—Y’es, she frequently
Wedderly—Well, when I are a woman
son Oak and all skin diseases that enter the system
you.— New Y’ork Weekly.
aughs at nothing.—Philadelphia Press. wearing a new bonnet It’a a sure sign
through Cwr pores and glands, as well as those that
Urs. Hawklus— And 'are you made
that her husband has b e e n divorced from
You have seen the musical terms a goodly portion of his lurd-earned have their origin in the blood. Book on Skin Diseases and any advice wbhetL
ail the arrangements for your mar­
without charge.
riage, my dear? Mrs Jorkins— Well, on the Beal Thing program? Well, wealth.
not quite all. I’ ve got to buy roe the terms on a menu of late are ar­
trooao, and take a ‘ouse. and get me ranged so much like them that a read­
'usbaDd a job, and buy ’lui a good er doesn’t know whether he is eating
•ult o' clothes, and get some reg'lar or hearing music.
washln' work to do. An’ then Pm to
more |oo4> brighter and fatter color« thon ony other Syr.
One 10c p a i ia i e color, »¡Ik. wool ami cation m u-lly well and ¡0
A woman seldom meaDS the mean r«l«r
(uarantred lo | h c perfect reralt,.
A«fc dealer, er we will »end pot! paid el tOc a package.
Write for free kooklet how la dva.
asm# the happy day.—Pick-Me-Up,
kleach and «fat color,.
MONROC DRUG CO.. Um odule. Miooowi.
Booklet now 10 dyo.
things she says.
S kin