Washington County news. (Forest Grove, Washington County, Or.) 1903-1911, June 22, 1905, Image 4

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C H A P T E R X V I I I . — (Continued.)
So the forenoon of the second day of
the "Railroad W ar,” as it was after­
ward jestingly denominated by the hu­
morous Ilooaiers, wore away. The mili­
tia bad been out all night, and two half
daya. And the Overcoat road hail been
"kept warm” by the friction of the big
bare hoofa o f courier horse* galloping
back and forth. The population of Sand-
town, and, in fact, of all the dependent
districts o f the Wabash country, momen­
tarily in expectation of some startling
event, are at length gratified by the ap­
pearance of an unusually large squad of
the volunteer couriers. And at ouce the
word goes round, from mouth to mouth,
that Coonrod Redden is only a little
w ay back escorting the representative
or the Sandtown
Railroad— the opposing organization to
the Sandtown and Northwestern— to the
court house square, where the sales
would proceed at once.
Lizzy W ickly and uer mother having
goue back to their own little home, so
near the very end of the Overcoat road
that from the bedroom window up stairs
everything was plainly visible, only three
hundred feet away at the court house, sat
there and looked and listened.
Presently she saw the same carriage
in which she had seen Mr. Mason drive
through the streets two days ago. Then
she remembered that Coonrod Redden
bad said threateningly that he ought to
"b e hosst up,” and that he would be if
he dared to poke his nose Into Sandtown
But now he drives confidently in, and
w ith no less a person than Coonrod Red­
den seated beside him on the front seat
o f the carriage, and two gentlemen on
the other Beat. One of them may be
Mr. Huntley for aught she knows. But
really, she scarcely thinks about it.
There is almost an endless array of
this spontaneous levy of Wabash cav­
alrymen riding along after the carriage.
These battalions are hended by some of
the Dikeses and the Klleta.
And she
kuows from this fact that the furious
eople from Big Rattlesnake Creek have
een placated in some mysterious way.
As the head of the column comes near­
ly opposite, Mr. Mason looks up, smiles,
and raises his hat. Then Coonrod Red­
den sees them at the window and leans
out and waves his hat and shouts some­
thing at them. But not a word can be
distinguished because at the very first
wave of the hat a vnst shout starts at
the frunt among the Dikenes, and goes in
an increasing wave bnck to the very ryar
o f the line, half a mile nwny, where it
sounds like a shrill nnd high-keyed echo
o f the nearer and louder shout. Some­
body below the window calls out:
“ W hat is ut, Jim? W hat did you fel­
lers do, anyhow?”
“ Come up to the court house tin see!
Come on; come right on, everybody, up
to the court house yard!”
Then the words are drowned in an­
other one o f those odd, strange and
almost frightful shouts that, beginning
among the Dikeses in a stentorinn roar,
goes bnck nlong the line, rising in vol­
ume and rising in tone ns the sound
w ave sweeps back, until it is pitched two
octnves above in a wild, shrill, treble half
a mile bnck, among the boys o f fifteen,
who agaiu prolong it and raise it up
a fter it has almost died away.
A horrible suspicion flashes upon
Lizzy. She remembers in an instant all
the slow-growing antipathy o f these peo­
ple to Mr. Mason. She remembers the
serious charges that they have made and
reiterated against him. She remembers,
too, the dark nnd ominous words o f Coon­
rod Redden. And she knows that if the
old Hoosier does no more than to remain
quiescent, those whooping and yelling
savages from Big Rattlesnake will wreak
a terrilde nnd public vengeance upon the
(loomed man.
So maddening was this terrible appre­
hension that after the first moment of
faintness nnd utter incapacity which it
caused, she must have become almost ob­
livious to everything not directly per­
taining to the circumstances immediate­
ly environing this man, who had gone
pnst her to hia grave, placid and smil­
She had no recollection o f how and
when she left her mother, or how she
pushed and crowded her way through the
throng to the south door o f the court
room. True, every rough and uncouth
rider or footman o f them all instantly
gave way when he saw her, nnd even
reached out to pluck the sleeves or col­
lars o f others in front who could not
see her, and hence blocked up the way.
“ Let 'er pass along thar, hoys! Crowd
hack thar a leetle, and let Lizzy Wickly
git apast! She’s intrusted en this theug
more'n anybody. She wnwnts to see ’at
she gits her rights!” called out Big Jim
I likes, as he set about pushing this way
and pulling that, in order to make a path
for the greatly agitated young woman.
“ Better let 'er go up stairs thar, Jim!
She can git to the winder en the shuf's
room, un see ut all, ’ tliout glttin run over
by the crowd. Little Seof Dary's gut the
key. Seef! II-yu r!”
That was young Starr Oo-uns, she
knew. Then the door was reached, and
the stair door to the left being unlocked
and instantly locked again after aha had
gotten inside, she found there was some
one on the steps a little way above her.
“ Come right up h-yur, Lizzy, if you
wawnt to sea th* show.
I guess the
short's room's open. Yes, h-yur hit is!
The winder’s up, too! Now, ef yon don't
mine the crowd a-lookin ut yuh, h-yur's
a good plaist,” said the young Doc Hikes,
ss he pulled one of the large, yellow
wooden armchairs up beside the window.
“ I'll kine uh stall’ h-yur en front uv yuh,
tin they calnt see yoh (>¡t!te so plain. I t ’s
the biggest crowd I ’ ve seed h-yur sens!
the Red Line run against the Nigger
Ilahy, un heat 'er! Whur do all them
slick lookin' fellers live at, I wonder?
H aint ut funny 'at youh don't know no­
body, har'ly, when you git up over uni
this*way un look down at urn? Why, I
scsicely knoweil old ( ’non Redden. They
all looked the cuerstest!”
I.lzzy scarcely heard a word o f the
running comments o f the young I>oo
Hikes. The carriage was drawn up st
the fence, shout sixty feet from the north
door of th* court house, and she could
see Mr. Mason sitting there calmly, with
begun by the sheriff, in the loud, official
monotone o f the public auctioneer.
Sale after sale was made in the very
shortest time of the mere formal and
foregone official a c t
But as each sale
was announced with the name of the pur­
chaser, there was, noticeably, an air of
surprise and wonder over the whole as
sembly. Men whispered to each other in
little gronps, and there was a risible
settling hack of the heretofore aggressive
and 011 -preaaing tendency of the throng,
with even a slignt tendency to cheer some
“ By gum! e f thattair feller Hnntley
But here a demonstration below cut off
the young Doc’s remark, and Coonrod
Redden is calling for "O dder; odder,
men! Odder, for jiat a minute!”
And having secured order for just a
minute, he weut on:
“ A ll these h-yur sales ats ben made
h-yur— the Ian’s ben bought en by Mr.
Huntley, uv the Santown an’ South­
western Railroad fur the benefit uv the
farmers. They kin have thur own time
to pay off the notes. Un they wont be
no intrust tell after a yur from the date
a this sale. You fellers kin go to plow-
uu fur wheat, soon’s you’ ve a mine tuh!”
What a roar of whoops and yells and
cheers for Huntley. Then somebody sug­
gested groans for Mason; and they were
given with a heartiness that created an
inexplicable amount o f merriment imme­
diately about Mr. Mason. W hat could
he find to laugh at in the hearty execra­
tion o f the crowd abont him?
One more sale was announced hy the
sheriff. And now there was a hitching
forward o f the chairs occupied by the
gentlemen in the doorwny.
Mr. Biler
was regarding Mr. Mason over the heads
of a part o f the audience with an oqd
smile o f cunning, wonder, amusement
and admiration.
Lizzy could see this
look; for Mr. Biler had stepped out be­
side the sheriff with a paper in hiR hand,
upon which something was scrawled that
looked like figures. W hat did that look
mean? W as there still another surprise
and menace for Mr. Mason?
She hardly heard the rapid call of the
sheriff. In fact, thinking about the im­
minent peril in which Mr. Mason had
just been; and then o f the great execra­
tion in which this Impulsive assemblage
evidently held him, she could only burden
her mind with devising ways for his es­
cape. O, that he had remained away!
O, that he hail never come!
And so she had Tailed to hear anything
of the nsual description of the land to be
sold, and of the rapid opening bids that
kept the wheriff turning this way and
that, from Congressman Billy Biler to
the carriage in which Mr. Mason was
bidding for Mr. Huntley, his principal.
But a great and all-powerful excite­
ment hail seized upon the young Doc,
communicated from the squeezing, crush­
ing. pushing crowd below,
“ This sale will haf to stop e f you don’t
git hack.” the sheriff urged again nnd
again. Then she heard his cry for the
first time distinctly:
“ Eight hundred
thousand! Eight linn— ! Eight twenty-
five! Eight fifty! Nine! Nine twenty-
five! F ifty ! Seventy-five! Nine hundred
nnd seventy-five thousand! One million!
One million! One million!”
a surging, roaring throng o f armed men
all about him. Inside the court house
yard, the crowd was so dense that men
could scarcely move about, and their red
and heated faces all looked strained, ex­
cited and threatening.
Not a word could be distinguished in
the roar of loud anfl vehement disputa­
tion that seemed to be going on. Now
there was a rush o f the buzzing mass
toward some distant point, and the ex­
clamations, "E ig h t!” "F ig h t!” could be
Then the crowd would settle
back, and the roar of excited voices go on
T h e H a n g in g o f th e K e t t le .
again as before.
Once the keen, loud
There are many farm ers in need o f
report of a rifle caused the crowd to
something convenient to hang a large
stream round the two sides o f the court
kettle on.
Many support the kettle
house, ltut presently the reflux of the
on three stones, which is unsatisfac­
tide set in, and swept them all back
tory, especially I f the heat cracks one
W hat a strange spectacle this
wild, hot, angry, roaring crowd, pushing
stone and the kettle tips over. T h e
this wiiy und that, and filling the summer
accompanying cut is draw n from a
air with the roar o f their voices, and yet
photograph I took recently on a neigh­
remaining a riddle to the lookers on— so
boring farm, and it comes very near
far as anything that was thought or said
to explaining Itself. T h e device con­
or done, was concerned.
sists o f three m oderately heavy pieces
“ H aint much sadisfaction a lookun
of wood fo r legs, w hich are attached
thiaaway!” the young Doc said. “ You
together at the top by a heavy bolt.
caint tell nothun at they’re sayun ur a
Some six or eight inches below the
do-un, no moren e f you was acrost on
h-yan side a the river.”
union o f the three legs a heavy clevis
But at this moment the tall form of
is secured to the m iddle leg. From this
Coonrod Redden was seen to clamber .up
clevis tw o chalna extend dow n w ard to
to the top board o f the court house fence.
proper distance and double backward
“ Lissun! Lissun! Shet np your tnlk-
to fasten on to the ears o f the kettle.
un! Coonrod’s « go-un to mnke a speech!
Lissun! Lissun!” were the numerous ex­
clamations under which the roar died
nway in a swift diminuendo, and perfect
silence prevailed.
“ Gen-tuh-men!” began the old Hoosier.
with a short jerk o f his left forearm
nnd extended palm, forward and to the
left, and then back to hia side again.
“ W e’ ve cum h-yur to en-quar ento some
tliengs cawn-cern-un uv the Sandtown
Farmers Bank, un nallso cawncernun uv
a lot ah moggijis ov ourn at wair hilt by
the Farmbers’ Bank, when hit busted.
Tham moggijis have ben foreclosed, un
the Ian’ s gut to be sole to-day. They
haint no gittun roun that. Hits the law.
Un the law's gut to be Inforeed. But
we know at somebody's ben a tryun to
git the best uv urse Sandtown farmbers.”
Angry and threatening looks are here
K E T T L E P R O P E R L Y S U S PE N D E D .
directed toward the carriage in which
which then hangs suspended.
Mr. Mason sits, calm and unmoved, save
perhaps that slight pallor o f the face
length o f the legs w ill depend on con­
which betokens the greatest determiun
venience and the size o f the kettle
tion, the most unfaltering purpose.
they are to support. Those shown in
Not alone threatening looks. There is
the cut are eleven fe et in length and
a low growl that seems to come from
were made from medium sized w ell
the circumference towards the center of
seasoned fence rails. W hen the der­
the throng, stirring it in an inconceivable
rick is not in use It can be lowered,
manner, as if the growl emanated from a
folded together and laid aw ay.— Cor.
sudden concentric earth-wave that im­
parted its sound and its undulatory move
Orange Judd Farm er.
(T o be continued.*
ment to each individual of the vast mass
"Jist keep kine uh qui-ut, men! W e S T R A WB E R R I E S BRING WE A L T H .
P r u n in g R o o ts o f T ree s ,
don’t wawnt no furse’n h-yur, lenimy
W h ile there may be m erit in the
tell yuh!”
H e looked round over the L o n e Is la n d in S n ak e R iv e r Is a G a r ­ method o f planting known as the
crowd as he spoke, and then gluuced
den Spot«*
S trin gfellow plan, which provides for
covertly hack into the carriage.
A desert island in the m iddle o f cutting aw a y most o f the roots o f the
Snake river is one o f the most unique young tree as w ell as the top, it is a
C H A P T E R X IX .
Again there was the sudden concentric, straw b erry gardens in the State o f plan which does not work w ell w ith
undulatory movement that seemed to W ashington, says the San Francisco all species o f trees nor in all soils.
impel the crowd to a position more com­ Chronicle. T h e land is surrounded by A s a result the avera ge orchardist w ill
pactly about the carriage, there were w ater and y et so dry that even sage
stick to the best o f the old methods
leud, inarticulate cries and the brandish­
brush and desert weeds w ill not grow which provides for a cutting back o f
ing of guns, held in excited hands. Men
and boys began to climb up into already except under Irrigation. F or six months the top so as to form a proper head
tilled wagons, holding on to those who in the yea r the residents are practi­ and balancing the roots som ewhat a f­
were standing in these vehicles pnckeil cally cut off from communication with ter the manner o f the low er cut in the
about the streets like a regiment o f ar­ the outside w orld o f humanity. H igh illustration. T h e upper cut shows the
tillery. From their position hi the wide w aters make the riv e r too dangerous to roots o f the two-year-old tree a fte r it
doorway o f the court house, the very cross In boats and the ice o f winter
elaborately dressed Congressman Itiler, closes all approaches from either shore.
probably at the suggestion o f the two or
On tills lonely spot grow s the first
three gentlemen whp sit behind him. ami
who represent the S. A N. W., as against straw berries o f the Northwest.
S traw berry island is governm ent
the S. & S. W., gets upon a chair, anil
begins to admonish tile crowd to keep property. T h e land lias never been sur­
veyed and probably w ill never be plat-
"Y ou shet up, Hilly Biler!” man'll old led as availab le for the homesteader.
Coonrod Redden, in n voice that effectu­ It is a great mass o f sand dunes and
ally "shet” Mr. Itiler up. whether he cactus covered stones. T h e Snake river
would or no. "I'm n do-un the tulkun
carries dow n from Its mountain sources
now! You'll git a ehninete after a spell,
immense deposits o f sand bearing glist­
ef you’ ve gut nnytheug to sny!”
Billy Biler grins in some confusion at ening flakes o f gold. M any acres o f
this rude and unexpected rebuff, nnd a land have been created from these de­
vnst shout of laughter ripples outward posits. T lie winds sweep tip the river
an . eccentrically from the carriage to anil great dust storms obscure the sun
V here the regiment o f farm wagous is
for days and even weeks in the spring
pa eked.
Y et the straw berries grow
“ I hope they are getting over that sav­
and ripen to perfection.
n o w ROOTS A R E P R U N E D .
age humor,” Lizzy said, standing up in
The loan claim ant o f this Island has is dug in the nursery and the low er
her excitement. "D on ’t you think they
are? Don't you think by their laughing six acres planted to early strawberries. d ra w in g shows how all the mass of
that way, that they are?" The young Surrounding his cabin is a great Held
fibrous roots, which would die anyw ay
Doe Dikes shook his head.
o f fo rty acre* planted to nlfulfa. H e
“ You caint tell niithun by thur Inugh- keeps a band o f cattle and requires the a fte r exposure to the sun, have been
cut aw ay and most o f the longer roots
un 'atawny. E f they was plum ready
te boss up n feller, un nnytheug funny help o f many women nnd children in shortened. It Is easier to plnnt a tree
ud happen, they’d stop a minute to lnugli, harvesting his berries nnd caring for prepared In this manner and strong
un go right awn a hossnn uv 'iiu up. the milk anil butter. W hen other sec­ young rootlets w ill form from the ends
tions are clothed In mantles o f snow o f tlie roots which w ere cut. form ing
'A ts the kine a fellers they nir.”
“ They's a man h-yur at's hen with this sandy desert is ripening the straw ­ a mass o f roots during the one g ro w ­
urse un hen rispectud un treated right berries fo r which the people in the in­
ing season follo w in g planting which
by urse Sandtown farmbers," went on the land cities o f Spokane nnd Butte pay
w ill g iv e the young tree a good start
stentorian voice o f old Coonrod Redden.
Jo to -HI cents a cup. T h e grow er re- in life .— Indianapolis News.
“ But 'e haint treated urse right. He's
hen a snake en the grasst. A t's wliut celves from $ t to $6 a crate for hia
F a te o f th e O ld H en .
he's ben.”
A fte r the old hen has raised her
Now Indeed is there a very tidal »wave
Irrigation is the secret o f success In
o f upheaval, and with it not a growl, producing strawberries from the des­ crop o f chicks, she Is not a fit subject
hut a leonine roar and a vast tumult ert. W a te r Is lifted from the river tiy fo r the carcass m ark et Turn her out
on the range to get strong and In good
shout the carriage, around which in a
means o f current motors or wheels
little contused nnd narrowing space men
shape to be fattened fo r the summer
struggled with each other.
or early fa ll market. I f she I* not to
“ W hat are they doing? O. what are
he carried through another winter. It
they doing?” Lizzy cries, in a spasm of level o f the beach. Then the pipes, w ill coat little or nothing to feed her
attached to the w ater m oter are made
through the com ing months and w ith
"B y gnm! they're a go-un to hoaa up longer and the w ater lifted to a higher
s fe w months or yven tw o months on
the feller, right h-yur en the court house point.
W hen the river is high and
There goes the judge un the threatens to wash aw ay the island the the range she can be plumped up so
as to fatten at the smallest possible
shurf! But they’d 11 » well keep outen
w ater wheels work easily and pump I
expense, and the carcass w ill be rea­
thar. N o! By gum! they've gut um kine
uh quieted down.
Coonrod un I ’ nele
sonably tender and fa irly satisfactory
Jim Dikes uz knocked down boat fifteen ditches carry w ater from the pnnip’a to the buyer. I f she Is not to be set
ur twenty n tham Heelfoot Pon’ fellers. point o f discharge to the fields, where again don’ t be In a hurry to fake her
'A t* the only way you km git any siilnoc it Is distributed In furrows.
aw ay from the chicks.
L e t her run
ento tham fellers’ heads— ia to knock 111
Straw berry island is a great producer
ento um.
You git Coonrod an Uncle o f wealth. T h e ow ner has an Income w ith them as king as they w ill stay
Jim Dikes un the Sparks' boys tog-yuth- o f alnutt $500 an acre every year. Last w ith her. fo r she can do no harm, and
may be able to help them more or less
er. un hit'll take a purty good crowd to
season lie made a net profit o f $1.(100
even though they may be half-grown.
pile tham.”
There was an Indefinite and inde­
I*on’t be too quick to say the old hen
terminate perioil of the wildest uproar berries. H e grows none bnt the largest is no longer useful or profitable.
and confusion all about and in the court and brightest colored varieties and doe*
P e r s e r v in g th e I g c * .
house yards. Everywhere the judge, the not attem pt to compete w ith the gen­
By the w ater glasa method eggs may
sheriff and Coonrod Redden could he seen eral m arket.
W hen other* are ship­
geatienlating wildly, seising men hy the ping their berries he ha* completed hit lie preserved, and be In good condition
arms or pollan*, and shouting at the tops work and the remnant Is given to fam ­ fo r use several months later, although
of the highest voices in all the Sand­
ilies o f campers, who pitch tents about they w ill not pass as strictly fresh
town district.
Finally they seemed to
T h e procedure is as follow s:
succeed In reetnring order, to some ex­ the island to fish for the great Colum­ ji.u iin the e a te r giass from tbs drug
tent, and immediately the celling we* bia riv e r salmon.
gist and dilute oue pint o f it with nine
pints o f water. Use a vessel o f some
not metal. The old-fashioned
crockery three or four gallon Jars are
ideal. H a v e the eggs fresh, put them
in daily and see that the shells are not
cracked. Put the water glass solution
In the crock and then put In the eggs,
seeing that the eggs are com pletely
covered w ith the solution at all times.
When the eggs are laken out 0f the
solution rinse them in clean water,
wipe them dry and they are ready for
G r o w t h o f A g r ic u lt u r e .
According to the statistical abstrac
of tlie United States, issued from thi
Department o f Commerce and Labor
there were, in 1900, 5,739,(«7 farm s li
this country, an increase o f 1,175,01«
in ten years. There were engaged it
agriculture, In 1900, 10,438,219 persons
while in 1890 there w ere 8,565,926, at
Increase o f 1,872,293. The increase it
the total population fo r the perioc
stated was 13,071,484, so o f this in
crease over 14 per cent must have en
gaged in farm ing.
The value o f farm s and farm prop
erty Increased from $16,082,267,689 it
1890 to $20,514,001,838 in 1900, a d if
ference o f $4,431,734,149. T h e valui
o f farm products Increased $1,304,070,
252, the value in 1900 being $3,764,177,
This does not include value ol
products not fed to live stock.
Th e total number o f acres in farms
in 1900 was 838,591,774, the averagi
number o f acres to a farm being 146.2
w h ile In 1890 it was 136.5. T h e pyi
cent o f im proved farm land was de
creased 8 per cent in the last ter
T h e greatest Increase In the numbei
o f farm s has been lu the States o f Col
orado, Arizona, Idaho, Moutana and
N ew M exico.
Iu the production o f corn and wheal
there has been a corresponding in­
crease. In 1890 there w ere 1,489,970,
000 bushels
produced and in 190C
2,105,102,516 bushels, while o f wheal
In 1890 the crop was 399,262,000 bush
els and
it increased to 522,229,501
bushels In 1900.
Thus it w ill be seen that w hatevei
the gain in commerce and m anufac­
tures the relative gain in farm in g has
held Its own.
Agriculture, too, has
been lifted to a higher plane than lor-
merly. It is no longer said that "a n y ­
body can farm .” A griculture is rapidly
attaining the diguity o f a profession,
U s in g F r e e H e lp s .
Self-governm ent is gradually d evel­
oping in the Philippines. In 1902 Con­
gress passed a law which provided
that a census o f the population o f the
islands should be taken, and that w ith ­
in tw o years a fte r the completion o f
the census a representative popular
assembly should he elected. T h e cen­
sus was completed on March 27th o f
' the present year, and on that day G ov­
ernor W righ t Issued a proclamation
fixing March 27. 1907. as the date fo r
the first general Filipino election. The
legislative body to be chosen Is to
contain between 50 and 100 members,
elected by popular vote, and Is to
form, Jointly w ith tlie Philippine Com­
mission, the two-chambered legislature
of the new government. This legisla­
ture, besides making laws, Is to elect
tw o commissioners to represent them
In Washington.
It Is expected that
these commissioners will he allow ed to
sit in the Am erican Congress much as
the territorial delegates now have seat*
| there.
Moroccan affairs continue to hold an
Important place In international dis­
cussion. T h e desire o f Germ any, as
stated in a memorandum to the United
States, is for the maintenance o f th *
"open door” In Morocco, for the preser­
vation o f the status quo, and fo r the
protection o f the commercial Interests
Of all trading nations. It Is pointed
out, however, on the other hand, that
j the Anglo-French agreement o f April,
I 1904, expressly declared for the princi­
p l e o f commercial freedom. A p ril 6th,
j K in g Edward, on his w ay to join
Queen Alexandra at Marseilles, paid a
b rief visit to President I.oubet a t
Paris, and the incident, follo w in g so
soon upon the call o f Emperor W illiam
at Tangiers, w as interpreted by th*
French press ns a reaffirmation o f th *
Anglo-French agreement.
A reduction in freight rates on the
Panama railw ay was suggested to Sec­
retary T a ft by the ministers in W ash­
ington o f the republics in Central
Am erica and on the west coast o f
South Am erica. T hey said that it cost
much more to ship goods to N ew Y ork
by w ay o f this railw ay than to send
the same goods to Ixindon by the
Straight o f Magellan. They also asked
j that equal facilities be granted to-
goods shipped by all steamship lines,
¡and charged .that under the old man­
agement— tHat is. before the United
States gained control o f the road —
w ere
discrim inated
again st Secretary T a ft promised th at
the discrim inations would cease at
Frequent reference has been made
to the advantages o f using the State
T h e President has, by proclamation.
experim ent stations, which land ow n­ Invited "a ll the nations o f the earth
ers in each State help support, hence to take part in the com mem oration”
have an undoubted right to ask their o f the 300th anniversary o f the first
help when needed. The director o f one English settlement in Am erica, a t
o f the State stations told the writer Jamestown, "b y sending their naval
not long ago that he hoped the sub­ vessels to tile said celebration and by
je c t might not be urged too hard, else m aking such representations o f th eir
the stations m ight be in the same trou­ m ilitary organizations ns may be prop­
ble he was with a farm er in his er.”
T h e festivities are to last from
State. Th is farm er makes it his busi­ M ay to November, 1907, and are de­
ness to send to the State station a scribed as "an International naval, m il­
sample o f everyth in g he buys fo r the itary and marine celebration.”
farm in the w ay o f stock food and Fitzhugh Lee, the president o f the
fertilizers anil has profited greatly by managers o f the exposition, at the tim e
the plan. I f he is attracted to a cer­ o f his death, was engaged in persuad­
tain stock food, for example, he will ing the various States to be represent­
buy the smallest purchasable quantity ed at the exposition in some official
and send a liberal sample to the State way.
experim ent station and obtain its opin­
ion as to its worth. H e bases further
John H ay, when an undergraduate
purchases on the re[>ort received from nt Brown U niversity, assisted in de-
the station and by this plan saves j fending some low er classmen from un-
many dollars. Do thou likewise.
I fa ir treatm ent in a hazing episode;
Do not be afraid that you w ill give ! but when a classmate recently w rote
tlie station men too much work. Some him alsiut the incident, he humorously
o f them need more work, w h ile the replied, “ I rem ember nothing o f m y
m ajority o f them w ill be more than heroic conduct In the Gordon case. But
glad to he o f use to you, fo r they will my recollection o f everything In those
see the beginning o f an era o f useful­ far-off days is dim, and heroism was
ness which has hitherto been denied my daily habit. I couldn't sleep nights
the stations and solely because the i f I hadn't saved somebody's life. Now
worst enemies o f the institutions have I only save a nation now and then.”
been the very people they w ere intend­ Secretary H ay, just before he replied:
ed to Help— the farmers. T ry the plan to the letter, must have been reading
the next tim e you buy grain or mixed some Washington correspondent's de­
feeds fo r the stock.
You w ill learn scription o f how he had prevented the
dismemberment o f Chinn.
much and suve more.
A s to th e S tr a w b e r r y .
In some cases and with some varie­
ties it w ill pay to crop the same bed of
straw berries tw o or ,even three years,
although most grow ers go to the other
extrem e and take but one crop and do
not use the same soil again fo r berries
until the third year. Possibly this is
carrying the rotation too far. W e plan
to set the berry plants a fte r a crop
o f corn, fru it them tw o years and then
plow under and set to tomatoes, pota­
toes or beans, sowing crimson clover
In midsummer and plowing under the
following^ spring, when the ground Is
again set to strawberries.
Some o f our neighbors go us s year
better and sow corn the year fo llo w ­
ing the turning under o f the crimson
clover.pu tting the berry plants out the
spring follo w in g the corn and perm it­
tin g the ground to lie fallow during
the winter.
T h e plan works well,
though we d islike the ides o f not hav­
ing the ground covered during the
H ow ever, as this may be a
m atter o f personal opinion, w e have
no comment to make beyond the one
that we like our plan best and consid­
er it the most profitable one.
H - n on G oose f a r * .
E arly in spring g ive a hen four to
six eggs, according to her size. A large
Cochin ben can Incubate six nr seven
eggs In a warm nest. Set eggs on the
ground if possible and use some straw
In the nest
Chinese Neutrality.— It has been o f­
ficially disclosed nt W ashington that
tlie movement in February. 1904. fo r
concerted action by the neutral p o w e r*
to induce the belligerents in the fa r
East to respect the neutrality o f China
was made by the United States at the
Initiative o f Germany.
The reason
that this fact was not made known at
the time, it is stated, was that th *
Germ an Em peror felt that the sugges­
tion would be more certain to be adopt­
ed i f it emanated from W ashington
rather than from Berlin.
W ith the beginning o f the new ad­
m inistration fo r the second time in suc­
cession there Is no change o f p a rty
control, whereas from G arfield’s In­
auguration to M cK in ley's there w a *
every tim e an alternation from party to
party, which made the retiring Preal-
deut seem almost like a captive c h ie f
gracin g the triumph o f a conqueror.
In the Sunday schools o f the U n ited
States there are fe w e r pupils by about
five mllliona than the nurov>er enrolled
In the public schools.
Tuttin g th *
fact In another form, o f every threw
girls and boys w ho attend the day
schools, only tw o go to Sunday school.
It would be s delicate task to appor­
tion the responsibility for this state o f
affairs; but It Is fa ir to *pgire«t th at
«•hen children atay nw ay from the pnb-
lic echo«!* thetr parent* are held re­