Washington County news. (Forest Grove, Washington County, Or.) 1903-1911, June 22, 1905, Image 3

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    Editorial Page-Washington Co. News.
J . F. W O ODS, Editor.
Published Every Thursday by the Washing- sure at the time that he came so near
ton County Publishing Co. Incorporated
discovering a great river. Two Amer-
at Forest Grove, Oregon
ican vessel:” the C olum bia R e d iviva -
| Captain John Kendrick, and the Lady
Washington, Captain Robert Gray,
sailed from Boston September 30,
1787 with cargoes of goods for the
$1.00 a Year in Advance.
Indians. They rounded the Horn and
sailed up the Pacific coast to Nootka
Entered at the post-office at Forest |
sound, their object being to engage in
Grove, Oregon, as second class
fur trade of the great Northwest.
mail matter.
The two vessels, however, were sepa­
Address all communications to Wash­ rated by a storm soon after passing Cape
Horn, and the Lady Washington reach­
ington County Pub. Co.,
ed the Oregon coast in August, where,
Forest Grove, Ore.
near the 46th parrallel, Captain Gray
If the NEWS fails to reach its subscrib­ ran his ship aground in attempting to
ers or is late, we request that immedi. enter an arm of the sea which he had
ate attention may be called to the same. already explored in small boats for
some miles, and which he believed to
1905 be the stream then vaguely known as
the River of the West— now the Col­
The ship was attacked by
THE editor of the Salem Journal umbia.
one seaman was killed and
announces that he is not a candidate
wounded. This attack
for any office.— Roseburg Plaindealer.
to put out to sea again.
That’ s the first thing a candidate does.
as to whether Gray
The Salem Journal was one of our in­
mouth of the Col­
dicted Binger’ s mainstays.
umbia on this voyage. Greenhow
holds that the fight with the Indians
LAST night’ s program closed the
took place in the Columbia, but Ban­
year’ s graduation exercises of Pacific
croft is inclined to believe that it was
University, and besides turning out
Tillamook Bay. The Columbia and
nine bright, new scholars, the school
the Lady Washington both anchored
has maintained its usual high standard
in Nootka Sound until the next spring,
of excellence. Pacific University has
returning to Boston, August 10, 1790.
a reputation that might well be envied
by the majority of institutions of learn­
It should be remembered that at
ing on the coast. Her laurels are
this time there were many adventur­
many fold and far reaching.
ous navigators who were eager to dis­
cover the mouth of the great river of
THE Pennsylvania railroad, in run­
the West. They believed it to be the
ning its trains from New York to Chi­
Pacific end of a mythical “ northwest
cago in 18 hours, has set a new record
passage” extending across the conti­
for fast traveling in the United States.
nent from Hudson’ s Bay. Many years
If such fast time can be made between
before, the British government had
Chicago and New York it will be b u t!
offered a prize of 20,000 pounds to the
a shcrt time until Western roads will
navigator who would discover this pas­
put on faster trains, and there is a pos­
sage, which for a century had been
sibility that a trip from New York to
| supposed to exist. The Hudson Bay
Portland will consume but three days
company, which held the Crown’ s
instead of five.
charter granting it exclusive right to
trade in the whole of interior and West-
HlLLSBORO is very much agitated ern North America above the Spanish
over the Wm Reid railroad proposals p0ssessj0ns discouraged any attempts
which he is now offering that city, j to find this passage from the Hudson
The anxiety of the railroad company ^ay
and the navigators made
which he is said to represent, in hufry- search for it on the Pacific coast.
ing to begin work, is very much like
Captain James Cook, the most
other railroad propositions. As a rule famous British navigator of his time,
they can never begin work quick had sailed only 80 days after the decla­
enough. There is always much slow­ ration of American Independence, in the
ness on the part of the giver of the hope of discovering the imaginary
right of way, and it is always his fault passage. On the 18th of January,
that there is so much delay. But usu­ 1778, he discovered the Hawaiian
ally railroad companies are not modest Islands, which he named the Sandwich
in their demands; this one, however, islands in honor of the first lord of
only wants to go to Banks— nine or admirality. Resuming his eastward
ten miles in the country. Perhaps course, Captain Cook encountered the
that’ s far enough for this road.
coast of * New Albion,”
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public ownership of
“ public utilities,” a euphonious title
for street railways, gas and electric
plants, and other things, becomes a
fact, private ambition to do and dare
will be destroyed. Had the govern­
ment been the owner of our great rail­
ways in the United States, does any
one believe that the comfort which one
can have thereon today would have
been possible? The government when
it becomes the owner, must not recog­
nize, nor can it recognize, classes or
the demands of men whose wants
differ from the wants of their fellows.
The Pullman car, the high-gTade diner,
do not belong to a government owned
and operated railway. The govern­
ment would s;y that the rights of
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The fact that one is willing to pay
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States bathing
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suits— anything
Grove and Portland.
its claim upon you
the can
think of.
and by the treaty of 1846 added 307,-
000 square miles of opulent territory
to our domain.
Forest Grove
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Many Indians ------------------------------------------------ —
surrounded his vessel, rowing out in
their big dugout canoes. Gray warned
them to keep off, but they advanced,
which he named
Deception bay,” and he opened fire on them. It is
but which undoubtedly was the mouth this incident which George Davidson
of the Columbia. Meares, however, has illustrated in his curious drawing,
did not discover that it was a river and which gives a most remarkable render­
Salem States- saiied away. Had he made the dis- ing of the heights and headlands at the
R . I N 1X O I N , D e n t i s t
Forest Grove, Oregon
is io n s
C o p y r ig h t s A c .
A n vo n e s«n<11ng n sketch nnd description may
nulckly itscertiiin onr opinion free whetlier an
invention fa probably patentable, Coniniunlcn.
tlonastrtctly confidential. HANDBOOK o n Patent
sent free. Oldest agency for securing patent*.
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tp rcial n o tic e , w ithou t c harge. In the
Scientific American.
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culation o f any scientific Journal. T e rm *, fit a
year , fou r mont hs. |L Sold by all newsdealers.
MUNN &Co.36,B"*d~’ New York
Branch Office. 026 K Bt., W ash in gton , I>. C.
Low round-trip rates have been
placed in effect between Portland and
Forest Grove, in either direction.
Tickets will be sold Saturday after­
noons and Sundays, limited to re­
turn on or before the following Mon­
day. Rate of *1.05 round trip. Call
on Southern Pacific’ s agents for par­
Local Time Table
Trains on the Southern Pacific arrive
and depart on the following schedule:
No. 2 ____9 A. M. No. 4 ____ 6:21 P. M.
— Highest price paid for wool and
No. 3 . . . 6 : 5 9 A . M . No. 1 ____ 4 :1 6 P M
Mohair, at J. E. Bailey, Forest Grove.
N . L . A T K IN S , A g t .
Three door* north of Bailey’* «tore,
hours from 9 A. M. to 4 P. M.
J. N. Hoffman
On the
11th of May, the Columbia safely Office in Front Rooms of Abbott Build­
ing, Upstairs.
j crossed the bar and entered at last the
mighty river, upon which Captain FOREST GROVE,
Gray bestowed the name of his ship.
He cast anchor 10 miles up the river,
S E A R S & W A T K IN S
and a few days later he proceeded 15
-Proprietor of—
claim to what is known as the Oregon pacifjc aKajn on the 28th of September, miles farther up the Columbia, got in­
, .T h « l a n d i n g l i a r h c r S h o p ,
country” out of which the states of 1790, this time in command of the
to the shoal water by missing the
Oregon, Washington and Idaho and ship Columbia Rediviva. Gray reached
Up-to-date Hair-cutting and
channel and then dropped down to
parts of Montana and Wyoming have Vancouver island the next June.
Shaving. Laundry agency.
anchor again near the mouth.
been carved.
About the same time Captain George
P u rest O ravi
Not long afterwards Captain Vancou­ V I « I n S t r e e t ,
SAILED IN 1 7 8 7 .
Vancouver of the British royal navy, ver also sailed up the river, being con­
Nearly two years before George began a series of voyages up and vinced by this time that it really was
Washington was inaugurated as the first down the Pacific coast, for purposes of the river of the west, of which the
In April, 1792,
he Indians had told.
president of the United States. Captain exploration.
Robert Gray started upon a voyage on reached “ Deception bay” and made
Captain Gray’ s discovery of the
Real Estate and Corpo- OFFICE over
which he visited the Pacific coast at some observations, falling in a little Columbia, together with the exploration ration_J^waSpecialt£. Hines' Store.
the mouth of the river now named the later with the Columbia a few miles of that river and the interior country'
Columbia, although he did not make south of the straits of Fuca. Captain by Meriwether Lewis and William Clark Forest Grove,
covery, Great Britian might now be the
possessor of all the rich territory sur­
Discovery of the Columbia.
rounding and including the Lewis and
The discovery of the Columbia by Clark exposition site.
an American navigator was of high im­
But Captain Gray remained only six
portance. inasmuch as it furnished the weeks in Boston after returning from
United States its original basis of his first voyage, starting for the north
|g| .
* 11
¡ m || *
Main Street, Eorest Grove, Oregon
Oregon, near the 44th parallel, far
south of the Columbia. Severe storms
drove him far out to sea and he did
not reach land again until he was 2
Gray freely informed the Briton as to
degrees north of the mouth of the his own observation, but Vancouver
declined to believe in the existance of
the river of the west.
Once more
Cook returned to England after four Great Britian sailed away from an im­
years of voyaging, and the accounts of portant discovery of great importance.
his expedition aroused great interest, I
Great Britian being eager to annex the
new country on the Pacific. England,
Leaving Vancouver in the straits of
Russia and France each dispatched Fuca, Captain Gray sailed southward
expeditions to explore the region more in the good ship Columbia, and on
thoroughly and to share in the fur trade May 7, entered a port which he named
of Nootka sound. Captain John Meares, Bullfinch harbor, in honor of one of the
a British navigator, sailed in a vessel to
engage in the fur trade on his own
responsibility, and during his voyage
he found an opening in the coast
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