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Roosevelt Sends Messages to
Russia and Japan.
O ffe rs to Help in the Preliminary Ar.
„_rangements if Warned by the
Warring Nations.
f" Washington, June 10.— An identical
mote, the text of which, by authority of
<he president, was made public late to­
night at thr W hite house by Secretary
!Loeb, has been forwarded to the gov-
•erninents of Russia and Japan by Presi­
dent Itoosevelt. In the interest of hu­
manity, the president urges the warring
nations to conclude peace. It is sug­
gested by the president that the nego­
tiations for peace lie conducted “ direct­
ly and exclusively” between the bellig­
erent nations. The note indiiates the
president’s belief that an intermediary
may not be necessary to effect conclu­
sive negotiations, but likewise expresses
the president’s wilingness to do all that
he properly may do to promote the
preliminary arrangements for a time
and place for the meeting of represent­
atives of the Russian and Japanese gov­
ernments. A formal reply to the note
may not be received for several days,
but, as already made clear, informal
assurances that it would be welcomed
are already at hand. In view of the
significant character of the document
and of the attitude toward it which
both Russia and Japan have assumed,
it is regarded in official and diplomatic
circles as the first firm and decisive
step toward ultimate peace. A t a late
hour tonight Mr. Tapkahira, Japanese
minister, had not been advised from
Tokio of the delivery of the president’s
message to the emperor, but he was ex­
pecting a cable dispatch to that effect
at any moment. The minister was able
yesterday to transmit to the president
a message from the mikado that Japan
was, with Russia, desirous of peace, pro­
vide«! it could be obtained uniler proper
Aware of the preference of Japan to
communicate her peace terms to Rus­
sia directly, the president ,in the last
few days has been active in counseling
moderation to Japan rather than in
endeavoring to draw from Tokio some
statement of probable terms.
A t the Russian embassy tonight
Count Cassini remained without advices
from Sf. Petersburg, and he was unable
to comment on any phase of the situa­
Moody Holds It Applies to Laborers
and Mechanic*.
Washington, June 10.— The opinion
of Attorney General Moo«l> regarding
the application of the eight-hour law
on the Isthmus of Panama was made
public today. He holds that the act of
August 1, 1892, which limits and re­
stricts to eight hours the daily service
o f laborers and mechanics employed by
the government of the Unite«! States or
by any contract*» or subcontractor
upon the public works of the United
States, applies to the employment of
laborers and mechanics in the con­
struction of the Panama canal.
That act, however, the attorney gen­
eral holds, does not apply to the office
force of the Isthmian Canal commis­
sion staiione«! on the Isthmus, or to
any of the employes of the government
who are hot within the ordinary mean­
ing of the words “ laborers and mechan­
Also that the scope of the act is
not limited by the territorial jurisdic­
tion of congress.
In answer to the request of the secre­
tary of war for an opinion on the ad­
ditional question of whether the pro­
visions cf the act mentione«! apply to
the hours of labor of “ mechanics and
laborers” employed in the construc­
tion, maintenance and operation of the
Panama railroad and steamship line,
the attorney general decides in the neg­
Government will Now Open Forest
Reserves to Loggers.
Washington, June it.— Following out
its declared intention of developing
forest reserves by use, the bureau of
Forestry aur.om.-es, by special bulletin,
that mature timber in all forest re*
serves is to be offered for sale. The
restriction formerly laid upon the ex*
port of timber from the stales in which
the forest reserves were located has
been removed, and the law n o« placée
no limitation on the shipment oi tim­
ber grown on any forest reserve, except
those in the state of Idaho and the
Black H ills reserve, in South Dakota.
The effect of this change in the law,
and the declared policy of the depart­
ment of Agriculture, is that the timber
on the reserves may now be cut and
disposed of to the highest bidder. On
many of the reserves there are great
quantities of mature timber, and on
surne of them the facilities tor getting
it out at a reasonable cost are excellent.
Tue forest service, which has charge of
the administration of the reserves, is
a ixious to begin the cutting of this
m iture timbei as soon as possible, and
it is prepared to consider offers from
lumbermen who wish to undertake
such operations.
It is perhaps well to call attention to
the tact that this announcement does
not mean that the forest reserves aie
going to be devastated umler authority
of the government.
On the contrary,
t; e distinct and definite purpose of the
forest service is to impro. e the re­
serves by utilizing the material that
is now fit for lumber. In doing so, it
will also provide for the reproduction
of the forest and the restocking of
those areas upon which forest condi­
tions are defective. Work of this kind
has been successfully carried on for
some years in the Black H ills forest
reserve, and has been begun with the
greatest promise of success on the lands
of the Chippewa Indians, in Northern
Minnesota, from which it is proposed
to create another National reserve.
The public in general, and lumber­
men in particular, w ill be interested
to know that in this last case the re­
strictions impose«! by the forester have
in no way hampered the lumbering
Timber sold at public
sale, with full knowledge of these re-
strictions7 brought higher prices than
were obtained for white and Norway
pine in the same region, and the slash
has been burned and got out of the
way at a cost of about 12 cents per 1
000 feet board measurement.
The supervisor of each forest reserve
is authorized to receive applications for
the right to cut tiinlier; intending pur­
chasers should communicate with him,
not with the department at Washing­
Convention o f Baptists Refuses to En­
dorse Rockefeller.
North Bend, Ind., June 9. — “ Re­
solved, that we express ourselvs against
the present tendency to criticise the
great Baptist brotherhood in the person
of one of its most active members, and
this in the face of the fact that there is
no evidence to prove Mr. Rockefeller
is or ever has been either directly or
indirectly connected with coniluct that
is out of line with the highest moral­
ity .”
This resolution cause«! a storm of
protests today at the convention of the
Northern Iniliana Baptists’ association.
It was voted down after vigorous com­
ment, both in defense of it and in op­
position to it.
The defense of John D. Rockefeller
was drawn by Rev. Mr. Wheeler, of
Elkhart, who intr«xluced it and made a
speech in defense of it. Rev. Mr. Lan­
kin, of Mishawaka, also defended it.
The protests were started by Rev. C.
R. Parker, of Laporte, who, among
other things, sait):
“ Rotten things should be dealt with
in the most rigid way.”
Norwegian Storthing Dissolves
Union with Sweden.
Ready to Elect a Bernadotte as Ruler
— Prepared fo r War if
Christiana, Norway, June 8.— “ Nor­
way from tcalay is a fully independent
and sovereign state.”
This is the text of the editorials in
the Norwegian newspapers and it re­
flects the spirit with which the people
of Norway accept today’s action of the
Storthing when it proclaims«! King
Oscar no longer king of Norway.
The 8torthing w ill, if necessary, de­
fend the step taken today by force of
If a print e'of the house of Bernadotte
should consent to occupy the throne of
Norway he must give up all idea of
succession to the Swedish throne.
M. Anctantler w ill be Norway’ s first
foieign minister. He is now chief of
the department of Commerce, Naviga­
tion and Industry.
It is learned that Crown Prince Gus­
tav w ill return immediately from Ber­
lin. It is understixxl that an extra­
ordinary session of the Swedish Riksdaf
w ill be called June 2fi, if not earlier, as
the result of today’s action of the Stor­
It is not anticipated that King Oscar
w ill consent to any prince of the house
of Bernadotte accepting the Norwegian
crown. Should the king refuse, there
is a possibility that the throne may be
offered to Prince Waldemar, the third
son of King Christian, of Denmark.
The people of Denmark largely sympa­
thize with the Norwegian demands.
The consular bill, while apparently
of little importance, was designed to
open the whole question of foreign
affairs, which Norway desires to man­
age independently of Sweden.
One of the causes of the desire in
Sweden and Norway for separate <x>n-
sular systems was the fact that Sweden
is for protection and Norway is for free
trade, and also because of Norway’s
more extensive sea trade and other di­
vergencies of commercial interests.
Russia Has Asked What the Japanese
Government Wants.
Washington, June 8. — Preliminary
peace negotiations between Russia and
Japan are generally believed to be un­
der way, and it is conceded that Presi­
dent Roosevelt w ill in all probability
act, not as a mediator, but as “ the
friendly channel of communication.”
There is as yet no official admission
that Russia has ac«-epted what Count
Cassini in his cablegram to Count
Lamsdorff last week described as “ the
offer of good w ill of the president,” al­
though instructions to the ambassador
are believed to have reached here to­
night in a long cablegram which was re-
ceivetl at the Russian embassy quite
late and was laid lefore the ambassador
just before he retired.
Immetliately after his return from a
long conference with the president, Mr
Takahira, the Japanese minister, liegan
the preparation of a dispatch to his
government, upon which he was occu­
pied until quite late.
For the firet
time since the annihilation of the Rus­
sian fleet the minister did not feel at
liberty to comment on any phase of the
Norway Ha* Decided on Revolution­
ary Action.
Copenhagen, June 7.— The Chris■
tiauia correspondent of the National
Tidenden says:
I t is the general opinion that t disso­
, iur a mongrel as a pure bred, and tha
lution between Norway and Sweden is
profits are nowhere near no great, to
now inevitable, but that it cannot occur
say nothing of the pleasure derived
without removing or suspending the
from a nice, uniform flock of fowls.
existing Norwegian legal power.
P r o fit in P ig * .
Before the end of this week the Stoi-
A good way Is to have pigs come In
G ood C h ick en Coot».
thing will have adopted resolutions
March or April, and that they may
Tht* I* especially valuable for rais­
enjoy plenty to eat, feed the sows on
which, from the instant they come in
ing early chicks. One and two are
force, will mean the dethronement of two common window glasses, which waste milk with buckwheat meal,
bran and oats ground together, or corn
the king.
are fastened In grooves In the boards. and pea meal. A sufficient quantity of
The Norwegians maintain that the The op|x>slte side of the coop Is simply this should tn due time be put in a
king, by not revoking his veto given at plastering lath. The roof Is composed shallow trough, set In a separate part
of two doors which can be raised wheu of the pen Into which the pigs, but not
Stockholm of the law for separate con­
sunlight or more air Is wanted than
sular representation and partly by his can be had at the ends, which have a the sow, can go. As soon as pastur­
age Is ready they should be turned out
absence from Norway, has suspei ded short piece of lath at the top. The
to feed, and by sowing as early as pos­
his rights and duties as king of Nor­ small door slides up and down, and sible three pounds o f rape per acre on
goo«l land, preferably that which needs
Under article 13 of the constitution a nail being put through the hole In summer fallowing, the pigs may be put
the door Into the hole In the board on to this with excellent results along
the Storthing w ill install a responsible
in the latter part of summer, provhled
government, which in the absence of
a portion Is reserved for re<mvery after
the king will govern in the king’ s
feinting, while the rest Is fed down.
Giving three or four pounds of corn
meal apiece per day, will nicely fatten
Notifications of eventual changes in
the pigs while on the last o f the rape;
the constitutional situation w ill prob­
but If so desire«!, they may be finished
ably be given to the powers by special
on grain, screenings, corn or peas and
oats ground together.
The feeding
value o f these «twins. Including bar­
ley, Is Improved by
gr«>und two or three months before
using, only In that case the meal must
May Be Means o f Liberating Russia's
be kept dry, and not allowed to heat
Oppressed People.
or get sour. Set In barrels In a dry
Tokio, June 7.— “ If Russia prefers to
store room Is the best place for 1L
continue the war, Japan is w illing to
Feeding of Bran to Poultry.
meet the enemy’ s challenge,” says the
It Is certainly excellent for poultry
Kokumin Shimbun, a leading paper of
and one point In the favor of bran Is
that It contains a much larger propor­
this city, commenting on Russia's ap­
tion of lime than any other cheap food
parent stubbornness in admitting that
derived from grain, and, as the shells
the time has arrived to arrange for end­ platform It will be vermin proof. This
o f eggs are composed of lime, It Is es­
ing hostilities.
It declares that, did
sential that f«x>d rich In lime should
of any size.
the responsibility rest upon Japan to
be provided, writes A. V. Meerach In
Western Poultry Journal. It may be
B est H o rs e to R a is e.
decide the question, the Japanese could
There Is no doubt that the best horse urged that the use of oyster shell* will
not afford to ignore the demands of
for the farmer to raise Is the draft provide lime, but It will be found that
other countries for the cessation of hos­ horse, 'toe farmer neixls sometimes It Is the lime In the food that Is most
tilities, though based upon purely hu­ to raise roadsters and driving horses; serviceable because It Is In a form that
manitarian principles.
As t i e case but In the main the draft loads all oth­ can be better digested and assimilated
stands, however, says the Kokumin ers. The demand Is not so much for than carbonate o f lime. Clover is cer­
Shimbun, it is the enemy who desires an Improved kind o f horse as for a tainly also rich in lime, and when a
the indefinite protraction of hostilities, first-class animal o f the kinds we now maah o f cut clover and bran Is given
ami nothing prevents Japan from shear­ have. The draft horse can be raised to the fowls they will need no oyster
ing Russia of her military strength as with little expense to the farmer, and shells or other mineral matter as a
she has deprived her of her naval he begins to pay hts way before the source from which to provide lime for
time comes to market him. The draft the shells o f eggs.
In this way it would be possible to colt works In easily with the general
S e lf-C le a n in g C istern .
liberate the czar’ s stricken people, who work o f the farm. The farmer may
Owing to the natural tendency o f
have long suffered from the oppression fln«l It difficult to sell a light harness
sedimentary deposits In the cistern to
of the autocracy, to restore inilepend- horse for carriage purposes, but he
settle and accumulate in the bottom,
ence to the Poles and Finns, to estab­ never has trouble In selling a flrst-
all users know how difficult a matter
lish a free state out of the remaining class draft horse. In any event It
portion of Russia and to bridge the should be remembered that It requires It Is to avoid stale water conditions. To
chasm dividing that country from the no more labor to care for a good draft
powers. Japan, it adds, is ready for horse than for a poor one. The horse
any war program, whether for 20, 30 of quality will consume no more feed
or 100 years.
than the other, but the margin between
cost and selling price Is very much
greater In the case o f the good horse
than between the cost and selling price
of the inferior horse.
Vice President Fairbanks Speaks in
Praise o f Portland Fair.
T h e 81lo.
King gives the following statements
Chicago, June 7. — Vice President
and Mi's. Fairbanks arrived in Chicago In regurd to building stone silos, says
Hoard's Dairyman:
today from Portland, Or, where the
"Th e portion o f the silo wall which
vice president went to open the expo­ I* below ground better be about two
Tomorrow the vice president feet thick and laid In cement rather
w ill make an address at the laying of than lime, the cement being desirable
the corner stone of the new Federal because lljne mortar becomes hard so
vory slowly In heavy walls, especially
building at Flint, Mich.
below ground. A fter the wall Is two
Mr. Fairbanks was inspired by the feet above grouml good lime mortar
Portland exposition and he did not hes­ may be used, but In this case there
ought to be at least two months for
itate to say so.
• E L F -C L E A f i l l f Q C IST K H N .
“ The exposition is in every way the wall to season and set before fill­
ing. The upper portion of the silo wall
worthy of the event it commemorates,”
need not be heavier than eighteen relieve such conditions Is the object of
said the vice president.
“ The people Inches, and If the size of stone permits this invention. In ordinary «-onstruc-
of the coast took a pride in the enter­ of It the outer surface o f the wall may tlon, overflow action Is intended to
prise from its inception, and they ful­ be drawn gradually to a thickness of merely prevent running over, conse­
filled their ideals. The exposition has twelve Inches at the top.”
quently the top water only Is drawn
a worthy setting. Nature aided the
off, while all sedimentary elements
S o r t in g P o ta to e s .
builders, and the site and its surround­
gravitating to the bottom, remain. W.
Make a box 12 feet long and 4 feet J. Black o f Fort Wayne, Ind., conceiv­
ings are of rare beauty. The buildings
are properly grou|>ed for pur|x>ses of wide, like the Illustration, with three ed the Idea that overflow action
the best effect and their artistic excel­ partitions, the back piece should be brought through and from the bottom
lence cannot be denied.
It seems to about 4 feet high, the next 3 feet and of the cistern would prevent this trou­
me that the fair cannot fail of the suc­
ble. “ Cut” shows how automatic over­
cess that it most certainly deserves.
flow action Is brought about
We had a delightful time in Portland.
A l f a l f a fo r H o g P a s tu re .
The people of the west are charming
An experiment station has stated
that on g«xxl alfalfa more than 2.000
pounds of pork should be produced
Good Work o f Submarines.
each season from an acre, and that
London, June 7.— The correspomlent
half o f this at least should t>* credited
at Tokio of the Daily Telegraph says:
to the pasture. This being the case It
It is officially announced that subma­
Is about as valuable a crop as can be
rines were actually use«l in the Tsu
on the land for feuding pur­
Straits battle. During the battle Ad­
poses.— Farmer's Advocate.
miral Togo, on the Mikasa, displayed
Pope Thanks the Mikado.
Rome, June 8.— The pope today ad­
dressed an autograph letter to the em­
peror of Japan, thanking him warmly
for the liberty granted to Catholic mis­
sionaries in allowing them to enter the
territory conquere«! by the Japanese, and
helping them to establish their houses.
The 1 tter was rent through the Con­
gregation of the Propagamla to Monsig­
nor Alvarez, apostolic prefect at the
island of Shikoku, who w ill deliver it
to the Japanese emperor. There al­
ready existed in Manchuria two apos­
Will Agree on M orocco.
Sweden is Loyal to Oscar.
Paris. June 10.— Herr von Flotow,
Stockholm, June 9.— The Norwegian tolic vicorates.
counsellor of the German embassy, coup d’ etat was answered here tonight
Warships will Intern.
who was among the callers on M. by a great patriotic «lemonstration of
Rouvier on the owasion of his first re­ loynlty to and sympathy with King
Manila, June 8 — Rear Admiral En-
ception yesterday, says he informed the Oscar.
A great procession, accom­ qnist received at 1 o’clock this morn­
latter that Germany welcomed the op­ panied by bands, went to Rosendal ing the following cable from St. Peters­
portunity to take up the Moroccan Castle, where the bands playe«l the burg:
admirable «'oolness.
The Mikasa ap-
question with France in a conciliatory national anthem. In a few minutes
“ Remain at Manila at the disposi­ prf»ehe<l nearer the Russians than any j tlie next 1*4 feet high. Nall pickets on
He added:
“ I congratulate the king and other members of the roy­ tion of the American governmei-t. other battleship.
W hile standing in for first Incline, and further apart on
myself on the fact that the existing al family appeared on a balcony of the Effect repairs as much as possib'e.
the conning tower a lieutenant at the setxmd. This sorts them In three
«Reposition of both parties augurs good castle and were enthusiastically cheered
Togo’ s side was wounded with a grades. Hhovel them on the top or
Governor General Wright has re- splinter from a shell. Togo, unmoved, first Incline and poke them «town, and
Prince von Radolin, the by the demonstrators, while a number
German ambassador, is to return here of ladies preeentetl the king a bouqr.et queste«l Rear Admiral Train to arrange went down on his knee and tenderly you have them sorted In three grades.
for the disposition of the Russian war­ lifted up the young officer.
of flowers.
at the end of the week.
D e liv e r in g C ream to C r e a m e r !as.
ships and their officers and crews.
In the snnimar time, st least, cream
May Smoke But Not Sell Cigarettes.
Bring Home Paul Jones.
Will Discuss International Rivers.
must be delivered to tbs creamery
Has Stolen for Years.
Indianapolis, Ind., June 10.— Judge
New York, June 9. — The second
Washington, June 7.— General Ernst, every day. If a good article of butter
Washington, June 8. — W illiam W. chairman of the International Water­ la to be made. In the winter a «rye
James Leathers, of the Marion county squadron of the North Atlantic fleet,
Superior court, to«lay decided in the consisting of the armored
cruiser Karr, the accountant of the Smithson­ ways commission,-today receiv«xl notice tern o f delivering cream every other
case of the State vs. W . W . Lowry, in­ Brooklyn and the protected cruisers ian institution, and disbursing agent that the Canadian contingent had ac­ day may do wall enough, hut
dicted for smoxing a cigarette, that the Chattanooga, Galveston and Tacoma, for the government bureaus nnder it, cepted the American view ot the lim it­ should not he mode to suit the sttna­
anti-cigarette law passe«l by the last selected by the Navy department to was arreste«! here today on the charge ations on the work of the commission. tion tn so in met.
When whole mfTk
legislature is constitutional, except . bring home the body of John Paul of emtiezzlement, which, according to This action exclude* the St. John river was hauled to the factory the furrow
wherein it may coniflct with the inter­ Jones from France, assembled off the bis own confession, aggregate* ♦48,000. from consideration. The first meeting realized that K was nereeeary to haul
Tompkinsville, His stealings, he confessed, have I>een w ill take place at Ottawa in the near It every day.
state commerce law.
Smokers may ! naval anchorage at
With the hauling of
import cigarettes from other states an«l ' Staten island, to«Iay, and w ill proceed ! going on for the past 15 year*. He is futnre an«l hea«lqn«rters will be estab­ the cream the work hi greatly re-
Ths 50 years old. He came to Washington lished at Toronto for the Canadians
smoke them, but it is held unlawful to sea on the way to Cherbourg.
dncefl, because a fighter rig may he
from Memphis, and has been identified and at Buffalo for the Americans.
Brooklyn w ill receive the casket.
to sell or give them away.
The patron should theref ore
with thia institution since 1880.
be contented with this saving In cost
No Let-Up On B eef Trust.
Tidal Waves in Lake Michigan.
Russian Loss May Be 15.000.
and not try to double the saving by
Three Thousand Men Idle.
Chicago, June 7. — Shifting atmos- j natabltshtng a syiWem of every other
Chicago, June 9.— Instructions were
Gunshu Pass, June 10. — According
Grand Rapids, Mich., June 8.— The pheric conditions on take Michigan day delivery.
to report* receive«! by General Linie- received today by the Federal grand
vitch from naval officers who have ar­ jnry which ha* been investigating the flooil situation in Grand Rapids is tie-{ caused a succession of tidal waves to-
A b o lis h th e M o n g rvd .
rive«! at Vladivostok, the losses of Ad­ affairs of the beef industry, to continue coming more serious tonight, and the , day, two being repo:t*d in Chicago.]
The mongrel fowl should he gtven no
miral Rojestvensky’ s fleet were from the inveet gation and return indict­ Grand river is rising at the rate of six 1 Each of the waves on the Chicago side
9.000 to 10,000 officers and men killed ment* if the juror* find that ths testi­ inches an hour. Three thousand fac- of the lake roee to a height of three and place either on the farm or the city tot
It cost* Just as raueh to feed and case
I tory employee have been made idle.
| one-half feet.
or drowned, and about 5.000 prisoners. mony warrant* such action.
C h a n g e o f F eed s Deal rn b le.
Milk producing foods should be fed
to the dairy row, n«»t fattening foods.
A variety should be provided when pos­
sible. A change In the feed every few
days will be quite acceptable to the
dairy sow.
C h ic k e n
N o te s,
Green bone stionld be fed three times
a week to the laying bens and dally to
the male bird.
Hememtier that a lousy hen cannot
give yon the results that she could If
free from lice.
A few drops of tlrx-tnre o f Iron In
the drtoking water make an excellent
sjirtog ton!* for the fowta.
AH deformed chirks should be killed
as soon aa hatched. It la a waste of
time to try to rafee them.
I f the egg» from a certain pen are
found to he largely Infertile, lose no
time In getting a new male to bead the
Never set a deformed or 111 shaped
egg. ft Is a waste of time. Select the
best shaped egg* and be sure that they
are from strong, vigorous stock.—Com­
mercial P«mltry.