Washington County news. (Forest Grove, Washington County, Or.) 1903-1911, June 15, 1905, Image 1

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    W ashington
VOL. I l l
For School Director
To A. G. Hoffman:— We the under­
signed voters and taxpayers in School
District No. 15, Washington county.
believing that you possess in
Cornelius and Forest Grove Cap­
large degree the qualifications for 'he
ital Behind the New
office of school director, respectfully
request you to allow your name to be
presented to the voters of the district
at the coming election as a candidate
for said office:
Furniture and Safe Purchased and M Peterson
L L Hollinger
Walter Hoge
Business Will Open Soon— T. H.
L C Walker
! W N Ferrin
Adams President.
Oscar Baldwin
i A B Thomas
W J R Beach
F W Emerson
W W McEldowney Fred Crang
Cornelius State Bank is the name of W E Dilley
H L Bates
the new banking institution which will J S Bishop
3 T Walker
open in that thriving little city in a few Jos W Marsh
C E Bradley
weeks and it is backed by men whose J R Robertson
H C Atwell
wealth will aggregate upwards of J T Fletcher
H Haynes
$150,000. The bank will start with a R M Dooly
T H Adams
paid up capital of $15,000.
W A C apshaw
A B Caples
Woods & Adams former and well W B Haines
N B LaCourse
known business men of this city are D H Teegarden
M S Allen
the principal stock holders, however, and others.
Cornelius parties will have stock also.
Referring to the above, if it is the
Mr. T. H. Adams, who is president, desire of the voters of this school dis­
is counted as one of Forest Grove’s trict that I should serve them as
most careful business men, and he will | director, I will accept the office, and
have charge of the bank. H e was in perform its duties to the best of my
Portland a few days this week and pur­ ability.
chased a fine manganese steel, burglar ¡June 14, ’05
A. G. Hoffman.
proof safe, an inch thicker than any
Net Much Difierence
safe in the county, besides a fire-proof
vault, all of which will arrive at Cornel­
There is practically no difference in
ius shortly. The bank has leased the the population of Forest Grove as given
Weidewitsch building on Base Line some weeks ago and the official figures
street, just opposite the depot, and are as here given. Inside the limits are
having good comfortable quarters 1620 people while in the immediate
suburbs there are at least 400 more,
Cornelius is centrally located and is consequently The News’ estimate of
a good shipping point where lots of 2000 people is pretty near correct.
business is done, and a banking house
Mr. and Mrs. L. J. Corl were Port-
will no doubt be a paying institution
land-visitors Tuesday.
f om the start.
G o ff B r o s .
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W e have both the draw cut and Wabble gear in 4 1-2
and 5 foot cut, also the Champion hay rake 8, 9 and
10 foot in hand or self dump, Myers hay carriers and
pure Manila rope, not standard Manila as as some
dealers sell for PU R E. W e sell nothing but the best
goods money can buy.
Now is the time to Paint Your House or barn a
good coat of Paint. W e’ll save you money; we have
the best paint money can buy.
The Sherwin-Will­
iams, a little dearer than some others but has greater
covering capacity and guaranteed pure, so costs less
in the end. Also White Lead and Linseed oil at
lowest prices. Come and let us figure with you on
your paint job.
A full line of Plumbing Goods always on hand.
Stoves fitted with coil and hot water tank and work
absolutely guaranteed, if we do your work and it is
not satisfactory, we expect no pay.
Get your work
done by someone that knows how to do it.
W e can
refer you to a number in town we have done this class
of work for, if you want references.
Goff Bros.
B o tti P h o n « «
NO. 3
Wilson River Stage Line
J. H. McNamer has made final j
arrangements to run a stage from
Forest Grove to Tillamook, and the j
first trip will be made next Monday. : Building Activity In Forest Grove In­
This is the easiest and best route to
creasing-Old Structures Giving
Tillamook and Mr. McNamer is well
Away to New Ones
prepared to comfortably carry all pas-1
sengers. A stage will leave this place
at 9 a. m. just after the morning train j
gets in, every Monday, Wednesday New Buildings to be Occupied by
and Friday. A stage will start on the
Post-office and Bazaar S to r e -
Splendid Program is Prepared by all Departments Which Will Give same mornings from Tillamook and
will pass at the halfway place, and
Work to Begin at Once
Evidence of Students' Long and Careful Training—
arrive at both towns at 2:30 p. m.
Mr. McNamer has a good camp at the
Prominent Persons Including Gov. Cham­
halfway place for the accommodation
Forest Grove is to have two new
berlain Will be Present.
of passengers.
brick buildings. W. H. McEldowney
of Amity, father of assistant postmaster
Last of the Season
W. W. McEldowney, has purchased
The commencement concert to be the lot west and adjoining the Baldwin
The commencment exercises of Gov. Geo. E. Chamberlain will be pres­
Pacific University will begin tomorrow ent, but is not on the program for given at Marsh Hall, Wednesday even­ new brick and Dr. C. L. Large and
ing, June 21, will be the last concert to K. N. Staehr have bargained for the
and continue during the next six days. any address.
This has been a successful year for
The commencement festivities will be given by the Conservatory this sea­ lot adjoining to the west and known as
the school. Nine will receive their be closed by the Commencement Con- i son. Preparations have been under way the Ballard lot, which was recently
diplom; s and pass out into the world cert which will be something out of the for some time and this will undoubtedly vacated by moving the blacksmith
to try their own wings. The Academy ordinary in this line at 8 p. in. in be the best yet heard in this city. shop over on Pacific Avenue. It is
will also have its usual closing exer­ Marsh Hall, after which the annual The participants are all musicians of the intention of the purchasers to begin
cises which will be held on Tuesday Alumni Ball will be given in Vert’s ability. Mrs. Pauline Miller Chapman, j at once. The buildings will be one
mezzo-soprano, is the best in the ' story in heighth and about the same
afternoon at 2 p. m.
The program opens tomorrow at
Following is the program complete. Northwest. Mr. Lauren Pease, of size of the Baldwin brick on the
Marsh hall by a recital by the pupils o f! Friday, June 16— 8 p. m. Recital Portland, is the state’s best tenor, and corner.
Other brick buildings are being
the Conservatory and also the anniver­ by pupils of the Conservatory of Music. in fact the whole cast is composed of
Reserved talked of on Pacific Avenue but as yet
sary of the Conservatory on Saturday i Saturday, June 17— 8 p. m. Anni­ high standard musicians.
seats 50 cents, on sale at Hines’ drug nothing definite is known just when
evening at 8 p. m. These will be | versary of the Conservatory.
they will be started.
Sunday, June 17— 11 a. m. Bacca­ store beginning Saturday, June 17.
free to the public.
President Ferrin will deliver the laureate Sermon, President Ferrin.
Forest Grove Defeated
Teacher’s Institute
baccalaureate sermon on Sunday morn­ 8 p. m. Sermon before the Christian
ing and in the evening the speaker Associations, Prof. W. P. Drew, Salem.
A very successful session of a county
University Park ball team of Port­
will be Prof. N. P. Drew of Salem.
Monday, June 19— 2 p. m. Ex­ land defeated the Cactus club at this teachers’ institute was held at Green­
The art department and literary hibit by the Art Department.
place Sunday by a score of 23 to 4. ville last Saturday. The institute was
societies will have their respective
8 p. m. Address before the Liter­ The game was a decidedly one-sided well attended and those that were
places on the program on Monday, ary Societies.
Hon. S. A. Lowell, affair and at no time did Forest Grove there were well repaid for their time as
two able instructors from Portland were
while on Tuesday the annual meeting Pendleton.
have a show to win.
present, Prof. E. G. Adams of Mt.
of the trustees, junior class day exer­
June 20— 10 a. m.
cises on the campus, closing exercises i Annual Meeting of the Trustees. 10
A third rural mail route will be estab­ Tabor school, and Prof. D. A. Grout
of the Academy and the anniversary of a. m. Junior Class Day Exercises on lished out of Greenville, beginning of the Park school, Portland.
At the noon hour the ladies of that
Associate Alumni and the latter the Campus. 2 p. m. Closing Exer­ July 1. This route will run eastward
will be addressed by Rev. Horace cises of the Academy. 8 p. m. An­ to Mountaindale and will take a part place served a bounteous dinner which
was enjoyed by all.
Ramsey of Portland.
An essay by niversary of Associate Alumni.
of route 2 from this place.
Miss Mildred M. Tibbals of Salt Lake • Wednesday, June 21— 10 a. m.
City and singing by Millard O. Lowns- Graduating Exercises of the University.
dale will be the principal features of 12 m. Annual Business Meeting of the
the evening. A banquet will follow, j Alumni. 1 p. m. Corporation Din­
Wednesday at 10 a. m. the Univer­ ner in Parlor of Congregational church.
sity graduating exercises will be held. 8. p. m. Commencement Concert.
Successors to HcNAMER It JOHNSON
The annual business meeting of the
Exercises on Sunday will be held in
alumni and the corporation dinner in the Congregational Church. All other
the parlor of the Congregational church exercises, except as otherwise indi­
at 1 o’clock. At these last exercises cated, in the auditorium of Marsh Hall.
Commencement Exercises at Pacific University
Begin Tomorrow and Continues
One Week
Johnson & Johnson
Meeting of the City Council.
The city council met Tuesday even­
ing in regular session with all members
present except Councilman Laughlin,
and after the usual amount of routine
business was transacted, the following
new business was transacted.
A petition from Geo. H . Baldwin
and others was presented asking for
the extension of the fire limits, was
referred to the ordinance committee.
H. C. Atwell presented a petition
asking the privilege to sprinkle out of
the usual hours. It was referred to
the water and light committee.
The following bills were allowed:
The fire, light and water committee
which was instructed at the last meet­
ing to divide the city and designate
hours for street and lawn sprinkling,
reports as follows:
The sprinkling hours for the business
district remain the same as last year.
For lawn sprinkling, all residents north
of Pacific Avenue, between the hours
of 5 and 6 a. m. and 5 to 7 p. m.
South of Pacific avenue, from 6 to 7 a.
m. and 7 to 9 p. m. Nine more taps for
water were granted. Council adjourned.
W. S. Hudson, treas............... $
Frank Bear, burying 2 dogs. .
M Munkers, labor.................
Bazaar, mdse . . ................
F H Saunders, labor.............
P W Cronen, marshal . . . .
Wells Fargo & Co., express..
W H Hollis legal work...........
F W Milne, labor.................
H G King, recorder.............
C P Christian, labor...............
Chas Jackson
Fred Ramsey
Hugh Smith
Francis Ulm
J H unt
M E Dilley
A B Todd
Dealers in
Prominent Couple Married
17 00
Wednesday afternoon, June 14, was
1 00 the occasion of a quiet little wedding
1 50
at the Congregational parsonage in
1 001
1 50 j Hillsboro, a few relatives and friends
15 00 ! being present, the contracting parties
1 70 being Matie, youngest daughter of
7 00 Mrs. Henry Hunter of Forest Grove,
9 00
and Frank Gordon of the same place,
1 50
23 25 and both popular young people.
The bride was beautifully attired in
48 00
48 00 white silk and carried a bouquet of
13 5 0 1 mock orange blossoms. They left on
8 00
the afternoon train for Portland. After
5 25
the Lewis and Clark Fair
9 75
a few days in Salem,
visiting his brother, Rev. W. S.
Total $255 45 Gordon.
They will then return to
Forest Grove.
Treas. Hudson’s monthly report on
The News together with their many
condition of finance is as follows:
friends extend congratulations.
Bal. on hand. May 1......... $1,001 54
Receipt for May..................
497 75
The band concert last evening in
Total receipts $1,499 29 Eell’s park attracted a large crowd,
Disbursements for May
1,354 27
which enjoyed the excellent music.
$145 02 This is practically the first appearance
The claim for medical services, of of the band in the new stand as the
Mr. Dewey, who was hurt on the side­ other concert was interfered with by
walk here some months ago, was re­ rain.
ferred to the ordinance committee for
report at the next meeting.
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