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    i more than grain In some aectlone. The
I bined to make her feel that she waa put
upon the defensive, and under censure
I cattin g o f the bone Into availab le sizes
| and reproof.
la now rendered an easy matter, as the
“ I do not know that I thought o f the
bone cutter is w ith in reach o f all.
danger,” Lizzy auswered, blushing a lit­
Bones fresh from the butcher contain
tle. " I suppose that after so recent an
m ore or less meat, and the more of |
I experience— ”
such m eat the better, as It w ill cost
"Y o u ought to have thought of it." he
no more per pound than the bone,
suggested. “ N o doubt! No doubt. Even
w h ile the com bination o f both meat
! by experience we mortals learn but slow­
ly. and afteteniauy lessons. Mrs. Red-
and bone la an excellent food from
i den. you will not think o f going on far-
! which to produce eggs.
] ther in search o f your husband? Can't
I you take my word that he is well and
H o w s h o u ld a C ow B e M ilk e d ?
| safe?"
A F ir s t -C la s s M a r k e t A p p le ,
Opinious d iffer very much as to( the |
H e stood close to L izzy— even touch­
W h erever the Baldwin, Northern Spy manner In which the operator should
ing her with the folds of his gum-enam­
eled rain cloak, while he faced Mr». R ed­ and similar varieties o f apples can be proceed In m ilking a cow. Some con­
grow n
successfully, the
Fameuse, tend that the proper plan Is to draw
“ I mout a tuck your word fur ut, Mr. shown in the illustration, should'h ave tne near fore and the off hind teats
Mason, e f ut ud a hen three-four weeks a place, fo r It la oue o f the most de­ simultaneously, and then the o ff fore
ago,” said the determined and plain- sirable varieties for com mercial pur­ and the near hind teats; w h ile other,
s|n>ken old Hooaier woman, defiantly. poses. In qu ality it is one o f the best, argue that both the hind teats should
“ But you halnt as much thought uv, nur and its a ttractive skin, highly colored
be first draw n; and still others contend
your word haint as good as hit wair then.
and tender, makes It a sort easy to sell that the whole o f one side o f the udder
I come up hy-ur after my man, un I
to consumers. Th e flesh Is white, with should be drawn ere the other side Is
want, 'im before I go back.”
There was a moment's pause. In which generally red streaks and o f good qual- touched. W e are not aw are that ther-*
Mr. Mason seemed to be upon the border | ity.
The trees are productive, come Is really very much in it either way,
line between anger and surprised amuse­ Into bearing quite early, and, with but It Is suggestive to learn that in
proper care, bear consecutive seasons. an investigation conducted some time One Murfdred Years Ago.
“ I am sorry to have lost the good In season it is a late fa ll or early w in ­ ago by P rof. Babcock, the well-knowt, | T h e Jewish oath bill, several tim es
opinion of yourself and so many o f the ter sort and is a good keeper and a dairy expert. It was found that the passed by the Commons, w as th fow n
kind-hearted people of Sandtown,” he good shipper, i f care is used in pack­ order in which the teats »'e r e milked out by the House o f Lords.
said earnestly, and with a return toward ing. so that the rather delicate and
About 500 Indians held a council o f
exercised considerable Influence on the
something like what might be termed
thin skin is not bruised.
A ll things quality o f the milk obtained. It was w ar at the mouth o f the Wabash.
his Sandtown manner. “ I must beg you
Emanuel Lisa founded the first trad­
both to believe that I have not willfully considered the Fameuse may be class­ found that the teat, that was drawn
second In order almost Invariably yield ­ ing post In Nebraska, at Bellevue.
injured anybody in what I have done. 1
N ew Ham pshire passed a law divid ­
ed the richest m ilk; then came the teat
have had your interests in view, as well
that was first milked, and next in order ing Its towns into school districts.
T h e United States governm ent waa
the third and fourth, the last one
“ Y'es, hit looks lack ut, don’t ut.” broke
in the determined and independent old
draw n Invariably g ivin g the poorest negotiating fo r 2,000,000 acres o f In ­
woman. “ H it looks lack hit was to our
milk. From these results P rof. Bab­ dian land west o f the Wabash, oppo­
intrust to git the Farmers’ Bank into
cock argues that milk Is pretty largely site Vincennes.
sich a tight plaist ut it had to bust up,
form ed during the act o f milking, and? ’ T h e Spanish consul at Philadelphia
un bust up every farmer ea Redden
that It does not accumulate to any e x ­ inform ed the merchants o f the Uuited
township un all ’ long the Wabash. And
tent In the ready-made condition of States that the port o f St. Augustine,
you come down h-yur nn bid in all ar
Fla., was opened fo r Importation o f
the udder.— Am erican Cultivator.
moggijia fur little ur nuthun.”
The amount o f scorn thrown into her
T w o S p r a y i n g In O n e.
Russian troops w ere assembling at
vigorous sentences by her staccatos of
Recent tests at the G eneva (N . Y.t
Corfu and adjacent islands-
emphasis was surprising to contemplate.
Under this invective Mr. Mason kept his
thorough spraying o f
gaze steadily and searchingly upon Lizzy
Seventy-five Years Ago.
W ickly’s face, while his face remained ed among the very fe w really desira­ trees » ’ ith a sulphur wash may take j
turned toward the angry visage o f the ble sorts fo r m arket use.— Indianapolis the place of, the first one o f the co m -! U prisings in Belgium w ere daily oc­
blunt and fearless old Hooaier woman.
bined treatm ent w ith bordeaux m ixture currences, the country being on the
“ I certainly have had no hand in the
and paris green fo r scale and scab. It verge o f a revolution.
R a is in g th e Bacon H og .
misfortunes of the Farmers’ Bank," he
T h e Legislature o f Georgia annulled
is found that the sulphur washes kill
said quickly, and keeping his eyes fixed
Outside o f w hat Is known as the
many other Insects besides the scale all l a » rs made by Cherokee Indians.
upon Lizzy’s in that searching, question­ corn belt farm ers w ill
T h e State road from Lake M ichigan
ing look that plainly asked her what she money in hog raising by putting ani­ and result in considerable benefit to the to Madison, on the Ohio, was begun.
thought of these charges. “ And so far mals on the m arket o f m oderate w eight tree. On the other hand, it was no­
T h e parish prison at N ew Orleans
ticed that in spraying old orchards
as the mortgage sales are concerned, I
than by the heavy w eights which have
some o f the buds w ere killed on the w as erected at a cost o f $200,000.
had only thought of doing a favor to one
E ast Tennessee w as swept by a cy­
o f the mortgagors by compelling the long been so popular. Th e streak o f low er branches by the large quantity
mortgagee to pay something like the full lean and streak o f fat hog is the most o f the spray which they received. The clone.
value o f the property. But if there are profitable one to-day, but to raise such effect was to thin the fru it and de­
W ork was begun by the su rveyor*
many sufferers I shall make an effort— ” an animal requires a radical departure crease Its number, a'hile Im proving the fo r the laying out o f the city o f Chi­
“ M any! T h ey’s about uvverybody at from tne old methods o f close pens and
size and quality. T h e lim e and sul­ cago.
I know. Un most uv um lose thur farms, an almost exclusive corn d ie t
France addressed its ultimatum to
washes proved efficient scale de­
too. Un thur fambly will suffer, I reck­ barley, skim m ilk and plenty o f good
stroyers on all treated trees.— Massa­ the D ey o f Algiers, demanding a pub­
on. Billy Biler tole Coonrod------”
pasture during the summer enter very
lic reparation and $16,000,000 Indemni­
chusetts Ploughm an.
“ Congressmen Biler is the attorney for
largely Into the makeup o f the bacon
ty fo r the expenses o f the war.
the railroad that Is closing up the Farm ­
ers’ BaDk, Mrs. Redden. Y'ou know that bog. Some corn Is fed, but m ainly at
C u t t in g P o ta t o e s f o r F eed.
fart, so you can put a proper estimate the finishing o ff period, the main de
In cutting seed potatoes. Farm and Fifty Years Ago.
upon every bit o f information that comes peudenee being placed on the other H om e says, take the potato In the left
Butler U n iversity at Irvington, Ind.,
through him,r Mr. Mason said, looking grains with the pasture. In the case o f hand w ith the stem end tow ard you.
\ was opened.
hard at Lizzy for symptoms of some e f­ the latter good pasture must be sup­
I f it is large cut
Charlotte Bronte, the English novel­
fect of his words, and seeing those symp­ plied.
off a good sized ist, died.
toms very evidently.
| I t w ill not do to turn the hogs on
piece with tw o or
England signed a treaty o f peace
Billy Biler! Billy Biler ud no more any worn-out strip o f grass land. The
three eyes.
R e­ j with Mohammed o f Cabul, India.
do sich a theng thun he d put his head pastnre 0f m ixed grasses must be good
volve the potato
en the fire!" said Mrs. Redden indignant and the results w ill be better if a range
Sir G eorge Gore le ft St. Louis with
“ W e ’ ve knowed him too long fur
to the righ t and forty men to explore the head w aters
o f rape is used by w a y o f variety.
But I reckon, Lizzy, we mout
l keep cutting off
o f the P ow d er IU ver In Montana.
as well go back. I ’ ve kine nh gat over 'Ihen let the hogs follo w the harvest
about the same
T h e bronze equestrian statne o f Gen­
my awneasy spell 'bout Coonrod, H e’s In the fall, particularly In the corn c u t t in g p o t a t o e s . sjze pieces, finish­
eral Jackson was unveiled in the Place
aliways tuck k-yur uv hisseff.
But I field, and they w ill pick up nearly all
ing the potato by d'Arm es, N ew Orleans.
felt mighty awneasy—m ighty awneasy.” the corn they should have during the
splitting the seed end. Cut potatoes as
F our sons o f John Brown, abolition­
Lizzy, signifying that she was quite period o f growth.
you w ant to use them and a fte r they ist, settled on the P ottaw atom ie R iver,
ready to set out on the return walk, Mr.
are cut never expose to the sun or air eigh t miles from Osawatom le, Ark.
Mason, resuming in a great measure the
H u b d n in g F l y i n g F o w ls .
jaunty air with which he had met them,
W as election day in Kansas and the
W hen fow ls are kept confined they to dry o u t
volunteered to escort them, and offered get uneasy and long for freedom ; this
I f you cannot use them Im m ediately polls w ere invaded by “ em igrants”
his arms to both ladies.
is particularly the case w ith the small­ pour out on damp ground In the shade from Missouri, who carried the State.
“ No, thanky," said Mrs. Redden, much
er breeds, says an exchange. T h e com­ o f trees or building and cover w ith a
mollified. “ I kin walk alone ylf. Yon
blanket. Seed the least bit dry comes Forty Years Ago.
mout help Lizzy thar. She's purty well mon method o f prevention is to clip
up slower, blights easily, and yields
tard out, I reckon. Un young g-yurls the w in gs o f the birds, not a desirable
Sheridan overtook L e e ’ s arm y at
needs a sight, more armun un keppun thing to do If they happen to be high- lighter, Just In proportion as it is dried Sailor’s Creek and defeated it a fte r a
along, un ole weeinun does. I ’ll lead out, class fow ls. A better plan is to attach out.
d ay's fighting.
un you two kin follow, mebby.”
the little arrangem ent here described.
L e t tn c e .
A new stringent ta riff law w en t Into
Acting instantly upon her own sugges­ T a k e a stout cord and tie around the
Lettuce Is a salad plant, a salable operation.
tion, Mrs. Redden “ led out” with the points o f the feathers on the wings
greens, exten sively forced In green­
long swinging stride peculiar to the old- m ainly used in flying. T ie one w ing
houses during the winter, and In hot­ evacuated by the Confederates and oc­
time Hoosier dames, who walked every­
In thla munner. then pass the cord over beds and cold fram es In early spring.
where when the "hosses” were at work,
cupied by Union forces.
and before “ ridun-nngs" became plenti­ the back and tie the other wing. Be It can be sown from spring till fall,
P eace rumors based on President
j careful not to drnw the cord too tight, and Is rem arkable for being able to L incoln's visit to the arm y at City
but leave It so that the fo w l can carry stand quite severe frosts. Lettuce
(T o be continued.*
P oin t w ere telegraphed
thrives best In clay loam soil w ell North.
E M P E R O R F R A N C IS J O S E P H .
treated w ith well-rotted barnyard m a­
T h e Wisconsin Legislature memoral-
In early spring the seed Is Ized the Postoffice D epartm ent to es­
N o B e t t e r B e lo v e d . N o r M o r e U n f o r t u ­
sown In rows a foot apart and thinned tablish railw ay distributing stations In
n a te , N o v e r e ig n in H i s t o r y ,
to stand abont six inches apart in the that State.
T h e E m peror Francis Joseph Is prob­
row. F o r the very early and very late
M unicipal elections held in many
ably as thoroughly beloved by his sub­
crops, the loose-growing varieties are cities throughout the North showed
je c ts aa any sovereign In history has
best fo r the reason that they mature great strength o f the Union party.
e ver been.
H is great misfortunes—
the qu ick est F o r early summer and
Dispatches from President Lincoln
fe a rfu ld e fe a ts In the wars w ith France
fall crops, the larger head lettuces are at C ity Point announced that
and Germ any, the suicide o f his only
the finest. In order to have crisp, ten­ Union army, a fte r three days’ fighting,
son, the assassination o f hla w ife, and
der lettuce, the crops must be sown succeeded in breaking the C onfederate
fam ily troubles In more recent times,
rapidly. T o secure a quick growth, the center at Petersburg and flanking Lee
have thrown about him an atmosphere
soil must be very rich. N itrate o f soda on the left.
o f rom antic sym pathy; w h ile liking for
scattered broadcast along the row s and
his kindly qualities Is m ingled with re­
well raked in, w ill gen erally g iv e a Thirty Years Ago.
spect for his plain common sense.
quick growth. It can be used at the
During his slay in Berlin I mot him
T h e Illinois Legislature passed the
rate o f 200 to 300 pounds to the acre.
a second time. A t my first presenta­ the wings in a natural position and it
municipal incorporation act.
G e n e r a l F a r m N o te s.
tion at Dresdon, tw o years before, w ill do no harm, yet the bird w ill not
Charles R. Ingersoll. D em o cra t.'w a *
I t is w ell to mark the eggs on which elected G overnor o f Connecticut.
there was little opportunity fo r extend­ be able to fly any distanee.
the hen Is placed fo r batching pur­
ed conversation; but he now »poke at
T h e monument to the late Em peror
C h o o s in g a B r a g S a w .
length, and in a manner which showed |
M axim ilian at Trlest, Austria, w as un­
In choosing a saw, hold it up clear
A dog that w orries the fo w ls should veiled.
him to be observant o f the world's af-1
o f everyth in g w ith one hand, and ring be broken o f the habit w ithout delay,
fairs even In rem ote regions. H e dis­
Through a telegraph operator's blun­
the blade w ith the other. I t w ill hum for a hen w ill not do her best while
cussed the recent Increase o f onr army, j
der tw o trains came together at Bur­
where your knuckles hit It. according such nuisances exist.
the progress o f our w ar In the Philip- j
lington, Iowa, killing several and In­
to the tem per and quality o f carbon
pines, and the extension o f A m e ric a n 1
I f you find that the young chicks are ju rin g many persons.
In the blade. T h e longer It hums or
enterprise In various parts o f
the i
disappearing, keep an eye on the fa m ­
vibrates the better the quality o f the
Archbishop M anning was crssited a
world. In a w ay which was not at all |
ily cat. I t may develop that this ani­
steel. Then look down the teeth from
cardinal, the ceremony taking place
perfunctory, but evidently the result j
mal Is doing the damage.
end to end and see that the blade Is
b efo re* many English and Am erican
o f large inform ation and careful oh-1
Dampness w ill cause more troubles pilgrim s at Rome.
straight, and look along on the flat o f
H is empire, which is a 1
both aides to see that It la not “ bu m py" in the brood than any other condition
T h e Pope Issued an encyclical re­
seething caldron o f hates, racial, r e - 1
— that Is. hollow In some places and in the poultry house. D ry floors are new in g the excommunication o f th *
liglous, political and local. Is held to-1 full In others. T h is is a great d ra w ­ as necessary as proper food.
old Catholics o f Switzerland.
gether by love and respect fo r hlm ;i back to a saw, as It pulls hard through
Agricultural Implements to the value
H enry W a n ! Beecher began his tes­
but when he dies this personal tie the full spots or bumps, knocking o f $2.835.380 w ere exported from this
in the
which unites all these different races, 1 sgainst the cut ends sa It runs through country during the month o f January. tim ony In his ow n defense
parties stul localities w ill disappear, the log. It Is a fau lt very hanl to de­ 1905. the export* fo r the same month Brooklyn court which was hearing the
. Tiiton-Beecher case.
and In place o f it w ill come the man ' tect In a new saw. In an old one very o f 1904 being valued at $1.987.985.
who by force o f untoward elrcum -1 easy, as the bumps show bright and
For the tree lice, the N ew H am p­
stances Is to be his successor, and this polished from knocking, and the hol­
shire Station successfully dips the in­ Twenty Year* Ago.
Is anything but a pleasing prospect to low s thill from escaping the friction.
fested tw igs o f young trees In a weak
T h e British force* under G eneral
an Austro-Hungarian, or Indeed to any See that the saw la net too thick, or It
solution o f tree soap. Probably kero­ Graham captured and burned the A ra b
thoughtful observer o f human a ffa ir* wastes too
strength to saw sene emulsion would answ er the same
| villa g e Tarnai.
— Century.
w ith I t
General Grant's condition was such
P ro o f R nossh .
A Chilean governm ent expert asserts that the end appeared to be near.
A n F a x P ro d n rc r.
“ Oh, mamma, I know there's t tea
Green ent bones are not used as ex­ that at the end o f tw en ty years, when
A Cabinet m eeting
decided that
on m e!” cried little Ethel.
ten sively as they should be. because th irty-five m illion tons o f nitrate o f w h ile this nation was not concerned
"H o w do you know It Is a flea, grain can be obtained w ith less diffl- i soda have been extracted
from the w ith the internal affairs o f Colombia,
d ear?" naked mamma.
culty and at a minimum c o s t but as greet m ine* on the coast o f Chill, the then In a state o f revolution. It w as
"W h y , because I can't catch It!"— egg producing m aterial the bone is far exhaustion o f the nitrate deposit* wi
responsible fo r free and uninterrupted
Yonkera Statesman.
superior to grain and does not cost have been accomplished.
transit across the Isthmus.
C H A H T R X ! I.— (Continued.)
The wind increasing almost momenta­
rily, seemed to be blowing the rain away,
for it waa not now descending in the
white atripa and ribbon» o f water that
had swept the wood» clean all day. Still
there were interval» in which little apurta
of rain dashed in their face», now com­
ing with the harder wind from the cool
north weet.
The level meadow that lay between
the liedilen residence and the edge o f the
village looked white and liquid aa if
It were a little lake, or an arm o f back­
water from the Wabash.
Across it, and far down Into its seem­
ing depths glimmered the bright yellow
reflection» of a few steady lights biasing
out of o[ on d.mr» and uncurtnined win­
dows, and showing where other watchers
held lonely and anxious vigils on account
of those dear to them, and who were in
pain and peril.
I'ollowiug as well as she could in the
exact steps of her guide. I-issy managed
to keep out of the deeper wnter and
mud, and skirting the grassy side of the
lane got out upon the watery, canal-like
opening o f Overcoat road.
The wind was roaring and tossing the
great limbs of the daks about in a way
that recalled to Lizzy's recollection the
first onslaught of that dreadful cyclone
whose path through the tall forest she
could distinctly see by the little starlight
that began to be reflected faintly through
the thinning margin» of the ainaller
clouds, into which the wind was break­
ing up the great »olid, vapor-loaded cloud
o f the day. A t the very uttermoat end
ol this hurricane path there gleamed a
faint red glow against the sky.
“ Looks lack hit inout be some house
Hut I don’t know whutfur
house hit could be. They baint nobody
alivun up thar ’at I knows uv," Mrs.
Redden said, in a low
voice, almost
swept away by the wind.
They were at the exact spot where
the Overcoat road merged and lost its
identity in the “ main atreet’’ around the
“ square.”
“ H ello! Is that you, Miss Redden?”
some voice called out from au uuseen
locality near them.
"Y e s; who is ut?”
” A huntun Clumhurse, air yuh?” con­
tinued the voice, without discovering the
head and chest that emitted it.
“ No; I came up to find Ooonrod. I
gut awneasy 'bout 'ira astayun so long.”
“ W ell, now, you're ashautun!” said
the voice, beginning to materialize in the
shadowy dark figure that Mrs. Redden
recognized at once as the youag Doc.
“ He's gone « trip 'at I wouldn't go fur
a party! He's gono up awnto the Big
Rattlesnake, clur up to the Backbone
Ridge, at the fur eend uh your Ian',
I.izzy. They’s a lot a' railroad fellers
ci mped up thar, un they’ ve ben duun a
little shootun' uv one another. Un Coon-
rod he went along with the shurf to 'rest
a lot uv um— Mason, un s’more uv um,
fur intent to kill.”
C H A I ’T B R X I I I .
" n o w fur is ut. Doc?” asked Mrs.
Redden in n voice that showed she was
thinking strongly.
“ You halnt a go -1111 to try to go thar
to-night, air you? 1 wouldu’t ef I was
yon! They may be a good big furse
fore they git through with it. Tham
railroad fellers has gut thur weapons
with um. Un they've ben a usen uv um
purty lively lack. Doc said they was
five ur six uv um shot— some purty had.
But I'v e gut to hurry on. Little Jim
Dikeses youngest boy is sick: un------”
But without stopping to hear nhout the
perils o f little Jim Dikeses youngest boy,
Mrs. Redden had turned nbout and be­
gan walking slowly and uncertainly back
along the Overcoat road, with Lizzy fol­
lowing her, and also deep in thought.
I f these men had been shooting each
other, perhaps Mr. Masou, and even
Prof. Huntley, might lie among the
wounded; the dangerously wounded. And
If so, she would only be doing a Hooaier
girl’s duty, to go and nurse and care for
the man who had certainly saved her life.
“ I'm a great mind to walk that away,
I.izzy! W e needn't go any furder’n we
wawnt to, you know. W e kin come back
whenuver we've a mine to. Un we mout
meet Ooonrod, some'ra awn the road,
niebby. Think you could walk ut?” Mrs.
Redden said, a little heaitntiugly, but
gathering assurance at the sound of her
voice and the plausibility of her state­
ment. as she went on.
“ Oh, yes. I think I would like to go
all the way if we could. I f there are
men hurt, they will need women there to
help prepare for the surgeons.
can’t heat water and tear bandages and
get soap, and towels and all those tilings
• hat are needed where people nre hurt.
You remember how it was last fall when
the threshing engine hlew up,” Lizzy
said, quite cheerfully and nniiiiatedly.
Mrs. Redden remembered so much
about that incident that it started her
upon a stream of general reminiscence*
that, lirnnching out ns it did into wind­
ing bayous of neighborhood accideuts,
promised to last forever.
Happily Lizzy was so constituted that
she was not compelled to follow the
thread o f Mrs. Redden's episodes. On
the contrary, she lost them presently In
a sort o f exhilarating enjoyment of the
night, and the high wind, and the roaring
breakers of foliage tossing and swaying
about with a sort o f warelike crash that
reminded her of the distant but distinct­
ly audible sound o f the sea, where she
had heard it once a long time ago.
Is this human love o f the night for a
time of roving about and looking at all
manner of sights and hearkening to all
manner o f sounds, td be taken to mean
that inan la a night prowler out o f that
animal instinct that survives the long
past progression beyond the four feet
armed with claws, and the elongated pu­
pil and erectile ear»?
Not at all. It only means that night,
being the time of rest, is beat suited to
amusement and relaxation. And there­
fore people avail themselves of their only
The two women having satisfied their
eonaeienees upon the question o f the
right of going upon such an expedition,
drew themselves more closely Into the
shelter o f their ample ahswis and so, like
sow led devotees of these Druid temples
o f the primeval woods, went hurrying on
in the growing wind and the declining
So long as they could follow the broad
and generally unfenced course o f the
Overcoat road there was little or no diffi­
culty in picking their way in reasonaoie
»•s-urity from little stumps of black-jacks
that had beeu cut down in some emer­
gency o f transferring the roadbed a few
rods to this side or to that, to avoid a
newly formed mud hole, or a fallen tree,
or some other o f the numerous obstacles
that beset new roads in a new country.
Nor did the long, arching black rasp­
berry vines and blackberry stems, wit|j
sharp and tenacious thorns, lay hold up­
on the woolen fibers of the shawls, and
insist upon a tariff levied upon the spot,
and only to be measured by the points of
But when, after awhile, Mrs. Redden,
coining upon a plain wagon road that
came into the highway of Overcoat road
out o f an unpromising shadow of the
great forest, turned unhesitatingly into it
nud to the northward, all the circum­
stances seemed to be suddenly changed
for the worse.
It was no longer possible to see one
yard o f the suddenly narrowed road, and
they w-ete compelled to concentrate all
their senses of alertness in their feet,
that now cautiously, but quickly and un­
hesitatingly, felt the way.
Lizzy here implicitly followed her sgile
and fearless leader, dodging with her
head this wgy and that, throwing her
left arm up here and her right arm up
there, in anticipation of some imaginary
slender and drooping branch.
Turning one of the many short and
almost senii-cir»-ular curves in this un­
trammeled woods-road, they came sud­
denly within the broad glare o f a light
which they had seen for brief moments,
and at irregular intervals during the lat­
ter portion o f their long and rapid walk.
The light appearing to come out of
a small round rent in the very curtain
of the night itself, moved and oscillated
across their path, while a low hum of
voices could he distinctly heard only a
little way from them.
The two womeu continued to advance
slowly and wouderingly, hearing the hum
of voices interrupted by a short laugh,
and then totally suppressed by a per­
emptory ejaculmion in a voice that one
ol the adventurous Uoosier womeu was
familiar with.
Is that you?
Redden!” said Mrs. Reddpn, raising her
voice so as to be distinctly heard above
the wind, and all its woodland reso-
na nces.
One man stepped out o f the black
shadow and came forward. Lizzy had
ample time to observe him narrowly, and
to see him perfectly. For the strong cone
of yellow light, wavering a little from
side to side, centered upon them, and in­
cluded him within its glow.
From the first step that he took for­
ward out o f the darkness, I.izzy W ickly,
with a sudden leap o f her heart, recog­
nized him. It was Mr. Mason, certain­
ly. Rut what a change in him! And to
what was due the change?
His ordinary dark, plain and unpreten­
tious dress had become totally supplant­
ed. H e wore a high, black, rimless cap
such as men o f that day sometimes wore
in the Inter autumn.
A short, black,
gum-enameled cloak was fastened about
his shoulders and thrown slightly back
from the close-fitting and broad-belted
Long leather boots covered his legs
above the knees, giving him a jaunty,
dashing, cavalier air so totally new and
strange and foreign to him, as she had
heretofore known him, that she was Im­
movable from sheer astonishment and
growing wonder.
The metallic gleam of weapons in the
broad leather belt, and the glistening bar­
rel o f one o f those wonderful, new, many-
ahotted earbinea protruding from under
the cloak and lying enaily across his right
forearm, brought her back to look more
closely at his face as he came rapidly
Then she saw that his long and some­
what faded brown hair had disappeared,
and a rather close cropped coat o f black
hair came down to his temples under the
cap; and she remembered like a flash
w hat Coonrod Redden had said about it.
Yes, he had worn a w ig! Beyond a
doubt he had worn a w ig!
H e had
played a part! H e had been a cunning
and a skilled dissimulator.
His bold, jaunty manner, his changed
dress. Ills easy and assured smile, and
above all, the youthfnlness of his always
fresh, ruddy face, now framed in the
close black hair and the brigandish cap,
were in their totality as well as in their
particularity, irrefragible proof of the
fact that he was a skilled dissimulator!
Along with this sudden conclusion, ar­
rived at within three ample seconds of
time, covering perhaps, ten thousand evo­
lutions of thought, memory and com­
parison. there was a sharply defined re-
currr" - o f that sense o f loss that she
had fen when she had looked at this
man and perceived some alteration In him
while he had driven past her on yester­
day in the streets of Sandtown.
li e is about to speak. And she feels
that she must not lose his smallest word;
his least gesture: his most fleeting glance.
For upon these depend something. Some­
thing of grently supreme moment to her.
She feels and knows.
C H A P T E R X IV .
“ Mr. Redden. I am sorry to sny, is not
now here. Mrs. Redden,” he said, taking
off his eap and bowing in a very formal
and elaborate manner.
“ H e came up
thla afternoon upon important business,
but haa gone on further— much further
than our ramp. I ean assure you, though,
that he la safe and well.
Miss I.izzy,
has your hurricane experience made you
admire atorma to such a degree that you
take the numerous risks o f »evident from
falling limbs and trees without hesita­
tion, on a cloudy day and inclement
W hile a slight aarcastic »m ile linger­
ed about hi» lips, there was a puckering
o f the brows and a flitte r In his dark
eyes, made darker by the black border of
hair and cap, and also a certain harah-
nssa In the tons* of Uis vole* that com